Icestorm Hits the Weyr

Xanadu Weyr - Beach
The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

A set of a dozen cookfires burn along the length of the beach, large pots of steaming stew bubbling away. Cooks carefully keep the stew from burning with long wooden spoons. The smell of sage, rosemary, and nettle waft across the beach, helped along by the breeze coming off the lake. People have already begun arriving, setting up logs for seats, as well as spreading blankets out on the sand. Groups congregate here and there, laughter and happy voices at such a good meal being cooked, though many look at the clouds with a wary eye.

Xarra steps upon the sand of the beach with a joyful stride. Laughter from a friend nearby causes her to join in. The sound is merry and sweet. "Hmmmm. Smells so good. I'm glad you convinced me to come. Let's set up our blankets by the water…there?" Receiving agreement from her friend, they both head in that direction. Blankets in hand.

Neferennu wanders down from the clearing, carefully stepping down onto the beach. Wandering around the groups, a long inhale of the stew is taken as she passes by one of the pots, but continues towards the middle of the beach proper. A scarf is wrapped around her shoulders, though it isn't that cold. Her own blanket from her cot is draped over one arm. "Yes, it does smell good." This is commented to Xarra as the woman passes her, a warm smile given.

Xarra looks up and sees a friendly face, belonging to Neferennu. "Hello. Yes, the smells are addictive. I can't stop smelling them." She grins. "You can join us if you wish. Aparli and I don't mind. Oh and your oils are just wonderful. My mother barters for some and they are nice. I'm glad she shared. We had a girl day a few days ago. Best time I had in Turns. And now this." She spreads her arms wide.

Neferennu smiles a bit more, showing some of her teeth. "Well thank you. I'm glad they are being enjoyed." She falls in to step with Xarra and Aparli, headed down closer to the water. "I admit that I wasn't sure about coming tonight, but I thought I'd check it out. Don't think I'll leave now that I've had a smell of that stew." Seemingly at the mention of food, stomach growls, which elicits an embarassed look and then a laugh. "I'm getting hungry too."

Xanadu's newly knotted AWLM is striding down the beach with her lifemate in tow. Sophyrinth is swinging her head this way and that, glancing around at whatever catches her whirling blue eyes. The smell of stew makes its way to the greenie's nose, a grin spreading over her lips as she heads over to Neferrenu and Xarra. "Hope there is still some left over." She says with a giggle.

Ysa arrives from the Meadow

Xarra laughs as well, with Neferennu. Aparli simply rolls her eyes and grins. "I wasn't going to come either, but Aparli talked me into it." Her friend nods and teases, "Good thing too since she was busy reading records. The sour wherry." Seeing S'ya striding down the beach she waves and then stops a few feet above the water's edge and flips out her blanket in one swift flick of her wrist, laying it down upon the sand there.

Neferennu turns at the waist at S'ya's voice and gives the woman a smile and wave. "I don't think they have even served yet, by the looks of how much was in the pot I passed." After Xarra has her blanket down, she slowly unfolds her and lays it down on the sand as well. "Ah, well, I was thinking about skipping it and just working on my oils or study my dragonhealing notes. I'm glad I'm here though." The smile gets brighter, then she gets a bit self-concious and licks her lips since they have dried out with the colder weather. "So, S'ya, I see the rumor I heard was true. Should I give congradulations or condolensces for the new knot?" A wink before her legs are crossed and she plops down onto her blanket.

Cooking assistants continue to run back and forth at the direction of the cooks, then are sent towards the caverns to gather bowls for serving. "Ok, whoever forgot to bring the bowls is in big trouble after this." This is said quite loudly by the head cook near the southern end of the beach, to which a couple of the assistant cooks quickly run off. "The stew will be ready to eat in a little bit everyone. Go ahead and get relaxed." More cooks are then told to get the bread from the kitchens, leaving one cook per pot for the moment.

S'ya returns Xarra's wave before turning her attention to Sophyrinth. The green is eyeing the beach, even if it was chilly out. "No, love. Unless you want to sleep outside tonight." She says with a giggle, lightly patting her lifemate on her speckled legs. The green lets out an annoyed huff before just hunkering down. "Excellent! I want a nice big bowl of stew. Eating for two after all." And she gives her belly a loving pat before leaning against her lifemate. "Ah, yes, L'alie was rather forceful about me taking it. Something about it being my duty and what not." She eyes the new knot on her shoulder before shrugging a bit at the question. "I say that depends on the Candidates." She slides down slowly, settling on the sands as the cooks speak up.

Xarra's friend sets her own blanket down beside Xarra on the other side from Neferennu. As Xarra sits, so does her friend, Aparli. "Knot?" She looks upon S'ya with closer examination. "Oh." She says with joy when she sees an Assistant Weyrling Master Knot neatly placed there upon her shoulder. "Very nice. Congratulations S'ya." She is pleased for the woman. Turning around in her place when the Cook makes the announcement she turns back with a whispered comment to her friend, causing the girl to giggle.

