Random Log: Trouble All Around

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing

A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a this and sharp border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places with upturned petals to wave to whoever may be looking.
The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the mountain where, high above, Xanadu's Star Stones and the ever present watchdragon sit on a lonely peak. Directly south is a massive tunnel, fully wide enough for even the largest dragon to fly down. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the Caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the Infirmary is a human sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Tavern. Southwest lies the low ledges currently belonging to Xanadu's queens while north and west a broad path cut by the side of the cliff leads to the Feeding Grounds and due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr.

Thea is walking across the clearing, although she doesn't seem to be in any hurry as she goes. She's looking tired and her tunic front is soaked. There's a worn dish towel slung over one shoulder; perhaps forgotten in her joy at being released from the kitchens. A huge yawn is about the only noise she makes, but there's a bit of a growling near her stomach.

Delynni is coming back from her first drill as a member of Galaxy Wing. She's hot and sweaty and her face is all but glowing in excitement. Ryukith is in similar good spirits. The blue walking in his customary half slouched lope. "That was friggin awesome. I can't wait to go back tomorrow." The blue rumbles in agreement, tail twitching in a catlike manner.

Stretched out in the clearing is the cinnamon brown Dulacth, the dragon is hovering near the infirmary and occasionaly snorting or crooning to humans who pass him by. Walking out of the infirmary is the ruffled looking for of Senkyou, in her arms a wrapped little bundle. Dulacth croons sweetly to Senk, who gives him a pat and continues spotting Thea she smiles, "Excuse meh, excuse meh. Candidate." Pointing to Thea. "Would yu mind comin' over here." Delynni is given a small wave, but Senks being mean and has no time to bother with her.

Delynni beams at Senkyou, a smirk on her face as she recalls the /last/ time they met. But rumors have Delynni smirking even wider at the bundle. She hurries over to say hello. "Hello Miss Senkyou. Don't think you remember me from a few turns back. But I saw you and thought I should ask how you were." She says politely. Delynni still has the henna tattoos from pre impression days at Ista and reaches, but one of them is now a permanent fixture. Part of the neck, head and front legs of a rain blue dragon with a bell clasped in his talons are tattoo'd on her right shoulder blade. Ryukith slouches into a half seated position with his wings flopped loosely at his side, and cocks his head at Dulacth curiously. A warble comes from the blue's throat as Delynni waits to see if Senkyou recognizes her.

He finally got his clipboard back the other day. The thing is in even a worse state now and instead of the clip, there's a band holding the ragtag stack of papers to the board. Satoris slows a few paces as he approaches the clearing, narrowing pale eyes as he considers those present. A few paces behind him is Archy, who leads the rather sleepy looking — as it's just beginning to be dark enough — Arsk. The wher makes a few low noises at the dragons present, but largely sticks to his Handler's side.

Thea gives Senkyou a wary look as she is hailed. The look on her face clearly says, ''what now?' but she doesn't voice it. As Thea changes direction in response to the Rider's call, Delynni is given a puzzled look for all the smirking she's doing and a limp wave with a few pale, water-shriveled fingers.

Delynni spots Thea's white knot. "hey there Candidate, nice to meetcha." Delynni watches as Ryukith slowly sinks into a reclining position, wings flopped loosely on the ground.

Thea stops as the Rider and bundle disappear back where they came from without a word. "Ah, ok, well…" Relief is written all over her face. She does hear the noises Arsk makes and pauses, interest in her eyes at the sight of the watchweyr. But oh, there's a man and a clipboard headed her way! Delynni's comment causes her to smile briefly. "We've met before. The day you first had your dragon in the air. On the Beach? Hello to you, Ryukith." And of course she's edging towards the trees. Escape is only a few steps away.

Delynni blinks. "Oh yeah. I remember now. You didn't have a candidate knot then though did you? Congrats on Search. I hope you impress." Ryukith appears to be sleeping, but one can see at a closer glance that he is just sitting very, very still. And his eyes are /staring/ at Delynni and Thea.

