Neferennu is Searched

Xanadu Weyr - Feeding Grounds

A large portion of the eastern edge of the meadow has been fenced off, the corralling on three sides is located on the rolling meadow, while the fourth is located a short way up on the eastern hills. Within the large corral are a variety of beasts - ovines, bovines, and wherries - milling around, though the appearance of a dragon may send them one way or the other to try and escape. A small pond is set near one corner of the enclosure, and at times it reflects the low, bordering mountains.

Neferennu walks into the area from the other side of the meadow, a basket of freshly picked herbs carried with one hand. Her eyes search out a small set of flowering herbs that often grow right around the grounds. Apparently bovines love it and it is considered a treat. Hence why there is none in the actual containment area. Finally she finds a patch just a bit away from the fence, crouching down to inspect the dying herbs. A glance is given to the girl who wanders in, and a shake of the head. "Poor kids." Then very carefully the seeds of the herb are gathered and placed in a small pot that is dug out from the bottom of the basket.

R'miel and Arinith are already at the feeding grounds. This was nearly a daily ritual for them, the slender bronze seemed to have a bottomless pit for a stomach. Where he put it all was unknown though, he was still small and skinny. Just a high draconic metabolism or something. The bronze has picked out a nice sturdy buck and made a clean kill. Now he was busy eating in front of his rider, who was sitting on the fence, trying to look occupied so the creepy little girl didn't come his way. He does spot Rennu, though, and gives her a wave.

Neferennu has noticed R'miel on the fence, giving me a slight smile, before she returns to her project. Once all the seeds are in the jar and the jar is closed, she stands once more and slowly walks towards the fence. Though she does check within sight distance for a sign of someone before approaching him, leaning onto the fence. "Hi…" The voice is weak and she doesn't look directly at him, since they haven't really spoken since Kilaueth's flight.

R'miel hadn't been avoiding Rennu or anything, really. He's just been so busy with an angry weyrmate and a new baby. And now eggs on the sands. He watches Arin eating up until Rennu greets him, then he turns to her with a smile. "Hey, Rennu. How've you been?" The bronzer stretches out a bit, trying to avoid things getting too awkward. "So uh… I've been meaning to apologize for what happened. You know, after Kilaueth's flight. Not that it was bad, but… the whole mess afterwards. I know Ysa probably won't forgive you anytime soon, but… I don't have all hard feelings against you. It was mostly my fault…" He sighs a bit.

Neferennu lets out a long sigh. "I've been okay I suppose. Keeping myself busy with my studies and oils." So in a way avoiding him and Ysa. The mention about Ysa not forgiving her gets a snort, but a sad look on her face. "Yeah, I know she won't. She won't even speak to me if we are in the same room. I'm glad you don't though. Besides, it wasn't all your fault. I'm the one who should've ran when I had the mind to do so, but I didn't. To be honest, I didn't even know it was you who grabbed me." A slight shrug and she dares to look at him with a slight smile, then seems to be more interested in Arinith's feeding activities. "Does he always eat so much?"

R'miel nods and smiles. "That's good. How's all that going, anyways?" He sighs at the news about Ysa. "I see. Well, I can't say I'm surprised at that, as much as it sucks. Eh… I's the rider though, I'm used to flights. I should have been more careful." He sighs a bit, but smiles back to her. When she turns the conversation towards his lifemate Ram's demeanor changes entirely. "Hm? Oh shards, yeah. He eats a ton. I'm glad I don't have to clean up his dragony poop anymore. Or I'd spend all my time with a shovel. Right Arin?" The bronze leans over with a red-stained muzzle to whuffle Rennu.

Neferennu shakes her head and reaches up to pat R'miel on the back as she stands straight. "Well, I know my tendencies too. I was more upset about the other woman there than anything else." With that comment, the conversation is turned towards the bronze and she laughs. "Shells, I can imagine how much poop you'd have to shovel. I thought dragons only ate maybe twice a week." At the whuffle another laugh and she reaches up to pat the bronze's muzzle. "Oh, please give him my congradulations on the beautiful clutch. Ten eggs is quite a good number." A large grin towards Ram and then a look back over the grounds as she realizes what she came for. "Oh, my oils are going good. I'm experimented with some different kinds now, like klah and chamomile. In fact I came here to collect seeds from the little purple flowers that grow in summer. Alfalfa I believe it is called. Figured I'd tried to grow some in the greenhouse."

