A Chore Gone Wrong

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing


A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a this and sharp border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places with upturned petals to wave to whoever may be looking.
The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the mountain where, high above, Xanadu's Star Stones and the ever present watchdragon sit on a lonely peak. Directly south is a massive tunnel, fully wide enough for even the largest dragon to fly down. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the Caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the Infirmary is a human sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Tavern. Southwest lies the low ledges currently belonging to Xanadu's queens while north and west a broad path cut by the side of the cliff leads to the Feeding Grounds and due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr.


Thea shrugs at S'ya, "Believe me, I have tried, Ma'—uh, Rider Sya. She eyes Delgin narrowly, "There you've heard it from the lips of a Rider. Now do you believe, me?" But the boy is hugging the box fiercely, ignoring Thea and stubbornly addressing S'ya, "But if they had lots of love, maybe they wouldn't." Great, now his eyes have gone all teary.

S'ya looks over at Thea with a confused look before looking back to Delgin. "Where did you ever get that idea, love? Those things are vile and they will kill you the first chance they get. It does not matter how hard you try to domesticate them." Oh, the tears. She lets out a sigh, nodding her head a bit. "Tell you what, love. Just settle the box on the floor and I will have someone from the Herders come pick it up in a bit. They can raise it properly." Of course she's no intention of doing all that. She's just gonna get someone to kill the evil things once Delgin and Thea head out.

No one in the barracks. Aren't the candidates supposed to wait there like good, shackled slav- oh, hello! Satoris strides into the Clearing and towards the group where most are wearing that lovely white knot. He casts a brief glance to S'ya, but is soon approaching with a clipboard in hand. "There you all are!" the man calls gruffly, sounding vaguely annoyed.

Thea blinks back at S'ya. Hopefully the m-word wasn't heard by the Rider. "Delgin," in her very best coaxing tone, "Let S'ya see to them. She raised a baby dragon, after all." The boy glares suspiciously back at her, then the Rider. He turns at Satoris' voice, box still clutched to his chest. "M-maybe he might want one!" Thus the box is extended trustingly the miner's way. Thea just inhales.

Satoris earns himself a less than inviting look when he just walks on in, S'ya moving closer to the Candidates. "Yes, love. I will see to it that they all find lovely homes." She tries to soothe Delgin's fears, a quick look passed to Thea that just says 'Is he serious?' before that box is thrusted at Satoris. "No, love. He does not want one. He is too busy and stern for something like a pet." Yup, she's still sore about the whole Search thing.

There's a brisk nod to S'ya, but overall, Satoris seems fairly… unobservant of whatever mood she may be leveling at him. Instead, he approaches Thea and Delgin, looking down upon the two of them. The box is given a fairly… considering look. "I imagine Arsk would love them for dinner," the man states, blandly. He shakes the clipboard. "I have need of a few hands. Are you two busy?"

Thea nods helplessly at S'ya, circling one of her own ears with a forefinger. "Not sure what the Search dragon that picked him was thinking," she mutters darkly. "Suppose he thinks Dragons can live off vegetables, as well." Delgin looks uncertain, but Thea moves with purpose. Taking the box firmly, from the boy, she closes the lid and sets it upon the ground. "You've accomplished your task, we can leave it with S'ya." An apologetic look is sent over her shoulder to the greenrider. "Not busy any longer, Satoris, Sir."

"Well Aesk cannot have them. These snakes are going to the Herders." S'ya says huffily, moving closer to the Candidates when Satoris sets to fiddling with his clipboard. "And yes, they are very busy. I was just about to ask them to help me bathe Sophyrinth." Bad greenie! She was totally out to get the miner. When Thea contradicts her she shakes her head quickly, shifting the now sleeping Zallesh so he's a bit more comfy. "Nonesense, loves. I have need of you two. It is very hard for me to bathe poor So in this state." It's tug of war for the pair.

There is a lot of huffing, grumbling, some moaning, and a lot of scraping of clay on stone as Neferennu manuvers a large clay urn across the entrance to the caverns and out onto the grass, arm length by arm length. There is also sloshing near the top of the urn. Once on the grass, the urn is picked up by the handles on the sides and carried. Only a few paces, then it is set down as Rennu catches her breath. Hair is falling in her face, cheeks are bright red with the effort, and some beads of sweat across her brow.

There's only enough light here to do this. Mending - not one of Aradir's preferred tasks. But he's reasonably good with his hands, and that slightly offsets the fact that he has no idea what he's doing. At least the job looks decent. He walks into the clearing, carefully poking the needle through the fabric, and then…. "Ouch! Rrr…." Aradir gives a growl at his own clumsiness.