"Candidate… Thea, is it?" Satoris announces, glancing away from where Senkyou and her lifemate have disappeared. Archy hangs back a bit, shy as ever. The Journeyman taps his clipboard, "Are you currently on the schedule for any chores? I could certainly use you and…w hat's his name? the boy with the tunnelsnakes? He could be of good use. Is he about?" A nod to Delynni and a brief greeting byw ay of "Rider."

Thea nods to Delynni, "Thank you and I hope so too, I think." She shrugs with a bit of a rueful smile, which vanishes when she is once again hailed. She turns reluctantly and answers Satoris, "Uh, not right now. Just finished my chores. You mean Delgin?" She frowns as she says the name. "Faranth, no. They've kept him too busy to adopt anything else and I haven't had to babysit him. Don't know where he's at right now." Hope colors her voice. Perhaps if the job takes two she is off the hook?

Delynni nods to Satoris. "Miner. I hear there's a bit of a project going on. Have things been progressing smoothly?" Her grin is huge, even if her words and tone are polite. "Kept a /pet/ snake?" Delynni asks, Ryukith's head perks just a tad at the words "Pet snake."

"Tunnelsnakes, yes," Satoris says, dryly, to Delynni. "He thought he could keep them as pets. Apparently he wishes to turn the candidate barracks into a barn." Distaste is evident in the miner's voice. He glances at his clipboard, then back to Thea. "Well, I was hoping to get more done today, but you'll do. I need someone to clear away the waste wood from the woodcrafter's. Likely bring it to the kitchens so they can use it for fires." He shrugs a bit, glancing to Delynni once again. "Smooth enough, despite the lack of aid from the candidates."

Thea heaves a longsuffering sigh at Delynni's question, "Delgin's one-of-a-kind." Her lips silently add a 'Thank Faranth' at that. As Satoris names the task, she winces and all but groans under her breath. "They…didn't add that to the chore list?" Someone will hear about this. "Where and how much?"

Ryukith rumbles lazily and Delynni says. "I can help a little. I just got back from my first drill with my new wing. I'm very excited. But as you can see hot and sweaty." Delynni unlaces the collar of her shirt carefully to let more air in.

He's been trying to get it added, but the blasted members of Weyrstaff are so difficult to get time with. Satoris glances to his clipboard, then back to Thea, eyebrows rising. "I was informed that candidates could be put to work, or are only riders permitted to do so?" There's a measure of annoyance in his tone, but it shifts to surprise as Delynni speaks. "Really? That would be great! The sooner the excess is cleared out, the better. It's begun to get in the way."

Thea blinks at the bluerider. Someone, anyone -volunteering- to work when they don't have to? Her expression of amazement tells the tale: she hasn't seen this before. A half-laugh, "Where were you when I was Headwoman's assistant? I had to comb the recesses of the Weyr to find hands!" She foot-drags her way towards the miner. "You are." Without enthusiasm she adds, "Let's get this over with."

Delynni grins. "Well while you were an assistant I was a weyrling. I had to focus on classes. But i'm the kind who, unlike her lifemate, can't really sit still for long. I went through seven candidacies before I impressed Ryukith at number seven. And each time I was probably the hardest worker in the barracks. I was always doing this or that for whoever. And if it wasn't chores it was continuing lessons with the beastmaster in the stables or helping candidates with their robes ore making sandals for them."

"Excellent. Your aid is /very/ appreciated," Satoris offers, smiling somewhat. Yes, a smile! See, all you have to do is actually /help/ the man and he cheers up. Go figure. Archy is watching Delynni's lifemate, almost warily, while Arsk seems to doze on his feet. As the miner begins to move, so does the apprentice, and thus the wher… who snuffles at Thea's feet for a moment.

Thea rolls her eyes towards Satoris. "Remember this one. When you can't find Candidates. Please." Her face says it: And you can be very sure this Candidate will try to be harder to find. Arsk's sniffing of her feet is unexpected and her attention is diverted. She looks down, "Um, hello, you don't bite do you? Because I've had enough of those of late." She wavers her nipped (thanks to Ruin) fingers showing the needle-like sores to the watchweyr. "He doesn't, does he?" This to Archy.

Delynni laughs and Ryukith stands, stretches, and slouches over to offer his help as well. "Alright, lead the way and tell us what brush you need cleared. Thankfully Ryukith is very agile. I swear, he's the best escape artist in the Weyr." Delynni grins as she flexes a muscle for Satoris to see.