R'miel hops off the fence to give Rennu a hug. "Ah, heh. Well… I didn't mean for that to happen, either. In fact… that's the first time that's ever happened to me." He chuckles to her. "Ah, yeah. Most do. But not my Arinith. He eats all the time, you'd think he'd be huge. But… nope. He's still skinny and small. But still a good gold catcher, apparently. Not so good at the greens though. But he doesn't chase them often. Heh. He says thanks. He's proud of his pretty eggs this time around with Ella." The bronze warbles happily. He nods to her about her work. "Anything interesting coming out of that? Arin wants to know if there's anything that can cure his itchy spot."

Neferennu returns Ram's hug and then lets out a little sigh with a slight shrug as she steps back a bit. "Oh, I don't know what will come out of it. I have to grow some good flowers first. Itchy spot?" A curious look from Ram's eyes to Arinith and then she hms, rubbing her chin as she thinks. "Itchy spot…itchy spot." A sidestep to lean on the fence once again, crossing one foot in front of the other. "You know, I'd have to go ask another dragonhealer, but I believe the healers use an oil made from grapefruit seeds on the skin on us. I haven't been able to get any grapefruit though, I don't want to take from the weyr stores if I don't have to." A large smile and she taps her toe on the ground. "Though, it might depend on where the itchy spot is too. If I remember right, if dragons itch in certain places it could mean starting problems inside."

R'miel nods to her. "Yeah." He waves Arinith down, to show Rennu the greenish scar along his neck. "It's a birth defect, so I doubt there's much you can do for him. I oil it pretty often to keep him from scratching, though he's mostly used to it. Don't know if it's causing anything else inside. He's had it for his whole eight turns now and never seemed to be painful or anything." He chuckles and shrugs a bit. "Er… actually he wanted to ask you something else as well."

Neferennu stands up straight as Arinith comes over and reaches up to touch the scar on his neck. "Hmm…it looks like it may just be a discoloration of the hide but it's also looks a bit flaky. Flaky hide..I know there was something I learned about that. I'll have to go look at my notes to find out what kind of oil can be used to reduce the flakiness and itch." Her voice gets softer and softer as she tries to recall what it was she learned in a lecture one hide conditions. The remark about another question brings her back to reality and her eyes move to look at Ram and then Arinith. "Something else?" The look on her face turns curious and she absently scratches at one arm since she now itches.

R'miel nods. "He's had it since he first hatched. I had to oil that spot every few hours while he was still growing unless he was asleep. It doesn't bother him that much anymore, but it's still pretty itchy to him." The bronze croons a bit as he gets come rubs from his rider. R'miel nods to Rennu. "Mm. He wants to know if you'd be willing to stand for his and Ella's clutch." Both the bronze and the bronzer's eyes are on the dragonhealer, looking at her curiously to see how she responds.

Neferennu listens and nods about the scar. "Well, then it might just be a birth defect in the hide, nothing interior since he's had it from hatching. I will have to get back to you to see if there is a special oil for particular itchy spots though." At the mention of standing for the clutch, her body seems to have frozen in place with her eyes only moving between Ram and the dragon. It takes a moment, but finally she moves by setting the basket on the ground. "St..stand? You mean as a candidate?" Voice squeaks and then she shifts from foot to foot, obviously caught off guard with the look of shock on her face. Then it turns into one of happiness and a large smile. "I would love to stand, as long as Ysa won't kill me for being there." A small wink to denote the last part as a joke.

R'miel nods to her. "It's never affected his flying or anything, so I assume it's alright. Anything would be helpful. If it were up to him I'd scrub it raw everyday then slather it in oil over and over for hours, but I don't think that would be good for it either." He grins and nods to her. "As a candidate, yeah." The bronzer reaches into his pocket and pulls out a knot for Rennu. "Fantastic. Here you are then. Take a couple of days to get yourself set up in the barracks. And you should try to finish up your experiments at least for a while." He chuckles. "Well, I'll try to talk her down a bit. We do need to be getting back to the sands, though. Feel free to drop by if you need anything though." The bronze gives an excited warble and whuffles Rennu. Then he's quickly taking off towards the sands, leaving his rider to walk.

Neferennu numbly takes the knot and then seems to come back to her senses. "Thank you. I will get back to you on that itch hopefully soon. Experiments? Oh! Right. Don't burn up on those sands and please give Ysa and Ella my congrats on the clutch as well." Right now would not be a good time to step on the sands to give congrats, especially with how Kilaueth was acting during the clutching. The basket is picked up and she half walks, half stumbles towards the caverns, the candidate knot still in hand.

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