Neferennu laughs softly. "Yes, well if the last batch was anything to judge by, I would give my condolensces. I was not happy about having extra duties when one of the candiates decided he didn't do gardening." A slight shrug and then a heavy sigh. "Well, congradulations on another baby. Do you need any more lavendar oil?" Ok, so she is proud at how well her oils have taken off with the weyr population, particularly the wet nurses. "What, what did I miss?" Eyes turn towards Xarra at the giggling from Aparli.

Ellamariseth was nearly dragging/pushing her lifemate out to the beach, nudging the back of the reluctant Ysa as she trudges her way across the sands to the rest of the gathering. "Ya have got to be sharding kidding me, Ella," she grumbles, turning her head enough to glare up to the gold. "I bet Belly's got better food in his tavern an' 'm positive much better drinks. An' it's /warm/ in there." The woman's hair looks a bit more unruly than usual, and when she drags a hand through it, her fingers catch at knots. The gold wasn't taking no for an answer as she whuffles the hair back into a mess and keeps up the slow pace. Her big goldren head lifts and she offers a warble towards those other dragons and even the weyrfolk assembling. Company!

Xarra shakes her head while her friend giggles harder. "It was an inside joke Neferennu. I simply commented that a bowl a day keeps the cook okay." She grins and then turns her attention with several others as Ysa and Ellamariseth comes down to the beach. Wondering whether or not to wave does not stop her from doing so anyway. She is pleased to see the woman, though she does not expect the likes of herself to be noticed.

"Thanks, love!" S'ya says with a grin to Xarra. "I do not know if I am looking forward to the position, though. Everyone keeps warning me about it." When Rennu brings up her pregnancy she beams, moving a bit so the small bulge is noticeable. "Thank you! And well, if you have any to spare… It works wonders on Zallesh!" Just a bit shy to ask for some more it seems, but if it's being offered might as well. When the goldpair make their way over she grins. "How are you keeping, Ysa?" She asks with a grin as Sophyrinth warbles back to Ella. Playmate!

The cooking assistants return, each carrying as many bowls as is humanly possible. Others carry spoons and place them on a tablecloth set out far enough away from the fires to not catch fire. The loaves are bread are placed there as well, the smell of fresh bread added to the meaty smell of the stew. Once everything has been brought, the head cook once more goes by each pot to check the status. "Alright everyone, the stew is ready. Come get a bowl, a piece of bread, and I hope you like our spicy winter stew!" Spicy as some fresh hot peppers were added to provide warmth.

Neferennu blinks as Ysa and Ella show up as well, though her smile is kept for the moment, eyes returning to S'ya. "I glad it works, though of course each baby is different, or so I have heard. I have another bottle ready to go, but if you still have the old bottle, I can just refill it for you." A blink and then an oh towards Xarra. "Well, I guess I just don't get it." She begins shifting where she sits as Ysa comes closer, but then the stew is announced to be ready and it gives her an excuse to leave the area at least for a moment. So stand in line for food she does.

S'ya gets to her feet as soon as the call goes out regarding the stew. She moves over to grab her share, wiggling her way through the crowd. Pregnant lady coming through! "Oh, just a little more love. That bread just smells divine." She says to a grumpy looking cook, the man reluctantly giving her another slice. With her food at hand she returns to So's side, snuggling against her lifemate who wraps her paws around her, personal heater! "How are Lyram and Illiam doing?" She asks the goldrider happily, already digging in.

Ellamariseth answered the small green's call as she bounds forward, only to stop a moment to glance back at Ysa. The goldrider wasn't looking happy, still, but she waves her dragon on to play. "Jus' go. It isn't like I'll have anywhere to go." Yet. Her green eyes scan the crowd, narrowing just briefly as she notices one particular teenager. Instead of aiming for the food after the announcement, she circles around and moves for a spot close to where the greenrider was sitting. "Busy," she says as she passes S'ya. "As always. I got a report in that you're sporting a new knot?" She eyes the shoulder as she pauses, head bobbing. "They're doing jus' fine. Getting big." And now the eyeing moves down to her baby bump.

Xarra jumps up with her friend in tow and heads towards the stew, though she does notice the Weyrwoman coming closer. Passing her by she speaks to the cook that she stops in front of. A bowl is taken politely and then, "I'll try some spicy stew." She dares. "It smells really good….And bread, yes please." When she and Aparli are served they both retrace their footsteps to thier blankets on the beach. "Good day to you Weyrwoman Ysa." She bows her head respectfully in greeting as she nears.

"Just a half bowl of the spicy stew please." Neferennu tells the cook, and thanks him as her bowl and slice of bread are handed to her. Her eyes look briefly at Ysa, giving her a slight nod, before she settles down onto her blanket next to Xarra. Food is smelled first, before a tenative sip is taken of the broth. "Eh, it's ok." Then the heat of the peppers hit and she starts coughing. "Ok…that has a bite." Yet she continues eating, keeping her eyes down and concentrating on her food. Listening in to the conversations around her for the time being.

