Candidates in the Annex

Xanadu Weyr - DragonHealer's Annex

An entrance way which would allow admittance to even the greatest of Queen Dragons leads into a chamber which would house half-a-dozen of the same size. To one side is a shallow pool which constantly clears itself of grime and is used is washing wounds. Nearby is a shelf with a generous supply of clean bandages and clean sheets upon stone shelves. The other side of the chamber is taken up by an alcove with multiple banks of computers to house medical records and help to diagnose illness and injury in the Dragons who come for aid. Within this alcove is a small medical laboratory where medicines and herbs can be prepared and experiments can take place. The far wall houses two dozen Dragon couches, each separated above by a rail which supports a thick curtain allowing the patients an option of privacy as they rest and recover.

Neferennu is sitting in one of the alcoves with a mortar and pestle, grinding up some herbs that are to be made into an oil tincture later in the day. So far there is a good amount ground up, due to the amount in the bowl on the counter next to her. With her back to the door, all of her attention is on the herbs and not even the dragonhealers going in and out.

It's his day off, true…but Aradir doesn't really know anyone here, so it's not like he has anybody to hang out with. So it is that he's offered to help the dragonhealers today. He's brought an herb that someone here has requested. Seeing someone mixing herbs, he walks over to her and places the herb near her. "You need?" he inquires.

Saige shakes her head as she wanders into the Annex by the Candidate Barracks; although it's not a far walk from one to the other, it's far enough that by the time she enters ehr nose is deep in her book of notes and she crashes into a chair before realizing there's anyone in the room, eyes flashing, surprised. "Eep!" Trip, thud, fall.

Neferennu jumps a little at Aradir's voice, almost sending the pestle flying but luckily it doesn't quite leave her hand. "Oh, Aradir, you surprised me. Yes, please put the herbs on that towel over there. If you could wash them off with cold water, I'd appreciate it." A slight wink with a large smile and just as she is about to put the pestle back to the grind, a sound causes her to turn and stare at Saige. A laugh is muffled and then she shakes her head as she gets up, puts the mortar with pestle on the counter, and then goes over to help Saige up. "You are as bad as me, or I am as bad as you. Something like that. I have a bad habit of running into walls while reading and walking."

Aradir nods to Neferennu's directions, and begins to rinse the herbs in cold water as instructed. As he's doing this, he hears the squeak and jumps, turning quickly. Blinkblink. Quickly he puts the washed herbs on the towel as instructed, and then moves over to Saige. "All right?" he inquires, moving to help her up if need be.

Saige starts laughing as she stays sprawled on the ground for a few minutes, and then she grins impishly up at Rennu. "It's not that we're bad, it's that we're so busy." She protests. "I like chairs, evidently. People and walls, I avoid." She then waves at Aradir. "Yes, I'm fine!"

Neferennu gives a wave to Aradir. "Go wash those herbs for me please. If you want, I can show you how to grind them up into a paste, which you might need to know if you impress." A shrug to indicate she probably knows nothing of all of what a rider has to know and turns back to Saige with a snort. "Apparently so. I've seen so many of the new students running over things, tripping, it is a wonder anyone wants to even become a dragonhealer." A hand is offered down to Saige, and she can choose whether to have help up or just have her book held while she gets up herself. "Hey Aradir, what herb did you pick again?"

Aradir nods as Saige gets up, and then once again as Neferennu instructs him to finish washing the herbs. He moves back to the herbs and finishes washing the herbs. He doesn't know the name of them, so he takes the washed herbs to Neferrenu and presents them to her. "Hope right ones?" he inquires. He looks back to Saige, to make certain that she's all right.

Saige peers down at the herbs. "Depends on what Rennu's making." She drawls, giving the notebook to Rennu then hauling the chair up as she goes, and thne, without missing a beat, takes a proper seat in it. "Wait, what are you doing, eh?"

Neferennu takes the notebook from Saige as she gets up, then turns looks down and herbs shown to her by Aradir with a hum, scratching at her chin. Then she takes them and places them on a towel. "I think they are right. I am making a pain reliever to be rubbed on the hide. At least that is what I think I am doing. It's what T'maz ordered. These should be peppermint leaves, which will give a slight cooling effect I think. Though I think dried peppers work better but he said no peppers." A frown and that and she picks up the mortar, scraping the ground bits into the other bowl that is to hold them. Now her eyes turns back to Aradir after a quick glance to make sure Saige is sitting. "Did you want to learn how to grind them up?" A large grin and then a motion towards the mortar.

