Candidates Lose Their Cots

Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks

A long, low ceiling room opens off the entrance hall to the arena, one wall slightly curved as it is set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set evenly the length of the room, in two rows, each with its own small press at the foot, for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours.

In marches Zevida and her two buff men, or well.. Satoris and Y'ki, really. Her arms are crossed and the woman does not wear a sun shining smile, a frown is on her brow and her lips are pressed into a thin line. "Take the cots.. All of them."

Well, Satoris at least is buff. Mining does that to a man. He doesn't /entirely/ mind being taken away from paperwork for this. In fact, perhaps he quite enjoys it. Especially after the way some of the candidates have treated him. Even if they've been, supposedly, trying to make up for it. The Journeyman gives a brief, sharp nod to Zevida and approaches the first cot on the right-hand side. To the candidate present, he nods: "Either remove your things from it, or I'll do so for you." Well, hey, he's being … kind of nice? Maybe?

Neferennu is in the back room cleaning the toilets when Zevida and the others walk in. So in turn, she doesn't hear anything and gives a weak smile to Thea. "Finally get that one clean?" That these were that dirty in the first place but it was only the start their duty for the morning. And to think, when the new chores were posted, she was supposed to have the day off!

There's a sound of swishing and flushing coming from the latrines. And singing. Well, the acoustics are great for it and..the swirling water-sound makes a nice accompaniment. "Ruin, get outta there or you'll go down the drain! Wait on second thought…" An angry chittering can be heard and here comes Thea holding a dripping Ruin by his tail. And she stops short when she sees the irritated goldrider and the men. "Now what?" She isn't looking too pleased, either.

Y'ki isn't a buff man? ..Well no. He's about as buff as a fifteen turn old boy can be..who doesn't do much in the way of lifting weights. Still, he at least /does/ end up heading into the barracks, making a slight face once inside. He hasn't been here since /he/ was a candidate, after all. Only a few turns ago..but /still/. Who wants to be back in a place like /that/? Take the cots? …Waaait. The bluerider's lips slowly curve then, upward toward a slightly sadistic grin. "..Really." Aw, and look. Satoris is waiting for people to move their stuff. Y'ki..isn't so nice. He promptly dumps it, any of it's contents falling right to the floor before looking back at Zevida again. "/Please/ tell me we get to take the pillows too."

Saige wanders in from the Annex to find Satoris by her cot. "Uh… what?" She asks, then thinks twice and grabs things. She's starting to learn not to question the Miner in question, no matter what she wants to ask, storing things in her small chest in quick rapid successon. And grabs her pillow and promptly sits on it.

Make that /two/ irritated goldriders. Ysa isn't far behind, having been sand squatting after not getting that much sleep the night before, only to notice something strange happening in the barracks. "Oh, what's going on here?" she asks with a hand around her mug of klah and a smirk on her face. Whatever it was, she wasn't going to complain. "Been hearing all the bad news 'bout this lot, Zevida?" she calls over with a dry chuckle, taking a long drink.

Zevida nods to Satoris as he starts before eyeing the candidates in turn. "Well, it seems that we're having some respect issues.. So, until you all learn respect.. You'll be sleeping on the floor." A glance to Y'ki and she shrugs. "If they're not there to save their pillow, feel free to take it…" A pause and she looks to Ysa. "Yes, I have. They'll have to learn, or it'll just get worse. Just imagine what they might have to sleep in as Weyrlings if we take their couches away, too…"

Neferennu hears some noise back in the barracks and walks into the doorway to find Satoris and Y'ki taking cots away. A look to find out why, only brings her eyes to two of the weyrwomen. A move of her mouth to speak, then all she does is give a high pitched whistle. This causes Spire and Venom on her cot to look towards the sound. Spire comes immediately, Venom chittering angrily the whole way but does follow. There, nothing on her cot anyways. The 'lizards are grabbed and taken back into the latrines. Their chittering echoing in the room but seem to only come from one corner. Rennu does not reappear, her scrubbing being drowned out by the 'lizards. Wonder what is going through her head that she is willing to hide cleaning toilets rather than dispute why her cot is being taken.