"You realize if you Impress, your life won't suddenly be full of days relaxing by the beach?" Satoris inquires of Thea, brow knitting. "You'll be working harder, from what I've seen." He shakes his head, turning to begin the trek to the mine site. Archy glances down at the wher, then back at Thea. "He won't bite without good reason, miss. He's well trained." The boy glances to Satoris and shakes his head. "Just listen… If ya prove yerself to him, it gets a bit easier. He just hates people who're lazy." Shrugging, the apprentice follows after.

Thea looks unimpressed at Delynni's muscles. But…the woman is a Rider and so Thea keeps her mouth shut. "Of course I know that!" Whoops, she's snapped at the miner. Clearing her throat, she moderates her tone, "Time off will be time off. That's all." She gives a grateful look towards Archy, remarking drily, "I'll be sure not to give him any, then." And she also falls in step.


Xanadu Weyr - Forest's Edge

While the forest is thick for a long while, in time it begins to thin, as the ground becomes rockier to the south western stretches of the Weyr's land. The trees are further apart, and the rocks become larger, before rocky outcroppings seem to be more prevalent than the trees around them. As the hills begin to gain in height, the shruberry upon them become more stunted.
What's this, though! It seems with all the recent earthshakes from the south, the ground has begun to realign itself, and one hillside has shifted, revealing an opening into a small cave. At least, that's what it appears, as the whole is just large enough for an average sized man to sneak through.

Though he can hear both Archy's words and Thea's, Satoris makes no motion to reveal that he has. The miner only walks, casting glances and writing occassionally upon his clipboard. Arrival at the mine site leads them into a decently lit area with hanging lanterns. Members of the woodcraft work hard at breaking down trees into more manageable parts, working from blueprints. However, a multitude of branches litter the area. Archy moves towards the mine entrance swiftly with Arsk, who makes joyful noises at the entrance. Satoris comes to a stop by one of the worktables and glances over the debris. He looks to Thea. "There's a tarp, over there," he points, "put it on that… We'll have someone use a herdbeast to drag it towards the kitchens later."

Thea follows, stepping carefully over the rough ground. She slides a curious glance Arsk's way. "He sounds almost…happy." Who'da thought? She nods at the miner's directions and heads about picking up branches. As she passes Satoris, she waves one of the smaller branches she's holding towards the jumbled hillside just visible in the lights. "What's in there anyway? The others in the barracks all think it's full of gems and stuff."

Satoris and Thea have just entered the mining site. It's a fair mess: bits of tree and wood everywhere from all the work the woodcraft is doing to get the supports for the mine shaft built. Archy and Arsk have just begun to descend into the mine proper. Satoris glances over to Thea and shrugs, "They seem most comfortable underground. Sometimes I think perhaps above ground is too open for them." The question causes him to raise his eyebrows and the man considers, "There might be. But they won't look like the gems they're thinking of. They'll look mostly like rocks until they've been cleaned up and polished."

Neferennu has been intrigued by all the sounds of wood being cut and steps into the area, her mouth agape as she looks around. She may have seen the hole appear from afar, but this close, it is just a little too disconcerting. An unconcious shudder before she takes a few steps towards where Thea and Satoris are cleaning up branches. "Why is this area so messy?" More of a curious tone than one that is ordering, but it has a tint to it. Must be from having just come from the annex and helping new trainees. That must be where the various scents from the different oils made are coming from.

Thea digests that, "Poor things, then, to be carted around above ground." She stoops to gather another branch and adds this to her growing bundle. A brow quirks, "So…" She pauses to spit out a leaf that she's partly inhaled. "…have you found any rocks that -look- like they -might- be gems?" She's persistent, if nothing else. As Rennu arrives, she advises the other Candidate urgently, "Run. Run while you still can." Smirk.

