Kilaueth Rises

Xanadu Weyr - Garden


An arch woven from the tendrils of a willow tree stretches overhead lightly creeping with ivy as one steps in from the meadow into this sanctuary of green. Cool gray flagstone carefully spaced enables a soft velvety moss to thrive within the cracks, and creates a single wide pathway that fluidly breaks off into two paths of stone once free of the natural arbor. It is a wonder this place, and meticulously tended from the way it seems not a single leaf is out of place. On either side of the main path expansive grassy patches are trimmed short and edged behind with natural tan colored stone selectively chosen to stack just right. Beyond these are a line of fine puffed shrubberies in vibrant green intermingled with flowering bushes of brilliant pinks varying in hue from the very light to the very dark, which causes the occasional snowy white blossoms of other scattered here and there without worry to simply pop out of the scenery.
Directly in the center of the garden is another wall of intricately stacked stone, this of muted grays, creating what from the air would prove to be a perfect circle. It's been set high for safety, but not so much as one would not be able to lean over it to admire what lies beyond, either standing or sitting at the smattering of benches whose backs are set every four feet along it. Flush to the ground inside it's protective stone outcropping, is an enormous twenty foot wide fish pond. Within one can glean the metallic glint of playful goldfish, the unhurried cruise of fat koi, and even a frog or three among pale yellow and white flowering water lilies and their thick green pads.
The trees surrounding the entire garden were planted to give the impression that they had always been here, not only lending to a rustic look, but also eluding to the beauty that can be found among the wilds if only one might just look for it. Species vary from the ordinary Birch and Pine, but the flaming red capsules of the Indian Shot to the robust orange spokes of the Firewheel tree suggest the spice of the exotic. The two paths leading away from the entrance have come full circle, wrapping around to meet each other on the other side, yet still continue on to the far left and right. One path leads off deeper into the surrounding woods, while the other wider; cheerily decorated with brightly colored slabs of painted stones.

Once again, it is another gorgeous autumn day at Xanadu. The leaves have started to change and fall, and the blossoms are fading away as the days grow shorter and cooler. Yet, with a clear blue sky overhead and a light breeze, the worst is still sevendays away, and thus Niva is enjoying herself in the gardens. Or, at least she /was/ enjoying herself in the gardens until she happened across a young couple settled in the arbor. A young couple who is made up at least halfway by a young man wearing an Istan bronzerider knot. Cue shrieking. "Are you all stupid, as well as deaf!?!" Who cares if they were enjoying themselves, huh?

R'sul seems to have spent the past few days sitting in odd places and trying to listen in on conversations. Earlier he and Fiara saw one of the odd rescue children in the garden and her odd conversation, if it can pass as conversation, has put a stop to his eavesdropping for now. Or had until he hears Niva screaming at someone. Quite why he hurried towards rather than his usual away from is anyone's guess, but there he is at the edge of the gardens.

Neferennu is sitting on one of the benches with a set of colored pencils carefully coloring in pictures of different tissues on drawings of dragons, one just of the skeleton, another with muscles added, another with tendons added, all the way to a full hide-covered dragon. All was quiet until there was some screaming and the paper and pencils fall to the ground as she jumps up. "What? What about stupid? I'm not stupid!" A look of indignance and her hands on her hips, before it is realized it wasn't directed at her. Sheepishly, blushing slightly, she bends and begins to pick up her tools.

Leona is not in the cheeriest of moods herself, but that may well be her normal state. She seems to be looking for something, or someone. There's a sudden involuntary flinch at the shrieking, and she turns abruptly to face the source, actually paling slightly as she takes it all in. The bronzerider gets a cursory glance, lingering on the knot with narrowed eyes. She steels herself, one hand clenching around the clipboard she carries, and then makes her way over, scowling. Well, her mood has certainly not improved…

R'miel is taking a walk in the gardens in some of his precious free time. Ella and Ysa have fled the weyr, only to return once Kilaueth has risen. Which also left Ram to take care of the baby when he could, the rest of the time little Illiam was went to the nannies. That left the rest of the time for Ram to work off what was left of his sympathy weight he'd put on during Ysa's last pregnancy. He blinks when the weyrwoman starts flipping out again, and checks to make sure it's not his brother she's yelling at. Whew. Safe.

