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Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern

It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.

The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

The tavern is full of slight celebration. One clutch down, one to go! Whoo. Zevida's on her own, sitting at a table and sipping from a glass. Though it's hard to tell if she's drinking wine or juice. It's obvious that she's sent away a few men that were once at her table, from lack of intellegent conversation. What man can talk smarts when he's got the naughty on his brain? The goldrider is sitting, lounging in her chair really, the glass in her hand as she leans back watching the scene with a careful expression.

After the Hatching, Satoris went straight away to the mine site to make sure work got back underway. Yep, he's a slave driver. He at least didn't recruit any candidates to work quite yet. Sadly, there are fewer of them due to those that Impressed. With battered clipboard in hand, the man steps into the tavern and contemplates a moment before making for Zevida's table, it being one of the few empty. "Mind if I take a seat?" he inquires, lightly.

Zevida tilts her head slightly, watching Satoris enter with a look of interest. As he approaches, she doesn't sit up, instead continuing with her lazy lounge. A sip from the glass before she shrugs, "go 'head, so long as you have something interesting to say unlike the idiots who simply look for something to play with." Is her slow response before she does sit up, adjust her seat slight and her dress before looking around the tavern for but a moment more. Satoris becomes the object of her full attention shortly after, "so, tell me. What progress have you made in the mines?" Because, if he hadn't noticed.. The goldrider had vanished under a pile of work for some time.

"Well. I'm not sure if I do-" And Satoris is actually about to leave and find a seat elsewhere. But then Zevida's asking him a question, so he does sit, lifting a hand to try to get /someone's/ attention so he can get an ale for himself. "Fairly good progress. The woodcrafters we have are working on the blueprints to make the mine's support structure. Once it's in place, we can actually begin cutting in and finding out what exactly we have down there."

Zevida seems to chuckle softly behind her glass as he looks ready to leave, a smile forming as he sits and begins to speak of the progress. "Hmm." A slow nod as she considers before looking at him curiously. "That's good, I'd like to hear what goes on next when you do get that far. Do let me know?" A pause and she eyes him over once more, "are you here for work or play? Do you take breaks or do you wait until the work is done?"

Satoris holds up his clipboard as he settles in, shrugging. "I wanted a drink and I have paperwork to do. I figure I can get them done at the same time." He glances to the bar again, finally catching the 'tender's eyes and giving a nod. Yes, he has a usual. The man looks back to Zevida. "Well, I've sent some samples back to the Hall. They should be able to figure out what we're likely to find… But there will be a full report once the work itself starts."

Zevida chuckles softly, "then you do not truly take a break. Work until it's all done, hmm?" She settles the glass down, twisting it idly. "But, it's never quite /done/." Not looking to him in her idle musing before she listens to the rest of what he says. "What exactly are we trying to find in the mine? I don't believe I was ever told what.."

"I sleep," Satoris points out, an eyebrow rising somewhat. "That's break enough. And during some meals, if there's not much paperwork to be done, I won't be working." It's enough for him, it'd seem. "The mine is already behind schedule. I can't take too many breaks." The question brings about a shrug and he holds up a finger to pause as he accepts the ale that's brought to him with a thanks. "Mm. Well, we don't know for certain. Sometimes we pick a likely site, see if there's any minerals in the rock, then dig. There's a lot of good signs, but we haven't dug deep enough to see… There's a very slim chance, but it's possible there may be nothing more than rock down there."

Zevida grunts in response, "sleep's not enough. While it /is/ essential to work and get it all done, breaks are needed too." She muses, giving him a look. "I do admire your need to get things done, I do like that. I'll invite you to take a break with me next time I decide to take one." Seeing as she, herself, is not much better than Satoris. "Hm.. Well, I will hope that there is more than just rock, if our luck with that is good enough. If there is just rock, what is your plan?"

