Ellamariseth Rises

Xanadu Weyr - Forest


In sharp contrast to the treeless, carefully manicured look of the main clearing, the forest is full of trees, and maintains most of its natural look. Wild flowers grow in their seasons, bordering the road leading from the main clearing as weaves its way between the stands of trees - wide enough for traffic of all types, even draconic. Leading off are several smaller, less worn trails, which branch outwards, making their way to private residences and other attractions - the theater for example. The road, though, continues on eastward, to the feeding grounds and the mine, and beyond that, to the coastal road out of Xanadu's territory.

It's a very pretty day in Xanadu, considering the rains and the somber mood that had come upon the Weyr with the recent events. Creepy children just do that to a place, after all! But even in the dark news of crazy cult leaders and their mysterious plans, Ellamariseth /glows/. Right in the middle of the forest, too, where she can peek out in the direction of the clearing every now and then towards the other dragons. Ysa was in the shadow of her lifemate's wing, enjoying the little picnic she had set up for herself. Which really just includes a mug of klah and crumbs of what might have been a meatroll.

Thankfully, with Ellamariseth glowing, Niva took off for a distant location, even though her own golden lifemate had risen not long ago. Thankfully, this also means that L'ton has no concerns about whether or not he's actually been cleared to come back to Xanadu, and he's been enjoying that bit of freedom. However, it seems that Dhonzayth has found the glowing gold in the forest, and the brassy Istan bronze has settled himself in to watch her like a hawk, faceted eyes never leaving the desert sculpture. Also, thankfully, L'ton has realized what's going on sooner rather than later, and is running from down the coast, weaving along the paths through the forest until he finds the culprit. Or, perhaps, culprits. "Ysa.." He gasps, catching his breath, even as he gives a respectful bow to the Xanadu queen.

The illumination of Ellamariseth had drawn a visiting bronze out from the shadows. Although it was obvious where he was because of the bend of the trees as he tried to make it through the paths cut wide for wagons, he still crept, as if should he make a noise, the target of his fascination would be gone. With his tail held down and sweeping up leaves, twigs, and dirt behind him, Nasrinth creeps closer and closer to Ellamariseth, pausing only when he finds ample room for his wings to spread should she be spooked from her secure setting within the trees. The rider of this rascal of a bronze has much the same approach - but obviously easier for him as he appears unhindered by size that his dragon has to deal with. Naturally, his steps are quiet, a stealth that has known the terrain of rugged land - but he appears casual about it all, holding a flask in plain view as he finds where his lifemate stares. To her, Ysa, he offers a grin - not as healthy as one he had on the previous night, but a grin for her nevertheless.

It doesn't take long before a newer bronzerider shows his face around Xanadu Weyr. Well at least new to some, he's been around but tended to keep a low profile to avoid having issues with some things from the past. It doesn't take long before he notices L'ton and gives a bit of a chuckle as Tesnath notices the gold and P'ton's lifemate. All for a little bit of good competition. Of course, he tends to block out the knowledge that there are others around and seems more focused on the queen.

R'miel is on his way home actually from the office. Arinith is following his rider closely, looking cheery since he got to spend most of the day at the beach while his rider was in the office. Ram doesn't look quite as cheery, though he is carrying a bag the smells delicious. It's pastries, of course. Glazed and stuffed with fruit filling. They're mostly for his weyrmate who is… outside? Arinith slowly moves over to the gold with a warble. Oo shiney! "Got room for a pastry?" He askes Ysa, holding up the bag. "Hey Ton." What was Ton here? Uh oh.

The somber atmosphere has suited Senkyou just fine, the brownrider is in a baggy pair of pants and a skin tight strapless green shirt. This showing she has gained a bit of weight in the front, though it's simply makes her look a bit heavy. Walking along the path with her cinnamon brown lifemate, Senkyou hasn't a care in the world. Looking around a bit and spotting Ysa she glares at the goldrider, crossing her arms and slouching her eyes narrowed. Dulacth on the other hand is being much more hospitable, crooning sweetly to Ellamariseth and holding all of his meduim sized brown bulk up, must make a good impression. L'ton is also given a glare, her least favorite people are all coming together to make her day simply wonderful. "I thought they'd banned you." She mutters, snapping at L'ton. "Wheres tha' darned Weyrwoman when I need her." R'miel is simply ignored, though he gets a glare as well.

Being a Reaches man himself, Or'un doesn't ever have anything to worry about when visiting Xanadu. He'd been visiting more frequently as of late since his sister is unable to between, the bronzer on his way to her weyr at that very moment. With a small present at hand the man strides along, his mind wrapped around something as he sticks to his course. Yes, he's kind of a stickler for plans and it seems he's no intention of breaking that trend today… That is until he sees a huge glowing warning beacon otherwise known as Ellamariseth. He stares at the gold as she broadcasts her message, a frown etching over his already wrinkled face as he catches signs of Ysa. At the sight of the others rider he just glares, especially at R'miel. Finally he tucks the gift into his jacket, seems there's a first time for everything.

P'ton walks over towards L'ton and chuckles a bit. "Well how did I figure I'd run into you here cousin?" He winks. "Don't you have enough women right now at your heels that you can't share around?" He smirks teasingly. "So how have you been Ton?"

Ellamariseth was pretending that the bronzes weren't there at all. What proddy queen? She yawns widely in the direction of Dhonzayth and Nasrinth, folding her wings neatly along her back before rolling away from her lifemate. "H-hey!" Ysa protests, frowning in the direction of the gold dragon. It doesn't last long, though, at the voices of two very familiar riders. "T-ton!" Squeak. There's a shy smile in for R'miel, too, as she shakes her head at him. "J-just ate," she replies, though the bag is eyed with a bit more hunger than in her tone. Mesmerized by it, she doesn't really seem to notice all the other riders starting to gather up, which is a good thing. Ellamariseth, on the other hand, can sense all the boys, flicking her tail in the direction of the males as she starts scooting away on her side.

L'ton glances at P'ton, shaking his head. "Not right now, Pay.." He quickly responds to the Ierne rider, shaking his head. Not even Ram is getting that thorough of a greeting, simply a 'Hey..' Yet again, thankfully, Senkyou goes unnoticed, as his eyes are only on the protesting, shy goldrider, and its in her direction that he's meandering. That bag of pastries /does/ look good though.. Eyeing for a moment, licking his lips, Ellamariseth's movement reminds him of his original goal, and as he closes the distance, he's dropping his voice to try and keep it between the two of them. "Ya.. Ya doing any better, Ysa?" He murmurs, having not seen her since she left Ista. At least there's no dirty look at Ram. Dhonzayth snorts loudly at the other bronzes as they arrive - particularly on those that he recognizes well like Tesnath. Spreading his wings widely, he's hurriedly claiming a good portion of the forest as -his-; All the better to stalk Ellamariseth from, after all, particularly as she seems like she's going to try and escape. Come back!

N'kor has been assessing the other riders since he happened into the clearing, though not to the extent to offer them glares. In fact, there was no visible trace of disapproval to any of those around, yet, some how, if not straying toward Ysa he closes in toward Senkyou, enough to say: "Long time no see. How've you been Senkyou?" Clearly trying to distract her from a confrontation that none of them exactly needed when a gold was stewing in her glowing proddiness. Ellamariseth would be enough for their bronzes to fight over without having the riders follow suit. Classy, yet entirely rugged in his scruffy beard and his Igen worn flying leathers, he glances in Ysa's direction once more with hardly an emotion showing through. Clearly her weyrmate had the advantage, but he was long since beyond keeping Nasrinth back from this one. Instead, the bronze at that time had sunk right down to the ground, with the twigs and grass tickling at his chest as he peered beyond tree trunks to follow Ellamariseth's movements - yes, he was even watching her tail flick. His own anticipation could be seen in the slight flutter of his wingspars and the groping of the earth underneath his talons.

R'miel is glared at. By everyone! He just… blinks and looks around at the tough crowd. Then he opens up the bag of pastries. "Who wants pastries?" Yes, peace offering! He could hopefully count on Senkyou taking one, Or'un probably hated sweets because he was Or'un. Ram gives Ysa a smile and a wave. "You sure? They're fruit-filled…" He looks around at the gathering of bronze and brown. "Guess it's uh.. time then, hm? Should we just… move it inside?" Ram is already instinctively reaching for his flask. You'd figure with it being his weyrmate he wouldn't need it, but shells after the last flight he attended he sure did. Normally Arinith kept his distance from proddy golds until they were in the air… but he knows this one well. Which is why he's slinking around back and forth in front of her, clawing at the ground a bit.

