Firelizard Eggs Hatch

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

T'maz wanders over to check on some Aunties feeding a few of the very young. He gets some food for a couple of the aunties after they turn the babies over to a couple Nannies."Here you go Auntie Rora… Want something to drink with the rolls?"

Neferennu walks in from the clearing, a scrowl upon her face as she looks at her left hand for the umpteenth time that is a dark pink. More muttering about pink and how the baths only seem to make it worse. Despite this, slung over one shoulder, is a bag of something lumpy. "Why Charte, why now?" The green chirps happily on her shoulder and flaps her wings, which causes the woman to get even more upset as pink dyed hair is thrown over her eyes. "You stop that or I will take these down to the lake and leave them there to rot!" Even snapping at the 'lizard doesn't seem to help as she still just chirping happily. "Ugh." Rennu stops in front of the hearth and sets down the bag. An empty pot for such things is grabbed and three holes are made. Then carefully, still slightly soft firelizard eggs are placed in the pot. "There, happy?" To which Charte glides down and begins putting sand around them. "Pah.." So off Rennu goes to set a bag down in a chair and then grab some food before someone else decides they need a candidate to do their work again.

There's a fuss as the young girl left to watch the basket of sand and firelizard eggs suddenly realizing that they're moving - and she's quickly jumping up, knocking her chair over. /Her/ firelizards are hard, and she's shouting to the caverns to tell everyone just that. "They're hatching! Get the meat!" The girl cries out, jumping up and down, pointing at the box.

T'maz glances up."Meat? I'll get some…" He turns toward the kitchens and makes a come hither gesture. A woman comes out when she sees the girl jumping around and returns rapidly with a huge couple of bowls full of fish guts and other less desirable parts of meat in it.

Sewers Egg begins to move, shaking in the sandy basket, quite impatient.

Rohelte has been sitting at one of the tables for a period of time by now, her chores either being done for the day, or neglected. "Noooo! Syeira, you need to stay /still./" The candidate is saying as she reaches out in front of her and … poses her green firelizard a certain way. "Just for a few more moments while I get it posed right, 'kay?" There's a figurine underway on the table, and the firelizard's bribery is sitting a handstretch away. But as the eggs start to wobble, Syeira becomes even less cooperative, taking flight from the table to perch on a rafter and hum. This earns a hearty glare from the teenage girl.

Thea enters the Cavern from the Kitchens looking a bit frazzled and mussed. The flour-smudged here and there on her tunic front bears witness that she's been baking today. In her hand she carries a mug of steaming tea, and it's plain to see that she's tired, "I'm so glad chores are done." A pink Rennu is spied and she heads over that way. Might as well sit with someone who matches her pink freckled face and arms. "What is hatching?" She's mighty curious about this and edges nearer. "Hey Rennu. What's up?"

Entering the living cavern the Ierne goldrider strides like she might own the place, looking around and holding her posture perfectly. No slouching, head held high. Glancing at one face and then another she walks over to the food tables, examing all the food with an eyebrow raised she takes a single bubbly and napkin. Grabbing a wine glass she fills it with the best wine she can find, sniffing the benden white and sipping it delicately. Taking a seat next to the firelizards she crosses her legs, my my.

Fallen Egg shifts and moves, before heading for the edge of the basket.

Fallen Egg shifts, before its tumbling from the basket and cracking open, falling from grace.

Deformed by Evil Brown Hatchling
Large and imposing, for a brown firelizard, this creature is a dark grey-toned brown, the shadows flickering over his back and tail, darkening his hide further. Ridges are large, seemingly crooked as they fall down his back, tips twisting a bit this way and that. Wings are large, though the spars seem miss aligned as the sails spread between then, talons on heavy limbs and wings deep ebony. His muzzle is almost overly long, as if it has been stretched out in some torturous manner, his teeth showing a bit on either side of his mouth.

Hellforge Egg is knocked about by its sibling, before a crack appears on it as well.

The Hellforge Egg has been rewrought one too many times, it seems, for suddenly its shattering.

Forging the Fires Blue Hatchling
At first glance, this hatchling seems too light to be blue, as his hide is the color of white-hot metal, yet, beneath it, the blue is certainly there. His ridges of steel-blue have already begun to cool, showing their true color, while the tip of his tail and legs seem to have been quenched in icy water, turning them to a smooth cadet blue. His body is well-built, muscles almost too defined beneath his hide, while each wing stretches out, thin sails cooling more quickly, turning dark between still hot spars.