The dark clouds to the north are getting closer, and the breeze from the water increases a bit. More noticable is that it is getting colder by the minute. A flash of lightning can be seen in the clouds, yet no thunder is heard.

Sophyrinth wants to get up and play with the huge gold but she's being mentally tethered at the moment. So instead of getting to her feet she moves to try and tickle Ellamariseth with her tail, warbling excitedly all the while. "Oh, I imagine you are." She says, waving her spoon about. "Oh, yes, L'alie caught me today and sort of shoved it in my hands." She says with a giggle, moving the knot a bit so it sits just right. She catches the older woman's eyes on her bump, her bump, her lovely baby bump! "Three months!" She takes another sip of stew, not seeming to mind the hotness. "Oh, careful love, do not want to choke on it and end up sputtering." That's for Neferennu, the greenie tilting her head at her coughing. It's not that hot, is it?

Xarra sees the reaction of Neferennu has towards the spicey stew and dips the bread in it and takes a generous, but dignified bite. "Hmmm. Oh." Is entoned as her blood becomes a bit warmer. "Well, I don't think I'll be cold for long with this batch. By the first shell that is really good." She takes another bite to emphasis her point, this time without the bread. "Oh. It is not as hot if you eat it with bread." She observes for Neferennu's sake. She too, views S'ya's tummy and smiles.

Ellamariseth takes whatever she can get. But she jumps back from the tickling tail to crouch low in the sands with her whirling eyes right on the tiny dragon, suddenly interested on something more internal. She croons low in her throat, but otherwise remains still for the moment. Ysa kicks off a spot free of shells and other things in the sand for her to flop down in, tilting her head towards Xarra. "G'day to ya." Back to S'ya, though. "Oh? Well, that'll be busy for ya soon, what with all the weyrlings that're going to crowd the barracks." Two clutches, afterall. "Shells… I still can't believe Mike is going to be a father." She shakes her head and sighs, eyes rolling at the comment about choking. "Any good?" she asks the greenrider about the soup.

Neferennu wheezes a bit and shakes her head. "No, I bit into a pepper seed. Otherwise it is delicious." A large smile is given to S'ya and then her attention turns towards Xarra. "Oh?" The bread is dipped in and then eaten, and a nod agrees with the girl. "That is better, just need to make sure I don't bite anymore seeds." A giggle and then she goes back to eating, shivering unconciously as the breeze gets colder.

Sophyrinth turns her head in order to better watch the gold, her eyes whirling madly, focused entirely on Ellamariseth. "Yes, soaking the bread really does make the flavor less powerful." S'ya agrees with Xarra, examining the soggy bread before taking a bite. "And yes. With the Weyrlings and my project and the new baby well, I just hope I do not over do it." She grins sheepishly to Ysa, offering her some stew. "Do you not think K'ael will make a good father?" Lucky for the greenie she's still wearing her riding jacket, the cold not felt just yet. "Oh, the seeds are the /worst/. When I was a little girl one of my brothers tricked me into eating the seeds of a /very/ hot pepper."

Xarra nods understanding for Neferennu's comment about not biting the spice seeds. She notices also the woman's shiver and finally takes notice of the colder weather for herself. "I hope it doesn't start raining. That would be a mess." She comments as she looks upwards at the troubled sky. "I hate rain." She adds quietly to her friend and takes another bite of her stew. A whispered comment from her friend causes Xarra to frown a bit, look up again and then turn to the girl with a shake of her head. Turning to S'ya when she hears about her brother's prank on her she says, "That is terrible. I hope you got them back for that one." She grins a little, wondering.

Ysa lived in Telgar for a good few turns that the cold was just noticeable, though she does hunker down in her riding jacket as well. Her eyes were scanning the skies, though, definitely wary. "That would be the best idea. Wouldn't want ya to put one thing over the other. 'm sure L'alie will do just fine on her own if ya need to take a break. Or the Harpers." She wasn't even going to bring up her mother! The goldrider was improving… She takes the offering of the stew, only a quick spoonful that nearly makes her choke on the powerful flavor. "Mmm," she finally says in consideration. "Not bad." She glances towards the line for a moment before she smirks back to the greenrider. "Not at all. Jus' remember when I went to go visit him at the cothold. Cheeky boy… he's definitely come 'round since then." There's definitely a chuckle at the prank, even as the goldrider gets up to move towards the food.

Neferennu raises an eyebrow and looks up to S'ya. "Oh? What did you do to him after that?" A soft chuckle as an image must've crossed her mind at what could've happened, her eyes shining. Another spoonful of stew before the mention of rain by Xarra catches her attention. It is only then she notices she is cold and wraps the scarf around her tighter, tying it under her neck. "Well, we can only hope it doesn't rain." A look up at the sky and her smile fades into a frown, mutters something under her breath, and then more of her stew is eaten a bit quicker as if she wants to get inside soon.

The sky continues to get darker as the clouds move in, the sky to the north an ominous dark grey. A firelizard near one of the coves gives a warble and then disappears between.

