Random Log: Zevida Visits Home

Igen Weyr - Living Caverns

Second only to the Hatching Sands in size — although its walls are not so nearly circular — the living cavern is filled with numerous tables, almost too many to count. Most bear markings by rank and Wing, though there are a couple of dozen free for anyone's use. The Weyrleaders and other ranking residents have the table farthest from the kitchen and hearths, although the hearths are kept as low-burning as possible, just enough to keep the stew pot that always hangs for late-night nibblers at a good temperature. Favored drinks, particularly iced klah and juice, are kept on ice and interspersed at various food tables scattered about, along with baskets of rolls and fruit. There are, of course, scheduled mealtimes, and at certain points of the day the available fare slides into the menu for the nearest meal, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-night snackings, but the staff has long since acknowledged that people will sit to talk and nibble here at all hours. In the cooler parts of the evening in particular, the cavern hosts games of chess, checkers, dragonpoker, and others. Several degrees are knocked off thanks to the Technician Craft's new cooling system. There are several 'places' that you can find a seat at.

Zorya quietly sips her juice, giving the Cevryn and Kasholan time to answer. "Any of ya need anything?" she questions as an offer to pick up an item or two from the food laden tables. Juice being finished and she stands, waiting for a moment to see if there's any requests.

Kasholan lowers his lashes just slightly at the questioning, and sets his glass back down after a bit more nursing at it. He'd keep /at/ it..but he's rapidly running out of juice to hide behind. "..Not until later in the day. Until then, I have time in the infirmary." And then it's back to annoying, weird chores! Hmph. When Zorya gets up, however, the candidate looks, tracking her.. "There should be some sliced fruit there…please."

Kathryn seems about to speak when there is a flurry of noise from outside. Her eyes unfocus and she sighs. "Excuse me." With no more then that, the old lady stands and hurries out, leaving her breakfast behind.

Malakai blinks at the abrupt leaving of the gold rider, but just waves to her as she leaves. Then to Zorya he shakes his head. "No thanks. I think I'm good." He says patting his stomach and leaning back in his chair to stretch. "He nods a bit to Kasholan. "Ah, well that's good you have that break between chores. Are you allowed to cut out of hanging out in the infirmary if you wanted to?" He's curious see.

Zorya nods to the two remaining before she moves to deposit her empty glass with other dirty dishes and pick up a bit of sliced fruit for Kasholan as requested. Returning to the table she slips back to her seat, sliding the fruit across the table to the boy. "Here ya are." Smile.

Kasholan does at least look grateful..or at least as grateful as he /can/, nodding at Zorya somewhat. "Thank you." As for the fruit, well, fingers make short work of that, taking a piece to nibble on while questioned further. "..I don't know that I can or cannot skip it.. Why would I?"

Malakai shrugs lightly. "I don't know. If you ever just didn't feel like being there. I skipped out on my fare share of lessons then I was an apprentice. Though I was punished for it afterward." He says with a grin. "How 'bout you Zorya, ever skipped out on lessons?" Ah spreading the seeds of bad behavior. They might not do it, but now they might think about it.

Returning home after almost three Turns is Zevida, coming in from the bowl. Though, the woman is clearly distracted as she pauses at the doorway. A distant look before she returns to focus, letting out a soft tsking sound. A glance towards the candidates in the caverns with a curious look. A soft chuckle as she moves to the serving table to gather a mug of klah and eye the area carefully, listening to the chatter of the candidates. "Have you touched the eggs yet?" She speaks, finally as she offers a very slight smile.

Zorya blinks at the question. Skip lessons? "No…" the girl replies with a shake of her head. "Well Ah mean, Ah didn't go ta some while Ah was in Candidacy at Eastern, and while Ah've been here, but they know Ah ain't goin." Cause well, candidacy and all. "But Ah still practice when Ah can…"

Kasholan gives Malakai an almost stern look, and then simply looks away from him. Huffy? Just a bit. "I do /not/ skip lessons." He has intent on going places in his craft, after all! Can't just be skipping. He does blink, however, as Zevida makes her way in, a brow arching vaguely upward. "We have.."

And he gets shot down! Malakai just shakes his head and grins a bit. "Guess I'm the only bad one here then." he says with a chuckle. His gaze swings over to Zevida along with his grin and he nods along with Kasholan. "Sure did. Was really something else too. Care to join us?" He asks, gesturing to an open chair.

