Random Log: To Talk of Many Things

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing
A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a this and sharp border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places with upturned petals to wave to whoever may be looking.
The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the mountain where, high above, Xanadu's Star Stones and the ever present watchdragon sit on a lonely peak. Directly south is a massive tunnel, fully wide enough for even the largest dragon to fly down. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the Caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the Infirmary is a human sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Tavern. Southwest lies the low ledges currently belonging to Xanadu's queens while north and west a broad path cut by the side of the cliff leads to the Feeding Grounds and due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr.

Avaeth is settled in the bowl, if one looks closely.. They can see a trundlebugs crawling before the gold dragon who is watching intently. Should they move too far, she shifts her position and crawls after them. It's when the gold's stalking begins does Zevida arrive in the clearing with a quirk of her brow. "Wouldn't you prefer something that bleeds, Avaeth? Or, do you just like the fact that you can squish them in one go?" With a roll of her eyes, the woman settles herself onto the ground with her reports but, instead of reading. She's watching her dragon's attempt at stalking.

A dripping wet Thea is walking across the clearning wrapped in naught but a towel, which is pinched up under one armpit to keep it from coming undone. All of her clean and dirty clothes are bunched up in the same armpit and clamped in her one free arm. The other hand holds a screeching Ruin by the head, keeping him at arm's length as the young bronze is in a rage. She stops short when she spots Avaeth… hunting trundlebugs? This ought to be interesting. She watches for a few moments, when Zevida speaks, she jumps.

Avaeth trecks slowly after the trundlebugs before one by one, she squishes them and there's a horrrid smell that follows. Satisfied with her mess, she walks on back to where she was first resting and settles down. She does turn her head towards Thea and soon Zevida is looking that way. "Thea." Or, she at least hopes that's her name. "How are you?" The reports are opened then and given an idle glance.

Neferennu exits from the caverns with wet hair, neatly combed out at least. On her body is a long blue dress, looking more like a night dress than anything else. Her wet work clothes are held in one hand, while the other keeps a tight grip on the gold hatchling. A nod is given to Zevida since her hands are too full to salute at this exact moment. Without even stopping, she heads back towards the candidate barracks. A couple minutes later she reappears, still holding the firelizard but now with a small bottle of oil. "I told you, you need a good oiling today Venom. Don't hiss at me like that." Not that it stops the hatchling from hissing at having her wings pinned. Now that there aren't dirty clothes in her hand, a salute is given to Zevida before she takes a seat off away from the gold dragon and weyrwoman to begin the oiling.

Thea apparently isn't really certain if she ought to address the weyrwoman or just head on by. As she's deciding, Avaeth's game results waft her way on the afternoon breeze and oh, "Augh!!" She does hear Zevida, "Hello Ma'am. I'm fine, how are you?" She steps a few paces further to get out of the kill-zone and the odors coming from it. Remembering her manners, "How are you, Ma'am?" Ruin has stopped screeching and Thea peers at him, "You done?" Apparently he is. He's gazing at Avaeth and her 'work' in admiration. She carefully lets him free.

Zevida nods silently at Rennu, watching the girl go back to the barracks before adressing Thea with a soft chuckle as she catches wiff of the squished bugs. "Good. How was the camp?" The report gets a turn of a page before she looks up as Rennu returns, quirking a brow at the other candidate before turning towards Thea. "Having some problems with him?" A pause before she chuckles, "if you think her mess there was nasty.. Avoid the feeding grounds when she's hungry.."

Neferennu takes a bit of the oil and pours it over the firelizard's hide, careful not to let her go. Only once she begins lightly massaging it in does Venom stop hissing but there is no sign of contentment either. The mention about Avaeth's mess is heard, which gets a soft chuckle, but her eyes don't look up. One wrong move and she'll be scratched from elbow to wrist.

Thea eyes Ruin with careful attention, but the 'lizard just hops on over to inspect the damage. A pleased churring gives evidence to his delight at the carnage. Great. She reluctantly looks away from Ruin, "How was camp? Um… interesting and informative, I quite enjoyed it. We got to eat grubs, Ma'am." And from all the scratches and sunburn on the skin showing above and below the towel, she's into torture, too. "It's just the smell…" Rennu's return is noted with a nod and she answers the weyrwoman's question with a hearty, "Yes Ma'am. Lots of it."