"I'll take more frequent breaks once we're more caught up. As it is, I'm spending most of my time chipping in with the woodcrafters and hauling the cut pieces around… Which means the administrative work would get behind if I didn't do it on my breaks." Satoris finds this perfectly acceptable by the way he speaks. The miner takes a long drink, "But if you wish me to take a break with you sometime, than I shall. Weyrwoman's orders, right?" There's a brief flare of a smirk before he falls into a thoughtful state at the question. "Well. It would depend on the rock… Some kinds of stone are used often for construction… But others? Who knows. Maybe the Miners could use the mine for research purposes."

Zevida nods her agreement, completely understanding his thoughts. "Understandable. Very much so. Admirable that you will see to all the details.." Her glass is taken again and she takes a slow drink. "Perhaps I could persuade you to join me on the beach, then? Later or now? I quite need a break and this taven is no help." Chuckling softly, she nods. "I guess the type of rock matters. I'll just hope for the best and let you do what you need to."

Satoris considers the offer for a moment, glancing at the clipboard. "Well. I really only have to read over a few reports. I got most of my work done before the Hatching…" He shrugs slightly, "Now would be better. I'd hate for you to invite me later and an emergency to arise."

Zevida laughs, slowly rising from her seat and taking her glass with her. "Reading over shouldn't take you too long. Unless you read slow." She muses, giving him a slow grin as she starts towards the door. "Come join me, Satoris." Is all she calls back, before she's heading out towards the beach.

There's something perhaps of a roll of the eyes. Taking up his clipboard and ale, Satoris gets to his feet and makes to follow after. "As you wish," he offers, almost teasingly, before taking a drink and winding through the other tavern patrons.

Xanadu Weyr - Beach(#7117RJs)
The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

Zevida walks down the beach, it's rather dark when they arrive. Just enough light to guide a path. Finding a spot that is to her liking, she settles down and sips pleasantly at her drink. Zevi's not one to lead men out, nor flirt, or anything. One may say: Weak attempt.

At least she hasn't tried to drug him. Or knock him over the head. Satoris appreciates that. Even if he doesn't know that consciously. The miner follows the goldrider and soon settles down next to — but not /too/ close — Zevida. "I imagine everyone's relieved that the two golds don't have to share the Sands anymore."

Zevida glances at him and chuckles softly. "Our golds seem to decide: This side is yours, this is mine. You stay on yours and we're fine." Shrugging, "at least that's how it seems and there isn't too much fighting. Not like the Sands aren't small. Avaeth's very protective of her side. Never lets anyone see the eggs, either." A soft chuckle and she looks towards him, with a.. Soft look? Womanly? Frail? Something of a look on her face but she says nothing. Nope.

"I can't imagine having to deal with that," Satoris says, shaking his head slightly. "It must get so dull having to spend so much time on the Sands because your dragon is stuck there due to her eggs." His nose wrinkles a bit, but he smiles. "The guys have it so much easier."

Zevida shrugs, "it's not too bad. I guess. The flights are the only thing I don't like.. Seeing the hatchlings are nice. Avaeth likes spending time with them too, even now." Sipping from her drink, she shakes her head. "Mm. Not if the gold demands the sire is there all the time.. The rider might have to stay there, too…"

"I've… heard talk of flights. Usually never good. What do they mean by that?" Hey, Satoris is holdbred. He's begun to pick up on Weyrlife, but there's still aspects he doesn't know. At the final comment, he makes a face. "Well… That's not really fair, is it? I mean, well, okay. I guess maybe it is. The father should be around… The Weyrleader's bronze seems to enjoy being there."

Zevida wrinkles her nose, "the end result is mating, on both parts.." But, she doesn't go into detail about why /she/ doesn't like it. The look of disgust is enough. "It's fair.. Most of the bronzes seem to have a protective instinct over the eggs, so I guess they like it."