Zevida glances at Zorya as she speaks, then to Kasholan as he's the first to answer her question. A sip of her klah as she eyes him before nodding her acknowledgement. Malakai on the other hand earns a slight grin as he offers her a seat. "Isn't it? The eggs are interesting, for sure." A pause and she chuckles, "I think I've scared that one right there." Gesturing with her head to Kasholan. "Looks like he's scared of me. I'll stay back to let him be comfortable."

Zorya nods her agreement with the boys in regards to the eggs. "They are. An so much nicer then the ones that Eastern had." the girl agrees. Of course that's just her opinion, but its a good thing. Eggs are interesting, yes. "There's plenty a room…." she offers toward the new arrival, shifting her chair over a bit to make smidge more room.

Kasholan offers a slightly less agreeable response, really, looking vaguely aggravated. "They gave me a headache, actually." Whether or not that qualifies as 'interesting' remains to be seen, of course. Still, he finishes up with his bits of fruit, savoring them for the time being.

Malakai grins a little and just let's ladies do as they like most times. "I could have used a strong drink after touching them myself, but they're not nice enough to allow that to candidates." He says shooting a grin over at Kasholan. "Can't imagine what the eggs were like at Eastern if these are nicer."

Zevida peeks at Zorya, shrugging her shoulders. "I think they all have some sort of personality, if it's not a bit odd. Avaeth's got a weird feel to them most of the time." Another smile as Zorya offers and she ventures forth this time to the table, pulling up a chair and settling down. Kasholan gets a look and she chuckles at his response, "disagreeable, aren't you?" Glancing at Malakai, she chuckles softly. "Loud? Or just.. Violent?"

Zorya frown a bit. She had to bring up Eastern again didn't she. "Those were violent. These… well some of them are a bit loud." She'll admit to that, though the question might not have been for her she'll answer it all the same. "Ah'm Zorya by the way." she then offers with a soft smile, the realization striking her that she hasn't met Zevida thus far, at least that she can remember.

Kasholan just blinks, brows lifting slowly. "I'm simply being honest." And if honesty means he disagrees..well. He's disagreeable. Malakai gets a vaguely distracted look though, and an eyeroll. "I swear, you're a drunkard.."

Malakai makes a face like he's not really sure he'd classify the eggs as either loud /or/ violent in general. "Ah, I'd say more like completely foreign. I've never heard of another mind comming in and rifling through your thoughts." Then at Zorya's introduction he kicks in his own name. "And I'm Malakai." He says with a toothy grin before shooting a mock hurt look at Kasholan. "Ah, you wound me. I'm not a drunkard. Just, someone who appreciates a good drink and it's affect on the mind." Is there a difference?

Zevida nods slowly, chuckling. "I guess they can be violent, haven't really touched a violent one myself." At Zorya's greeting she inclines her head, "well met, Zorya. I'm Zevida, gold Avaeth's at Xanadu. Xanadu's greetings and well met to you candidates." Glancing at Kasholan, she chuckles. "Honesty is good, though. Just watch your tongue so you're not too honest.." Malakai earns another inclination of her head. "Sounds like a drunkard to me.. Hm, well, sounds like the eggs here are interesting. I've only touched pleasant ones."

"Pleased ta meet ya, ma'am." Zorya replies, the more she talks her accent might remind one of a certain Istan bronzerider who's been banned from Xanadu, ah L'ton. An elbow is set upon the table and she leans a cheek against her hand with a side-long glance towards the boys. See, she'll keep her mouth shut on those few things. "Ah like the pleasant ones /much/ more."

Kasholan lowers his lashes just a little bit, but gives a tiny snort, in any case. "I'm Kasholan." He doesn't say anything else about honesty, at least, instead looking over to Malakai again with a fairly skeptical expression. "All I've heard you talk about is drinking."

Malakai just grins devilishly at Zevida. "Shhhh, you're not supossed to point it out. And that's the first time I've mentioned drinking since after touching those eggs." He shoots that last bit over at Kasholan. "If I were really a drunkard, I'd be going insane right about now after not being able to get anything stonger than iced klah since coming here." He stands up and picks up his plate and glass. "If you all will excuse me, I have some runners that need grooming that are expecting me." He chuckles a little before pushing his chair in. "It was nice meeting you Zevida."

"Just Zevida is fine." Zevida offers to Zorya before she sips from her klah, watching the girl for a moment before she turns her gaze to Kasholan. "Drunkards don't normally admit they are." Leaning back in her seat before sipping her klah again, "the pleasant eggs are nice. Welcoming. I think, no trouble from them. Nope." Malakai earns a chuckle and she just shakes her head, "there are different types of drunkards, too.. It was nice meeting you as well, Malakai. Enjoy your date with the runners."