"Oh, I hope not too. That would just ruin the evening." S'ya says with a frown, eyeing the skies now. Sophyrinth stretches out her back limbs a bit, still keeping her front paws wrapped around S'ya. She looks kinda funny, a bit like a lazy feline trying to just stretch half of his body out. "And yes, I did. Well, more like out mom did. They got a flogging, that is for sure." She sends a wink to Xarra and Rennu as she leans into the greens chest, nibbling on a bit more bread while Ysa slurps up some stew. "Yes, I will be sure to let L'alie know if I am having any trouble at all." She does grin at the mention of a younger K'ael. "I bet he was a silly little thing back then, still is though." The darker sky is yet to be noticed, the green rider busy daydreaming.

Xarra notices the firelizard blinking into between and wonders if it had been startled by something. Silly things. She tries to dismiss it but worry creases her brow as she also hurries a bit with her meal.

The day Ysa pays attention to a firelizard is the day that she'll give all her marks to charity. Which is never likely to happen. "He's changed since that time," she notes to the greenrider. "Being Weyrleader and all now, he's definitely matured a bit." She goes to get herself a bit of stew and returns with it and a big chunk of bread. "They really picked the perfect day of going out to the beach," she mumbles as she does glance heavenward, frowning at the dark skies. She stands there now, shifting on her feet, as she looks down towards the other crowds.

A couple of dragons take off from the clearing and head north once high up in the sky. A dragon scream is heard a couple minutes later, followed by another. All four dragons return from between over the weyr, luckily not too far from the ground. The blue and brown just barely manage to crash into the water, tears run the length of the brown's left wingsails while the right wing of the blue is held at an awkward angle that isn't natural. They croon piteously as they wade towards shore, the riders having jumped down and wading through as well to get them inside. "It's ice! It's ice!" Says the bluerider before he goes back to encouraging his dragon forward towards the dragonhealers. One person runs to get one of the elder healers as well.

Neferennu looks at S'ya and Ysa, trying to look more at S'ya then at Ysa in case the goldrider is giving her the "evil eye." Then the dragon scream immediately captures her attention, the bowl is dropped into the sand as she stands and runs towards the dragons as they come ashore. "Oh Faranth, that wing is really bad. Get him inside immediately, in the annex…" Though it was directed to the bluerider, it is meant for both riders. Not that it really matters, they were heading that way anyways. "Ice? What do you mean by ice?" The question is ignored though, and Rennu just stands there, a frown and upset look at her face. "Shells, why couldn't I at least be grade two now?" As the dragons leave towards the weyr, she returns to the group and looks at Ysa and S'ya. Mouth is opened to say something, but nothing comes out.

"He has I suppose. When I think of him, though, I just think of a big teddy bear." S'ya says with a giggle, putting her empty bowl on the sand and hugging her knees close to her. "And well, maybe it will clear up?" She says to Ysa, trying to sound chipper but the doubt in her voice comes through. Yup, it's starting to look terrible. When the scream pierces the air she's up on her feet, Sophyrinth following suit as the pair watch in horror as the dragons plummet into the sea. "Shells! Are they alright!" Of course they're not, but that's the first thing that comes to her mind as she watches the dragons and riders head for the Healers. "We should get inside." She says a bit nervously, eyeing the gray skies above.

Xarra cries out and stands quickly as the dragons hit the water with obviously serious injuries. "Shards and shells! What happened? Ice?… Ice?" She repeats calming down a bit into a readied stance of preparedness as she stands and peers North like so many others. Her stew bowl forgotten as she grasps it in her hand.

Ysa can't help the chuckle at the mention of relating a teddy bear with the Istan Weyrleader. "Well, perhaps for ya." she was just starting to eat her stew, too, finally when the cries come out and her eyes snap up towards the dragons. "Shells!" she at least was on her feet already, turning towards those that were injured. Ellamariseth was still focused on Sophyrinth, but now she swivels around with her wings flaring out to bugle in concern, following the injured pairs for a moment and crooning to them in comfort. "It isn't /that/ cold for ice," the goldrider says, frowning as she sets her food down and turns towards the others, spreading her arms out and making a shooing motion. "I say pack up, either way."

Just as everyone was reeling from the shock of injured dragons, the ice begins fall…hard. Hail stones range in size from marbles to large balls fall from the sky, intermixed with drops having frozen up above. One of the large balls hits Ellamariseth right on the top of the head, another across the outside leading edge of her left wing. The ice is slow at first, but as the wind picks up, so does the amount of icicles and hail coming down until it is almost zero visibility within a minute. "Get inside!" Someone yells over the yelling of the crowd. Panic ensues as everyone scrambles up towards the safety of the weyr, children screaming as they get picked up by unknown people and carried. Dragons get pelted with ice, sure to leave bruises that will show up tomorrow along their backs and necks.

Neferennu yells as the ice begins to fall, getting hit hard by an icicle on her right shoulder. Falling, instead of running, she curls up into a ball holding her shoulder. As the ice starts falling harder though, legs pull her up and she begins walking towards the weyr after the crowd. "Have to get to the annex.. Have to get to the annex.." Is muttered though unheard over the wind. The fact that her shoulder is bleeding has gone unheeded.

