Random Log: The Aftermath of Kilaueth's Flight

Xanadu Weyr - Ysa and R'miel's Weyr(#12011RAJ)
This weyr is large, as its occupants happen to be two of the larger dragon types. The first large room fits several dragons with extra space for them to move. There is a couch where they can both rest comfortably. One side of it is covered in a thick red quilt, burgundy and violet pillows scattered around for added comfort and style and the other half is covered in a midnight blue blanket. Also arranged along it is a small blanketed padded section for when a rider cares to join the dragons.
The living area has been divided into four main sections. The front left is the dining area with a rectangular table carved of the finest wood and six matching chairs. The table is lined in a deep purple table cloth and a centerpiece fixture adorned with candles, with only three or four place settings. The front right is the sitting area with lush tan carpet. Here is a set of comfortable matching maroon couch and loveseat that form an L-shape against an island and wall. Also there are bookshelves mostly littered with papers and several end tables. The area's smooth black center table doubles as a storage chest filled with trinkets and children's toys.
The back sections are an almost fully functional kitchen and a makeshift bedroom. The former was a big investment with working stove, oven, ice box, and various everyday necessities. A smooth granite topped island, which has been turned into a bar, separates the kitchen from sitting area. Mixing tools line the top while the inside is hollowed out: a cooling area for beers, a wine rack, and more shelving for finer liquors. The latter section is carpeted as well with a bedding cot, a trunk, and a desk.
Between the dining area and the small bedroom is the door into the bedroom. A large, always-made bed takes up most of the room, lifted up to allow for extra storage space under its skirt. It is flanked by two small nightstands, each with a few drawers for personal items. Against the left wall there is a dragon carved crib, a changing table, and a dresser for baby items. Against the wall with the entrance are two dressers, a tall one and one fitted with a mirror over it. To the far right is

Kilaueth flew! If anything, Ysa was thrilled to have a less-angry Weyrwoman around the Weyr once again. What with the news of the coast having the junior on edge all over again. At least this time she hadn't been sick. When Ellamariseth was given the okay to rush back home, she was urged on by the goldrider who was pacing around. After hearing that Hesketh had once again claimed the Senior, the goldrider was only that much more anxious in getting back to their quiet weyr. So as Ellamariseth drops down just outside the weyr, Ysa doesn't waste time getting off and striding it, undoing her flight gear so that she can toss it onto the couch, even as she calling out a cheerful "Ram!"

R'miel was just getting done with his flight experience, too! Like… just just. Ysa will hear some familiar… grunting on entrance into her own weyr. Which could only mean one of two things. When the bronzer stops to think about what he's done there will probably be some… shock. But right right he's letting Rennu and Leona be the subjects of his affections. And he's finishing up just as Ysa comes in. So much that he doesn't even hear her.

Neferennu has temporarily passed out from said affections, or just sheer emotion. Either way, she is clearly visible even if spread out and not conciousness enough to even know what just happened. So of course, Ysa returning isn't heard and so she doesn't care to do anything but just lay there in her birthday suit.

Leona doesn't notice much of anything beyond R'miel and Rennu for the time being, if she did she'd be a touch concerned about where she dropped that clipboard. She had it when she came in, but it's gone now… She actually seems *content*, for a moment. "Mm, Karell…" she murmurs, then starts, eyes flying wide open. "You, you're not Karell!" she accuses R'miel, as if it's all his fault for not being someone completely different. Give it a moment, she'll remember soon enough. Too soon, perhaps. Luckily for her she hasn't noticed anyone else, just yet… Boy, she'll freak out when she does.

Familiar grunting, indeed. Instead of jumping to immediate conclusions as Ysa might have if she really looked around, she just curses under her breath and grumbles as she starts crossing the room towards the bedroom. "Starting without— RAM!" Well, at least she got something out, even if the shriek barely sounded anything like the bronzer's name. She stands in the doorway, having good view of the bed (and its occupants), with her eyes wide and mouth agape. It's only Leona's shout that snaps her back, straight into a seething possessive goldrider. "YA TRAMPS! Get out! /OUT/. OF. MY. WEYR!" She rushes forward, aiming to grab anything… well, empty baby bottles, half-filled oil bottles. Yes, those are going to be hurled at everyone and anyone in the vicinity of the bed.