The young woman is left quite embarrassed - if Niva was less distracted by the presence of that Istan Bronzerider, she'd have likely noticed as well that its that same young woman who she caught trying to lure C'ian away. Thankfully for her continued time at Xanadu, its the bronzerider who has her attention, and its the bronzerider who is getting tugged by his arm off the bench as she continues to yell. "I /know/ Sharix. I /know/ Sharix would not approve of you being here!" She shrieks, trying to pull the larger man out of the hideaway without much luck, before she's yelling for help. And, help seems to have arrived, and she's dropping the poor man's arm to point at him instead. "He needs to leave!" That's a… order?

R'sul is seriously considering turning round and leaving, and in fact has one foot off the ground to take a step backwards just as Niva orders the man be removed. In a remarkably dancer-like movement he swings that raised foot forwards as if he had planned on going in that direction all along. "Okay, you heard the lady." He claps his hands together, which is never a good move, "Off you pop, and we can all go back to normal." He doesn't do forceful well, and even this has got him looking slightly uncomfortable.

Neferennu looks up from gathering her supplies at the man shown towards the side of the gardens she is on and notices Istan Weyr colors. A groan and then she returns to picking up her supplies. As she starts to move forward to see the man out of the garden, R'sul and R'miel have both arrived, so instead her butt slowly makes it way back to her bench. Her mouth is open as if to say something, but nothing is said, almost afraid to say something.

R'miel just sighs at the antics of the proddy weyrwoman. At least she wasn't threatening him or carrying a knife around… right? R'sul isn't going to have a chance to run anywhere… and clearly neither is R'miel. He follows over behind the weyrleader, doing his best to look big and threatening, which isn't too hard for him thankfully. At least this way R'sul doesn't have to sound threatening, right? R'miel just stands there looking unimpressed with his arms crossed.

Kilaueth> Kilaueth has been lurking around the feeding grounds as of late. Never intruding upon the beasts, but always lurking. Its seems that her lifemates shrieking has become enough to stir her from her slumber, and now the fiery gold's hide is of even deeper hues as she stretches, before she's trumpeting a challenge to the males of the Weyr, and setting herself upon a beast to blood it quickly.

Leona is Ista's representative here, apparently… The scowl does not shift, though she makes no move to actually help, uh, pull the bronzerider away. She looks more irritated than anything else. "You heard her, off, home with you!" she snaps at the bronzerider, impatiently jiggling the clipboard as she waits for a moment to get her work done here. She doesn't have all day. R'sul's clap draws her attention, and the look on her face is priceless, a kind of incredulous squintyness. She just can't believe that anyone would expect that to work. R'miel gets a cursory glance, as does Neferennu, but neither of them seem to be interfering in any way, so they're quickly ignored. No, it's all about work for her.

"Out!" Niva shrieks again, as the bronzerider seems to just stand there. But then, between R'miel and Leona - clearly, R'sul is no threat - he's grabbing the girl's arm and starting to slowly edge his way around the garden, keeping a safe distance between themselves and Niva. As they duck around a corner, it seems that they've just as quickly fled from Niva's mind, for she's turning to glare at the bronzeriders. "Why didn't you do anything!?" She demands loudly, staring at Leona and her clipboard, before her gaze is back on the other two. Neferennu, now she's the lucky one.

Kilaueth> Luiluth awakes with the trumpeted challenge, but only just barely. Oh, it's a gold in the grounds, that's different. Ok, maybe not by much. He takes his sweet time getting up on to his feet, his tail lashing like an upset feline. Why do they always have to fly right after he manages to fall asleep? That would be any time for Lui but that doesn't matter. Slowly, with little grace left his age, this dark brown meanders closer towards the grounds. Oh look, blood! Crouch and get ready to pounce time!

Kilaueth> Lakareth lurks around the edge of the feeding grounds, still with his straps on. Leona is sufficiently distracted that he's been able to get this far - normally she encourages him to chase, but today she's … not in the mood. Oddly, that puts *him* in the mood, and he launches on the first beast with unusual - for him, anyway - enthusiasm. He makes a bit of a mess, blood goes everywhere, but he doesn't care, he manages to get enough of it down his throat.

R'sul doesn't do big and macho, so he cowers slightly as Niva rounds on him, "I told him to leave. Ram was just going to help him out, that's his job." Even if R'miel didn't know it that's his job. R'sul even steps to the side to let eh Weyrsecond pass.

Kilaueth> Arinith has been hanging out around the feeding grounds too. But he knows better than to get too close to the senior gold. Of course the grounds were Arin's favorite place outside of the beach, as the small slender bronze eats enough for two dragons his size. So he's not far off when Kilaueth knocks off a beast, and swoops in to slash a throat of his own, drinking down messily. He turns to slash another before done with the first. Of course he's busy keeping an eye on the mighty queen's glowy hide as well.

