Ovine Run Amok

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary

The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

X'hil is here to check up on Nosken, clad in more … normal attire. Cough. There's a man on a cot being seen to by a healer, his nose the part that's being looked at. "Hmm, well, it's setting nicely, but /please/ refrain from picking fights." the healer tells him, in a pained voice. Nosken may just be a frequent customer. Nosken smirks, and says, "Well, it's his fault, innit? Shouldn't'a been wearin' a /dress/, bronzerider!" he calls to X'hil, sending the young weyrsecond slightly pink in the face.

"Oh stop crying like a baby," comes the slightly aggravated voice of the gardener girl as she escorts a young man into the infirmary. At first glance, it's obvious that Cenlia and the young man are related, their facial features so strikingly similar that the only real difference between them seems to be age and a pair of spectacles. Even their clothing is of a similar style, though the young man's knot shows him to be a computercraft apprentice at Landing, rather than a farmer. His hair is in bad need of a trim, and is extremely dishevelled at the moment. He brushes some leaves out of it and shoots Cenlia a glare, "You didn't have to hit /that/ hard." Cenlia rolls her eyes and mutters, "Not my fault you swing like a girl." Both of them have dirty clothing and look somewhat dusty. Cenlia's four flits are in her arms, crooning softly at her, and the young man's arms are covered in bruises. Of the two of them, Cenlia seems the least rumpled, whereas the young man is walking with an obvious limp and is cradling his wrist. At overhearing the words about X'hil in a /dress/, Cenlia stops and stares over at him with a raised eyebrow.

Thea enters the Infirmary, clipboard pinned under one arm and tray in hand. She's arrived just in time to hear Noskin's comment. A glance towards X'hil flickers mild curiosity, but her words are for Noskin, "That's Weyrsecond to you," She comments crisply. She edges closer to the Healer with the tray, which has a bowl of ice on it. "Kitchen sent this with me since I was headed this direction." Noskin's injury is quite obvious and she can't help but murmur, "Nicely done, Weyrsecond X'hil." Voices behind her cause her to step to one side. She blinks at the pair entering, "How did Cook know you'd be needing all this ice?" And then she realizes who is involved. "Cenlia." Oh the irony.

X'hil blinks as Cenlia enters with a rather worse for wear computer crafter. "Hey, hey, what happened here?" he asks, with a frown, gaze flicking briefly to Thea, then to Nosken, with a frown. The broken-nosed man rolls his eyes, then says, "I apologise, /Weyrsecond/. That dress really suited you." with an obvious smirk. X'hil's eyes narrow, and he looks momentarily like he wants to hit something, but he clears his throat, and turns to face Nosken properly. "Ah, apology accepted, and let me make it up to you. A full physical, just to make sure I didn't break anything. Else." He waves over a healer with a well-deserved reputation for having a terrible bedside manner.

Cenlia blinks at Thea and looks around guiltily, but it's a bit late to run, so instead she mumbles, "Oh, hey…" while the rumpled-looking young man beside her inclines his head, getting in an introduction before Cenlia has a chance, "Computercrafter Eledri. Landing's duties to Xanadu. Ma'am, Sir." Cenlia rolls her eyes at the formality and adds for Thea's benefit, "This's my brother, he got stuck here 'cause nobody wants to take him back home-" Eledri frowns, muttering, "With good reason…" Cenlia shoves her brother towards a healer, "Yea, I know. Anyhow, he got beat up by a girl. Deserved it too." Then she eyes X'hil with a lopsided grin, "A dress? Seriously?"

Thea's lips twitch, her amusement in Noskin's predicament shows as she turns to allow one of the Healer's to take the tray. She takes a step back to allow them full access to the rumpled pair as well. "Brother, huh?" Thea's not looking thrilled. Dryly she asks, "Does he attract trouble too? Wait- don't answer that. I can already see he does." She finds a spot on an empty cot and sits, crossing one leg over the other, waiting apparently, for one of the Healers to be free.

