Random Log: The Candidates Touch Ellamariseth's Eggs

Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks

A long, low ceiling room opens off the entrance hall to the arena, one wall slightly curved as it is set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set evenly the length of the room, in two rows, each with its own small press at the foot, for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours.

S'ya waddles into the barracks, the greenie glancing around the place as a smile spreads over her face. Memories! "Alright Candidates, line up over here. The eggs are hard enough to touch and the clutch mothers have agreed to let you near them." She rests a hand on her belly, glancing around to make sure everyone is paying attention.

Aradir, taking a moment off from helping in the kitchen - after ruining one pot, the cooks wouldn't let him near the stove again! - stands quickly from his cot when S'ya comes in and makes her announcement. Aloysius trills and happy sound, but Aradir shakes his head. "Probably better stay," he notes, putting the blue 'lizard on the cot. A mopey sound comes from him, but he curls up on the cot without further complaint. Then Aradir moves to where S'ya has instructed the candidates to line up, and stands quietly.

Neferennu had laid down after having the morning watching kidlets for the nannies. Of course, she got all the colicky babies too. As S'ya's voice floats towards her, there is a moan as legs are forced to move and she sits up on her cot. It is even more slowly with which she stands, hands combing through her hair as she stumbles towards the line. "I'm here, I'm here." Mutter, mutter, yawn. Give her a minute, the heat of the sands and sight of the eggs should wake her up completely. "S'ya." A nod to the woman and then a tired smile. "Getting quite large. When are you due again?" A nod to Aradir and Thea that she recognizes is here.

Thea is seated on her cot using two large, long needles to work some soft yarn into a pattern, which has yet to take shape. As S'ya enters and speaks, she looks up, then slowly lowers her knitting. "They are?" One might think a Candidate would jump up in eager alacrity, but she rises slowly, leaving her hand-work behind as she complies to take her place in line.

"Yes, make sure to leave all your flitters and whatnots here in the barracks. Also, when you get onto the sands make sure to bow to the clutch parents." S'ya says, smiling as the Candidates start to line up. She glances them over, making sure no one is trying to smuggle something onto the sands that will land them in trouble. "Now, the most important thing to remember is that you do not want to come off as threatening. No running, shouting, or anything like that." She smiles over to Rennu, patting her belly. "Oh, about three months off, love." She simply bobs her head to Thea, moving over to the front of the line before leading the way. "Do not be worried, loves, it will be alright! Just act respectfully!" And they're off!


Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands
The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

Ellamariseth was there! And she was big, even with just her one good wing spread out over her eggs. Ysa was standing nearby with a hand on her foreleg, trying to calm her lifemate. The queen didn't look anxious, she just looked excited to have the candidates arriving. When they do, she gives them a rumble and a stare, lowering her head a bit. Her eggs were proudly displayed on her side of the grounds, and she spares Kilaueth's clutch a glance and a snort. Hers were nicer, afterall. "They're here to touch them /all/, love," grumbles Ysa as she waves over to S'ya's arrival and the candidates, though with a look over them there's only a frown on her face.

Neferennu follows the line in front of her out onto the sands behind S'ya. Once on the sands, her eyes immediately find where the dragons are and gives a bow to each of them, though she doesn't look towards Ysa if at all possible. The woman's frown is already felt, but Ella's rumble makes her smile. Something from the past is brought to mind and she stifles a giggle with her hand. Ahem, right. No sudden moves. So, she just stands there off to the side until something pulls her in one direction or another.

It seems, however, that Kilaueth is not willing to endure the candidates around her own portion of the sands, at least at the moment, as the larger senior gold has deposited herself as close as she can to her clutch without crushing them, spreading her wings out over the eight ovoids and hiding them from view. It seems that Niva's been unable to convince her lifemate to change her mind, for the Weyrwoman is still standing near Kilaueth, though the shielding wings don't budge.

S'ya hangs back a bit, making sure that all the Candidates make it to the Sands without any problems. She gives a young girl an encouraging smile, shooing her forward before waddling after the throng. After going through the courtesies she waves over at Ysa. "I brought you a treat, Ella." She says with a giggle, glancing around to make sure everyone is doing what they're supposed to. "Mind your manners eveyone, do not forget to bow." She catches sight of Kilaueth's actions and waves the Candidates towards Ella's eggs instead. "Right, stay to Ella's eggs only."

