A Plan is Hatched

Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks

A long, low ceiling room opens off the entrance hall to the arena, one wall slightly curved as it is set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set evenly the length of the room, in two rows, each with its own small press at the foot, for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours.

Thea has changed from her robe and had time for a quick wash, by the look of her damp hair, which she is combing. Tugging the teeth through the long tangles while sitting upon the top of her press. Nowhere else to sit, other than the floor. There's a grumpy Ruin hanging onto the side of the press, awaiting his shoulder back. Whenever Thea's done. Growl.

Aloysius, Aradir's blue firelizard, pops in from between, and flies over to a makeshift 'nest' that Aradir has made for him out of some unused oil cloths. He snuggles into it, only then trilling a greeting to Thea. He watches her intently, tilting his head slightly as if interested in how her hair shines as she brushes it. Looks like Aradir's had time to wash up too, as when he enters, his hair's damp as well. It's also not in its usual messy ponytail; he has his hair down for once. And he's without his shirt and boots, too. "Ah! Hello, Thea," he offers, walking over to plop down onto the floor near her. How are you?

Thea peers back at Aradir, between the strands of hair she's working on, most likely one eye is all he will see; it's all she can see with. She grunts, so lady-like. "Been better. Floor's hard, but hey— we weren't rained on." There's always an upside, right? Abruptly she stops working on her hair, one hand moves it out of the way so she can him better. "Aradir! You're…talking is…improving." Surprised, but smiling.

Aradir smiles as she notes the floor is hard. "True," he agrees. "But if you…curl up on your side or stomach. It's not as bad." His smile expands to a full-on grin as Thea notes his improving speech. "I've been…working with it," he observes. Notably, he speaks slower than normal, but lately that's been improving too, so it's not too, TOO odd. Though it is still noticeable.

"It's working." Thea smiles back at Aradir kindly as she goes back to working on her hair. About the floor she remarks, "Tried that. Woke up with my face smooshed funny and my cheek in a puddle of drool." She pauses, "Good thing I was so tired from double-triple—whatever duty I could sleep on the Sands, if I had to."

Ruin is tired of waiting for his shoulder back. With an irritated screech, he hops from the press edge and grabs a thick lock of Thea's hair, swinging there, back and forth. Hey this is fun!

Aradir chuckles a little as Thea notes the smushed face and drool cheek. "Hmm…." He thinks. "On your back, maybe?" he suggests. "Just…put an arm…behind your head like this?" He raises an arm and puts it behind his head, as if pillowing his head, but he's not laying down. He looks to the firelizard and chuckles. "Hey…" he notes, poking lightly at the 'lizard. "That's…attached to a head. How you'd like it…if I swung from your tail?" But he's grinning.

Ruin snaps at Aradir's finger, misses - no human snack this bite - and continues swinging with chittering glee.

Thea watches Aradir demonstrate as she removes Ruin from her hair by shaking him loose; she knows better than to grab the rotten 'lizard by now. She earns a baleful growl from the tiny bronze. "Stop it, Ruin. You're just mad because I wouldn't let you swim in the toilets today. Or yesterday." She watches Aradir demonstrate sleep positions and grins.

Aradir smirks, and peers at the 'lizard. "Faranth," he states, "Aloysius isn't…even that bad. Maybe…he'll grow out of it?" He shakes his head at the bad-tempered bronze. "No wonder…you named him 'Ruin'…." A chuckle.

Thea finishes her hair, braids it in a long rope and flips it behind her shoulder. Ruin immediately leaps to claim it. Thea reaches up a finger to give the demon with wings a scritch, which Ruin accepts from his subject as his due, there's no grateful trill, no. Only a smug croon. "Aloysius wasn't? You mean they aren't all like this when they're just-shelled?" She's incredulous.

Aradir shakes his head. "No. Aloysius is…mischievous," he notes, giving a look to the blue in the nest of clean oilcloths. "I admit. I am…shy with people…I don't know. Aloysius is…confident and…likes people. He calls attention…to me. Which I don't like…sometimes." A grin, and Aradir picks up the little blue, placing him in his lap and petting him much as a cat. And Aloysius gives a nearly catlike churring sound. "But…I think…I spoil him…a bit too much." He chuckles.

Thea reaches her hand out to give the blue a one-fingered scritch, if Aloysius and Aradir don't mind. "Well, if he's always as well-behaved as he is now, he deserves spoiling." She is silent for a moment before asking, "How are you holding up with all this…" she's searching for the right word and settles for, "discipline they're handing out?"

Aradir doesn't mind if others give Aloysius attention, and Aloysius surely doesn't mind! Matter of fact, the little blue murrs at the attention and wiggles happily. Aradir chuckles. "What do you mean?" he inquires. "You mean…the taking away of beds?" He shrugs. "Not happy about it…but nothing we can do," he points out. "Their decision. We're just candidates."

But Ruin DOES mind! He doesn't share anything, shoulders, fingers — if they're attached to Thea, they belong to him! And he gives her growl and a swipe across the cheek to let her know it.

Thea brushes Ruin from her shoulder; the bronze takes flight and settles for inspecting the toilets. Thea just pats at her cheek, fairly ignoring the incident. "He's a cutie, nice Aloysius is." She can admire the blue now that Ruin is busy. There's happy splashes coming from the toilets. great. "Well, yeah, we can't. you're right. But you didn't do anything to deserve it." She shrugs, "I didn't either, unless it was just being ignorant. I'm sorry."

Aradir frowns at the 'lizard's bad attitude. "Needs a spanking," he notes as the bronze flies off. He returns his attention to Thea as she speaks. And he gives a nod. "Theory is…that if ALL are punished for…the misdeeds of a few…rest of us will be angry enough…to discipline those responsible…ourselves. And also…troublemakers see…how their actions affect…everyone, not just them," he explains. "Understand the theory behind it. I do. Doesn't make it…any easier…but I do understand."

Thea smiles ruefully, "Tried giving him a swat. Lost a few chunks of skin. Mine. We'll work something out." She shrugs, dismissing the bothersome bronze for now and focuses on Aradir quietly. "Yes, I do understand the thinking behind that. Some of the younger ones might not, though. Listen," She leans a bit closer, her eyes sparking, "I have a plan."

"Oh?" Aradir scoots a little closer to Thea, leaning in to listen. "What's the idea?" he inquires, lowering his voice so that whoever might be listening in will not hear them.
Thea glances about, the barracks are less populated after Kilaueth's hatching, but there's still a fair amount of bodies lying about on the boards. Voices from the entrance tell of more arriving. "Let's wait on this. See if we can get time to talk with Rennu, Saige and maybe a few others. Tomorrow?"

Aradir nods. "All right," he agrees. "Maybe not in barracks. Who knows…what kind of…listening devices the…weyrleaders have in here. Right?" He chuckles. "Why do you think…I'm always good little boy?" He grins.

"Didn't think of that." Thea looks around suspiciously, then yawns and rubs her back. I've got to get up extra-early tomorrow…and the day after that…and..forever. So I've got to get some sleep." She sighs. "But first, the toilets need some attention, or less of it." She hops down off her press and pads to the latrine. The flushing and splashing stops. There's an irritated screech. And Thea's carrying a dripping Ruin outside to shake him off.

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