Shellie picks this moment to come in from the clearing. She's wearing her scrubs, so she's obviously on duty. However, her hair's still mussed, so she seems to have just gotten out of bed not long ago. Surveying the scene, she sighs. "Ok, let me see what's going on here," she says, making a beeline first for Noskin.

X'hil smirks at poor Nosken, who has gone quite pale in the face since being assigned the healer with the worst bedside manner for his full physical. Luckily for him, that healer is on break at the moment. He's still a little wary of Shellie though, eyeing her as if she might suddenly attack. X'hil looks away from the broken-nosed man finally, tilting his head at the disheveled siblings. "What… Don't try to change the subject!" Dress. Hmph! "Which girl?" he narrows his eyes at Cenlia. Nosken calls out, "I got beat up by a girl, too!" to which X'hil responds with an icy cold /glare/.

Cenlia has just escorted her brother Eledri into the infirmary, the young man looking rather beat-up. Cenlia is a bit rumpled, but seems to be faring much better. Eledri is covered in bruises, is cradling his wrist, and limping a bit as his sister shoves him towards a healer. At first glance, it's obvious that Cenlia and the young man are related, their facial features so strikingly similar that the only real difference between them seems to be age and a pair of spectacles. Even their clothing is of a similar style, though the young man's knot shows him to be a computercraft apprentice at Landing, rather than a farmer. His hair is in bad need of a trim, and is extremely dishevelled at the moment. Cenlia smirks and says to Thea, "Nah, Eled's harmless," and to X'hil the gardener girl says, "It weren't my fault. Anyways, why were you in a dress?" Eledri gives his sister an exasperated look, "Trouble?" His sister's reputation is apparently something he's all too familiasr with. Of course. But Cenlia shrugs at X'hil, "Thanks for the food, by the way." Eledri winces as a healer checks him over too, though his wrist gets some concerned prodding. Apparently, he's managed to sprain it. Cenlia looks just this side of guilty when Eledri yelps, both of them looking somewhat embarrassed. Eledri sighs, as if he doesn't really want to come to Cenlia's defense, but says reluctantly anyway, "It's alright. I did deserve it… I threw the first punch." And the 20-something-turn-old man looks at the 14-turn-old girl and frowns.

Thea does something she rarely does. She laughs heartily at Noskin's comment, her eyes twinkling merrily. She coughs quickly to stop this, glancing at X'hil apologetically. She's watching Cenlia with slightly narrowed eyes. She wants to know the answer to this also. She looks down and begins writing with her pen on the sheet clipped to her board. She pauses to continue her inquiring look at the gardener. One eyebrow raises at Eledri's confession, but her look includes the pair of them. "I think someone needs a stint helping Satoris in the mine." Her pen scribbles something more. The sounds coming from Shellie's office can no longer be ignored, "What the shells is that?"

Shellie frowns, and looks up. "Is that stupid ovine still in there?" She sighs. Now, the bleating isn't that of a normal lamb. Nope. This one's low and deep, almost rumbling. "I haven't been able to use my bloody office since he wandered in there three days ago, and every bloody person who goes in there to get him out ends up getting chased out…

The infirmary sure is getting crowded today. Y'ki simply adds to the mix as he heads inside, one hand shoved up under his tunic and scratching rather irritably at his stomach. Who cares about decorum? He stops short though, finding…quite a few more people than expected. "Geez. What'd you people do, anyway?" Maybe they ran like lemmings off of cliffs? He shakes his head, lifting a brow slowly at the noises…and then slight explanation of it, and the bluerider just stares at Shellie. "..You keep an /ovine/ in your office? What kind of stupid person can't get a dumb thing like that outta there?" Ah, ever pleasant.

