Random Log: Touching the Eggs Again

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

Ellamariseth and Ysa had called on the candidates again! Alright, the former had while the latter was already glaring in the direction of the entrance as the weyrlingmaster leads out a small group. "Go on out to Ellamariseth's today," the brownrider calls over to the candidates, ushering them onto the hot sands. The queen stretches out her good wing and rumbles a warm greeting, stepping back from her eggs to allow them to approach without any trouble.

R'sul is currely napping, it would appear, leaning against Hesketh's foreleg in such a way that if the bronze were to move the weyrleader would probably end up with a face full of sand. Hesketh's head does stay close to Kilaueth's eggs though, a warning rumble given to any that get a little too close - he has his orders.

Saige trails in and towards Ellamariseth's eggs, stopping to bow deeply to Queen and Rider before she hesitates, and then trails for the Ocean See Sky Egg thoughtfully. "Whoa." She says, staring from the lack band up to the wavy pattern, then the splotch. "How do eggs get so.. designed like this?" She wonders, after trailing around the egg for a few moments, then, delicately, placing her palm against a series of white speckles.

Aradir, with the rest of the candidates, is brought to the sands again. As he enters, he bows respectfully to Ellamariseth, her rider, and the other rider(s) on the sands with the gold. When he is directed to approach Ella's clutch, he walks to the area slowly, being careful where his feet land. Wouldn't do to step on an egg, after all. The gold always seemed to be a great deal more welcoming than Ysa; however, Aradir is respectful to them both. "Hello again," he offers to them both. "Thank you…for giving us this opportunity." He is careful to keep a distance from Kilaueth's eggs; he doesn't want to get eaten, after all. He looks to Saige as she speaks, and gives a bit of shrug. "Don't know," he replies. "But they're pretty, hm?" He smiles, then looks back at the eggs, taking a moment to remember which ones he'd introduced himself to. Aradir's gaze turns to the Wake Up and Smell the Egg, fingertips gently tracing the crimson droplet shapes at the top of the egg.

Saige gives Aradir a soft smile, which turns slightly shy for her as she closes her eyes and carefully examines the rays of sunshine that seep into her. "Healing… of course…" She murmurs, under her breathe. "Dragons, at that… learning why your egg was made the way it was would be a great wish…" Her tone turns wistful then, and she smiles at the egg after opening her eyes. "You are fascinating, you know that?" She informs the egg, feeling slightly silly but pleased with herself.

Closer, he needs to get closer. What's that whistling sound? Aradir leans a little closer to the Wake Up egg, closing his eyes so that sense won't disturb his sense of hearing's ability to discern the sound. His hand moves fully to the egg, palm curving around the surface as he leans closer to it, trying to 'hear'…something….

Saige bites her bottom lip, shaking her head frantically as something is brought up in her head. "No… no no no… please?" She asks, almost pathetically at the egg as she steps back, wobbly, only her fingertips on the egg now, caressing it lightly. "We don't have to stay in -there-… please… a sad life is not a good one! Or fulfilling."

Aradir almost gives a yelp of surprise, but though his mouth opens, no sound comes out. He does gasp sharply, his eye widening, and he straightens quickly, as if he'd been shouted at from the egg. He wobbles a bit, as if unprepared for the sudden jolt of whatever had caused him to react so. But through some miracle, his fingers do not leave the egg's surface. Though it's only the tips of his fingers on the egg, they remain in place.

Ysa seems to relax just a bit at the trailing end of candidates, giving a smirk and a nod towards Aradir and Saige first, followed by the rest of the candidates. She glances in the direction of the more protective clutch parents and the napping Weyrleader, and uses his example of leaning up against Ellamariseth's leg as she watches the candidates touch her eggs.

A small group of candidates, the five that have been so careful to keep to themselves, slip onto the sands at the very end. Keeping together they head for the eggs, taking it in quiet turns to touch before moving on once more.

Saige lets out a wobbly noise, and then steps back again, hand dropping with a soft swish from the egg. "Hope will always be there." She whispers toward it, then turns to survey the crowd. Although her interest lies for a moment on Aradir, her brow is creased, taking in everyone's reactions to their eggs as she steps around the egg, going for the curious Swax On Swax Off Egg, and she smiles, just walking around it for now.