Arinith is here too! He's smaller than Ella, and pretty skinny, too. He's watching for the candidates, looking a bit more nervous than Ella, but still excited. Once they shuffle in, Arinith examines each of them curiously. R'miel is standing nearby, and just chuckles. "Don't mind Arin, he's just getting a feel for you guys. He's friendly. Just push his snout out of the way if he gets into your way." The bronzer sighs a bit at the senior queen. "Looks like Ella's eggs are all you guys get today. Sorry."

Aradir follows the group out onto the sands, looking at both the golds on the sands with their eggs. He too offers a respectful bow to each of them. Bronzes as well. He knows that dragons can sometimes hear thoughts, so he's keeping himself as calm as possible, though he is a bit nervous about the whole thing. He's not scared he's going to hurt something, or get hurt himself. He just doesn't know what to do.

Keitari - Kate is amongst those that are being ushered onto the Sands, the young teen - barely old enough to even be allowed to Stand - staring at the eggs in surprise as she's suddenly on the Sands with them, and not merely in the galleries looking down. Glancing around her, she realizes she's suppose to bow, and so she does, first to the grumpy Senior, and then to the slightly more welcoming pair of Ellamariseth and Arinith, as she shuffles through the red and white sand, eying the eggs nervously.

Thea follows the group, as she enters the sands (careful to walk slowly) behind S'ya and a few others. Finding herself nearby Rennu and Aradir, she murmurs, "D'you think a bow will put her at ease?" Exactly -which- 'her' remains undefined as she also bows hastily, if not respectfully at Rennu's que. She moves towards Ellamariseth, giving the queen then Arinith a bow. Kilaueth is the recipient of an uncertain glance, but Thea doesn't ask; she appears to be ready to take direction from S'ya and Ysa and attends to them.

Ysa's frown turns into a scowl as she notices that Kilaueth has not moved. "Shardin' dragon," she grumbles and then rubs at Ella's leg. "Don't trust /all/ of them, love. If I could run 'em off for ya, I would." And she knew which ones she would, too, eyeing up Rennu and then scanning Aradir too, still suspicious of the latter. The gold lowers her head even more, whuffling at the few that were approaching, but looking friendly enough. Her head tilts towards S'ya now, at her comment. "What'd ya bring her?" Ysa asks, surprised, and steps aside for a moment so she wasn't blocked from watching the candidates. "Go on and touch them while you still can!" Someone needs to make the first move.

"I doubt it. Kilaueth's probably not in the mood to let anyone near her eggs except the Weyrwoman." Neferennu whispers over to Thea but then sidles over to Aradir and takes his hand. Her head leans over to his ear and whispers some encouraging words, before a squeeze of her hand in his and she begins walking towards Ella's eggs. A respectful nod is given to Kilaueth once more, but one to Ella. Oh good, Ysa seems to be slightly occupied so slowly she puts one knee down on the sands and reaches out to lightly touch the Life is Short Egg, fingertips just grazing the shell before a little more skin is applied.

S'ya turns around to watch the Candidates, frowning a bit. "Come on, loves. Do not be shy. Go and touch the eggs." When the gold is looking to her curiously she giggles a bit, pulling out a pair of truffles for the goldpair"I figured you might like something sweet. You too, Ysa.Her hazel eyes are constantly flickering back to the Candidates, making sure that no one is getting in trouble. She might be all bubbly and sweet but she'll be quick to escort anyone that's not following the rules off the Sands.

R'miel blinks at Ysa and chuckles. "Someone is a moody goldrider today. They've got to touch the eggs at some point, love. Now is as good a time as ever." As Thea turns to look at Kilaueth, Arinith leans his snout down very close to her and then whuffles her hair. "Arin, shards! You'll give her a fright and we'll be cleaning more than egg shells off the sands."

Kilaueth continues to guard her eggs, particularly a large jade one that lays closest to where the Junior gold and her clutch are. After a bit more coaxing from Niva, Kilaueth backs down, though continues to fuss at any of those candidates that dares approach her eggs at this point in time.

Aradir seems grateful for the encouragement from Neferennu, and smiles as she squeezes his hand, nodding once to her words. He pauses a moment before touching any of the eggs. First he wants to see how it's done. For the time being, he's going to be leaving Kilaueth's eggs alone, since he likes his hands where they are. And so it is that he watches Neferennu touch an egg. He nods, and then moves to the Along Came a Spider egg, kneeling down. He pauses, taking a moment to make certain he's calm…and then reaches out, hesitantly at first. Then with more confidence once he sees that nothing's going to bite him.

