Random Log: Sophyrinth Shines Again

Dhonzayth> Sophyrinth has been happy to sleep nestled under Dhonzayth's wings for a while now, the glowing green's violet speckled paws twitching as she dreams on. With her rider getting all up ons inside their weyr, however, something seems to click in the green. She opens her eyes lazily, letting out a mighty yawn before rolling away from the bronze. She glances all about her before finally getting to her feet, her tail twitching behind her anxiously as she glances around. Where were all the boys?

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth is a boy! He's been right here all this time, too, serving as nothing more than a large pillow to the tiny green. As Sophyrinth twitches awake, Dhonzayth stretches his wings, folding them to his back to let her go on her way. Though, its not too far on her way, as he's slowly stretching himself out, turning his head to watch her. Another attempt to nuzzle her, as he did earlier, and this bronze's mind is not far from where the green's is.

S'ya giggles a bit at all the sweet talk from the bronzer before suddenly blinking in the direction of her lifemate. Oh, she knows what that means. After giving L'ton a final peck on the lips she slips out from his grasp, moving over to get herself something to drink in the meantime. "Anytime, love. You know I am always here for you."

L'ton turns to stare in the direction that S'ya does, blinking a few times before she's wiggling out of his grasp and he's sighing softly, head actually drooping as he right himself on the couch, slowly getting to his feet. "Ah may need an actual drink, if'n ya have one.." He mutters, following along after her, even it he's showing his unwillingness to relinquish the contact, trying to loosely drape his arm over her shoulder again.

K'ael is apparently at Xanadu! There was only a couple of reasons he'd be here, and one of them was depressed. So it was off to see the more chipper reason. Azaeth is content to stay out of the way, watching So and Dhon do whatever they were going to do in the meadow while he stayed off towards the forest. K'ael is more obtrusive though, he sticks his head into her weyr. "S'ya? You here?" He recognized that bronze out in front, and could only hope Ton was visiting with someone else today.

Dhonzayth> Zaruath stalks in from the clearing where he was lazily hiding in the shadow of a building for a good while. F'yr was no where to be seen, having disappeared into the crafter barracks with several large rolled up maps. The brown had no idea why they were there, but that didn't stop his curiosity as the morning wore on. He keeps his distance from the pair, familiar with the bigger bronze up that was snuggled with the little green. He does, however, whip his tail behind him in a resounding crack to announce his presence there, in case they missed him.

"Oh, not a problem, got plenty of that!" S'ya says with a giggle, ducking down behind her little bar and coming back up with a bottle of fire whiskey. Girl could hold her drink! But not now, of course, this was for L'ton. When K'ael comes a calling she blinks a bit, waving him in. "Of course, love. Come on in and join Tonny for a drink?" She says happily, pouring two shot glasses out now instead of one.

"Thanks, love.." He murmurs, leaning against the edge of the little bar, watching her with intense interest. Then, however, there's another voice. A voice that is unfortunately quite familiar. A voice that results in L'ton NOT looking over his shoulder, and instead filling both shot glasses and then tipping one back immediately. "Definitely need a drink." He murmurs for S'ya's ears only, topping his glass off again, before turning to lift it up to K'ael in greeting.

Dhonzayth> Sophyrinth warbles to Dhonzayth, moving towards the bronze with a funny little saunter as she moves to rubs her head against his. If she could purr, she would certainly be doing so right now. She halts when they're joined by another, crooning playfully to Azaeth as she sets to rubbing against him next. Her manner seeming almost cat like as she lets her tail tickling him a bit before she stares off at the newest arrival. The tail cracking certainly caught the little green's attention, her own mimicking Zaruath's before moves away from the Istan trio. She makes sure to strike a pose, extending her delicate frame in just the right way so that every curve is glistening in the afternoon sunlight.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth gets Sophyrinth loving! He croons softly as she rubs her head against his, whuffling her gently even as she's going to greet the other Istans. An Istan party it is! The eldest of the Istan trio lets the Xanadu green meander a bit, even if he's crouching, watching her a bit possessively as the others interact with her in turn. As Sophyrinth glows and glistens in the afternoon light, Dhonzayth is quickly forgetting all about the other males, crouching further as his wide wings stretch up, reach to shoot him after the modeling miniature green.