T'maz watches as his Shoofly, a brown, and Samantha, a green take off from his shoulders and flitter over to next to Syeira and hum their greetings too. Other greens and a blue land by T'maz for a moment before going to add their voices to the humming song. T'maz gets the bowls from the auntie in charge, and moves them closer to where people are going to watch the eggs and whomever appropriates one for a friend.

X'hil enters the caverns from outside, looking this way and that, before exhaling. The man hasn't been seen in Xanadu in over two turns, not since he took his dragon and left. Rumour has it he's been living out at Ierne, a rumour no doubt perpetrated by his foster parents. He taps on shoulders, inquiring politely of people, "Hi, are you in the Comet wing? No?" He moves on to the next person, and the next, and the next after that as well, "I'm looking for a Comet wingrider, to pass on a message…" he murmurs, keeping an anxious eye on the exit. He'd rather pass on the message than, well, whatever it is he's avoiding.

Neferennu jumps as the girl knocks her chair over and rolls her eyes. "Yes, I can see they are hatching." Her tone is incredulous, but there is a slight warm smile. Maybe food will help her mood, so a couple bubblies and a bowl of stew is grabbed from the kitchen, carefully avoiding the bowls of meat brought out for the hatching firelizards. She's already had to deal to waking up with Charte shrieking in her ear when the green decided to lay her egg right next to her back in her cot last night, then tried to roll over on top of them. "Oh hey, Thea." The fellow candidate gets a larger smile than the typical scrowl she has had since getting dyed. "I see you got kitchen duty today. Hopefully you got some sleep last night. I don't know how much sleep anyone else got with Charte there. Dang 'lizard laid her eggs in my cot overnight." A motion towards the green firelizard that has perched on her own pot but is humming at the other firelizards. "Oh look, another firelizard clutch is hatching. Go grab some meat if you want some." A chin nod towards the bowl of innards down the table, then she digs into her bowl of stew with a hungry gusto.

Forging the Fires Blue Hatchling is creeling almost immediately out of the shell, stretching damp wings out, flailing awkwardly as he attempts to get away from the basket, looking for food.

Deformed by Evil Brown Hatchling has fallen, and fallen badly, bearing no resemblance to an egg. Not that a firelizard should, but. He's still sprawled on the floor of the caverns, falling behind his blue clutchsibling.

Rohelte can't seem to decide if she wants to sit at her table and pout-glare at her green firelizard, or if she perchance wants to go over to the other two candidates in the cavern. This - in the end - makes Elte's face look like something weird. Her brows are only half-furrowed, and her lips are pursed with a small-half frown as she looks between the other two girls, and the hatchlings abound now. It's not like she /needs/ another, but maybe if she trains one right she can have an artistic posing-buddy. Trusting something - or someone - not to destroy her work, she leaves it sitting on the table, grabbing her half-eatten meatroll and popping a chunk into her mouth. "Hey." She says quietly, approaching Nef and Thea, keeping a careful eye on the new hatchlings.

Fiery Egg seems to be on fire, settled amongst the warm sand, shaking and rocking. And then the heat as done its job.

The Fiery Egg shifts in the fire, before the cracks spread outwards from a center point, bringing the hatchling into the world.

Lord of Terror Bronze Hatchling
Fiery copper, bronze flames fed by flesh, crawls upwards over this bronze, quickly consuming his very body from the tip of his lean tail, over his muscled haunches and torso, and curling around his neck. Red-bronze stretches forth from the flames to forge his head - headknobs almost like horns in shape and size - as his nostrils flare now and again. Wings and ridges show hints of golden-bronze, rivulets of the paler hue flowing over the sails like rivers of lava.

Ameera watches the two firelizards, chewing on her bubbly and rising she looks over at X'hil. her speech is very proper and she says to him, "I am not from here, and can't help you." Even if he wasn't talking to her, she has to answer. With another hatching she stands, grabbing herself a meat roll and eating very carefully. As the candidates come in she examines them, "I wonder if we looked that.. Juvenille?" Speaking mostly to herself and watching them carefully, her eyes glazed and she is holding a pose as if any moment now someone will take her picture.