Zevida chuckles softly, "I was glad to hear that it was not so.. Full of danger as the last one." She muses softly, "it's.. interesting, to say the least." The mention of eating grubs earns another chuckle as she looks up to the candidate. "My group ate herbs, easy to find if you've worked in the kitchen and have a healer with you. Avoided things like that." The note of the smell earns a nod, "Avaeth used to squish everything she could as a hatchling. On the beach, she would squish any crawlie that came her way.. But, for your 'lizard. I've found it best to give them treats if they're good. Starting when they're young.." Looking to Rennu she furrows her brows. "Normally they seem to like being oiled, that's strange of yours not to like it, Neferennu."

Neferennu glances up briefly to Zevida and then goes back to making sure every inch of the hatchling has oil before letting her go. Immediately Venom takes to flight and heads off towards the beach. "She's just upset at me because I pulled her out of the hot bath. Had to do it twice in fact, ma'am." There is a little sigh as she rubs the remaining oil on her fingers into her hands before capping the oil bottle. "Unfortunately she is the only one I've met that only wants to be oiled on her terms, even if her hide needs it." A slight shrug and then a larger smile. "Avaeth would squish anything huh? Interested in anything that moves?"

Thea's eyes wander over towards where Rennu's firelizard is being oiled as Zevida's speaking and a sympathetic look is given her friend, before she returns her attention to the weyrwoman. "We ate herbs too, Ma'am, but the grubs were a new experience." She blinks at Aveath. Squishing. Yick. "Ruin's never good, Ma'am." And she's nodding at Rennu's bath comment. "Me, too. He was making the bath a mess." Ruin is over there humming over the squished smelly bug-mud now.

Neferennu sees that Zevida has gotten more into reading her report and motions Thea over. "You might want to go get dressed and come back. I'll make sure Ruin doesn't go running for you. Though you might want to hurry." This is whispered to Thea when she gets closer and then there is a smile. "Could you place this with my things while are you are there please?" The oil bottle is handed over to the fellow candidate.

Ruin has a new occupation and he's going at it with gusto. He's chugging through the mud Avaeth left by squishing trundlebugs, which is quickly drying. Thea grits her teeth at him, but at least she has her other hand free to dress with. She, glances at Zevida and, as Rennu says, she appears busy. "Nice talking to ya, Ma'am." She hasn't been given leave to go, but hasn't been asked to stay, either, so she pads towards the Barracks. At Rennu's comment she just grins, "Nah, I think I'll just run around nekkid." She takes the bottle, "Be right back."

Zevida nods slowly at Rennu, then to Thea. She doesn't seem to care if Thea leaves, with or without her permission. Avaeth's watching Ruin as he plays in the mess she made. A snort of laughter comes from Zevida. "Maybe he likes the way it smells, Avaeth.." She offers softly before turning her gaze to Rennu. "Avaeth likes to hunt… She likes making a mess with her kill." All the stablehands can give statement to cleaning up the bloody mess Avaeth makes after she feeds..

Neferennu looks over towards Ruin and then shakes her head. "Maybe he does like the smell." Then her eyes are back on Zevida and there is a smile. "Well, that is a good thing I suppose. I had heard each dragon likes to hunt a different way. Some like to be super neat, others super messy." There is a shrug and the ankles are crossed the other way. "To each his own. As long as I don't get drenched in blood and meat, it doesn't bother me."

Zevida only snickers softly, "I avoid when she feeds.." She notes, glancing down at her reports and flipping through idly. "Yes, each has their own styles, personalities and the such.." An idle shrug as she settles her reports aside. "Never know how they'll be.. I'm just glad Avaeth finally took a liking to.. Someone."

Thea returns minus the towels and clothed, her hair combed and hanging damply free. As she re-enters the clearing, Ruin launches himself towards her and reclaims his shoulder with glee. Thea just ignores him until he leaves to find something else to rend and mutilate. Heaving a sigh she sits beside Rennu and catches the last bit of the conversation. "A… liking?" Sounds interesting.

Zevida glances at Thea, then Avaeth, not saying a word. Though the gold seems to have puffed up and is ruffling her wings uncomfortably before she rises and settles herself beside Zevida and takes a possessive pose. "Yes, she is actually.. Liking someone other than myself…" A soft cough from the woman as she pats her lifemate.