S'ya doesn't need to be told twice to get into the safety of the weyr proper, the greenrider already ushering her lifemate inside. Sophyrinth wanted to see what all the fuss was about and so she's giving the greenrider a hard time about moving indoors. When the ice starts to fall however the dragon lets out a brassy trumpet, the stuff pelting her hide and her lifemate as well. "Inside, now!" S'ya screams as a chunk hits her right on her head, the blow causing her to stumble a bit but not loose her balance completely. Sophyrinth moves to cover her rider with a wing but at S'ya's hissing she quickly tucks it against her frame. "Hurry, love!" And so they're off, moving as quickly as they can for the safety of the trees or their weyr, whichever is closer.

Xarra grabs her friend's hand and with the stew bowl still in hand she races after the others that hurry towards the weyr. "Ice" She mumbles again, frightened.

Ysa starts to head inside even before the hail started. She grabs onto her jacket immediately, though, lifting it over her head in a meager shield to protect herself when the storm does hit. Only a loud pained bugle catches her attention and makes her wheel back around. "Ella!" The gold had tucked one wing in as soon as she got hit, but the other had the outer edge hanging down at an odd angle, her head reeling. Ellamariseth tries to shake herself out of it as she still gets pelted, her legs quickly striding to catch up with her lifemate, the two of them making their way out of the beach and after Rennu and the others heading for cover. She growls as the Dragonhealer teen gets knocked down, moving to follow right behind to offer help if she stumbles again. The gold, at least, was big enough to cover a lot of distance, fast.

The screams of the dragons seem to only ring in her head, Neferennu winces and stumbles over a rock but manages to stay upright. With only her scarf around her shoulders, she is unshielded from the ice and will pretty bruised by the morning with several cuts across her face and shoulders. Yet that doesn't seem to even be noticed, with the mind only concentrated on being there to fix those dragons injured. "I'm coming…I'm coming." Maybe her head will need to be checked later as the muttering starts getting slurred. Once her legs touch flat ground on the clearing, does she break into a run directly for the annex.

The ice continues to come down, and one of the icicles graze Xarra's head as she runs, creating a bleeding gash.

Xarra thinks quickly as the ice begins to pelt both her and her friend. Upending the stewbowl she still miraculously holds she empties it of its contents and plops it down upon her friends head and pushes her towards the weyr. "Hurry. I'm right behind…" A searing pain slams into her head at this point and knocks her to the ground. She lays there dazed and bleeding.

Ysa would be content to run out of there as fast as she could, but having been slowed by returning to her lifemate she catches sight of the young girl going down. "Hey! Hey, get up!" Ellamariseth, bruised and battered, lowers her head to offer support for Xarra even as Ysa comes running up to them. She isn't a Healer, but she knows that laying around with big balls of ice falling on you wasn't smart. She reaches down to try to grab Xarra under the arms, Ella sticking close as much protection as she can be. There's barely a pause as the gold pair reach Xarra, helping her to her feet, and then shoving their way towards shelter as fast as they can go.

Neferennu catches a glimpse of a falling figure out of the corner of her eye and so she turns, reaching down to help the guy to his feet. "Come on, get up! Come on!" A wince as she moves her right shoulder and realizes the ice had penetrated like a dagger into it, but she helps him up anyways. "Nathaniel…" His voice is shaky and Rennu gets scared as he collapses again. "Someone help! He's too cold to walk!" Her left arm gets under his shoulders as she lifts him up and he tries to walk more, but eventually collapses to his knees again. "You have to walk!" Her voice is tense, scared even. "Then a golden figure is barely glimpsed through the ice. "Ysa, come help me please!" Her arms wrap around his shoulders and try to pick the guy up, but this causes her to give a brief yelp of pain, yet she continues trying to get him to his feet.

Xarra shaking off her daze she struggles to her feet with the help of the weyrwoman. A hand to her head and she has regained her balance. Hearing Neferennu's cry for help she turns, views the situation and turns back to help. "Please continue to safety Weyrwoman Ysa. Ellamariseth needs protection. So do you. I will help….please." She hurries back to lend another pair of shoulders for Neferennu's charge. Blood dripping down the side of her face as she goes.

Ysa makes sure that Xarra was stable even as she was trying to get her to continue. When she turns, though, she stops momentarily as well. Her green eyes dart back towards Rennu and the man. "Ella, damn it, get out of here!" she snaps to her dragon as the gold stops to investigate, too. Wing still dragging and eyes whirling slowly. "Go then!" she says back to Xarra with a bob of her head. "If h" But with her escape made, and seeing that Rennu had the help she needed, the goldrider had no problem turning her back and fleeing! Shelter! Or rather, the dragonhealers to demand someone patch up her lifemate.