Ellamariseth does more than just squat there, now that the candidates were actually out and about. She stretches out and lounges in her empty spot on the sands, keeping her head down but eyes always whirling and alert. "'m not grumpy," Ysa replies to her weyrmate… grumpily. "Can't we say /who/ touches them?" But that earns her a swift glance from her lifemate and a deep displeased rumble. The gold liked all the candidates, and she shows that by being relaxed. Ysa snorts and quickly plucks a truffle from S'ya. "Thanks. And Ella says thanks, too," she says with a roll of her eyes, quickly passing the treat to her lifemate first.

Thea rolls her eyes towards Kilaueth, but doesn't look directly -at- the queen. She then thinks the better of that and simply gives the other queen a bow as well. You never know. As her hair suddenly flutters about in an unexpected breeze, she blinks up at Arinith. "Uh, hello, Sir." She is apparently uncertain at how to address a dragon, clutchdaddy or no. after a pause, she carefully steps among the eggs and, after looking in bewilderment at the various ones, settles for Swax on Swax off egg. She lightly rests the back of her hand on it.

R'miel grins to Ysa. "You are so. Once we're done here you're going up to take a nap and have a glass of wine. You've been on the sands too long. Sorry, Ella. But the heat is getting to her, don't you think?" Arinith warbles in response to Thea, but thankfully leaves her alone after she moves off towards an egg. He instead moves over to give Ella a neck rub, then lay down beside her carefully in the sand.

Aradir draws in a breath as he feels as though his mind is enveloped in shadow. He isn't frightened, but it was startling. The scent…it's not familiar to him. His eyes close a moment, and he sits still as the sounds of chuckling filter through the shadowy haze. And then he's moving again, his fingers running across the surface of the spidery 'veins' of black that encircle the eye shape on the egg's surface. Something about this egg has caught his attention….

Neferennu pulls her hand slowly, and reluctantly, away from the Life is Short Egg. A moment kneeling there in front of it, a look of wonderment on her face. Now that has certainly woken her up from almost falling asleep for a nap, and more than makes up for watching crying babies all morning. Standing, another look is given to the egg before she moves off towards The Dim and the Dark Egg. Eyes take in its coloration, and as she kneels once more, tries to figure out where to touch it first. Eventually she decides on the curve that looks like a wing shape, placing her palm directly over one large red splotch.

Thea could be carved from the ice of a distant life-void planet so still she stands, a statue for the moment. She shakes her head as if to clear it as she withdraws her hand. As if mesmerized and unaware of the others, she reaches her hand forward to touch the egg once again.

S'ya giggles as Ysa takes the truffles, shaking her head a bit. "I thought you might enjoy them, they are cream filled and very rich." She says happily, turning around to give her full attention to the Candidates. She catches Thea's eye roll, pursing her lips at the girl until she gives Kilaueth a bow. She sets into the 'sands dance', her booted feet still uncomfortable on those hot sands.

Kate looks as if she might tempt fate, eying that jade egg of Kilaueth's, before a rumble from the senior gold has her reconsidering this, and she's slowly weaving her way through the eggs, pausing here and there to touch the shell, shivering in reaction, though after the first she looks quite nervous.

Aradir blinks, almost frowning, but not quite. There are more disgusting images and scents (old, dirty clock oil is downright NASTY!), but still…dark images fill his mind, and he's a little intimidated. But, always a thorough young man, his fingers continue over the surface of the egg, as if wanting to uncover whatever secrets that this little egg has. Granted, the touch is light now, but he's warring between his continued curiosity and his nervousness. For the time being, his curiosity is winning.

Thea snatches her hand away from the shell, an expression of deep loss flits across her face. She feels the tips of her fingers with her other hand. "That is… " she pauses, "…disquieting." She can't seem to concentrate upon the conversations around her as she reaches out with great hesitation to touch the egg one more. As if in farewell.

Ellamariseth makes that little truffle disappear on her tongue, looking like she's enjoying every minute of it. She turns to receive the neck rub from the bronze with her own and a gentle croon, but then she's right back to staring at the candidates. First this one and then that one. Ysa shakes her head at the bronzer's words. "How about a glass of wine and maybe a nap? I haven't been out here /that/ long. I've spent more time on the sands, before." Being the one that runs the candidates off at the end, apparently, but the way she's shifting her feet nervously. She smirks at S'ya and nods, taking another truffle. "They're great."