Aradir nods, and follows Neferennu to where she has her mortar and pestle. "Could be useful," he notes. Now that disaster's averted and his hands are free, Aradir takes that opportunity to wave to Saige proper. Aloysius flies in with something else in its claws, handing it to Aradir. "Oh! Forgot these!" It's another herb. He holds them up for Neferennu to see and inquires, "Wash these too?"

Saige is diverted from her notes by Neferennu's offer to Aradir, and she just watches, book open in her lap but not reading it. "Most herbs should always be washed, because of insects that might be hiding on them or just because it helps make them clean so they'll work properly."

Neferennu opens her mouth to say something and then Saige speaks up and she is left nodding. "Yeah, what she said. When you are done just let me know and I'll show you how to grind them up. It helps build up your wrists for sure." A small wink and then she settles back into her chair. "So, have you picked a specialty yet Saige?" Just ignore the fact she has probably asked the other woman about once a month about the same subject.

Aradir nods to Saige. "Dirt, too," he agrees, and goes to wash the herbs. Aloysius alights upon his shoulder, trilling a greeting to the two women. He listens to the conversation beginning behind him, about Saige's specialty as he washes the herbs. Once he's done, he brings the herbs to Neferennu with the others. "Done," he announces. A moment later, he looks to Saige. "Spe-specialty?" Another big word. He's not stupid. Really, he's not.

Saige nods. "A specality means that although we are all dragonhealers, to say, we're each really, really good, more thna most at soemtihng else. Someone might specilize in wingsails, or stitching, or something like that… and I think I'm going to do something with clutchings, hatching. You know. Working with gold's who haven't clutched yet."

Thea arrives from the Foyer.

Neferennu raises an eyebrow and then laughs. "Aw, don't tell me you decided to follow the same specialty that I want to learn in. Oh wait, it isn't quite the same I suppose." Then her head turns back to Aradir and she smiles, taking the herbs and carefully patting them dry with the towel she had placed over her shoulder. "Here, first let me clean this out a bit." The last of the pieces of herbs are carefully scrapped out with her fingertips before the mortar is handed over to Aradir. "Ok, first thing. Are you stronger with your right or left hand? Which one do you write with?"

"Ah," Aradir notes in response to Saige's statement. He's not a dragonhealer, and really doesn't have any plans to be one. "Didn't know. Special…specialties in healing. Makes sense, though." The mortar is handed to him, and he looks to Neferennu, tilting his head to one side as the question is asked. "Write? Left. But is not stronger," he notes. Flexing the fingers of his left hand, he notes, "Nimble." Then he transfers the mortar in his left hand and flexes the fingers of his right. "Stronger. Strange, yes." He nods.

Saige grins tiredly at 'Rennu. "It figures, really… the two DragonHealing candidates going for the exact same things…" She shakes her head, and then nods at Aradir. "Nimble hands are good for stitching." She notes, kindly.

Thea wanders into the cavernous room, her footsteps echoing hollowly. She's heading in no particular direction with no apparent purpose, head swiveling about as she's taking in the massive space. Noting no classes in session, she continues further into the place and there are some familiar people, so she turns in their direction. "Hi." Wordy today, she is.

Neferennu gives the boy a curious look, then just shrugs. "Ok, whichever is your stronger hand, you will use the pestle with that hand. You'll have more pressure and movement control with that hand…usually." With this she hands him the pestle. "The widest what goes into the mortar. You press down gently and then turn the pestle a bit back and forth to grind. Move the pestle to different areas of the herbs to make sure they all get crushed. Then move the herbs around a bit to make sure you crush all of the herbs." The widest part of the pestle is pointed out and then she motions with it before finally handing it over to him. "True, nimble hands are good for stitching. I still can't stitch clothes straight though, well maybe…" Peripheial vision catches Thea and then she turns, giving Thea a wave, before returning her eyes to Aradir.

