Cherin is Searched

Ierne Weyrhold - Infirmary
This large, airy, bright space is partitioned into a recovery area, an exam area, and a waiting area. Soft rugs cover the floor of the waiting area, but the other places' floors are bear. To make up for this lack, potted flowers and ferns have been put in every conceivable place not already taken up by shelves, closets, tables, or cots - although they are placed on most of the tables anyway. Only the exam area and a special room back in the back of the building - the isolation room - are fairly bleak, without soft rug or plant. The staff here has made up for this by hanging framed watercolors of plants.

Cherin is propped sitting up on a cot off to one side. She looks a bit sunburnt and tired, though her concentration is on a series of charts she's propped up with her legs that she flips back and forth through. The infirmary is rather quiet, a few apprentices tidying things, or busying themselves with their normal chores on an otherwise dull day.

V'dim is talking quietly to a teenage girl, one Xavna, as he enters the infirmary. With a silent nod, the young women points a finger at Cherin, where she's propped upon her cot. After a nod of his own V'dim picks his way towards her, and clears his through. "Excuse me, miss?" Xavna hangs back near the entrance, picking absently at the bottom seam of her tunic, trying to stay out of the way.

Cherin sighs softly, turning back to the previous page but whatever it is alludes her. The timing is well enough that she looks up at the sound of footsteps that seem to be approaching, the healers likely checking in again. If they only had something else to do perhaps she wouldn't' be pestered so much, though she knows they intend well enough. To her surprise it's another, one she doesn't recognize so much and she clears her throat, voice coming softly "Yes?". Nearby a small green firelizard pokes out of one of the potted ferns that seeks to cheer the area, her own querying chirp echoing her owner's expression.

V'dim arches an eyebrow as he glances sideways at the little green, chirping, firelizard, shaking his head slightly before looking back at Cherin. "I do apologize for interrupting, miss. I'm V'dim, Weyrlingmaster at Xanadu. Xavna here told me you are Cherin… Is she correct?" And the look on his face seems to say - if she's not, Xavna will be in at least a bit of trouble.

Cherin folds the charts to one side and pats her lap, the green taking the invitation without hesitation as she croons under the stroke of fingers before eyeing the rider warily, protective of hers. Cherin looks more bemused and curious as she strokes her green, head nodding slowly "So I am." Xavna is giving a look as well, which is oddly avoided by the other and Cherin continues "I don't know that we've met before, Sir. What is it I can do for you?" there's an edge of excitement with the curiosity, perhaps an itch to get away from the infirmary, if only for a bit to help with whatever it is this other needs?

V'dim turns to give Xavna a nod of her head, the young woman relaxing slightly, though still hanging about the entrance, waiting for whatever is going on to finish. "I was told that I may find you here - I've come to pick up former candidates, for Mellonath's clutch on the Sands at Xanadu. I've been told you've only recently arrived, and are still recovering, but I wished to extend the invitation to you, if you feel up to it." As he seems to ramble, sympathy is forced into his voice, as he looks rather uncomfortable, shifting from foot to foot.

If Cherin was expecting something, this wasn't it. Missing family inquiries, tales of the odd adventure or two, even perhaps a certain chart or reading, but "…Search? Oh, um, well… of, of course." while surprised it's not an opportunity she's about to turn down, she's just surprised to have it offered at all after not being chosen that first time. "I'm honored. I've never been to Xanadu, what's it like?" one of the healer apprentices can't quite help but overhear and approaches the rider "Sir, while she can travel she still needs a few days of rest to recover." the starcrafter sticks her tongue out at the healer, pushing charts and firelizard aside she stands up a bit wobbly. "I'm fine."

"I can ensure that she is monitored, and has only like duties, for the next few days." V'dim offers quickly to the Healer as he approaches, before looking back at Cherin, hurriedly moving to offer an arm. "We have technology that rivals Landing.." And then, considering she may be asking a more general question, he hesitates. "We have, uh, snow. And hot summers." No need to mention that little renegade problem that's going on. "Can I have someone get your things, for you?"

Cherin takes the arm gratefully, using the support more than she would like to admit. The healer looks satisfied. "I'm sure I'll hear if its otherwise. I'll transfer her files." and he moves to the back of the infirmary, typing at the computer some as he seems to have nothing better to do. Cherin sighs again and looks more at her feet. "Snow… sun, sounds like an interesting place. I don't have much really, just this small bag under here." foot motions towards a lumpy mass tucked under the cot "If someoen could get that, it'd be great." she quietly admits to her own situation where normally she'd just grab it an go "Most of my things were lost in the shipwreck, not that I had much anyways. Better to travel light, one can always pick up the necessities wherever you go. Why lug it all along?" she looks as ready as she's likely to ever be at the moment.

V'dim waves Xavna over, the girl pulling Cherin's pack over her shoulder, as V'dim keeps the newest addition steady. "We'll just go to Isobeth, now, and we'll be back before you know it. And we can get both you and Xavna settled in the barracks." And he waves Xavna to proceed him back outwards, while he moves more slowly for Cherin's benefit.

Cherin nods, stepping as steadily as she can as she is escorted out into her next adventure. "Isobeth, oh, what a lovely name."

Cherin clings tightly as Isobeth descends into her new home. Eyes blinks away a few tears from the rush of the air as she looks about the clearing disoriented. Let's see now, is this the time of sun… or snow? "So, this is Xanadu?"

V'dim glances over his shoulder, looking at Xavna, the girl's eyes refusing to look anywhere but the back of Cherin's head, while V'dim nods. "This is Xanadu. Our last ice storm has all but melted, too." And Isobeth backwings to the clearing, V'dim undoing straps and moving to help the two to the ground.

Cherin manages to dismount from Isobeth after Xavna and with the help of V'dim. "I think I shall have to find your stores then. My clothes are all for summer weather." so mumbles softly as she follows.

V'dim still keeps a slow pace, as they head to the barracks, though Xavna sped ahead, and has already settled Cherin's belongings on an empty cot, and picked out one of her own as well. As they enter, he slowly goes over things. "No alcohol. No leaving without a rider escort. No relations, I don't care what others say." He'll have none of that. "Questions?"

Cherin is lead in, leaning on V'dim's arm although her gaze seems anywhere but as she try's to take everything in. The barracks look similar to another she's been in and she can guess the routine is likely much the same, though gaze now turns back to V'dim, instructions filtering in. "umm… no that all sounds fine. Thank you." she sinks onto the cot with a relieved sigh. As to questions, a number pop to mind but particularly noting the number of cots that look already occupied "When is the hatching expected?"

V'dim considers this for a moment, counting back. "I'd expect we're a fourth of the way there, if that helps." What a descriptive answer. "And, feel free to collect whatever you may need from Stores."

Cherin erms, well at least he didn't say 'tomorrow' so she'll have some time to adjust. She seems to be trying to get some of the basics in hand. Head nods again at the stores, the now-candidate looking still out of place "So, is this winter now, or was that a spring storm that just came through?"

"First blow of the winter. Certainly turned out better than it could have." And with his rather cryptic comment, he's starting to back out. "Isobeth wants out of her straps - If you will excuse me. Settle yourself in, and do let us know if you need anything."

Cherin's expression falters, first… well can't expect to be too lucky now. "Tha, thank you V'dim. Please send my thanks as well to her for the smooth ride."

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