"Oh," Satoris says, blinking rapidly. He's quiet a moment, before it sets in. "Wait.. Different… Oh, I see. Uhm… Whatever dragon catches… the riders…" he gestures, helplessly, before clearing his throat. "That doesn't… seem fair."
Zevida glances at him as he seems to struggle with the concept, a soft giggle and her cheeks do go a light shade of pink. "Yes.. That's how it is." A sigh and she shakes her head. "You don't really have a choice, the strongest wins. Then, both riders are consumed by the feelings of the dragons.. Sometimes you remember what happened, sometimes you don't. 've kicked two riders out of my weyr so far.."
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Satoris shudders briefly, making a face. "I heard greens go up rather frequently. I feel sorry for their riders." He glances over to Zevida. "No wonder you didn't want those other guys at your table. I imagine most of the riders here wouldn't ever find themselves in someone else's bed otherwise."

Zevida nods, "that's true.. But, most greenriders seem to like it.." Sighing, she finishes off her drink before she gives him a look at him with surprise. "They were just lookin' for someone to sleep with… An', so far.. I haven't outside of a flight. Don't trust anyone enough to bring them back to my weyr.. But, plenty of riders sleep around…" There's a soft sigh as her protective face seems to break. Oops.

"Like S'ya," Satoris says, shaking his head. "I'm almost glad she's furious with me. It makes my life that much easier. The woman wouldn't leave me be… and she's /pregnant/!" He glances over to Zevida, eyebrows rising somewhat. "All those options and you choose to remain alone?"

Zevida blinks, laughing at his mention of S'ya. "She was always chasing men as a candidate, and a Weyrling. We always figured she'd be the first to get pregnant, too." She tsks softly, before the defenseless look is back as she looks to him. "I've only met three men that I would even consider. One, I'm sure is not interested. The second, I respect but I wouldn't.. Be with him like that." Shrugging, she wraps her arms aroung her legs. "It's easier, I guess. Avaeth doesn't accept many, either… Not like anyone wants Zevi, either."

"Well, if your lifemate is picky, then… at least you have less worry of how random it may be?" Satoris ventures, voice shifting into an uncertain range. He's not very good at this. "Maybe you should just take a risk sometime?"

Zevida nods slowly, "at least.. With picking a weyrmate.. It's basically whatever dragon catches her when she falls.. Or snags her out of the air." She notes softly, blinking at him curiously. "Take a risk..? With someone? Being with someone..? Risks.. Have dangerous possibilities, too…"

Satoris shrugs slightly, gesturing in the direction of the mine. "That mine is a risk. All the time we're putting into it? If it's just rock and isn't even worth being used for research…" He shrugs again, smiling slightly. "You have to take risks to get anywhere."

Zevida frowns slightly, glancing that direction. "Guess that's true, taking a risk." A soft chuckle and she pulls her knees to her chest and rests her chin on her knees. "Well, thing is.. I wouldn't know who to take the risk with.." She ponders, giving him a look…

"You shouldn't overthink it," Satoris points out. "You said there were three men you wouldn't mind. Why not approach one of them?" He shrugs a bit, then blinks at the look. A slight blush colors his neck and ears and he picks up his ale, taking a long drink of it.

Sighing softly, she speaks. "I guess I am overthinking it.. Not that I've really put /too/ much thought into it, either…" She blinks, coloring slightly as she looks away when he mentions approaching one of them. "Well.." A pause and she peeks at him again. "I do respect you, Satoris."

Ack! Satoris is quiet for a moment. In fact, he sets to drinking his ale. He's too sober for this. Not that he wants to be drunk. But he's far too sober. "Ahh… I mean… I'm just a Journeyman. I may even get reassigned after this mine is done." He glances over to Zevida. "What if you wake up one day and Niva has stepped down and you find yourself Senior? I'm… probably not who you want people to see you with." He's a guy. Guys don't always handle flattery well.

