An Official Decree

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrleaders' Office

Office and retreat, this is the domain of Xanadu's Weyrleaders. The door is in the eastern wall, quite close to the southern end while the northern wall is dominated by big, expansive windows, framed by sumptuous deep blue drapes edged with a brilliant gold braid and tied back with a thick rope of braided gold and blue cord. In between, the eastern wall is covered floor to ceiling with shelves that house all sorts of records, manuals and supplies that are used on a day-to-day basis. The southern wall has the Weyrleader's desk — plain fellis wood, well polished and masculine. From behind his desk, the Weyrleader can look straight through the windows and out onto the main airspace of Xanadu. The western wall is where the Weyrwoman's desk resides: a lovely piece of furniture made of warm cherry wood. From her seat, a glance sideways gives her an equally good prospect out the window. There are a few other seats, some comfortably arranged around a low round table for small, informal meetings while there also some that can be drawn up to one of the desks.
On the south side of the door, the space is occupied by a low oblong table where refreshments can be set without someone needing to intrude. There is also an 'incoming' tray where incoming correspondence or similar items can be left.

Its a rather uneventful day at Xanadu, and as usual Niva is settled in her office, paperwork stacked awkwardly around her, and she's not looking at any of it. Instead she's settled with her padded chair partially tipped back and her feet propped in an open drawer. It seems that the goldrider is reading a book or a bound report of some sort, rather than any of the immediate reports on her desk.

Well there was pacing in the administrative hallway for a time before Laera finally knocked on Niva's door and steps in, looking around the door. This young woman has had a trying time for the last month and a bit, having taken off duties when her Uncle collapsed. Her entire family meeting at Healer hall to see if he would live or die. Since her return she has been focused on getting him settled in here at Xanadu to recuperate with his weyrmate D'len and taking up studies with the healers. So to say she has been distracted might be an understatement. She was to start back regular duties this week.

No pacing needed from the brownrider, the brownrider had been on the ground for the last few weeks due to illness. Now with a somewhat clean bill of health, she has come to see the Senior Weyrwoman. Having avoided her situation long enough, spotting Laera she waves. "Hey Laera, yu can go first. I can' wait." She says, leaning against the wall and crossing her arms.

"Yes?" Niva responds without looking up from whatever she's reading, until there's the sound of another voice in the hallway, and she's glancing at the pair of transport riders. "In, in.." She eventually encourages both of them, into the chairs, even if she's still a bit distracted. "Who lost what going where?" She questions, assuming the cause of their visit, given their wing.

Laera looks to her wingleader and inwardly winces as she is here as well. Well of course she probably should have gone to her first really, but well sometimes thought process go aschew when you are a bit stressed. "Well Ma'am it is a good thing you are here as well." She says to Senkyou before looking at Niva as she questions her, "Well…I lost my ability to between at my weyr…" Laera offers with a nervous smile. "I am happy to keep flying local though, so you don't need to ground me or anything…"

Senkyou looks up at Niva, "I sure hope nothins lost. I mean, if something has gotten lost I have not been told about it yet." Letting Laera talk, she walks into the office and leans against the wall near the door, watching Laera and a good deal of color draining from her face as she talks. "Whatcha mean yu lost your ability to between?" Asking and crossing her arms, brows going up and then she says "Ya didn', ya aren't." Snapping into better posture she mumbles to herself, cursing under her breath.

"Well, that's a relief." Niva replies, shoulder relaxing a bit as Senkyou reassures her that nothing has been lost, at least to the wingleader's knowledge. Though, Laera's words have her blinking. "Is it your uncle? Betweening is much faster to get back, rather than staying local.." Gaze flicks to Senkyou, and then as the brownrider is cursing, Niv is quickly shifting to sit up straight, pushing the drawer in with her foot.