"I'll just have to contact the herders then. He loves fresh tunnelsnake," Satoris says, unperturbed. He glances between Thea and Delgin, a brief expression of confusion upon his features. His brow furrows and he shakes his head. "You may wish to be certain that the candidates are kept appraised of what they're to be doing," he states to S'ya. A glance around the clearing as he assauges with pale eyes. Rennu is left to her devices; that looks… tricky. Aradir, however, is soon being moved towards at a brisk pace. "How much longer will you be busy with that?"

Thea looks torn (but not between two lovers, that's obvious!) as S'ya and Satoris spar, at least until Rennu struggles into sight. "What are you doing, trying to ruin your back? And so soon before the Hatching." She tsks, "Let me help?" K, that didn't sound right, but hopefully Rennu understands. "Hey Aradir, sew the cloth, not your skin," she calls to him with a quick grin. Delgin just wanders off, no doubt looking for some other helpless creature.

Aradir looks up as his name is called, and looks from Satoris to Rennu. "I think…I better leave it for…for time being," he says slowly. "Like my fingers. And they need to stay…on my hands." He makes a face and then looks to Satoris. "Need something?" he inquires politely. Though he's making sure to keep an eye on Rennu and Thea, in case they need help.

S'ya spares Aradir and Neferennu a glance. Oh noes, more Candi's to fight over! "And well, they are clearly busy with chores so I guess you will just have to get back to that mine of yours without any Candidates today." When Satoris asks Aradir about his chore she purses her lips before mouthing 'long time!'. Before snapping over at Satoris. "And I should mind you keep your nose out of our business, Miner." She spies Thea and Delgin fleeing, her lips pursing a bit. She didn't mind them leaving so long as it wasn't with the miner. When Aradir answer Satoris polietly her face drops. "No, love. You should help me with So! She is in need of a bath and I cannot do it alone."

Neferennu picks up the vat and carries a few a steps more before setting it down once more. "Huh? Oh…hi." Some heavy breathing between words but there is a smile on her face for Thea as one arm comes up to wipe the sweat onto her sleeve. "No, I was in sweeping the back hallways. The weyrweaver caught me and told me to go dump this vat of used dye out. Supposed to dump it out over there…somewhere." A hand motions towards a spot on the clearing where the ground seems discolored and little grass grows. "Thanks for the offer, but I'm sure you have other chores to do today. I'll eventally get it there, after a rest or two." Or many, as the case may be.

Satoris runs a hand through his hair, shaking his head slightly. He glances to S'ya, then back to Aradir. "Apparently, the riders here at Xanadu are /quite/ lazy and require the aid of multiple people to get their dragons clean…" He turns to step away, not even deigning to look at S'ya at this point; seeming to be taking the route one may with a small child having a tantrum. Pay no heed. He does slow by Rennu, glancing over the vat. "You could hurt yourself. It'd be best to have help…"

Thea raises an eyebrow, giving her fellow Candidate a look of disbelief. "Are you daft?" Her tone is teasing, but still… "Why didn't you take a cart or a big, strong…" as Satoris pauses beside them she finishes her question, "…brute?" Smirk. She looks back at the greenrider, "I'll help you wash Sophyrinth, S'ya. My other chores are finished for now."

Blink. Blink. Aradir's expression becomes slightly confused. He looks between S'ya and the departing Satoris. Okay then…looks like he's helping S'ya wash her dragon. Which he actually likes anyway; it's a fun task. Since Satoris seems to have lost interest in asking for his help for the time being, he starts to move back to S'ya. And then he hears Thea offer to help the greenrider. Neferennu, it seems, is left to figure out how to carry that urn on her own. So, he walks over to Neferennu. "Need some help?" he inquires. "Looks heavy…."

Neferennu blinks as everyone seems to have congregated around her and the large vat. "Yes, I probably am, but it is my chore after all." A look from Thea, to Satoris, and then Aradir. "Alright already!" Hands are thrown up in frustration and then placed back on the vat. "It is heavy, but I don't dare spill any of this on any of the grass. The weavers said it could kill the grass." Snort, but she conceeds and moves to one side. "Alright, you win I suppose. I'll accept help. What are you asking for help with Satoris?" Eyes are trained on the miner as he seems to have the expression of someone upset there isn't any help for anything he wants. Her mind may have been on carrying the vat, but her ears had heard the little spat over candidates between S'ya and Sat. Eyes flick over to S'ya with a questioning look for only a moment, but they are back on the miner.

S'ya glances over at Neferennu and Thea as they talk on about the vat. "That is one of the worst chores out of them all. I used to break my back doing that back in Candidacy." She says to the girls, shifting Zallesh yet again. When Satoris calls her lazy she glares, which is so very unlike her. "Lazy? Let us see you juggle being a member of a Craft, working a Journeyman's project, having to raise a toddler, be an AWLM /and/ have a baby on the way and we can talk about lazy, /love/." Oh, there is so much poison behind those words. "They need to get used to being around dragons because when those eggs crack their lifemate may be out there. I know you do not care a wherry's backside about dragons but they do." She's still huffing when she starts making her way back to the Caverns but not before turning to the Candidates. "Mind you do not spill that! If you get this area full of dye Weyrwoman Niva is going to raise a fit." Without another word she's off. Crazy pregnant greenies, rawr!

