Random Log: Wherhandlers in Weyrlinghood

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
A long and roughly oblong cavern, about a third of the space is open, used for classes or chores as required. The rest of the space is filled with couches of varying sizes, all with plenty of space between them. Some couches are obviously intended for the very young weyrlings while the largest ones at the back are for the older weyrlings.

Kitra walks in behind Mallorn, her head tilted a bit as if she's listening to something outside the barracks and indeed muted sounds of some unhappy creature can be heard from outside and she sighs and rubs at her neck a bit as she sets her bag at her feet.

Tellus gingerly walks in to the barracks with duffle bag carried by her left hand, "Something wrong Kitra? Hey, Master Mallorn, what's with the barracks? I was hoping to get back to the crafthall and see what's available for projects."

Medani is working. To be more specific she is oiling a young green whom is more or less lounging upon a couch that is likely her own. The woman sings softly, as she has been prone to do while working, not loud enough to disturb sleepers and with a pleasant enough voice to not generally draw complaints from those who are awake. The song is mostly wordless, and has the flavor of nursery rhymes and similar. For her part the green is bobbing her head a bit with the tune.

Casiella, too, is working. Only this Weyrling is feeding a rather hungry looking gold. Who also looks just a /touch/ wet. She snorts, and says something that's probably rather annoyed. Casi, looking hasseled, scowls back. "I'm feeding you as fast as I can! All I ever /do/ is feed you! All you ever do is eat and sleep and EAT!" The gold glowers at her, chewing quickly at a piece of meat. "It's not my fault you fall asleep where you stand when I feed you. And you had to have a bath, so you insisted. It's not my fault you were playing about, doing 'experiments' and taking your sweet time." The dragonet snorts again, taknig another piece of meat.

Kitra shakes her head a bit, "Kitsk isn't happy she wants out, and it's still too bright out and not sure, Mallorn told me to report here for some reason, with my gear." she says as she motions to her bag, speaking softly to Tellus, though the sound outside doesn't anbate, it at least doesn't get any worse for the time being.

I'ven is curled up against Khriseth, looking very comfortable as he reads a book silently, an absent hand running over the brown's eyeridge. There's a slight smile to his face, the weyrling looking mighty content with himself.

Medani lets her music die off a bit at the sound of Casiella's complaints, wincing slightly and exxhaling a soft sigh as she works. Could living in proximity to Casiella be worse than dealing with a dozen or more 8 turn olds while teaching… yes, most assuredly yes, though it can provide its amusement to her at times.

Tellus glances around, "I bet she's not, wasn't it nightfall when you left?" The journeyman hangs near the door, but certainly out of the way so as to not get ran over by dragon, rider, or weyrling. "I wonder what he's got up his sleeves." She softens her voice and glances around at randomly chosen weyrlings and their dragons.

Stepping from outside and into the barracks, Master Mallorn follows Kitra and Tellus in one or two beats behind, turning to look at the Weyrlings gathered here and all the dragonets present. "G'morning, Weyrlings." He says over the noise, acting much like S'ver would when walking into the barracks, except no where near as stiffbacked. "Has your Weyrlingmaster informed you of a recent change to your group…?" He steps near Tellus and Kitra, nodding to them. "Go ahead and pick a cot, you two. We're gonna be here a while.

« Wheeeeeeeeeeee- » "-eeeeeee-" « -eeeeeeeeeee! » F'ai and Faelynath were trotting around the barracks lightly to burn off some extra energy, you see, though the pair doesn't seem to realize that new people have entered. Abruptly, the green comes to a halt in front of F'ai, who does a spectacular trip right over her wing and onto his back. Roll. He blinks up at Mallorn, Tellus, and Kitra curiously from the floor, "…hi!" He offers them all a bright, amiable smile. What up, yo?

Kitra blinks a bit and her eyes widen in startlement, "Pick out a cot sir?" she says, clearly not expecting any of this and she blinks a bit more as hereyes drift over to the green dragonet and her rider, "Uhm…. hi."

Anlyth glances towards the commotion without really lifting her head from the couch as her rider works, « Graceful. » The tone is perhaps amused, but not really sarcastic, the roll was graceful, afterall, in its way. Medani looks over her shoulder at the new arrivals and starts to smile, eyes flicking towards some of the empty cots as she takes note of the words exchanged so far.