Busy time in the infirmary, but everyone seems calm. It would take something serious to make Senkyou go anywhere near the infirmary, the hard working Wingleader avoids the place like it's from Ista. A string of inappropriate words, some that would only be heard on a ship are coming out of the brownriders mouth as she hops into the infirmary, just at the door cinnamon brown Dulacth hovers and watches as she takes the nearest availble seat near the door. "Shardin' ovine, by the first shardin' shell I'm gonna chop it up and feed it to a firelizard." Seething with anger she starts to untie her boot, wincing and then with another long string of foul language she gives up. The sound of an ovine bleating distracts her, and she quickly spits out in her long drawl "I can still hear the worthless little thing, sound of pure worthlessness!"

X'hil mutters sullenly, "I lost a bet, okay? I lost a sharding bet. Heads up, /never/ gamble with a bluerider named X'ayn, he /cheats/." And he alerts your mother to, oh, no, wait, that was just X'hil, never mind. Thea's laughter gets a wrinkled up nose from the man. "Bah. He's been talking like that since I lost the sharding bet. 'Nice dress.' Bah. I'd've made him /eat/ the sharding dress if I hadn't just been borrowing it. Sharding…" he trails off with muttered curses for a good few minutes, then frowns again at Cenlia and Eledri. "What? /You/ started it?" He seems surprised, as if he could believe /Cenlia/ starting a fight, but not her brother. Trouble gets that sort of reputation.

Shellie is busy working on Noskin's nose, but looks up at the new arrivals. Seeing Senkyou come into the infirmary /WILLINGLY/ is amazing enough to her, and she makes a note to see to the arcebic brownrider next, knowing that if she's in there, it must be pretty bad. Y'ki is regarded with the usual expression that the bluerider gets from the healer - scorn. "Rider, if you want to try and get him out, you're more than welcome to, but trust me, a two hundred pound ram with a full set of horns isn't exactly like dealing with a lamb.

At the sound of the sheep, Cenlia looks a bit horrified, and immediately tries to inch behind X'hil. Yeah, because that's going to be so useful. Eledri frowns, "An ovine?" And then he shoots a suspicious look at Cenlia. The gardener girl, however, is snickering at X'hil, "A bet, huh? Wish I'd been there to see that." Thea's comment about the mine is missed, as Cenlia glances at Y'ki and then Senkyou's entrance. It sure is getting crowded in here. She seems about to say something, but Eledri says quite firmly, "That won't be neccessary. As soon as the travel ban is lifted, we are /both/ leaving." Cenlia's gaze snaps to her brother and she glares, "Well /you're/ leaving, anyways."

Y'ki rolls his eyes somewhat. "Well I /itch/ right now." Hey, his hand /is/ still under his tunic a bit, scratching at his skin. He shakes his head though, and gives a little snort, finding a place to stand that's relatively uncrowded. Too much…peopleness. "Gimmie a rope and I /will/ though."

Thea watches the back-and-forth between Shellie and Y'ki, as she nonchalantly swings her leg, sitting on the cot she's claimed, "One shot with a crossbow would take care of that," She idly observes of the ovine problem. "Or a good dose of fellis-laced grain. Or… you could send him in to eat it." Indicating Y'ki, of course, like the young Rider is a dragon or something. She's so helpful. Senkyou's arrival causes a quick turn of the head and an approving nod at her vicious assessment of mis-placed ovines, but she merely asks the brownrider, "What happened to you?" A quick flicker of hope at Eledri's words dies out when Cenlia speaks and she's looking enlightened. "Ah. Now I understand." What all the punching might have been about, that is. she writes on her paper.