VICTORY! All the little slaves are his now. Satoris barely registers S'ya's departure. At least not in an obvious fashion: ignore the tantrum and it'll disappear. He glances to Neferennu and nods towards where the forest lies, across the meadow. "I need some hands in moving tools and the like into the mine's entrance. The shaft is going to be built soon." He considers the vat of dye. "It'd kill the grass? Wonder why it doesn't hurt our clothing…" He's a miner. That's what he knows.

Aradir actually seems to draw back a little at the vehemence in Neferennu's tone. "…Sorry…" he murmurs, taking a step back. "Just…looked heavy is all…" he notes. He seems unsure now, and looks from Neferennu, to the departing S'ya, to Satoris and then back to Neferennu. An idea occurs to him. "Empty vat out first?" he asks Satoris. Then he slows down in speaking again, "This way…everyone will be free to help you."

Thea chuckles at Rennu before studying the vat. "So. How do we do this? Back home we used to dump it in a sluice that ran to the river." As S'ya heads off into the Cavern, she calls, "Will Sophyrinth let us wash her without you there?" She glances around at the others, then it's back to the task at hand. "Do we each grab a spot or…?" Just let Satoris do it, is what she ought to say. "Move tools, tramp to that mine and back -and- wash the dragon?" Now she's sounding peeved herself.

Neferennu gives an apologetic look to Aradir before watching S'ya walk into the caverns pretty pissed off. "Well, I guess we're going to have to avoid S'ya the rest of the day. Upset pregnant woman, let alone a rider…" Unconcious shudder and then it registers what Satoris said. "Oh, well…" A look back towards the caverns and then a slight quirk of her lips into an almost mischievous sneer. "I suppose I could always say I didn't return to sweeping because you nabbed me." This is said to Sat before her attention turns fully to Thea. "Well, if you grab that handle and I grab this one, it shouldn't be as hard. It will be easier carrying it back in empty of course." Smirk and then a look of dread as her left hand grabs the handle to the one side and sidles over so hold up easier when moving. "Let me know when you're ready and we'll move." The path to the edge of the clearing is blocked by a brown dragon and the box of tunnelsnakes is unnoticed in the path around the dragon.

"If you have a chore they're waiting for you to return to, do that." Just don't suddenly be stolen from him. Satoris has waited long enough as it is. Mean rider! He steps back, however, as Rennu makes the decision of how the vat will be carried. He's a Journeyman, not a candidate! They get to do all the grunt work. Even if he /is/ fairly tall and broad of shoulder. It'd likely be no problem for him to move it… which means it wouldn't be any fun, either.

Thea grabs the other handle and nods to Rennu, "Ready." She eyerolls towards Satoris, muttering, "No wonder you refused Search, Satoris. Be a pal and give that dragon a kick in the butt so we don't have to walk around him, hmm?" Her tone says she knows he'll not do that either.

Aradir watches them move the vat as well, since there's only two handles on the vat - Neferennu has one, and Thea has the other. He looks to Satoris and nods. He's got a stronger back than the ladies - no offense, but he's probably just slightly stronger - so it makes sense that he help. "I'll help you," he notes to Satoris. "But…I want to make sure…that Thea and Neferennu…are all right. That looks heavy."

"Ok, pick up and move on my count please. One…two…three!" Neferennu's voice changes on three and there is a grunt as the vat is lifted. Once Thea has picked up her side, she begins to walk forward. Help is good, as it isn't quite as heavy, but it is still heavy. Just as she is about to mention setting it down as they get next to the dragon's foreleg, her feet contact something other than grass. The box holding the tunnelsnakes is crushed under her left foot, causing her to lose her balance and fall forward. "What the…ahhh!" She goes down face first, the vat following her fall and spilling its more pink than red dye out. Rennu gets her entire left side, from hair to waist gets soaked in dye, as well as pink dye following the arc of movement towards the brown dragon they were trying to avoid, Adinaeth.

Ask a dragon to move? Not likely to happen. And, really, this is Satoris. He believes hard work is good for the soul. And the body. Walking around the dragon won't hurt them. Tucking his clipboard beneath his arm, the man takes a step to the side to watch as they begin carrying the vat. Pale eyes widen considerably as Rennu trips, but mouth just thins into a line as he waits.

There is pink dye? Pink dye near him? « BONZAI! » A wash of pink splashes through everyone's brain as Adinaeth lurches subtly into the splash zone, cheerfully 'helping' the vat up and over with his head to maximize contamination area. Then he wallows in the muddy churned up pink mess in the grass. Yay, pink. L'alie will be so pleased.