Neferennu gives a soft hum of contentment and runs her hand further down the shell, lost in the feeling of warm rain and not even feeling the uncomfortable warmth on her knee. Her eyes are not looking at the egg though, instead looking towards some unknown spot farther away. For now she will stay with this egg, unconciously shifting her position by placing the other knee on the sand and putting the other foot underneath her.

Aradir blinks, and his fingers finally part from the surface of the egg he's been touching. He blinks again, and then looks to the egg. "Hope this…" He pauses. Remembering what Neferennu told him, he starts over. "…I sincerely hope…this one's not as…disturbed…as that…." Hey! A complete sentence! Even if spoken extremely slowly, it was complete.

S'ya sends Kate a pointed frown, keeping a close eye on the girl as she scuttles about, making sure she doesn't actually go over to Kila's side. "That girl is a bit off. I cannot believe she would even /consider/ going over there." She mutters to herself with a snort. "Shells, these Sands are burning my soles. I will need new boots by the time we are done." She says playfully to R'miel and Ysa, bobbing her head as the goldrider gives her thanks.

At the mention of Kate, Ysa's eyes hone in on the girl. "Not the worse one of the candidates, but still… 'm uneasy of having her out here. 'Least it's not that crazy little sister of hers." The goldrider scowls, but it's Ellamariseth that stretches her neck closer with a soft croon of encouragement to the candidates. "You're gonna scare 'em off, love," warns Ysa with a soft chuckle.

Neferennu feels like she is falling, forever downward into a spirl of gravity, and then her hand falls off the shell and the feeling is gone. Instead, she has fallen onto her butt in front of the egg. Blinking for a moment, there is a slight blush of embarrassment across her cheeks as she stands up and though she reaches to touch the shell once more, the thought of possibly being forced out takes the lead and instead she is moving away, giving one last longing look towards the egg before she stops in front of the Wake Up and Smell the Egg. Aradir's speaking causes her head to turn and find him, giving him a large grin, before she crouches down and touches the egg in front of her. The croon of encouragement goes unnoticed, once the palm is placed softly on the shell before her.

Neferennu's head moves slightly to the side, leaning down towards the egg as if she is trying to heard something. Closer and closer she gets, yet not close enough to actually press her ear against the shell. Instead, her hand presses firmer against the shell, also to help her from falling over into the egg which would be a really bad thing. Where is it? What is it? Almost…

Thea slowly removes her hand and straightens, stars in her unseeing eyes. She steps away, her feet seem guided as on an invisible path. She moves along, until another egg stops her and she seems surprised to find her way impeded. There's a blink-blink-blinking as though light may be bothersome, but… well there's a lonely egg before her. Once again seeking the curve of the shell, her fingers come into contact with the Dim and Dark Egg. Almost as in the way a blind person might search for clues.

"Well I do not think there is much harm in having them out here. After all, they cannot do anything to the eggs." S'ya says to Ysa, her eyes trailing over to Kila and then Ella. Not with two huge golds and bronzes ready to defend them at least. She continues to watch the Candidates, making sure no one is crossing the line or being too hard with the eggs they're touching.

Neferennu removes head and her hand quickly from the vicinity of the egg. Standing, though her legs are a bit wobbly, her head continues shaking to get rid of the sound and heat even worse than the sands itself. Within moments, she has returned back to normal and gives a frown at the egg before looking around her. Seeing where the other candidates are, and that Kilaueth still isn't too keen to allow them near her eggs, her eyes look around the clutch to find an egg that interests her. Soon another is found, one covered in one of her favorite colors, red. So carefully other eggs are bypassed to kneel in front of the Possibly Not Doing Something Egg running her fingers over the images of two people shadowed in the messy red background.

Aradir blinks at Neferennu. What was it that she'd experienced that had made her fall over like that? A nearby egg catches his attention, and he moves to it. Now with a bit more confidence than with the first egg, he sets his fingertips gently atop the shell of the Ocean See Sky Egg, tracing around the eye-shaped splotch faintly.

Thea's lips part slightly and turns her face upwards, a look of peace settling upon her features. Her hand lifts, palm upward as if expecting something to fall upon it. She is very still as her breathing slows, then her head cocks as if listening for elusive music. As her hand leaves the shell, her eyes open. "The song ended." It is all she says, plaintively before her hand once again contacts the shell, fingers playing an unknown instrument along its apex.