Thea plunks down at the table, beside Rennu, setting her mug down in front of her. "Had my pillow over my head," She grumbles. "Try?" She blinks at that notion, then lowers her voice, "Don't they give them away to important people…like her?" She indicates the goldrider seated nearby. But it seems others are trying, so she takes something long and juicy, probably some entrails, from the bowl as it's passed 'round. "Hi Rohelte," she gives her fellow Candidate a smile and pats the bench. "Lots of room."

Forging the Fires Blue Hatchling is creeling, demanding attention, demanding food for the fire. And he's quickly charging after the girls who are all sitting together, flailing damp wings, still soft talons trying to help him get what he seeks.

Lord of Terror Bronze Hatchling seems to expand upon hatching, stretching out to display his full coloration, stretching out. There's no creeling like the lesser minions, there's simply taking, and he's striking out from the basket.

X'hil ahhs, and nods to Ameera, "Ah, sorry. Didn't mean to disturb." he apologises, quickly. "If you see anyone who might know, send them my way?" though it's a rather relaxed request, he doesn't really expect much of a response. "Name's X'hil." he adds, introducing himself. It takes him a moment to notice what's going on around him, though the creeling of the blue hatchling gets his attention, and he peers over in that general direction with a bemused tilt to his head, though he quite welcomed the distraction. "Well, hello there, you— ohh!" he spots the brown sprawledon the floor. "Aww, poor thing." he murmurs, before shaking himself and looking around for food. Yes. Food. Maybe he could train one of these to be a better messenger than Meredith, the brown could be a bit clingy at times.

Deformed by Evil Brown Hatchling is finally getting up from the ground, creeling a bit as he balances himself, spreading his wings to test his steadiness. But hunger drives him onwards, though in his rush he's tumbling again.

Neferennu gives a smiles towards Rohelte and motions towards the bench that Thea has patted, but doesn't say anything as more stew is shoveled into her mouth. After swallowing, she sits back a bit. "Yeah, they do. Though I think almost everyone in high rank has at least one now so it is usually up to anyone to try for one. At least it was that way at Landing, and so far here as well." A slight shrug and then she takes a handful of the meat, setting in a pile on the table to throw towards the hatchlings if she dares. At least hers are old enough right now, and trained, to take care of themselves for the most part. "So, doing something over there Ro?" A motion towards where the artwork was left. "And I'm glad you got sleep Thea. At least you didn't try to roll over on the eggs and get scratched in the back." Smirk and then a scrowl. A small piece of meat is taken and thrown towards the hatchlings, landing somewhere in the vicinty of the Lord of Terror Bronze Hatchling.

T'maz says "I do know someone in the Comet wing, and I can pass it on for you…" He watches the hatchlings and shooes a canine away from where it's about to go nose to nose with one of the hatchlings, a creeling blue one."Brutus, Away…" Yep one of the spit dogs had been let loose accidentally."Find Mama." The canine whined and went back to the kitchen with a tail wag, remembering 'Mama gives treats!" He smiles when he sees the pink girl toss a scrap."That'll get their attentions." He says quietly."

"Is that scratch ok?" Rohelte asks Nefer as she takes a seat next to Thea, not facing the table, but instead the hatchlings spilling out of the their shells. The blue gets a wince as he comes charging their way, but takes a spill. Thankfully Elte knows better than to go help an un-impressed firelizard. Or Dragon. "I'm with Thea though, I'm a pretty heavy sleeper." As in, once she's out you better be shaking her to wake her up, a huge storm might not do it either unless the ceiling came crashing down. "Oh. Yah. I'm still trying to make mama's turn-day present, but it keeps getting ruined." One way or another. Last time it was shoved into the koi pond in the gardens.

Ameera pays no attention, looking over at X'hil and then holds out her meat roll. With a roll over her eyes she continues to eat her food, it's hers. Crossing her ankles she throws her hair back and eavesdrops on Neferennu's conversation, "Well not everyone of high ranks wants one, rancid little things. Elinath has always wanted one. I may indulge her today." Humming and wiggling the meat roll a bit.

Forging the Fires Blue Hatchling seems to scream this time, his creeling is so violent. Stop /talking/! And the blue is practically crawling up the leg of the talking girl, the one too busy talking about her mama to be his mama.

