An Unfortunate Encounter

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow


A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of buildings, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.
Stables and a smithy are settled on their own plots, while trees border the northern edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a fence can be seen to the east.

Its a fairly nice afternoon, here in Xanadu. Except for the fact that, as usual, wherever Niva goes, there is a lot of screaming. And so, the peaceful Meadow is being pierced by the yelling of two women. Niva is standing near one of the homes situated there, screaming in the face of the younger occupant who is standing with her door open. "Stay away from him! I can't believe you!!" Niva swears a bit. "He has children, and he's /mine/." And then, the door is slammed in the Weyrwoman's face, and she's left to pound on it angrily, before sighing and giving up as it doesn't reopen, stalking off, and swearing as she goes.

Shellie is on her way to the beach, her towel slung over one shoulder, and a bright smile on her face, at least until she hears Niva's screaming, and the corresponding responses. She frowns, and makes her way over to try and mediate.

Neferennu wanders into the meadow, holding her head with one hand and a mug of juice with the other. "Oy." The screaming had only made her head even more. Yet she passes by the home where the Weyrwoman had been screaming at earlier. A slight nod and smile to Shellie as the other woman is neared. "If I may ask, what is wrong?" Her voice is soft, despite still being a bit away from Niva, looking apprehensive to approach any closer. Afterall, the last time she was in the presence of a screaming rider, she was kind of accused of being with a certain bronzerider.

With that young woman who has dared to intrude on Niva's territory refusing to open the door, and likely sneaking out the back way to escape any further assault, its extremely unlikely that there will be any mediating. Though, that's probably for the beast, as Niva is stalking across the meadows, cutting and back and forth. Her face is a lovely shade of red, and she's still muttering to herself, ignoring the others meandering the meadow as well.

Shellie swallows, and frowns when she sees Niva and the other, younger rider, giving up the very idea of mediation. "I don't know, and honestly, I think asking might be a mistake." She notices Nefe's headache. "What's wrong?

Neferennu mutters and turns to Shellie before only half controlling her fall into a seated position on the grass. "I was meeting with a visiting bronzerider last night. I don't even remember what we talked about now. How in the heck I ended up at Ierne and in his bed, I'll never know. Woke up and found him asleep with his dragon. Ugh…" Wrinkles appears across her forehead and a couple dry heaves are made over the grass, before a few sips of juice are taken. "I can handle wine now, but the harder stuff…uh uh…" Eyes flirt up to the pacing Weyrwoman, that is until the area starts spinning a bit and her arm is the only thing keeping her from falling over backward. "I feel horrible…" The last is muttered under her breath, eyes back to watching Niva pace up and down. "Why would asking be a mistake?" Ok, so her mind is working a little slow tonight.

Niva seems to have calmed down a bit as she continues her pacing, her next turn bringing her back around, putting Shellie and Neferennu in her field of vision. She narrows her gaze at them, before she is sure that neither of them are that darned woman, and then she's stalking closer. "You didn't see where that.. woman.. went, did you?" She practically growls, pointing at the house of the offending Weyr Resident. Or, if Niv has her way. Former Weyr Resident.

Shellie shakes her head to Niva. "Um, no, ma'am." She seems a bit cowed at the moment (or would that be herdbeasted?) Taking a breath, she nods to Neferennu, smiling as she does. "You got lucky that you found one who's really a gentleman.

Neferennu moans slightly and shakes her head to Niva, trying to stand up and finally managing it on the third time though still wobbly. So how did she shellin' get on and off a dragon in the first place? " ma'am. Though I heard a moment ago some voices coming from that direction." A fleeting hand motion towards the forest. "I've been hearing voices that were not there this morning though.

Neferennu frowns and wrings one hand around the wrist of the other holding her drink.

"Shardin' woman.." Niva mutters, clearly frustrated and continuing to mutter. But then, it seems that she's finally taking note of Neferennu's condition as the girl tries to stand up. "Shards. What did you do?" And then there was some mention of 'bronzerider' at somepoint in her memory, and she's narrowing her gaze. "That bronzerider was here, wasn't he?" She quizzes her.

Shellie frowns. "He was from Ierne, Niva, so it couldn't have been L'ton." Her eyes narrow, however, as this seems to be a bit of a sore point with here. Unsurprising, as she's pretty well known to be one of L'ton's paramours.

