A Y'ki Confrontation

Xanadu Weyr - Forest


In sharp contrast to the treeless, carefully manicured look of the main clearing, the forest is full of trees, and maintains most of its natural look. Wild flowers grow in their seasons, bordering the road leading from the main clearing as weaves its way between the stands of trees - wide enough for traffic of all types, even draconic. Leading off are several smaller, less worn trails, which branch outwards, making their way to private residences and other attractions - the theater for example. The road, though, continues on eastward, to the feeding grounds and the mine, and beyond that, to the coastal road out of Xanadu's territory.

Zevida is up on a tree, resting against the trunk but on the branch. Avaeth is near by, watching her rider carefully. The pair seem to have been sitting here for quite some time, it seems. After the searching of the marsh, she's changed and settled Kate in the infirmary again.

"Look, just go get in the water, it'll come off. /No/ I'm not gonna /scrub/ it." Y'ki growls a little bit at his dragon as the two weave through a few trees. The blue..still has muddy feet. Ah..marshland. Not that the rider's boots aren't still dirty, but hey. He doesn't really care much.

Zevida glances down at Y'ki with a soft snort, jumping down from the tree to eye the boy. She moves in front of him, letting out a soft huff. "Y'ki, are you havin' problems with me or something? The last few days you've been givin' me looks." She states, right to the point as her arms fold across her chest.

Y'ki blinks, stopping short as his path is quite suddenly..blocked? He lifts a brow though, head tilting somewhat to the side as he watches Zevida. "Because I /looked/ at you, I have a problem? What kinda weird logic is that?"

Zevida smirks, tilting her head. "Well, think back to the cave. And then at the marsh too, you keep doing it. If something about me bugs you, tell me. I appreciate your.. Opinions, okay?" A soft grunt and the woman moves away from him to lean agains the tree.

Y'ki rolls his eyes a little bit. "Oh give me a break. We're hanging out in places where some loon hangs about, and you're one of the only people with a /brain/ in the area. No sense in /not/ looking over now and again."

Zevida chuckles softly, nodding slowly as she seems to relax at that. "Alright, thought that I mighta.. Dunno, offended you with somethin'. You seemed a bit.. Perplexed when I was carryin' Kate.." She muses, resting her head against the tree.

Y'ki looks a little confused himself, but shrugs. "Nope." At least he doesn't recall being perplexed or anything like that.

Zevida smiles slightly, peeking over the boy curiously. "Hmm, well.. Seemed like it, sorry." She gives him a smile again before she lets out a sigh. "How're you, Y'ki? Have you found a greenrider that tickles your fancy?" She teases, chuckling.

Y'ki tilts his head somewhat, and then just shrugs, taking to leaning against Ecoatleth somewhat. "..Greenrider?" And of course..about the only image /that/ can pull up with him is S'ya. Shudder. "No. Just a baker."

Zevida laughs softly, "not S'ya, silly." She teases, grinning wickedly before she quirks a brow. "A baker? Who?" She tilts her head, giving a curious look as she tries to come up with a list of names of the residents that are bakers.

Y'ki shrugs just a bit. "Just a baker." Ecoatleth gives a faint whine after a bit, nudging his head right against the rider before latching onto the poor boy's sleeve…and /tugging/. "/Alright/! Geez. We gotta go /clean/ up.. Stupid dragon.."

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