Senkyou listens to the bleating, giving a small nod to Shellie and muttering. Dulacth is blocking the door, so it might be a little hard for someone else to get in. Tracking back and forth she says to Thea, "Yu mean theres another one of those shardin' creatures in here?" Growling under her throat she hops over to the office, using anything she can get her hands on to steady her. Looking in she says, "Get me fixed up, I'll get that lil thing out, Dulacth's ready to eat.. been a few days." Excitement sparkles in her eyes and she ponders the quick painful end to the annoying creatures life. Peeking at the other patients, she gives a bored casual wave to them and stands glaring at the offending animal, cracking her knuckles and sitting down on the cot. After a bit she answers Thea, "Ovine, followed me home and now I gots to go feed it, well it thinks I'm it's best friend.. 'stead of the one who's gonna go feed it to a bloodin' gold. Tripped me, foots a hurtin' and 'lacth made me come in."

As Senkyou peers in the office, there's a loud rustling, then a couple of even louder thuds, and a HUGE ram charges partway out the door. Shellie wasn't kidding, as this is easily the biggest of all of the escaped beasts!

X'hil is not exactly fond of sheep himself, and it must show on his face, because Nosken /laughs/. "Aw, little girly can't handle a little lamb?" he teases, though it's interspersed with grunts and mutters as Shellie works on his nose. X'hil got him /good/. X'hil scowls at the man, looking like he's contemplating breaking something /else/. Bronzeriders and their pride, honestly. He narrows his eyes at Eledri's comment about taking Cenlia home, and scowls. Well, as much as he can, with one eye on the door to the sheep-containing office. "You're just going to take her home, just like that? /No wonder/ she beat you up. I would've too!" he snorts. As the ram comes charging out, even if only part way, X'hil freaks out, and dives behind a cot. Right. That'll protect him! Nosken roars with laughter. "You really /are/ afraid of a little sheep? What a girl!" Little sheep? Little sheep? That's no little sheep, that's a monster!

Y'ki gives a rather uninterested look toward the door, and then just rolls his eyes again, snorting. "Monster? Geez, man. It's not like it's some freak of nature gigantic." All that rumbling and thudding around though is given a faint /huff/ of noise from the bluerider. "What the hell did you /do/ to it anyway to get it that ticked off at you? Just /feed/ it already." Everyone gets grumpy when hungry!

Guess who appears at the office door again. A loud snort accompanies the reappearance of Sheepzilla, who slowly scans over the infirmary. Oh, this isn't a hungry sort of pissed off. Rather, this is the depths of evil, malicious hate that only the blackest of hearts are able to foster. He stamps one foot a couple of times, then charges again, directly for the bluerider! Look out, Y'ki!

The gardener girl looks a bit surprised at X'hil's offer to beat up her brother. Eledri looks less happy about it and frowns, "With all due respect, /Sir/, it isn't your place to say where she goes." Sore spot for the computercrafter, maybe? However, at the mention of rope, Cenlia snickers. She reaches out to try to prod X'hil in the side, but the bronzer is apparently taking a dive behind a cot! Cenlia can't help it - she laughs, though she does eye the ram warily. The girl says jokingly, "You could rescue this one too. Bet Sir Kinseth'd like another one. I got some replacement rope for greenrider Medani." Her grin is not malicious, but there's a definite twinkle of mischief in her eyes. However, after a pause, she adds, "But if you wreck this one too, you get to buy her a new rope." Just in case the weyrsecond takes her offer seriously. Cenlia glances at Nosken, looking like maybe she might want to punch him, just for good measure. Eledri just continues to frown at his sister as he gets his wrist bound in support-bandages. However, the sheepzilla starts charging, which means no time for standing around! Cenlia quickly moves well away, so that there's a cot between herself and the charging sheep. Her brother and the healers nearest him do the same.