I'ven just looks up as he listens to F'ai, wrinkling his brow slightly before turning back to his book. Khrisenth nudge his ruder to the others and this receives a grunt from the weyrling. "They don't want to talk to me anyway."
Ysamieth was asleep. Now he's awake. With a loud, irritated snarl, the blue dragonet gets up onto his stocky legs and yowls. D'hiel rushes in, towel around his neck, hair damp, clothing a little in disarray, to return to the blueling's side, panting. "High.. speed… bathing… ahhhh!" he pants, sinks onto his cot, and about now realises there's other people. "…"

Mallorn suddenly jumps back as he finds green weyrling at his feet, the master looking down at him and attempting to hold back a grin, causing his lips to twitch just a bit. "I would suggest being more careful, next time, lad…" He mumbles. leaning down to offer a hand to F'ai before standing up again and looking around at the chaos. "… I wondered about Weyrling classes. Now I know…" He mumbles, before clearing his throat. "Listen! Please!" He tries to gain command, but that proves harder then it did at first. Much respect he has for this S'ver fellow.

Kitra flinches back at the yowling sound and the ruckus outside gets louder, the audible sound of something bleeking and whisling and in general making noise, "Uhm, Kitsk needs out soon or she's gonna break her kennel." she says ever so softly, swallowing a bit nervously as she looks around for an empty cot, smiling a little at I'ven, "Is that your Khrisenth? she asks him, quietly.

"A whi…" Tellus girns momentarily to Mallorn, then she giggles softly at F'ai and Faelynath's demise, "Um, hello Weyrling; you okay?" Ears prickle up as she listens for an answer to Kitra's query, is followed by a belated greeting to the others of the barracks, "Hi." Guess said answer is forth, fifth, and maybe even sixth coming. Good thing she stepped away from the doorway, or she'ld be D'hiel's doormat.

Casiella has since moved from feeding the gold to oiling her. The dragonet is happily snoring on her couch, laid out with her belly up and her wings out oddly. Mallorn actually gets a pause and a slightly condescending look. "Yes?" She says, somewhat cooly. "We /are/ busy."

F'ai accepts the hand easily enough, beaming brightly at all three of the newcomers, then offering off a light salute, "Yessir, I'm fine. Thanks!" With that, he takes off at a light run back towards his couch, holding his arms out at his sides; Faelynath waddles along after him with her small wings extended, creeling merrily. The two come to settle near the youth's couch, where they flop onto it together in a jumble. Whorling eyes and a pair of stormy grey ones fix politely on Mallorn afterwards, though he gently chides Casiella, "Casi, don't be rude…" Not a command, just a kind suggestion.

«They are not the same.» Ysamieth snaps his jaws a few more times, snarls, growls then quiets as D'hiel pets him and actually holds his muzzle shut gently for a bit, «Why do they smell different?» Dusty sandstorms abounding. D'hiel though, after tying his hair back, and rolling up his sleeves, clicks his tongue and heads to the meat barrels, followed by the stocky blue. "I guess I missed something, didn't I? Erm… are you minecrafters all of you?" he nods to Kitra, Mallorn and Tellus.. whom he's only met in passing before.

Medani turns where she sits, facing Mallorn for the most part, though her hands continue to work, if a bit awkwardly without guidance. Apart from some glances towards Anlyth he seems to have her attention. The green beside her is gradually starting to doze off once more.

I'ven turns as Kitra speaks to him and arches a brow, "I don't think any of the others would put up with me enough to be with them, don't you think? But this is Khriseth, yes." The dragon warbles happily, turning his whirling eyes to the others, «Faelynath, you should use more caution.»

Mallorn turns his green eyes upon Casiella for a moment, studying her before he calmly speaks. "You may be busy, but you will want to listen, in order to make sure you don't make yourself anymore foolish then you are already capable of." And from the looks of it, Mallorn expects much foolishness from the Weyrling. As for the others, he shows a more kinder light and clears his throat once again, which just is a miner's habit. "Weyrlings, I'd like you to welcome the new weyrlings her for the time being. Kitra, I and Tellus will be a part of your class, aswell as the whers we are the handlers to. The Weyrleader and Weyrlingmaster has approved this type of training for your group, which they think shall benefit both groups in their own fashion. So, get used to us, because we'll be here for the majority of the time, until you graduate." Abruptly, he looks over at Kitra and nods to her, "Go get the thick cloth for her, cover her eyes, and bring her in on a collar." He mumbles, looking past Kitra to D'hiel before nodding. "Yes, we are," And he speaks louder then, for the rest of the group, "We are minercrafters, and we deserve as much respect as anyone else. I will not hear of any clashing or resultant fights, or you will be punished accordingly. With us, there is Journeyman Tellus, Apprentice Kitra and myself, Master Mallorn…" Whew, he's done with announcements, and he turns to attend to his two, sending Kitra outside.