An intensely sorrowful frown pinches Aradir's face, one almost a much of pain as of sorrow. He doesn't like sadness, and someone's upset. He wants to help, but the sounds and sorrow begin to retreat into the background. "Wait…let me help…" Aradir breathes. And then his eyes open again. He pulls his fingers from the egg, giving a sigh. "…One sad egg," he notes. He shakes his head, patting the shell one last time, then pulls away completely. The Life is Short egg catches his eye next, and he moves ti it, examines it for a moment. And then he hesitantly touches the bird-shape on the shell.

Saige places her hand on the 'scarf' of the egg, gently, closing her eyes. Why? No idea! It just seemed like a good way to concentrate on the little egg alone.

More people just made Ellamariseth all the more happy, but Ysa's been irritated from start to finish with this group of candidates. Her green eyes snap towards the trailing group, frowning from where she was standing. "I don't care whether they're here for your eggs or not," she grumbles up to the gold, tilting her chin up. "I don't like the fact we took people from /outside/ the Weyr to begin with." And her voice hopefully carries, so she can glare over to them.

Aradir blinks a bit. Yellow. Sweet Faranth, the YELLOW! Not that it's an ugly color, but it's so bright! He is dazed a bit, and his fingers freeze upon the shell of the egg, as he tries to adjust to the sights and sounds. Wow, so bright and so busy. Blink. Blink. Blink. His own eyes blinking almost in time with the blinking in his mind.

Saige blinks in surprise as she sees -everything-, and she's slightly awed by it. "You aren't what you seem! Where are you from?" She asks back, replying in a softer tone. "I'm … from here. But I was born elseplace. Why do you ask?"

Aradir is still quite dazed from all the colors, and his eyes close, to block out anything visual that might contribute to the bright. Ow. Ow-ow-ow. It doesn't really hurt, but it's so…weird. So…abstract. Nothing really concrete, just colors and sound.

Saige shakes her head, and then lets out a low, halfway painful, exploratory noise, not really wanting to say anything, so she doesn't, just placing her other palm against it for now.

Aradir frowns. So many colors. It's confining. He's still dazed. It's not giving him a chance to concentrate, the colors pass by so fast he can't catch them all. And then…poof. Gone. Aradir's fingers come off the shell of the egg…because he falls over backwards, sent sprawling. He looks up, and then blinks, realizing that he's looking up. "Eh? How I fell over." He shakes his head, and rights himself, taking a moment to catch his breath.

Saige steps away from her current egg, shaking her head, then wanders towards Aradir's egg post his falling down. "Don't do that too often." She says, absentmindedly, before singlemindedly placing her two palms in the middle of each red double hoop.

The candidate clutster moves around the eggs some more, seeminly oblivious to Ysa's stares and comments. As they approach Aradir they seem to bunch a little tighter together, moving beyond Saige and he without a single word.

Once he's caught his breath, he moves again, edging away from the busy, busy Life is Short egg. Kind of freaky, truth be told. Saige comes over, and he nods to her comment. "I know," he notes. "Didn't realize it…until I was already down." He chuckles, then warns as Saige moves to touch the same egg he just left, "Careful. Busy, busy, that one." He moves towards the Possibly Not Doing Something egg - the only one he hasn't introduced himself to. He looks up at the cluster of candidates as they pass he and Saige, offering a smile and a nod of greeting, and then looks back to the Possibly egg. He traces a finger over one of the blurred figures.

Saige reels on her feet, just barely keeping her hands on the egg as the first sound *crashes* into her mind. "Nnnnhnnh, and /hello/ to you too!" She yelps, loudly.

"…Aradir," he answers the egg, voice little more than a breath of air. "You?" He blinks a few times, tracing the crimson of the egg where the figure's outline meets that of the red on the rest of the egg. He looks to the egg as he does, getting a little nearer the egg….

Saige blinks. Blink. Blink. "I'm … I …" A long, very, very long pause as she just happily listens … er, watches … rather, does -both- … her expression is slightly amazed, eyes glazed over.

Aradir takes a breath, frowning a bit. However, he's accustomed to people getting irritated with his inability to be understood. Thus he doesn't get upset. But…he doesn't understand. It anticipates a response…but not the one it wanted. The second question is answered, "…D-don't know yet. Not hatch yet." He's talking mostly to himself, so he doesn't bother trying to make himself understood better. Besides that, his concentration is on the egg and the colors and sounds; he doesn't have the concentration to spare, to remember to speak slower.

