An Early Arrival

Xanadu Weyr - Laera and Kereth's Weyr
There is a rather anxious looking blue dragon extended as far into the personal weyr as possible and a flutter of the green and Brown firelizards that look to Laera. She looks to be sitting on the ground next to a table that once again shifted position. "Kele…just those silly fake pains, I hope you didn't go fetching Uncle…oh shardit!" She curses along with a few others she no doubt learned at dolphinhall from sailors. She bends over, cradling her stomach, pain evident on her features.

L'ton was fetched by a Xanadu banded brown, and he and Dhonzayth ducked out of their meeting almost immediately to rush to Xanadu. After a moment and a brief touch with Kereth's mind, the pair is settling outside Laera's weyr, and L'ton is rushing inside without knocking. "Laera?" He says nervously, til he sees her settled on the floor and he's moving to her side. "Laera… Ya okay, lil'bit?"

It takes her a few moments to answer and when she looks up Laera actually does look a bit worried, "I don't know…been having those fake ones…I just thought it was them at first, but thems were never as strong as these…" She admits despite her admonishment of her firelizard a few minutes before. Her hand grips at L'ton's with a touch of fear in her eyes, "It ain't due to come for another 6 sevendays Tonny…"

L'ton is sliding down on the floor to sit behind her, wrapping his arm lightly around her as he holds her hand, squeezing it as she squeezes it. "Laera… Ya.. Ya sent fer yer uncle yet?" He says softly, even as he's moving to rest his hand on her stomach, biting his lip. "It.. 6 sevendays ain't.. Ain't good, but it ain't.. it ain't ta ta bad.." He says with a murmur, glancing up at Kereth.

Laera shakes her head , "No…I didn't want to worry him…" Oh she is far too protective of her uncle. She takes several shaky breaths as she leans against L'ton, "It hurts a lot L'ton…I have been trying to rest..but I was just getting…." She starts to explain before another contraction hits her and her hand grips at L'ton's ever so tightly as she cries out. Nope, not just braxton's anymore judging by that response.

"Shards, Laera, if'n ya ain't sending fer him, Ah am.." He murmurs, tightening his hold and offering his support as she's crying out, and he's starting to look rather nervous. "We need yer uncle, lil'bit… we do.." And L'ton's already looking for Hanza, to figure out where the little gold settled herself, to send her after the Master Healer. "Ya.. Ya gotta breath.. Ah.. Ah know it ain't good, but ya gotta breath." At least he's not letting go.

At the words from L'ton Kereth is already backing out of the weyr to accomplish that task, perhaps the quickest way to get the Master here either way. As the constraction passes Laera leans against L'ton and nods, breathing quite heavy already. "Yeah…maybe he can stop it…" She says with a nod of her head before she rests on L'ton's shoulder once more. Her breathing is nearly back to normal when the next contraction hits and her strong fingers tighten around his again. She is gritting her teeth and holding her breath until the reminder of the words come to her head and she tries to breath through it.

"Breath, sweets, breath…" He murmurs softly, tensing as the next contraction comes, and she squeezes his hand, the other one moving to gently brush her hair out of her face as he rubs her shoulders. "Yer uncle'll be here soon enough.. just relax.." He murmurs softly, slowly counting the time between the contractions. "Try and count between each one.. It.. It'll keep yer mind off it…" Or so he hopes.

Once the next contraction passes Laera looks around and starts to try to stand up, just to fall back against L'ton, "I can't have her sprawled out on the floor Tonny…" She whimpers. Oh the things someone things about right now. Then there is a look of surprise on her face and her face goes red, "Damnit, I think I just wet myself…" She curses and laughs at the same time, ya know that slightly histerical laughter.

L'ton is catching Laera as she falls back down against him, cradling her against him as he slowly gets to his feet, to help her up, keeping her braced against him for the next inevitable contraction. "Where /do/ you want to have her love?" He says softly, before he's giving her a tight squeeze and a reassuring peck on the top of her head. "It.. It happens, love.." And he's looking towards the door nervously. Where is that uncle?

"In the infirmary…with everything there…" Well that ain't likely to happen at the pace things are going. Her casual nature with regard to this pregnancy has most definately vanished and she is looking around and shaking her head and gives up her search as another contraction hits even closer to the one before. It might have taken a few minutes, but equipment was needed and stuff and Kereth finally returns with Kristhalis who is carrying the medical bag. He at least has the presence of mind to look calm. "Hey sweetheart, the little dear decide to come early?" He asks just as calmly as anything. Laera looks up with relief at her uncle and nods, almost guiltily.

"We brought the infirmary ta us, lil'bit.." L'ton murmurs, holding her close, and squeezing her in return for every time that there's a contraction. "Ya.. Ya could say that, sir.." The Istan rider says, though he's apparently too nervous in the presence of the Healer to actually make eye contact, instead just focusing on the bluerider there. "Ah.. She says she wants to go to the infirmary, sir.. Ah, just dunno where to put her."