Neferennu looks a bit stunned for a moment but stands her ground. "No ma'am, M'gan from Ierne. I just had too much to drink talking to him last night. I guess I went hom with him. Woke up this morning and he brought me home. After hearing how many children L'ton is expecting here at the weyr with so many women…" An unconcious shudder with the thought of how some men (and women) can be so thoughtless about their partners. "Oy, why do I keep hearing whispers?" Though this isn't realized to have been said outloud and acts as it never was by drinking on her juice.

"Good." Niva snaps a bit, as she shakes her head at the two of them, before glaring at Shellie. "You aren't pregnant, too, are you? Half the sharding Weyr is.." And the Healer is getting a careful once over from Niva, her gaze settling on her midsection with a look of suspicion. Blinking at Neferennu, the goldrider shakes her head and then going back to pacing, over a shorter area. "All them sharding bronzeriders."

Shellie sighs, and shakes her head. "No, I'm not pregnant, and frankly, you shouldn't be out and about at the moment.

"I was assured nothing came of last night." Rennu responds a bit defensively and stumbles backward a couple steps at Shellie's comment, expecting a backlash from Niva. "Um, I'm not going there." She mutters towards Shellie and instead downs the last of her juice and shakes a bit at the tension in the air around them, trying not to let it be noticed. "Is really half the weyr pregnant?" She whispers to Shellie, knowing she is one of the healers on duty. "Thank Faranth I've been taking that birth control stuff for over a turn now."

Niva straightens up, folding her arms across her stomach. "And why shouldn't I be out, rider?" She demands hastily, significantly more like a petulant child than the Senior Weyrwoman that she is. "I think I have the right to make sure that that woman knows to stay away from /my/ C'ian." She replies loudly, as if making sure if said woman is listening, she can hear her. Rennu's question gets a look, and a shrug. "At least half." True or not, who knows.

Shellie clears her throat. "Your gold is Proddy. And at the moment, I am speaking as a Healer, not as a Rider. Now, I don't think that girl wants C'ian. I suggest you calm down, before I have to ground you until Kilaueth rises.

Neferennu takes a step to the side and gives a soft snort, deciding for now to just watch the interaction between Shellie and Niva. "Maybe it is a case of mistaken identity?" This is said softly, though firmly, even if she has stepped away from the front of Niva.

"I'm not stupid enough to go anywhere else. Its /my/ Weyr, I can go where I want." Niva replies, straightening up to her full height, pointing at the weyrhome. "She was practically in his lap! I followed her back here." Now, its no matter that its unlikely that C'ian would do anything, but its the principle of the thing. But, either way, she's sniffing loudly at the other two. "Don't believe me, but I'm not nuts." And then she's turning to stalk away from them.

Shellie sighs, and facepalms. "And to think that I was having such a good day.,

Neferennu takes a deep breath. "I don't think you should go anywhere else, unless you want to." She is about to say something else, then thinks better of it and bites her lip. Maybe some peppermint oil could be slipped into Niva's next bath unnoticed to ease the tension. With that thought, a smile slowly grows across the lips. "Yes, that might work." Eyes then turn to Shellie. "Well, at least you have been having a good day. I'll trade my headache with you." Why she doesn't think about asking for a hangover medicine is unknown even to Rennu's frayed mind.

Shellie groans. "Not even eleven marks is worth this…

Neferennu raises an eyebrow. "11 marks? Where did you get 11 marks?" Eyes turn to watch Niva stalk off before she allows herself to plop back down onto the grass, then cross her legs. A deep breath which seems to help her head only a little.

Shellie shrugs. "It arrived via courier from Kerroon today. It was part of the money that was left to me by my parents when they died several turns back

Neferennu ohs and looks down on the ground. "I'm sorry." Yet she can't think of anything else to say so just plays with the grass under her fingers.

Shellie shakes her head. "It's ok, dear. I've come to terms with it a long time ago…

Neferennu sighs softly and plucks a couple blades of grass before heaving herself off the ground, though still a bit wobbly. "Uh, ok. Well, I have to go get some more juice. I need to have my head clear for my lessons this evening. I think we are practicing drawing what the different tissues look like at the celluar level and all that. Ugh…" Even the thought seems to make her headache worse and she waves to Shellie as her legs take her the long way around the beach and to the caverns.

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