Dulacth's full attention is on Ellamariseth, following after her while keeping a dragon lengths distance from her, better safe than sorry. Settling away from her and arching his neck, he pushes his chest out and stands as tall as he can. The brown looks a bit silly compared to all the bronzes, but he remains still eyes whirling fast blue and green. Senkyou is ignoring everyone, brooding and even glaring at her own lifemate, but N'kor gets a suprised look and the brownrider relaxes "I've been better, but yu look like you're doin' good." Her eyes moving up and down N'kor, mouth opening to comment but R'miel is offering food. Walking over she looks down at the pastries and takes one quickly, picking up a stone and running it through her fingers. Her eyes dart from L'ton to R'miel, who to throw this at?

Or'un's gray eyes trail after Ellamariseth as she abandons her rider, the man keeping silent all the while. Ysa's squeaky voice does cause him to let out an inaudible, the bronzer knowing full well what was about to happen. Yes, it was flying time and with his two least favorite bronzers there it was sure to be an interesting flight. He chooses to stick to his spot, not wanting to scare the mousy Junior off, she seemed skittish enough as it was. Aslianth is still no where to be seen, the dragon most likely having been stuck on the other side of the Weyr. Does this count him out? Not at all. Soon enough the reddish bronze is seen flying over head, the dragon heading straight for the feeding pens at his riders encouragement.

Ysa starts to notice all those other familiar as well as unfamiliar faces gathering up around her. And it was definitely her they were gathering, right? She starts panting as she shakes her head up to L'ton. "M-me? Y-yes, I suppose, definitely better…" she sounds half-distracted, eyes darting back and forth, lingering just a bit longer on some of the bronzeriders and suddenly hardening at Senkyou. Even through her proddiness, there was no way of hiding that seething hatred, and her shoulders tense a bit more protectively. She licks her lips before they pull back on her face and she struggles to her feet, just a bit wobbly. "I-I guess I'll take one," she tells her weyrmate, though her hand was reaching for his flask instead. "M-move? Move where?" Squeak. Ellamariseth's slow crawl was in the pens' direction, tail still lashing at those following. There's a huff at Arinith as he blocks her way, and she stops to hesitate a moment. It looked like she was going to lay there happily now, lounging in the bit of sun she's catching, eyes slowly closing… then SNAP! She leaps up with surprising grace for a dragon her size, warbling to the nearest dragons as she runs full out for the feeding pens.

Tesnath knows how Dhonzayth is… all too well and he is manipulative enough to keep up with the other bronze. P'ton shakes his head and smirks. "Glad I don't brush you off for other women." He chuckles. Tesnath on the other hand is crooning quietly towards the gold as he follows her lead hissing at any nearby male that might get too close.

Dhonzayth> Xanadu Weyr - Feeding Grounds(#2040RJ)

Senkyou gives N'kor a chance to follow suit at the invitation - though clearly sweets and booze in his openly held flask wouldn't go together, but the opportunity to close ground with the other fellows and Ysa at the same time was too good to turn down. So he feigned his interest in the pastries, passing them up when he appears unable to find one to his liking. Further, he offers to the fellow riders, "Gentlemen, anyone in need of a drink?" He hoists his flask with the vintner craftmark on the tin, his eyebrow turning to R'miel and then L'ton in turn. "Let me know if you do," he says before hearing any of their answers, regarding Senkyou with a pleasant smirk, "I've nothing to complain about. Spent some time with my head in a couple sand dunes, but otherwise, I can't complain." All the while his blue eyes are watching the stone her fingers had taken, his brows lifted as he seemed to look where she was thinking to throw the stone - at either the other two bronzers. "What about you Senkyou, need a drink?" Nasrinth, meanwhile, had clipped his wings against a few others now that the space was filling. The only thing that distracted him was the overhead shadow of one of the bronzes sneaking a head start. In a matter of seconds that he spent watching the shadow overhead, he caught a flash of Ellamariseth, leaving them behind. With a vicious turn of dust and leaves, Nasrinth was knocking over any young sappling that go in his way as he slinked along behind his current fascination.

Dhonzayth trumpets loudly at Arinith as the younger bronze is weaving back and forth infront of Ellamariseth, daring to block the golds away. Tesnath does not escape without reprimand either, however, for the Istan is hissing at him almost immediately. While the others were inching, Dhonzayth was lurking, waiting, and letting the distance between himself and the glorious gold grow, albeit slowly. And only for a moment. As Ellamariseth suddenly bolts at full speed to the grounds, Dhonzayth is trumpeting again, launching his brassy form just far enough into the air to clear the trees - letting his grace and speed in the air carry him to the feeding grounds, once more into the sights of the gold, so that he can begin to try and get into her heart as well. At the offer of pastries, L'ton looks as if he's going to refuse. After all, its not good to eat before hand - you might get a cramp. However, Ysa's nervousness has his attention, and he's slowly reaching to take a pair of the sweets, gingerly offering one to Ysa, with a bit of a smile. "Inside, Ysa-dear.." He murmurs softly, nodding towards her own home. "We should go inside.. or ya might be even redder.." He chuckles softly, shifting to watch Senkyou rather nervously, shifting to try and put R'miel between himself and the brownrider.

Or'un doesn't hate sweets, he just hates R'miel. The bronzer would never take anything willing from the man, even if it was a rope to save his life. But then again he usually hated everyone during flights, except for the one he was chasing of course. So he just stands there a bit awkwardly and watches as Ysa moves to grab up one of the pastries, a scowl passing over his face. When the goldrider goes for the flask instead he can't help but smirk a bit, producing a flask of his own. Funny enough, it's the one he nicked from her a while back. Without offering it to anyone else he takes a long drink, capping it and hiding it back in his heavily padded jacket.

R'miel raises a brow at Senkyou. What had he done to her? He'd barely even spoken to her since they came to Xanadu… it's not like he knocked her up. Plus: pastries! Ram is about to put his flask to his face when his proddy weyrmate takes it from him. You could put the proddiness into Ysa but you couldn't totally take the booze from her, or something. Ram has to settle on stuffing his mouth with a pastry. Comfort food, at least. Though Ysa had been making more use of his flask lately than he had. Ram thumbs towards the weyr. "Come on Ys, lets head inside, before you pop." Arin wasn't really trying to block her, he was just… warming up. When she springs up and takes off for the grounds, he follows quickly.

With all the fast movement Dulacth must move quickly, launching himself up and towards the feeding grounds Senkyou huffs and says "You just can't cut me a break, huh Dulacth?" Yelling at him, even though he is long gone at this point. L'ton gets another glare, though he has gotten Lucky with N'kor distracting her. Looking over at him, eyes twinkling a little she says to him "I'd love a drink." Reaching for the flask, "I think I'll be a bit better once I get a little booze in me." With R'miels look she wrinkles her nose at him, taking the rock in her hand and throwing it with a good deal of force at L'ton, her eyes on Ysa. The rock may hit R'miel, it might hit L'ton depending really, she then stuffs some of the pastrie in her mouth. "Ain't like I got nothing to keep me from Drinking." She mutters to l'ton, hand going to her stomach. She only takes a small drink. Bad brownrider.

Dhonzayth> Ellamariseth's warbling doesn't end even as she bounces her way just over the fence— oops, nicked a post there— and starts herding the cattle into a senseless stampede all over the place. This was fun! And probably very difficult for the bronzes to get their kill in. It's not long before the gold's playing warble turns into a trumpeting challenge, jaws open as she slams into the closest 'beast, raking its side open. She trumpets again, pouncing her kill and hissing loudly to the males before she bends down and takes its throat in her mouth, tearing it open. It's only a brief moment of hesitation, but she laps up the blood squirting out, eyes turning into a matching red. She barely pays attention to how much she drinks, staring at those competiting around her instead.

