Hangovers and Realizations

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.
// Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs and southwest is a wide tunnel, carefully roped off to avoid accidents.//

X'hil snores. Yes. That he does. He's still slumped over the table where he passed out last night, with three empty glasses and an /almost/ empty bottle of strong-smelling clearish liquid. The dreaded vodka. He has two knots on his shoulder, an Ierne Weyrhold apprentice crafter/bronzerider knot, and a Xanadu Weyrsecond knot. He's mumbling in his sleep, it seems like he's having a nightmare.

Cenlia wanders back slowly - very slowly - from the resident dorms. She winces at every little noise, one hand on her temple, the other out before her. On the girl's left shoulder, midnight-blue Rogue is actually quiet for once, while on the other shoulder, a much brighter blue firelizard hatchling is attempting to eat a lock of her hair. Having out-drunk X'hil the previous night, Cenlia seems surprised to see the new weyrsecond right where she left him. After she had wobbled off for a nap and a good soak in the hotsprings, she'd assumed he'd wake up eventually and head off to sleep the booze off - apparently she'd been wrong. Ah well, Cenlia grabs herself a glass of cold water, and after a moment's thought, grabs a second glass and heads over to the table X'hil is sleeping at.

K'vin blinks when he sees X'hil snoring just there and then once more as Cenlia comes in with the stigmata of too much drinking too. He looks at her but doesn't comment and goes get some breakfast for him.

X'hil groans and stirs a little, raising a sleepy head to blink blearily at Cenlia. "I know you." he mumbles, trying to clear his foggy head. "How do I know you?" he asks again, suddenly more alert, looking Cenlia up and down cautiously. Seems most of last night, and yesterday, is kind of a blur.

Cenlia stands near the table X'hil is at, as if contemplating something. She eyes the glass of cold water in her hand as if she might be considering dumping it over X'hil's head… but she's not that mean. Hopefully. Lucky for X'hil, he wakes up just then, so Cenlia, smirking slightly, sets the glass of cold water down in front of him and takes a seat at the table. "Morning, /sir/," she says with softly with a grin, eyes twinkling with mischief despite her hangover. She doesn't answer his question, though. The answer will probably come to him… eventually.

K'vin stares at Cenlia and X'hil openly now and shakes his head at X'hil wakefulness. With a sigh, he plops down at the table with Cenlia and X'hil, his plate full of food for three.

X'hil's eyes glaze over, and for a moment it seems like he might pass out again, but he comes to quickly. "Ah. Now I remember." 'Remember', right. He clearly just asked Kinseth to fill him in, though he may regret not asking for the /full/ story later on. "Cenlia, right? I, I was supposed to take you back to Xanad… Er." He breaks off and takes a look around, then drops his head to the table, with a muffled, "This is Xanadu, isn't it?" It doesn't sound like he wants to be here. He can't stay like that for long though, the smell of food soon rouses him, and he blinks at K'vin. "I… I don't know you too, do I?" he asks, more curious than anything. "Er. That smells good." he adds, nodding at the food.

Cenlia grins at K'vin, or maybe at the food he's brought, giving him a much more cheerful "Morning, sir," and a smile. Rogue echoes Cenlia's greeting with a friendly warble, causing Cenlia to wince, as the firelizard hatchling is right by her ear. Mizzle, meanwhile, crawls down her arm and peers at K'vin, the itty bitty blue tilting his oversized head this way and that. As X'hil seems to 'recall' who she is, the farmer girl nods and snickers, "Yep, this is Xanadu. Made quite and entrance, we did." But she's not going to elaborate further just yet. The girl takes a sip of the water, rubbing her forehead a bit.

K'vin shakes his head. "I have something for hangover if you want." He says, obviously talking to both Cenlia and X'hil. "I'm sure you both need it, seeing how much you drank." He adds after a pause.

"This is Xanadu? I'm back at Xanadu?" X'hil groans, and stares at the mostly empty bottle that's still on the table. "What did I /drink/ last night?" he mutters, narrowing his eyes at Cenlia as some memory comes back. "/You/. This is /your/ doing. Somehow." Yes, she forced him to ask about the liquor, forced him to come on the sneaky booze raid, and then forced him to drink until he passed out? Well, it makes sense to /X'hil/. "Hangover cure? /Yes please/!" he says, showing the first sign of actual enthusiasm he's had all morning. "It feels like dragons are fighting in my head."