Aradir holds the mortar in his left hand, and accepts up the pestle with his right. He listens to Neferennu's instructions on how to grind herbs, and nods. He picks up a couple sprigs of one of the herbs and places it in the mortar, then carefully begins to grind the herbs in the mortar. Thea's appearance makes him look up, however, and he stops, blinking as if surprised by her appearance. Aloysius trills a greeting to the woman, from Aradir's shoulder.

Saige waves at Thea, and pulls up another chair. "Impromptu dragonhealing lesson, 'Rennu-taught." She informs her, watching Aradir with careful eyes. "Hey, if you could stitch clothes, I'd just ask you to do my robe and call it a night." She comments, laughing at Rennu.

Thea gives a cheerful finger waggle to the trilling firelizard as she nears the group and a smile to everyone else. "Oh? No kidding." Her interest is caught and she's peeking over Aradir's shoulder into the mortar. "I've been exploring." She sniffs the air slightly, "That's pungent. What is it, Rennu?" And to Saige she notes, "I heard something about a few cartons of used robes. Some might be re-useable."

"Peppermint." Neferennu replies quickly to Thea with a smile, then turns her eyes to look back at Aradir grinding the herbs. "Good, good. Keep going. Oh wait, here…" A point towards an area of herb that barely got crushed. "Make sure you press down just hard enough to crush, but not hard enough to make it a syrupy mess. There you go." It is only after a minute that Saige's comment and laugh sinks into her skull and she turns on a heel. "Ask me to do your robe? I thought you could stitch better than I could, having more experience with stitching hide."

Aradir nods, turning a bit so that Thea can see what's in the mortar, though he doesn't actually speak. He pauses, looking down into the mortar at the area of herb that Neferennu pointed out. "Ah," he notes, as he sees it, and grinds the herb up in the mortar as instructed. He does listen to the conversation about sewing, but since it's not one of his strengths, he does not add anything to it - he's a clocksmith, after all; he knows nothing about sewing.

Saige snorts, grinning at Neferennu. "Stitching hide on a dragon is MUCH more different than stitching pieces of robe together to form something to wear." She points out, wryly. "And Thea, don't get in the way, really! Sit." She shoves the chair forward. "Besides, if you really want to learn, I'll do some teaching too… and you wait till yer a rank three, lady, then you'll complain as much as I do.

Thea blinks in a bit of surprise. "Peppermint, huh?" There's a bit of a blush at that and she says sheepishly, "I guess I've never smelt it so fresh. Usually in tea or candy it smells a bit different." She slides into the chair Saige has so kindly pulled up for her with a grateful look at the woman. After a bit of a pause, "So… what's peppermint used for on dragons? Or does it go -in- them?" Puzzlement is obvious here. It's written all over her face.

Neferennu mutters something under her breath but gives a smile to Saige. "My foster mother made sure I knew how to mend clothes at least a little. Ask me later." A chuckle and then she returns to Aradir. "Ah, very good. Ok, now just scrape the crushed herb into the bowl here and then drop some more in. Go as long as you want and I'll take it when you have had enough." With this she returns to her seat and crosses her legs. "Well Thea, when it is fresh off the plant, it's smell is the strongest. It will fade even over a day, but especially if you cook it. As to what we use it for…um…." A panicked look to Saige and a desperate motion of the woman to take over.

Honestly, Aradir's not really completely clear on what it does, either. But that's what he's supposed to be grinding up, so that's what he's doing - grinding peppermint. Such a suckup. But then again…he's helping get things done that need to be done, and that's always a good thing. When Neferennu notes that the herb within is crushed enough, he scrapes the herbs out of the mortar and puts some more in there. These he begins to grind as well…but he stops and Neferennu notes she has no idea what it's for. "…Don't know?" he inquires, blinking in a confused manner.

R'miel heads into the dragon's annex off the caverns. Arinith is following close behind him. He doesn't look hurt or anything, in fact he seems to be doing just fine, warbling and looking around. The weyrsecond yawns and heads over to talk with one of the dragonhealers, but is soon interrupted by a thing bronze snout in his face. He grunts a bit. "Yes, I know Arin. You're here for a check up. No you can't leave, no we're not going out to see the eggs, and no I'm not going to oil your neck right now. I'm having a conversation." There's a grunt from the bronze as he heads over to see what Rennu and the like are up to.