N'kor looked happy when no one seemed to take him up on his offer - more of the good stuff for him then. Until the flask was snatched out of his hands, leaving him with a plainly bemusement for Senkyou. He didn't reach for it back, rather, he left it there in her hands until she was done with it. He had more where it came from if necessary, or he could flinch one of the other rider's flasks while they were oogling over Ysa (not that she wasn't worth oogling over, of course). Soon distracted by the sudden urge to straighten out his flying leathers, he still was alert to the conversations and moods of those around him, despite his lowered eye contact. Flights could turn volatile, especially if the chasers didn't particularly like one another - such was the case in hand. It seemed to be the case when he saw Senkyou's arm move, throwing what she had in hand. With a wise choice, he stepped back from the scene, not wanting to get involved in the middle even if he had tried earlier to forestall the conflict.

Ysa makes sure to take a really big swig from the flask before she tears her eyes away to gawk after Ellamariseth. Denial was pretty common in this proddy goldrider, which was why she lets loose a low moan as her lifemate takes off to the pens instead. She buries her face in her hand for a moment, breathing heavily, before her green eyes focus on N'kor now. Did he say booze? "D-drink?" she squeaks, holding tightly to the flask. She even sips from it before turning towards each of the others again and bobbing her head, face turning red as she pants some more. "Y-yes, inside. T-too much fresh air." She needs to hide! But then out of the corner of her eye, something is flying, and she ducks down with a yelp.

Dhonzayth> Aslianth is already waiting for the gold in the feeding pens, the bronze flying circles over the herd as he debates which animal to strike down first. His golden speckled paws flex impatiently as he makes his choice, the bronze swooping down on a young buck and causing it to run right into the fence. He doesn't kill it though, deciding the creature isn't worth his time. He just leaves the animal to tend it's wounds, his giant copper wings lifting him once again. No, he's not come across the right critter yet, and so he continues to circle the pack. Until Ellamariseth arrives and starts sending the animals into a frenzy. Now that young and old, fat and skinny are all mixed in he just dives down for the biggest buck he can spot, immediately killing it and sucking it dry.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth is suddenly thankful to come in from above, for as the gold nicks the fence post and sends the cattle into a rushing stampede, he's banking enough to come back from the other direction, trumpeting back to Ellamariseth and hoping to cause confusion amongst the beasts. It seems to work, for as some are going one way, and some the other, there are a pair of brown animals that seem unable to decide. Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for Dhonzayth, the decision is quickly made for them as Dhonzayth swoops to the ground, backwinging hurriedly to throw dust up even as his massive weight is being thrown into them. A flick of his muzzle and their necks are broken one after the other, and then the brassy bronze is dropping his head to blood, letting the copper-hues of the beasts life smear across the brocade pattern of his chest, even as the desert dunes of Ellamariseth's hide are tinged as if Rukbat itself is setting upon them.

Dhonzayth> Dulacth comes in quickly, attempting to reach the feeding grounds before Ellamariseth does. Failing at that he waits, his courtesy may just be his down fall and he waits tell Ella has begun to blood to swoop down for his kill. Grabbing up a young herdbeast between his talons, landing on a high ledge and watching below him. Thus the brown remains above the dust cloud, neatly draining his kill.

Dhonzayth> Arinith snakes after Ella. She wasn't flying, so he wasn't going to bother, either. He watches the beasts run all about as she scatters them, and he starts doing the same, herding them this way and that. This /was/ fun! What were they doing here again? Oh right, Ella was proddy! As given by the thump of a beast hitting the ground. Of course now the beasts were all stirred up. Arinith has to lift himself into the air to get into a good position to pick one out. He chooses a somewhat slow and fat one dive-bombing it a little messily and having to tear at its throat to actually kill it. After a few moments of lapping at the blood, a spooked beast runs by the slender bronze and Arinith reaches out to bat it down rather hard with a claw. Then he drags it over, half dead and squirming, only to start on it once he's done with his current prize.

Dhonzayth> Nasrinth slithers almost behind Ellamariseth, like her unseen shadow, bothering only to use his wings to help him over the fence. Hunting with her as if in a pack, he cuts off onto her left side, loping after one of the cattle that panicked from Ellamariseth's sight. It was a healthy sow in which he leveled by initially ramming his head into it's ribs. Startled, the beast twisted over and over until it was too late to regain footing, since Nasrinth made sure it ended quick. As clean as he could and without losing any of the precious life blood, Nas flung the beast up into the air with it's head remaining on the ground, and began drinking it like a mug of ale. Traces of his efforts leaking down from his jawls, coating his neck in a fine sheen of blood. Only the sickening thud of a body drained of blood indicates that he was finished with it, soon loping once more toward the scattered heard to take down a second.

A loud yelp, and there's suddenly a stone smacking L'ton in the back of his shoulder, the bronzerider dropping the pastry that had been half shoved in his mouth. Swiveling around, he stares at the one and only possible source. "Senkyou, ya.. Ya.." He growls under his breath, before deciding its not worth it, and instead he's turning to stare gloomily at his lost pastry. "Shards." A soft sigh, and he's reaching across his body to gently rub at his shoulder, continuing to mutter, before meandering towards Ysa's home, even if she's not yet headed that way.

R'miel narrowly avoids a rock to the head. He can feel it whizzing by though, and sees it conk Ton in the shoulder. Sheesh. He turns to give a glare to the brownrider. Whether he's mad for hitting Tonny or he thinks the rock was aimed at him is unclear. Either way, he's got his hand on Ysa's back and is ushering her into the weyr. He needed a drink that didn't already have a man's lips put to it, and there was plenty in the weyr.

N'kor looks concerned for Ysa, taking the moment the rock is thrown to shoulder up beside her, adding softly, "Yeah. It helps you know. It might even make the experience more endurable if your weyrmate's dragon doesn't end up catching." His eyes sweep toward L'ton who already seems to know where Ysa was staying. At seeing her duck, he lowers a hand toward her (just offering), "I think the other's have a good idea of what needs to happen. It'd be better for you to be in your own comfort." There was nothing but an empathic friendliness from him, since the lust from his dragon had not yet seeped into his being. He was still trying to be a classy fellow underneath all his ruggedness.

Dhonzayth> Ellamariseth growls in the direction of the bronzes that have taken two beasts at a time, glaring first at Dhonzayth before moving on to the others. Her tail lashes out fiercely before she leaves the dead animal to bleed out more and hops to the skies! Her wings beat out once, twice, and she appears to be reaching height enough to start the chase, until she closes her wings and falls down towards one of the bigger bucks she manages to find, snapping out her sails to gather wind just before hitting the ground, raking her claws forward to pick up the flailing animal and snapping at its neck mid-flight, aiming for a secluded spot to guzzle down as much of the blood as she can, barely letting even a drop dribble away.

Or'un eyes Senkyou as she starts throwing rocks at people, his face growing stony by the minute. Sure she was aiming for his least favorite people but now Ysa was flinching and he too was starting to worry about getting banged on the head. When everyone starts heading for the Junior's weyr he follows, making sure to keep his distance from the rest of the group, but not losing them from sight. He reaches his hand back into his jacket, stealing up the flask again. Seems this flight is going to require a lot more booze, what with all the tensions flaring up.

Dhonzayth> Tesnath is already trying to keep ahead of most of the bronzes including Dhonzayth while maintaining focused on the beautiful lady as she takes to the herdbeasts as he dives to tear into one of the more active younger animals knowing he is still able to do so swiftly. He tears into the neck of the herdbeast holding it with his talons.

Senkyou has good aim, following L'ton, Ysa, and R'miel into the weyr she hands N'kor his flask back. Everyone gets a huffy look, the brownrider says to L'ton "You deserve it. Have a friend finding a nice hold for yur kid." Her words full of bite, she stays away from the rest of the group having no desire to be near any of them. Arms crossed over her chest she sighs, head down looking at the ground, as if a momentary thought has let all the malice out of her. Each step becomes heavier and in just an instant she has gone from unhappy spitefulness to quiet despair.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth is growled at by the desert gold, but it seems that the Istan bronze is anything but fazed. For a moment, he lifts his gaze from the first, even as the blood is slipping away to dampen the ground beneath the animal's cooling carcass, crooning to Ellamariseth. But, its only for a moment, because then he's draining the second beast in short order, none of the patience from the first beast evident as he finishes the second. As she suddenly shoots upwards, he's trumpeting, leaving the beast behind as he's bunching his limbs beneath him, shooting upwards. Except, then it seems that the gold is headed back to the ground, and Dhonzayth is sounding out his disappointment, even as he spirals, seeking somewhere to perch overhead.