R'miel groans a bit and rolls over when Leona addresses him. "Mrrph… what are you on about, Ys? Holy Farath! You're not Ysa!" Then he looks over and sees /another/ nekid woman in his bed. "R-Rennu!? Oh j-" And that's about the time when Ysa comes in. The bronzer just stares at her like a deer in headlights. There's a slight nervous squeak out of the bronzer and he sits up mighty quick, and gets conked in the head by an oil bottle. Which seems to to bring him to. He scrambles up to put on a pair of boxers. "Y-ysa! This… isn't what it looks like! Well, it is, but it's not on purpose! Niva's flight and Kilaueth and… Oh shards… I haven't been to a flight in so long…"

It is Ysa's shrieking that brings Neferennu back to conciousness, but only enough to make her realize she is uncomfortable and rolls over. Except she rolls the wrong way and rolls right off onto the floor. That is what wakes her up. "Shells, I thought you said you wouldn't do anything M'gan.." As she sits up though, her eyes go wide as she recognizes Ysa, R'miel, and…that brownrider from Ista! "Farnath's shells! What in the?!" Then she turns a bright red as she realizes what just happened, though what exactly isn't known. The look in her eyes is a mixture of anger and embarassment. Quickly to her feet, clothes are gathered up in her arms, though she's shaking so bad putting them on right now would be a feat in itself. From there though, she doesn't move, either waiting to start yelling or just plain scared of Ysa.

Leona notices Neferennu, who is still unconscious at this point, and swears under her breath, glaring at R'miel. It's all his fault, surely? The brownrider spots Ysa finally, hard to miss with all the shouting and throwing of things, and stares, jaw agape. It takes her a moment, but she scoots off of the bed, trying to stay out of Ysa's range, if at all possible. She glances back at R'miel, looking him up and down. They had introduced each other, but not entirely… "Bronzerider, right?" she guesses, making a mental note to apologise to Niva at some point. "And, weyrmate?" she asks of Ysa, while dodging projectiles sent in her direction, or trying to. At least one of them is bound to hit… And then she remembers why she was in such a mood and swears again. "Look," she tries to appeal to Ysa, "I, I had no idea what was happening, Lakareth, flight, loss…" she says in a rush. "/He/" meaning R'miel, "brought me— us here." she nods to Neferennu. She doesn't particularly make an effort to reach out to Neferennu, calm her down, or anything. For two reasons: It might make things worse. And she doesn't want to. She has a daughter a little older than Neferennu, it's just weird. And she's never been much good at relating to younger people.

Ysa's seething glare lands on Neferennu as the young girl gets up, and the goldrider can actually identify her. "Ya! I thought better of someone like ya! Get your sharding bony ass out of my weyr!" Yup, she's aiming even at the teen. And pelting things as hard as she can. It's only a miracle she didn't have her knife attached at her hip, having taken that off earlier, though she was edging towards her nightstand as long as the girls were getting out of her way. "Don't give me that horse crap, Ram! Flights are just another shellin' excuse for people to lie, cheat, and steal!" Stealing weyrmates, that is. Leona's calming voice gets a glare, and she makes sure to throw one of Lyram's heavier toys that way. No plushies involved. "OUT! /ALL/ of you!" Raging murderous goldrider on the loose, who leaps to her nightstand to pull out a sheathed pocket knife. As if the bottles didn't work.

R'miel is just blinking and scrambling to get dressed. At least sort of dressed. He doesn't assume Ysa is talking to him, but figures he ought to get dressed anyways. He's pelted over and over with all sorts of… crap that Ysa can find around the weyr. Baby toys, baby things, bottles, whatever. He blinks at Leona and just nods. What else could he say? "Er… Uh. Goodbye ladies." Yes. Usher them out! Then Ysa's pulling a knife on them and Ram raises his hands defensively. "Ysa! R-relax love… Don't do anything rash… they're leaving, see?"

Neferennu opens her mouth to say something, then snorts and just stalks out of the weyr. Maybe there will be a time to make up with Ysa later, but today is not the day. So having regained her strength enough to walk, she makes it past Ysa though not in a rush. Clothes will be put on after she is out of Ysa's throwing range.