Zevida lets out a soft pff, shaking her head. "Rank doesn't really matter to me.. 'sides.. Not like I can't go between to where you are, either, Satoris." She reminds quietly, then her brow quirks. "If Niva steps down, Ysa is likely to be Senior." Shaking her head, "don't really /care/ what people say about who I'm with, so long as I respect and care 'bout the person I'm with."

Satoris is silent for a bit longer, setting the now-empty mug down next to him. He crosses his legs and rests his hands on his knees. "Well," he ventures, finally. "I mean. I hadn't thought of anything resembling a relationship upon coming here, nor do I really have the time, but… I'm also not one to deny anything outright. We could always see."

Zevida nods her agreement, slowly stretching her legs out again. "I hadn't, either. But, we can see. I'll respect your work time, you respect mine. That's all I require. I understand you like getting your work done. I like getting mine done." She shrugs her shoulders, leaning back onto the palms of her hands. "And, if it doesn't work. We'll both say we just made a risk that didn't work out?" At least, she's reasonable.

Satoris chuckles softly to himself, shoulders relaxing a bit as a bit of tension dissipates. "Well. That sounds perfectly reasonable to me. I can only hope that… it stays that way. Emotions can be tricky." He shifts, reaching arms overhead as he stretches out. "And my work may keep me quite busy sometimes."

Zevida grins slowly, "I like being reasonable." She glances at him, quirking her brow. "Only time where I don't have control over my emotions is when Avaeth is proddy.. Otherwise, I don't let them interefer." A soft sigh as her fingers wiggle into the sand. "I get quite busy, I'm sure we'd find some times like now, hmm?"

"In a relationship, I think you're supposed to have emotions," Satoris points out. "And letting me know you're lonely… that was revealing an emotion. They do exist, but…" he winks, grinning in a teasing way, "don't let any of the other guys know I told you that."

Zevida blinks, blushing at his words. "I mean… I don't let them get in the way of rational decisions. If I was.. I don't know, angry with you. I wouldn't storm to find you and start yelling at you and make you skip your work. I'd rather wait until you were done, then talk it out. And, by then my anger would be settled if I had the urge to yell at you to where we could talk reasonably." Is her soft response, before letting out a soft laugh. "I won't tell, Sat." A pause and she looks to him again, a brow quirked slightly.

Satoris chuckles to himself. "Well, /that/ would be quite appreciated. I've never liked being yelled at in public." He shifts slightly, turning somewhat to face Zevida. "Why, if I may ask? I mean, certainly we get along, but…" A shrug.

Zevida chuckles softly, "noted, then.." She lays back into the sand, tilting her head to look at him with a slight smile. "Because I happen to like men who can command my respect and my attention.. There are very few men I respect, even less than I've ever actually.. Felt anything towards.." She shrugs, her cheeks flushed with color.

Eyebrows raise and a slight smirk tugs at Satoris' lips. "What, was it the manly way in which I took cots from the candidates?" He chuckles a bit, considering a moment before shifting to reach out and touch Zevida's hand lightly. "Well… I must admit. Being able to spend time around someone who appreciates proper respect is a breath of fresh air here."

Zevida chuckles softly, "oh yes.. That got my attention." She replies, grinning as she looks towards him. The touch of her hand, surprisingly does not bring forth a hiss or a glare, instead she allows the touch and doesn't move her hand away. Her eyes on his as she nods. "Didn't think that the candidates could actually be so.. Disrespectful, honestly. Thought it was all gossip and rumors. But, I agree. It's nice."

There's not much more than that. It's a small gesture, but a gesture nonetheless. Satoris isn't very good at this, but he's trying. "I was surprised, too. I was led to believe that being Searched was a great honor, but they're acting like the Weyr should be thankful they're around." He shakes his head slightly, "I think Thea is trying to make up for it, but they're still… resentful."

Zevida isn't too good, either. But, the small gesture seems to be enough for the two of them. "It is.. I don't know, maybe someone told them that we should be thankful for their presence. Or another candidate said some things.. Can't imagine where it started." A shift of her hand and she gently grips his. "I think they're learning a lesson, slowly. Don't want to punish them all, but they've got to learn. One making an' effort won't help unless they all do. There is some of them fueling the fire to make them so.. Upset."