Neferennu smiles and then shrugs. "Well, I guess it depends on whether or not it is a person or a dragon." A wave to Thea and then a pat on the ground for her to sit next to her.

"I've seen hens back home do the same sort of moves she just did," Thea comments as Avaeth fruffles her wings. Her lips twitch. "Besides you? Let's hope she doesn't squash the someone." She doesn't press to know. "If it's not another dragon."

Zevida chuckles softly as both of the candidates say the same thing, "Avaeth doesn't normally like /people/. Well, she does. She just doesn't like people who could possibly take me away.." Though, she doesn't elaborate any, she pats her lifemate again. "She ruffles her wings when she's irritated. Once she was big enough, she used to take to hiding me under her wing whenever this boy was around.."

Neferennu chuckles as Avaeth moves closer to Zevida and doesn't move from her sitting position. "Well, I doubt there is any person that could take you away from her ma'am. Though it is funny that she tried to hide you." There is a huge grin on her face, but she doesn't outright laugh.

Thea quirks a brow, "Hide you—" she does laugh. "Like a momma hen with her chick. That's cute." She's silent for a moment. "Dragons don't make much sense sometimes, Ma'am," Thea puzzles. "She likes someone, but she's irritated." She tilts her head peering at Avaeth and points out logically, "She mustn't be awfully worried about you being taken away, then."

Zevida laughs, fully this time. "I would be talking with someone and she'd come up and hide me. No one gets to see her eggs, either.." The woman muses, "I guess she's very motherly, then.." A shrug of her shoulders, "I won't be taken away.. I don't understand her much, sometimes. But, it's like trying to understand everyone." A glance between the two candidates with amusement.

Neferennu laughs since Zevida is laughing and relaxes back onto her hands. "That does sound motherly." Then a confused look crosses her face and she shifts on her hands. "If I may ask, ma'am, how do the candidates get to touch her eggs before the hatching then?"

Thea just blinks, turning her head to give Rennu a look that says, 'Is this what they're like when they're proddy?' She doesn't say it, but she clearly looks confused. "You'd pop a brain trying to do that, 'Ma'am." She just goes along for the ride as Rennu takes a different track.

Zevida smiles, shaking her head. "They don't touch them. Avaeth's only had four or five eggs.. Nothing's gone wrong.. But, I imagine if she has a bigger one.. I should make her let them touch.." Shrugging, she shifts to lean against her lifemate. A glance towards Thea and shr shrugs. "That's what mindhealers are for, figuring out what people are like."

Neferennu sniffs softly and then shrugs after thinking a moment. "Well, as long as nothing has gone wrong. I'm sorry, I just loved the feelings I got from Ellamariseth's eggs. Each one unique and sometimes disturbing." Now she is more mumbling to herself and she looks from Thea to Zevida, then gives up trying to figure out that strand of thought. "So if I may ask ma'am, what was it like for you during the hatching?" Now she's just curious, not to mention she's asked various people the same question.

Thea nods, heartily agreeing with Zevida. "She doesn't mind them being taken away when they Impress then, Ma'am? But she doesn't let anyone see or touch them." She shakes her head. "A study in contradictions." She draws her legs up and wraps her arms about them. Rennu's question is interesting, so Thea doesn't add anymore comments, just listens.

Zevida nods, then shrugs her shoulders. "I liked Touching, too." She muses, "maybe she'll let them some day." Chuckling before she quirks a brow at the question. "Well, I am generally sick of being on the Sands by the time they start to hatch, so it's always a relief.. It's not as stressful as when I was a candidate, so long as no one gets hurt.." Towards Thea, she grins. "She's still possessive after they hatch. But once they Impress I think she feels that they're safe. She's went and spend time with them before, once or twice. But not very often.."

Peeking in from the barracks (actually from the foyer of the hatching arena), Aradir pokes his head into the room briefly, noting the crowd around Zevida. He pauses a moment before entering the clearing proper, not wanting to intrude into something he didn't have any business in. Aloysius sends up a trill of greeting, and Aradir actually jumps, not having expected the sudden sound. "Shh!" he hisses quietly to the blue 'lizard, snagging him and putting a finger against his muzzle gently.