Thea is pulls downward suddenly. What with all the screaming, and the crushing and the splattering, it's a wonder the entire weyr doesn't come a-runnin' to see who's getting massacred. Thea closes her eyes as pink spews all about. When she opens them, she is on the ground alongside an empty vat and a half-pink Rennu. She stands and looks down at herself. Nice. She's got pink freckles all over her arms, legs and feet. Probably her face too. She looks at Adinaeth and her eyes widen. There's a pause, then she calmly says, "I didn't have a single drink today, I swear."

Aradir's eyes widen as the vat goes up, and Neferennu and Thea go down. He jogs quickly over to the site of pink carnage to check on the two. "Everyone okay?!" he inquires, looking quickly over everyone involved - including the dragon - to see if they're all unharmed.

Either it's really just a lack of emotion from Satoris, or a simple inability to find the proper way to express what has just occured. Overall, perhaps, there is a vague look of being thankful upon his features; largely around the eyes. It very well could be him covered in pink mud at this point. He takes a long breath, exhaling suddenly, and follows Aradir — at a far more sedate pace — towards those caught in the splash radius. He lets the candidate speak, waiting to hear the answer… though there is a wondering glance for the dragon wallowing.

Thea just eyes the men. The UNpink men. Life is so unfair sometimes. She gives Rennu a look that says, "You thinkin' what I'm thinkin?" Just how much pink is there concentrated in that mud, anyway? One finger scoops a glob of pinkmud and… Oooh! She resists the urge, though and just kicks the vat. "Not so heavy to carry anymore." Profound, no?

Neferennu lets out a soft scream, but more from the wash of pink flooded through her mind momentarily than from the fall. Slowly she opens her eyes, finding the left half of herself dyed pink. Luckily she was wearing a tan shirt so it didn't dye that bad, but the skin underneath is probably permenantly dyed for a month. Then her hair is examined as the red highlights are now dark red, the tan and brown more red on what she can see on the left hand side. Or at least they will be when it dried. Another scream. "I hate pink! I hate pink!" Acting like a girl in a temper tantrum, she stands and stomps on the ground. "I hate pink!" Everyone in the weyr probably heard her now. Then suddenly she realizes the dragon has moved and turns on her heel to face him, looking at the brown wallowing in the pink mud and trying to dye himself pink even further than he would've been. Slowly, very slowly, the scrowl turns to a smile. The growling of her voice turning towards more happier tones as first she giggles, then laughs, then laughs so hard she falls back down to her knees in the mud. "Never..met…a dragon…who loved..pink. He..can have..it." The words are barely got out and tears are wiped away with a muddy sleeve, leaving pink mud on her cheeks. "Thea, you ok?" Finally regaining herself, her eyes search out Thea and finds her covered in pink dots. A giggle can't be helped, even if another laugh is being stifled as much as possible. Yet still, no movement from the ground. Oh, her mood about being dyed pink will be sour over the next month for sure, but right now seeing Thea with pink polka dots is just irresitably funny.

Maybe another time would be best. Satoris glances in the direction of the tavern before taking a long breath and approaching the girls somewhat nearer. But hopefully out of range of any splashing by the brown. "If you're quick, I imagine you can rinse most of it off."

Thea joins Rennu chuckling at first, then just all-out laughs. There's more mud spattering about as Adinaeth cavorts and she backs away. She's got enough pink spots on her. A thought occurs to her, which stops her mirth cold. "Uh, Rennu? Now we have to wash -two- dragons." Groanmoan. "Shards, that's gonna take all night." She heads off towards the beach, not waiting to see if the formerly-brown follows. "C'mon Pinketh. You're first."

Neferennu laughs as Thea calls towards the brown and then nods solemnly, looking towards Aradir and Satoris finally. "Yeah, we're okay I think." With this she looks back at the pink mud, then back towards the guys, then suddenly picks up a handful of pink mud and throw it at them. "Here, you get pink too!" Finally she stands and tries to get all the mud off her, which is a useless task. "Ugh, pink…" is muttered to herself.

Aradir gives a rather humorous-sounding squeak, and scoots out of the way of the pink mud. Gah…pink. Nastiest color ever in the free world. By some miracle, he manages to avoid all the pink. Though his shoes are a little darker. "This…is why I wear dark colors," he notes with a smile. Now that he's sure Rennu and Thea are all right, he can see the humor in the situation.

Neferennu chuckles instead of laughs this time and then snorts at her pink left hand. "Oy, this is horrible. I'm going to go take a bath and see if I can get any of this off." The scrowl has returned. "I'll see you later in the barracks Aradir. Journeyman." A respectful nod to Satoris, and then a nod to Aradir, before she picks up the now non-heavy vat and carries it back in with her to the caverns.

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