"They're bonding together.. Which is good for teamwork, but it means they're forming a party against us. Unfortunately, the one really good one in the bunch Impressed today. And while Aradir is very well-behaved, he's not assertive enough for the others to pick up on it." Satoris shrugs, wrapping his fingers about her hand in return. His hands are rather calloused, but he's trying to be gentle.

Zevida nods her head in agreement, "it's good.. Yet at the same time, it's not.." Shrugging her shoulders and letting out a sigh. "Well, hopefully no beds will kick a bit of sense into them and the camp'll do the rest. I suppose, eventually they'll settle down." His calloused hands don't seem to bug her as she keeps her hand in his with a small smile on her lips. "This is nice.."

"So what is this about a camp? People talk about it like they're being marched to their deaths or something." Satoris shakes his head a bit, smirking somewhat. The last comment, however, causes him to smile. "It is… I do t hink you may have actually gotten me to relax." He winks, "Good job."

Zevida chuckles softly, "it's.. Something like that. You're left in the wilderness, have to prepare your own food and can only bring a small ammount of items with you.. Then, one of the days, they give you a partner and they drop you off somewhere and you have to find your way back.. One day, we were attacked by felines.. No one was killed, a few serious injuries.. D'len lost his eye." A slight shudder at that, "couldn't do anything about it, either. Few dragons were hurt, too.." A glance towards him as he smiles and she returns it with her own. "I take that it's not easy for you to relax, then."

"That sounds pretty rough, but I bet it's also good for them in the long run. No one's going to hold their hand once they're a rider." Then Satoris glances down at their intertwined hands and laughs. It's a good, hard laugh and once he calms, he nods a bit, "Mm. Yes. When I have a project, I tend to focus on it until it's done. I hate leaving work behind usually."

Zevida nods, "it is. Gives you a bit of reality check once your there. I had a bit of a mouth on me when I was a candidate, never talked back but I sure had a hating for one of the Weyrling Masters.." A soft chuckle, "finally snapped at her during one of our lessons. Avaeth went off too.." A chuckle before she looks down to their hands before grinning. "Well, they're not going to hold your hand and lead you.." Closing her eyes, she nods her understanding. "But, like you said. You only have reports to read, those don't take too long. It's when you have things that your hands need to do should you not want to leave if left undone. Puts you behind. No one'll pick it up, if they do.. They might not do it right."

"Well. I hope no one gets /too/ injured on this camp thing… These candidates, they may decide to walk out of candidacy as a result. Say you're being too mean." Satoris shakes his head slightly, shifting as he considers for a long moment. "True. I can read the reports before bed. Right now, there's not much hands-on for me to do, besides chip in with people to try to get us back on schedule."

"Well, doubt we'd let them get too injured. I figure we'll have more dragonriders this time, keeping watch. But, if they're not smart enough to keep themselves from being /horridly/ injured, it is kind of their fault. We're not being mean.." She shifts a bit close towards Satoris, not /too/ close. But close. "Also best to work in the day, isn't it? Let everyone get their sleep, get fresh and start again.."

"I never said you were mean," Satoris points out, smirking somewhat. "Just that they may end up thinking so. Apparently it's terrible that we make them do chores." He shrugs, a bit, then, "We can only do so much during the day. I've wanted most of the work in the mine done with the wher present, just in case there's any more risk of another collapse."

Zevida laughs softly, resting against him. "I know, just saying if they can't watch out for themselves.. It's not us bein' mean." She muses, grinning at his words. "Chores build a sense of responsiblity, they only get more after Impressing.." A quirk of her brow and she nods. "Are you able to get a wher to help out?"