Suppose she forced him to get the weyrwoman drunk and gave him a promotion as well? Cenlia eyes X'hil and attempts to look all innocent, "Oh that stuff?" She grins at the near-empty booze bottle on the table, "Just tuber ale." And she giggles, still rubbing her head, "Personally, I blame Thea. She's the one who ran off and left me in South Boll." K'vin's offer of something for that hangover catches her attention, "Could definitely use something… though I didn't drink that much." Right, suure she didn't. The girl sips more water, closing her eyes briefly as she continues massaging her temples.

K'vin just looks at Cenlia, with a gaze that says (yeah, right) and he stands up, heading for the kitcheen to go make that stuff. "Oh, and congrats for your promotion." He tells the rider as he moves in the kitcheen.

X'hil hasn't noticed the extra knot, nor remembered the promotion part, thankfully. He will, though… Well, unless he's in denial. That seems likely. "Er. Yeah. Thea. Bad Thea. Ba— what?" Promotion? He stares after K'vin, mouthing 'promotion?' with wide eyes. No, no, that's not true, that didn't happen, that was just part of his passed out drunken nightmare, surely?

Cenlia grins wider and nods at X'hil, a terribly amused expression on her face, "Yea, congrats on that." And then, because she can't help it, she adds, "Though you getting the weyrwoman drunk first was probably a bad idea." Right, because it was all his fault. He's the one that handed Niva the glass of booze, after all… Cenlia snickers, and takes K'vin's absence to snatch something small from his plate. Munching quickly, she continues, "Bet you half a mark she doesn't remember it either."

K'vin nods his head as he comes back with two glasses of foul smelling liquid. "It smells and tastes very bad but it works wonder on curing headache." He says with a nod, setting the glasses in front of X'hil and Cenlia. "You're now weyrsecond X'hil."

X'hil stares at the table, and shakes his head. "/Hisolda/ will remember." he mutters, probably now recalling her reluctance to get the knot at first. Or recalling it via Kinseth. Speaking of which… "Stop your sharding cheering already. I, I'm sure it was all, er, a big mis-understanding. I just need to … explain … er, wait, no … lay low. Far far away. Until it all blows over." Because that's worked so well for him in the past! "I'm screwed, aren't I?" he sighs, and pinches his nose, knocking back the foul smelling liquid as quickly as he can, with a grimace, before letting his head fall to the table again. "Screwed!" is the muffled cry, as he tries to comprehend his new situation.

Cenlia wrinkles her nose at the glass K'vin sets in front of her, sipping more of her cold water before mumbling, "What's in that stuff?" Watching X'hil, she laughs, saying, "Could be worse, we coulda been caught raiding my cousin's booze stash." Oh yes, because farmcrafters are so much scarier than weyrwomen.

K'vin nods his head. "Knowing Niva, I'd say you're screwed and keeping a low profile isn't going to solve anything." He says with another nod. "Maybe breaking it to her gently would be a nice idea."

X'hil lifts his head and raises an eyebrow at Cenlia, then admits, "I almost wish we had been. Maybe I wouldn't /be/ in this mess." No, he'd be in an entirely different mess, but at least it wouldn't involve this new knot in any way. "Mmmaybe… How do I break something like this, /gently/? 'Thanks for the knot, but I can't stand to be in your Weyr. Nothing personal!'." he snorts, and rolls his eyes.

"Don't forget to apologize for getting her drunk, too," Cenlia snickers, then adds, "Could just run while ya can, before she finds you." She thinks for a second, before speaking again, "Or you could go find R'miel and…" she takes a moment to recall the name of the other missing rider, "Ysa." Then the girl blinks, tilting her head to the side, "Can't stand to be here? Why? 'S not so bad a place."