Kitra nods a bit and she heads outsude, pulling a cloth from her bag as she moves rapidly and the thud of something heavy can be heard outside as the bawling noises from outside quiet down.

"Master, Journeyman, Apprentice.." D'hiel, formerly known and sometimes still know as Dash, bobs his head politely to the miners, then turns to the barrels. He has a bottomless stomach of a blue to feed, you see, so with meat cleaver in hand, much thumping against a wooden chopping block, and quiet orders of 'chew, don't inhale', can be heard.

Casiella scowls at F'ai, then turns her narrowed green gaze on the Minecrafter. Calanth opens one swirling eye, training it on Casiella, then on the Wherhandlers. She gives a mighty snort, then says something to her rider, then closes her eyes again. Casi keeps her quiet, continuing to oil the dragon, and not looking very happy about it.

Medani sets down her cloth for a time and eases herself to her feet, wiping her hands against her pants to get rid of at least most of the oil. She steps towards Mallorn and after a moment of hesitation offers a salute to accompany her smile, "A pleasure to meet you, speaking for at least most of the class I'm certain." She extends the hand next, "Medani, Journeyman Harper, I think we met earlier in the baths, if briefly. The green there is Anlyth." Who is snoozing by this point.

Kitra comes in leading the wher, the bleeking sounds audible before she comes in and the creature stops to paw at the blindfold over her eyes, "Master, do you think it's dark enough in here to uncover her eyes?" she asks even as Kitisk whisles loudly.

Mallorn chuckles a bit at D'hiel's name off of each of their ranks, looking between each Weyrling as they introduce themselves. "Nice to meet you, Medani, Anlyth. I do remember you earlier in the hot springs…" He watches as I'ven exits, before turning and looking around, before shaking his head at Kitra. "I doubt it. You have to remember her eyes are severely sensative. Leave it on, she should be used to being led around by you blind, by now…" He isn't sure what else to tell the Weyrlings next, so with a shrug of his shoulders he walks back and picks up his pack near the door. Tredding over near to F'ai's bunk, he places his pack down, turning to Kitsk and Kitra. "This is a wher, of the gold veriety, for those who haven't seen one, yet." He mentions this non-chalant before sitting down on chosen cot, almost as if he's quite tired.

D'hiel has never seen a gold wher. The sight is a surprise to him as he pauses between feeding Ysamieth chunks of bloody goodness. Though it seems he's brought to a halt in his staring by the realisation that that's what he's doing, and looks back to his task.

Kitsk tilts her head a bit and she emits a loud 'Bleeek!' before settling down, head pressing against Kitra, claws restlessly scraping the floor of the barracks.

Medani goes back to her cot and couch and takes a seat, leaning back against the still oily side, the green merely stirring faintly at the sound, but not waking.

Kitra sighs a bit, "She's just still upset about the trip I think, and being in her kennel for so long." she says as she gently rubs the stunted wings of thebeast resting beside her. "Easy Kitsk, don't upset everyone, hmmm, settle down for me alright." she murmurs gently.

Tellus glances towards Kitra, "Hurry and get your cot…" Her voice drifts off as she carries her things towards an empty cot. "Weyrlings?" Well the miner certainly doesn't look affronted by her new-founded status. A curteous nod towards D'hiel, Casiella, Medani, and I'ven. A second glance goes to Casiella and her dragon, while she finishes settling herself in.

"So you're like… Wherlings, then?" F'ai says brightly as he pops up from behind Mallorn, kneeling behind him on the cot and peering at him like some kind of puppy. Over Mallorn's other shoulder, Faelynath copies his expression as perfectly as a dragonet can, her tail even tilting back and forth lightly.