R'miel moves over behind Ysa and rubs at her shoulders a bit. He pauses only for a moment to steal a truffle from S'ya. Faranth knows this bronzer loves his sweets! "Mm… These are great S'ya. I need the recipe. And if you need new boots, well… You know who to ask for them." He grins a bit to the greenrider.

"Rennu..Neferennu…" Neferennu replies to the feeling of being asked a name from the egg, the tone just barely a whisper to float over the sands. The touch turns from fingertips, to the bottom knuckles, to finally all of her palm. Eyes close, seeming to tune everything out to listen and feel better. Not in the slight roughness of the shell is noticed under the skin.

Aradir pauses, seeming almost to close his eyes in relaxation when he first touches the egg. It's a feeling he can definitely relate too, being shy about the way he speaks. And it is this that prompts Aradir to rub the shell of the egg encouragingly, as if trying to communicate feelings of encouragement through the shell to the developing dragon within. To convince the egg that they are all good people here. He traces the wave-like patterns over the shell, his touch light and encouraging.

Thea leans forward in an ever-increasing tilt until she softly lands upon the sands face-down. "Yeouch!" The heat of the Sands brings her hand away from the shell as both are used to levy herself away from the discomfort she's found herself in. On her knees now, she gives her face a quick brush to remove the grains sticking there. Once again her hand is reaching to find the egg. "I can't find…" What she has lost remains so, for she does not elaborate.

Ysa nods her head quickly in S'ya's direction. "Oh, I know. They'd be stupid and suicidal if they did try anything. But ya never know." She peers out at those candidates. Ellamariseth's eyes never left them. She might actually be passing off as an overprotective mother, if she wasn't rumbling and crooning here and there, not looking the least bit threatening. Ysa sighs and leans back into Ram's rubbing, her shoulders drooping a bit as she finally relaxes. "Are you handing out marks again, Ram?" she says with just a bit of irritation to her voice. "Or ya mean your little brother? At least Mike's got plenty to spare."

Neferennu begins to shiver uncontrollably, reaching up with her other hand to the shell. "I..I don't know." Her eyes remain closed and she rocks slightly back and forth on the balls of her feet, as if trying to reach with her mind into the unknown and the body has no idea what to do. It is either that or something has her gripped so tightly she can't let go.

Aradir does close his eyes then; maybe he didn't have too many painful memories, but he had enough. And it also reminds him of a conversation he had with Neferennu the day previous. "…Before it's too late…" It's murmured softly, and Aradir's brows knit in a frown. His fingers do remain on the egg a little longer, tracing the darkness of the egg as his mind seems to fall down into it.

S'ya giggles as R'miel compliments the truffles, a hand sent to wave away the mention of receipes. "I actually bought them in Ierne. I went shopping the other day and found them in this cute little sweet shop. I think it was called 'The Sticky Spot'." When the bronzer mentions the last she just winks. "I would not want to trouble him over something like that." But then Thea is yelping and falling and she's moving over she halts though when the girl gets back up. "Keep yourself in control." She says to everyone, looking over at the clutch parents to make sure they weren't startled. She misses Rennu's odd behavior, too busy sighing when Ella seems to not mind.

R'miel peers at Ysa. "Again? When have I ever handed out marks to anyone but you, Ys? Besides, I don't have any marks to spare on S'ya, no offense, dear. You and the boys drain me dry. I meant K'ael. He's got plenty of marks, I'm sure he can afford to fund a few whole new outfits for you, S'ya." He grins. "You wouldn't but maybe I'll mention it to him…"

Thea stands slowly, her fingers caress the shell as if it were the face of a lover. A longing look is given the egg, but then perplexity replaces this. Thea sweeps the cavern with a bit of a dazed look and turns towards the exit. "I- I just need…" She begins walking, turns to give the egg another long look. "Yes, I will." Now what's that about? She doesn't explain to those present. "I just need to be alone." and without further ado, she leaves. Tomorrow might bring the need for explanation, but now… is not the time.

Neferennu shudders and opens her eyes, looking down at the shell, softly whispering her name again and then tears well up in her eyes. Shaking her head, and very reluctantly, her hands slowly slide upward and off the shell. "I don't know…I don't know…" Two tears are wiped away as it takes a full minute of crouching there in front of the egg to regain herself. Sniff. "I'm sorry…" With that she turns on her heel and is looking at another egg, this time the Swax On, Swax Off Egg. Maybe this one won't ask her such hard questions. Maybe this time… Yet it is with great hesitancy that her fingertips touch the top of the shell, eyes looking at the seeming eyes on the egg.

