Random Log: Tabearin is Searched

Hotohorith blinks in from the nether regions of ::Between:: and glides for a moment before backwinging down. T'ea slips from his brown's back, eyeing his surroundings. "Now, where do I go from here…"

Tabearin is sitting off to one side working on a drawing of Fort Hold. Every now and again he looks up at the Hold and then looks back down at his drawing and makes a few changes.

T'ea tromps off for a few minutes into the tavern, conducting some business…Hotohorith rumbles around in the road for a while, rumbling here, rumbling there…trying to keep the dust off of his magnificent tawny hide. Tromping down the road as he spots Tabearin, the brown plants himself firmly in front of the young harper, right in his view.

Tabearin blinks as shadow suddenly covers his pages and blinks and then looks up to scowl at the clouds only to find a brown there instead. "Oh, hello" he says looking quite startled. "Are you interested in what I"m drawing? I'ts just Fort Hold, though it's a little hard to see it now."

Hotohorith grunts and makes a creaking sounds, like a wickedly old door being opened. Leaning over to put his nose into Tabearin's work, he grunts at it. Then of course, the tawny muzzle pokes at the boy. He wants to take him home. T'ea decides to wander out at that moment, "Oh, pardon me. He adores people, always wants to take them home with him." he comments.

Tabearin ahhs a little "Oh, okay." he eyes the brown warily "Just what does he do with them when he gets them home? Though I might be missed if I don't come back." he notes and then gets and idea. "If you back up a little I think I might be able to fit you into the drawing."

T'ea chuckles softly and just watches. Hotohorith is vain enough to wanna be immortalised, but is more intreauged. With a questioning rumble to his rider, and with T'ea's nod, he curls his tail around Tabearin's ankles and swings him up into the air, turning him upside down to watch the boy's reaction.

Tabearin scrambles to not drop his pad and pencil "Woah!" he calls out as the world suddenly goes topsy-turvey. "Umm, uhh… " hmm okay. "This is a most interesting perspective, though I'm not all too sure I can draw this way." he says for lack of really anything else to say, he's blithering.

T'ea chuckles as he wanders over to divest the boy of his pad and pencil, "Just so you don't mess it up." the rider comments, eyeing the boy's situation, "Hey, lad. I'm T'ea, and this is Hotohorith and he has one question for you." Like the cool detective that he isn't, of course. The tawny brown jiggles the boy lightly, to see if anything will fall out of pockets or such. Heh.

Tabearin looks almost ready to protest the removal of his lifes blood but instead he just nods. "Well, umm met T'ea" he murmurs and then glances at the dragon. "And you too Hotohorith, my duty to you. I'm Tabearin, umm what question does he want to ask?"

Hotohorith swings the boy like a ball from a string, but gently of course. With a rumble, Hoto looks back to his rider. T'ea grins, "Hang on, boy." he comments to Hoto before clearing his throat. "Hotohorith would like you to stand for Kilaueth's clutch as a candidate and draggie bait for the eggs. Will you?" he asks, holding a white knot out at the boy.

Tabearin is silent, silent for several long moments. Not from fear or anything, it's just stunned silence. "Me?" he finally croaks out. "I, I would be honored." he then adds and swallows, his adam's apple bobbing.

T'ea chuckles and plucks the boy's harper knot off and pins his new candidate one on upside down, just for fun. "Good, and how much stuff do you have? We'd better hurry, I want my dinner." he comments, nodding at his dragon. "Let the boy go, he said he'd come with us, now Hot." he notes, the tawny brown grumbling as he sets his candidate down. HIS!

Tabearin stumbles a little and then sways a little with the head rush. "Umm not much, just a few clothes and things, and my drawing pads." can't forget the drawing pads, and all that's easily gotten in only a matter of minutes really.

T'ea chuckles and nods, "Well, lets go then. Get yer stuff, He and I'll be right here when you get back with your stuff. Hurry now, and if you don't have a jacket, borrow one. We can bring it back later." he calls after the boy as the brown watches him carefully.

Tabearin is still for a fraction of moments, his eye on his pad and pencil and then he scurries off for the hall. Mintues later he as a bag slung over his back and he's trying to fit a jacket on at the same time, but not quite succeeding.

T'ea offers the boy his supplies and points, "Get on up there, now, lad. We're going home." he comments with a grin.

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