"Well you came a might early if I recall Lae and you were not overly harmed by it." There is a smile still on Kristhalis's face. This is what he has devoted his life to, helping women give birth. Just so happens this one is his neice. "I want everything to be perfect…its early Uncle…" She mutters even as he is setting his supplies on the table, "It will be, it will be…let us just have a looksee..Oh the waters broke, well I suppose you will just get to have your baby at home then darling." Laera whimpers a bit and Kristhalis looks up to L'ton, "Mind carrying her over to the bed, probably be easier all around." During this Laera has another contraction at which point she grabs the hands of both uncle and baby father.

L'ton, the baby daddy, is squeezing Laera's hands, before he's nodding and awkwardly carrying the bluerider to her bed, even as he's watching Kristhalis with interest. "Ah.. Is.. What can Ah do, sir?" He says, even as he's settling Laera down, settling down on the edge with her, holding onto her hands tightly still. "It.. Its gonna be okay, Laera.." He murmurs softly.

"Sit behind her and hold her up Weyrsecond…just support her." Kristhalis says formally but with a relaxed smile and a pat on the man's shoulder. Laera just allows herself to be moved, focusing more on just breathing and remaining calm for the moment, "Is it gonna be ok Uncle?" She asks again biting her lip as she leans up against the Bronzerider. No this is not how she pictured this would go…most notably at least a month earlier than she pictured. Kris pats Laera's knee and nods, "It is going to be alright, the last check showed good growth and a healthy heartbeat, that was only a few days ago. Now lets see how far along we are." He says as he pulls a chair to the end of the bed to sit and gently spread Laera's legs to do a vaginal exam. Right now just patient, not niece.

L'ton is sliding onto the bed behind Laera, wrapping his arms around her to reach for her hands, folding his fingers through hers as he leans to give her cheek a kiss. "See, Ah told ya it'd be alright, sweets… Ah'm right here, and yer uncles right there, and Ah dun think ya could ask fer anyone better, really." He murmurs, running his thumb over her knuckles as he's watching the Healer with a surprising amount of detachment, even as he's offering support and comfort to the teen.

"Well Lae I think you might just get an short labor from the looks of things." Kris says as he looks up from the inspection and pats her knee once more, "You are fully dilated, so we are gonna push from here on out, alright?" Laera shakes her head at that , "No it is not alright…I want some fellis, I want anything but here, I want it to wait…" She says with a whimper as her fingers curl in with L'ton's turning her head to rest against L'ton's chest, "Just make it stop…I read you could make labour stop…" Kris shakes his head, "Not if your water has broke, she is ready." He murmurs trying to give his niece some calm and confidence. Before she can issue anymore complaints she is bending forward with the force of another contraction.

L'ton shakes his head a bit, nuzzling her hair gently as he squeezes her. "Short's good, Lae.. Short's good." He hugs her tightely as she rests her head against his chest, shaking his head. "Can't stop, lil'bit.. But its gonna be alright. Ya.. Ya gotta push though. If'n ya feel it coming, ya gotta push…" He murmurs, squeezing her and trying to keep her back against him as she's bending forward.

"I am never going off herbs again!" Laera declares after a particular painful contraction and slaps at L'ton's arm, "This is all your fault…" Oh the usual threats of a woman in labor. Kris just smiles as he continues his own preperations. He has heard it all before. A fresh towel is laid across his lap as he directs the show from the 'best seat'. Kereth is of course here, his head extended as far as it will go into the weyr to watch the proceedings with whirling anxious eyes. Her firelizards thrumming from the posters of the bed. Just a good ol fashioned hatching here.

Hanza has picked a spot, settling with Laera's own 'lizards, spreading her wings as Laera is swatting at her human, before she's resettling to hum, as she realizes he was done no harm. "Ah'm sorry, Ah'm sorry.." L'ton murmurs, even as he continues to hold on to her. Shaking his head, he chuckles softly, flicking his gaze to Kristhalis, even as he's squeezing Laera again. "Remember ta push.."

The blame is forgotten by time the next contraction is come along and she is pushing with the contraction, trying to remember to breath as she just holds on tightly to L'ton's hands. Once the contraction passes she drops back against L'ton's chest and tilts her head to look up at him, "I am sorry…I should have rested more.." She murmurs, blaming herself for this early labor. Kristhalis shakes his head, "THey come when they want to come dear and well the head is almost out…just you push really hard next time around and you might just be a momma!"