"Try not to fall onto the eggs. If ya need to fall, fall backwards where hopefully there aren't any eggs," Ysa advises the candidates as she watches a few of them totter a bit from the reactions to the eggs. She smirks, amused, and definitely more relaxed than other touchings. Ellamariseth is swinging her head about from one to the other, getting close to the candidates without frightening them away. That clumped up group there! Separate and focus on her eggies! She whuffles at them and then turns to some others. Ysa casts a few more glances that way, but overall they haven't really made themselves keep her attention.

The bunch seem to linger at one egg for a while, each one taking their turn to touch until one seems to decide this is their favourite and lingers with their hand on it. There's a quiet muttering from the group, though nothing really loud enough to be heard, and even Ella's whuffling cannot break the group… yet.

Saige shakes her head, and then steps back, gives a half-bow to Ysa, and then takes a -hard- seat on the ground, holding her head. "Oh…."

Aradir seems to wince a bit at the sudden explosion. "I…am me. You are you…" he breathes. "That's all…I know." He pulls his fingers back from the shell of the egg, shaking his head slightly to clear it. "Don't know yet," he says again to the egg, louder this time. A pat to the shell. "But you'll know…soon enough. Don't worry." He smiles, and moves back from the clutch slightly, just enough that he can see them all. A pause, and he looks up to Saige. "Are you all right?" he inquires. And he looks over them once more, mentally trying to remember. Wind and Rain. He remembers them. He reaches once more to the Dim and the Dark Egg, that olive filigree drawing his attention again, traced by a gentle hand.

Saige grins lazily at Aradir as she stands and wobbly makes her way farrrrrrrr far away from the Life is Short Egg. "Yup, fine. But -wow-!" She yelps, grinning at him.

Ysa pushes away from her lifemate's leg to frown towards Saige. "Well, I didn't really mean it," she calls over. She looks just a bit concerned, before turning towards Ellamariseth's whuffling. She moves around the queen to be able to spot the group better and shakes her head at them, quickly snapping out a, "Move along and be sure to give each egg attention. And spread out!" Huff. Her hands on her hips as she glares that way for a moment. She certainly picks favorites in candidate groups, and these weren't them.

Aradir pouts a little as he gets nothing. Ah well…better luck next time. Perhaps the little one is asleep. He draws his fingers from the egg and looks again at Saige. "Told you! Busy little one," he notes, chuckling. Since Dim and Dark is asleep, let's try…Tragically Without Fruit!

Saige shakes her head at Ysa. "It's fine!" She protests. "Really, just. That egg was such a strong sense!" She says, eyes round, then she gets distracted, and calls out towards the egg she's at now; "Hey, hey, wherhe are you going?!"

That definitely makes Ysa jump a bit, swirling around towards Saige with wide eyes. Where /was/ the egg going? But Ellamariseth gives an amused rumble and she sits back on her haunches to watch the reactions. These were all definitely entertaining her, at least. Ysa snorts as a private message is passed, and she smooths her hair to pretend nothing happened.

The bunch splits a little, spreading into two clumps that somehow seem to end up always next to each other - but Ysa can't say they didn't do as she asked in their own little way. The clumps drift over towards Kilaueth's eggs, receiving a warning rumble from Hesketh, then eventually drift back over to linger silently beside Saige.

Aradir frowns a little. Not there, either. Still, he is going to try again, as he pulls his hand from the Tragically Without Fruit egg. A pause to remember, and then he looks to the Fly Chicks, Fly Egg. His fingers trace the crimson vein on the surface of the shell. Hello? Are you here?

Saige grimaces slightly. She knows the smell of blood indeed, from uncooked meat and her own skills and her mother's talent. "Nnhnh. Ew." She informs the egg.

Saige steps back from the egg, hands on her hips, and she proceeds to -scold- the egg. "Now, what do you think you are doing?! Scaring off me an' the other candidates like that. Hrmph. F'shame." She shakes her head, then wanders towards the little egg of circular mazes, happily touching it.