Laera stands there looking between her Weyrwoman and her Wingleader monitoring their responses to her rather vague announcement. As it seems one gets first she gives a sheepish nod to Senkyou before looking to Niva, "Nah, he is doing alright here Ma'am. We all watching him and D'len is a healer too ma'am." Oh yes got the politeness in overdrive today. "I just can't between cause I got myself knocked up and well I intend to keep it." She finally says without subterfuge. And well there are rumours that she has a revolving door on her weyr, but she ain't had a 'problem' before now. But she is usually betweening several times a day and taking herbs and well of late, she has been too busy with her uncle to do the first and to distracted for the second.

Senkyou puts her hand on her hip, "Seriously.. What am I gonna do with you, I mean bad enough I gone and got myself mixed up with that no good, shardin' bronzerider. But I was thinkin' that you were being safe." Pacing back and forth she grabs a chair, pushing it up to the desk and saying "I need to sit down." Plopping herself into the chair she says, "I got nothing against you keep yer baby, shards you can keep mine if yu want it." Looking over at Niva she says, "This isn't good timing."

Niva looks from Senkyou, to Laera, and then back to Senkyou, sighing softly. "Eiri's too. Sharding riders." She swears as she gets to her feet, pushing her chair towards her desk, narrowing her gaze at Laera, but its Senkyou that gets the first question. "No good bronzerider?" She peers at the brownrider curiously, as her arms fold over her stomach.

"I was…just lately…not head my head on straight with my uncle and well…I probably shouldn't be betweening anyway with that distraction." Laera says with some obscure rationalization. At the mention of a nogood bronzerider she looks down at her feet for a moment but does not say anything on that score. She finally looks up to Senkyou with a half smile, "I am happy to do the local runs Ma'am, Kereth is a smooth flyer and fast, we could fly straight to the local holds."

Senkyou closes her eyes, taking a deep breath. "Well, I understand that." Murmuring to Laera, at Nivas question she starts to explain. "He brought the booze, he always gets me drunk and when I have enough in me I tend to do things. But I already got Zalyu, don't worry 'bout me though, I am going to get L'ton for this one." Gripping the arms of the chair, looking at Laera. "I expect that of yu, yur a good girl an' I get no complaints. Yu know who the father is?"

Niva catches Laera's downward glance, and then as that name is being uttered by Senkyou, it seems that Niva has had enough, for she's hurrying past the two of them to head down the hall, yelling loudly for the headwoman, even as she's cursing the bronzerider to blame as she goes. If they follow, they follow.

"I think so…I ain't had so many since Uncle Kris came back…" Laera starts hedgingly before Niva gets up in a rush and she blinks, placing a hand to her face, "Oh..yeah…him…but I pegged him, not the other way around Senkyou." She says with a half smile on her lips before she lookss down the open door and motions for her wingleader to go first.

Senkyou shakes her head quickly, saying to Laera as she gets up from the chair. Deep breaths, in and out, in and out. "I am gonna get him for all this, mans gonna have my choppin off his.." Mumbling she moves out the door, letting Laera follow.

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Niva is marching into the caverns, still shouting her head off for Hisolda as she comes down the hallway from her and R'sul's office. "Hisolda!!" She practically screams again, acting more like a petulant child than fourty-something year old Weyrwoman. Snatching a folder from one of the assistants, she's hurriedly fanning herself with it, glaring at the girl who tries to bargain it back from her, before the slightly heavier woman that is Hisolda is coming in from the opposite side of the caverns - clearly someone went to find her, to stop the shouting. Yet, she's not closing the distance yet, leaving Niva to fume this afternoon, for just a bit longer.

Laera is one of the two people following Niva out from the hallway, perhaps one of the causes of the Weyrwoman's sudden turn of mood. She is looking a little sheepish for the first time in her life, so something big must have gone on down there. She looks to Senkyou and shakes her head, "There was no taken advantage of….hate for you to go chopping off things that work so well…" Oh did she just say that?

Tay just sits at a table enjoying this to unknown lengths, while she's younger then the gold rider she's not that much younger. There's no way that the greenrider is going to speak you about anything, nope she's just gonna sit here and enjoy the show. Smart Tay.

