Arrival at Survival Camp

In hour 3 on the 9th day of the 7th month, a loud clanging, rattling, ringing noise shattered the sleeping stillness of the Candidate Barracks. Riders were dispatched to shake, strip blankets, or toss water on the stubbornest of candidates. When all of the candidates had been roused and bundled out into the cool night air, they were strapped down and sent between.

Survival Camp - Campfire Square
During the day this area is a small clearing that sits just big enough to land four dragons in it, though by night it becomes an inferno where a fire is built up that licks its stray bits of lights to the ground just before the barracks nearby. The two barracks sit across from each other in strong contrast, the leader barracks being a comfortable modern barracks that looks clean and kept in good eminence while the follower barracks has a sharp destitute about it, looking that the ivy and decay is a day away from making the whole thing collapse.

D'ven and Bronith are just coming in for a landing with the latest bunch of Candidates, the brownie helping the lot down before dusting off his riding jacket. "Okay everyone, gather round! We're gonna go over a few things." He says happily, flashing the group his award winning smile. He motions everyone towards the campfire so that they can get all nice and cozy like.

Thea steps into the light of the campfire, her small pack slung over one shoulder. Her eyes sweep the area and surprise shows briefly on her face as she spies the two barracks just visible at the boundary of firelight. "Not… sleeping outside?" She sounds disappointed. She moves over to where some of the others have seated themselves and joins them, sitting cross-legged on the ground.

Neferennu slides down Bronith's neck, blinking at the campfire and looking like she would rather just lay down next to it and go back to sleep. Despite this though, she pulls her pack over one shoulder and moves towards the others. An area is found just to the right and behind Thea, where her ankles cross and she plops down cross-legged onto the ground. "Guess not.." is muttered to the girl and then there is a yawn, but otherwise she is quiet.

D'ven grins over at Thea before shaking his head. "Oh no, you guys get to sleep outside alright! First thing we're gonna do is pitch up some tents." Yay! Bronith drops his klah bulk down to the ground, hunkering so that a group of Candidates can start taking down the tent gear he's got strapped to his side. "While they're fiddling with that you guys get to sweep up this area." How they're actually going to go about sweeping is not mentioned since there aren't any brooms. "So let's get to it, everyone! No dilly dallying, everyone up and working!"

L'alie is already at the campfire. This side of the continet, the sun is starting to rise so a tripod and a kettle have been set up for klah, and the makings of a cold breakfast are available at a table. She pokes at the fire and stands up to greet the candidates as they come out into the campfire square. "Ah, good, you're here, D'ven." She lifts her eyebrows at his tenting and sighs. "Oh, and I just had that part of the roof that Z'kiel crushed reinforced."

Thea rises, twisting her hair into a runnertail and bundling it up to get it out of the way. She heads towards the dilapidated-looking barracks first, then the more sturdy one. She peeks inside. Perhaps there's a broom or rake in there?

Neferennu gets back up, setting her pack down away from the fire, then heads back towards Bronith to help pull the tent supplies down from their holdings. A look is given towards one of the candidates who looks to be scared out in the wilderness, then she shakes her head and continues taking things down and setting them aside in piles based on what they are. Poles go here, tent material goes here…

D'ven chuckles a bit at L'alie before heading over to get himself some klah. "Well I heard these youngsters were supposed to really rough it out here." He takes a moment to inhale some of that clean air before looking over to Thea. "You won't find anything to do it with here! You're gonna have to make your own!" Oh, he's so excited about it too. Not in a mean way, just that well, he's an excitable guy. Bronith gives an encouraging croon, eyes whirling at Rennu as she starts taking the tent supply down.

Y'ki is totally lurking about. He /is/. Though for the time being he's staying with Ecoatleth, the blue still giving the area a wary eyeing. No, he doesn't like the place too much, but what can he do? Shaking his head just a little bit, Y'ki crosses his arms over his chest, frowning just a little toward the campfire.

Thea pauses in mid-step as she's about to peek inside of the second dorm, "Oh, Thanks for telling me." She blinks for a second pondering, then heads towards the edge of the clearing, looking for something. Ah, a slim branch, bit crooked, but it will suffice. She hacks at it for a few minutes before she can weaken the point where it forks from the tree, then hangs on and works it back and forth. Finally it comes free and she carries it back to the campfire. She uses the poufy end with the twigs abd leaves as her broom.

Neferennu finishes taking down the tent supplies from the brown, giving the dragon a pat on the neck as a thank you, then moves off to make sure the things are organized. Although she has slept outside with her foster family before, they never set up tents. Just a bunch of blankets to lay on and have some covering. So long ago now though. Once the tent supplies are organized into piles of poles and cloths, she stands there looking down at them with her hands on her hips. Finally, she calls out towards D'ven. "Sir, where are we supposed to set up these tents? I am assuming they are one per person?" There seems to be enough there to make one tent per candidate at least.