Dhonzayth> Azaeth spots his brother making his way over to the meadow. There's an audible huff at the tail crack. The bronze seems a bit confused when So moves over to rub against him, but he doesn't complain, just offers her a nose back and a low rumble. As she moves away the big bronze moves out into the meadow after her a bit, stopping to stretch and spread his wings. There's a jaw snap at his clutchbrother, before he turns back to get a better look at the green.

K'ael heads in once S'ya gives him the okay. He nods to L'ton. No such luck it would seem today. It'd be rude to refuse a drink already poured for him, so he gives S'ya a nod. "Sure, I'd love a drink. Thanks, love." Then to the bronzer. "Ton." He lifts his glass to the weyrsecond, then downs it. "Ah… that hit the spot." He looks around a bit. "F'yr… Wonder where she is." In response to her dragon's arrival, no doubt.

Dhonzayth> And still no F'yr! Zaruath had all eyes for Sophyrinth, curious all the more at her strange behavior. All greens were different when they were proddy, and this little violet flower just intrigued him. He studied her with hungry whirling eyes for a long moment until something distracts him, finally. It's only a threat that'd make him tear his eyes away, hissing low and dangerous in Azaeth's direction. The tail cracks again, this time towards the larger bronzer as the brown's eyes start to whirl red. He doesn't get intimidated to move away, though, crouched low against the ground.

If there is any hostility between L'ton and K'ael, S'ya is certainly unaware. The greenrider happily pours the men another shot of whiskey, giggling at the pair. "F'yr, love? One of your girls?" And there's a little pout for K'ael as she leans over the counter a bit. Without warning she's hopping onto it, settling herself daintily there between the two men. "I feel like a little song and dance. Sing for me, loves? Hmm?"

"He only wishes, sweets… Ah think F'yr might castrate him.." L'ton jokes, trying to diffuse his current frustration with the Weyrleader, even if he's raising the shotglass in turn. At least alcohol will help with that too. As S'ya's hopping up onto the counter, L'ton is grinning at her, leaning to try and get a kiss from her, before her request of song and dance. "Ah ain't no good at singing, S'ya-dear.. Though Ah'd be happy ta dance…" And keep her close to him, and away from K'ael.

Dhonzayth> Sophyrinth continues to show off for the boys, making sure to stretch out her frail wings so that they can appreciate every aspect of her build. Yes, drink her beauty in, boyos! Without giving the trio another look she hunkers down and takes off, launching up higher and higher into the sky. The tiny green is a blur as she ascend into the sunny skies of Xanadu. She wants to leave them all behind, show them just how amazing she really is. She pauses for a moment, trumpeting a tease to the bulky dragons behind her before twisting off in another direction, aiming for the open water.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth would be a fool if he didn't recognize just how beautiful the little green is, or if he didn't appreciate every minute detail of her purple bedecked body. Crooning at her, he's attempting to vocalize his adoration before she's shooting off, leaving them behind just for a moment. And then Dhonzayth, at least, is launching himself after her, large wings nearly catching the trees as he struggles for those first few, crucial downstrokes, before he's safely airborn and taunted by her trumpet, turning as she twists to take off after her, out over the open waters of Caspian Lake and the Sea of Azov.

K'ael chuckles a bit. "Not really, no. But that's her brown out in the pasture there." The ugly one. He chuckles to S'ya. "You're the only one with a harper's knot here, love. Why don't you sing for us, and we'll dance with you?" Mike couldn't understand L'ton's frustration anymore. He hadn't even talked to his daughter in over a month now. His new knot kept him pretty busy, as things were. He does help himself to another shot, though, peering at L'ton as he moves in for a kiss from the greenrider.

Dhonzayth> Azaeth circles around So while she stretches out, so he can get a good look at the tiny green from all angles and make note of all those violet speckles. When she lifts off his own sails unfurl and he takes off with a graceful ease, even for his oversized body. The enormous bronze isn't about to follow her L-shaped flight path, instead he moves to follow her out over the water as he makes his ascension towards the Xanadu heavens. He answers her trumpet with one of his own, a deep, booming bugle.

"Is that so?" S'ya asks in wonder, moving to meet L'ton's kiss before hopping off the counter. "Maybe I should sing for you two lovely bronzers." She says before passing by K'ael, softly caressing his cheek with her hands before trailing off to her guitar. There's plenty of proddy S'ya to go around! "Any requests? Oh, I got it! I will sing and you two dance!" She's giggling madly at the idea but starts plucking the strings of her instrument either way, a fast dance worthy beat produced soon enough.

