Complicated Computers

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.
Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs and southwest is a wide tunnel, carefully roped off to avoid accidents.

One corner of the cavern has been claimed as a makeshift computer 'lab' with multiple machines set up on long tables, a few completely together, while most are opened, with pieces in bags lying around it. It's at one of the computers that looks closest to working that Niva is settled, a young teen with her, who is spending his time talking animatedly while the weyrwoman simply looks rather lost.

As Keelath lands outside the caverns into the clearning, C'ale dismounts once she bows forward, allowing him to land easily upon his feet. Sliding his riders helmet off, he gives his green a light pat on the snout, then heads into the cavern, quietly clearing his throat. His hair is rather ruffled, giving his face a messy look of black strands of hair which curl about his cheeks.

Niva catches the entrance of C'ale as she's busy watching the rest of the caverns, rather then whatever it is the teen is attempting to show her. And so, its with an exasperated sigh that the teen gets up and leaves, Niva looking confused as he goes, before she's peering at C'ale once more from behind the computer.

With a chuckle, C'ale rocks his shoulders a bit in a helpless shrug. "Evening." He says in a soft voice, which resonates through the cavern. "My name is C'ale, rider of green Keelath, son of Y'tan, rider of bronze Honrith, and Weyrsecond of Telgar. I'm currently staying at Ierne for the moment. Was in the area after making some deliveries. Thought I caught sight of some computers." He looks rather amused. "Though.. you look confused.."

Niva's face brightens at the introduction, hurriedly motioning him over and getting up from her chair and motioning him into her spot. "They just… They just aren't working. No matter what we do, and we don't know why." Technical Weyr it may be, but when most of those trained have other projects, extra work stations aren't necessarily at the top of the list.

With a chuckle, C'ale makes his way over towards the computers, allowing his dark eyes to flow over every single one. "Well, when did they stop working, and what was happening when they did?" He asks, stopping before the one she's ducked behind, reaching out to brush his hand slowly along the monitor, almost fondly, as if he was 'copping a feel'. He closes his eyes, taking in a slow breath. "Computers are like dragons. They have a mind of their own, and sometimes they just need to learn cooperation."

Niva makes a face, shaking her head as she glances over them, both whole and parts. "Well, we experience some flooding in storage, and some parts got wet. We replaced what did, but.." And she shakes her head again. "We aren't sure what is bad, and what's not, and we've no real way to test them." Another chair is pulled up to the table, in front of a disassembled machine in the corner of the cavern.

"Ah. Well, then we get to have a bit of fun. We get to gut one, to salvage another." C'ale says as he slips into the chair that is settled before the machine which is in pieces. His hands begin to busy themselves, almost in a drone like manner. He snags up one part easily, sliding it onto the board, followed by another, then another. "I started doing this when I was ten. My father wanted me to get a head start on my crafting, just in case I actually became a rider. I consider it a stroke of luck." He drawls playfully. It's almost like he is playing with a big box of legos, and the smile on his face shows that he's obviously enjoying his task. Snap. Click. Snap. Click. A tangle of wires gets shoved inside, connecting to a few ports. "Most parts that get wet can still be used. Just have to dry them -real- carefully. Just be careful with the hard drives. Usually when they go bad, I pack them in ice. Old trick of the book of preserving data."

Outside, there is the familiar bugle of an arriving dragon, this one a distinct lofty croon. Not too long after, a figure appears at the entrance to the caverns, a slightly short woman in riding gear, sans helmet. Her blonde hair snugged back into a tight bun, Saisri pauses just inside to let her eyes adjust someone before, upon spying those already present inside, raising a hand to greet the faces. "Well, by what fortune did you get stuck with the company of this scruffy rider, Niva?" She calls out, not unfondly.

Niva stares rather blankly at C'ale's hands, watching him as he works, and not seeming to actually understand any of it. The mention of bad harddrives has her nodding blankly, and with Saisri's arrival, she looks up thankfully. "Saisri! Do you know him?" And she glances back at the other rider, "Thank you for helping, too."