Ysa makes sure that Xarra was stable even as she was trying to get her to continue. When she turns, though, she stops momentarily as well. Her green eyes dart back towards Rennu and the man. "Ella, damn it, get out of here!" she snaps to her dragon as the gold stops to investigate, too. Wing still dragging and eyes whirling slowly. "Go then!" she says back to Xarra with a bob of her head. "Get back to the Weyr as fast as possible!" But with her escape made, and seeing that Rennu had the help she needed, the goldrider had no problem turning her back and fleeing! Shelter! Or rather, the dragonhealers to demand someone patch up her lifemate.

Neferennu manages to pick the man up with Xarra's help, moving slower towards the caverns but still making it there. "Xarra, thank you." Her voice is grateful, though she is not surprised that Ysa didn't come to help her. If the dragon she heard was Ella… A shake of the head to get rid of the thought to keep her mind on getting to the weyr safely, the ground now becoming slippery.

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs and southwest is a wide tunnel, carefully roped off to avoid accidents.

Xarra stumbles into the caverns with the heavy burden shared between her and Neferennu. Shaking her head again as it begins to throb she turns to the other woman and asks, "Where?"

Neferennu mutters and motions towards an open space in the caverns and shakes her hair free of ice. "Over here." Face in wrinkled in pain but her grip doesn't falter around the man's shoulders. "What happened?" Asks a healer apprentice that comes up and Rennu only responds with "Ice. He collapsed and he's cold." Immediately the apprentice calls for blankets as soon as the man is set down. "Oh shells, you're bleeding!" The apprentice notices Xarra's head and immediately motions her to sit down to be tended to. Already the healers are at work checking over wounds.

Xarra follows Neferennu's direction and helps her to bring the man over to the proper location. Shrugging off the healers she gestures towards Nefferennu. "No, this looks worse than it is. I'm sure. Help Nefferennu. She's hurt." Leaning over the man she crouches down and pulls up the blanket covering him a bit more and then looks around for others that might need help.

Neferennu mutters as one of the assistants comes over and tries to pull her away. "No, there are dragons hurt! I have to get to the annex!" Yet the assistant forcibly pulls her into a chair and tries to hold her down to get a look at her bleeding right shoulder. Putting pressure on it causes her to yelp but she still tries to wave them off. "No, go help Xarra. A head injury is more important." Slowly though, her energy is fading and she resists less. "Xarra, thank you. You're still bleeding though. Faranth, help him first at least!" Her speech is still a little slurred though and shivers starts again now that she isn't moving.

Shellie runs in from the clearing right about now, having been summoned from the infirmary hurriedly. Slung over her shoulder is her healer's kit. "Ok, what's going on?" She moves over, and looks first at Neferennu, then Xarra, and finally the man. "Neferennu, get over to a chair, and sit down, take a cloth, and hold it to that wound, pressing at it." She motions to the drudges and a couple of other healers who've joined the gathering. "He needs to be gotten down into the springs as soon as possible. Not the hottest one, but the cooler one used for pregnant women and kids. Get him undressed and into it now.

Xarra watches as the healers come running with help. Stepping back from the man she watches as Neferennu is instructed to sit. Coming over to her Xarra reaches out a hand to help hold pressure upon the woman's shoulder wound if possible.

Neferennu gives Shellie a sour look as she is ordered to sit, after having forced herself to stand. "I have to…" Yet she stops and just sits down, realizing that there is no point in arguing when her legs are shaking so bad she can barely stand without holding on to something. As the cloth is placed on her shoulder and it is pressed down, she lets out another yelp and reaches up to try and pull it away. "That hurts!" Of course it does, but the thank you is in her eyes for Xarra for helping. The shivering continues to get worse and she tries to pull the shawl even tighter around her shoulders, though it does little for heat right now.

A couple of assistants pick up the man, blankets and all, and carry him around the growing crowd up to the hot springs as ordered. Within moments they are out of sight. A loud clamour echoes around the caverns as everyone talks about the sudden ice that continues to fall outside, as well as the two dragons that were hurt right before this started. A couple minutes later, a greenrider is brought in with a clearly broken leg and she is delirious. Others have some cuts and scrapes, a man is laying on the side of the cavern moaning and holding his head, and elderly man by the looks of the greying hair.

Shellie watches as the man gets taken into the lower caverns, and turns back to the Dragonhealer apprentice. "You're not going to do any good with that wound in your arm." She turns to Xarra. "And you let someone see to your forehead. I've got this." She sighs, and turns back to Neferennu, as she opens up her kit, and pulls out scissors, starting to cut away the sleeve of the girl's shirt.

Xarra seeing that she might be in the way now, she smiles encouragement to Neferennu and backs away. Ignoring the healer's suggestion of finding help for herself she begins to head in the general direction of the older man that is moaning. Getting halfway there sees her swaying slightly. Thankful for a nearby chair she grabs the back of it for support. Breathing deeply as blood still trickles down her face she pauses just long enough to regain her balance before starting out again. One step…two and she has to stop again for a moment to rest.