Neferennu smiles and then just shakes her head slightly. "I can imagine being sick of the sands since they are quite warm. Interesting in her maternal instincts." Then it dawns on her that one of the cavern women is walking by with a basket full of clothes. "Excuse me ma'am. I believe I have mending to do and I was waiting on the laundry to get done." Then to Thea she whispers "I'll be right back." With that she pushes herself to her feet, brushing her rear off, then walks back towards the barracks. On the way, she intercepts the woman and takes the basket from her, talking about mending on the way back. A wave is given to Aradir and something said to him before she is entering the barracks.

Thea props her chin on her knees, listening and perplexed, by the expression on her face. "So…if she feels like her eggs are safe once they Impress, why can't she feel like you're safe if someone…" she's trying to work all this out, "…she may or may not like likes you?" Maybe Thea's totally out in left feild here, "Or is it she's worried you'll be kidnapped?" Rennu jumps up then and Aloysius trills. "Hi and bye Rennu. Whatever are you hissing about Aradir?"

Zevida chuckles and waves at Rennu as she takes off, before she looks to Thea. "I think she's scared I'll get hurt if I get close to a guy.." Though trails off at that, her cheeks flushing a bit before she spots Aradir and waves at him as well. "Feel free to come over, Aradir. We're just talking." Surprisingly?

"…Too loud, sometimes," Aradir notes to Thea, of the firelizard. Though the statement is made good-naturedly, and he reaches to the 'lizard on his shoulder to give a scritchie under the neck. Much to the delight of said 'lizard. He smiles as Zevida invites him over, and walks to where everyone's sitting, and takes a seat near the group. "What…is the topic of conversation?" he inquires.

"You mean you haven't yet, Ma'am?" There's genuine surprise on her face. "Pardon my asking, but I thought with dragons and the whole Flight bit…" She waves a hand in the air "…that would sort of… happen." She smiles at Aradir and the blue 'lizard. The sane and well-behaved 'lizard. "Just stuff." She reaches a finger to scritch Aloysius, if he permits, asking it, "Now why can't Ruin follow your example?"

Neferennu returns with a couple sets of shirts and pants, for toddlers judging by their size, and a box of something in the other hand. A nod is given to Zevida as she approaches again, sitting back down by Thea. The box is opened to reveal a small amount of thread in different colors and two needles. For now she'll just listen to where the conversation has gone while she tries to thread the needle with some cream colored thread to begin working on the top shirt.

Zevida smiles at Aradir, "anything that happens to pop up, I suppose." Then, towards Thea her face goes /red/. Redder than red as the woman starts off with a stutter. "N-No not like that, Thea! I mean.. A meaningful.. Relationship.. between weyrmates.." Now the woman is just feeling awkward, shifting and glancing away from the candidates.

Aradir chuckles as Aloysius gives what's tantamount to a purr as Thea scritchies him. The auburn-haired boy looks to Thea and then to Zevida. At the conversation. "Ah…someone explained that…to me," Aradir notes. "The mechanics…between dragons, their riders…and the relationships. And how dragon flights…can affect the riders." He's completely deadpan as he talks, and blinks when Zevida begins to blush and glance away. He raises an eyebrow. "…What's the matter, ma'am?" he inquires of her.

Thea blinks. "Oh. Oh, no. I didn't mean that." Yes, she's heard by now about flights. Rennu plops down beside her at that moment and Thea peeks at her out of the corner of one eye in a 'help me' sort of way. "I meant, sometimes…at least I hope sometimes," She flounders, "A flight might result in a lasting relationship." She's wracking her brain, "Like Ysa and R'miel." Now there's a healthy example for you.

Neferennu chuckles at Aradir's just plain and simple explanation without any emotion, looking over to him. "I believe you asked that of me and Saige, Aradir." A small wink at him before looking towards Thea. "It doesn't always happen that way Thea. Most of the time, the resulting sex out of a flight is just there. In some cases, I've heard of riders who absolutely hated each other ending up in bed together just because of a flight. And that is why Ysa hates now. I got overwhelmed at Kilaueth's last flight and kind of lost all knowledge of what was going on. The next thing I know, I'm having my own oil bottles I sold to Ysa thrown at me." With this her tone goes sour and she returns her eyes back towards her mending, accidentally poking herself in her hurry to get the needle through the fabric. "Anyways… K'vin, the dragonhealer you met earlier? I believe his weyrmate is a greenrider and I doubt his bronze catches her in flight every time." There is a shrug, but her eyes are kept only on the mending, her hair hiding any expression from Thea and Aradir, though Zevida might see that her lips are turned down into a frown.