And on to the next cot. After the initial warning, Satoris likely simply assumed that each following cot would have the belongings cleared off. If not, well, it's the candidate's own fault for not paying attention. However, after that point, he just grabs cots, starting a stack of them in the middle of the floor to be taken away proper. He's leaving the pillows for the time being. Better they have their pillows than a coup is formed to steal pillows.

Could it get any worse? Now Ysa is here as well. General salute to the Incoming and Already-arrived Riders. But Thea isn't standing idle, no. "Here ya go," She sweeps everything off of her cot into a bundle and holds it out for Y'ki to take. "Go ahead, take the cover, pillow, the lot right along with the cot. Might as well, though I didn't do anything." She's careful not to glare. It wasn't her lecturing the Miner, but she will stand with the group.

Saige continues sitting on pillow and chest o' objects, only standing to salute before she grabs her stuff and moves it away from the getting dumped or already-dumped cots. Her bright eyes are turning curious though, and they sparkle at Thea's brazenness. "Nice…"

Y'ki could use some more pillows in /his/ weyr. Therefore..he does take ones he finds. The cots he takes go right along with the ones in Satoris' pile, readying them in the middle of the room for later removal. And look. Thea's being ever so helpful. It earns a glare from Y'ki, even if the candidate is doing her part to mask her own. "I missed the part where I'm supposed to /care/ what you did or didn't do." He smirks though, and takes the cot right along, setting it into the pile along with the others.

"'Bout shardin' time. I've told the Headwoman and made sure /some/ of them had gotten extra duties." Ysa shakes her head and then turns her eyes specifically towards Neferennu as she appears. At her reaction, the goldrider's eyes narrow. "Just. Like. That. What's going to happen is that we'll start taking the knots off the real troublesome candidates next, so there won't /be/ disrespectful weyrlings." Thea's salute gets more of a grin from the tired junior, only to fade at her words where she glowers. "Tell that to the rest of your candidates and friends, if ya want to sleep on something soft ever again." Grumpy weyrwomen, yes. That's what happens when people sneak on the sands and drive their dragons angry.

Zevida wrinkles her nose, watching the candidates before glancing at Ysa. "I think they just shouldn't get beds, now that I've seen it in person." Tsking, she watches Satoris and Y'ki gather up the cots and pillows, watching the 'helpful' candidates and the not so helpful ones. "Actually, that sounds better. We'll just tell L'alie and S'ya they can't have anything to sleep on.. And maybe no tents in the survival camp, no beds, either.. That works. Seeing how that went for us." Ysa's plan gets a nod of approval. "Deknotting works too.." Thea's salute is taken with a slight quirk of her brow. "See, that one… She's either faking or she means it." Though, that doesn't go in a whisper as she watches Thea.

Thea's eyes narrow slightly at Y'ki, but she just sweetly smiles, "Y'see that red coverlet? Hand-woven camelid from Coldstone Hold. Made it myself. Consider it a gift." She dismisses her pillow and coverlet with a flick of her fingers and heads over to stand beside Neferennu. An over-the-shoulder glance catches Ysa's ever-so-brief smile. She blinks. "Tis pointless, Ma'am, I think…" she reaches Rennu's side and turns to face the room, "…we most-likely will either suffer misery together or rejoice in…comfort together." She shrugs as if to say, what happens, happens.

Saige lobs her pillow into the pile, then stands and leans against Rennu, boxing her in by watching Thea go to the other side, stance firm. "In this case, I chose to suffer misery together, with friends I trust."