Thea eeps as the blue comes scrambling down the table and saves her mug, lifting it high. Her other hand goes with it; it's just reflexes that's all. Now she's got goo dribbling down her arm, but she doesn't seem to notice; she's too busy watching all the action. "Not back at Coldstone Hold, they don't. Weren't any up that way." She could add, 'never saw a hatching also,' but that is clearly written all over her face. she pauses and adds, "If I rolled over, I'd have been on the floor, not on eggs." She absent-mindedly takes a sip of her tea and her other arm is lowered too.

R'san strides into the cavern carrying a small crate, of the type used to transport fragile goods. He gives a short nod of greeting to the first body he spies, asking in a simple gruff voice. "Steward?" The crate is advanced as if to explain his presence. A shrug is the response from the young teen and with a sigh, the man nods and turns towards the next grouping. "Don't supose any of you know where the steward is? I've a delivery." The screaming blue is enough to draw his attention and a small grin crosses R'san's face. "Ah, now I see."

Lord of Terror Bronze Hatchling will not be teased. Nor will he sink to having to beg for attention. There's a piece of food thrown, which he's quickly snapping but, but then there's that wiggling meatroll, and the bronze is quickly launching himself at the wiggling meat. Ameera will indulge /him/.

X'hil perks up at T'maz's offer. Even better, a third hand message! He digs a scrolled up old hide from his jacket pocket, tweaking the thin strip of leather holding it closed in a slightly nervous gesture. She'd *know* who it came from, but, that'd be okay… "Could, er, could you pass this on?" he asks of T'maz, holding up the hide, though not handing it over yet. "It has to get to Xylaihl … eventually." There's no rush, really! Long after he's gone would be a great time to get it to her. The hatchlings still get half of the young bronzerider's attention, but he must get business done before pleasure. Message now, food next, maybe firelizards later.

T'maz winces at the blue,"Feed him…" One of the bowls is offered to the girls and then he turns to play 'steward'"I can take that for you if you'd like, Stewards are busy and if that's something for the kitchens I'll take care of that myself." He adds with a smile,"I'm T'maz."

Sewers Egg shakes in the basket, seeming to make a rattling sound, though its just the shell against the casing around it.

Ameera looks shocked, eyes getting big and she feeds the bronze slowly. "Yes.. I know, you'll get to see him a moment." Her eyes glazed and she scoops the little guy up, leaving her pie she heads outside where an anxious bright yellow gold dragon waits to meet her new pet.

Rohelte just winces as the screaming blue both raises his voice in hungry rage, and starts climbing up her (thankfully) clothed leg. But cloth only does so much against the prick and stab of newly formed, extremely sharp claws. ".. /Ow./" Elte's hand goes for that tub of meat sitting at their table as one hand goes to untangle the firey beast from her leg. "Sink your claws into that, huh? And not me?" She says, presenting a large chunk of red meat to the hatchling. "Hatchings manage to happen .. often enough, amazingly." She's pretty calm, despite the hatcling on her leg.

Neferennu laughs softly as the blue is practically crawling up Rohelte's leg. "Well Ro, seems he wants you pretty bad. Better feed him." The twinkling of her eyes is coming back, at least for a short time. A couple more spoonfuls of stew and then wiping her mouth she answers Ameera, catching her comment. "True, not everyone wants a firelizard. Last I heard my sister thought they were more of a pain than anything else. Though looks like your…Elinath will be pleased." A nod and then her eyes return to Thea and Rohelte. "Why did you lift your arms?" Bite into bubbly now.

Forging the Fires Blue Hatchling launches himself at the meat. And then its quickly disappearing down his throat. And he's creeling for more from his new pet.

The Worldstone Egg suddenly shatters, corrupted beyond repair - the one responsible for its destruction now free.

Lord of Destruction Bronze Hatchling
Pale bronze sweeps over his long, lean limbs and his equally long wings, with the pale sails stretching between each of the spars. His body is the same long shape, narrow from his sharp muzzle, over his elongated headknobs, to the end of his lengthy tale. Hide has hints of gold buffed into each of the sharp ridges along his back, the same light hues along his stomach as well.

The very foundations of the Monastery Egg are shaking, stones falling, before the hatching inside is left to the elements.