At the sound of the familiar voice, C'ale pauses for a moment, then gains a wry grin upon his face. "Maybe she just has good taste, Saisri." He says teasingly as his eyes twinkle in mischievousness. "By the way, I love the blanket you made me. It's quite warm." A slight tug forms over his lips as he turns his attention back to the task at hand. He continues to plug in a few more pieces, then slaps the case together with a light thump. "Alrightie." He says, rubbing his hands together, then fires it up, listening to the all too familiar hums, beeps, and bloops. "Now, to reprogram the software, or at least the bare bones infrastructure. What do you use these guys for?" He calls over.
"Yes, I know him, from Telgar." Saisri remarks as she heads further in to join them, glancing towards the greenrider's project. "Aaah, I see. You got him tinkering. Well, glad you enjoy the blanket, C'ale. Though, I doubt you'll have much need of it in Ierne, the weather has been rather balmy." Towards the other goldrider, she then says, "Everything well here, Niva? I apologize, I meant to visit earlier, but I haven't found the time."

"Well, we did have some of them set up with inventory and uh, craft information." At that statement, Niva gets a rather sheepish expression on her face as she glances sidelong at Saisri. "Including all the weavercraft data." Motioning to a chair, she leans back and glances at C'ale. "I'm not sure if that tells you anything, though."

"It tells me that you are using it for a database, and that's pretty darn easy to do. I'll just set the programs in place, and then your own computer crafters can customize it." C'ale says. "By the way, do you always invite random, yet very good looking strangers into your cave? I don't even know -your- name." He says as his eyes shine a bit coyly, letting his head turn towards Niva once more, relaxing into his seat.
Saisri selects a chair for herself as she settles down, folding her hands into her lap. "Well, if you need any assistance with your weaver information, I can donate what I know." She turns then to look towards C'ale, eyebrows furrowing ever, ever so faintly. She lets Niva answer him, though. Afterall, this is her home.

Niva nods slowly, looking grateful. "We really do appreciate it. Most of them are attempting to fix the crucial systems which have been acting odd since our power failures, and these are the last things on their lists." A sidelong glance at Saisri and she smiles, "I certainly would appreciate it." And then back at C'ale, she inclines her head. "Niva, Senior Weyrwoman." She offers with amusement.

Blinking his eyes, C'ale stands up, almost too quickly. "OH. Er. My apologies then. I would have been a lot more formal if I knew you were the one in charge." Clearing his throat, he straightens his hair a bit, trying to smooth it back from its tangled heap. "If you want to prevent power failures from destroying your data, all you need is the proper backups, and fail safes. I can program an automatic shut down and save mode into your machines if you want, so in case there is an interruption in power, they will instinctively turn themselves off so that the backlash spike won't give you a brown box."

Saisri utters the faintest little chuckle at C'ale's discomfort and just shakes her head. "I may not understand a word he's saying, but I'm glad there are. It's why I still use paper and books, instead of computers. If something happens to them, well it's my fault then, not freak twists of electricity."

Niva chuckles, hurriedly moving to wave him back into his seat, with a glance at Saisri, "I'm simply happy you agreed to help, without even asking." Using a computer she can manage, anything else is a bit out of her reach. "If you would, I'd greatly appreciate. And I'll ensure that you won't be shorted compensation for the work you've done." Glancing sidelong at Saisri, she nods slowly. "We were working on paper backups, when everything went down the last time. Unfortunately there wasn't much we salvaged."

As the screen glows to life, C'ale's fingers seem to have a life of their own as he begins to type along the keyboard in a furious storm of ticky-taps. He offers a slight grin on his face as he calls back over his shoulder. "If you could also toss my name here, or there, you know, in case anyone else needs help, I'd really appreciate that." The screens blink in, and out as he goes, setting up, and securing each program, and fail safe. "Also, I'm going to install a tutorial just in case you can't get ahold of me, so you can resolve any issues you might have on your own. That is simple enough." He says, his voice growing a bit softer as he starts to slip away into ADD concentration.