Senkyou comes out from the administrative hallway, looking like she might puke. Pale faced, hands on her hips. Reaching out to Niva for a second she just backs off looking over at Laera and then shaking her head. Sitting down in a chair she lays her head on the table, putting her hands over her ears and sighing. She's never made the Weyrwoman /this/ mad before.

R'miel is sitting alone in the caverns with his new toy! It's a pipe, actually, or something similar. The bronzer is trying to get it into a lightable position where he can smoke whatever's in it. Just weeds, for the moment, which will probably taste horrible. There's a plat of half eaten food in front of him, but it's ignored as soon as the goldrider comes stomping down looking for the headwoman. He raises a brow over his dark glasses and looks her way.

Neferennu comes into the caverns from the direction of the store room, a notebook of sheets of paper in her hands. With the yelling though, she stops dead in the doorway and just looks around the caverns. Looking for someone familiar to possible avoid detection from a clearly irritable weyrwoman, she moves towards a seat near R'miel. A nod to him as she sits down at her table and then pretends to be writing on her papers for oil supplies, keeping her eyes away from Niva for the time being. While R'miel is distracted, she snatches a bit of food from his plate and pops it into her mouth before she can be noticed.

Ysa, laaazy Ysa, who is still looking chubby from childbirth, comes strolling into the caverns. She was out for a stroll with her newborn son strapped to her belly in his sling, quiet for once. "All this shardin' fuss is why I eat in the tavern," she grunts to an older man she was escorting in, glancing nervously down at Illiam. Peaceful, for now… He was used to loud noises, apparently. "The offices are just over— Ya might want to hold off on your question." She winces a she spots the source of the screams, being the Weyrwoman. And all this shouting for the Headwoman is making a blond baby start to fidget and whine. "Sorry," she says to her companion, wincing at the sight before them as she places one hand over the baby's ears as if it'd help.

"Hi-/SOL/-da!" Niva shouts once more, before it seems the headwoman has finally had enough from the Weyrwoman's yelling, for she's crossing to her and pulling the folder from her hands. Niva glares a bit, before swiveling to point at Laera and Senkyou as they arrive shortly after she did, though in a quieter manner. "Half our sharding transport wing is grounded!" Niva spits in Hisolda's direction. "Half!" Okay, maybe not half, but, certainly those that matter. Tay, meanwhile is spotted and it seems that she looks entirely too cheerful, for Niva's then swiveling on her. "/You/. You're now on transport." She points at the greenrider, and her tone is one that really doesn't leave the new assignment up for debate. At least R'miel and Neferennu are left alone, for the moment, as are Ysa and her spawn.

"I can still fly Ma'am, just not between…" Laera says ever so helpfully, "Fly straight for all the local runs, plenty of things can be delivered that way, especially those bits not happy about being frozen between." She bites her lower lip and looks down at her feet then over to her Wingleader then back to the Weyrwoman. Her gaze only grazes the others in the room, as she is looking like she is waiting for the firing squad.

R'miel saved by being R'sul's go-to guy! Or something. R'miel sort of half-notices Rennu take a seat next to him, he doesn't notice her taking food from him, though. He just groans a bit. "Who put a tunnelsnake in her pants today…" The bronzer mutters under his breath. The bronzer finally manages to get the pipe lit as Ysa and his infant son head in. He gives them a wave, but doubts she sees him. "Grounded?" This time he askes loud enough for Niva to hear him. "They injured?"

Tay could very well just get all pissy about this, coming unglued about the change from chasing weyrlings to taking things from point A to point B and back again. THere's a look at Laera then down at her own lap then back up again with a grin. "I think not Niva." she offers with a cat that ate the canary grin. "Do fear that I have caught the bug that's going through the transport wing and more then likely by the same carrier of the virus too." Yes leave it to Tay to finally speak up and taunt the irrate goldrider even more. "I have to say that L'ton spawn will be popping up all over Xanadu soon enough from what I hear and oh wait here's the best news yet…It's triplets!" yes the 'T' word and Tay is just glowing..or is that gloating…hard to say.