D'ven sends Y'ki a friendly little wave before taking another sip of his klah. "Wow, that sure hit the spot. Oh, make sure to pick up all the rocks and junk too!" He says to Thea, finishing the brew before heading over to help. He's more than happy to aid the Candidates, knowing full well how hard the camp can be. When Rennu asks her question he blinks a bit, tilting his head at all the gear before nodding. "Well, make sure they've got enough space so no one is rolling into each other. Some people can be funny sleepers. Oh, and try to keep them a bit away from that fire. Wouldn't want anyone roasting in their sleep." Bronoth warbles his thanks for the pat, watching curiously as everyone goes about their business.

Aradir has remained in the background since the candidates were brought here, too groggy to really make himself be noticed with all the others. However, as he wakes up a little more, he begins to make himself useful, helping to clean things up, unload things, set up tents - whatever there is to be done. He's more alert now, so he's going about his work with a little more gusto now.

Thea sweeps around the campfire moving the dirt to reveal… more dirt? "Hmm, this futile. I'm moving dirt around." But she was told to sweep, so sweep she does. She's beginning to look a bit sleepy working in the warmth of the fire.

Neferennu looks around the area with a quick glance then hrmphs and makes her way over towards the klah. "May I have some klah please?" Though it is quick and runs together, then ended with a yawn. The tent supplies have been left in their piles where one of the other boys is looking over them, making motions with his hands on how they might be set up. A look towards Thea and her sweeping gets a slight smile, as does Aradir, but none of her other friends are in sight. Cough, cough, as something flies into her mouth. "Ack..oy.." Finally it either goes down or comes up, as she runs towards the edge of the clearing to spit something out.

D'ven eyes a particularly pointy rock he uncovers before tossing it aside, moving over to giving Bronoth a good scratch when the dragon requires it. "Too early for you?" He asks Aradir with a chuckle, patting his lifemates hide before turning around to watch as the Candidates scurry about. "If anyone needs help let me know! I know a thing or two about pitching tents." He catches Thea's comment and moves over. "Oh, sorry, I meant sweep up the leaves and twigs and stuff. Not the dirt." To Rennu he nods, looking all shift eyed. "Just don't tell them I said it was okay." There's a wink though before he starts picking up some more twigs and what nots.

Aradir blinks, noting Neferennu's quick departure. "…'Rennu?" he inquires, looking up at her and pausing in his work as she runs off. He wants to go check on her, but he's working, and he doesn't want to just drop what he's doing; it would look bad. However, he frowns darkly and, thugh he does return to his work, he periodically looks up from what he's doing. D'ven's comment registers, and he looks to the one who spoke. He gives a bit of a nod. "Yes, sir," he answers. "Waking up now. But still a bit groggy."

Thea grins at Rennu as she runs past where she is sweeping to spit out the bug and she grins, "Might want to swallow it, might need the protein, depending on what they're planning on feeding us." She nods at D'ven and concentrates on the twigs and stuff. They get swept into the fire as best a branch-broom can move them. She still has to pick up a few stubborn twigs that refuse to be taken alive.

Neferennu gags and then is okay, shaking her head and coming back into the light with a large frown. Thea's comment is finally answered. "Not when it flies into the back of my throat. I thought I was going to be sick.." A shiver at the feeling of having fluttering wings in her throat and she heads back over to the klah, giving a thumbs up to Aradir to show she's okay. Once a half a mug is poured, it is carefully downed and then she begins walking around the area, eyes looking for where to place the tents. Finally, after making one complete round, she has ended up back towards D'ven. "Thank you for the klah. If you don't mind, I'm going to go into a forest just a bit to see if there is another clearing. Don't want tents to get squished under dragons if they have to land quickly because the eggs start to rock." A small wink and then another sip of her klah.

"Well there's gonna be plenty of time to get nice and awake! We've got a whole day of fun ahead of us." D'ven says happily to Aradir, the brownrider moving back to the klah pot. He eyes Neferennu for a bit as she spews out the bug, ew. "Alright there?" When Thea mentions the protien he shakes his head. "Oh, it's not /that/ bad. We got food last time at least." Maybe. It was /so/ many turns ago after all. He nods his head to Rennu. "No problem. Just don't wander too far, it's easy to get lost and there are felines prowling about." He blinks a bit at the wink before turning back to the klah. "I'll be over here if you guys need some help!"

Aradir smiles as he notes that Neferennu is all right. He listens, and once she notes that she's going to go look around, he volunteers, "'Rennu? Want me to go with you?" Wouldn't do to have a candidate get lost in the woods. Particularly not one of his friends. True, they might BOTH get lost, but at least 'Rennu wouldn't be alone out there. He chuckles to D'ven's statement about the 'day of fun'. "I'm sure," he notes, a bit of wry humor in his voice, and then he chuckles once again. Though the noting of the felines makes him frown a bit, and he walks over to Neferennu. He doesn't want her to go out in the woods alone, either!

Thea finishes her sweeping and is about to toss her branch-broom into the fire. "Hmm, might come in handy another time." She moves towards the tent area and leans it against a tree. Finding Rennu and Aradir she asks, "You guys going out into the woods right now? Or will they let us get some rest first?" She yawns, "Was a short night last night."