Maiden of Anguish Gold Hatchling
An ugly greenish gold settles like a cloak of poison over this small gold's hide, settling in the joints around her wingsails and limbs. There is the tiniest bit of gold untouched by the sickly hue, coloring the tip of her long tail, whereas the infection is most prominent directly opposite, on her gently curved muzzle. Headknobs are shiny, despite the green undertones, and her ridges are a darker bronze-gold as they meander down her back.

With a firm nod, R'san passes the crate over. "R'san, glasscrafter. Those are bottles and jars and I have no idea if they are for the kitchen or the not. They're clear so I would imagine so." Once the crate is given, he wipes his hands off and looks down to the continued activity below. "Mmm." he says in a curiously non-commital voice. "Interesting, aren't they?" He glances around as if looking for the owner. "May I?" He asks of T'maz when no one obvious sticks out to him.

The girl who had been watching the firelizard eggs is bouncing around, her own offering of meat way too excited to draw attention, but as R'san is inquiring, she's waving him over, pushing some meat at him.

Thea shifts a bit as Rohelte receives the attention from a climbing blue. Just in case, mind you, the claws should stray her way. At Neferennu's question, she shrugs with a bit of a laugh, "Thought it might jump up on the table and spill my tea. Used to felines running about, I guess." She dangles her offering, but is absorbed watching Rohelte feed the blue.

So much for being able to enjoy a little food with fellow candidates, for Rohelte. Instead now she gets to feed this demanding little tidbit of a blue. Placing the blue in the center of her lap, her hands go for more meat so she can quickly sedate the creeling blue. "Sadly, I don't think it's whether or not you consider them a nuisance. It's still a matter of their choice, more or less." Another large piece disappears down the blue's gullet. "I just hope he's a little more… docile than Syeira can be sometimes. Yusri's just like a great lump that wants love." As if there couldn't be a pleasant combination between the two? "Shards, I can't even think of a name off the top of my head…"

Lord of Destruction Bronze Hatchling comes in his brothers wake, damp wings spreading out as he steps away from the shell, like a great king from his throne, slowly pacing towards his new subjects. Who will fall?

X'hil seems to rethink his priorities a little, perhaps from watching the blue climb Rohelte's leg, perhaps because he's rethinking the contents of the message, but, for whatever reason, he pockets the hide again and moves away to find a bowl of meat, so as not to be caught unawares by a hungry firelizard. The offering he selects? Wherry meat, cooked and sliced. He nibbles on a bit himself as he wanders lazily back to the eggs and hatchlings, suddenly he has all the time in the world.

T'maz looks at the blue."Forge? Looks like he could have come from a Smithcrafter's forge…"

Maiden of Anguish Gold Hatchling is moving away from the shells, hissing at the brown who is still lingering around the basket, though at least she's not spitting. But then, she's turning, and looking like she's going to charge.

R'san's reponse is a grin and wink for the fey child accompanied by a "thank you." He scoops out some of the meat, holding most in one rough hand while the other wiggles one piece of raw meat out at the gathered group of hatchlings. It's a strange movement as he seems to be as much feeling the texture of the meat and pondering that as he is trying to entice the hatchlings. But a wise eye is kept on the babies. They may be small but they still can be fiesty.

Deformed by Evil Brown Hatchling is hissed at, and he's suddenly hissing back, before he's driven off in shame. Thankfully, he's finding a outlet for his attention - one tht's wiggling pieces of meat - snatching the piece away from the man who just sat down.

The Sewers Egg suddenly seems to erupt, throwing its contents into the world.

Mummified Mage Blue Hatchling
Though small in height, this little cobalt blue most definitely makes up for it in length. He appears stretched, all his features tugged and pulled out of shape. Bands of indigo wrap haphazardly around him, bunching together under his belly before drifting off randomly around his over-long tail like unravelling bandages. His legs seem thin, almost too thin to support his body, and even his feet have not managed to escape the odd stretching of his form - his near black toes and ivory talons combined are almost triple the length of normal firelizard feet. His wings hang ragged, poorly formed in the shell, though when fully opened reveal patches of white mixed in amongst the darkness - little stars waiting to break free.