One of the healer assistants notices the man that is moaning and goes to help him, looking through his hair to find any bleeding, but there is none. "Just leave me alone, my head hurts…" He mutters and the healer doesn't feel any soft spots, so assumes he just has a headache. It is then that he notices Xarra having to pause every couple steps and the bleeding. "Come on, sit down here." He helps her over to a chair to sit down and gets a damp cloth to clean off the wound with. "Just sit still while we see how bad it is." Other apprentices and a journeyman are tending to the delirious greenrider, giving a drop of fellis to dull the pain enough to set the leg. To which the green bugles from the treeline but luckily doesn't move out from the foliage protection.

Shellie glances at the older man, and frowns, even as she deftly starts to clean Nefe's wound. "Check him for concussion. Keep an eye on him." As the other girl collapses, she nods in approval as the other healers sees to her. "Make sure she's OK." Glancing at the greenrider, she sighs. "Someone dose him with fellis, and get his breeches off, I'll see to his leg as soon as I get the bleeding stopped here.

Neferennu lets out a long sigh and tries to watch as the shirt is cut off, wincing. "This was one of my good shirts too…" is muttered and she tries to keep her shoulder as immobile as possible to keep the pain down. Her head goes into one hand, rubbing her forehead. "The pain…I swear I can hear their pain…" The chorus of dragon bugles outside may be the reason.

Xarra accepts the need for help finally and does as she is told when she sees that others are being helped. Sitting down in a nearby chair she leans forward a bit and rests her hands on her knees as if she feels like passing out. Thankfully she does not and only produces a brave grimace as her wound is cleaned.

"Right away." One of the healer apprentices tells Shellie and moves off towards the older man again and begins checking his eyes with a light. Another drop of fellis is given to the greenrider who promptly passes out and she is placed to the side for Shellie to set the leg when she is done. "A minor concussion ma'am." The apprentice calls towards Shellie and he orders for him to be moved and placed on a cot. People who aren't hurt are put to work moving tables and chairs out of the way to place cots along one side of the caverns for those that are hurt. Others make their way deeper into the caverns, and as such, the talking slowly dies down.

Shellie nods. "Keep him awake for now." She finishes cleaning Nefe's arm, and puts a tight pressure bandage on it. "I'll need to stich that up, but it can wait for a few." She turns, and checks on Xarra. "Ok, you're going to be fine. Are you having any sort of dizziness or light headedness?

Neferennu mutters as the pressure bandage goes on, crying a bit in pain, but just nods and lays her head on the table. Now that she is inside, she is warming up and the shivering stops. A moment later she looks around the room and spots Xarra being tended to as well. "Shells, there could've been much more injured." She dares to get up, but finds her legs still weak, and drops back into the chair.

Shellie turns back to Neferennu. "If you stand up, you'd better be heading to the infirmary, Neferennu.

Xarra's friend Aparli finds Xarra and holds out the bowl that Xarra had dumped and then put on her friend's head. It had several deep scratches in it. One almost penetrating. Looking up, Xarra sees that her friend's hair is coating with remnants of stew but is very pleased that Aparli looks unscathed except for a few minor scratches to her arms. "You saved my life the girl speaks quietly." Xarra only smiles and shakes her head which is a mistake as the room starts to spin slightly before settling down again. Being told to help move tables since she was not injured Aparli squeezes Xarra's shoulder with silent thanks and then heads away to assist. Hearing Shellie's question to her she peers up a bit in her direction and says, "Only a little but I'm fine. Really. Can I help you at all?" She offers knowing full well that she might not be able.

Neferennu lets out a long sigh and just settles down into the chair and watches, not really wanting to go to the infirmary in case it is even worse than it is here. So instead she sits there and tries to stay calm, but isn't succeeding at the thought of at least three dragons hurt and she can't be there to help. After a long moment, she stands again and slowly uses the table as support to reach something to drink. At the end of the table though, one of the assistants sits her back down and gets a mug of water for her. "Thank you…" She mutters.

Xarra gathers what strength she can after being tended to and heads off to her cot to sleep as per strict instructions from the healer that had patched her up. With a backwards glance full of worry for the others she does as she is told and stumbles out of the cavern.

Neferennu is helped to the infirmary to await getting her shoulder stitched up.

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary
The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

Neferennu has been forced to lie down, propped up slightly with a bandage wrapped around her shoulder. It has now been cleaned and stitched up, but still she is forced to sit still for a while. This is clearly driving her nuts, since an assistant has been assigned to sit down next her to make sure she stays down.

Nathaniel stirs beneath his blankets and his eyes open briefly then close again. He turns from his back to his side and her steely eyes open again, peering around, not altogether sure where he is. He groans and tries to lean up on one arm, though a nice bruise and cut across the bicep makes /that/ painful, so he grits his teeth, "H-hello?"

"Oh, you're awake.." Neferennu allows herself to settle down into the cot, leaning against the pillows. The assistant immediately turns his attention to Nathaniel. "How are you feeling?" The blankets are pulled up over him a bit more. "We cleaned the cut but it should heal just fine on its own."

