N'kor Visits

Xanadu Weyr - Beach


The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

Not foreign, more like a… deserter - yes - a deserter now reappears on the horizon of Xanadu. The golden bronze hatched here not but a few turns ago now seems oddly at home but at the same time strangely estranged from the area. When he deposits his rider on the sands of Xanadu, the man himself looks vaguely familar - but scruffier, more unruly, more… wild per say. The Turn or so at Igen apparently did wonders for the scoundrel look - for the look of the traveler that he was and still apparently is. With a knot on his shoulder lacking Igen's colours but now that of Eastern's, the red-headed bronzer stretches his arms aside to pop out a few tight joints as his vision gives a once over to the beach Nasrinth used to play on. Apparently the bronze hasn't forgotten as he seems to quickly make himself a shallow wallow to relax in.

Zevida is sitting in the meadow, alone, Avaeth nowhere to be seen. One can imagine that the protective gold is close by as there is no fussiness for the dragons around the area who may be used to the golden throwing fits when her bonded is too far away. She is, unexpectedly, working on reports idly drawling over this subject and that. The most outstanding of what she looks at seems to be a map of Xanadu and possible areas for mining, scrutiny is given to the map, obvious with the frown now drawn in her brows. The arrival of the bronze and his rider is missed, too distracted in looking for flaws.

Throwing his riding gear in a pile near Nasrinth - where no one would dare run off with his helmet, scarf, and jacket - N'kor seems to leave his beast behind, with no obvious lodged complaints from Nasrinth as the dragon is clearly enjoying scratching his hide against the sands of Xanadu. Hence, in a brief span as N'kor climbs up the familiar beach shore toward the paths leading into the Weyr proper, he spots a figure sitting in amongst the meadow grass. Clearly on any other day he wouldn't think anything of it and pass on by without a word nor acknowledgement of the busy-bee in the grass, however, apparently there is some recognition in his gaze which draws a smirk to his lips and causes his feet to tread her way. Only the approaching shuffling of grass against leather boots would prepare her for his arrival, which subsequently is followed by a rugged, "My my my, is that you Zevida?" Does it matter that they were nearly enemies during weyrlinghood? Apparently not, for the good natured smile shown now on his expression.

Zevida tilts her head at the sound of someone approaching, a quirk of her brow but she doesn't lift her gaze to meet him, assuming it's the wandering child that has been around the Weyr lately. But no, soon a voice is greeting her by name and she slowly turns her attention to the voice. The sight of N'kor earns a slight huff before she speaks. "Who else could it be?" She asks, her tone not ill-mannered or ill in nature. There's a slight smile for the man before she eyes his knot. "Can't stay in one place, can you?"

Casually slipping a hand in his pocket, he murmurs in a joking manner, "I almost mistaken you for a weyrwoman," a wink thrown in for just measure as he considers her work for a brief moment. About to comment on it, that thread of conversation stalls for the time being when she brings up his recent movement in the world of Pern. A little quicker to wit these days, he grins slyly, "I suppose I haven't found anything, or anyone, to tie me down." A beat later he seems to be more serious, perhaps not so jester-like as his smirk fades, "So how've you been? It's been quite a while since I visited last." In this, he sounds quite sincere.

Zevida gives him a blank look for a moment before she shrugs her shoulders and begins to fold the maps and charts. "I see. Too bad." She chimes, settling the work into her jacket as she looks up at him once more. A catious look over him as if searching for the truth in his words before she rolls her shoulders. "Considerably well, Avaeth has risen twice. Has nine little clutchlings. We've got crazies wandering around the Weyr, a lost little girl who seems a bit insane.. It's quite.. Lovely at the Weyr lately." Her nose wrinkles slightly before she gives him a smile, fully this time. "Yes, you've been gone for awhile. Things have changed."

"Time usually does that to things… people… places," he rolls his shoulder gently as if considering the landscape around them, squinting his eyes in a moment of thought. "Twice now? With nine?" His chin nods impressively, "You must be proud of that at least." He mentions not the poor showing of his Nasrinth, failing to catch golds at every turn - well, only the one, since his hasn't shown much desire to chase them goldies. His free hand scratches the short hairs of his beard, "A lost girl?" This peaks his interest, "Well now, I've got my fair share of search and rescue under my wing. Would you want my help at all? Not that Xanadu can't do the girl justice, but our… my hand is extended if you so wish it. I haven't completely forgotten my roots—" he reminds, tilting his head, "And what sort of crazies are running amok? They can't be as bad as the sand people."