Saisri lets out a soft breath at the news, "That is unfortunate. There are times I think Pern and fate are determined to keep us from ever rising to the levels of our ancestors, even to some degree. Thread, disasters, rebellions, setbacks… but, I am sure our ancestors went through the same problems, just in their own ways." She murmurs as she watches C'ale work, leaning back further in her seat.

Niva glances sidelong at C'ale, nodding as the typing goes on. "Tutorial. Right. Thanks." And then she's nodding at Saisri, "With each new thing we get here, I see us stepping closer, but you're right. Rumor has it the techies lost some new items in the flood waters, and I don't know how they'll be able to recreate it."

"I plan on going to visit AVIAS." C'ale says matter of factly, if only to further prove that he is still paying somewhat attention to the conversation at hand. "Also, anything can be recreated, you just need the resources to do it with. We have the means, and ability, we just have to supply the imagination now, and get creative." He says with a chuckle, obviously brainwashed into his craft, as any good Pern geek would be. "I couldn't sleep the other night, so I wrote a code, and command all along the wall of my weyr. It's genius, at least, in my opinion. I'm going to try and recover a good chunk of data, provided that the programming will, and can allow me to. I realized that nothing is ever lost, just very, very, well hidden."

"The weather hasn't been helping, that's for sure." Saisri remarks. "Second to last time I visited Eastern, there was some nasty stormy brewing, and I hear Western has been having some foul weather too. This will be a delightful winter, I imagine." Remarks the Telgari weyrwoman as she looks towards C'ale. "You wrote a command… on your wall? Huh. Well, I cover mine with my work, I suppose so do you."

"I hope it was on paper, and not on the weyr itself, hm?" Niva offers, curiously glancing at the computer screen as he works, even if its all well, Greek, to her. "Has the weather been bad there, too? Our last bulletin was warning of a storm at sea, to the north - I'll hope our weather holds until our repairs are finished." It would be something awful, facing a snowy winter with work incomplete.

"Most of it is on paper." C'ale says with a chuckle in his throat. "Though I ran out of it, and then had to start using coal on the walls. Its washable, and good enough until I pick up some more." He says with a disappointed breath, then restarts the computer. Ding. Ping. "There, one down." He says with a smirk.

"I should return to training, go for my senior journeyman's position in weaving, it is just so much time and I have so little, in truth." Saisri remarks. "Once I am settled again, I may look into it. For now, I still have a dragon and duties to attend to."

Niva smiles widely as the computer actually restarts correctly, the weyrwoman clapping her hands softly. "Thank you! I was beginning to doubt if any of them would ever work, or if we'd be doing everything like Ista again." The trio of riders are settled around one corner of the caverns, where long tables have been set up, with a variety of computer parts here and there, and for now, 1 working terminal.

"Like I said, you gotta gut one, to save the other. Long as one computer has the parts the other needs, you can just scrap, and rebuild." C'ale says as he moves to the next terminal, taking along the rest of the pieces left over from the other machine. Flopping down into the next chair, he begins again, looking to rebuild the next riddle. "Oh, and, you're welcome. For me, this is fun. I haven't had a chance to sit down in a row of computers since my last test for journeyman." He says wryly.
"I remember when you were still a new apprentice, and even just before, C'ale," Saisri remarks with a wide smile to the greenrider. "Tearing around Telgar like a madman, seeing if anyone would let you tinker with their machines or if you could salvage the spare parts. Like a kid hunting for candy as a Gather."

"As long as some of them work in the end, I'm not picky. I have a feeling that some of our help is getting tired of having to write everything by hand." Niva winks, and glances over at Saisri, tilting her head. "Is that so? We've a few around here, like that, that we're waiting to sponsor into the craft when they're old enough." And nodding back at C'ale, she nods. "We're always looking for extra help with them - no matter how many people there are, its just never enough, it seems."

"Well, we have years, upon years, of catching up to do. The more time people learn about computers, than.. I dunno.. basketweaving." C'ale says coyly as he slides a look over towards Saisri, "Then the more knowledge we'd be able to get back, and recover." He can't help but puff up a bit in pride as he takes whatever the Telgarwoman says as a compliment. "I take after my father, can't help it."