Dhonzayth> Oh, /there's/ F'yr. Yelling at the top of her lungs and running full out across the clearing away from the crafter barracks. "Zaru! I'm going to sharding skin you alive and toss your tanned hide out across the living caverns like a rug! ZARU!" If there was something that the brown had, it was an eye for beauty. With his upturned nose and overgrown forehead, he makes sure to rumble lowly in appreciation of the flaunting green. His wings unfurl out, healed from that first flight at least, and his thin body takes little effort in pushing off the ground. It's only one downstroke that gets him up, filling the vast sails with wind. He shoots off after the green low in the skies, keeping under her and yet well in her line of sight. Below, his ignored rider gets there just as he was taking off, looking on the verge of tears. She shifts in her feet, rocking back and forth as if fighting a leash, and then starts trudging her way reluctantly towards the greenrider's weyr, where she enters with a pale frightened face.

This time, L'ton's frustration has nothing to do with his daughter, but instead a certain greenrider in this very room - a greenrider who they both came to visit this day, it seems. At least L'ton got his kiss, before S'ya went wandering off to get her guitar. "Yer the one we're suppose ta be dancing with, silly… It ain't good ta dance by yerself.." Luckily, he's distracted by the appearance of a rather frightened F'yr, and he's pausing to look at her, sighing softly and shaking his head. His shot glass is filled again, and he's heading across the room to offer it to her in a friendly manner, even if he's still watching S'ya now and then. He is listening to the music, really!

Dhonzayth> Sophyrinth takes little notice of the males that are pursuing her, the passion flower green diving down unexpectedly before changing her course. Seems the beach has lost it's luster to the green and so she's doubling back. She zooms right past Zaruath, sending out a brassy call to the brown before swooping up again, narrowly avoiding a collision with Azaeth. She trumpets again when she's gained enough altitude, almost seeming to laugh at the bulky dragons that dare chase her. She'd never fall pray to them! And so the tiny dancer moves on, twisting and turning this way and that before moving to cut Dhonzayth off. Attack of the greens!

K'ael smiles to S'ya as she passes him. He looks like a love drunk teenager right now, the way he's watching her. He chuckles a bit to her. "I'm no good at dancing without a partner…" Even K'ael is distracted by the entrance of poor little F'yr, momentarily. He'll let L'ton take her over some booze, while he moves over to take a seat next to S'ya and her guitar. He grins at her a bit. "And what do you call this song? Anyways, there's only one kind of dance I know how to perform solo, and I don't think the other two would much appreciate a performance of it."

"But I cannot sing and dance, love! That is just silly." S'ya says happily to L'ton, her fingers flying over the strings as she hums along. Oh, someone is in a very good mood today! "No name for it, Mikey. I have just only come up with it after all and well," She smirks at the mention of the solo dance, keeping up the improvised tune. "Maybe it is best those things are done another time?" When F'yr enters, pale faced and wide eyed she blinks a bit, moving over to the unfamiliar girl. "Oh, love, what are you so worried over? Come on, have a drink, have a dance!"

F'yr's look might almost match Zaruath if she didn't also look like she was having a struggle with herself. It wasn't like Zaruath chased every little thing, but when the brown got it in his mind to do so… She shakes herself out of it for a brief moment, tilting her head up to the approaching Weyrsecond and looking surprised to have recognized him there, too. "T-thanks," she mutters out, reaching to grip the shot glass. She tosses it back without another word, gasping at the burning sensation that only makes her flush more darkly when S'ya heads over. Quite a contrast from pale white skin to red tomatoe. "Can't dance," she says just as quietly, eyeing the greenrider up and down.