Speaking of dragons having to land quickly… a familiar bronze swoops in from overhead. At least Arinith is careful not to squish anyone or anything. R'miel slides off the bronze, who then pops between almost immediately afterwards. "Shards, Arin… don't even say goodbye before abandoning me out here." The bronzer looks a bit strange, he's in his usual getup, but his hair is wet and matted to his head instead of sticking up in its usual fashion. The bronzer doesn't seem to be taking any chances though. He's got his own backpack packed, and has a sword strapped to his back. He heads over to the group with a wave.

Neferennu gives a smile to Aradir and a nod. "I wouldn't mind if you came." The smile is then turns towards Thea she gets done with cleaning her part of the clearing. "I would say we would have to go now." A motion towards the east where the sun is already beginning to rise. "I can only assume we are somewhere close towards the east coast. A yawn is almost stifled but eventually it does come out. "So, I don't think we are going to get a break. Though maybe if we get tents up and the area cleaned, they'll allow us to take a nap?" There is a shrug to indicate she doesn't actually know. As she heads over to grab her pack with a canteen at the top. The pack is slung over one shoulder once the canteen is taken out. At this point Arinith arrives just long enough to bring R'miel to the area, and her eyes watch as the bronze is back in the air and between as soon as possible. "He couldn't wait to get back to the eggs, could he?" A soft chuckle and then she absently adds a sir to cover her bases before she returns to the two, shaking the canteen. "I'd like to find a stream for some water. Did either of you bring a knife? Just in case…"

"Need to find a place…to set up tents," Aradir replies to Thea's question. "Doesn't seem…to be anywhere to…put one up here." He looks up, then, as another joins them, and he offers a respectful bow. True they're not on the sands, but he's still a clutch parent. Brownie points, after all. Got to accrue brownie points. Neferrenu's inquiry registers, and Aradir leans down, working with his boot, and finally extracts what amounts to…well, a bootknife. "Will this do?" he inquires.

Thea yawns again and snags a mug of klah before heading over to Rennu and Aradir in time to hear the question. "I have my belt knife and they had said we could bring one other thing." She fishes in her pack, producing a small rectangle of magnesium. She notes the arrival of Arinith and R'miel and gives the bronzer a wave and a humorous grin. "Do we get berry tarts for breakfast?"

R'miel chuckles to Rennu. "Apparently he is. Sheesh. Though I guess I got at least a little bit of the morning with him so I shouldn't complain. He worries more about the eggs than Ella does, I swear." The bronzer drops the pack to the ground. "Anyways. I come out to relieve you of foraging this morning. And to bring you a few items, of course." The bronzer starts emptying his pack, annoucing the items as if they couldn't just watch him. "One axe. Two cooking pots and two cooking pans. One rattle. Two extra blankets. Wait, how did this get in there?" He picks up the rattle and peers at it. "Sharding boys. Oh. And some bandages and things. But I was told I could come out and fix you breakfast here the first day. But don't let me stop you from getting your tents fixed." The bronzer tends to the fire a bit and gets prepped to cook.

Neferennu smiles as both Aradir and Thea produces knives. "Well, at least you two came prepared. I only brought a canteen and my notebook." No comment as to why the notebook, but if it is her dragonhealer notes, at least information about herbs and their uses for riders could come in handy. A laugh is sent towards R'miel at the comment of the bronze worrying more about the eggs and then a softer chuckle at the rattle. "Well, thank you for coming and cooking breakfast. We'll be back in a little bit…hopefully." With that she motions the other two candidates towards an opening in the trees to start exploring for a good place to set up the tents.

Survival Camp - Tent Circle
Set among the trees, a small clearing has been devoted solely to the setup of tents. The trees grow thickly, providing some amount of protection from wandering beasties, but the ground is woefully uneven, as if even the earth conspired to make this place unpleasant.

"Would be nice," Aradir notes in response to the berry tart question. "Doubt it, though." He grins. R'miel's statement comes next, and Aradir snickers at the remark about the bronze. "Well…they are…his too. Right?" he inquires. People are like that too sometimes, after all. The smile widens when R'miel tells them he's there to help them. "Ah! Thank you," he notes. "Would be nice. Since we'll…probably make a catastrophe. Tomorrow morning." He chuckles. Then he notes Neferennu waving him over, and puts the knife away in his boot for the time being. Once he straightens, he waves to R'miel. "Back in a bit!" Then he follows 'Rennu.

Thea follows the others looking at the tent site. "I thought we weren't getting tents. Odd that they did." As she looks about she eyes the ground. "No way to sleep on all this lumpy uneven ground. Trees'll shelter, though. Hmmm." She takes some of her tent material and ties it from one tree to another, making a hammock. "Now if it doesn't rain, I can at least sleep level." She decides to try it out, "Ahhhh. Nice." She smiles, her lids droop. "Was such a short night…" And she actually dozes off.

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