Xarra and Satoris Ponder the Clues

Xanadu Weyr - Council Chambers
Effort has obviously been spent on this room and the result is quintessal elegance. The shape is that of an ellipse, the ceiling a smooth dome of polished granite that gleams in the soft but powerful lighting. The walls are also smoothed down but the granite is covered by tapestries that display the badges of every Craft, Hold, Weyr and Weyrhold on Pern. The largest, of course, is the one opposite the double doors that displays a full color rendition of the Xanadu Weyr badge.
Much of the floor is occupied by a smoothly curving U shaped table, the top made of Lemos hardwood and polished to a brilliant shine and the legs carved from granite most likely taken from the Weyr itself. The chairs are also hardwood with tapestry cushions patterned with a soothing geometric worked in soft creams and ivories. The is room to seat perhaps thirty or forty people but fewer can cluster at the 'bottom' of the U and thus it works as well for smaller gatherings.

Somewhat cleaned up for once, Satoris hasn't yet begun working this afternoon… or perhaps he's forgone the more dirty aspects of his work completely today. The miner stands admist the various clues, going over them. He holds the antique rider badge in his hand, turning it over and considering it even as he half-regards one of the maps.

Xarra enters the chambers with a lightened step. A carefully set curiosity graces her alert gaze as she enters with a tray laden with finger foods and drink. Seeing a miner close by, going over the evidence she coughs politely to get his attention and adjusts the heavy tray slightly for a better grip and balance.

Satoris shifts slightly, turning to regard her for a moment, eyes furrowed a bit in a mixture of confusion and concentration. He sets down the badge and steps aside, likely assuming that he must be in her way. "Excuse me," the man says, shifting his stance and folding his arms, trying to take as small a profile as possible. He spots the tray and considers: "Is there a meeting soon to be starting? Should I leave?"

Xarra shakes her head and laughs with a clear sweet voice. "Oh no. This is for you and for any others that might be coming here shortly. I was asked to bring it. Please…help yourself." She offers amiably. "Where shall I place the tray?" Looking around and finding a promising location she does not wait for an answer but heads in that direction. It is also towards the Miner, according to his knot, that she now travels. "I'm Xarra by the way. Xanadu's duties to you. Is there anything else I can get for you? Any tasks or errands you would have done?…I was asked to help where I can." Her eyes scan the evidence with interest as she places the tray next to him in a clear spot at the table.

"Ah! That makes sense." Satoris nods, approvingly. He stands aside as she sets down the tray, pale eyes shifting as he takes in the contents. "Satoris," he offers. "And the Miner Hall in return, should there be anything you need." He reaches out to pick up a piece of bread. "There's not anything at the moment, thank you," he says, tearing off a piece of the bread. He turns back to the evidence as he chews, regarding it. "Interesting collection, isn't it?"

Xarra says "Yes." She admits. "Although what you see in these odds and ends I couldn't say. They do not look even remotely connected." She cants her head a bit and views the items with more intense scrutiny, trying to see whatever it was that might be seen. Shaking her head after a moment of silent consideration she looks to the Miner Craftsman and says, "What can you see?""

Finishing off the piece of bread, Satoris gives a faint shrug. "I see desperation," he says after a moment. "The old rider's badge, the fake seals and marks… Used to get what they needed, likely. Renegades have used those tactics for a long time." He gestures at the various scraps of paper and hide, though. "I think… some of these may be rudimentary maps, but I can't figure out the connection between them and the proper maps. Do the triangles mark out trees? Or mountains? Or a village?" He shrugs, then, pouring himself a drink after moving nearer to the tray. "Those, I think, are the biggest questions."

A crease marks Xarra's forhead with concentrated interest. Moving a few steps over to where the maps had been placed she peers upon them and says with conviction. "The triangles? Well look, see here." She points to one triangle in particular. "This one is standing alone. And so is that one, so they can not clearly represent trees or forests. And with just one alone in different spots I doubt that there are that many single peaks. See?" She points out a few more. "Of course I am not an avid map reader so I could be completely mistaken, I suppose." Stepping back she looks upon Satoris with a waiting attitude, wondering what he would say about her observations.

Taking a sip of the freshly poured drink, Satoris considers the various suggestions. He nods somewhat, glancing to the girl. "You ought to mention those theories to the Weyrleaders. I hadn't thought of that. I'm not much for maps, myself." He moves towards one of the scraps, picking it up and holding it up towards the large map. "There's a line on this one… a river, maybe? Sadly, with only scraps, we don't have any good markers to give us reference points to work off of."

Xarra hmms to herself as a thought came into her mind when he picked up the two pieces. "I wonder." She stepped forward and leaned upon the table, her head canted to the side as she viewed the maps there. "Satoris? If you were to place one map in front of another. Perhaps the one will be the key for the other. Like a puzzle." She taps the maps for emphasis. "Am I making any sense." She peered over to him.

Satoris rubs at his chin, letting Xarra take the maps as he retrieves his drink. He studies the maps as she handles them, considering. "No, no. It makes perfect sense. Even if we only have a squiggle representing a river or road to go off of, if they drew it to scale, we could find the point they match."

Xarra nods excitedly. "Exactly. Oh it just might work!" She grins with the possible discovery. Spreading out the maps before them she takes two at random and places one atop the other and flips back and forth. Nope…that combination did not work. Setting one down she takes another and tries again with the same results. The third one makes her hesitate with serious examination. "Setoris? This one? Could it be…" Uncertainty tones her quiet voice as she speaks.

Setting down his now-empty cup, Satoris shifts nearer to Xarra and leans over a bit, folding arms over his chest as he considers. "You really may have something there." There's a hint of awe in his tone. "You really should tell the Weyrleader. I know they were struggling to understand the various scribbles and maps before."

Xarra smiles with pride and hope but it soon dissolves and uncertainty replaces it again. "This information would be best taken from someone older and wiser than myself. I am only fourteen. I don't even know when I can even get close enough to either of them to speak my mind on this. No…" She shakes her head. "It would be better coming from you."

"Perhaps we both could?" Satoris offers, shifting his shoulders in a shrug. "I could not take your credit. I hadn't even begun to consider something like that. Maybe I could seek a meeting with them and bring you along?" The miner reaches out for another piece of bread, this time following it with a bit of cheese as well.

Xarra nods acceptance. "Yes. I suppose that will be fine. I only hope I won't be wasting their time with this theory." A quiet sigh emenates from her mouth as she abscentmindedly pours herself a glass of caprine milk and takes a sip. Her eyes constantly upon the maps before her. Hmmming every now and then she finally looks up after her milk is nearly gone and smiles kindly to Satoris hoping he did not think he was being ignored. "I'm sorry." She steps aside, leaving the maps on the table as they were. "I'm in your way. And I should be heading out, I suppose. I'll be looked for shortly."

"I really doubt it. This is a major issue and any help is fairly welcome, from what I've seen." Satoris tries smiling warmly to her, but it's really awkward. As if his face isn't built for such expressions. "You're not in my way, but I ought to get back to my work. I'll see about getting that meeting, so we can tell them your ideas, alright?"

Xarra smiles back with the possible spark of friendship in her eyes. "Sounds fine to me Satoris. Thank you." Leaving the tray upon the table for Satoris and others that she can hear coming even now, she nods her head with respect for this man and takes her leave as quietly as she had come.

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