Thea looks mildly at the ram - she's not going to make herself a moving target, nope. She stays right where she is sitting. She frowns at Y'ki's suggestion, "Don't feed it! Ought to come out sooner or later. Or die of starvation." And there's the added benefit of less ovine poop as well, unless… "Try the fellis-grain." Maybe overdose it? Problem solved. She sort of blinks at the Weyrsecond throwing himself on the floor. Pen writes more, "They never said Infirmary observation was so entertaining…"

Really now. A large sheep is one thing. But one should put a disclaimer on there that it's actually demonically possessed. That's a completely different ball game. Y'ki starts to pull off his tunic finally, still scratching now and then. A rash? Yes, there's definitely one of those spreading up on his stomach and side, but then…then there's a problem of an angry animal heading in his direction. "Oh /now/ you wanna come out…idiot." The bluerider just reaches back a little bit, fingers wrapping around his beltknife. It's good to carry one! Knife? Meet marauding sheep. Preferably in the neck. Or that's at least where the rider tries to land it as he jerks to the side. ..Being runover isn't fun.

Sheepzilla doesn't seem like a simple belt knife's going to stop it, his wool is so thick and matted. He misses Y'ki the first time, then thunders around, knocking over a tray of instruments, much to Shellie's dismay, and makes another pass at the bluerider.

Thea has had it. This goldie is no longer amused. But alas, she's unarmed. That doesn't stop her from attempting to leap astride the animal as the sheep thunders past her, her hands reaching to clasp the horns for security. This could be quite a ride. "X'hil, Y'ki, pounce him! Shellie, trank it. NOW!" Clearly she's expecting the Healer to use a syringe of something useful.

Pandemonuim, a sheep charging, a bronzerider acting like he just saw a ghost. Senkyou watches the animal carefuly, standing up and working to get her boot off again. This time she gets it off with a scream and a string of "Shardin'.. shell, foot." Squeakin she the older woman lies back on the cot and stares at the scene unfolding. Dulacth positions himself and he gets his front leg in talons swiping around and he stares through a window to avoid killing a person or breaking anything.

Oh sure. /Knives/ don't work. Y'ki runs a bit heavily into the counter though from the force of his own lunge, giving a bit of a hiss. And..it's still coming? ..Well. The curses coming out of the bluerider certainly aren't something for children's ears. Nor is the image of him grabbing the nearest object - a bedpan - and cracking the animal across the head with it, either. "Just /DIE/ already!" And if there's a few extra whacks in there for good measure..well. He's enthusiastic.

The weight of Thea isn't doing much to slow down Sheepzilla. As for a bedpan? Well, this is a creature that's literally designed to ram it's forehead into esentially another one like it. A thin steel pan's not going to do much good. No longer having a target, he thunders about the room, bucking like a wild herdbeast to try and get the riders off.

T'maz steps in carrying a tray of food for the invalids. He doesn't expect to see dinner on the hoof wreaking havoc in the infirmary. He does have a knife hanging at his waist and decides to wait and see if someone calls on him for help. He knows how to attack a sheep and get it field dressed too you know.

X'hil looks a little sheepish when he catches sight of Thea looking his way, and then writing with that pen of hers, but his attention is focused on avoiding the fearsome sheepzilla. "I, uh. Kinseth isn't touching this one! He coughed up wool for /days/ after the last, and besides," He yelps as the sheepzilla moves out again, and ducks behind the cot, turning it on its side and crouching low behind it. "B-besides, this one'd probably give him indigestion." He's too preoccupied with sheep avoidance to really respond to Eledri, though he does shoot the computer crafter a very brief and very cold glare, before eyeing the sheep. Oh, he'll have a talk with him later, when there's less marauding sheep around. Thea's call to action gets a random gibber of fear from the man, and he just crouches lower. He isn't here. No. This is not the man you are looking for… "Eledri, /you/ tackle it!" he barks the 'order'.

Cenlia ducks flying medical instruments and moves even further back, asking Shellie, "How'd the ovine get in yer office anyways?" And as the gardener girl moves over to join X'hil behind his cot, she says to the bronzer, "Betcha half a shot of tuber ale they can't wrestle it out on their own." At any rate, Cenlia's not about to try wrestling a sheep - though apparently Thea is! Cenlia just stares. This is bound to end badly, but oh so entertaining while it lasts! Y'ki's bedpanning the thing only earns a snerk from the gardener girl, who eyes the creature warily. Eledri isn't about to tackle it either, and sticks close to his sister.