Y'ki rolls his eyes somewhat, snorting at the talk of some special coverlet. "Right. I think you're missing that key element of me not /caring/." And if the coverlet is anything special, he doesn't seem to hold any interest in it at all. If it's still on the cot when it gets tossed on the pile..then it's getting confiscated. He's certainly not particular. "I say we burn the useless crap." Though with the sudden grouping of the candidates, he tilts his head. "Aw. Isn't it /sweet/? Ugh, maybe I'll go throw up. They /shouldn't/ get anything at the camp."

"Let's see how long this resolve lasts when all the candidates start getting angry at the troublemakers," Ysa says with a shake of her head towards the girls before glancing towards Zevida. She sighs out, loud and heavy. "As this seems to go, absolutely. I like the idea of them roughing it out in the outdoors." She scans the barracks, making sure to be out of the way of the men taking the cots and their stuff. "Ya hear that, candidates? If ya don't learn to /salute/ and give /respect/ to the riders of the Weyr you're supposed to be representing, ya won't be joining their ranks. Being a candidate ain't all fun an' games." She hides her smirk at the bluerider's words behind her drink again.

Zevida chuckles softly at Y'ki, looking towards the.. Defiant candidates again with a roll of her eyes. "Well, that does it. Respect means nothin' to them, so they shouldn't get any, either.. We could just say: leave any of your things behind, they're not yours anymore." Towards Y'ki, she nods. "Make them scavenge for food, make their own tools.. Hunt their own felines for blankets. Works for me." She muses, though she doesn't glare towards any of the candidates. Nope, she simply smiles. "I wonder if they think the camp will be something fun for all to enjoy?"

"You may be excused, then, if you're not feeling well," Thea comments to Y'ki, still sweetly, unconcerned, but out of the side of her mouth, she quietly comments,"Um, Saige, I don't think we have a lot of -choice- in the matter."

"Interestingly, you don't have the right to excuse anyone and even if you're trying to make some kind of joke… It's in your best interests not to." Satoris states to Thea, dryly. He's got the last of the cots on the pile and glances about the room. "I agree. They should have to fend for themselves. The lot of 'em are rather spoiled, from what I've seen. None of them are remotely prepared for life as a dragonrider… And I may be wrong, but I don't think Impression instantly makes a person capable."

Y'ki blinks for a moment, and then slooowly tilts his head towards Thea. Just staring. Maybe he's amending his internal 'list'. His upper lip curls up though after a moment. "You..excuse /me/." And, well, he'd say more, but Satoris seems to have gotten ahead of him in it. He shakes his head though, arms lightly folding around his middle as he turns to look at Zevida again, brows lifting. "Should we tell them what happened last time candidates were brought there? Maybe they'd learn to shut their traps a little better in the future." Lives could depend on it!

Thea hears Satoris, she does. She looks blandly at the man. "Okay." As he gives his uneducated opinion on her survival skills, she just silently shakes her head. And starts towards the door. not in a hurry, not storming out. Just going.

Zevida eyes Thea, frowning as she, too makes a mental note. To Ysa, she comments. "That one needs extra chores…" She muses idly before eyeing Y'ki. "No, I think they can find out on their own…" As Thea starts out, she moves out of the girl's way. "Well, double the extra even." The other two are given a slow, careful look and she tsks. "It's good to have friends, but, it's not good to be rebellious with friends." She turns, pausing. "Let's take the blankets too, because of the three trouble makers, here. I'm going to get some more arms to carry these beds out faster."

Ysa was not looking quite pleased at all about now, even with her klah and the joy of watching the candidates' cots removed. "This is precisely the kind of attitude that will get you kicked out of candidacy. Are ya ready to represent the Weyr and do as you're told? I don't think so." She looks towards Zevida as if to ask her what /she/ thought of those candidates. The older junior downs another gulp of klah and frowns at then, nodding towards Y'ki and Satoris. "Thea," she snaps this time, stepping into the doorway to block the only access out with a glare. "Okay /what/, Candidate? Your next rest day is gone. Be sure to report for double duties, and up at dawn to run laps in the clearing."

Saige watches the show go down quietly, just leaning on Neferennu. She's not talking, not now… number one, and primarily, she knows better!