Oooh. Another slave. Satoris waves Rennu over, answering her question in the process. "We're a bit behind schedule because of the ice. So they're just working in getting the parts for the shaft built…" And not cleaning up. It takes up time and what else would there be for slave- er, candidates to do? He glances to Thea and shrugs. "They don't mind above ground, but to some wher, going down into the caves is… a treat, perhaps." The question draws a sigh from the miner as he sets his clipboard down on a table and shakes his head. "I haven't even begun the mining process yet. We need the shaft built so the cave is supported… If we don't have a support structure in place, a pick in the wrong spot could bring the whole place down."

Neferennu frowns at the absolute mess and then shakes her head. "Why aren't their apprentices doing the clean up? I have to do clean-up after treatments all the time." Snort. Arms are crossed over her chest and she look from Thea to Satoris. "Well, I can understand why you want the support structure, but it is their mess, not ours." Mom always told her you clean up your own messes afteralls. Make that foster mom, her mom never really had any will to be a real disciplinarian. "Thea, you helping or did you get dragged here?" A roll of her eyes and a wink, as Rennu is clearly joking.

Thea shudders at the mention of things coming down. "I'll be sure to mention that as a certainty in the barracks, then. Keep the curious scamps from attempting to go in and see for themselves." Rennu's question get's a short laugh, "Helping. Of course. I live to work, like that bluerider over there who does not know how to relax when off duty." A thumb is pointed Delynni's way.

"Everyone had best stay out unless they've got permission and a miner attending," Satoris says sharply. "All they need to do is speak to Archy to find out what it's like to be trapped during a cave-in." The endless questions draw a long sigh from the miner. "Because we only have a few woodcrafters working for us and if they stop to keep cleaning up, the mine will be delayed even further than it already has been and I was informed that there were candidates around to help out… Apparently no one told any of you that you will be made to work sometimes."

Neferennu gives a smile to Thea and is about to help pick up branches but Satoris' comment stops her, making her stand upright again and look at him. "I beg to differ with you. Some of the candidates, like Delgin, may not seem to do much work but there are some of us that do. I have my own work outside of my candidate chores." Though going on about how much more important dragonhealing is in a weyr would be pointless, since in Rennu's mind it wouldn't matter to try and argue with her. So instead, she just walks around the miner and moves to Thea. "I wouldn't think of entering that cave. I got scared when it opened up, remember?" Well, at least she has spoke to him about how it made her feel after the fact. "I don't know about live to work. You need to get some time off too you know." Though a glance is given to Delynni and then a shrug. "Never seemed to stop her when she wanted to start flying either. Got to watch the lessons of stretchings for preparation to flight. Ah well, she'll realize it is best to relax on her days off soon enough." Still though, she hasn't bent again to help pick up branches.

Thea snorts at Satoris' last comment and remarks with some asperity, "We do work. We work all day." She holds up her still-wrinkled hands. "Washed dishes all day. Evenings we're supposed to bathe…and sleep." She reflects for a moment as she sniffs the fresh wood scent. "Though truth be told, I'd rather be working out here than in the steamy kitchens." She steps over to a few broken boughs lying near a fallen trunk and tugs at them. They come loose suddenly and she's on her butt. As she rises and re-gathers the banches, she adds, "Seriously Satoris, I don't think they'll talk to Archy. You know… some kids do not listen to reason." Like Delgin. She just chuckles at Rennu. "You know me too well. I relish my time off. When I'm allowed to have it." Cue mild glare at the miner. Poor guy, just trying to get a job done after all.

"I imagine neither of you care about promotions or being recognized for work then," Satoris states, dryly. He seems rather unpreturbed by their complaints. If anything, it resolves him more. The man shakes his head as Thea falls upon her rear and sighs, moving over to grab up a branch himself. He shakes it. "Is this even hard work? No. I could be asking you to carry the finished planks back and forth into the mines. Aradir kindly offered his help on a day off to do so. Thank /Faranth/ there's no more Thread. The two of you would be pathetic. Thread falls and it's your day off? Oh no. You'd be sitting there whining and moping while people injure themselves protecting us." He snorts, "I'm /glad/ I turned down being Searched. Else I'd have to put up with spoiled brats all day."