Senkyou is paying little attention, this is not the way she had planned on this going. Looking over at Laera she rises, saying to Laera "I am gonna take whatever I wanna off that man, and you can fly straight but yu aren' gonna get yerself hurt. I ain't dealin' with that." Getting herself a glass she fills it with juice, glancing at Ysa then R'miel. Eyes darting from Niva to them, she sniffs the glass of juice and puts it down looking as if she might get sick. As R'miel asks she says, to Niva. "This needn't be talked about.." She mumbles, and outside Dulacth hovers. The brownrider isn't looking so good.

It was only a matter of time that the voice of the Weyrwoman was going to make the baby start his wailing. Which he does, with a big loud voice and sloppy tears and a fidgety Ysa. "Shells… Sorry 'gain for all that. 'm sure the kitchen staff can get ya some dinner if ya want to wait." That was to the old man before she excuses herself in a mutter and aims for the one and only face she'll really trust in this crowd. "Ram, what the shards is going on here?" she hisses between her teeth as she sidles closer towards him. She keeps her hand to the baby's head, trying to shush him a moment. She's too curious to run out of there, peering towards Niva and the others. "Haven't Ton spawn popped all over Xanadu already?" Her face has suddenly turned a bit dark, crying baby and all, as she catches Tay's words.

Neferennu looks up at the mention of whether any are hurt. "I haven't gotten any calls about dragons hurt.." Though it is doubtful that anyone but Ram and Ysa heard her over the baby's wailing. A wrinkle of forehead as she mentally tries to figure out what is going on and then decides maybe it would be best to not meddle in rider business for the moment. So the chair is pushed back, screeching along the floor, and the drink table is headed for. "If you want some help calming him, let me know." This is mentioned to Ysa in passing before pouring herself a mug of wine.

Niva was already somewhat red from having her stolen, make-shift fan taken away by Hisolda, but as Tay talks back, the Weyrwoman turns even redder - not even Laera's words can calm her down. "That sharding bronzerider!!" She screeches, snatching the folder from Hisolda's hands before R'miel's words catch her attention, though they're blatantly ignored and she's sweeping across the cavern to snatch the pipe right from his mouth, launching it towards the entrance. "What ya smirking at? Ya ain't no better, ya and that sharding friend of yers always causing me headaches. Yer brother ain't much better." Oh, don't think she hasn't noticed the love of Istan bronzeriders for Xanadu greenriders. And blueriders. And even brownriders. Ysa and the baby get a glare, though at least the woman is spared for now, as her child has already arrived.

Oh yes something has gotten into the water at Xanadu, Ton sperm it seems. At Tay's announcement Laera can't help but chuckle, though she looks down as she does it. Now its not the time for Niva to see her being amused by all this. Finally she looks up Niva, "One might say that it is the fault of the Xanadu women…" She says ever so helpfully with an almost cheerful smile on her lips. Is she defending the father? Maybe a little, or her own reputation. Never let it be said she /let/ someone seduce her. She does it well enough.

Ysa can't help but look just a /little/ nervous at Niva's sudden explosion. After all, she didn't react angrily or much at all after hearing their crazy cave-people story. The younger goldrider does bristle, though when the Weyrwoman goes after her weyrmate. "Hey now, Niva, whatever trouble L'ton's got into has nothing to do with R'miel. There isn't no need to be attacking him." She slides closer, wailing brat and all. Of course, Neferennu just threw herself to the wolves, because Ysa was turning back to her and pulling the sobbing kid from his sling. "Ya don't have to offer twice, Rennu," she says with a grateful sigh as she gets the weight off and holds the baby out.

R'miel blinks a bit as Tay tells the weyrwoman what's what. Sheesh. Women. By now though even the bonzer has caught the drift. Though Niva makes sure to inform him anyways. "Oh I see, he's got half the weyr pregnant again. Heh, better him than me. One is enough for me." He blinks a bit as Niva approaches him and takes his pipe. And throws it across the room. "Hey! I was using that…" And he'd just gotten it lit, too! he furrows his brow at her. "Hey now, that's not fair. I haven't slept with anyone other than Ysa in over a turn. And my brother doesn't have any kids." That he knows of. Yet. Spared of his pipe, he offers to take Illiam from Ysa. "Anyways, weren't you just pregnant not too long ago? How are you going to fault them when your own bronzer is knocking you up?" Snicker. Snicker.