L'ton narrows his gaze at K'ael as the younger bronzerider is cutting in on "his" territory - he was here first darn it! But then S'ya is abandoning them to pay attention to the nervous F'yr, and L'ton is smirking at the Weyrleader just a little bit. Hah! The shot glass is carefully taken back from F'yr once its emptied, before trying to catch her glance, and encourage her to find some spot. "She won't bite.. yet.." He murmurs to F'yr with a wink, before he's setting the shotglass upside down on the bar, sighing softly again. Freaking dragons, ruining his fun.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth is a big and bulky bronze, that's for sure. And as the green seems to change her mind more times than the average woman does during a shopping trip, going this way and that, doubling back away from the beach, diving and climbing, and making it all together difficult for him to figure out where she's going to go, he's trumpeting in frustration. But then, her twists and turns take her right by him, and the path is once more clear, and he's trumpeting again, this time more joyfully, as the chase begins again in earnest. After all, she's right there! All he has to do is keep up with her and not fall prey to any of her passion-driven tricks. And thus, the brassy bronze is bringing his A-game once more, long wingstrokes helping him as he attempts to chase her down, drawn on by her beauty.

Dhonzayth> Azaeth simply can't perform the same aerial acrobatics as the small green can. He simply swoops into a circle, swinging the other way as she goes zipping past him and nearly getting tangled up in one of his wings. He stays close to her, but never close enough, the zipping and zagging is just too much for his size. He does enjoy the show, however. The little blur of green and purple weaving it way through the earthy bronze and browns. He moves to push himself higher than where the green seems to like to be sitting. He wants the balcony view to her performance.

Dhonzayth> Unlike the green, Zaruath did take notice of all his competition, though he remains focused mostly on her and her alone. His skeletal body still mimicing her dark shadow below her, trying to sway to her every move. Not quite accurate, but he tries to follow. When she twists around, he actually bugles loudly in surprise, adrenaline pumping at the sudden turn of events. His wings flare out, and he nearly doubles over in the skies as he twists his body around to continue the chase, hissing out at the strain his wings take at such a quick maneuver. He was vocal in this flight, letting out an amused rumble at her 'attacking' the bronze. A musical trumpet follows each of her daring moves to encourage more out of her, all the while keeping low, keeping close, and keeping an eye on the bronzes and an opening.

K'ael grins and nods to S'ya. "I think it is best to save those things for another time, S'ya." Or perhaps a little later, depending on the circumstances. Normally Mike would be fawning over the small brownrider, but he was too busy channeling his dragon's feelings right now, and isn't that concerned with her. She's been in a flight before. Plus she's caught S'ya's attention away from him. He just stays where he is for now, watching S'ya deal with F'yr. At this rate the brownrider was going to end up sleeping with women more often than men.

S'ya blinks a bit at F'yr. "Cannot dance?" She says softly before placing her guitar on a chair and moving to grab the brownrider. "Of course you can! Everyone can dance! Come on, love, let me show you!" She's ready to twirl the tiny brownie if she's willing, ready to boogie! "Just let your feet do the talking! Like this!" Watch those feet go and those hops swing! Girl's a natural! She turns her hazel eyes back over to the bronzers, not wanting to leave them out either. Watch her go!

Dhonzayth> Sophyrinth answer the calls of the males with a rather lyrical one of her own, reveling in her acrobatics. Twisting this way, darting that way, it's a wonder she's not tired out yet. Finally she bores of her antics and sets to beating her wings as hard as she can, pushing higher and higher up, seeming ready to burst into the very heavens themselves until she pauses. She's still for a moment, not a single muscle moving. Why is there a sudden change in her plans? Well, seems she's managed to pull a muscle. And so she sets to free falling, a distressed trumpet managed as she tries to right herself up again, only able to use a single wing. Unfortunately it's not enough and so she's plummeting from her stage, the tiny little dancer loosing all that grace and fire she'd held only moments ago.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth trumpets again, this time more loudly, urging Sophyrinth on in her solo. Dance! Dance upon the stage of the heavens! His own flight is stable and steady, lacking any of the pizzazz that a smaller dragon could emulate, though at the same time, he's making no move to steal the show away from the purple-spotted star that is So. As she pushes ever higher, he's chasing eager, muscles tense as he's putting everything he can into this audition, to prove that he's worthy to be with her upon her great stage. But then, the show halts, and suddenly she's tumbling downwards, and Dhonzayth freezes for just a second. However, the distressed trumpet reminds him that there is no understudy, and that the show must go on, and so he's dropping after her, hoping to twine his neck with hers and lend her his wings so that the number can be completed, the audience can applaud, and the curtain can fall.