Leona gets clocked on the head with a solid toy, and just about passes out. Lucky shot. Or not, depending on your point of view. She looks at Ysa, opens her mouth, then closes it again and shakes her head. She sets about gathering up her clothes with as much dignity as she can nakedly muster, which isn't much. But *she* never stole anything from anyone. "You're not Weyrbred, are you?" she guesses of Ysa, though that's no guarantee of anything. She and her brother are both weyrbred, both complete opposites. The pocket knife is noted, and she frowns, one hand clutching her clothes, the other clutching her head. "I'm going, I'm going… Dragons will chase, you know. You can't always be there to catch." are her last words before pulling the dress on at least. The rest can wait until there isn't a knife around, sheathed or otherwise. She heads for the door, but she's a bit woozy after that hit.

Ysa doesn't even manage to look smug as she hurts Leona in some way. But not enough. "Don't go assuming /anything/ 'bout me, rider," she growls out at her, about to wave the knife her way. Thankfully Rennu was well out of reach by now, and out of mind… for now. Instead, she swings the point towards Ram and winces a moment before she sets her jaw at him, clenching her teeth tightly. Eventually she manages a, "Ya stay where ya are before ya get something cut off now, instead of later." She keeps her distance from Leona, kicking out a boot that might or might not be hers, hoping it still hits the other woman. "Catching is a whole other subject," Ysa seethes at the brownrider. "Settling it with another's weyrmate is something else. Now. OUT." Her voice was less screaming, and more tense anger as she stands there shaking.

R'miel stands there, watching Rennu hurry out first. He hugs himself and shakes a bit, still with that wide-eyed look. Of course the two of them both were weyrbred. Not that that was any excuse. He watches Leona work her way towards the door and then turn to… see a knife pointed at him. Hooray! He squeaks a bit and shakes even more now. "Y-yes love…" Not that he could will his legs to function right now anyways.

Leona just shakes her head, muttering about riders of female dragons as she tries to catch the boot. She pulls it on while hopping towards the door, scowling all the way. "You /assumed/ first." she snaps as she nears the door. Real mature. "I'd bet you'd do the same if your dragon rose and /your/ partner wasn't around." she snorts, shooting a brief understanding glance in R'miel's direction. Flight losses are … difficult. "I'd bet my entire ale stock on it." but then she's gone, so the bet can never be made. The bet can never be made! Noooo! … or something. She doesn't have her clipboard, but it'll probably turn up in the next couple of days. Hopefully not in this weyr, though. Off she hobbles, one-booted, towards the infirmary first. Got to rule out a concussion before she betweens.

"I shardin' didn't have to assume, when I saw it!" There's that rise in volume again, though Ysa's voice cracks. She grips her knife hard in her hand, trying to stop herself from shaking. "A rising dragon and a shardin' catch isn't— JUST SCRAM!" Why keep arguing with some strange rider who had just slept with her weyrmate? As possessive as the goldrider was, it was a surprise she wasn't leaping over and stabbing Leona. Or dragging her off by the hair. But Ram does keep her from doing that, too, being in the way. At least Leona was gone, but that left one more, to whom she shudders again and glares. "Don't ya love me, bronzerider. Not after that."

R'miel blinks at the two women going at it. He wasn't about to open up his big mouth and get into the middle of that! Ram was thankful to have saved Leona a stab. After all, it wasn't her fault really. Finally Leona is out of the weyr and safe… which only left him. And his weyrmate. And a knife. Ram just looks at her with big sad blue eyes and his lower lip quivering. "But… I do love you…"

Ysa's glare is still in place, though it's getting a bit wet now, try as she might. She swallows hard a few times, watching the entrance to make sure that they were well and gone before she rounds back on R'miel. "I said… OUT. That meant ya, too." Her voice is barely controlled, hoarse after the screaming now. At his words she shudders and jerks her arm back! The knife goes flying for him, but aimed downwards it just smacks heavily against the stone floor, cracking it and snapping her dingy weapon in two. "Don't give me that shit again, Ram! Ya don't! Or you wouldn't've done something like that!"