When the rock hits and the victim ends up being L'ton, Ysa peeks up shyly to those around her. She relaxes a bit at the touch of her weyrmate, though it's N'kor who she looks up to with a shy little nod. "Y-yes, of c-course," she murmurs to him, glancing first to the flask in her hands and then to the foreign bronzer, as if expecting him to be presenting her more. She licks her lips, taking N'kor's hand, and then quickly follows the urging from R'miel towards their home, following after L'ton, already half-dazed by the blooding and the flight.

Xanadu Weyr - Ysa and R'miel's Weyr(#12011RAJ)
This weyr is large, as its occupants happen to be two of the larger dragon types. The first large room fits several dragons with extra space for them to move. There is a couch where they can both rest comfortably. One side of it is covered in a thick red quilt, burgundy and violet pillows scattered around for added comfort and style and the other half is covered in a midnight blue blanket. Also arranged along it is a small blanketed padded section for when a rider cares to join the dragons.
The living area has been divided into four main sections. The front left is the dining area with a rectangular table carved of the finest wood and six matching chairs. The table is lined in a deep purple table cloth and a centerpiece fixture adorned with candles, with only three or four place settings. The front right is the sitting area with lush tan carpet. Here is a set of comfortable matching maroon couch and loveseat that form an L-shape against an island and wall. Also there are bookshelves mostly littered with papers and several end tables. The area's smooth black center table doubles as a storage chest filled with trinkets and children's toys.
The back sections are an almost fully functional kitchen and a makeshift bedroom. The former was a big investment with working stove, oven, ice box, and various everyday necessities. A smooth granite topped island, which has been turned into a bar, separates the kitchen from sitting area. Mixing tools line the top while the inside is hollowed out: a cooling area for beers, a wine rack, and more shelving for finer liquors. The latter section is carpeted as well with a bedding cot, a trunk, and a desk.
Between the dining area and the small bedroom is the door into the bedroom. A large, always-made bed takes up most of the room, lifted up to allow for extra storage space under its skirt. It is flanked by two small nightstands, each with a few drawers for personal items. Against the left wall there is a dragon carved crib, a changing table, and a dresser for baby items. Against the wall with the entrance are two dressers, a tall one and one fitted with a mirror over it. To the far right is a small washroom.

P'ton follows behind the rest of the group. He tends to keep off to the side of the group perhaps taking in what his bronze is doing and trying to make sure that Tesnath doesn't get out of control.

Oh deliveries and taxiing is often the lot of a younger rider in a weyr. Gotta 'protect' them a bit more, and so Ly'am and Odryth find themselves at Xanadu ferrying a crafter here. While waiting to ferry said crafter back the young bronze caught a wif of something, something shiny and golden and he heads toward the gathering dragons. Oh to escape a flight at High Reaches, only to end up at one here, oh the Irony. Even though Odryth appears in the feeding pens, Ly'am is not anywhere to be seen…yet.

Of course L'ton knows where Ysa and R'miel - or, at least Ysa right now - lives. After all, who wouldn't know where their best friend and their weyrmate live? Either way, he's making himself at home almost immediately, grabbing a bottle off the bar and flopping backwards onto the maroon loveseat, draping one leg over the armrest, the other on the ground, even as he's tipping the liquor bottle back, taking a long shot, simply blowing off the rest of those there. He wasn't going to drink, but, clearly he'll need it.

Dhonzayth> Nasrinth was caught up in the mock start, abandoning his second catch as he saw Ellamariseth take wing. Fortunately he doesn't spend too much energy jumping up as he realizes she was just hunting a second. Floundering back to his abandoned prize, Nasrinth snorts heavily at the tease. Such a tease!! Shaking his head and flexing his jaws, he once more took his latest kill in his mouth to let the hot warm nourishing blood fill him. When it was down to a trickle, the carcass was once more tossed heavily aside, landing with a limp and sickening flop - left for any creature scavenging around the waste caused by a flight. Left to once more flex his limbs, Nasrinth gave Ellamariseth her space, left to seem like a guardian in her shadow as she demolished her second catch.

Dhonzayth> Dulacth hops quickly off his ledge, launching himself prematurely and then diving down towards the feeding pens. Beating his velvet brown wings he lands, waiting and giving a small croon to Ella, waiting for her to kill before he is diving down for his second kill. Grabbing at yet another herdbeast, this one is older and almost escapes. Making lots of loud noise as it's being taken still very alive up to a ledge. This slows the brown down, and he bites down on the neck of the crying beast draining it quickly and settling in a crouch preparing to launch.

Dhonzayth> Aslianth eyes the competition as he drinks. Any male that gets too close gets to meet his snapping jaws and raking claws. He wouldn't hesitate for a minute on actually causing harm to any of them, but of course, he's gotta be provoked first. After discarding his first kill he starts stalking the next. He takes aim for an even fatter beast, knocking the startled animal onto it's side roughly before viciously shaking the life out of it. The critters pitiful cries come to an abrupt end when his spine is snapped. The dragons claws ripping open his throat before he settles down to drink yet again. He's not as careful as Ellamariseth, a good amount of blood being lost due to his hasty manner, but he is getting full nonetheless.

Dhonzayth> Odryth moves from the beach toward the feeding grounds. He perhaps the youngest bronze here and just a bit bigger than a large brown, he perhaps does not stand out in this field of competitors. Oh but he is a handsome one and his movements sure and confident as he heads into the feeding grounds. It is not with a rush that he chooses his beast, something akin to a thoughtful choosing before he leaps into the air to descend upon a beast, snapping its neck before he even realize what has happened.

Dhonzayth> Arinith hadn't taken two beasts at a time! This one was done, see? He shoves it away to make room for his next tidbit. This one was smaller, and gets drained quickly. He's scanning for his next prey when Ella springs skywards. Arinith jumps into the sky as well, then realizes she's not exactly taking off. So instead he goes wafting back down to the ground, looking quite perplexed. He'd lost his good spot now and was all disoriented. Not wanting to waste any time though, he bounds off to slash at the first beast he sees, trying to get back into the blooding. He springs out to snatch another one at the neck and drag it back to the first. No time to waste, now!

Patting Ysa's hand in a friendly encouragement, N'kor followed up the affectionate gesture with a wave of his arm to allow Ysa to step into her own dwelling before his muddy boots walked in. Of course at that point, when stepping into her residence, he had let her hand free and easily strode into the middle of the abode. His eyes were then then drinking in what she had for living quarters, whether or not he was impressed by what he saw was hard to determine by his blank facial expression. Abruptly, blank was filled with something. Even as he had stood there soaking in her decorations and whatnot, there happened to be a visible change registering in his face. It was clear that the blood his lifemate had just passed jolted into N'kor's sense of being, for he started sweating while desire was now rampant in his eyes as he watched Ysa.

Dhonzayth> Ellamariseth kneads with one of her feet at the beast, hoping to drain more out of it. She gives a sharp shake of her head, mouth still clamped around the animal before finally dropping the carass down with a thud. She doesn't leap again, but instead stalks off towards the pens with the wherries to cause another stir in the beasts. She bugles and skips the fence, leaving it intact, and downs two of the fliers almost immediately, swatting at their big fattened bodies. Limbs are torn out and tossed and there's little blood to suck dry, but it seems to satisfy the queen. She gives a glance back to the other dragons, mouth full of wherry, before she jumps off again! Her wings flare out only after she clears the fence, skipping once in the main pen and spitting out the dead creatures before she bounces back into the sky and this time out and away! Come on, fellas!

R'miel moves into the weyr with Ysa. He guides her over back behind the bar counter and pulls out a fresh bottle of whiskey and two shot glasses for them. He peers around at the other riders, catching N'kor staring at his weyrmate like he was going to trounce her. His brow furrows, and he steps in front of her. Peep show over!

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth continues to spiral above, lazily floating up and down, never truly finding what the Istan deems a satisfactory position upon which to settle down on. And so, he's banking again and again, trying to use as little energy as possible as he watches Ellamariseth rend the beasts in the pens below. Each time she moves, he's shifting his spiraling to ensure that she's still the center of it, as she is currently the center of his world. After what seems like forever, she's launching upwards, and he's hurriedly attempting to pull out of his lazy loops to fight for altitude, lacking the initial thrust of launching off the ground, and so his progress is significantly slower than he would have liked.