Zorya lifts her free hand to toss a small wave to Malakai as he heads off. "Ah'll see ya later then." she remarks with a smile before the hand is slipped back to her lap. A glance is sent towards Kasholan as well and then she gives a slight nod towards the woman. "Yes, ma- Zevida." she catches herself as she's corrected.
Kasholan tilts his head somewhat, but shrugs, eyeing Malakai still. Hey, he hasn't spoken to the man all that much, after all. Thus..drinking is something he always talks about! "I should get to the infirmary.." It's as good an excuse as any. And thus, the candidate stands, nodding to those still seated..and then simply hurries away.

Zevida smiles a bit more, nodding at Zorya before she peeks at Kasholan as he stands, then hurries off to the infirmary. "Have fun." She offers after him with a quirk of her brow and she turns her attention to Zorya. "If I'm keeping you from chores, you can go ahead and skitter off as well. Don't want you to get in trouble for neglecting your duties."

"Don't work too hard." is Zorya's offer to Kasholan as he heads off. "Oh no," she assures as the woman once again speaks to her. "Ah'm runnin errands taday. Ah should have a bit yet for anyone's got anything pulled tagether." No one's come looking for her yet anyway, so chances are it'll be a bit yet before she's needed for anything pressing.

Zevida lets out a soft 'aah', nodding her head. "Well, that's good. If a little boring. I remember errands." She chuckles, watching the girl for a moment before she glances around the caverns. "Well, I'd enjoy the time you got before you've got to run around. Doesn't sound like your 'leaders get up early and do work right away, which is good for you."

Cevryn glances around the room as he wanders back in, looking greatly relieved that Kathryn is out of sight. He moves to try and sneak into the candidate table, offering a bit of a smile to those sitting there already.

Zorya lifts a shoulder in a light half shrug. "Some do, some don't." And sometimes it just depends on what type of work needs doing on a particular day. She's one of the few candidates left at the table as Cevryn makes his way back. Malakai having gone off to chores and Kasholan to duties at the infirmary.

Zevida glances up as she spots Cevryn join them at the table, her brow quirking slightly before she inclines her head in greeting. "Ah, I see.. Well, at least you're lucky enough not to get work from them." She notes with a chuckle before her gaze goes back to Cevryn, "running away from chores?"

Cevryn looks around offering in a quiet whisper. "Mum's not around, right?" He glances to Zevida. "No. Avoiding Mother. She's worse than the candidate director." After that, he's a bit quiet. "I mean. She's a good Mum and all. She's just really clingy."

Zorya shakes her head. "Nah," she replies to Cevryn. "She got called off for something or other." What wasn't exactly specified.

Zevida smiles at Cevryn, chuckling. "I see." A pause and she settles her mug onto the table. "Think I'll get some fruit.." She muses, slowly riding. "Well, as long as you both aren't skipping your chores. I don't have anything to worry about explaining." Though, the goldrider herself may be avoiding some of her own duties in her visit home. With that, she trails over towards the serving table and gathers a plate of fruit and two meatrolls.

Cevryn settles in for a slight bit and he nods to Zorya. "Thanks. I'll just have to work harder on avoiding her. Although she's good at catching me." He's frowning slightly, as he thinks. "No, I'm pretty sure my chores are this afternoon, out in the bowl. Something to do with helping look for those sandstorm masks."

Dare sits down in a chair at the Candidates' table.

Zevida quirks a brow again, "and.. Who is your mother?" She asks curiously, shifting herself to settle at the table again as she returns. A bite into a piece of redfruit before she nods. "Zevida, by the way." She offers in greeting before glancing at Dare as she joins them at the table. "Ah! Dare! It's been so long!" She exclaims in greeting, smiling brightly now.

Cevryn shrugs, turning a faint pink color before he answers mumbling slightly. "Kathryn." He glances up after that, looking over at the other rider and then nodding at another new face that joins them at the table. "It's a curse, really."

"Seems to be." Zorya muses in return to Cevryn's comment regarding his mother's ability to catch him after a glance to the goldrider a she goes to collect her fruit. And then its back to the boy, "They still haven't found those?" she questions, Zevida returning to the table and a smile of greeting sent towards Dare as she joins the group as well.