"Keep your voices down, too, if you want to keep your head. The queens might think you're threatening their eggs," Ysa, again, advises as she narrows her eyes in warning towards Saige. Ellamariseth? Bite off heads? She was rumbling, amused by all the silly looks coming across the candidates' faces. She was twitchy, though, when Hesketh isn't in the sharing mood, turning in his direction to snort after the protective bronze. Her wing spreads out and she shifts on her feet while Ysa paces up and down like a proper brooding mother.

Nope. Looks like not. Oh well. Aradir pulls his hand away from the Fly Chicks, Fly Egg, moving back again so that he can look over the clutch. Looks like the eggs have learned what they need to of him. Well, at least everyone knows him now! So he's given each potential hatchling a good idea of who he is. That in mind, he watches Saige and the other candidates, though he sits near one of the eggs he'd attempted to touch a second time.

Hesketh is only doing his job — he has his orders from Kilaueth and never let it be said he doesn't do what she wants. The bronze nudges the slumbering R'sul a little more upright, then goes back to watching carefully.

Saige stares at R'sul for a moment before she carefully and idly just leans against the egg, eyes closed, smiling happily, blissfully. Whatever the egg is, she enjoys it.

Saige giggles slightly. Foam and seas, tides and water has always been something to her, so as she cautiously explores her own thoughts, memories, dislikes and such, she lets them take her joy of friendship with the people of the weyr; her lack of real world experience(Which is /true/) and more.

Ysa also glances towards the sleeping Weyrleader for a moment, rolling her eyes before sighing. How could he still be sleeping? Ellamariseth had gotten just a little bit agitated since the bronze got defensive, and she scoots her big self to the barrier between her egg and the other much larger and Senior queen's. Her candidates. Her tail twitches and she watches carefully, but Ysa was starting to pace more anxiously.

Saige sulks slightly when it goes away, and then sighs. "Aww… I'm sorry you had t'go…" She whispers to it, taking the long way around past the sleeping R'sul to stare at him blankly. "Does he always sleep like this, if you don't mind me asking?" She wonders to the bronze, with a ashort bow.

Hesketh lowers his head to stare at Saige, blinking twice at her before a voice from near his leg mutters, "You should never assume you know. Amazing what you hear when people think you're asleep."

Saige gives a startled bow. "And that's why you sleep in a bed, Weyrleader." She says, as pert as ever. "ACK! I'm sorry, I've got to.." Peering out the cdavern, she executes a hasty bow, turns, and flees.

"Did you catch anything interesting said, then?" Ysa calls over to the Weyrleader, smirking at the faking man. Ellamariseth turns to watch the candidate and bronze interact, huffing and at him. He scared her away! She ruffles her wings, irritated, before turning back towards her own clutch. Ysa waves her arms towards the weyrlingmaster that brought the candidates in. "I think it's time for ya to head on out. There'll be more opportunities, later," she calls over to them with a nod.

Aradir nods as Ysa begins shooing the candidates out. He stands, offers a respectful bow to the riders and dragons on the sands. "Thank you," he offers, giving a smile, and then exits with the other candidates.

R'sul nods over to Ysa, "I'll tell you later." His eyes drift over to the bunch of candidates who're busily reclumping and heading for the exit as well.

Ysa stalks over to her lifemate's side again, laying a hand on the gold's foreleg as she watches the candidates move off one by one — or some more together — towards the barracks. She turns with a raised brow and a frown in R'sul's direction at his comment. "Oh?" Wait, still other witnesses around… Ellamariseth gives even the suspicious ones a warm rumble of farewell.

R'sul waits till the sands are clear before stretching and moving finally. "Two of them are scared of Ella, one wants to go home, one thinks they should never have agreed to come here and the other one is pretty sure she's going to Impress something but doesn't want to be separated from the rest."

"/Scared/ of Ella?" Ysa seems shocked by that one, most of all, staring up to her queen's whirling eyes as she stares off towards the exit. She was kind, but still twitchy and nervous due to the other queen that was sharing the sands with her. She rumbles and moves off, leaving her lifemate to stand there for a moment. The smaller gold stretches out between her clutch and Ysa sighs, turning for the platform to cool off. "They sound like they all come from the same Hold. We should have told Searchriders to only ask those among the Weyr, we had 'nough. What with everything going on, everyone's on edge." Especially this junior.