Kitra nods to Tellus and she lerads Kitsk over to the cot she's chosen and she settles down to work on rubbing the blindfolded head, "Shhh." she says as the beast slowly calms down and a discernablew word rumbles from the wher "Hommmmeee" earning a faint chuckle from Kitra, "Mostly a new home Kitsk, think you're up to saying hello? We're in a Weyrling barracks and well the dragons might think it's polite for you to greet them, hmmm, can you show them your manners?" she asks and the wher lifts her head and gives a soft chirring croon.

As the gold is led in, Casiella is taken by surprise. Calanth is given a cursory swipe with a rag before the weyrling prods her dragonet awake. Calanth grumbles aggitatedly, but she does right herself, nudging her rider affectionately. Noting how upset the wher is, Casi turns her head to her dragonet. Calanth tilts her head to one side a long moment, then burbles excitedly. «Of course I can.» She says, amiably, and loud enough for all dragon-types to hear. «Kitsk, is that what you said her name was?» Casiella shrugs. "I guess," she murmurs. «Kitsk, welcome to Xanadu, and to my home!» The little gold dragonet burbles happily, her many-tonal mind-voice reflecting her happiness, if her sleepiness. «I am gold Calanth. We are the same color!» The gold seems quite over joyed by this.

Aaah, so that's what they are. Ysamieth warbles a gruff sounding greeting to the gold wher, then eyes Calanth and Casiella, before returning his gaze to the wher. Proudly, and so everyone can get a good earful of his powerful mind, the dusty sandstorm of his voice husks out. «I am Ysamieth, and mine is D'hiel. You are not like us, but you are. I am most curious. Are you strong? You look strong.»

Mallorn peers at the dragons reactions to the gold wher, and gives a bit of a smile. He turns to Tellus then with a grin. "What do you think, give all the whers a stretch?" He's relaxing on the cot for a bit, giving a bit of a yawn as he does so. So maybe the late nights are getting to him. He tries his best to hold back when Casiella gawks, but overall, is pleased with the reactions. "Fortionately for you guys, we won't be keeping them in here… They arn't quite as a cleanly group as your dragons are. Makes me think more of canines, really…"

« I like fish. Silver fish. The ones that flitter and flash and squish and wiggle. Have you seen them yet? I haven't seen them yet. F'ai shows me, though. And they are small and flashy and bright and sparkly and I'm going to get one. Do you like fish? » The tinkling of bells sweeps merrily through the wher's mind as Faelynath peeks down at her, whuffling merrily, her voice pleasant and musical. F'ai swings his legs over and lets them stick out in front of him, heels resting on the floor as he peeks at the whers and the new roommates with curiosity, "Canines? Can they make woofy sounds?"

Tellus plops herself down on her cot, "Tesk is sleeping, we've been here long enough to get adjusted to time zone change." She glances at Mallorn about to say something but holds her tongue. "No, " the Journeyman says a bit peevishly, "they don't make woofy sounds." Tellus just stares at Mallorn as if he had done wherdom some sort of injustice.

Kitra blinks and she looks at Kitsk, who gives a low growl, but the sound she emits isn't a bark, it's a squeaking sound, like a badly oiled hinge moving, "Nope, no woofy sounds, but they are pretty messy, though we bathe these ones every day." she says softly as Kitsk settles down and begins playing with a ball Kitra pulls out of her bag, chewing on it gently, "Kitsk is just over two and a half turns old, and not likely to get any bigger than she is though."

Mallorn has to control himself from laughing at Tellus' reaction about woofing sounds, looking innocently at the Journeyman as he looks to F'ai. "No barking, really. Its pretty much all the same sounds your own dragon makes, except a little more higher pitched, I believe. I haven't been around dragons too much, so.." The master shrugs his shoulders before getting up himself, nodding to Tellus. "I keep forgetting that you've been at Xanadu for a while. You finished up with the dolphineers though, didn't you?" What he wouldn't give to hear Faelynath's questions to Kitsk, for he'd probably be quite amused, but as he can't he mearly looks at the reactions of the gold wher. "They all must be a talkative sort…" He peers at each Weyrling in time, to figure out which one is talking to the wher.

D'hiel smiles over toward Kitra, concluding his work of feeding Ysamieth, and immediately pointing to the oil barrels. "Oiling before your assault course, mischief.." he murmurs.