Neferennu shrugs and then chuckles, finishing off her bubbly before taking a couple more bites of her stew. "Oh look, a couple more have hatched." A motion towards the bronze and gold near the shell fragments. "You know, I take firelizard hatchings so casually since it seems I see so many. Though I suppose in the northern regions like High Reaches it would be more a rarity." For an extra change, she takes one piece of the meat pile, pours a bit of the stew broth over it, before tossing it towards the gold who is about to charge. "Can't have them cannibalizing one another. There is plenty of food here." Hope no one minds the flying meat goo and stew broth. A chuckle towards Thea and Rohelte with the little blue before more stew is spooned away into her grumbling stomach.

T'maz smiles."We always have extra scraps of meat here. If I'm not here, one of the aunties or night cooks always can rustle up some scraps for the little lizards…And it also helps to train them to obey simple commands when they're old enough too." His brown and green are still humming their throats out, but T'maz ztops them with a momentary tossing to each of some bit of guts his hand pulled out of one of the messy bowls."Catch Shoofly, Catch Samantha!" are his orders to the pair.

X'hil narrows his eyes at the little gold, and glances over to the basket where the poor brown still is, or was. "Oh! Poor little fellow." he murmurs, though he's a little hesitant about offering meat to the odd looking brown. He feels terrible for judging by appearance in the end, and dangles a bit of meat in the brown's direction… But the brown seems to have found a bit elsewhere. Aw… X'hil shakes his head absently, and turns back to the eggs, holding the meat out to the new blue. That gold was kind of cruel, really. Or, just hungry? Maybe… He glances her way, briefly, then shakes his head, again.

Mummified Mage Blue Hatchling stretches from his shell, spreading his starry sails out, calling out as he stumbles forward. There, a bit of movement!

Thea blinks as Rennu throws meat at the hatchlings. She doesn't follow suit, but asks in a puzzled tone, "How are they gonna know who threw it and where to go if you do that?" She's just watching them all with a bit of a perplexed look. "They seem so… mean." Evil would be more accurate a word. A glance at Rohelte, feeding her blue, "Do they stay that way?" She sips her tea, the fingers of her other hand twitch just a bit and little splatters of juice fly in tiny arcs.

Maiden of Anguish Gold Hatchling cries as she's hit with a bit of meat, quickly snatching it up, before turning in the direction it came from, looking for more.

Rohelte only winces to the side slightly as Nefer sends a bit of meat goo flying, which plops on the back of her hand. The blue in her lap pounces on the back of her hand, licking it off roughly, and almost taking a chunk of her hand at the same time. "Hey now, watch it!" She snaps, placing the blue back in her lap as she presents it with another piece to work on. "I'm with you, since so many people here have 'lizards, the hatchings happen often enough where a 'lizard hatching isn't a /huge/ deal anymore." But it still is a big deal, 'cause well, usually they're cute. She looks back down at the blue in her lap, pondering T'maz's suggestion. "No.. forge doesn't seem quite right, though he's loud enough for a forge.." A look goes to both Thea and Nef then. "I almost hope you two get one too, so then I'm not the only one feeding something at odd times of the day.." And then she laughs a bit shortly. "No, this is all hunger-jitters. … Mostly." The gold may just be mean, however.

Lord of Destruction Bronze Hatchling follows in the path of the gold, turning his head this way and that, crooning at those in that direction, urging the first wave of the attack on.

R'san flinches slightly when stew streams splatter past him. "Have a care!" he jokingly calls out. His wrist moves up momentarily withdrawing the meat to wipe the small bit of moisture from his cheek and consequently leave a bit of glossy fat drippings instead. Quickly the meat moves back towards the hatchlings, where it goes back to moving. "Don't know. Look like it worked though. She's got her attention anyway." He drops the handfull of meat at his feet so as to allow him to move from crouch to a proper seat on the ground. The ensuing grunt seems to approve of his new move. "Watch the bronze. He looks intent."

Deformed by Evil Brown Hatchling is latching onto the dropped meat, creeling as it was pulled out of his reach, before as R'san is sitting on the ground, the brown is practically climbing into his lap to get some more food.