Aradir finally opens his eyes again, as the light fades from his vision. He almost forgets he has his hand on the egg until he looks down and see his fingers still on the shell. "Oh." He says the word simply, and then draws his hand away from the shell, after a last pat of encouragement. "'S right," he says. "Sun will always rise." He smiles, and completely pulls his hand away from the egg.

It's not that Ellamariseth didn't notice. She does glance at Thea, but so long as her egg wasn't in danger… Her candidates weren't in danger, either, and still in one piece, too. The smaller queen gives the sands a look around, turning back to Thea only when she decides to start heading out. "They've got to go, love," Ysa again reassures at the soft croon from her lifemate. Ysa frowns at Neferennu for a moment, eyes narrowing before her attention turns to those next to her instead. "I suppose not. But ya got 'nough that ya buy for me and the boys."

Neferennu takes in a slow deep breath and then just as slowly lets it out. Eyes seem to be lost as they look around desperately, yet at the same time not seeing anything around. So very slowly a knee is placed down on the sands, the palm placed softly against the shell of the Swax egg, mind only on the stars in the mind.

"There is no need love, really." S'ya says to R'miel, shaking her head a bit at the bronzer. When she catches sight of Thea moving off the sands she frowns a bit. She'd make sure to catch up with the Candidate later. She sends a hand to her belly, feeling the baby give her a good kick.

Aradir watches Neferennu again, frowning a bit in concern. But he isn't frightened for her; he knows there's nothing to hurt her here (barring an accidental misunderstanding). He looks to the golds, the bronzes, and their riders, giving them all a smile of thanks. And then he looks back to the clutch. The Dim and the Dark Egg catches his attention, for the feathery, wing-like design on it, and he slowly reaches out to run the tip of his finger over the olive green filigree pattern that spirals across the egg from end to end.

Neferennu slides her hand off the shell of the egg and crouches there in front of the Swax egg for bit, waiting for her eyes to return to normal sight and adjust to the light. Blinking, and slowly standing, she wanders aimlessly through the clutch of eggs, looking from one to another to figure out which one to touch next before the clutchmother has had enough of them near them. Suddenly she stops, accidentally kicked a bit of sand towards the egg which caused her to stop. It is so dark, with only a bit of color to make up for it. Crouching, she looks it over carefully, looking closely at the different patterns within the circles of color on the shell. "Interesting.." A soft whisper and carefully only one fingertip is touched to the sulfur yellow on the Fly Chicks, Fly Egg.

Aradir blinks at the youthful…exuberance almost, that seems to emanate from the egg, filling his mind. It makes him want to pick it up, to go to see the venders, see the happenings in the square. The feeling is odd and almost alien, but its not uncomfortable at all. "When come out…you can…" he murmurs encouragingly under his breath. He smiles, and traces the filigree back down the egg.

Neferennu pulls away from the egg, looking at it very confused, and looks around at the other people and dragons there. A smile for the dragons and then she is off moving towards another egg. This time it is the Ocean See Sky Egg that she crouches down next to while tracing the changing of colors across the shell. Aradir is noticed at the egg with the avian wing she was at before, gives him a large grin, and then her eyes turn back down towards the bluish part of the shell before her.

Neferennu allows her hand to be placed firmly upon the shell, smiling as if in reassurance, with only the muscles of her legs twitching at the strain of keeping crouched for a little while longer. Blink, blink, and slowly the eyes close. From the facial expression of being calm and happy, the mind is allowed to wander into the dreams of the past and the future.

Aradir returns Neferennu's smile, and gives a nod…and then he gasps a little bit, unprepared for the sensation of falling. But since he's sitting on the sands on his rear, he's not going to fall over. Perhaps this is why Neferennu toppled over as she did? Aradir's not afraid of heights - matter of fact, he likes them quite a bit - but his other hand, the one not touching the egg, clutches at the sands at his side. Fear and laughter. He's supposed to be falling, isn't he? Like rain is supposed to fall. Like the snow….