F'ai leans down further to give Kitsk a proper good look, blinking roundly, "Too bad. I wish they could. Faelynath has tried, but we can't seem to get it right." Upon this, the green draws herself up as high as her head will go and releases something of a squawk-bark before she clambers merrily back over the cot, knocking F'ai off of it backwards and crooning happily as she wraps herself around the momentarily flailing young man.

Calanth chirps happily at the gold, though she does make a disappointed churl when she hears that the other gold won't be getting any bigger. Casiella just rolls her eyes. «It is unfair that you will not get any bigger. Can you fly, at least? It would be interesting to cruise the skies with you, little cousin.» Casi eyes her gold, sighing softly. "Calanth, don't go all 'science' on her. You'll confuse the poor thing, and it's hard enough on her as it is." Then she turns to Mallorn, looking genuinely concerned. "Is it dark enough for her in here? Poor thing." She says, looking mildly interested.

Kitsk tilts her head and she flaps her stubby wings hard, at least raising her front feet off the ground, but not her back end, a grunt coming from the wher before she give sa low whistle and the blurred sensation of a nighttime view is granted to the other gold, blured with flares of red and blue splotches, and the sensation of moving through a heavy cloud, thoiugh clearly the where can't make what she means clear, she tries, whistling at Kitra, "Oh that's right, you akk have to oil your dragons every day, don't you."

"Yes, we've inspected the cavern and deemed it safe. But we're on stand-by if needed. Tesk knows where he needs to go." Explains Tellus as she relaxes a bit. "When will lessons be starting?"

"First thing in the morning." Dash easily replies, buffing the complaining Ysamieth's hide. "Four klick run around the course outside. S'ver's a fitness freak.. and this one here." rubbing the blue between his headknobs. "Is a pea out of that pod. I dunno exactly how you're going to fit in as weyrlings, as there's a few things I guess would be like… totally different for whers as opposed to dragons. Or do you make your own collars, and stuff? We had to make our own knots, and from the notes I looked over, we're going to be making straps. Do you get to have them wear straps? Like.. for rescues and stuff?"

Mallorn nods lightly at Tellus, then, stepping past her. "I might aswell get Malsk, if Kitsk gonna be in here. Probably going nuts in the kennel, herself…" Turning to Tellus finally, he nods again, "I'm sure Kylynara will be able to fetch you if yo uand Tesk are needed." Finally stepping outside, he's gone for a few minutes to go get the green, though he does answer Casiella before he leaves. "Nope. Its too bright as of yet for her eyes. Very photosensitive. So if that cloth even slipped, Kitsk would likely to set up a scream, if not be blind for the rest of her life." Thankfully, he doesn't hear D'hiel's description of the lessons, not that S'ver hasn't already filled him in. He mumbles a "Be right back.."

Kitra smiles a bit, "Actually while she's not as smart as a dragon, she's much brighter than a firelizard or a canine and she can speak and send images, though she doesn't see like us, she sees heat signatures, so those images she's sending to your bonds, the colored bols are what she sees when she looks at a living being, so we have to keep her eyes covered til it's night and we can take her outside.

Tellus glances at Dash, "Morning run? No problem." She shrugs, "Dunno either, but I'm sure somebody will figure that out, being that wher are nocturnal. As for collars, " Tellus ponders a moment then says, "I didn't make mine, or the lead. If possible we'll Between in and out of a situation, just a bit of a touch is all it takes. Straps might be a bit restrictive since we're crawling around in tight spaces, but every situation is different."

Casiella blinks, glancing to her dragon. Calanth burbles in equal confusion. "Well, can't we turn off some lights?" The young girl asks a touch skeptically, glancing around. "Wouldn't that help? Or at least cover some of the windows? Calanth thinks we should make her feel as welcome as possible." At a mental prodding. "All of the whers should be made to feel welcome."

Having been oiled, Ysamieth gruffly breaks away from D'hiel, and starts to trot around the barracks, weaving around cots at a trot, hopping over low obstacles. He's doing his aerobics, y'see. "Ohhhhh I /thought/ we'd got you off that." Dash follows along, trotting beside the dragonet. "If we turned off all the lights though, wouldn't it mean we were a bit stuck? Not meaning to be awkward on you three miners, but I bump into things in the dark, and so does Ysamieth. Erm…" there was a barrel y'see, and a lot of sawdust late at night, and a grumbling weyrling having to clean up the accident.