R'miel looks like she may as well have stabbed him. He hunches over and hugs himself more, sobbing a bit. Finally he looks up at her. "Please Ys… don't make me go.. I didn't mean it. They don't mean anything to me. I'm just so out of practice, I got all carried away. Please… what are we gonna do about the baby?" He winces as the knife splits in two. Then he moves over slowly to open up his trunk, just looking into it for a moment and rubbing at his eyes.

Crying bronzer meant crying Ysa. She just couldn't help herself, as her eyes were already filled up and leaking. With nothing left in her hand, she just clutches at her blouse instead over her chest. She gives her head a firm shake, shoulders shuddering as she looks down to the ground momentarily. "Y-you're lying! It's not that at all! Ya just don't care 'bout me 'nough. I can't lose the baby weight, can't be 'nough." But even as she snaps back to him, it's still with a teary glare. "Don't worry 'bout my sons," she says heavily, turning her head away as he moves to the trunk. Instead of standing there, she moves off to the other room, where Ellamariseth pokes her head in to give a worried croon.

R'miel drops to his knees over the trunk and buries his head in his hands. "It has nothing to do with you! I love you! Who cares about the weight, you're already losing it, I know you are. It was just a dumb mistake…" He can't even bring himself to pack up, if that's what he intended on doing. He just sinks into a ball. "They're my sons too…" He manages to eek out as she wanders into the other room. Even Arinith is back by now, warbling worriedly into the weyr.

Ysa just drops her shoulders and her head. What little he did say didn't sink in at all. She makes sure to keep away from the bed, and not even glance at it. "If dumb mistakes happen… they still mean something to me," she sobs quietly, only wiping her eyes after awhile. She doesn't answer him about their children, and instead manages to get to the couch. Not even to her own lifemate, who stops where Arinith is, still crooning lowly. The goldrider collapses into the cushions, expecting to have left the bronzer packing.

R'miel is at a loss as to what to do. He just stays there, curled up for a long while. And was taking a mental beating from Arinith, who was telling him not to feel sorry for himself, or let guilt or pride get in the way of making up with his weyrmate. Eventually he crawls out to the couch, but doesn't look at her. He speaks in a soft, weak voice. "…If you want me to leave… I understand. I'm so sorry Ysa… I don't want to go though.. My whole life is here with you."

Ysa has about only one thing to do, and that's cry. /Away/ from the bronzerider, at least. Which is what she did when she threw herself on the couch, grabbing onto one of the cushions and curling around it. Ellamariseth stretches her body out, head just a few paces away from her lifemate, offering what comfort she can be. At the moment the gold was ignoring the bronze as well, just as much as Ysa was ignoring the rider. She was quiet up until R'miel makes an entrance, where she lets out a soft growl that was more feeling from the stone ground than actually heard. Ysa stiffens herself, making sure to muffle her crying as much as possible, but that didn't stop her from shaking. She wipes her eyes and rolls over to face the back of the couch. "I don't… want to see ya right now. I can't…"

Arinith huffs uncomfortably at the whole situation, and ruffles himself when Ella growls at his lifemate. Ram just nods slowly to his weyrmate, and then gets up to drag himself into the bedroom. He slowly packs up his truck and gets dressed properly, even makes sure to pack up a baby travel bag. Then he drags everything out, stopping for a moment to look and sigh at Ysa. Then he moves all the way out, hanging his head. Arinith croons to Ella, then turns to shuffle after his rider.

Ellamariseth can't help herself, but she does give the bronze a glance back. Just the briefest of glances. When R'miel finally gets up, Ysa rolls semi-over to watch him go. Of course, this only makes her sink back into the cushion and press down against it harder. The gold gives a low whine as the pair start making their way out, getting up off the ground as she follows after them, hanging her head low. But it's Ysa that doesn't move off the couch. Eventually to wander to the comforter next to her lifemate. At least the children were with the nannies, though it might be away before the goldrider will go hunting for them.

R'miel looks up at Ella as she follow them out. "Sorry, Ella… We'll be at the guest weyr… or something." Arinith croons sadly and rubs against the gold. R'miel would probably be going to take Illiam for a while, though he couldn't keep him without someplace to put him. Lyram though… the bronzer was going to pick up from the caverns and probably keep the rest of the night.

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