Kilaueth> Hesketh has been following R'sul around for most of the day, but as things begin to explode in the gardens he moves to the feeding pens. Instinct tells his now is the time, and he hisses at the other males gathering around his queen. He plunges down onto the back of one poor beast, inserting himself between a mid-sized brown and Kilaueth. As he begins to blood he watches the others carefully lest any seem inclined to test her virtue.

Oh sure R'sul, blame it on Ram! The weyrsecond gives his boss a 'how could you!' look before turning back to the goldrider. Seeing her so angry over it makes him snerk a bit. "You want me to chase him down and beat him up, Niva? Look, he's leaving. Problem solved." R'miel pats Niva on the shoulder and pulls out his flask. "Here, have a drink. It'll calm you down a little." Maybe. Unless Niva was secretly Irish. In which case everyone ought to run away now. R'miel meanwhile gives Leona a grin. "You're my brother's boss. Well, was his boss, I guess."

Neferennu is fidgeting on her bench, watching the proceedings around her. It is quite possibly this fidgeting that has caused her to realize that the Istan rider has slipped away from the group. With a proddy gold dragon in the weyr, and the senior at that, it would be no good for the rider to be here when she takes to the skies. So as quickly as she ca, at almost a dead run, she catches up with the Istan rider. "Get out of here!" This is more of a hiss then a yell at him, not giving any thought to the woman he is dragging with him. "If your dragon flies after the senior and manages to catch…well, you'll be in more trouble than you are now with the Weyrwoman." With that she grabs his arm and half drags him towards the clearing and half pushes him, whichever way he decides to make it. At least she has gone unnoticed by the others for the time being.

Kilaueth> Kilaueth may have issues the initial challenge, but now, the males are no concern of hers, as she's settled herself to draining a second, and then a third beast in short order. By no means is she the smallest of the golds, and thus, it should be no surprise when it comes to a fourth beast. Only then is she looking around her, measuring those waiting, having none of her rider's concern for that sneaky Istan bronze who is lurking there.

Kilaueth> Luiluth does indeed pounce into the pen, ripping at the flesh of a beast caught underneath his claws. Unfortunately, he is also a bit ungraceful about killing the beast and it is still crying as he rips the flesh from the throat and downs the blood and juicy neck meat. Aha! Caught you I did! Now he looks up to the gleaming gold, feeling more empowered by the blood in his belly. Bring it on queen!

Leona narrows her eyes at Niva, but her words are more respectful, even if her tone is quite frosty and clipped. "Because, Weyrwoman, I've had it up to here policing bronzeriders. Bad enough I had to re-arrange my own wing, now you want me to deal with others too?" she scowls, tossing her head at the space recently vacated by bronze-rider and girl. "Not. My. Job." For a moment she falters, paling just briefly. Lakareth, why here, why now? She shakes her head, and tries to keep hold of herself. "This," she brandishes the clipboard, waving it about, "was also NOT MY JOB until just recently." She has been seen around Xanadu a lot more since the bronzeriders were banned. R'miel gets a glance now, a proper one. "I, uh, thought you looked familiar.." she says, looking vaguely confused, on top of her irritation. Dammit, there are too many distractions!

As Neferennu goes running by, there is a brief flicker of recognition in Niva's eyes that someone is now missing, someone who was just here. But then she's putting her hands on her hips, glaring Leona down. "How /dare/ you!" How dare she want, however, will go unsaid as the flask is being pushed into her hand. After just a moment's hesitation, she's tipping it back, taking a fairly long gulp before its pushed back at R'miel, and then she's cursing softly to herself.

Kilaueth> Arinith is marking quite the mess. For a little dragon he sure has an endless tummy. He's starting to bulge about the middle as he moves from one beast to the next, leaving a stream of blood and a trail of dead beasts in his wake. One particularly stubborn beast does die at the first strike, choosing instead to run around bucking like a wild wherry Arin solves this problem by sitting on the beast and nursing it still half alive. The bronze can't help but project images of sunny beaches towards Kilaueth. It's been a while since he's done any real chasing and he's certainly excited about it.

R'sul watches, head flicking from person to person as the conversation develops. Interestingly he now doesn't spend too much time looking at R'miel, and despite all his normal avoidance of Niva he's looking at her more and more. Catching himself he looks down to the ground — bad thoughts, must get rid of bad thoughts.