Tay moves to Niva with the assurity of turns of riding, no fear is shown as she faces the goldrider with that perky grin still showing. "I'd swear it was the water actually, not us females." She offers to Laera. "I heard tell it's just not we riders that have caught his eye but some of the caverns girls have as well." But that's just plain heresay ya know. "Please Niva, no reason to be jealous of all us lucky ones, I'm sure we could get L'ton supply you with one of your own." Yes she's walking on dangerous ground and lovin' every moment of it. "We can't help it if we Xanadu females have something about us that just begs for Istan riders to come to us."

Senkyou gets paler still, Tay's announcement is sinking in and she clutches onto the table holding the juice. The Wingleader looks like she might faint, taking another deep breath she can't seem to calm herself down, all this stress and the fact that the father of her child is such a sleeze ball. "Triplets?" She asks, eyes getting big the brownrider faints, slipping down and hitting the floor. Dulacth bugels outside, trying to stick his head into the caverns but only blocks the door way. One big eye whirling fast as he spots his rider.

Neferennu sets her mug of wine down on the table and takes Illiam from Ysa. Careful to hold him with his head supported, she moves away from the table, leaving her wine behind. "Shh…" And softly she sings to him the lullaby her foster mom sang to them. Something about firelizards flying and bringing gifts. Her ears are still open to the conversation though and at the mention of L'ton she turns a deep red color in her face. Her voice cracks a bit, but soon recovers even if it a tone higher than normal. Apparently she's met L'ton, and probably has a crush on him or a mild relationship with him, or something of some sort.

"Get out!" Niva is shrieking at Ysa and Ram, pointing her finger towards the exit, face a dark red. "Out!" She yells again, you know, just in case they didn't hear her the first time. Luckily for them, though Tay and Laera's words have her almost immediately distracted and she'll likely have forgotten all about her earlier pronouncement before she turns back around. "/I/ will never have one of /his/ children." Taking a deep breath and straightening up, she's shaking her head, and in contrast to her earlier shrieking, Niva's voice is remarkably calm. "No more. I won't put up with this again. They're destroying my wings and my Weyr." Gaze rests on each of the women in question in turn, even as Senkyou faints and Hisolda is quickly rushing to the brownrider's side - not much can be done to stop a Niva-explosion at this point after all. Neferennu's red face is enough to set Niva huffing again. "Is there a /single woman/ he hasn't touched?" She hisses, once more glaring at each in turn.

Laera chuckles again at Tay's words though just when Laera thought she would get away without morning sickness, well it decides to rear its head at this particular moment. She pales a bit, hand going to her mouth before she is running for the lower caverns for a purge. Perhaps she won't be so chipper about being pregnant after this. So thats a brown down and blue a chucking. Poor Niva.

"Wait, /all/ are pregnant?" Ysa says, with a glare sliding towards Senkyou. Just because she can. But her eyes are back to Ram now, her feathers ruffling up a bit at his comment. "A turn? Lyram is two turns old, Ram! Unless ya aren't telling me something…" She glowers his way, but it isn't long-lived, especially with an angry Weyrwoman in her face. That will have to wait. She stares at Niva, even managing a half-step back, but she stays by the bronzer's side. As the older woman looks away, she spares a glance towards her weyrmate, brows raised high, but then quickly snaps back to attention at the sound of a person fallen. "Permission to take her between and get rid of this problem once and for all," she calls over towards the Headwoman. The other pregnant bluerider and 'pregnant' greenrider is eyed. "They all should; that man's stocking up a Weyr with his spawn." She grunts, turning her attention on Rennu for a moment since she does have her son, her eyes narrowed just slightly at her expression. "Ya can't tell me /ya/ were dragged into his scheme as well, Rennu?" So young, too. Of course, she also dares to pipe up back to Niva. "Ya have been safe, Niva, to my knowledge."

