Random Log: Tabearin and Eulalie Meet

Tabearin is spending some idle time, exploring the place, hoping to stay out of the eye of the Journeyman who dragged him along for helping him work. Luckily said Journeyman is off enjoying the finer points of life.

Eulalie is rearranging her window display, dusting where needed with a soft damp cloth. She looks up as the door opens, and straightens, "Hello, there."

Tabearin tucks his drawing pad under an arm as he enters into the shop. Careful not to touch anything, but he does spend a fair amount of time looking at the smaller items. "Hello" he replies quietly giving the crafter a smile.

Eulalie dips her head, "Could I be of any help, sir?" Since Tabearin isn't wearing anything to denote his rank or home, she leaves it at that.
Tabearin hmms a little "Perhaps you can be." he muses as he examines things "Do you have any flowers?" he asks "Perhaps one that's only half-bloomed?" he asks with a tilt of his head. "Doesn't have to be really large, something small preferably."

Eulalie pauses and looks around the shop, tapping her lips, "What sort of flower did you have in mind?"

Tabearin is silent as he thinks about that. "Perhaps a rose, or something similar that has a lot of petals." he finally says after some careful consideration.

Eulalie grins, "Stem or no?" She wanders over towards a shelf, wiggling her fingers.

Tabearin hmms thoughtfully "Not too much of one, I'd like it to be mainly of the bloom. Perhaps enough of the stem to support it."

Eulalie hms, and stands up on tiptoe to pull down a glass vase full of various long-stemmed flowers. She sets that down in front of Tabearin, and then waves her hand to a number of flowers that are flat on the bottom like paperweights. "Is there a lady you had in mind for these?"

Tabearin examines the flowers and dismisses the long stem ones and peers carefully at the flat bottom ones. "My mother, she's a great lover of flowers." he notes softly. "It's been awhile since I have saved up enough to send her a gift." he notes.

Eulalie ahs softly and then her face breaks out in a grin, "That's wonderful. You know, I think, for you.. you tell me exactly what you want, and I'll make it. Free of charge."

Tabearin looks startled at that "I couldn't let you do that. This is your livelihood" he stammers as he glances up from the flowers and looks over at Eulalie. "It wouldn't be proper!"

Eulalie blinks a little and laughs, "How much does sand cost? I make enough money to cover the cost of a few things just to do for fun. And if I want to give some of those things away, its my right. I made them, after all." She winks. "Consider it my gift to you. My turnday just passed, and I'd rather give gifts than get. I have most of the things in life I need, and what I don't have can't be given to me anyway."

Tabearin is thoughfully silent and then he gives a nod and looks abashed "My thanks to you." he says as he bows his head forward. "A rose then, in half bloom, has if just picked for an arrangement, but with only a short stem, with perhaps a leaf on it, so that it lies it on it's side, the stem and leaf turning the bloom so that it curves towards you."

Eulalie considers and then nods, "I can do that. Will you be here in Ierne for awhile?"

Tabearin gives a short little nod "Journeyman Heyyu has some business here that should keep us several days." he notes and then gives a wry grin "And knowing him, he'll stretch that out as long as he can, he's been chafing at the bit back at the Hall."

Eulalie laughs, "Perfect. I should have it done by tomarrow, then.. I'm Eulalie, by the way."

Tabearin gives a shy smile "I do thank you again, Eulalie." he murmurs softly. "That is a very pretty name, alas mine isn't quite so musical. I am Tabearin."

Eulalie smiles, "Its just fine. Well met, Tabearin." She grins impishly, "Maybe you'll like your stay here, we always could use more crafters.."

Tabearin scratches the back of his head a bit "Well it's been pretty nice here so far, though I've some time before I can really even think about being posted. But I'll certainly keep it in mind. The people here have been quite friendly."

Eulalie grins proudly, "Of course. Spread the word." She winks, and lifts the vase back onto the shelf, "So, you're an apprentice, then?"

Tabearin gives a slight nod "I am, so I do tend to take any opportunity I can to go with someone, even if it tends to mean extra work, but it gives me a chance to draw new faces and places." he notes with a shy grin.

Eulalie laughs, "I understand very well. I used to be one, too, you know." She smiles, "Thank Faranth that didn't last long.."

Tabearin chuckles softly as he nods "It does have it's downside, but it's not too bad, I get to take advantage of others knowledge still. After all everyone seems to think an apprentice doesn't know anything, and go on to tell you how you should be doing it. I was shocked to find out how many different drawing techniques there are, and each and everyone is convinced his way is right."

Eulalie laughs, "Isn't that how it always is?" She grins brightly, "So, you aren't one of those choirboys, then?"

Tabearin can't help but laugh "I was asked to sing once, and then I was kindly told to never sing again." he replies with a humourous twinkle in his eye. "I had tried to tell them I couldn't but well when your Master bellows at you to do it anyways, well what can you do but obey?"

Eulalie continues to laugh, "I see. Well, I won't ask you for a song then, I suppose." She licks her lips, tugging at her sleeve.

Tabearin glances around the shop at all the fragile glass "No, I don't think that would be a very good idea." he notes wryly "As generous and delightful as you are, you might not like me shattering all your fine glasswork with my voice."

Eulalie grins impishly, "No, probably not." She chuckles and eyes the works, "Lot of time would end up in shards on the floor."

Tabearin looks sheepish "That would definantly be a bad thing." he murmurs and then glances towards the door. "I should probably go find Heyyu and make sure he doesn't drink himself into a stupor." he muses thoughtfully.

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