Neferennu just rolls her eyes, not in a pleasant way, at Satoris' words. "Oh I do care, just not about cleaning up wood created by other people of a different craft." The mention of Thread makes her turn around the look at him, not blinking. "If Thread were falling, I wouldn't be standing here helping you pick up wood off the ground. I'd be over there.." A motion back towards the annex. " helping those people and those dragons that would be Threadscored fighting to save us. Besides, I read the history files at home. All of these precious wood planks you use for your mines would be harder to protect. You know, at one point, weyrs refused to even protect them. So I don't need another lecture today Satoris, I've had enough of them already. When you want to learn how hard it is try and stitch an artificial dragon wing together with a dragonhealer keeping time, and having you do it over and over again until you can do it blindfolded and under two minutes for a tear an armlength wide, all while having to do it through numbweed and not being able to feel, then I will consent if you want to call me spoiled brat." Oh yes, she has had a pretty bad day. One of those days where one of the masters decided to test everyone's abilities and have it never be satisfactory. Doesn't care that stitching a wing blindfolded, with numbweed, and under two minutes is near impossible! It has to be done! Not that he can do it.. Her face has gone red, her tone a bit more high pitched, then she spins on her heel and walks off towards the other area muttering something about old senile riders that don't seem to know a shellin thing about current technology techniques of repairing wings. Branches are picked up, thrown into a pile a bit away, even a log tugged hard and thrown without looking.

Thea just starts laughing in disbelief at Satoris as she props her hands on her hips, she drawls, "And just -how- does moving branches around at the end of a long workday compare to a life-threatening event?" She giggles for a few moments as she steps about picking up branches. "Aradir's a guy," she states simply. As if that explains it. Oh, wait, there's Delynni over there. How to explain that? she doesn't even try. Then Rennu is… well, saying it all. Thea just lets her, nodding along.

"You're both idiots." Satoris states simply, shaking his head as Rennu finishes her tirade. "Are you done complaining?" He looks to Thea, eyebrows still raised. "Because, from your behavior, I would not rely upon /either/ of you if a life was in danger." He folds his arms, watching both as he takes a deep breath. "Did neither of you pay any attention whatsoever when you took up those white knots? Or were thoughts of dragons stuffing your head too full to listen? You are the /lowest of the low/. If a /drudge/ tells you to get down on your hands and knees and scrub a floor, you are expected to do it. If a herder tosses you a shovel and tells you to help them muck out the pens, /you do it/. The chore board is not a sign of the only things you have to do. It's the things expected of you each and every day in case you get ideas of hiding in a hole somewhere to avoid being an asset to the Weyr. Many Candidates come from elsewhere. The Weyr is having to feed and clothe each and every one of you while you are here. Not all," he looks at Rennu, eyebrows quirked, "have a Craft to work. Some were pampered Hold children who don't know what work is. And if you have an issue with it, I suggest you remove that knot and go on home, because no Weyr needs an attitude like that."

Saige steps out from behind a tree. "And some of us Candidates are Rank, rather, Level Three DragonHealers that have trained incessantly since the age of fourteen and before that ran errands for the skill since before the age of ten." She says, oh so sweetly, but flatly. "If a Crafter has a Craft to do then They. Do. That. Craft. They don't stand here moving wood, they stand wherever needed. We may be the lowesst of the low, but in the end, we are greater for what we are striving to become, and nothing, and noone can take -that- sense of greatness and scare us home." She waves slightly at the girls, then moves to stand next to Rennu. "And give Rennu a break; our Master is putting us all through tests today." She growls.

Thea just eyes Satoris. She has an armful of branches, which -ought- to speak for themselves. But, alas, they don't, either that, or Satoris just doesn't speak their language. "Erm, Satoris, Sir…working…here." She continues collecting the fallen debris, "Slaves we might be, but we still may speak freely. And you do not know—unless you can read minds - what induced us to accept the Search -you- rejected." She casually dismisses the man, with a flick of her fingers and continues her work.

Neferennu turns to glare at Satoris who is then calling her an idiot and is about to say something when Saige seems to appear out of nowhere. That's because Rennu wasn't looking of course. A grateful smile is given to Saige, even if it is only half hearted, then she turns around begins picking up more wood and throwing it into a growing pile over to the side. She's only here because she didn't want to stay in that annex any moment longer than she has to, but she will leave if Satoris keeps this attitude. As Saige moves closer, a look is given to her that please just keep him off my back or I will outright hit him I'm so shelling mad right now, then moves towards another clump of wood a bit further away from the man.