Nathaniel shivers a little then looks up at the assistant and nods his head somewhat absently. "Oh..t-thanks," he says. His eyes move to Neferennu and he nods, "I think I am anyway. One hand slips out to run through his hair then quickly goes back beneath the warm blankets. "How'd I get in here? I'm a little fuzzy on what happened."

Neferennu takes a deep breath and forces a slight smile. "We were all running for shelter when the ice started coming down. You must have gotten too cold and collapsed in the clearing. Xarra and I carried you inside and the healers warmed you up in the hot springs before bringing you here. I'm not surprised you are fuzzy, it all seemed to be a blur." A slow shake of the head and she moves her right shoulder a bit, wincing at the pain. "If we have to put an immobilizing sling on you, we will." warns the assistant with a stern look towards Rennu. "Ok, ok. It just hurts and is stiff."

Nathaniel blinks some at the explanation then lifts a brow, "Xarra?" he asks. He watches her wince and frowns some, "Well, all I can offer is thanks at the moment, is…Xarra here?" he asks, looking around. "I'm Nate, er, Nathaniel, might as well know the name of my other savior?" he asks, peering toward her.

Neferennu smiles a bit more. "Xarra only got grazed along the head. She was ordered to sleep in her own cot. I'm Neferennu, Rennu if you please." She goes to offer a hand but moved that right shoulder again and winces. To which the assistant gets up and begins putting her right arm in a tight sling to keep the shoulder from moving too much. "It is good to meet you Nate, though I wish it was under better circumstances." A snort as her arm is bound up, but she doesn't resist. "If I may ask, why did you not have any warmer clothes on? I know we weren't thinking it would be as cold weather as it was, but it was still chilly."

Nathaniel winces when she reaches for him and then he can't help but snicker as the healers move to bind the woman up. The question, however, makes him huh…hmmm… He puts a hand to his temple and pinches his eyes closed to think. "The last thing I remember is, oh.. shards.." he says with a slight mutter to himself. "No wonder it's a blur.. last thing I remember is a pyramid of shot glasses and spinning and empty bottle to choose a destination.."

Neferennu blinks and then laughs. "No wonder you got so cold so fast. I hear some people get cold when they are drunk even though they feel hot. Maybe you shouldn't play drunk spin the bottle anymore?" With her shoulder bound up, she is allowed to sit up a little more, but not allowed to stand. "Though at least you were so limp it looks like the damage was minimal to your body, not that I saw much." A slight shrug with her left shoulder and then she grabs the water mug on the table between them and takes a drink.

Nathaniel smirks and nods his head, "Right well, I didn't plan for an ice storm..or snow storm?" he says sort of questioningly. The mention of damage to his body and her not seeing much makes him give pause, however and he errrs, pulling the edge of the blankets up to look down at himself. NAKED! Wait, gown, whew. GOWN!? "Well, all for medical purposes regardless," he says with an official sounding tone.

Neferennu laughs as he takes a look to see what clothes he has on. As it is, only a gown is what is covering her from the waist up, her cut shirt having been tossed into the scrap heap a bit away. "Ice storm. Lots of hail and what looked like icicles. I ended up taking one in my shoulder. Guess that means I can say I know what it feels like to be stabbed." Chuckle, as she tries to make a joke out of the situation. Another drink of water is taken before the cup is set down and she leans back into the pillows.

He can't help but blush a little, hey at least it's a warm feeling. "Right.. hailing icicles.." he repeats, shaking his head. "That's something I could do without..knowing what it means to be stabbed.." Nathaniel slowly sits up and pulls his blankets around him, feeling all kinds of awkward at his bare, cold legs and feet, which he tries to hide beneath the bedding, "How long we in for?"

Neferennu shrugs and then shakes her head. "I was told I could go back to my cot tonight. Just need to keep my shoulder immobile for a couple days then slowly bring it back into motion. You…I don't know." To which point the assistant smiles. "Just for tonight so we know you will be fine. You were unconcious when you were brought in, so we just want to make sure you'll be ok." "Ah, well there you go." Rennu comments and shifts slightly. "How is that the cots in here are always lumpy?"

Nathaniel nod his head at Rennu and smiles, "Good for you then," and he turns a somewhat hopeful gaze to the assistant. "Well honestly, in that I have no idea where I am.. staying in a warm bed with such good care, leaving really isn't first on my list tonight." He pats the cot, "Perfect, from this man's perspective."

Neferennu raises an eyebrow and then moves a couple pillows to lie down. "It's better when lying down…there." A contented sigh until it dawns on he said he didn't know where we was. "You don't know where you are?" Think, blink, blink. "You know, I don't remember seeing you before. You are at Xanadu Weyr, in the infirmary." A warm smile. The assistant then checks her shoulder sling and tells her to go to her own cot and lie down. "I just learned we need this cot for a person who has a concussion." A snort. "Alright, I'll go. You take it easy Nate. I'm sure you'll see me around." So on still a little wobbly legs, she makes her way out into the now clearer skies but slippery grass of the clearing. Along the wall she will go to the entrance to the dorms.

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