What /does/ Y'ki do about all this flailing and ordering of /leaping/ on the animal? He escapes. That's what he does. He's not getting flattened or tossed about! He's been stampeded on before! It's not fun. Whoosh. The bluerider is gone.

Thea has her hands firmly clenched on the ram's horns and her legs are locked about the wooly sides of the creature. His bucking is not dislodging the determined young woman. "People! Are there any MEN in here?!" Four bodies ought to slow the animal down… WHACK! Y'ki's bedpan nearly smacks her fingers and he gets a flashing glare. As the animal makes another round of the room, she calls, "Don't get me with the knife." Oh, yes. She's seen the blades. "Shellie? The needle?" As long as they don't trank -her-! As Y'ki deserts, she grits, "I'm -so- gona have his hide!"

Shellie lunges away from her patient, and towards a locked drug cabinet, which she fumbles with the keys to. Eventually, she gets a syringe, a needlethorn, and a vial of something rather clear, and quickly draws the injection. She dodges quickly around Sheepzilla, the ram barely missing her, then plunges the needle into…..Thea's backside!

X'hil smirks briefly at Cenlia. "/Half/ a shot? There was a whole one in that bottle I left." Well, half for Cenlia, if she hasn't already drunk it. But no, he's learned his lesson about /bets/, so he shakes his head. He won't take that bet. He'll take the half-shot though! Meanwhile, Nosken has had it with watching from a cot, and he gets up, moving over to dogpile on the ram. Every little bit helps. As he leaps, he lets forth a battle cry, "X'hil is a GIIIRL!" which does not do anything to make the Weyrsecond feel any better.

Seeing as Thea is on her own, Cenlia actually starts to look a bit worried. And at Thea's comment about about 'MEN' Cenlia laughs aloud. X'hil's manliness notwithstanding, there's at least one guy in here with a head on his shoulders. Eledri, suddenly grabs hold of the overturned cot he, Cenlia, and X'hil are hiding behind. With a shout to Thea, "Pull your knees up!" the young man waits until the ram passes by, then SHOVES the cot with his shoulder, trying to slam it in the side and perhaps pin it against something. Cenlia acks at her brother, but seeing his plan, she quickly assists him - but neither of them are very strong… and if they miss-time it… a certain weyrsecond will be without a cot to hide behind.

Senkyou watches all the chaos, Dulacth removing his body from the infirmary. Hopping quickly she keeps out of the way of the evil ovine. Her foots swollen up and broken, but she isn't going to stay in here. But now they know she's injured, and like a blood trail to vultures they will find her and drag her back. But for now she's escaped.

There's a sound of agitated roaring outside the infrimary. Seryth has joined Dulacth at the entrance, sensing her Rider's anger over the mayhem. Thea is still clinging to the unfortunate ram. Fortunately she hears the 'pull your knees up' and complies. Unfortunately this makes her rear a perfect target as it is now, well, sticking up. The needlethorn does it's work and Thea feels the sting of it. She bellows, "SHelllieeeee…." Her voice trickles off into a whisper and her look of disbelief is the last thing her eyes register before they roll upwards and close. She soundlessly slips off the ram and rolls under a cot, snoozing in the land of the undead. Lucky her, but oh, when she awakes…!

T'maz puts the food down out of range of the sheep and others in the room. He darts quickly over to where the Weyrwoman is, and picks her up rather effortlessly."I'll out her in the cot over in the corner out of the way of the rampaging critter?" He says to Shellie as he moves quickly dodging rather clumsily as he carries the woman to safety, slung over his shoulder."Thank the stars she's light."