Zevida nods, chuckling softly then shrugging her shoulders. "Nine in all." She notes, "four then five. But, they were good Impressions." A pause and she slowly grins, shaking her head. "Poor him, but, perhaps good for you that you're not catching, mm?" A quirk of her brow and she shakes her head. "She's wandering around here, she's not really.. From anywhere. I think her parents are dead.." She muses, "apparently she has a brother." Then slowly she narrows her eyes. "I'm not sure, just rumors though.. And who are the "sand people"..? Surely you don't mean Igen?"

N'kor shrugs softly at the comment of not having Nasrinth catch, turning instead to the curious topic of that lost girl, "That's tragic. Though have you heard of Fort's .. camp up there for kids? Perhaps once found, you might want to consider that, since there's supposed to be ample opportunity up there for children." At least that much news he's kept in touch with, sliding his hand out of his pocket to cross them against his chest while considering her. The last has him snicker, "It's what we.. the wing I had been serving in .. called the people living outside of the Weyr proper, literally in the sand. Very reckless people - moved in bands, not really with a Hold. Traders I think, but not what you'd know as traditional traders. Though not renegades either. Just.." he pauses, "sand people."

Zevida snorts softly, "she's not lost. She's wandering around the Weyr. She was once lost, I imagine. I don't want to go near her, she's… Quite troubled." A cough before she woman shifts to fiddle with her hair a bit and settle it into place. "Maybe we can drop her off there and hope it fixes her." A pause and she slowly nods in her understanding before she chuckles. "I was about to say if you were insulting Igen, I'd be at right to hit you for both myself and the Weyrwoman there."
"That's a pity," he remarks about the child's condition, letting the topic drop since it really wasn't his business at any rate. Should the child have been found in Eastern, or in Igen when he was serving that Weyr, it would've been. "It's worth a try. From what I hear, that Elara woman adores children," a beat, "she has to, to make that camp." A smirk fills his features at her last, "You'd hit me? Not hit on me?" He seems disappointed, rolling a shoulder haplessly as if his charms had long since worn off.

Zevida nods her head slowly, rolling her eyes. "Whoever messed her up deserves the worst." She grumbles, slowly rising to brush herself free of the stray grass and such that has gathered as she was sitting. "Mm, will tell Niva then. See what she says about ab— dropping the girl off there." A chuckle and she lets out a soft tsk. "I've never hit on anyone, N'kor. I prefer debate an intellectual conversation to making a fool of myself."

"Intellectual conversation?" He seems to regard her with his brow lifting, as if to inspect her in some new light, "Really? Hrm. Perhaps I didn't get to spend enough time around you during weyrlinghood. Too distracted I must say. Though I always thought you had a hot head and had it out for me." He shrugs, as if it was moot because of how long ago that had actually been, "Of course, I've come a little ways myself. More humour in my life these days." He does seem quite a bit talkitive compared to the early days when he was still a Vintner at heart.

Zevida nods her head, watching him with amusement. "Yes, I find it more entertaining than trying to woo your way into someone's bed with words that mean nothing." She drawls with light amusement, quriking her brow. "I was a hot head with it out for you, I didn't like you." Is her blunt response before she smiles. "I like how you are now, honestly. Not so much of a flirt and I can have a conversation with you that does not make me want to punch you."

N'kor's mouth hangs open just slightly at her first, since he cannot say anything against it or in agreement with her - he'd be a hypocrite if he tried to agree with it. Instead, he purses his lips in after thought, his brows twitching slightly at her blunt remark about not liking him. "At least I wasn't off my mark," he does say after he gathered his wit about him, a soft short laugh following, "That's good, because blood stains are very hard to get out of white—" at this his fingers pluck up the white shirt he was wearing. A silence hangs until he murmurs, "How is everyone? What's changed that I should know of before I go marching up into the Weyr proper?"

Zevida grins as he gapes, shrugging her shoulders. "It's true. Then the whole thing with Lorena ticked me off, too." Smirking, she looks to him for a moment before she tilts her head towards the clearing. "Well, you're better now. And, you wouldn't bleed unless I beat you bloody." A pause and she considers, "not too much has changed. S'ya still sleeps around like crazy, Y'ki is Y'ki. Haven't seen much of Lorena. But, nothing you need to know right away. Enjoy yourself, don't let yourself get trapped into a corner and beaten to death.. Or something."