Dare walks in to the cavern, from the lower cavern. She heads to the candidate's table then plunks herself down. Her name is called, she smiles at Zevida, "Hi,Zevida." She nods, her flowing brown hair slightly flitters in waves, "Has been, hmm, long. Nearly three turns, I am thinkin'."

Zevida lets out a soft aah, nodding her head. "Yes, I see. At least she's a good mother, mm?" She asks, taking another bite of her fruit before glancing at Zorya, "they lost the masks? That'll be icky when a storm comes in.." Towards Dare she smiles again, nodding. "Almost three Turns, yeah.. You've not met Avaeth, either. She's out in the bowl… She's had two clutches now. How are you? Your daughter?"

Cevryn shrugs his shoulders, trying to fold in on himself. "Well, yeah. She's just. Always around." He idly waves a hand. "They're not sure what happened to them. Last I knew. Maybe they have found them by now. I just know that was supposed to be my chore this afternoon. Help look for them in some of the older storage rooms." He glances curiously at Dare, then at the goldrider once more.

Avaeth> Up in the sky, Soft rumbles of greeting can be heard as F'rd on Sea-Blue Mustangth arrive, relieving Fer'ri and Dull-Bronze Testarosath on watch duty.

R'oc walks into the caverns and unlike other days, the weyr second has no paper work with him. Which has him full of smiles and as he looks around he recognizes some of the canidates from their files that he's had with him for the past few days. And as the rider walks to sit at one of the tables he see's a familiar deck of cards and he grins. He sits down at the table and begins to shuffle the cards while he watches the room.

Zorya nods a bit as Cevryn explains about the masks. "Would it really be that bad?" she questions. She's had very little introduction to such storms and … well no experience as other may have had. At R'oc's entrance the girl sinks ever so slightly deeper into her seat. Maybe if he doesn't see her…

"Avaeth?" Dare muses, looking at Zevida. "Can't say that I has." Of course she studies the woman a bit then claps a hand over her own mouth then slightly lifts it from her lips to say, "You gots a dragon Zevida? I wasn't knowin' that, an' A gold one too, at that!" She shrugs, "I am doin' well, got Searched." She makes it sound like it's some sort of pain to do it, but then she's a seasoned candidate afterall. "Darva, she's doing well, goin' on 9 turns an' all. She's here some place, hasn't seen her yet."

Zevida glances at Cevryn with a quirk of her brow before frowning. "That's awful that they lost them, how they could lose something that important." A shake of her head as she lifts her mug to take a drink of the klah idly. R'oc gets a look as he enters, a glance to his knot but he seems to shuffle forth without a greeting. Shrugging in dismissal, she turns her attention to Zorya. "Yes, it's bad. Sandstorms are nasty, sand can get in your mouth, nose and eyes. It's painful, coughing a lot. I've never got caught in the middle of one, myself." Then towards Dare, she nods with a slow grin. "Yeah, after I left Igen, was cooking in Xanadu before I got searched. Then Avaeth found me." Chuckling, she nods her head. "Your lifemate'll find you sometime, Dare. Good to hear you both are doing well."

Quietly strolling into the cavern, Kelemi takes calculating steps. A hand idly brushes the sand that has managed to gather on his dark tunic, his eyes searching about the caverns. A small smile pulls at the candidate's lips, sneaking slowly inbetween the crowd of people. "Well, well, well, look at what we have here." His fingers idly trail along the side of the table as he approaches the group of people, helping himself to a seat uninvited. "There's a party and I wasn't invited? How rude."

R'oc lifts his hand to the group and then spots Zorya and smiles. "Well hello everyone!" He smiles as his hands come down to shuffle the cards in his hands. He looks to Kelemi as he walks in and then chuckles at his words. "Party…well now I wasn't invited either, I think I feel a little offended too." He grins as he looks to Zevida and doesn't recognize her and he searches for her knot before he greets her.

Zorya shakes her head just a bit. "Ah wouldn't call it a party…" Just a few people who decided to sit at the same table and chat for awhile. There's a nod as Zevida explains. "Oh… That.. no, Ah suppose that wouldn't so good." she agrees about the storms. R'oc's greeting earns him a smile. At least he's seeming more up beat today. This is a good thing. Right?

Dare shrugs, "If not, I got three firelizards, two draft runners, an' a daughter that lives me, "(sung to the tune of 12 days of christmas, if it so pleases you to do so,) says Dare in a near singsong voice. And how rude of her, she waves to Zorya and the other candidates. "No party goin' on here, I think, " she says to Kelemi and R'oc.