Dhonzayth> Dulacth has drained two, looking down he dives to get a third beast. He does line his two beasts up on the ledge. Putting them back to back, and once pleased with there position his eyes are locked on the shining queen. As the queen launches his neck snaps up and he uses all his strength to push off the rock, his tail hitting and making a loud thud as he follows after her, making a loud croon warble of approval. Stretching himself out to his full extent he gets a nice burst of speed. (My pretty lady!) Crooning to her.

Dhonzayth> Nasrinth twists in the blood stained grass around him, his talons leaving their evidence of massacre behind as they plow into the ground, digging hard to propel him for real this time. Rent marks are left as his wings snap with a vengence - a roar of excitement pouring out of him on his initial rising wingbeats. For every queen there must be a king, or at least if there had already been a king, there might be room in the queen's gardens for a knight to do her justice. Thus, with another reverberating purge of sound and soaring confidence that might bewilder even his rider, Nasrinth flung his powerful wings to muscle him after Ellamariseth. Then as the air whistled by his hide as his wings cut through it, with his heartbeats loud in his chest as he was drawn into the mesmerising test of skill and courage, he found himself surrounded on either side by others eager to get to Ellamariseth. It would be a tough fight, but with the strength of will alone and determination, he would outshine the rest. Or so he hoped, because it had just begun - they were a far ways off from proving themselves.

Ysa kind of just meanders her way inside, almost as if it was the first time she had ever been into her own weyr. Her eyes gaze about a moment as well before they settle on the bar. Her pretty little bar that she cherished so much, even as proddy as she was. "W-what's wrong? R-ram?" she squeaks out out, tilting her head up to the bronzer that steps in her way, peeking over towards the vintner curiously. N'kor's the recipient of yet another shy smile, but this one didn't last long at all as she snarls and pulls away from R'miel, turning to give each one a quick glare even through reddened cheeks. She cools herself with another shot from the flask, instead.

Dhonzayth> Aslianth is watching Ellamariseth carefully as he drinks, not wanting to miss any of the queens movements. Thanks to his watchful eyes he is able to catch her graceful lift off. He'd just finished discarding his second carcass and was making for his third but instead of pouncing on the large wherry he makes a quick U-turn, running along the same path the queen had taken before leaping into the sky after her. The rushing wind quickly dries the blood that has spilled over his maw and chest, his normally reddish hide there darkening thanks to it. He presses forth, trumpeting loudly to the queen as the ascend higher and higher. Yes, the chase has begun, and he's ready for it.

Senkyou walks into the weyr, looking around and sitting down on the other side of the love seat, perfect spot to show her disapproaval at being involved in this. R'miel and Ysa are spared, the target of her brooding is L'ton. Poor bronzer can't catch a break. Crossing her arms she lays out on the sofa, keeping her feet off of it but body splayed out, eyes glazed over. In an abrupt mood change she creeps towards L'ton, trying to sit very close to him.

Dhonzayth> Odryth sinks fangs into a second beast with the same efficiency as the first, no raw blood hungry torture, just neat quick deaths. He looks up as the queen flies up after wherries, his own muscles tightening beneath as he prepares to go after her. Then she returns and he relaxes only to see her bound to the sky. It takes him a moment to realize that this time it is for real and he is then launching into the air after her. Ok, this is his second flight, he still has a lot to learn.

"Back off, boy. Yer dragon ain't got lucky yet." L'ton pipes up from the couch where he's still sprawled out, the bottle of alcohol resting lightly on his stomach, as he's glaring at the pair of overly greedy and protective bronzeriders. "Ya ta, Ram. Ya should know by now.." Thankfully, its just his accent so far - he's not yet slurring words, and it seems that after the first gulp, the alcohol has gone untouched. As Senkyou is creeping closer, he's tilting his head to look back at her, arching an eyebrow to give her a questioning look. "/Yes/, Senkyou?" He finally asks, the tone of his voice betraying the fact that he's actually far away with Dhonzayth and only asking out of habit.

Dhonzayth> Arinith follows Ella with his eyes as she moves on to… wherries? The bronze is looking even more confused now. He just sticks to the two beasties in front of them, taking a long drink from one, then the other. Rinse and repeat. Then finally he spots Ella's glowing hide rising from the… feathers. Arinith is not really in the mood to be wasting time, but with so many other bigger bronzes about he waits until he can get a clear shot before springing into the air himself. His wings unfurl and he pushes down at the air beneath them hard in order to get airborn. Up he goes, the rest of his limbs tucking in against his body and his tail wriggling about below him, like a snake with wings. He's content to stay at the back of the pack, for now. Until that on good thermal could give him the lift he needed to wriggle past. There's a bit of a trumpet towards Ella. He was back here!

N'kor slaps a hand over his face and lets his fingers drag down his face, pulling his eyelids, nose, and cheeks downward in a comical grimace. Nasrinth was serious this time. It wasn't a joke. Groaning a bit from underneath his hand as it flops back to his side, he was feeling the heat grow. His cheeks were a bit flushed. He looked miserably uncomfortable in a matter of seconds. About the same time that his dragon outside had taken flight, his jacket went flying across the weyr toward the entrance - hopefully not pelting anyone because he really was aiming for the coat rack. Aiming being the key word as the coat ended up in a great heap some where near it. This is when he sees the shy smile from Ysa and the grimace from R'miel. In return, he offers a cool sneer like smile back at R'miel and a little more of a toothy grin to Ysa.

With the last of the stragglers, Ly'am finally does arrive. No doubt the youngest in the room and he looks it too despite his recent growth spurt, there is still the air of youth about him. He runs into the room wide eyed and looks around and stops dead still. Oh this is a few more people than the last flight he was a part of. His gaze shift to Senkyou briefly, his emerald gaze narrowing on her for a moment before shaking his head confused. Nope not right and it is to Ysa his gaze finally goes as he notes most of the male's attnetions are on the woman. He just remains standing there like a dumbstruck wherry.

Or'un is one of the last to enter the weyr, the bronzer frowning a bit as the others start to crowd around Ysa. He chooses a dark corner in which to lean against the wall, his flask still out but not pressed against his lips. He's watching for now, and listening mostly, regressing into his more natural state of silence as the flight progresses. He does pass a glare to all the suitors, his eyes especially lingering on R'miel as he shields his weyrmate. A low growl is issued but nothing more.

R'miel grunts at L'ton. "I'll back off as soon as he pipes down." The bronzer moves back over to the bar once N'kor stops looking like might eat Ysa given the chance. He pokes his shotglass around before refilling and then draining it. Things were starting to get nice and hazy in his own mind, but were still clear and crisp on Arin's side. There wasn't any reason for him to stare at his weyrmate. He knew what she looked like.

Senkyou is clearly not in her right mind, with Dulacth high up trying to court Ella Senk is now trying to cuddle up to L'ton. "I'm sorry." He may never hear her say that ever again, and even after saying it she glares at him. "I didn't mean to hit you." Lies! In another quick change of mood she moves to smack his arm. "Yu ain't gotta be so mean to me!" Looking down at her weight gain she moves to lay her head in his lap, looking up at him.

Dhonzayth> Ellamariseth soars high on up on a thermal, giving the time of day. She'll only pick the best time for her flights, after all, though she did try to make it as difficult as possible for the chasing males. She gives another challenging roar at them, ducking her head a bit to get a glance at the pack of lustful bronzes and those few daring browns. Her wings give a few powerful beats before she takes off and up through a cloud, slicing her way through it and immediately twisting back around towards the weyr, hoping to lose sight of some of the chasers in her quick turn about. Her wings are kept close to her body, maneuvering as quickly as a large dragon her size can. She falls into silence to try and hide from the bronze, but manages another peek to see just how they managed.

N'kor found himself chuckling at R'miel, with the rumbling sounding more made of mockery than humour. It wasn't as if he wanted to start a scuffle over Ysa (even if she did look like the most beautiful thing to him at that point) but he couldn't help to amuse himself with her weyrmate's possessiveness. And of course, he wanted to look because Ysa was still very much a mystery to him - he hadn't seen her yet and therefore hadn't forgotten to appreciate her natural allure. Thoughts move in such a rapidly paced rollercoaster of emotion, so he goes to reach for his flask - just remembering then he never got it back from Senkyou. "Oi! Senkyou! You've my flask. Done with it?" He approaches the brownrider and the man on the couch, holding out his hand expectantly at Senkyou.