Tay looks around then shakes her head slowly, "Nope don't think so." still as bright and cheery as ever is our Tay. "Heard tell he's been spending time at Igen too, Ierne as well. Got a greenrider chasing him at one and heard he was cuddling up to a goldrider at the other." she doesnt' specify which color goes with which place though. "It's an epidemic." she mock whispers. Yes this is to much fun, having a chance to see how far Niva's sanity can be pushed and prodded until she explodes or implodes, either way it's gonna be messy.

Faranth thank Rennu for sparing him the task of soothing his son. He's actually on his way up to go help the brownrider when Niva starts telling him and his weyrmate need to leave. He'd ask what they did, but he knew that when women got this angry making sense gets in the way. He frowns to Ysa. "Arin has caught since then, you know. Anyways, it take two to tango. And these riders have plenty of chances at birth control, nor do any of them seem particularly bothered by the fact that they're all having his kids. Even if we banned Ton from Xanadu, it's not like we can ban them from Ista. I know you're upset Niva, but what can we do other than castrate him?"

Neferennu stutters. "Uh…well…I've met him. We did flirt a bit but nothing came of it. I have other friends who…I am with." Then she bows her head away from the goldriders and goes back to trying to calm Ysa's son and humming.

Niva turns to glare at Ysa. "I know /I'm/ safe, you idiot." She dismisses the younger goldrider then with a wave of her hand, before Tay is given a rather dirty look. A deep breath and then Niva's lifting her voice to ensure that any poor soul in the caverns can hear. "No more Istan bronzeriders. If want to see neither hide nor hair of them. /Any/ of them. They can send someone else for meetings." Niva proclaims, as she's hurriedly flapping the folder at her face, trying to fake some sort of a breeze. "They'd better not show up, or I /will/ ruin their fun." She hisses then to those closest, as she turns to stalk off.

Ysa smirks at Niva's glaring. There's one person that can call her an idiot… Not that she minds. She does shoot R'miel a dark look, leaving her behind as he started to head after the brownrider. Hopefully the scowl lasts long that he gets the message, if he looks at her. "Keep to your other friends," she advises Rennu, sighing as her son only just starts to calm down, what with the Weyrwoman finally not screaming directly at them. "Thanks, Rennu," she finally tells the young teen with a quirk to her lips, though her other hand is raised to her temple as she turns to watch Niva. "'m definitely not going to argue with you on that, ma'am." She doesn't look /too/ thrilled, but she wasn't going to say a word against it and just rub at her temples instead.

Senkyou is still out of it, but DUlacth is crooning and making as much noise as he can. With Ysa's comment he quickly rumbles in protest, pushing his head further into the caverns. Not down for long though, Senkyou sits up, looking at Ysa and sighing.

R'miel doesn't quite make it to Senkyou, he catches Ysa's look at him and retreats back to his seat before there's another goldrider screaming in the caverns. He sighs a bit as Niva leaves. "You think that was an official decree? That's going to take a lot of explaining to the Istan leaders. Especially with the weyrleader being a Xanadu bronzer too." He looks to Rennu and nods. "Trust me, you don't want to be tangled in that web."

Neferennu raises an eyebrow at the comment about other friends from Ysa. "Um…ok." Of course when the flirting was going on, she didn't know he was flirting with every other woman too. As Illiam begins to quiet down, her legs take her pacing up and down between tables, slowly rocking him in her arms to help him calm further. Even a pinky is given for him to suck on if he wants. "You're welcome." Despite her pacing, her eyes flirt up to Senkyou occasionally and then to Niva's retreating back. "Are you alright?" This is asked of Senk, but in such a low tone that it might not be heard over the length of the room. Carefully, she releases one hand and pulls a small bottle out of a pants pocket. "Here, please give this to her." It looks like a glob of aloe that is colored a brownish-red. "Aloe with ground clove and pepper. It helps keep me awake with just a smell." This is given to R'miel, who happens to be closest to her at the time, then she is back to singing softly. "Well, I guess I don't have a choice now about seeing him again anyways. Not that I want to now." The last is muttered.