With the weight of a goldrider off his back, even a dainty little one like Thea, Sheepzilla is back up at full speed. His favorite target gone, he scans the room again, then chooses someone else…the newest arrival. Yup, looks like we may have squashed T'mato, as she giant ram makes a beeline for the Bakercraft's star Brownie!

X'hil loses his covering cot, and watches it move towards the sheep under power of Cenlia and Eledri, blinking a little. Help? He frowns and gets up, throwing his weight behind the cot too. Even /Nosken/ was mocking him! He does make sure to keep his head low, though. The cot is his shield, all is safe behind the cot, worship the cot. Er, wait, scratch that last. Meanwhile, Nosken is just trying to get a good grip on the ram's horns, trying to jump onto the ram and steer it like a child would a sled.

Thea is serenely unaware of being toted like a sack of potatoes over to a cot. Better on one than under one. Much more dignified, yes. Is she drooling? Likely, but as her hair has fluttered in a curtain over her face, no one will know for sure. Seryth is creeling and trying to peer inside the Infirmary door. Brown Shep, crouching near Thea's head trills a reassurance to her and the gold subsides into a disgruntled rumbling. Her red eyes fade to yellow.

T'maz puts Thea on the cot, and promises out loud someone will have something made of mutton when she wakens… He also notices the ram is bearing down on him and leaps out of the way, a heavy table just behind him. It gets bumped perhaps, that table. Then he notices the sheep is still after him so he promptly starts heading toward the door, making baaaa noises."Wish I had Baaa you bad sheep! baaa My Da's dogs… They'd help get him back to… baaa! The barn… Baaaa." He trips on some slightly dented bedpan…Whoops.

Eledri and Cenlia and… now X'hil are all three pushing the cot to try to pin the sheep. Eledri gives Nosken a warning, "Look out!" just in case he missed the incoming cot-ram… thing. Cenlia and Eledri have completely missed whatever T'maz is doing.

Sheepzilla suddenly finds himself confronted with a cot? He bucks again, and then turns, and makes another beeline…..for Shellie's office. Oh great. It'll be impossible to get him out of there!

T'maz sighs."Want me to go see if Da has a couple sheepherding dogs that need a challenge?

A gentle snore issues from Thea's cot where faithful Shep guards his mistress. Good thing this Junior is out, or she'd be heading for her Weyr to snag her crossbow. And in her mood, she wouldn't miss. But luckily for the ram, she's dreaming of a saner world where men are men and women are… manlier, apparently.

Shellie sighs, as she stands up, and surveys the damage. The infirmary in shambles, and Sheepzilla back in the office. Sheepzilla 1, Xanadu 0. "No love… I think we need something more definitive." She thinks for a moment. "isn't your brother's granddaughter's mother's weyrmate a hunter?" Ok, that's confusing…

T'maz tilts his head and starts parsing it out."Lidia…I think so… Send a message to J'vry and he'll pass it on…"

X'hil looks enviously towards Thea, passed out on the cot. If only that were him! Sigh. He eyes the sheep, then frowns, running off to hide behind another cot. Because that worked out /so/ well for him the last time. Nosken is still trying to play cowboy with the sheep, but he can't quite get a hold of the horns, so it's rather more like constantly throwing himself at the ground and failing to miss. Failing to miss quite hard, in fact.

After the sheep gets away and apparently makes for the office again, Cenlia and Eledri follow X'hil behind the cot, though Eledri is limping quite badly now and rubbing his shoulder with an unhappy look onhis face. Apparently, he's sprained something else now. Cenlia plops down near the bronzer, muttering, "Sharding ovines… and this one definitely ain't my fault." She glances from Shellie to T'maz, the comment about 'brother's granddaughter's mother's weyrmate' getting a raised brow - that's one heck of a mouthful, that's for sure. Cenlia repeats her earlier question, "How'd it get in there in the first place?" And she does snicker a bit at Nosken's failure-to-fly OR wrestle the sheep. To X'hil she asks, "How come every time I run into you, some kinda disaster always happens right after?" Eledri gives the bronzer a look at Cenlia's question, eyeing the man more closely. Terrific, Cenlia is bad enough on her own - now she has an accomplice?