Ysa starts her pacing, as she couldn't really run clear across the weyr away from the bronzeriders. But she keeps her distance, shooting them glances every now and then and turning her lip up at them. She was tugging at her shirt, shaking at the collar as if hoping to cool down in that manner. Yet the goldrider had to drink more, and she was starting to get unsatisfied with the flask in her hand. Licking her lips, she shoots Or'un a few glances now, and then N'kor at the mention of his flask, and finally at R'miel who was still fixing himself drinks. Ysa is never too happy at all the bronzeriders stealing her liquor by the next morning.

A child amoung men, poor Ly'am. Why does his dragon feel the need to chase right this moment. Well he finally gets his bearings and backs up and right into Or'un. He quickly turns around, eyes widened even further at the sight of his Weyrleader here. "You again?" He asks with an edge to his voice and he just backs away from him as well and looks around the weyr for a place to hide and well the exit looks mighty tempting until he feels the great surge from his lifemate and he nearly stumbles to his knees, grabbing into the nearest rider to steady him whoever that might be.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth takes a few moments to find the rising thermals around Xanadu, sliding from one to the next, letting each buoy him upwards, nature aiding him in his quest. Only after she's sliding from the thermal and into the clouds does Dhonzayth fall back onto his own strength, sweeping to become yet another brassy cloud in the sky. As she suddenly turns back, he finds himself overshooting, and is suddenly forced to loop back upon himself to once more headed the same direction. As he notices her peeking, the Istan bronze is crooning after her. (Come back and play!) He calls, trying to force his body to mimic each of her quick maneuvers, even if he has varying amounts of success in doing so.

Dhonzayth> Dulacth follows behind her trying to take advantage of his small size and the speed that comes with being a meduim sized brown, daring of course he is. A fine lady deserves the best, following and her and matching every turn he uses much of his strength to stay out front, he starts to lose ground though is just leaves him in the middle of the pack. A spot of cold hair leaves him plummeting quickly downwards, faling and then he starts to make up for it. Now he is making up for his lost speed and height, mustn't get behind.

Dhonzayth> Odryth draws his wings hard against the air, fighting to catch up what time he lost in his hesitation. He slips into a thermal unexpectantly which makes him faulter at first till he settles himself into the stream of air, letting it lift him toward the golden prize. Really air don't get this warm high reaches way, it takes some getting used to. He really is working hard to try to gain some ground and faulters again as she disapears through a cloud, though the faultering serves him this time as she comes diving back toward the weyr, his own wings tucking to him to try and catch him. Oh the stamina of the bronzes and nearly the manueverability of the browns…will it serve to outdo his inexperience?

L'ton suddenly has a Senkyou making herself comfortable on him, and despite her apology, he's narrowing his gaze a bit. "Shards, Senkyou. Ya hit me, now ya want meh? Dun work that way.." And then he's shifting to get up off the couch, the liquor bottle returned to the bar with a thud - not another drop consumed from it, and then the Istan is pacing as well. Yet, even as he may pass Ysa now and again, he's doing everything in his power to look anywhere but at her. Shards, one of the few women he shouldn't touch, and she's right there… Dhonzayth, however, has no such sentiments when it comes to pursuing Ellamariseth, leaving L'ton with no real choice but to run. But, what's the fun in that?

Dhonzayth> Aslianth is fast on the heels of Ellamariseth, the bronze desperately tying to overtake the others and the queen. He beats his wings as quickly as he can muster, growling like his lifemate back on the ground to those that are pursuing the glowing wonder. When the gold breaks through the clouds and vanishes he snarls, annoyed by the change in plans before veering away from the pack. He's planning on moving around the cloud and hopefully surprising the gold out of her hiding spot, wherever that may be. Once he moves past the cloud where Ella is hiding he sets to bugling at the top of his lungs, ready to chase her out of anywhere else she may try to seek refuge.

Dhonzayth> Nasrinth demands of himself more than he demands of the air. Precision was essential to keep up or else he'd fall behind in her shadow, which at this point was not what he desired. Once or twice he nearly lost a boost from an undercurrent, or caught the tail end of an upburst that could've rocketed him off course. Each of those times he snapped his teeth in the cooler air, gnashing a vision of a foe to shreds. Fortunately, these minor mistakes slowed him down in a good way, providing him with a chance to see Ellamariseth's turn about before his bronze-gold hide was consumed in the mist of clouds. Sensing her direction by mere dragonic instict, he cut his wingsails down and to the left, arching him above another who had gone astray and long off course, while positioning Nasrinth where he needed to be - charging with his thundering voice on her rear left side once again (previously on the same side in the feeding grounds). He was there, tracking the skies with her, becoming her entourage as she paraded her queenly visage to the Weyr below.

Dhonzayth> Arinith manages to catch the tail end of that thermal Ella was surfing on. It gives him a nice boost, though not enough lift to make his way to the front of the pack. He's still lingering at the back. When Ella changes directions suddenly though, this puts him at the advantage, as he can feel her slide right past him. He zips off after her, his slender body folding in half as he turns himself about. He gets perhaps dangerously close to her writhing tail as the distance between them closes. Her glowing golden-orange skin was so close! At least that's what he thinks. But he loses sight of her in the thick clouds. Where had she gotten off to now?

Or'un isn't going to follow the pacing trend, not yet anyways. He's content with sticking in the shadows, his half empty flask gripped tightly in his hands. When Ysa glances his way he stares, trying to lock gaze with the Junior. When she looks off to the next booze bearer he realizes why she was eyeing him and starts to move forward, ready to offer the rest of his stock. That is, until Ly'am backs up into him. He hisses under his breath, ready to hit his fellow Reachian if he doesn't retreat. Thankfully Ly'am does, but then he's going down and grabbing onto him. Without a word he helps him up, quickly shoving the youngest bronzer off when he's gotten up to his feet, his eyes full of loathing.

Senkyou puffs up unhappily as L'ton leaves her, taking the flask she takes a long swallow and starts to sniffle. Her face hardens again, he is /not/ going to make her cry. But more tears in her eyes, hand going to her stomach as she splays herself out once again. Taking up most of the sofa. With another abrupt change she stands, walking over to the table and throwing herself in a chair, handing N'kor the flask as she goes though her eyes are locked on the man. "Never going to even see this kid." She mutters, standing and pacing a little and then back on the couch.

R'miel glares at N'kor. "You're at my weyr, and in my home. Learn some self control, boy." Ysa still had a shotglass full of liquor for her waiting on the counter. And it seems as though most people had brought their own this time around. Only R'miel and L'ton were drinking Ysa's stash, thankfully. So the bronzer hopefully wouldn't get an earful tomorrow morning after this whole ordeal was over. R'miel meanwhile is busying himself by spinning the shotglass round and round on its side.

Dhonzayth> Ellamariseth dives in and out of the clouds, warbling in her advantage of losing some of the bronzes and yet allowing others to gain the lead instead. Her speckled sails are trapped between the warm heat rising from the cliffs below and the cool clouds just above her, barely beating to sustain her flight now. Her tail whips back as Arinith gets too close, a low rumbling echoing like thunder as the male entered her space and forcing her to suddenly take off again! Her big bulk was starting to tire out of its twisting, unable to keep up that pace, but that doesn't stop her from going back up! And its up and up she goes, where her panting starts to strain at the thinner air and she has to straighten her flight once again, keeping the clouds under her this time.

Ly'am looks up to Or'um as his arm is grabbed, and once stable on his feet again tries to jerk his arm from the older man's grasp even as he is being shoved asside. There is anger mirrored in the younger man's gaze as he stumbles back against the wall. "You ain't gonna win this one old man." He hisses under his breath as he tries to straighten up and make himself look a bit bigger, puffing out his chest a bit and shoulders back. A kid trying to act like a grown up. He looks around the room at his competitors with anger in his eyes. All these men just treating him like a kid, he will show them. Him and Odryth are rider and Dragon and the best onhes around. With that in mind he is pacing straight towards Ysa.

N'kor pivots as he hears a very disgruntled voice acknowledging him, his eyes sharp as they find R'miel calling him a boy. "I'm hardly a boy," he regards R'miel with a level stare, "Lay off with the condescension," he remarks with a hand shoving into his pocket, half glancing back at Senkyou as if still waiting for his flask back. Then back to R'miel, "If you can't handle competition, don't be a weyrmate to such a beautiful woman." He rounds on Senkyou again, hand still held out, waiting.