"That couldn't be helped—" he says with a slight clearing of his throat, "We really did hit it off when we first .. Well. It's like you said, words to woo, really." After a while he follows her gaze toward the clearing, then back as she mentions beating him bloody, "I reckon one well aimed punch would make a man bloody." However at the mention of the other clutch siblings, he squints at her, "How many kids does S'ya have?" He snerks, knowing that was an inside joke with most of the weyrlings - betting how any kids she'd have within five turns of her being a rider. Of course, the other names have him nodding, "I was intending to see that brat. What of the others? There's a new Weyrleader at Ista.." He snorts at the last, "Hey now, I can handle my own. I didn't crash into numerous sand dunes and not come out of it without learning a little something."

Zevida nods her head slowly, shrugging her shoulders. "Should be careful with your words." She states, smiling once more before she snickers with laughter. "All of you bloody, not just your face." A wink before she bursts out laughing. "I think she's going on number two. Not sure, could be three. Try not to involve myself with that.." A pause and she quirks a brow. "Niva is still Senior and R'sul keeps catching.. Mm. Most of the other weyrlings seemed to vanish somewhere."

"Ahhh. Vicious thing, aren't you?" He smirks at her, "Thorough, very thorough however-" to that he makes an approving nod of his head. When it comes back to S'ya, he cannot help himself but to chuckle as well, "Two or three? Well, I certainly will not involve myself there. I've no need for off spring. There's enough of all that going around to have a few spare their spawn from this planet." He shakes, "I meant Ch'tra, he lost his position as Ista Weyrleader. That other one's got it.. K'ael. Wonder what that means for Ch'tra, if he'll come back here or not. I might too, depending on what happens with Eastern and the new leadership there too." As for the others, he nods quietly, "And you've been obviously keeping busy with your weyrwoman duties. How do you like the work?"

Zevida nods slowly in agreement, slipping her hands into her pockets. "Vicious and thorough." Chuckling still, she nods once more her agreement. "I think I gave up counting after the first." She notes with a wink, "I'd avoid her if you don't want random little N'kor's running out from nowhere…" Trailing off, she hmms, then frowns with disgust. "That womanizer got Weyrleader?" A snort of her obvious disgust. "Good, hope that keeps him there and he won't leave because he'll be too shardin' busy to chase after little girl's skirts." A pause in her rant before she shrugs. "Ch'tra was good. Hope he comes back… As for my duties.. I like them. Keeps me busy and entertained. I like making sure the work gets done."

"You know of K'ael?" To this, N'kor seems interested. He's always up for learning about politics, especially if he can some how use it to his advantage in the realms of his business. "I avoided S'ya when her lifemate first rose in flight. Nasrinth chased I believe, but lost out early - fortunately for my sake," he makes a visible shudder seen, "I couldn't stand being with that one. Sloppy leftovers." He makes a disgusted wrinkle of his nose, as if having dung shoved under his nose talking about the woman. With a flip of his hand, he considers what her duty must entail, "Hopefully it isn't too overwhelming. I'm grateful that Avaeth went to you." The last said with some humour because of that incident on the sands and the betting involved - good times.

Zevida sighs, nodding her head. "Yes, he came and saw me while Avaeth was on the sands the second time." A frown as she remembers the encounter. "Well, that's good. For you at least, can't imagine how many men she's been with." A grin at his look of disgust before she shakes her head. "It's not, it's very pleasant. I enjoy it, and it's not like I'm being worked to death or hate what I have to do. I have my own time, as well." A pause at his comment and her brows raise before she laughs. "You're just glad she didn't pick you."

"Believe me, I am. Could you imagine the talk of Pern had she impressed to a man? They'd have to check in my shorts just to make sure!" He can't help but chortle at that thought and the utter bewilderment that would've come with a man on gold. Insert shudder. Abruptly however, he crans his head back toward where he left Nasrinth, "Hrm. Seems I'm being recalled. Apparently someone claimed to see smoke…" He spreads his hands, "Good to see you again. Sorry to be brief. Do give my best wishes to Niva for me, as well as the others." A hand is lifted in after he's turned to jog off toward Nasrinth…

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