Shellie collapses onto the cot, face in palms. "Shard it…Shard it all…

T'maz moves to sit next to Shellie, and puts an arm around her."I could sneak into your office while it's asleep and zot it with more Fellis if you want me to…?

X'hil pokes his head above the cot to taunt Nosken, he can't help it. "BE a MAN!" he calls, quickly ducking again before Nosken can look. Not that Nosken is looking /anywhere/ that isn't the sheep. He's now attacking it with even more vigour, egged on by X'hil's taunts. X'hil frowns at Cenlia's question, and snorts. "Hey, no fair, pinning that on /me/. I'm fine, er, mostly, when you're not around." Nosken interrupts with "No you're not, you girl!" and X'hil retorts, "No-one asked YOU!" with a snort.

T'maz tilts his head at Shellie…"Or we could put a trail of vegetables out and see if we can trap the ram that way… or Fellis in some water for the beast…" Yep T'maz is trying to think of ways to get the ram out of Shellie's office…Not helping is he?

Shellie sighs. "Fellis in the water could work." She glances at Nosken. "Get out of there, you. You're only going to make him mad.

T'maz says "I'll go get some water in a bucket… That beast must be thirsty from running amuck in here.""

At Nosken's comment about the bronzer being a girl when she's not around, Cenlia giggles, "Well, 'least ya beat him up… in a dress." And she snerks. Her four baby flits - two blues, a brown, and a bronze, are all huddled on her shoulders, still small enough that she can carry them around. After all the excitement, they're only looking about and squeakng. Beside the gardener girl, Eledri groans and leans back against a cot while a healer tends to his dislocated shoulder. There is a loud "YOW!" and the shoulder is all taken care of. Cenlia winces in sympathy at her brother - she'll beat him up without hesitation, but when he's beating -himself- up with a cot, that's a problem.

T'maz slips off the cot from next to Shellie and heads to the door with a wave."I'll send in a drudge with the bucket… I have to get back to the kitchens…"

X'hil mutters something under his breath, something that sounds kind of like Nosken, then eyes the sheep. It seems to be … cornered. With Nosken on this side. Coast is clear? Coast is clear! Before he runs, he glances to Eledri and then Cenlia. "I want to see /both/ of you tomorrow. And there will be /no/ trouble, you hear me?" Aw, but where's the fun in that? Also, is he actually … using his authority? He /is/ still going to give the knot back, right? Well, it'll be taken from him soon, no doubt. He's been a bit of a loose cannon since the bet. Nosken's nose speaks for /that/. "/Tomorrow/." he repeats, before fleeing for his life.

The gardener girl eyes the departing X'hil, muttering, "What's with him now? I ain't beat the ovine up, at least." She's already got Thea to worry about, she doesn't need someone else keeping 'an eye' on her. But seeing as Thea is knocked out good and proper, and her brother is all patched up, Cenlia gets to her feet and drags Eledri with her, "C'mon, there's a mess in the garden with your name on it, an' I ain't getting in trouble again, so we're gonna go clean it." Eledri looks like he might want to argue, but after all the mayhem he's just witnessed, he looks like he may be re-thinking his original judgements about this sister. Maybe this place is just prone to disaster? All the more reason to get Cenlia out of here. Eledri follows the girl slowly, keeping his injured arm close to his chest. He doesn't complain, though. On the way out, Cenlia glances briefly at Shellie, but doesn't say anything. With luck, no one's going to remember they were there, and therefore no one will come after with a needle. Cenlia's already seen enough of how Shellie wields one… And the siblings head off to the garden.

Shellie isn't going to be wielding any needles at the moment. She's more into looking at her destroyed infirmary, and wishing she was back home in bed with one of her weyrmates…

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