Dhonzayth> Odryth bugles his triumph as he nears the queen, oh he will win this one he is sure. As Arinith gets close to her he gives a roar of anger and wings over to 'shoulder' him out of the way. Oh what a fiesty one this one is becoming in the sky. It is in that moment of distraction she rises again and he frantically beats against the air to catch up to her once again. No strain in him yet, smaller and younger, maybe that will win the race today. He buggles to her «My wings are ready to take you my queen!» He declares to Ellamariseth!

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth snarls at Arinith as the bronze causes Ellamariseth to suddenly shoot off quickly again, lashing his tail at the Xanadu bronze. However, its a young bronze from Western that receives the most of Dhonzayth's fury, as brassy brocade body is suddenly lashing at him, snapping his muzzle and forcing the younger male downwards. However, it seems that as Dhonzayth was asserting his dominance, the gold instead began to shoot upwards, and Dhonzayth is quickly laboring to make up lost ground - there are no thermals here to help him. Finally, finally he breaks free from the clouds, continuing to pursue Ellamariseth - using the winds that flow this way and that through the atmosphere whenever he can - and then he's bobbing along like an awkward cloud, refusing to be deterred by the glowing light of Ella, nor the dry, sand dune hues of her hide. He's just a little brassy cloud, chasing behind the Ella-bee.

Ysa was aiming for Or'un, eyes lighting up as he was offering her the flask, but it's Ly'am that makes her flinch back and hiss lowly. As those two try to avoid a scuffle, she darts away back to the bar, whining low in her parched throat. By now her eyes have caught sight of the full shot glass, and she reaches for that, downing it as if it were some life-saving water, gasping as it burns its way down. But she was too lost to her queen to offer thanks, gripping at that shot glass and glaring at the males. Senkyou's movements make her reel that way with a fierce growl at the moving brownrider, her own shotglass pulled back as if she were going to use it as a weapong this time. But N'kor's voice makes her hesitate, and she turns to him at his compliment, obviously a bit aware of herself, as that seems to sate her.

Dhonzayth> Dulacth has made up, quick bursts of speed are rapidly draining his energy but he still remains in the middle of the pack. His eyes are locked on this pretty gold lady, making each quick turn and crooning his heart out to this sweet maiden. Up, up, up he goes following her every move and adding a twist of his own, the catch is not worth it at all if after all he does not do it in proper style. The brown does not go as high as she is though, staying just below and keeping pace as best he can.

"Take it outside.." L'ton growls, the most senior of the bronzeriders present. "Fights go outside." He glares at each in turn, whether it be Weyrleader, foreign rider, or even the angry brownrider who seems out for his head. His pacing is paused, and the Istan is straightening, leveling a surprisingly steady look. After a moment, it seems that he feels his message has had time to properly soak in, he's moving around the bar, reaching for Ysa's hand, and the shot glass in it, despite the fact that it is momentarily still. "Ysa.." He murmurs softly. "Yer ta pretty ta get all angry.." He murmurs softly, as his gaze finally connects with her. Shoot, there goes all his resistance.

Dhonzayth> Arinith hears a rumble! That was enough to give away Ella's position, and she was quite close. He's about to rush off after her when he gets a thump from Dhon's tail in the side, he's thrown off kilter, and for a second looks like he might plummet groundwards. But he's able to retain his balance somewhat, though it puts him at the back of the pack again and struggling to catch up. His wings pump as hard as he can manage in the thin air as he follows the pack as they make for clear sky. There's a low rumble of frustration as Arinith tries to work his way closer to her.

Dhonzayth> Nasrinth can't see her half the time she dives in and out as the mists conceal her and then reveal her. He's always tracking her, like a bloodhound a criminal, he follows the way she touches the clouds and leaves them roiling in her way, and then goes after her shadow as it dances above him and then below him. Unfortunately he takes a light chafting from another dragon - unknown who it was - which leaves him struggling to keep hold of the trail that the other bronzes and browns ruin in their passing. Finally, seeing the general direction heading up, he does as well. Forepaws slash in the air as he climbs, kicking out behind him as he tries to propel his mass upwards as fast as a green, knowing though at the top his bomber like body would stall. Unable to reach the apex of the climb Ellamariseth had just taken, he resorts to cranning his head high as she flies above, her underbelly exposed as the rest of her suitors flutter of flurry around her in all directions. Huffing hot hair that sends the tips of the clouds curling away, there is that determination once more to get closer, ascending at a more plausible rate for a bronze.

Dhonzayth> Aslianth lets out a thunderous roar as Arinith sends Ellamariseth fleeing from her spot, the bronze whipping his tail out towards the other bronze as he makes after the queen. He doesn't rise all the way up after her, choosing to hold back a bit and watch where she goes next. Yes, it's a tricky move but at least he'll conserve what energy he has left. When the queen steadies in her flight yet again he charges towards her, snapping at any that get too close to him. He shoots up a bit, trying to gain a height advantage as he follows in the gold's wake. He is hoping the clearer view will give him the edge he needs when Ella's strength finally leaves her.

R'miel just glares at N'kor, not moving from his position at the bar. He's momentarily distracted by the bit of scuffle between the two Reaches bronzers. Now it was L'ton who was getting the glare. "You haven't won yet either, Ton." This flight was bad and getting worse. Pretty soon they were all going to revert to fighting over the one woman in the room, caveman style.

N'kor fancies he didn't hear L'ton (even if his words weren't directed at him), instead he did see that look on Ysa's face for when he commented upon her appearance. He would mouth to her, hoping her to see: "It's true." A wink would follow if she does catch this before L'ton gets in the way and tries to smooze her with booze and praise. In any case, with his flask retreived from Senkyou, he settles beside her on the recently vacated couch. He takes another swig from it, hunching forward over his legs with his elbows on his knees - panting very hard as if he had been running some endurance race.

Dhonzayth> Ellamariseth is momentarily distracted by the fury of bronze-on-bronze even as she reaches the highest point of dragonflight. In the thin air she lets loose a displeased roar back down, her eyes whirling fast and then slowly as the lack of air forces her back down. Her whole body shudders before she's blinking furiously, trying to focus on what's in front of her. Behind her. In front. She sinks into a cloud, letting its cool mist to bring her back into clear consciousness. But she was still reeling, her wings unstable as she wobbles in the cumulous embrace. The big billowy cloud hiding her, yet… yet her glowing body is still visible to those closing bronzes, and her body was failing, falling back, unable to keep itself afloat alone and tumbling back to look for her savior.

Or'un uses all of his self restraint to keep from sending a fist flying towards Ly'am's head, the bronzer furious that the altercation sent Ysa fleeing. And the comment about him being old wasn't very nice either! When L'ton sets to growling he all but glares the man to death, grinding his teeth together and sending his own deep growl back. "Save your breath, she knows how pretty she is." He says darkly to L'ton, seemingly sizing up the man in the process. R'miel only earns a snort as he sulks back into the shadows to concentrate on the flight itself. No need to start banging his chest with his fists yet.

Ly'am blinks as the queen hisses at him…no her rider. His narrowed gaze shifting to the men around her, glares sent to his Weyrleader, to N'kor and to R'miel. They are in his way, if only they weren't here his Queen would see him. Notice him. He continues his path toward Ysa, seeming quite ready to shoulder N'kor out of the way to get past him, as well as his Weyrleader. As L'ton moves around them and takes 'hold' of his prize he hisses under his breath to reach out for the woman. So he is a litle off his head thanks to Odryth. "Yours Ain't won yet Istan…" He hisses. If only he knew this was the rider his family is having 'issue' with at the moment!

Dhonzayth> Dulacth gives on last flap and using what might be the final bit of his strength he dives under her, with the gold sinking he is in a good position to catch. Moving upward he croons and warbles to her, as if calling her to him. Moving up so that he can support her, wings thrown out to there full length and body pushed upward, he attempts to twine tails with her. For better of for worse, he gave it his all.

Everyone? Fighting over /her/? Ysa, if she weren't lost to the flight mostly and still flushed out of proddiness, would be pleased. So pleased she'd encourage the fighting and place her own bets. Either way, her distraction gets Ton to take the shot glass from her hand, though she's suddenly panting really heavily, as if unable to breath. Her freed hands clutch at her throat before she backs up and away from them towards the main couch, gasping. Breathing freely, her eyes dart around in a panic. Unfortunately, all compliments are lost to her, she was looking for her escape now!