K'vin hmms softly. "I guess that telling Niva she might have made a hasty decision while being drunk is a good way to start." He says with a nod

X'hil groans, and shakes his head. "I, shards. No. The place is fine. My mother… Greenrider… Me, bronzerider… Not good." he grimaces, suddenly regretting ever saying anything. Ever. "Run… Run sounds like a plan." he murmurs, brows knitting as Kinseth interjects. "Well, forget /you/ then, I'll just run /without/ you." he snaps, scowling out at the clearing.

Cenlia looks at X'hil blankly while raising an eyebrow, either not getting the thing about bronze and green or simply too hungover to figure it out. She does snicker at the rest of what the reluctant weyrsecond says, and glances out towards the clearing, grinning.

K'vin shrugs. "Just telling you how I'd act and what I'd say." He says with a nod. "But running isn't a good idea, trust me." He says with a nod. "Especially running from a gold rider."

X'hil sighs, and can't really run without Kinseth. "Maybe… Maybe she'll realise her mistake, and take the knot?" he suggests, though he frowns. "I… I'll… I will. Next time I see her, I'll … hand the knot over. Yes."Best to do it sooner rather than later, before Kinseth's pride starts to get to him, to influence him. But that's not going to happen any time soon, judging by the man's dejected slumping over the table. He's hardly /thrilled/. "Shard it Kinseth, no I will /not/ reconsider. Not now, not ever!"

Nodding in agreement with K'vin when he tells X'hil running is a bad idea, Cenlia says, "Yea, 'specially not with them two already missing." And then the farmcrafter girl adds, "Hunh, maybe Sir Kinseth's got it right, if he wants you ta reconsider. Dun't seem like such a bad job." As if she'd know. Or maybe the gardener girl is thinking it wouldn't be so bad to have such an excellent accomplice in booze-snatchery and his fantastic getaway dragon staying here. After all, there's always more booze, somewhere, worth stealin'. Cenlia eyes the nearly-empty bottle of tuber ale speculatively.

K'vin nods his head and outstretches a hand to rest it on X'hil's shoulder. "That's the best thing to do." He says with a nod. "How's the head?" He asks gently. He turns to Cenlia and shakes his head. "If Niva was as drunk as you say, it's not a good idea, the decision was hasty and drunken, better get it settled soon."

X'hil frowns absently at the bottle, then grimaces. "I'll never touch another drop, so long as I live." he vows. Though that doesn't /technically/ exclude him from the /acquiring/ of said booze. That part was actually kind of fun. "Head's … better. Would be a lot better if /someone/ would just stop sharding /nagging/ me. Kinseth, I am NOT keeping this knot, and that's /final/."

Cenlia chuckles, "Yea, guess her being drunk kinda ruins it. Too bad, too. Is a great way to get a promotion." And then, as X'hil vows off touching another drop, Cenlia snickers and looks around, finding the cork and stoppering the booze bottle. "It's not bad stuff, could use a bit more time in the keg… I can't wait to tell Evi how we snatched it, next time I head home," and she giggles, "If I'd a'known you couldn't hold your drink, I'd have gotten smaller glasses." She grins at X'hil, adding teasingly, "So much for being able to handle yourself." And she winks at the bronzers.

X'hil chokes a little, and snorts. "I can hold my drink. I /can/. It's just your cousin's evil evil brew, that's all it is." he scowls at the bottle. Evil! "Don't make me prove it to you." Must defend ones honour, apparently? "I'm more of a wine man, anyway. Good wine, with a great meal. Bliss." Did he even eat anything yesterday? Evidently not, as he pinches K'vin's plate as soon as the man leaves, like a vulture. Om nom nom nom.

Cenlia laughs, "Wine, huh? What about brandy?" And her eyes sparkle merrily. After all, brandy is just distilled wine… more or less. The gardener girl sips the rest of her glass of water, nudging the foul-smelling stuff K'vin had brought further away from her. Apparently, she'd rather the headache over downing the medicine. She gives X'hil a lopsided grin, seemingly unconvinced by his ability to hold alcohol. After all, he passed out first! Cenlia actually made it back to her room. Well, maybe she had help from a couple of concerned cavernfolk… but still.