Kilaueth> Hesketh fells a second beast quickly, nudging it towards Kilaueth before going and killing a third — this one for himself. An encroaching bronze is hissed at, a warning issued to give the Lady her space.

Kilaueth> Kilaueth will have no sunny beaches. Only fire! While the offer from Hesketh is acknowleged, it goes untouched. And thus, deciding that the heated blood from the beasts is enough to fuel her own fires, Kilaueth is trumpeting once again before large wings cart her off skywards, shooting almost straight upwards as she makes for the blue dome overhead. She will become a cloud, in the cloudless sky.

Neferennu ends up standing at the entrance to the gardens, hands crossed over her chest, as she watches the Istan bronzerider making his way out of the garden. He hasn't gone far, but at least she is blocking the entrance to keep him from returning. With no knowledge of what is going on with the others, only a scrowl develops as he doesn't seem to leave the weyr. "Well, don't blame me if it happens!" is yelled at him and a turn on the heel brings her back into the gardens with short, determined strides taking her back to her bench and her supplies. Only then does she notice a tension in the air, her eyes being looking from one person to another. Feeling out of place, she just decides to sit and stay out of the way of any fight that might break out, though ready to run at any moment.

R'miel is just grinning at Niva. He takes the flask back and takes a swig out of it himself, not bothering to close it afterwards, as he was going to need it soon. He looks between Niva and the Istan brownrider with a blink. Catfight? He chuckles at Leona. "I'm R'miel. K'ael's brother. I thought we looked at least slightly similar." He takes off his glasses. Him and K'ael certainly shared the same shade of icey blues, in fact it was a trait all his brothers carried. "How about now?"

Leona glares at Neferennu. "How dare /I/? How dare /I/? You should talk to /your/ Weyrwoman, she's the one interrupting precious moments between consenting adults," she waves at the recently vacated spot, though she really didn't get enough of a look to make the call for consenting or adult. Unfortunately, in her opinion. "and making more work for others. Do you know, I haven't even been able to visit my mate since the Istan bronzeriders were banned from Xanadu? Yeah, Lakareth is so big, bronze-big," Small end of bronze, but still. "It's /sooo/ handy." she snorts. Well, it's clear where her thoughts are… And Lakareth isn't entirely to blame, he's just amplifying it. As Neferennu walks off a little way though, the brownrider turns away, to R'miel. "I, ah, R'miel. Hey. Leona." she introduces, though if he knows she was K'ael's wingleader, he probably already knows that. "I, ah, I see the resemblence." she nods, only barely looking at R'miel's eyes, before looking, well, anywhere else. "I, glasses, you should put 'em back on." Yep.

Kilaueth> Luiluth spreads his wings to chase after the gold, but being older, doesn't get off the ground as fast as the younger bronzes. In fact, even as a brown, he is slowly falling behind the others. Despite his slowness, wings beat to take him higher and higher, though a little off course from the flight path of the gold, a little to the right. Wings take him higher and higher, conserving energy where he can by finding the few updrafts above the weyr. Oh why couldn't he be home in the Reaches? So many thermals to catch up there, but no matter. His focus returns to the queen, the glowing gold, who seems so far ahead.

There's another shriek, and then it seems that Niva's done with her arguing. Instead, she's come to realize exactly what Kilaueth has done, and is now pushing past the riders, stalking back and forth across the garden. A shout of "C'ian!" - as if she expect the bronzerider to actually hear it - goes unanswered, and she's left to stare at the others there. Perhaps, you know, C'ian is perfectly happy not being Weyrleader. "What are you looking at?" She practically snarls at R'sul.

Kilaueth> Lakareth pushes off from the ground with his powerful hind legs, though it's a bit of an unsteady start. It always is, for him. Once he gets a decent altitude, out go the wings, with a 'fwoomf!' of displaced air. Once he's properly air borne, his wobblyness on land is gone, and it's smooth sailing. Figuratively speaking. Also, it's not nearly as easy as that, he's far more used to chasing greens, but he's doing his best.

Kilaueth> Ever the faithful consort, Hesketh takes to the skies mere seconds after his Lady. He angles sharply upwards, aiming to get above Kilaueth and the others, to watch their tricks, to plan their downfall and his success. Dipping a wing he circles momentarils, taking precious seconds to watch everyone's progress.

"Soil." R'sul's voice is nearly a squeak, and he is true to his word - he's studiously examining the soil at his right foot. He won't look at her, he won't. Against his wishes his gaze does begin to wander over the soil, over towards Niva's feet. Such pretty feet. With a strangled noise he pulls his gaze back to his own, much safer, feet.