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth doesn't seem to care that there's a displeased roar coming from above - Dhonzayth has endured her temper once in the pens, and he'll endure it again in the sky. After all, there is truly no victory without taking risks, and Dhonzayth can be as stubborn as they come. As Ellamariseth is suddenly reeling and sinking, Dhonzayth is dropping after her quickly, the battle with the other males forgotten as once again his eyes are only for the exotic desert beauty who is swaying in the clouds much like the motion of the dunes, shaped by the strong desert winds. Despite the obscuring clouds, he spots her amidst the clouds, and the brassy Istan is dropping to try and envelope her, much like a cloud himself, to buoy her upwards and keep her afloat to enjoy the Xanadu heavens.

Senkyou has started to pant as well, totally exhausted, back on the couch she almost looks like she is asleep her breathing shallow and eyes locked on a fixed point on the ceiling. Teeth gritted she has her entire body tensed, glancing at Ysa and using all her self control to stay on the couch and stay away from the goldrider. Without her alcohol, or well N'kors alcohol she looks truely lost. Digging her finger nails into the fabric of the loveseat her eyes are narrowed on L'ton, for better or worse she has a target.

Dhonzayth> Nasrinth never managed to reach the height she was at, which meant that as she started to descend it was much easier for him to fly under the radar, as it were. Within a matter of moments, his wings were skimming through cloud cover, his beats becoming steady as he gauged the condition of the queen being pursued by such nasty villians. He had gone through a challenge and was even clipped mid-air, but he continued with a determination that was loyal to her cause. He was to be there, the knight who would rescue his queen, perhaps even love his queen before bringing her back to her castle. At least, he tried to show his valiant effort, disappearing into the clouds as he positioned himself as she descended closer and closer and closer to those very clouds. Rolling unseen in the air beneath her, in one burst of speed that was summoned with a roaring of desire, his form broke through the veiled mist of clouds. He was upside down but angled so that he was flying with her, angled only to ensnare her and take her back into the mist to keep her away from the hoard chasing her. There was a hope that she'd come willingly into his open wings before the others had made her decision for her.

L'ton seems to ignore the feedback from the other males - and once the shot glass is out of Ysa's hand and in his own, he's not even moving to follow her. Instead, the glass is tipped upside down on the counter with a loud clink, and he's leaning to rest his elbows on it, staring off in the direction she went, though actually at a spot on the wall. Cannot want the goldrider.

Dhonzayth> Arinith can hear Ella's disgruntled roar even as behind as he was. He can see her falter through the pack, and gives off an alarmed trumpet. There was no more time left, the last petal of the rose was fluttering to the ground, now. As she decends into the mists, he fights for a spot right up close to her, trying to snake his way in rather than push one of the bigger bronzes. He couldn't take another thump to the side, not at this critical moment, so he doesn't want to bump anyone even accidentally. But he's not about to be pushes aside either. He was the one destined to be her knight in bronzed armor! His wings fold in, and he makes himself arrow-like, looking to pierce the shield of dragons surrounding her and make it straight through to the heart of gold.

N'kor, still hunched over his knees, was trying to catch his breath. His dragon had driven so furious passions into his being that he forgot about his drink and concentrated on breathing. His heart was loud in his ears, and as if he sensed how close Ysa was, how close Nasrinth was to Ellamariseth, he looked up. His forehead was soaked with sweat, but those eyes of his blazed underneath the scruffy red mop, blazed daringly toward Ysa, his own hand reaching out for her in time with his dragon's attempt.

Dhonzayth> Odryth gives a bellow as the older bronzs try to outfly him, but then he is focused on the prize. He will win this for himself, for his lifemate. Prove them all wrong. He is old enough, manly enough. He may be smaller but that just gives him more agility…but is it enough. As she comes tumbling down from the clouds, losing control he bugles loudly to her. He will come to her rescue and a sudden burst of speed sets him into the group with the others. Wingstips brushing all the others that would take this prize from him as claws reach out, wings slant forward. Will he get to her before the others do, will he show them that youth will win this day! He gives one last surge to try to outdistance himself and only the next few moments will tell if that is enough.

R'miel simply stays at the bar, griping it's edge and faltering a bit. His breathing has increased, and now that Ysa has separated herself from the herd of bronzers he was free to ignore everyone else in the room. That doesn't mean he won't go barreling over the counter and flop onto the couch if he wins, though.

Dhonzayth> Aslianth continues to fly on, watching and waiting from his slightly higher airspace. He hasn't been in the oxygen depleted sky for as long as the queen so he's not near fainting just yet, though he is starting to pant a bit. Thankfully Ellamariseth can only hang on for so long, and as she plummets back to the oxygen rich space he follows, tucking his huge wings tightly against his frame as he rockets down after her. When the glowing gold sets to taking cover inside a cloud he rumbles to her, angered by her insistence at hiding from him. Yes him and only him. Why? Because to this bronze the competition doesn't even exist anymore, his attention is focused solely on the prized queen now that she can no longer run away. So when she finally slips into a state of utter exhaustion he's ready, the bronze moving to try and snatch her away from the safety of anymore clouds and especially the claws of any other suitor.

Or'un stirs from his corner, the man startled by Ysa's gasping and flopping. He takes a few steps towards her, moving out from the darkness before reconsidering. She was fine now after all, no need to freak the goldrider out anymore than she was already by getting too close. So he just stands there, hands flexing a bit into fists as he closes his eyes and becomes consumed by his lifemates emotions. He clumsily reaches for the flask which he stowed away yet again but finds it to be empty, throwing it aside angrily as he just sulks.

As the goldrider starts to freak out, Ly'am stills his actions toward the woman, eyes unfocused as Odryth makes for his final attempt. Ly'am reaches out his hand even as Odryth extends towards the gold, breath caught in his own chest. His prize? Will it be his? Could he possibly win in this face when some of these men are nearly old enough to be his father. Ok…if they started young. His body just remains tense, as much on the precipace as his dragon is.

Dhonzayth> Ellamariseth was sinking… sinking… Her wings were kept open only by her desire to stick it through to the end, and in the cooling mist of the cloud she will find her conclusion! The gold takes a tumble at a gust, grazed by one dragon overshooting her and nearly knocked away by another of the larger beasts, and its only with a desperate creel that the gold finds her body colliding with her bronzen savior, her legs clinging to every part of him as her neck and tail willing entwine with Arinith, allowing him and only him to lead her down to solid ground.

Dhonzayth> Nasrinth misses… or something happened. Miscalculation or something! The beast fails and the queen goes to her king. In the end, a knight just didn't have what it took when matched against a king. Descending rapidly, the bronze leaves them to have at it.

Dhonzayth> Aslianth is making his way towards the gold but then she's being snatched up by Arinith. With a finally roar the bronze descends to the ground, leaving the entwined dragons to their peace.

N'kor flails as he slumps forward, shaking himself as Nasrinth doesn't get there, he quickly gets his jacket and his things… looking back with a shrug before he disappears.

R'miel is over the bar, knocking over the bottle of whiskey on the way. He flops over onto the couch and intends to break it in with Ysa properly.

Dhonzayth> Dulacth just isn't what he wanted, oh well back to his true lady. Senkers needs protecting.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth is sinking! And its without Ella! A dismayed croon, and Dhonzayth falls past the bronze he'd lashed earlier, to spiral down to the ground.

Or'un growls along with his dragon, eyeing the winning rider as he's left with his prize. Not again! Without another word he heads out, ready to go back home and to his own girlfriend.

Senkyou just lays on the couch, whatever they do she doesn't care. Looking around she sighs, pushing off the couch she lays right back down. They may just have to evict her.

Dhonzayth> Arinith sneaks in to twine his neck around Ella's. He grabs hold of her, steadying her weight against his and eases them both to the ground.

Ly'am's hand reaches toward Ysa but falls to his side as Odryth misses. He stands there a moment stunned by the loss, before looking around at the riders suddenly turning bright red, especially at the flag pole of anticipation in the making. Oh boys and their hormones. Upon noticing THAT, Ly'am quickly turns and runs out the weyr…cold lake? Shower? Cute girl? Who knows where he goes from here.

L'ton clenches an empty fist as Dhonzayth misses that dratted gold yet again, tipping the shot glass over, and hesitating long enough to take one shot for the road. Then without looking at Ysa, its out the door.

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