Aradir slowly pulls his fingers from the egg, left with an odd feeling of depth. As though there is meaning in everything around him, from the softest whisper of air, to the feel of the grains of sand sifting through the fingers of the hand that is still buried in the sands. He looks to it, and blinks. And suddenly the feeling is gone, leaving him with slightly confused. He dusts the sand from his hands, and looks at the eggs again. One with a thick brown stripe catches his attention, and he stands, slowly walking over to it and sitting down next to it. Seems that's the easiest way to keep from falling over if something weird should happen. And so it is that he reaches to the Tragically Without Fruit egg, fingers running along that thick brown stripe.

Neferennu inhales sharply as the feeling of sorrow seems to drown her, causing her to pull away her hand as if she had been burned. "No, not now…not now…" Of all things this should be a happy occasion, not a sorrowful one. So just as quickly she stands, then closes her eyes once more to calm herself down. It won't do to continue in an unhappy state of mind. Once she is calm, eyes reopen and looks around the clutch again, turning on that one spot on her heel. The spider egg is eyed, but she still gets freaked out by it and prefers to stay as far away from it as possible. A turn of her head catches Aradir sitting down next to the without fruit egg, so better not go that way. Yet one egg seems to keep calling her, urging her to return. Feet tread lightly as if the merest odd movement of sand would harm the eggs as she passes. Back to the red she has returned, then slowly kneels, and finally sits down in front of it, pondering whether to actually touch it again for a good half a minute. Then slowly, very slowly, one fingertip reaches out and touches the shell of Possibly Not Doing Something Egg, then another fingertip, and another, until finally her entire hand is just touching the shell.

Aradir is quite happy to let the hesitant wind know what it wants to know. He is not one to speak much, so the answers are in his mind as the questions seem to be asked of him. He remembers the conversation with Neferrenu, where she helped him learn a way to make himself understood better. Back farther then, to the day he was washing dragons, the way he liked the feel of the dragons' hides. And back again to the day S'ya and her green made him a candidate. So happy. He offers these to the wind.

Ellamariseth gives one big yawn, tongue curling and teeth gleaming. She gives the candidates and eggs a look afterwards. Ysa moves away from R'miel for a moment to frown towards the candidates now. "I think it's been long 'nough. Wouldn't want to keep Ella up /all/ day, and then she might get grumpy." That and her green eyes were darting over to the more protective Kilaueth, that was feeling more and more uneasy as the time progressed. She nods to S'ya. "Time to herd 'em off. Don't worry, you'll get your chances 'gain later!" She doesn't sound pleased, but she returns to her gold's side now.

When Ysa makes her announcement S'ya bobs her head happily. "Take care, loves." She says to the clutch parents before starting to herd the Candidates now. "You heard her, time to head out everyone." She says, shooing those that are trying to get one last touch in. "There will be plenty of other touchings so no need to worry."

Neferennu blinks and then closes her eyes, a small smile grows into a large grin as she sits there with her hand pressing firmly on the shell after the tenative touch before. For a full two minutes she sits there, not moving, not saying anything. Content and relaxed, if it weren't for the heat of the sands on her bottom sleep might actually overcome her. Then it is the heat that brings her back to where she actually is, opening her eyes and carassing the egg as if it were the softest thing to touch in all of Pern. As the feeling leaves her, her hand reluctantly pulls away and she remains there for another good minute. That is until Ysa speaks and with a heavy sigh, she pushes herself up and onto her legs again. It only once she is away from the clutch that she dusts the sands off the back of her legs and bottom. I'll be back, she promises to herself. So without looking towards either of the weyrwomen, a bow is given to the pairs of clutchparents before moving off towards the edge of the sands and towards the barracks. Maybe this time she'll actually get that nap.

Aradir is not a boy who keeps secrets. Anyone who is curious need but ask, and they can learn the same thing. Thus anything in his mind is free for the wind to explore. Curious? What is it searching for? He will open the path, whichever way the wind wants to go. Don't give up yet! It is there! His fingers run across the orange splotches. S'ya's statement, however, brings him from the reverie, and he smiles as he pulls his hand away from the egg. "Next time, maybe…" he murmurs softly. "Will be there…." He smiles, and stands up, giving a final bow to the dragons and their riders. And to Ellamariseth? "Thank you…for letting us touch the eggs," he offers slowly.

Ellamariseth was as calm as she was when the candidates arrived, sending out a whuffle to those retreating bows. "Another day, more touchings… Sharding great, I guess they are hard enough to touch now." Ysa wasn't too happy about it, but she goes to rub at her lifemate's eye ridges as she makes sure that every last candidate leaves the grounds before she does so herself.

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