"If being a Crafter is the most important," Satoris asks, giving a slight nod to Thea. He's noticed. He's just trying to get some understanding across. "then why are you wearing that," he points to the white knot, "knot? If you were absolutely vital, your Master would've denied the Search. They're asked, you know. Whether or not you're allowed to be taken away. If they absolutely have need of you, they can tell the Searchrider no and you're kept. However, you were allowed to be Searched. That means that the Annex will run just fine without you. they have to. What if an emergency comes up right as the eggs are Hatching? Where will you go? The Annex? I don't think so. You'll be tromping off with the other candidates to the Sands." He picks up his clipboard, briefly making a note, before glancing over them again. "I do appreciate the help. However, I was told that if I need help here and a candidate is available, that I am to tell them to aid me. I have limited help here as it is. Usually there's a bigger team, but there are other things taking up the miners and the woodcrafters time. Feel free to complain to the Weyrwoman, but I imagine she'll tell you the exact same thing I am. You are candidates, first and foremost. You continue to train in your crafts just in case you don't Impress, so training time isn't lost, but you picked up that white knot. You told your superiors you were leaving. This is the life you agreed to. Get with the program."

Saige gives Neferennnu a look. It's one that says He-Is-Cute-And-I'll-Deck-Him-For-You-But-I-Can't-We're-Candidates! Then she glares at Satoris. "Y'could still be nicer you know." She informs him, crisply.

Neferennu mutters something to Saige below hearing level of the others and then makes her way off back towards the forest itself, a log being tossed back here and there into the pile. Plants can be heard moving, and she wasn't at all silent, as she had tried to be before. She still has her other chore to do today, since the tests took up most of the day today, and she had a chore that allowed her to put it off. So instead she leaves to go back to the barracks to do that. Too upset right now to want to get into an argument that is purely emotional rather than thought out. Maybe she'll apologize him to later. Right now though, he can complain to those candidates that don't do any hard work. Excluding Thea and Saige then are trying to help. So she'll take her numbed fingers away and leave him to complain in peace. The headwoman is afterall expecting her boy's torn shirt back before his bedtime and it is in her pile to do.

Thea just continues picking up branches. Faster they get picked up the sooner she can get some much-needed sleep. Besides the others have it well in-hand. She's just trying to get this done. "Um, Satoris, Sir, are you -certain- that they wouldn't forego a crack at the eggs if an -emergency- arose? Because really….they study dragonhealing for such times as those." Just a thought, her shrug seems to say. She's opted out of debating in favor of finishing a job and getting some sleep before sunrise. Branches pile high in her arms and she's feeling her way about towards the tarp.

Where have all the Candidates gone? To the clutches of S'ya's least favorite miner is seems. After having come across a moody Nefernnu who was muttering something about the miner she decided to waddle on over to check things out, well aware Satoris was usually around these parts. When she catches sight of Thea and Saige she frowns. "So this is where you all got off to. What are you all doing?" She asks the group in general, her hazel eyes moving from Candidate to Journeyman.

Work is going fair apace in the clearing. The woodcrafters are keeping — wisely — out of the debate. Satoris is standing by a table, setting down his clipboard. He looks fair angry. Rennu storms off and he snorts, shaking his head slightly. Muttering to himself, he glances to Thea. "No, they likely wouldn't. By taking up the candidate knot, you are giving up your Craft should you Impress. Some continue in their Craft after Impression, but not all. That's why I refused. This mine is important and if I became a candidate, no work would continue on it whatsoever until after candidacy… and that's if I didn't Impress. What if I Impressed and got transferred? Or found myself on bronze and after Weyrlinghood, ended up a Wingleader or something?" He strides over and picks up a few pieces of wood himself, tossing them on the tarp for where they're to be gathered. "If there is an emergency while the Eggs are hatching? Saige and Rennu will still have to Stand. The Dragonhealers will have to find help elsewhere."