F'yr shakes her head as if it'll make it any clearer. But seeing that she was keeping closer, hovering around the greenrider like her lifemate was keeping close to the other other half, she didn't have much chance to get away from dancing. "Hey! Woah!" There she goes, twirling, and immediately looks dizzy about it. "Feet, yah, right… you do that better than me." She wasn't much of a dance partner, though, keeping still beside the wiggling greenrider. She takes the opportunity to twirl away from the older woman, turning back to face her with an unfocused leer, completely Zaruath.

L'ton lets S'ya play with F'yr, as it were. Perhaps a bit of him feels sorry for the young brownrider, but she's been fortified with S'ya's firewhiskey - that should be enough, right? L'ton was content enough to lean against the bar, as long as K'ael remained where he was, at least, but then Sophyrinth is falling and Dhonzayth is dropping after her, and L'ton is pushing away from the wall to close the distance between himself and the greenrider again. The leer on his face really isn't much better than the one on F'yr's, driven both by Dhonzayth and his own delayed desires.

Dhonzayth> Azaeth is only content to just be an audience member in this performance for so long. As soon as the twirling and whirling ends, he's quick to beat his wings downward in a frenzy, pushing himself after her. Higher and higher he moves after her, like a well aimed weapon at his target. Until she stops. A fleeting moment where time seems to stop, and the bronze becomes confused. A trick? No. Just intermission. The final act was about to begin! As the flying flower protagonist starts to fall, Azaeth moves around and pushes himself after her. There's one final bugle from the bronze, a solitary hero's trumpet during the maiden's hour of need. He could only hope that he was to prevail.

K'ael doesn't leer! He ends up looking more like a lion about to pounce on a choice prey. He's been watching F'yr and S'ya twirl round in dance. Everything else in the room suddenly vanishes from his view as the tiny green goes plummeting down towards the sea. All he can make out right now is S'ya, he's even lost sight of L'ton moving towards her at an increased pace. K'ael's muscles tighten up and his teeth clench.

Dhonzayth> Zaruath's encouraging voice is only mixed with his amused or occasionally startled rumbles. The twists, the turns, he definitely admires! With one of the best spots to witness the show in all the Weyr, not that he'd give it up. His tail was lashing fiercely as he strained after, more agile than the bulkier bronzes, and this is what he uses to his advantage. The dark brown's large wings push aside every bit of air away from him, climbing up at an alarming rate after her. When she stops, he lets loose a dark hiss at the interruption— not an intermission at all! It's a dance that needs to be finished, and the green's shadow was ready to swoop in, claws raking out to shove aside any dragon in his way, or push off them if that means it'll propell him towards the tiny dancer's form, sweep her back up and lend her his wings to finish her show.

When her lifemate strains herself S'ya halts, going as rigid as the green high above before So sets to falling. She looks between the leering riders, stumbling back a bit as her eyes close a bit. She too loses all her grace and ends up landing bum first on the floor, blinking a bit in surprise before she kinda just huddles in against herself, loosing herself in the flight completely.

Dhonzayth> Sophyrinth continues her downward, fighting all the while to right herself up. The feeling of loosing control isn't one the dragon is fond of, though all that struggling only causes her further injury, a pitiful little warble issued as the winds push her this way and that, she's like a handkerchief caught in a sudden breeze. And so this hankie gets tossed into the awaiting claws of Azaeth, a shocked trumpet issued as she's captured.

Now, don't get him wrong. Ton wants S'ya. In fact, he's wanted S'ya since before that damned green of hers took to the sky. But, he's not about to start a fight over it. He'll just go home and sort out his feelings. And maybe leave K'ael a nice mess to come back and clean up. Fighting the urge to go to her as she falls, he's turning to go out the door to meet Dhonzayth, where the bronze has settled to the ground.

K'ael nearly tackles S'ya. Thankfully he lands a couple feet away, and is content to kneel down and scoop her up. Then he moves her to the bed, to set her down. "Now… let's get started on that dance, hm?" Azaeth meanwhile is quick to scoop up the teeny green and carry her back down to a secluded patch of beach to make with the dragon love.

Zaruath shoots way past off his tumbling target! This a loud roar as the green is claimed by another, though he might have taken it easier if it wasn't Azaeth that caught her. F'yr, on the other hand, snaps out of it quick enough. She's dark red around the face and ears and there's not even a glance towards the winner, or even the tumbled greenrider! She was out. Of. There! It wouldn't be a surprise if she's neck-deep in the ocean, scrubbing herself raw with some coral.

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