Neferennu just gives a shrug towards Thea. "They are pretty intelligent most times. Kind of like we can tell where a sound is coming from, they can figure out quickly from which direction got thrown at them. Though if you really want to confuse them just starting throwing meat at them from all directions. I used to do that as kid, run in circles around them throwing meat at them and then run away." A smile as she remembers some of her more stupid actions as a child, then shrugs again. Another piece of meat is picked up and tossed towards the gold, and the bronze following her. Then she takes a couple more pieces of meat and drops them on the floor next to her, and then dangles one over the bench next to her. "There, they should be able to follow the smell at the least." A smile towards Thea and then a look towards Rohelte with a hmm. "How about Thor? Read somewhere that was a name of a guy who had this hammer and could make sparks. Though it has been a long while." Earth mythology was always an interest of her parents, not that it really mattered much to her.

X'hil tilts his head at the brown one final time, as he finds a source of food, then nods, and glances back to the other hatchlings, a little warily. He looks a little pale, actually. But he holds out the meat blindly. Maybe because it's just easier not to look at these hatchlings, they are a little odd, after all… His other hand goes back to his message-bearing pocket, idly fingering that message, looking more and more like he wants to get home as soon as possible. He's started that furtive looking around again, as if he fears getting caught here.

"Hunger-jitters," Thea repeats. There's a world of apprehension in her voice. "If these little critters are like this, then the dragons…" For now the leaves the thought unfinished as a slight shudder passes through her. She's still twirling the bit of guts in a circle, eyes on the two advaning firelizards, but her mind is thinking elsewhere.

Maiden of Anguish Gold Hatchling snatches up each piece of meat as its found, before she's finding the dangling piece that is the source, snatching it from the offering finger and looking for more.

T'maz looks at X'hil."Your mother is Xyhlaihl? Haven't seen her around in a while… So don't worry…"

Mummified Mage Blue Hatchling can't allow someone with meat to leave. No, he must stay. Stay /forever/. Its far easier to sneak up on someone when they aren't looking at you, and that's exactly what this blue does to the unsuspecting visitor.

Lord of Destruction Bronze Hatchling is left nothing by his sister, the first wave taking all his fun. But, what's this? A bit of twirling meat? And then he's following after his sister, snapping at the twirling bit of guts, expecting more.

R'san's face is a picture of surprise when the brown crawls right up and he tenses just long enough to be sure it's calm. A curious look by the brown and the crafterirder relaxs. "Well then." He scoops up another piece off the floor to feed his new fellow, examing him closely. "Well, your certainly a stricking boy. I think I know just what to call you." The other impressions earn a grin but R'san is obviously more interested in keeping his new pet full.

T'maz slips into and back out of the kitchens with more bowls of scraps."What will you call them?" He smiles passing each new impressee their own personal bowl of scraps.

X'hil blinks a little at T'maz, though, X'hil was born and raised at Xanadu, lived here all of his life until two years ago, it's possible to know his relationship with Xylaihl, sure. And she certainly is old enough to be his mother. So he just nods, actually seeming slightly disappointed. "I, yeah. Xylaihl. That's the one… Always was busy gallivanting all over Pern." he sounds a little bitter. It's called *work*, and he knows that well enoguh, and, ooh! "Hey, hello, you snuck up on me there!" he says in shock, as the blue comes over and takes his offering. "Hey."

Rohelte's smile almost turns that playful sort of savage as she looks down at Nefer's hand and the gold taking meat from her hands. "Now you have /two/ clutch laying ladies to deal with." Sadistic much? And then Elte's smile turns pleasant as she offers another piece to the blue, whose belly is finally starting to show the beginning of a well-fed bulge. "Dragons are definitely bigger. Not necessarily more vicious however." Some are down right timid, infact. And for a few moments she falls silent staring at the 'lizard in her lap. "Thor..?" She shakes her head. "He doesn't seem like a Thor." She starts muttering syllables under her breath, as if trying to sound something out. "He… Hephasto?" Another pause. "Hephasto'll be his name."

Neferennu notices the meat disappear off the bench next to her out of the corner of her eye, then look down to see the gold hatchling jumping up and climbing on to the bench, actually hissing for more food. "Oh, you are a fiesty one aren't you?" To which she risks getting a finger bitten to feed the gold one piece of the meat pile at a time. "At least this is a little cut up for them." Now the spoon is taken in her other hand, to eat more of her stew. Luckily she has gotten good at eating with her non-dominant hand, but a little sauce still dribbles down her chin, which is wiped away. "Oh, looks like you got one too Thea. A beautiful bronze too." Once the meat pile is gone, she grabs a passing meat bowl and places it between the three of them. "Here is some more meat. To which she grabs another handful to refill her pile and continue feeding the gold. "Hmm, maybe I should call you Venom…what do you guys think?" Her eyes look from the gold to Thea and Rohelte.