Y'ki watches Thea move, and then simply smirks..and says nothing at all. He doesn't have to, by the looks of things. The shiny ones will take care of /that/. He does start the process of clearing out those piled-up cots though, snickering softly as he heads out of the barracks with some. Oh what a lovely day.

Thea stops as Zevida speaks, and Ysa steps in her path. She's calm, unruffled, a bit of surprise in her voice, genuine at that. "Ma'am? I thought we were to sleep outside and…so I was going." If she's angry, she isn't showing it no. "Yes, Ma'am, I will be there." She waits. "May I get started then?" Y'ki is completely ignored for his unprofessional behavior.

Y'ki is a professional! He's a professional ass. He does his job well.

Shifting the cots around to fit them in one another and make them easier to carry, Satoris has fallen to silence. He's tried. Again and again he's tried to state his piece and explain things to them. Now it's up to the staff of the Weyr. He's just the muscle. The brawny, sexy muscle. "Shards I'm glad I didn't take up the knot," he mutters to himself.

Zevida tilts her head towards Thea, "girl, if you're going to pretend to be respectful, do it at all times rather than switching in and out. You are to treat /all/ riders with respect. As a candidate, you hold /no/ rank." She states, then, pointing towards the floor where the cots once more. "That is where you'll sleep. For the survival camp, who /knows/ where you'll sleep." Her lips are pressed into a thin line. "You'll be having extra chores. I'll let L'alie know of your disrespect, as well. We'll come up with a fitting punishment." A glance is shot to the other two.

Saige is so not allowed to drool over Satoris. Ahem. She does salute all four of them, briskly, carefully, almost ironically, but oh so innocently. "Yes, ma'am."

And oh, if Satoris' comment is a purposeful temptation to spout a similar sentiment, Thea doesn't take the bait. She just waits until Zevida speaks. "There was no pretense intended, Ma'am," she retorts evenly. "Force of habit from working with the Headwoman. No rank, I will remember better. " She gracefully inclines her head to the pun— Y'ki. "My apologies Rider." And as to sleeping inside after all, she merely nods.

Ysa wasn't going to let a candidate escape! She nods her head over to the younger goldrider. "What she said. You're sleeping here, on the cold hard floors. We'll see what Weyrlingmaster L'alie wants to do with all of ya during camp, especially after all this." With another glance towards the rest of the room she quickly adds as well, "No rank, which means ya respect the Miner as well. And that's to /all/ of ya." Though the Miner doesn't really get away easily, either. Ysa heard him, and he gets a glare just as well. "We'd actually have a sensible candidate if ya did."

It wasn't meant as bait. It was an honest sentiment. Satoris hefts a few of the cots, preparing to carry them out. His eyebrows raise a bit at Ysa. "In all respect, m'am, I'm not sure I would have remained a candidate if I had to put up with this. I can barely stand it as it is." He shrugs a bit, grunting as he shifts the weight of the cots and heads to the door to get them outside: make it easier for those coming to haul them off.

Zevida glances to Satoris, chuckling softly. "Well, if they showed respect.. It'd've never came to this." She states, glancing him over. "And, from what I have understood. You are very good with that." A pause and she looks around. "Well, I suppose there is nothing else to be done here except haul the cots now. I'll get a few others to do the rest."

Ysa snorts at Satoris and gives the barracks another once over. "Maybe you'd have put more sense into them instead, too. Bad 'nough this Weyr is just full of other crazy riders…" She mumbles before downing the rest of the mug. "Least there's still a few sane people left." With a nod to Thea— hey, at least she was doing /something/, unlike the other ones— the older junior turns on her heel. "I like how ya think, Zevida. I'll be with Ella, if ya need me 'gain." And out she goes! Grumbling all the while about hatching eggs.

Thea's eyes flash a bit at Satoris' comment, perhaps she's found a bit of common ground. But for now, she doesn't offer the knot back. She doesn't look scared it will be taken, either.

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