X'hil tilts his head thoughtfully, taking a break from the food for a moment. "Ehh. Brandy is okay. Depends on the meal. It all depends on the meal." he says, good food being one of his great loves. The other is fine clothes, which is why he became a weaver. "How're you? Get home okay?" he asks, with a frown. Is that concern?

Cenlia snickers, "Am fine. Have had worse headaches than this." She nods her head in the direction of the resident dorms, "Went back to my room after you passed out." So what if she doesn't quite remember getting from the caverns to there? She still was mostly conscious. That counts. "Least I didn't end up nakkid in a tree again, 'specially since neither of us has a hat," now /that/ would have been something. The girl grins as she watches the bronzer eat, "Yeah, is better with food. Me, I like pastries-" And then she frowns, something having occurred to her, "Hey! Weyrsecond R'miel promised me a tray of pastries in trade for a bottle. Hmph, and then he's gone off and disappeared without a word. I'll never get those sweetrolls now." She pretends to pout a bit, lamenting the lack of pastry.

X'hil raises an eyebrow. "But, you still have the bottle, right? Or did he make off with that as well?" he asks, with a frown. He tugs on his new knot absently, near unravelling the elaborately twisted threads. "I mean … he'll be back, won't he?" If he comes back, X'hil has an easy out with the knot thing, after all.

Cenlia nods, looking just a bit genuinely glum, "Yea, but peach brandy I got lots of. What I don't have is a tray of pastries." Her gaze swings around the caverns to land on the entry to the kitchens. Hrmm. She seems thoughtful as she purses her lips. Oh so thoughtful. "Can ya cook?" she asks suddenly.

X'hil snorts, and shakes his head, "Not even to save my life. Well, not /well/, at any rate. I'm a horrible cook, awful." That would be why he picked weaver craft over cooking, perhaps? Still, he eyes the kitchen speculatively. "Hmm. Is Isabet still working as a chef here? She and I go way back…" Then he adds, a little hastily, "She was my foster mother." Not that he's not into older women, exactly, but… Well. She was his foster mother.

Cenlia gives a shrug, saying thoughtfully, "I dunno… haven't been in there much." Not that she hadn't wanted to sneak in and snatch some goodies, but she'd been warned not to get on Master Denna's bad side, and Cenlia didn't want to risk upsetting the best pastry chef on Pern. Not before she'd had a chance to taste those pastries, at least. But hey! She can't get in trouble if she's with the weyrsecond. He may be ready to give up the knot, but there's noreason nottotake advantage of it till he does. With a mischevous grin, the girl says, "I used to help out in the kitchens with my ma… I can some stuff. Brandycakes. Sweetrolls maybe." Hmmm.

X'hil tilts his head thoughtfully at Cenlia, then shrugs. "Why not? I could use something sweet…" he decides. "Especially after that … horrid … thing." he jerks his head at the empty hangover cure glass. "Though, the headache's gone, and even Kinseth is leaving me alone, amazingly enough." Probably gone off to sulk, though that doesn't really seem like the dragon's style.

Cenlia snickers at her own untouched headache cure. The girl scoops up her blue flits, which had been sitting quietly watching the goings-on in the caverns. After a moment of thought, she deposits them on the table, saying half-jokingly to the little critters, "Guard the booze." Rogue just looks at her and then curls up around the base of the half-empty vodka bottle, the midnight-hued hatchling giving a disgruntled 'gwrr' while Mizzle just gives the girl a cheery trill. Grinning, Cenlia stands slowly, rubbing her head a bit, and makes her way to the kitchens. "Hah, think Sir Kinseth should get the knot instead?" The girl grins. Any dragon willing to be a getaway dragon on a booze run is pretty swell in her opinion.

X'hil grins at the little firelizard and his cute growl. "Good boy, you keep that safe." he tells the firelizard, barely able to keep from laughing. He stands after Cenlia does, and follows her to the kitchens, snorting. "Believe me, if I could figure out a way, /he'd/ have the job, and I'd be on a beach at Ierne." he says, with a shake of his head. "He's obsessed. Always felt he was destined for greatness. Fool of a bronze." the man notes, but he can't stay mad at the dragon for long, affection is creeping into his tone even as he rants.

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