Saisri snorts out softly. "Well, we can't all dig our hands into every electronic innard. We still need baskets, and clothing, and beasts. Without those crafts, we wouldn't be where we are, though as much of a traditionalist as I am, I understand we need technology now to continue. Regardless, my aunt shipped me off to Weaverhall to get me out of her hair, to give me a job in case I never impressed, and because she said I had the hands for it."

Niva shakes her head. "I'll just stick to fixing you up with you connect something wrong and fry your fingers. Or when you get yourself caught up in something." She nods to each in turn with a wink, before her attention goes briefly back to the terminal, and then back to Saisri. "Isn't it usually healers who 'have the hands for it'?"

Piroleta enters the cavern from the bowl, her simple blouse and skirt swirling around her as she moves away from the entrance. She offers smiles and greetings to everyone she knows as she makes her way toward the kitchens and the food spread out around there. Collecting a mug of juice, 'Leta then stops to look around the cavern, taking note of who is where.

"Well, I couldn't ask for a prettier healer if I do end up burning my fingers off." C'ale says rather lazily as he tries to hide the smirk that tugs at the corner of his lips. He starts to chuckle to himself, eyes rolling upwards for a moment, before digging back into the guts of the computer once more, softly humming to himself. "The hip bones connected to the.. leg bone." He says softly, tapping his foot, then fires up the machine as it purrs to life, like a young kitten. "Two down."

"Harpers, Healers, Weavers." Saisri says to Niva. "All different, of course. Be it for strings, for miracles, or for the detail work of my craft. At least, a good weaver will be concerned with details, from design to materials. It is what makes a masterpiece from average work. Granted, I still have a ways to go before I go that far." C'ale's comment is let slide as she raises a brow at the awakened machine before turning her attention briefly towards Piroleta.

Niva arches her eyebrow at C'ale, shaking her head slightly at him before she nods slowly to Saisri. "I suppose that's true, but the same could be said for anyone, in the end." A nod of her head is given to try and get Piroleta's attention, while she looks back at Saisri. "I can guarantee that your weaving is fair better than mine." A wink, and she claps again as the 2nd machine works.

Piroleta notices the gathering, and recognizing Niva, makes her way in that direction. At first she's hesitant, but then she catches Niva's nod and picks up her pace, approaching. "Good day," she greets, nodding to Niva before smiling to C'ale and Saisri. "I'm Piroleta. I don't believe we've met?" She makes it an inquiry, looking from C'ale to Saisri.

As C'ale reaches the third computer, he looks it over a few moments, then furrows his brows. "Well, everything seems to be in order." He presses the power button once, twice, then lets out a breath. Slowly, he peeks over the table, then snorts to himself quietly. He picks up the small powercord, then plugs it in. Ping. He raises a brow over towards Niva, a sardonic, bemused sort of look. Oh, how he has to bite his tongue! "Three down." To Piroletta, he says. "Hi, C'ale, rider of green Keelath, of Telgar."

Saisri dips her head to Piroleta, offering her a soft smile. "Well met, Piroleta. My name is Saisri, rider of gold Avarinth, junior queen of Telgar. Currently, though, a resident of Ierne."

Niva waves Piroleta into a seat. "Rider C'ale has been kind enough to lend us a hand, with our terminals. It seems that you have your workstation back, which I'm sure your hands will be grateful for." A slight blush touches her cheeks as the computer is plugged in and begins to work, before her attention goes back to Saisri. "Do you think you could meet with Piroleta here to update the weaver records the best you can?"

Piroleta sinks into the indicated seat, eyes widening as she sees the computers active. "I thought these things were about as functional as a sisal flight jacket?" she asks before smiling warmly to C'ale and Saisri. "Pleasure to meet both of you. I'm here from Ierne myself. I work for People As Needed." At the question about records, Leta's gaze settles firmly on Saisri. "Oh, that would be great! One more set of files made logical would be a blessing."