Saige hops in, and takes over the conversation. "Peppermint is very often a soothing herb that can be found in many of our oil mixtures, including those that we use to stave off hidecrack infections. Also, it just smells good, which everyone, dragons, healers, and riders like." She explains smoothly. "Rennu, I'm going on duty." Then, without missing a beat, she motions towards the computers, falling into lecture mode far to easily. "We use these to help discern what might be wrong with what drag- Weyrleader!" She stops midsentence, turns on one foot hurridly, and gives a short bow to bronze and rider. Evidently, from a look in her eyes, the checkup was not scheduled with her. A panicked look to Neferennu, and she steps forward. "If you'll head for one of the couches in the back, please." She says, motioning.

Thea eyes the mortar that Aradir is so busily working with. "Nice job grinding." Is it? She wouldn't know, by the expression on her face and the shrug she adds. But hey, encouragement is a tonic in its own right, isn't it? She nods, managing to look enlightened by Saige's explanation. R'miel's arrival with Arinith causes her to turn in her chair, then whisper to Rennu. "Would they want some privacy for this? Y'know Healer-Dragon confidentiality or something like that?" She's probably had a few checkups in her lifetime, by the sound of it.

Neferennu gives a relieved sigh as Saige picks up where she couldn't finish. "I'm sorry, the explanation we were told so long ago just left my mind. I couldn't recall if my life as a dragonhealer depended on it." An embarrassed flush crosses her cheeks but she gives a wink to Aradir and then notices R'miel's entrance. His comment to Arinith about oiling his neck catches her attention but it is to Thea she moves towards first. "Probably. We're more in an alcove at the moment and the place is large. Besides, the check ups aren't done in these medicinal preparation areas." This said quickly, and how understood it would be in the end, is unknown. For quickly she is gone and stepping up to Saige, giving R'miel a quick salute, and Saige a whispered "thank you." An oh expression on her face and her eyes light up. "R'miel, I have that oil I told you I would find out about. T'maz had it brought it in from Eastern the other day. I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier." A whisper is made to Saige as to what it is, and then she is off into the back of the alcove to find the bottle, coming back at a fast walk carrying a large bottle of oil with seeds floating in it.

R'miel blinks as someone else addresses him. Or well, someone addresses the weyrleader, or a weyrleader. He smiles to Saige. "R'miel is fine. And we don't have an appointment, but Arin is overdue. Thanks." Arinith moves to one of the couch specified by Saige and curls up in it. Nap time, right? R'miel blinks and nods to Rennu. "Oh? Well, let's try it out then right?" Ram doesn't seem to mind if any others come along. Nor does Arinith. He's used to having people watching him, from being on the sands so much. "Who are your friends here, Rennu?"

For his part, Aradir's just grinding the herbs, but then, a commotion makes him look up. At hearing the word 'Weyrleader', he pauses in his work, putting down the mortar for a moment. Just long enough to bow respectfully to the man. Had he seen the man before? Seems like it. But Aradir can't seem to remember just then. He doesn't quite know what to say or do…except continue grinding the herbs like Neferennu asked him to. And so that's what he does. When he straightens, he picks up the mortar and pestle again, and continues the grinding of herbs. His attention is still on R'miel if the man chooses to speak, however, and Aloysius offers a greeting to him from the auburn-haired man's shoulder.

Saige shakes her head, grinning at 'Rennu. "I'm Saige, rank three DragonHealer. I'm mentored under K'vin, here, at Xanadu." A pause. "And like so many other dragonhealers around her lately, I'm a candidate. C'mon, Thea, Aradir. There's no harm in watching, I'm sure, especially of some itching oil." She notes, glancing back at R'miel.

Thea ohs silently to Rennu, "I'm sorry, didn't meant to trip you up. My curiosity just got the better of me." Then the woman is heading off before she can say more. Alcove or no, she shifts on her chair guiltily and averts her eyes from where the bronze and his Rider are being attended to by Saige and Rennu. She watches Aradir grind for a moment or two, then the boy bows. Her newness to Weyrlife shows by her hastily belated bow and her sideways glance at Aradir as she asks him ever-so-quietly, "Uh, do we do that everytime he comes by?" Most likely she hasn't been. Oh, dear.