"Wher's can tell us if there's any weaknesses in the cave, or if there's a change in the structural integrity. They're the best advanced warning we can get." Satoris explains, squeezing her hand gently. "With the initial earthquake that caused the cave to open and the ice storm causing sections to collapse and shift… I want to be certain, lest anyone else be trapped."

A soft hum is given as Zevida listens, slowly nodding and squeezing his hand in return. "Will the Hall allow you to have a wher accompany you?" She asks, curious. "It makes sense that a cave opened by an earthquake could easly crumble, doesn't sound like it'd be too stable. At least, that's how I see it. Best to avoid any accidents." And, her hand is gripping his tighter, though she doesn't seem to notice.

"Oh, we have one. A Senior Apprentice, Archy, was sent here. I almost trained to be a WherHandler, like my father and brother, but…" Satoris shrugs slightly. "I found I enjoyed exploring caves better." He glances down to their hands, then back up, smiling slightly.

"Ahh. That's good. Don't think I've ever seen a wher, though.." She muses idly, then gives him a look. "Exploring caves suits you, you seem adventerous. And you don't mind using your hands to work." She looks towards their hands as well, smiling before she moves to meet his gaze.

"They're a bit bigger than a canine and uglier than a dragon… By a lot." Satoris explains, considering. "Perhaps sometime, if you'd like, I'll let you meet Arsk." He laughs softly. "Adventurous. I suppose that works… I like it."

Zevida wrinkles her nose at his description, "I see.. Are they still able to communicate with their riders.. Like dragons do?" She asks curiously, gently fiddling with his hand. "Well, you'd have to be to want to go explore caves, new ones even, in search for what you might be looking for."

"Well, their Handlers… And… sort of. You know how firelizards can sometimes give you images? Whers are very similar. And they understand commands. Beyond that, no. There's no… words, really in what they say, like I've been told dragons have." He glances to their hands, then back to Zevida. "I guess so. Part of it is curiousity. And part of it is how… well… I think it's amazing to get to be the first person to ever see a place."

Zevida ahs softly, "Handlers.." She murmurs before nodding slowly. "I see. My 'lizards give odd images when they do. I think they spy." She notes softly, rolling her eyes at the thought. "Must be interesting, whers." Her eyes don't leave his face, even as he's looking to their hands. "I see. I can relate to that."

Satoris makes a slight face. "/Mine/ just like to inform me of how hungry they are." By revealing images of food, no doubt. "They are. Many people find them… repulsive… But they are just a very different creature and us Miners are very thankful for them."

Zevida laughs at that, "well, I guess why some people call them stomachs. They eat so much. Mine find food just fine, probably from watching people all the time." Shaking her head, she frowns. "Well, don't entirely matter what's on the outside. They're different, they're helpful, and they save lives. Like dragons do the same.. Just, it's different.."

"Well. Fortunately, some people, like you, are able to see that. Others just see an ugly beast that might bite them… Even if that /is/ rare." Satoris smiles, broadly, at Zevida. "It's always nice to talk to someone understanding and intelligent."

Zevida shrugs her shoulders, "people don't understand that you don't have to be pretty to be helpful.. Don't trust what they don't understand. I imagine someone or something peaceful will only bite if you smacked it around.." A knowing smile is returned and she nods her agreement. "Why I shooed away most of the men at the Tavern, they can't talk like this and make sense.. Or, at least keep from making fools of themselves."

"People just like something pleasing to look at." Like Vivian, who refused to look at any dragons except the pretty gold. Satoris takes in a long breath before chuckling. "Well, I'm afraid to disappoint, but even though some of us guys can be intelligent, we /all/ make fools of ourselves from time to time."

"They do, but, they don't get very far just looking at pretty things.." She muses softly, giving a slow grin. "Yes, but you see.. You haven't made the foolish attempt of just talking about things that make no sense. You're not fumbling with your words because you are so drunk. And you aren't just looking for a woman for the night. Of course, you may be foolish some other time, just not right now."