"I built in a fail safe program into the machine you're on. At anytime you get a power failure, it'll shut down and save properly. Give you a bit of hang time before hang up." C'ale babbles a bit as he heads to the fourth computer, shrugging his shoulders a bit, as if he was 'loosening up'. "Nice ta' meetcha to. If you need me to do anything, like, download, or dump info onto your servers, lemmie know."

"Of course I would." Saisri says to Niva, turning her eyes towards Piroleta. "I will gather what I can and I will make sure to meet with you as soon as possible to get the weaving files back up to date. I have a log of most of the most recent developments in the craft. I like to keep informed, even if I'm not actively learning anymore. Is there anything specific you know you need?"

Niva laughs at Piroleta's respond, nodding hurriedly. "I was beginning to believe the same thing." And then she pauses, before glancing at the others, getting to her feet. "I'm apparently needed, if you will excuse me. Rider C'ale, thank you again. I'll let them know to bring you your payment. Saisri, and Piroleta, thank you both for your help, and I will see you both around, I hope." And then she's working her way around the table towards the office hallway, where she is met by a member of the support staff, and they walk off together talking.

Piroleta nods absently to Niva as she departs, calling, "I'll let you know when the Weaver records are restored." More focused on what Saisri asked, she immediately returns her attention to the other woman. "Anything you can get your hands on that refrences to Xanadu would help. I definetly need copies of transaction record for the last decade at the least." To C'ale, she smiles and asks, "You wouldn't have a way to recover data from waterdamaged systems, would you?"

"Sure do, ma'am." C'ale says as he busies himself on the fourth machine, taking out a card, plugging in a new one, shuffling pieces about from his 'bag of legos' he has created from the other two machines he gutted. "Data is always stored on your hard drives, no matter how much you mess 'em up. The trick is to convince the hard drive to throw it back up. Which ones are damaged?" He asks, shuffling himself about to face her easier.

"I will see if I can stop by the hall and get my hands on them. It's generally good practice to report everything to there." Saisri remarks as she rises up from her seat. "I can stop by there on my way home and see what they have. I can stop back tomorrow on what I have found, Piroleta. I should be on my way then, before it gets much later."

Piroleta digs in a pocket of her skirt, pulling out a notepad. "I think there were two computers that were water damaged. I'm not positive which - while I can operate them, I know almost nothing about the internal workings. I'm pretty sure if you look inside it'll be obvious, at least." She returns her attention to Saisri, smiling again. "That would be greatly appreciated. If you can't find me, you can leave a note, or if you manage to get copies, those, with the headwoman. safe flight to you."

A slight grin forms on C'ale's lips as he turns his head in Saisri's direction. "Hey, you wanna snag up some dinner tomorrow night, and catch up?" He asks as she starts to make her leave, offering up a raise of the brow. As he slaps the tower together once more, he turns it on, then listens to it hum once more to life. "Well, first of all, you want to make sure that its dry, of course. You don't want to turn it on and electrocute yourself. If I were you, I'd take each component out individually, clean it very carefully, and make sure there isn't any gunk on the transistors, or chip sets, or connection slots." He drawls out softly. "Also, if you plug the hard drive into a new machine, and it starts to make a loud clicking noise, usually that means you're shard'd, but, I learned if you pack it in ice after wrapping it up tightly, the coldness will make it tight inside. That tends to fix it temporarily long enough to pull data off onto a secondary hard drive, then boot that up as your master drive." He says, tightening a few screws on the case.

"Perhaps, we can see." Saisri says to the greenrider as she dips her head to Piroleta. "I will be in touch. Take care, both of you." The Telgari weyrwoman says before gathering up her riding helmet from the table, holding it under her arm as she goes to meet the waiting gold out in the clearing.

Piroleta stares at C'ale for a few moments after he stops speaking, then blushes and shakes her head, laughing nervously. "Ah, you lost be about the point where you started taling about taking the computers apart. The last time I tried doing anything of the sort, something blew up. A small explosion, but still an explosion," she replies, the blush creeping all the way up to her brows. As Saisri departs Piroleta again wishes her well before actually taking a sip of the juice she'd poured earlier.

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