Neferennu starts to say something when Saige introduces herself. Even though Aradir and Thea are mentioned, she decided to introduce them anyways. "Aradir is over there grinding herbs for me. He offered to help on his day off from chores. Over here is Thea, another candidate brought in for the clutch. Saige arrived from Ierne? A couple months before Kilaueth's flight." A large grin as a motion is given to each Aradir and Thea in turn, with a glance towards Saige with a questioning look to confirm the Ierne part of the response. R'miel is then handed the oil before she turns away from him. "Aradir, thank you for doing the herbs. Why don't you come with us and watch? You too Thea. Arinith is pretty laid back and it is only a check up. Good thing to know if you impress and will be caring for a dragon the rest of your life." Arm moves to motion them forward, waiting behind R'miel and Saige to wait up for Aradir and Thea. "Some things are private, and some dragons don't like anyone but the healer and rider there, but I'm sure we can get away with it. Think of it as a way to see part of the future as a rider."

Aradir offers a shrug to Thea's comment. He's not really familiar with the normal ways of how things work with Weyrleaders. "Dunno," he confirms. "But always respect. Even if no bow." At least, that's what he thinks. Neferennu motions for him to come into the back area, to watch the checkup, and he nods. As she notes, if he does Impress, the more he knows about dragons' health, the better!

Saige pauses. "Wait… oh my god." She covers her mouth. "That was the Weyrsecond, not the Weyrleader, wasn't he?" She gasps, a huge blush on her face, and she drops into a chair, covering her face.

Thea stands slowly when Saige beckons and obediently, if reluctantly, steps out and walks over to where the exam is taking place. Her facial expression clearly says she hopes they aren't doing anything gory. She edges closer, catching the last part of Rennu's introductions, "Oh, it gets worse. I've been here for a few sevendays working as Headwoman's assistant. I've… probably had several non-bowing faux paus, Weryleader, Weyrsecond, Weyrwoman included." She eyerolls, gives Saige a wink. At Rennu's comment, "Hmm. I guess I hadn't thought that far in advance." So she watches attentively.

Neferennu watches as R'miel is about to put the oil on Arinith's neck, then the bronze raises his head. He apologizes but sets the bottle down to come back for and leaves the room. Arinith seems to just be happy to take a nap so far. At Saige's comment, a large smile and a pat on the woman's shoulder is given. "It is alright. Unless you've met them personally, you'd probably get the names mixed up, since R'sul is Weyrleader." Now she turns towards the others. "Well, I'm sorry I guess you won't get to see anything personally. We can't do any check ups without the rider here to tell us what the dragon says." An apologetic smile and then it gets larger. "I have found R'miel to be very easy going. I only started saluting him after he searched me. I think I just decided that was the right thing to do." A slight shrug and then she pulls up a chair closer to Arinith, patting him lightly on the muzzle before turning back to the others. "So, instead, if you are willing Saige, is there any questions you might have that we healers might be able to answer?"

"Still important," Aradir notes to Saige, patting her on the shoulder and trying to confort her as he passes. "Simple mistake." Then he enters the area where that exam is going to be occurring in. He finds a small spot to stand, a place where he will both be able to see and also hopefully be out of the way of anybody who happens to be moving around. There he will stay, at least for the time being. He can't think of any questions right then, so he waits for others to start asking questions.

Saige shrugs. "I'm ready!" She notes. "It's okay, though, if you don't have any…" She says, nodding. "Very often when I have a chance, I quite… forget the question in question!" She laughs at herself, then. "And does he always run in and out like that, really?"

Thea asks the first thing that comes to mind. Probably because she has siblings who've done it: "Uh, do dragons… throw up?" Really. Enquiring minds want to know. She blinks innocently (really!) awaiting the answer. Afterthought, "And if they do, does peppermint tea help dragons like it does for those ladies who are preggers?"

Neferennu looks at Aradir as he just stands there, then over to Saige and finally Thea. It is Thea who asks the first question, which may seem dumb but actually isn't. It gets a short chuckle and then a nod. "Yes, dragons do throw up. In fact, we have had to treat weyrlings who overate in their first few days to force them to throw up. Of course, it is the rider's job to clean up the mess. As for the peppermint tea, I believe so but of course in a much larger dose. Saige, do you remember what we use to induce the throwing up." A questioning look and a large smile.