Cevryn was following attentively along to the conversations, when all of the sudden his name is called out and he's sighing and starting to trudge toward the bowl.

R'oc manages to finally remember where he knows Zevida from, and he stands up and begins to walk over towards the table. "My appologies 'Zevida' right? I should have introduced myself before, I'm sure you don't remember me I'm R'oc." He smiles and then waves up to the other people at the table. "How are you all today, quite a few of you in here today." He grins a bit evily for only a second, but something must be a foot. Then he watches Cevryn. "Now as for the rest of you." He says just under his breath.

Kelemi leans in ever so slightly, placing his elbows on the table, cupping his hands as he sets his chin on them. "Oh, really? What's all this then? A casual grouping? I think not." A grin slowly pulls at his lips, his eyes twinkling with mischief. "So, now that there's people here, I say that we should have a bit of fun. Besides, we /now/ have the people for a party, so we should have one!"

Zevida glances at Kelemi as he approaches the table, eyeing the candidate with a slow look before turning her gaze to R'oc as he now greets her as well. "Greetings from Xanadu, Weyrsecond. I'm Zevida, gold Avaeth's rider." She greets, inclining her head before returning to her fruit. Zorya gets a look, and she nods. "It's nasty, like I said… Don't want to go through one without a mask." Nodding towards Dare. "And, that's good. Can't just expect to get a dragon.." R'oc gets another look as he suddenly remembers her name, a blank look as she tries to recall. A sligh smile, "I think I remember…" Kelemi gets another look and she clears her throat. "You would have to get the permission of your coordinater first, otherwise you're likely to be punished. Or some such, I'm not sure of the rules at Igen."

Zorya nods, her expression falling at R'oc's approach and that look on his face. Or, you know, she could be wrong. She for one stays quiet while weyrwomand and weyrsecond reacquaint themselves with one another.
Dare smiles, "Well, nobody e'er plans on bein' with a dragon. Don't matter to me." She speaks with a slight drawl for a bit. Her face sort of scrunches up as she begins swatting at something in front of her. Satisfied that what ever it was is gone, she puts her hand back down and falls silent.

"Oh now now, don't you all go quiet on my account, don't worry I'm not doing much work today and I'm happy about it." He winks at the canidates and then turns to Zorya and gives her another wink and adds. "Don't worry I'm much nicer today." Was that an appology, from R'oc I would just say yes.

Kelemi's eyes flicker to that of Zevida's a slow smile pulling at his lips as he waves a indifferent hand in the air. "Clearly I don't think we need to run it through the leaders if we just want to have a little bit of fun, even if it was a impromptu party. But, I suppose it could be a 'informal' party, that is a party that is not a party." He offers a warm smile, "You could, of course, join us, Weyrwoman. If it would please you."

Zorya shakes her head. "Oh no, you were fine." she assures, even going so far as to pull a smile to her face for the man. She'd just rather not be caught in it again just yet if she could avoid it. The girl raises a brow as the talk of party is still going on.

Avaeth> Kessa dismounts and encourages Choth to go on with what dragons do while their riders visit friends in strange places. Strange enough. Kessa moves uncertainly toward the living caverns.

Dare simpley shrugs, "If ya'll want to have a party, just no sex, drinkin' or what e'er else that might not be good." She glances around the cavern lazily while still seated at the candidate's table. "Like gettin' somethin' broken, I suppose."
It's a merry weyrwoman that one must be leery of, especially when it's Sianne that's the humming, smiling, and looking like she's got something up her sleeve. This way and that she weaves, answering a question here, offering a smile there, bending to hug a little now and then too. "Party? Where? When? Whyfor?"

Zevida glances at the echange between Zorya and R'oc with an idle quirk of her brow as she sips from her klah. "Yeah, that's true, Dare. Didn't plan on Avaeth." But, there's an odd look as she watches Dare swat at something. Though, she says nothing about it as she turns a slow glance towards Kelemi. Her lips twitch to a slight smile before she grabs a piece of redfruit and bites into it. "Perhaps, candidate." Another glance towards Zorya and she frowns very slightly before eyeing R'oc again. Then Sianne enters, humming pleasantly. Zevida inclines her head in greeting once more, "Xanadu's greetings, Weyrwoman."