Zevida simply seems to go more red, shaking her head and trying to maintain some calm. She lets out a soft cough, "nothing Aradir.." Then towards Thea she quirks a brow, "well.. R'miel's bronze caught Avaeth the first time.. And L'ton the second time.. Not really ideal to form anything with them." There's a nod of agreement towards Rennu, seeing as she hates one of the catchers in her flight. "Gold flights are overwhelming to everyone in the Weyr.. Luckily, Avaeth isn't going to be going proddy any time soon.."

Aradir doesn't quite buy the 'nothing' routine, but whatever it is, he reasons it's uncomfortable for her to talk abuot, so he's not going to ask her to. He doesn't say anything about it, not wanting to further aggravate Zevida. He looks to Rennu as she notes that it was her and Saige he'd asked, and nods. "Ah…so it was." A pause as Rennu notes the differing catches of the green. "Hmm…seems like…it would be hard on a…steady relationship," he notes. "So…maybe for the better?" he suggests.

Thea blinks as Rennu goes into lecture mode. "I know, -that-" she smiles at her friend, "I heard the talk about." But then Rennu goes into details of her experience and Thea's mouth drops. "Well, that explains quite a lot. But…" Now she's really confused and her brow wrinkles, "If it's the dragon's nature and Riders know its the way it is, why be angry at others who can't help it when nature takes it's course?" Zevida's red face has her concerned, "Oh. Ma'am, I didn't mean with a rider who's taken, I mean if per chance one wasn't it just might…help…break the ice so-to-speak?"

Neferennu shrugs and looks over to Thea, having regained herself and her tone is back to normal. Plus, there is a slight smile back on her face. "I have no clue. Ask Ysa why she is mad at me. R'miel apologized just before asking me to stand. I ended up breaking up a relationship over it though. I couldn't have him coming and getting in a fight with either of them, so I told him never to come back just to see me again." This one hurts actually more and she turns away again, only after flashing a brief smile at Aradir. "Oh..", she adds, " if I were you, I would /not/ ask Ysa anything about it. With her being drunk lately, I just wouldn't tempt her this close to the hatching." Back to the mending, where she promptly pokes herself then looks up to Zevida. "I do hope you find someone ma'am. As long as they aren't jealous when Avaeth goes proddy." Eyes are quickly diverted back to her mending. This might take a couple minutes for her to get back to her normal self. Flight speak has always been an touchy issue with her lately.

Zevida shrugs at Aradir, "some people can work it out… But, most of the time.. Bronzes catch golds. Works out for some, not for others.." Glancing to Thea, she flushes a bit more. "'ve kicked both men outta my weyr not so gently, plenty to be angry about if you don't like them.. But, as for weyrmates.. May have to be understanding, or not?" Shaking her head, "don't see many relationships working that way.. But, all depends on who it is.." She trails off, considering and her cheeks go redder. "I hope that he is understanding…"

Thea ohs at Zevida's explanation. "Browns never do? That would limit the choices then, I can see. But…phsh! Being upset? It isn't rational." Oh wait. Did she just say that?! "I mean, -they- couldn't help it either, right?" She shrugs, "I can understand not being happy if someone you can't stand catches, but why sweat it? Just tells 'em 'Good luck next time, see ya.'" Then she deflates a bit. "Ohhh, if he's not a Rider…" She thinks. "If Saige Impresses, she's gonna have a bit of a problem - tho I don't know what she sees in the man - then 'cause Satoris—-"

Aradir's not blind to this, and he scoots over a little closer to Neferennu when he notes something about her demeanor seems to be…off. He frowns a little. "…You all right?" He looks to Zevida as she notes how it usually works out with bronzes and golds. "Hmm…wonder why that is…?" he muses aloud softly.

Neferennu gives a smile to Aradir, though it is not its usual bright one. "I'm fine dear. The reason why bronzes normally catch golds is all due to size. See Avaeth over there? She's larger than any other color dragon in the weyr, save another gold. The only male that would come close to her in size, and therefore in stamina, is a bronze. It isn't speed that matters, but endurance. The longer they can stay in the sky, the better their chance of catching." Eyes return to her mending for a moment and then one arm moves over to hug Ara if he would allow it. "Thank you for caring, but it is just a sore spot. I'll be fine in a little bit." Now she just concentrates on her mending, finishing up the torn hem on the shirt quickly.