"Ahh, I see. It was tonight you were worried about…" Satoris chuckles and squeezes Zevida's hand. "Well. I'll try to keep my foolish escapades to time and places where you won't notice them."

Grinning, she chuckles in return along with squeezing his hand. "I don't see you acting foolish. But, I cannot help if I might want to see you be a little foolish. It might be cute." Yes, Zevi did say cute and it wasn't referring to a baby..

"Cute?" Satoris blanches a bit, looking sidelong at Zevida now. "I'm sorry, but… this?" he gestures to himself with his free hand, "doesn't do cute."

Zevida laughs at that, grinning slowly. "I think we have a different meaning of cute then." She muses, "cute as in… When your face goes a bit of pink from embarrassment. That's cute. Not.. Fluffy things like that." A gentle squeeze of his hand. "You were blushing earlier, too.."

"Well," Satoris offers at length, considering. "I guess I never expected a Weyrwoman, even if she's a junior, to take an interest in me. I'm just a dirty Journeyman miner."

"Hmm. Well, I didn't expect to.. Be taking this risk, either.." Zevi offers softly, glancing down to their hands. "I really don't think rank matters.. If someone gossips, they gossip. It's only.. Not that anyone gossips much 'bout me.."

Satoris shrugs slightly, leaning back a bit to rest on his opposite elbow. "It's healthy to take risks sometimes. Keeps you on your toes." He glances over to Zevida, eyebrows raising. "Isn't that a good thing? I hate gossip."

Zevida chuckles softly, nodding slowly. "That's true." She looks to him, with a slow grin. "As do I, there is probably still some gossip about why they don't gossip about me much.." A soft laugh and she lays back into the sands, not letting go of his hand.

"That'd be strange… You think they do that? Ask each other why they don't talk about you?" Satoris makes a bit of a face. "How odd. I'll have to find out sometime."

Zevida chuckles softly, "I figure one'll tell the story." She muses before slowly sitting up again. Her hand still in his, she looks to him again. "It is getting late, I suppose we should say good night.. My weyr is in the forest, if you ever decide to visit…"

Satoris sits up shortly after, nodding slightly. "I, however, have a small space in the resident dorm… So I don't imagine you'd even want to visit." He smirks slightly, before nodding to her. "I should get these reports read over before I'm too tired anyway. You have a good night?"

Zevida seems quite reluctant in actually taking her hand away. "I might." She offers, offering a smile. "Yes, you have reports as do I.. You too, Satoris. I will see you when we're both free." She's still sitting there, though..

"That sounds like the beginnings of a plan," Satoris decides. He gets to his feet easily, picking up his clipboard in his off hand. The other extends down to offer Zevida a hand to her feet.

Zevida chuckles, "I suppose it is." As he rises, she moves to do the same before taking his offered hand. "Thank you. I'll see you later, then." There's a bit of an awkward pause before she does take a slight step away and releases his hand.

"No… Thank you, for getting me to actually relax. I've been feeling fairly stressed and I feel a deal better." Satoris smiles to Zevida. And it's one of those actual, true smiles. They're a rarity from him.

Zevida chuckles, "it was nothing. I'm glad that you are able to relax, we should do this again." A bright smile this time, not a slight smile or a smirk. "Or, like I said.. You can come see me."

"I think I will," Satoris decides, dipping his head in something of a nod. "In the forest, yes? Well, I likely pass by it on my way to and from the mine site, so it wouldn't be a big deal at all to stop by and see you."

Zevida smiles again, nodding. "Yes." She turns to leave, "I imagine that it won't be. I'll be sure to have some klah ready. We're up relatively early, as well if you decide to drop by in the morning." She offers, then starts towards her weyr once he replies.

"I'm readjusting my schedule. I had to handle Arsk for a while… But I'm usually an early riser myself, so. We'll see." Satoris offers something of a bow to Zevida. "Have a good night's rest."

Zevida nods, "we'll see, then." She returns the bow with a nod of her head. "You too, Satoris."

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