Kitra hmms a bit, "It should be getting dark before too long." she says in response and Kitsk's head tilts to follow the sound of running, the where crouching low, tail twitching a little bit as she looks like she wants to pounce..

Having secured Malsk to her leash so that he could lead her back in, Mallorn steps in with his wher just in time to see the weyrling and his blue lifemate jogging around the barracks. "… And, where did that come from?" Lifting a brow a bit, he turns to Casiella and shrugs his shoulders. "Its better not to make such an inconvience on you, so the whers will be fine. They are used to it, and it helps develop a since of trust to the whers to have to follow a handler around blind. I'm sure if you did the same with…" He fails to remember the name, but continues, "Your gold, she would develop a sense to just listen and follow your steps." dodging the trotting blue, Mallorn leads Malsk back to the cot, the little green chirruping and lifting her nose a bit, sniffing the air. As they pass Kitsk, the green wher croons at the gold, before they go to sit. "Right. So they should be alright. And as for our lessons, we're going to try to adapt them as best we can, and what we can't, we'll stick to the minecraft's traditional training."

Tellus grinning towards Dash she says, "We'll get the logistics worked out soon enough." She pulls a leg up on to her cot and tucks her foot neatly under her other leg, chortling, "Yah, we have to follow them blind quite a bit, so they might as well get use to it."

Kitsk gives a happy croon back to Malsk, following the sound until she bumps into her clutchsib, starting to snuffle her muzzle along the smaller green, soft whistling notes coming from her as the gold assures herself that Malsk is fine. Kitra doesn't release the chain, though the coils are allowed to unwind to give the gold room and yet keep her feeling secure. "Sounds like she's relaxing at least if she's whistling ditties."

Casiella sniffs slightly. "My gold listens to me anyways. She is Calanth. I am Casiella." The girl says, stuffily. "She has faith in me, and she trusts me unconditionally, or she would not have picked me." She sniffs again. Again, she watches the whers with aloof interest - slightly different from Calanth's glance, which is downright scientifically interested.

Ysamieth pauses on the circuit closest to the whers, then comes to a complete stop, lowering himself to his belly and inching forward with a sniff-sniffing. «A green one too. Welcome, little cousin, there is much feasting to be had, and prowess to be found.» whiffle-whiffle, he fearlessly edges a little closer, to peer at them with curiosity. It's apparantly a little strange to the young blue, to have a full grown gold cousin that's only a little larger than him.

Calanth moves her interest to the green, as well. «Welcome, little cousin.» Her greeting comes just after Ysamieth's, though it has no less warmth. «Are you well?»

Kitra smiles just a little as Kitsk hears the whuffling and she in turn whuffles backj in the direction of the blue, wings twithcing a little, "She's curious to see what the little dragons look like. I'm just glad there haven't been any bad comments, many people don't take well to whers and they can be very ugly in what they say about them."

Tellus flops back on to her cot then quickly jumps up, "Yeesh, okay." She heads to the foot of her cot and sits there looking at a spot on the floor.

Malsk feels the brush of the gold wher against her and turns her muzzle towards Kitsk, sending out a 'Mmmrrgglll' sound as she does so. But as the dragon comes closer, she seems to lock up, stiffening her body as she lifts her nose to tentively sniff at him. 'bleek?' Comes the question, the little wher lifting its nose as far as possible to sniff even the greeting gold beyond. And to them, a splash of red, brown, and black colors assault, flickers of something. Mallorn stays put for a moment as Malsk investigates all the new smells, grinning just a bit at Tellus. "Maybe we'll make our own collars for the Whers…" More stuff for the mto do while with this class, atleast. Casiella is given a look and the master nods. "Not everything will have immediate faith in you. SOme things must be earned, even if there is a bond set in with the whers."

Ysamieth edges a little closer, then comes to a complete stop, and submits to being sniffed at, greeting the whers again with a low, rumbly growly noise. The little blue seems to give a sense of welcome though, keeping still, entirely facinated by these tiny, adult cousins. Appearance doesn't seem to bother him in the slightest. Dash though, is dumbfounded by his usually gruff bond.

Kitra gives a startled look at Tellus and Tesk, "We're going to have to teach Kitsk that trick." she says as Kitsk gives a 'Mrrgglllll.' in happy tones and a warbling croon as Tesk comes in. The blue is snuffled some more and then Kitsk promptly curls against his side and rests her head on her paws with a happy whuff of sound.

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