Only a few short minutes after Niva's disappearance back towards the office, there's a gold firelizard erupting into the caverns, chittering loudly, before its betweening once more, a rolled scroll tied to one leg, bearing the seal of Xanadu. Official enough, it seems, until Kilaueth rises to dispense Niva's fiery temper at least.

Good bronzer. Well, as far as Ysa was concerned, Senkyou was no friend of hers. And seeing that the Headwoman was dealing with the brownrider, she didn't have need to glance in that direction anymore. Especially since her offer wasn't given any attention. She watches Neferennu deal with her son, his mouth suddenly around her finger. Which was a relief, seeing that the wailing had finally stopped. She flops down to a seat next to her weyrmate, barely wincing anymore, and shakes her head. "'m sure /that one/ will be fine." The firelizard gets eyed with a wrinkled nose, grunting as she turns back to finally give the brownrider a glance. "You're right 'bout all this, it's technically the women's fault that aren't responsible. A Weyr's got to work."

R'miel takes the bottle of… whatever it was over to the headwoman who is tending to Senkyou. After delivering Rennu's instructions he moves back over to his weyrmate. Just in time to be intercepted by a squeaking and squaking gold lizard that he recognizes as Niva's. He groans at the piece of parchment. "Well, looks like I'll be spending some time at Ista, smoothing things over with their weyrleaders." He shrugs to Ysa and waves her up again. "We should head back. Illi looks like he needs a nap."

Neferennu lets Illiam suck on her finger, who is indeed going back to sleep. Once he has settled down, she moves back towards Ysa and R'miel with a sigh. "Thank you." As Ram returns to the table and then she looks from one to another as the gold firelizard returns, giving a look at it like she would rather send it flying back between if it doesn't stay quiet. "Well, in that case, just send me a message if you need some help with your son here. I have the day off tomorrow." The corner of her lips curves up into a smile, which gets wider as she looks down at the baby.

Ysa's eyes keep roving over fainted brownrider-way but they remain mostly on Neferennu and her son. "Gone a lot?" she asks in surprise, turning towards firelizard and weyrmate. She frowns before her shoulders droop down in defeat and she sighs. "I guess it's bound to happen." She holds her arms out for Illiam as she smirks back towards the teen. "I guess ya lucked out with the Weyrwoman's decree, in case Ton got his… claws on ya. He's good like that, and we don't need anymore babies here." She snorts but stands anyway, bobbing her head to the young girl. "Ya better not regret saying that, cause with Ram gone more, 'm going to take ya up on that offer." She turns towards the bronzer, pulling an exhausted face. "I think we all need a nap."

Neferennu wrinkles her nose in disgust as she looks over towards Senkyou, but not for the girl but for the father. "I guess I did. I thought he actually liked me for not. Didn't realize he was one of those that wanted anything female. I mean if he got two women pregnant pretty close together, and pregnancy sometimes takes months…" A shudder from a shiver of frustration down her spine. Frustration at herself. Then she snaps out of it and gives a warm smile to Ysa, eyes a bit brighter. "Ah well, I don't think Ethne would take too well to skipping out of training to babysit, but I'll help when I can. I helped raise my younger siblings and foster siblings for a couple turns. Though I can't help with feeding." Smirk. "I'm sorry, here." Very slowly she pulls her sucked on finger out of Illiam's mouth and holds him out a bit so Ysa can take him back. "But I am on call for the latest weyrlings just to warn you."

Ysa makes a face. "Ton likes all his women for who they are… women. Honestly, I don't know if he really /likes/ anyone outside of Mai." Because this goldrider will literally kill him if he didn't at least like her best friend. "But if that's not what you like, than you're warned now." She waves in the direction of all the pregnant riders. "That's that brownrider's second… or third? with him, and S'ya had one, and others had some." She sighs dramatically and takes her son before nodding to the younger girl. "Well, there's always the nannies. But I'll let ya know if I need ya. I better catch up to Ram now, before this one starts crying again." She holds Illiam close before putting him back in the sling and waving to the girl, then strides out.

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