Zevida nods at Thea, "I think it's because of the size.. Bronzes have almost as much stamina as golds do. I wouldn't be able to tell you for sure.." She muses as Rennu speaks. Her brow quirks slightly, and the slightest of irritated looks does cross her face as Thea mentions Satoris and Saige. "Saige shouldn't worry about Satoris." She states, giving Avaeth another pat. Though, she's less threatening with that blush on her cheeks.

No clipboard. What's this?! Perhaps something happened to the poor thing. Satoris is fumbling with a number of papers, trying to balance them in the palm of his hand while writing awkwardly with the other. He's paying little attention to where he walks and is about to plunge right through the midst of the group.

Aradir listens to Neferennu's explanation of the size and endurance differences. Golds betweening each other in flight, males falling out of the air… "The whole lot…sounds like dangerous business…to me. Then again…no flights, no baby dragons. Besides…instinct…is an undefeatable thing…." He pauses as Satoris comes into the room, and blinks when he sees the man's about to walk right through them. He stands. "Satoris?" he ventures, trying to catch his attention so he won't trip over someone.

"Oh, Saige isn't wor—" and then Thea catches that irritated look on Zevida's face. Her eyes register an understanding, which she doesn't voice. "I see." There's a wealth of sympathy in her tone. "Evening Satoris, Sir." She also stands, "I've got to get to my afternoon chores." She gives the weyrwoman a bow. "Thanks for explaining things to us, Ma'am. Rennu, Aradir, I'll see you later." Her eyes do the 'we ought to head thata way' thing to the pair of them, but whether they catch her drift, is up to them. And she heads towards the stables to finish her task.

Neferennu blinks and looks up as Zevida says something about Satoris and then Thea stops in mid-word. Only then does she catch that irritated look on Zevida's face and smiles, understanding what she was meaning. As she goes to speak to Thea, the fellow candidate is off towards the stables. "Well, in all honesty, /I/ feel that Saige does it just to annoy him. That is only my opinion though." At this she hears Aradir greet Satoris and then winces, realizing he probably overheard her. Yet she can't move at the moment as the needle and thread is still in her hand, instead she shifts to be able to see him and looks up at him. "Evening..sir." Much emphasis on sir and then there is a brief smile before she turns around and goes back to finishing the ending knot on her mending, clipping the thread with a pair of small shears. "There, one down, eighteen more to go…" Sigh. At this stop though, she does look up to Zevida. "If you are ever interested in why only bronzes catch golds, or rarely a brown catches, I can lend you my notes from the lecture I got months ago on the subject."

Zevida blinks at Thea, giving a slow nod before she glances at Rennu. "Well, Saige can find another way to annoy him.." She notes softly, before she spots Satoris and Aradir calls out to him. "Satoris." She calls in response, smiling at the miner curiously as he seems to be distracted with his work once more.

If Aradir hadn't called to him, Satoris' concentration may not have been broken and he wouldn't have overheard Rennu. It's a cascade of events. The man slows to a stop to regard Aradir with raised eyebrows, but catches onto what Rennu — and then Zevida — are saying and he comes to a pause in the midst of the group, regarding them all with a questioning look. Lowering papers clutched in hand to his side, he approaches Zevida slowly. "Did I miss something?"

Aradir is a little slow on the uptake. Thus he does not seem to catch Thea's drift. But that could just be what he's trying to make it seem like. He gives a smile and a wave as she heads back towards the stables. Then his attention turns back to Neferennu as she offers notes to Zevida. He doesn't say anything, but his expression is interested, to say the least. Satoris speaks, and Aradir sits back down now that the miner isn't in danger of tripping over anyone. "Hello there," he offers with a smile. He doesn't comment on any of the statements; he didn't make them, and really he wouldn't know what they're talking about anyway….

Neferennu coughs and then tugs lightly at Aradir's sleeve before putting away her needle and thread in their case. The clothes are gathered up and then she stands, smoothing out the skirt of the dress as best she can. "I will let the weyrwoman explain it to you Satoris, if it is her perogative. I'm going to go back to the barracks to work on these clothes. Good day." A slight bow to both of them and then a look at Aradir that the two might want to be alone, before there is a look around her to make sure she doesn't forget anything. She leans down and gives Aradir a kiss on the cheek and a smile, before she turns without an explanation and walks back to the barracks.

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