Saige places her hands on her hips, and strolls up to Satoris. "You are the most arrogant, wierd, odd, one-minded idiot I have ever seen. Get the fact through your sharing heads that quite a few of us would give up the Hatching for an emergency, especially if a dragon is in danger. Since you've already turned the chance down to be wearing this knot with us, you might as well know that our group is dedicated to our jobs." She growls. "And even as a dragonrider, I don't have to drop my skills! I can still heal dragons, if anything, it's even better!" She cuffs his shoulder lightly, then kisses his cheek. "Now will you think for once?" She demands, staring at him.

Thea continues wending her way through trunks and fallen trees, loading her arms with branches and working her way back towards that tarp. She tilts her head in total puzzlement at Satoris' reasoning, "But…see…you do not understand the mind of a Healer then, "She states calmly, "The motivation to assuage pain, must override personal ambition. Besides…" she looks up as S'ya enters, "…there are always eggs. Candidates know this." Does she mock him about his reference to Impressing bronze? No, she does not. All she does is add drolly, "Or become weyrleader."

What has S'ya walked into? The greenie eyes Satoris warily as he goes about his business, the preggar rider stepping over a few stray branches as she moves closer to the group. "What about the Candidates, Satoris?" She asks with pursed lips, glancing over at Thea and Saige. "Why did Nefernnu head out in such a state?" But then Saige is yelling at the Miner and she steps in. "Candidate, what is this meaning of this? Yelling and saying such words to someone with a higher rank?" Don't mind that she'd been yelling at the Miner a few days ago. The kiss just makes her arch an eyebrow. Uh… okay. "Thea." Yup, she's getting a look too at the Weyrleader comment. "I want an explanation, now." And that's to Saige and Thea, the greenie crossing her arms as she looks them over, giving up when the belly gets in her way.

A roll of the eyes. Give the first example that comes to mind and this is what happens… "Perhaps if I'd instead implied maybe I'd Impress Gold," Satoris notes, drolly. He shakes his head a bit, tossing a bundle of sticks onto the tarp. He's helping, see? Does no one notice that? But then Saige is kissing his cheek. Pale eyes widen and he takes a sharp step back, extending a hand to put on her shoulder and hold her back if need be. "I /am/ thinking. If your Craft truly meant that much, you would have turned down the offer to Stand." That's just how his mind works. Men and multitasking don't always get along. Then S'ya is there and he grits his teeth, almost grinding them together for a moment. He blinks, however, at her words. What? No dragging the candidates off for some supposed work. No pitching a fit at him? He runs a hand through his hair, getting some bits of bark mixed up in it. A few sections stick up, even. "Neferennu apparently disagreed with me that Candidates are here to work, whoever may request their aid." It's a simple, flat statement, but he seems more in shock than anything at Saige kissing his cheek.

Saige gives Satoris the sweetest smile she can, but then S'ya enters, and she just stands there, hands clasped in front of her, batting eyelashes. Oh, she's pulling the innocent DragonHealer candidate look, no words right no- …

Thea hears S'ya, really she does. "I was just…" Weakly her words trail off. Nothing is going to sound good, no matter what she says. "…working and…." being honest now, "Uh, talking… while working…?" Oh saved by the bite. Literally! Ruin, cradled in Thea's sling, rouses and he's HUNGRY! He's not partial as to where he gets his meat, either. Thea testifies to this with a yelp. "Gotta go, hungry firelizard here! Satoris, Sir we must do this again, really soon—it's been such fun!" And she trucks on off through the forest before she can get eaten alive — by S'ya or Ruin.

"To some Craft and dragons can meld perfectly, not to others." S'ya says to Satoris, eyeing the miner warily. Nope, she still figured he had something to do with all the raging emotions, he had a knack for upsetting the ladies after all. When Satoris reveals Neferennu's feelings on the matter she lets off a sigh. "Well, we will all have to have a nice little chat about that sort of attitude. Candidates are below everyone in the Weyr rank wise, I figured we had made that very clear. As for all this yelling and cursing," And she's eyeing Saige now, that innocent look not working on the green. "That will not do. Apologize to the Miner." When Thea starts talking she eyes her curiously, staring when she starts to run off. She opens her mouth to say something but gives up, the Candidate already too far gone. She'd nab her later, no doubt.

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