Thea yeeps as the meat she is holding is snapped up by the bronze. Uh, oh. She's out of meat. Trying not to panick and keep her fingers intact she looks wildly around for that wandering bowl of meat. As someone passes her the bowl and she's stuffing the Voracious One before her, she asides to Rohelte, "Maybe not meaner, but… on a larger scale."

Rohelte's feeding of the blue-flame Hephasto has gotten slower, because the hatchling is finally starting to slow down and fill up. "It just means you have to be careful is all." She says, more comfortingly than her last statement before she looks to Nef and the gold. "Fitting. She'd certainly take a limb if she could, I'm betting."

T'maz makes sure there is more scraps for people if necessary."You're right she could be Venom, unless you name her something the total opposite…"

As the brown finally falls into a food induced coma, R'san carefully transfers him into one hand and stands. He looks himself over searchingly, finally settling on a pocket of his flight jacket to place the brwon in. "You'll see to that crate for me, yes?" He asks of T'maz. "I've got to get back to the forge."

R'san searches around his person for something, upsetting the sleeping brown who begins to complain. "Hush Fang." Finally, he pulls a slip of paper from his chest pocket and hands it over to T'maz. "Here. This is the delivery name. I was just told to make sure one of the stewards got it, but the order is from your headwoman."

Neferennu nods and takes the last few spoonfuls of stew before sitting back, reaching down to pick up the gold hatchling which is slowing in its eating. Despite this, she still gets a hiss in the face. "Oh hush, you're getting food." Once the hatchling is settled into her lap, the last of the food is given to the hatchling, who finally stops hissing and begins to fall asleep. "Venom it is then." A smile given to Thea and Rohelte. "So I guess we have one more chore added onto our list of chores. Good practice on oiling and feeding though. Luckily these can between to use the bathroom."

Rohelte makes a bit of a face at the mention of another chore. "As if we really need one /more/ thing to do." She complains lightly, looking as Syeira flies down from the rafters to perch on her shoulders, crooning down at the blue who is slowly falling asleep. But before that can happen, Rohelte cautiously wraps the blue's tail around her neck, positioning him on her other shoulder. "'Nd then I /really/ have to wonder when I'll get mama's present done.."

X'hil seems to have finished stuffing the little blue into a near comatose state, and he stretches, chowing down on the last of the meat with gusto - there was a reason he'd opted for nice cooked meat. Finally, he stands, and takes out the hide, playing with it idly as he tries to decide what to do with it. "Well, Wraith, you were a surprise…" he murmurs at the blue, with a bemused shake of his head.

Thea finally seems to have fed the small bronze into oblivion, for his growling has subsided into a muted promise of threat rather than outright malice. He allows her to tuck him into her arm and carry him out to the world he will one day terrorize. Thea's parting words to all in general, "Good luck with your firelizards. I think we're gonna need it." And she heads out.

He just wanted some dinner. That's all. A nice meal before returning to work by lamplight. Instead, he's suddenly found himself with a… thing in his lap. Eating out of his hand. The other 'lizard that's somehow found something of interest in the miner is rather displeased and zips ::between:: suddenly. Leaving Satoris dumbfounded and staring at the creature. "You know… Maybe you're just too ugly."

X'hil finally seems to come to a decision, tossing the hide aside on a table and walking out, gingerly cradling the blue hatchling in his arms. "Ow. You've got some sharp talons on you, Wraith." he can be heard to mutter at the sleeping firelizard as he leaves, without so much as a second glance to the carelessly discarded hide addressed to Xylaihl.

Neferennu has finished off her stew, Venom is asleep, so carefully the gold hatchling is tucked under and arm as she stands. Once over the bench, the stew bowl and spoon is picked up and deposited in the dirty dishes bin before she gives a nod to those still there and walks back towards the dragonhealer annex. More classes before bed. Charte is left curled up on her eggs at the hearth, though whether she'll still be there in the morning is trivial. Greens usually forget about their eggs within days.

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