R'oc turns his head towards Sianne as he hears her voice he instantly gets a huge smile on his face and turns to see if he can spot her before she see's him. "Do excuse me one second weyrwoman." He says as he weaves his way towards the voice, more around the voice trying to circle around behind her. And as she approaches the table and speaks he comes up behind her and wraps his arms around her. "A party that is in honor of me, of course me being amazing and wonderful of course." He chuckles and now is happily hugging his weyrwoman, now he's not allowed to be in a bad mood.

Kelemi turns towards Sianne, promptly sitting up higher in his position, "My dear weyrwoman. Why do we need to have a reason for a party, why not simply have one for the sake of having one." A grin pulls at his lips, waving a hand dramatically in the air. "We've people here, we've guests here, there's food, there only needs to be entertainment! After all, we've all been working hard lately, why not have a good time?" Kelemi leans backwards in his seat, winking at the other candidates.
A stranger wanders in with a knot of Fort on her shoulder. She looks suspiciously like a fish out of water though, considering her stiff movements that have her step into the living cavern. Her chin tucks up though when she sees the crowd, already eyes darting over faces desperately. Kessa then rubs her forearm as her steps slowly worm her way toward the candidate tables - knowing that would be a good starting place if her friend should be among them.

Sianne turns a smile up on Zevida, "Igens Greetings and Welcome." is called out clearly before distraction comes as her weyrmate. "I left something for you on your desk in the weyr." she whispers before pressing a kiss to his cheek. "Really? No reason? How about a good looking clutch that's hardening more everyday?" she asks of the plotting candidates, "Or that the storms haven't started yet? Or that the tunnel reopenings are going smoothly?" A beaming smile goes towards Kelemi, "Why can't we celebrate the ability to celebrate?" she asks of him before leaning back to whisper something directly into R'ocs ear.

Dare studies Kelemi a bit then says, "So mmmm what's your idea of a good time?" There's a tint of nervousness in the woman's voice. She glances over her shoulder and then waves to Sianne. And that's when she spots the stranger, or rather Kessa, "Kessa, that you?" Not sure if it is, she rises in her seat, grinning at the other woman.

"It was nice meetin' ya ma'am." Zorya directs towards Zevida as she pushes from chair to feet. "But Ah really should be checking on chores now." she's spent enough time chatting now it would seem. A slight nod goes towards the others nearby before the girl slips out to head off on her way.

Indeed it was. Kessa peeks over the shoulder of the loving couple, to smile at Dare, wiggling her fingers in a wave. A moment later, after mumbling her greetings to Sianne and R'oc ("Fort's greetings and well wishes to Igen's queens"), Kessa sneaks over to Dare. And if she can, she'll slip her arms around Dare and squeeze her in a friendly hug. She nods politely to any other folks that might be near Dare before tugging on Dare's shoulder knot, "At it again, are you?"

Zevida chuckles softly at Kelemi before smiling brightly at Sianne, "you may not remember me, ma'am. But I used to live here before going to Xanadu." She offers before she spots Kessa wandering in uneasily, a smile towards the other and almost dismissive of R'oc's sudden disappearance to snuggle with Sianne. To Kelemi, she nods. "Well, looks like you've gotten you approval to party then." She drawls with a slow smile.

Kelemi leans towards Dare with a conspiritory look in his eyes, "Oh, I can think of a few things that would qualify as a good time." He winks playfully before leaning backwards in his seat. "All good ideas, weyrwoman, excellent. We should have a party for each of those reasons, perhaps a grand one, topping all others before it!" A cunning grin is given to Zevida, "It was only a matter of time, only a matter of time."

R'oc turns his head slowly towards her and then tilts his head as if something he is hearing is quite interesting. A small smile forming on his face as he begins to listen to her words. "What…." He says then looks at Dare and the rest of the canidates, he turns to Kessa as Dare brings attention to her. "You didn't even tell them the best reason to celebrate." His arms squeeze around Sianne, but not too hard. His head turns towards Zorya and then he takes a hand and waves to her. "Well, I'll speak to you in private a little later!" He then looks back to the table and chuckles. "The best reason for a party Kelemi.." He says as he looks towards Sianne to make sure it's okay.

"Were going to have a baby." A small whisper from SIanne and he looks at her. "Were not having a baby….were not having a baby?" A bit more whispers and he says. "were having baby (s)!" He seems to smiles at first before the man slowly lets his eyes roll to the back of his head, and his body goes limp as he falls back to the flood.

Zevida lets out a soft cough as the Weyrsecond drops to the floor and she slowly rises, "erm.. I think I'd best get back to my duties.." And, she scoots around the fallen body with a look of concern before she joins her lifemate in the bowl.

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