"Its okay, its okay.. Ya didn't do anything wrong.." L'ton says, trying to be comforting, squeezing her hands and resting his chin lightly on her shoulder, to show he's still there. "She's gonna be just fine… Yer gonna be just fine.." He murmurs, even as he's lifting his head a bit, trying to peek at Kristhalis's announcement. "Yer almost there, almost there sweets…"

It does take a few more contractions, some more cursing, begs for forgiveness before the baby finally slides into Kris's waiting hands. For what seems like an eternity there is silence and Kristhalis seems to be working on the baby. Laera tries to lean forward exhausted, eyes wide with fear, "What's wrong…." she whimpers as her hands tighten in L'ton's again. Then finally the sound everyone was waiting for and will be cursing in a sevenday…cries. With a look of relief on his own face Kristhalis finally turns to pass the baby up to Laera who releases L'ton's hands to take the child, "Instincts were right there missy, got yourself a girl." Kris says with a grin as he leans back in his chair for a moment's rest himself.

When its all over, its a wonder that L'ton's fingers still work. But, then, at the silence, he's quickly moving to hug Laera, rubbing her back gently, murmuring that it will be okay. And then, there's the cry that lets them know it really is, and L'ton is kissing Laera's cheek as he's peeking over her shoulder at the new baby, resting his hands on her sides to look the infant over. "Congratulations, mama.." He murmurs, before lifting his gaze to Kristhalis, smiling at him in thanks.

By time the baby is laid in her arms, Laera is crying but quickly those tears turn to tears of joy as she holds the baby to her. "We did it…oh but she is so small…" She murmurs and looks up to Kristhalis who is tending with cleaning things up and finally tying of the cord, "Small but she looks alright, we will get you moved to the infirmary for a few days though just to be cautious alright?" Laera nods and looks down to the tiny baby. At this point Kristhalis smiles up at L'ton and passes him some surgical scissors and nods to the cord, between the ties, "Care to do the honours?"

"Ya did good, though, Laera.. she's so precious.. Ah bet she'll grow up strong like her ma, no matter if'n she's little now.." He murmurs softly, gently petting Laera's shoulder, even as he's watching the infant. As the scissors are offered, he's opening his eyes a bit more, before nodding slowly, and slowly taking the scissors to cut the cord. "What ya gonna name her, sweets?"

Kristhalis looks about as proud as L'ton does as he goes about the business of cleaning her up then moving to help shift her a bit so she is not on the edge of the bed anymore. We can go to the infirmary later, for now everyone is good to enjoy this moment. Laera just has eyes for her infant at the moment, fingers lightly stroking the tiny form. When the question is asked of name she finally looks up at L'ton and grins, her emerald eyes bright, "Thinking Laetona…" She says before her lips quirk at that awful derivation of their names, "Zaala…" She finally says with a finality that that was what she wants to name her.

L'ton settles himself against Laera, wrapping his arm around her gently as he watches the infant, with an occasional look at Kristhalis. At the first name suggestion, L'ton's jaw is dropping, and he's staring at her in shock, before thankfully she's showing she's joking, and he's smiling at the name. "Zaala.." He agrees softly, nodding with a smile. "Ah like it, lil'bit.."

Kristhalis continues through the motions of tidying things up, occasionally glancing over to Laera, baby and baby daddy a contented smile on his features even if his gaze on the infant is more focused. She is early and will need some extra watching, though small she does seem healthy. The baby's screams seem to grow and Laera looks over to her uncle in a panic, "What's wrong." The Masterhealer just smiles, "I reckon she is hungry dear." He suggests and looks over to L'ton, "Care to show her? I hear you might have some experience."

L'ton blushes a bit at Kristhalis's suggestion, looking up to the Healer, before nodding slowly. "Ya heard him, sweets, she's probably just hungry…" He chuckles, before scooting to the side, to let Laera settle herself against the back of the bed, smiling at her. "If'n ya just hold her close, and let her know where it is, she'll should find it.." He says softly, biting his lip, not exactly able to explain how past that. He usually just watches.

Laera looks between the men at their suggestions and nods, lifting up her chemisette to hold her baby to her breast. He takes a bit of maneuvering but finally the infant latches on and Laera giggles, "That feels sorta weird…" Good thing she ain't modest, exposing boobs in front of Uncles. "It will feel more natural with time Lae, don't you worry." Kris says with a light stroke of Laera's head, "I am going to go get the infirmary prepared, if you have any problems just send Orla after me.." He says with a motion to a gold that has joined the group.

"Told ya she was hungry, sweets.." He murmurs with a smile, rubbing Laera's back a bit more, and reaching a hand to gently rub it over the infant's head, smiling at her, before he's nodding absently at Kristhalis, gaze flicking to the new gold with a nod. "Ah.. help her, when we're ready." He says softly, even as he's leaning to give Laera a quick kiss. "Ya did good.." He says against softly.

Kristhalis gives one last look to the group before strolling out of the Weyr to get the infirmary ready. Noone is in dire need despite the early arrival. The baby hungrily suckles away as Laera just remains curled up against L'ton, looking curiously at the infant as well as content.

And the trio will sit for a while, content, the bronzerider just as intrigued by this little one as all the others, watching her, until they'll eventually go to the infirmary. This is much better than a meeting.

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