Saige grins at Thea. "It's a good question, honest." She says, pleased. "Dragons have to throw up for overeating, and I'm not sure, but I think queens- golds- regurgitate firestone if they try to ingest it." As far as her question, Saige thinks… and thinks… then shakes her head. "I don't remember, honestly." She admits, wryly.

Thea blanches just a bit at what Rennu and Saige explain . "Dragon barf. That's got to be… voluminous… and messy." And to be avoided at all costs her expression says. "I'm not so good with puke. Especially my own, which might join the gagging dragon's, if I'm nearby." Her face has now got a greenish tinge, brought on by the topic, no doubt. "I think I'll get some fresh air." An apologetic look is given 'round and she steps towards the door. "Thanks for the lesson, it's given me food for thought." And here's hoping she keeps it down.

Neferennu gets kind of a worried look on her face as Thea looks sick at the thought of a dragon throwing up. She begins to say something but just as quickly Thea is gone. A slight shrug with a look of slight worry towards Saige and then it is forgotten. "In all honesty, most riders do throw up with their dragon. I can't tell you exactly why, but it must have something to do with the bond they share." A direct look at Aradir and a wink. "Do you have any questions?"

Aradir pauses a moment as he's directly addressed. The noting of the bond between dragon and rider makes him think, and he puts a finger to his lip in thought. A moment later he nods, and looks to Neferennu. "Dragon and rider. Bond. It…" Here he pauses, and makes a sweeping, circular motion in the air, as if trying to think of how to put it. "Females rise." Here he makes 'flying' motions with his hands. "Blue, brown, bronze chase. Rider is where?" More gestures as he tries to get his mouth to form the question in his mind. "Dragon proddy, rider change. Dragon and rider bonded. So. Female caught, rider feels when…?" He trails off, hoping his point has been made.

Saige watches Thea go out, and then she shakes her head. "Poor Thea, she'd never be a dragonhealer." At Aradir's fracted words, she shakes her head, and then glances at Rennu. "So the dragons rise, the other colors chase… where do the riders go? I'm confused, sorry Ara."

Neferennu is watching Aradir as he tries to explain the question he has in mind with hand motions as well. To this there is a definate discomfort as she shifts in her seat and her entire face slowly begins to go bright red. "Um… she wouldn't." The comment about Thea is answered first and she crosses then uncrosses her legs before answering Aradir, definately looking like this was probably the worst question she would ever have to answer. A wetting of lips and then she begins. "Well, first off. Yes, female rise to mate. When the dragons rise, the riders are on the ground. Those whose dragons are involved in the flight usually congregate together. Usually it is on the ledge of the female dragon's rider, but other times the flight can catch people off…guard." The last word is squeaked out and then she coughs to regain what needs to be said. "The feelings actually come during the flight. During a senior gold flight, sometimes even non-riders are affected…like me. From what I have heard, and experienced, the riders involved, whether they are the rider of the male who wins or not, can still get very sexual. It is almost aggressive at times. The feelings may last for a couple hours." Throughout this, the tone of voice is one of embarassment and she tries as hard as she can not to look directly at Aradir's eyes during the talk. Not to mention that her voice cracks every fourth word and has to be resaid.

Aradir shakes his head to Saige's comment. "No. Well. That too," he notes. "When females rise. Male catches. Rider bonded…feel when…um…." He pauses again, not really wanting to say 'the word'. "Riders feel when catch?" He hopes that's clear enough; after all, everyone knows what happens when a male dragon catches a female dragon on a mating flight. Or so he hopes. He nods when Neferennu starts explaining it. Apparently that's what he wanted to know. And oddly enough, he listens to the explanation as though she was talking about the proper procedure for oiling a dragon's hide. He doesn't seem embarrassed, but he doesn't comment on hers. "Ah." Another nod. "Thank you. Always wondered." And it doesn't sound like he had just asked to be a typical teenager.

Neferennu gives an embarrassed smile to both Saige and Aradir. "I better get going now. I'm getting…tiiiired." The long i resulted from a yawn in the middle of the word and she stands. Whether she is actually tired or whether she is avoided any other further flight questions can be debated out of her presence. "I'll be in the barracks if you need me Saige and you're welcome Aradir. It's one of the first things you learn about if you live in a weyr. I learned it very quickly when I moved her from Landing almost two turns ago." This time she refrains from winking at him and walks at the fastest walking pace possible out past the entrance to the sands and into the barracks.

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