Kilaueth> Arinith squats down a bit, then springs upwards into the air. He waits until the last moment and pops open his wings to catch himself, pushing them downwards to propel himself upwards. His slender form snakes its way around the opposing thermals, finally finding one to give him the lift he needs to make it close enough to the queen's fire that he can feel his snout burning.

Neferennu has been oblivious to what has been going on, but then like a tidal wave it crashes over her. That's what she gets for trying to keep it at bay. "Ugh…", though it is more of a groan and her head goes into her hands. When she does allow herself to look around, her eyes almost alive on their own will at the look she gives the males. Leona and Niva are completely ignored. It takes only a moment before she realizes this probably isn't the best place to be. On wobbly legs, she manages to get up and tries to slip out before being grabbed and forced to stay. Make that her own curiosity in the ways of riders during a flight, for a minute later she seems frozen in place at the edge of the gardens, hands wringing around her pencils. "Just stay hidden over here and you'll be fine…", is said over and over to herself.

Kilaueth> Kilaueth has climbed high enough - even the greatest volcano cannot fire lava upwards forever. And then, she's quickly pulling out of the climb and angling for Caspian Lake and the Sea of Azov - she will flee over the water, where only the strongest can follow. And thus, away she goes, large body constantly moving to distance herself from the males in pursuit, never wasting the time to look back and check on them.

R'miel chuckles a bit at Niva. Was she really expecting C'ian to come running to her? That bronzer hadn't been weyrleader in turns. And he could see why. Why stick around with Niva like this? The bronzer nurses his flask and grins to Rennu. It's a friendly grin, though sort of… predatory. Then he turns to Leona and blinks, sliding his glasses back onto himself.

Kilaueth> Luiluth folds his right wing in to follow the gold, making a neat curve lingering with the water vapor. With wings open again, he continues onward, at the back of the males but still not giving up. He roars a challenge, a large feline in its likeness, then flies on. His hopes of catching are disappearing with the increasing distance between him and gold.

Leona licks her lips absently, and backs slowly away from Niva. "So," she begins, too loudly, and without looking at anyone, "R'miel, do you and K'ael see each other often?" Grasp for conversational straws, yes… Her work and clipboard are all but forgotten, the latter only remaining in her hand because of her white knuckle death grip. Grasp, grasp… "I see my sister," that would be Lomare, who is a greenrider in her wing, "too much." she forces a fake chuckle, sliding a cautious glance to the side, seeming part relieved and part dismayed to see R'miel has his glasses on again. It's only a brief look, then she's looking away, chewing on her bottom lip. Lakareth is going to be in for a world of trouble later.

Of course Niva expects C'ian to come running. After all, C'ian /loves/ her. Though, after 25 turns, a bit of a break now and then is probably appreciated. With Neferennu edging off, and R'miel and Leona distracting each other, that leaves only poor R'sul to pick on. And so, she's talking a bit closer. "You saying I'm dirt?" She practically growls at him, looking about ready to try and topple the poor man over.

Kilaueth> Hesketh takes a moment to sound the charge, letting out a roar as he thunders after Kilaueth. Wings beat furiously as he tries to catch up, still trying to maintain a safe distance above her at the same time. The blood of battle pounds in his veins, and slowly he loses all thoughts of the other males. He must have her. Driven by need as well as duty he pushes onwards, no more fancy flying to distract him from the prize.

R'sul squeaks and backs off. "Nooo. You're lovely and you have nice eyes and a nice neck." As he names parts he looks at them, but thankfully catches himself and then goes from the ground up. "And ankles. And knees. You really have lovely knees. And…." Don't look there. Don't think of there. Panic!

Kilaueth> Arinith seems to stop mid-air for just a second as his body twists around and he shoots off towards the water. His wings fold in for a bit, then unfurl all the way to keep him just slightly above the gold, and a bit behind her. The water being so close has given the bronze a renewed excitement, and he lets out a thunderous trumpet for his small stature. Never one to be concerned with the other males in the chase, it may as well be just Kilaueth and himself in the air.

Kilaueth> Lakareth pushes himself harder, though it quickly becomes clear that he's not got the stamina of the larger dragons. He manages to keep up, but only just, struggling to remain equal with the bronzes at all. His rider still resists, down there, but he ignores her. This is what he was born for, the flight, the chase, more the flight than the chase. He's actually not a particularly eager-to-chase dragon, but some things are hard to ignore.