R'sul nods, "They're probably as scared of us as we are of them." His gaze once more drifts to the exit though the bunch have gone now, "Must be hard to get brought into this if you're not ready for it. I know I was a bit wary of the gold when I first stood. Still…." He pasues, trying to think of what to say, "Ella's the least worriesome gold of the bunch I think. Chances are they'll not Impress and then head home again."

Ysa presses her lips firmly together, reaching for a pitcher of water that was left there. Chilled when she got it, but now warm. Either way she poors herself a glass and takes a long drink to refresh herself. "I didn't even want to get up on a dragon the first time I came to the Weyr. I arrived with the Traders, so I understand how different it can be. But honestly, it doesn't help that there's been murders an' all that. They're scared out of their wits." She snorts and then sighs, dropping down into a chair. "Hopefully. Ella won't do anything to hurt any of the candidates, at least." Was that a hint of regret in her voice?

"Everyone's worried." R'sul agrees, heading over to the platform as well. "I was sure something was going to go wrong. Someone was going to try to steal an egg or something." Ysa's only the second person he's admitted it to, and perhaps it goes some way to explaining why he's always on the sands. "Can't be over soon enough if you ask me, but… well I'm just paranoid I guess."

Ysa shakes her head slowly, and then quickly stops and frowns at R'sul. "They'd be crazy to do something like that with two queens on the sands. Even Ella would eat a person that dares to think 'bout that." But she is definitely not comforted by that fact, looking towards her lifemate's clutch and then R'sul. "Right? An' ya aren't the only one that's paranoid. I think I've given even Ram a headache complaining that something's bound to happen."
Paranoia always works better with more company!

"It's not Hesketh they'd have to worry about, it's me." For all R'sul may be the calm, mild-mannered, geeky type there are some things he just would not stand for. "Fia pretty much reckoned they'd be dumb to try anything as well, but there's always that little worry. Took her suggesting they might time it to grab one before I realised I was being a bit dumb."

"'m not one to be messed with, either," Ysa says, smirking towards the Weyrleader. "But I never took ya for someone like that." She stretches her legs out, cooling her feet as she lifts them off the sands and the platform and taking another drink of water. "Fia? The name sounds familiar… Kefai might be a bit smarter than the rest of his followers, but… I'll be here more often, I suppose." She looks towards her queen with pursed lips. "I doubt they'd try something against our clutches. Against the Weyr is more likely."

"I'm a bleeder, not a fighter." R'sul admits, "But if I can drown someone before they do damage I'd be happy." He smiles, joking, but then a bright blush starts to creep up the back of his neck. "Weyrharper." Is his quick reply as regards who Fia is, but he's quick to jump on any chance of changing the subject. "They can try. I doubt they'd get too far unless they're still making those fake marks."

Ysa winks to the bronzer with a grin. "Right. Well, I can cover ya on both sides. Would rather save mine and Ella's skin, but I'll fight if I got to, an' I don't hold back." She pats her side where she keeps a knife present, thanks to the guard upbringing in her family. Her grin only grows now and she leans closer towards him. "Oh? Ya know this Weyrharper well, Weyrleader?" Another wink. "Let's hope they're actually smart 'nough an' stay gone, but I doubt it. 'm waiting for something to happen, I jus' know it is."

Sadly there's no way R'sul would admit he's found another woman he likes in that way, even sadder is he'll not do anything about it, instead all that happens is his neck glows a bit brighter red and he gives a very lame reply of, "Not too well, she hasn't been posted long. She's doing a concert for the eggs. I mean using the candidates." As the topic drifts he nods, clearly happier to settle on this, "You and me both. But at least we're ready for them. Mostly." A quick pause and he gives a very fake yawn, and an excuse to run off before he gets asked any more awkward questions abotu Fiara. "I'm going to go get some real sleep. If he bothers you just tell him he's being rude."

"Uh huh," Ysa says, obviously not believing the Weyrleader's words. She watches him even closer now, if only to make him more embarassed. "But that's good. A concert. 'm going to enjoy that." She looks towards the eggs, the Senior, and then back towards the Weyrleader with a serious look. "Are we? Every time I speak with Niva, it doesn't sound like she cares much or believes anything with happen." Which makes the junior annoyed. She chuckles as he gets up and slowly nods. "I'll stand watch here for a bit longer. Not sure if I can move off the sands right now. Sleep well, R'sul," she calls out after him.

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