Kilaueth> Kilaueth trumpets once more, urging those who are falling behind to catch up, calling those who are beginning to wander from the pack to return. And then she's banking, turning back towards Xanadu's lands, still shooting onwards even as even the large gold begins to tire. Her wingstrokes are slowing, and in time, the gap between herself and her pursuers is shrinking, slowly, but certainly surely.

R'miel grins at Leona. "Not too often lately. I don't get out of the weyr much…" Though the reason why escapes him at the moment, as he's quite distracted. "We weren't that close until recently. "I take it you and your sister are close." R'miel is staring at her clipboard, trying hard not to look at Niva. Especially now that she's attacking R'sul.

Kilaueth> Luiluth has managed a lucky break. As Kilaueth turns back towards Xanadu lands, his position so far behind gives him an advantage. Within minutes, he is back within the pack. As his wings tire, however, it is soon clear that he will not be able to keep up much longer. Another bugle-roar towards the shining gold, but he knows he must leave this queen for the younger kind. So now he keeps flying, though already he is awash with disappointment for now he is only flying to make it back to the weyr before the wings give out entirely. An almost pitiful cry as he watches them fly off without him.

Neferennu is still in the gardens, though unconciously inching towards the others. Her eyes betray her emotions, like only a portion of her rational mind is keeping her from grabbing someone. That has come from experience, though even that isn't enough to keep her from shuffling nearer and nearer to Ram.

Kilaueth> Lakareth tires, his flight path becoming increasingly erratic as he goes. As the gap between Kilaueth and her other pursuers shrinks, somehow the gap between Lakareth and her is growing, and he knows it. He starts to flail desperately, wings and claws going every which way. Perhaps that wasn't the wisest of moves, as he slips further and further behind, warbling in frustration. « No, not fair! I'm not supposed to lose! »

Kilaueth> Hesketh falters slightly in his wingstrokes, then pulls a manoeuver that has aided him so often. He flicks his tail fowards, almost standing upright in the air for a moment before spiralling upwards even further. As his circles widen he manages to keep some sort of forwards motion, closing the gap between himself and Kilaueth slowly in a seemingly unending sky-waltz.

Kilaueth> Arinith is slightly sad there's no stunts involved in the chase. Where were her loops? Of course, as soon as he thinks on this she's moving around to head back to land. Arinith is able to turn on a dime… only to be bumped by that pesky Istan bronze. The two are caught in a tangle, and go flipping down towards the water with a splash. Both are essentially unhurt barring a few scrapes and bumps, but both are also out of the running.

R'miel, for having just lost doesn't look too unhappy. He's quickly dragging Leona /and/ Rennu off in the direction of his weyr. No sense in leaving someone out, right?

Attacking is such.. a harsh word. Really. Though, as R'sul starts to back off and try and explain herself, Niva actually throws her head back and cackles, before she's turning to stare at R'miel. "What, you afraid to look at me too?" She challenges him, straightening up and putting her hands on her hips. "Afraid you might like what you see?" But then, its obvious even to the oversure Niva that Kilaueth is tiring, and she's actually taking a few steps away from the males, though she seems to know what's coming, as her gaze remains steadily on R'sul.

Kilaueth> Kilaueth cries after Luiluth as he's dropping out to return to the Weyr, and then that Istan brown is faltering as well. That sneaky Istan bronze, however, is still making a pest of himself, dipping and diving here and there, though its obvious he's young, as his energy is quickly being zapped, but not before he's colliding with Arinith. A faltered wingstroke, and Kilaueth is trying to escape, but before she can, its Hesketh who is once again spiraling upwards to catches her in the air, before the pair are carried upwards once more.

Leona nods slowly in R'miel's general direction, inching closer. "I, ah, can't imagine being cooped up in one place for too long. Got to fly." Is she just too connected to Lakareth, or does she mean that metaphorically? Probably the later… "No, no, Nooo." Lakareth has failed, he'll never catch up now. She expected it, but still, his pain is hers. But she doesn't wait for him to land, instead allowing herself to be led off by R'miel, along with Neferennu, murmuring something about glasses.

As Hesketh spirals up, R'sul's head lifts once more. All nervousness, all worry, all fear oif Niva is gone in that one moment. He is Hesketh, she his Lady. Time to claim his prize in the little hidden alcove of the gardens.

With the other bronzerider claiming the other 'lucky' ladies, Niva's left to stare at R'sul. But, there's no more frantic yelling, no more quick retorts. Instead, she's willing to be claimed, even as Kilaueth was. At least temporarily.

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