Avaeth's Maiden Flight

Xanadu Weyr - Zevida's Weyr
Largely made for the queen that resides and a few of her likely guests, suited to her tastes and hidden into the darker edject of the forest. Natural light does not fill the weyr, instead, carefully placed lamps along with red pattened shades. Pale gold curtains separate the weyr slightly, the sleeping aread where both the gold and her rider sleep is sectioned off. The sitting area has it's own place with a little pot for making klah. A shelf along with a few books, charts and papers. The final sectioned area is where the clothing is, a neat little dresser and a changing area, all hidden behind the final curtain. It's cozy, for the large gold. For any other it may appear abnormally large.

R'miel peers at Zevi and slides into her weyr. He gives the gold a wave in greeting, then slides up near her rider and waves a hand in front of her. "Hello? You in there Zevi?" He runs a hand through his hair, shaking it out a bit to get it poofing back to normal. "Hm. We're gonna need some liquor for you, sweetheart." Then the bronzer slips off for a few moments to run to his own weyr, coming back with a bottle of the Igen firewater he's so fond of. Arinith meanwhile croons a bit to the gold.

"Hey, Ram!" L'ton calls out as he pushes his way into the weyrhome in the forest which clearly belongs to a goldrider. Of course, the crucial detail that was left out when Dhonzayth told L'ton where he could find his friend was that the weyrhome wasn't that of the goldrider Ysa, which L'ton has clearly assumed it was. This of course, can be assumed by the carelessness with which L'ton strolls in, not even bothering to stop and knock. Oh well, its all good, right? Of course, within a few steps, L'ton's gaze begins to narrow. "Man, Ram, ya really let Ysa pick what she wanted, didn't ya?" Its only then that he's finally /really/ looking around him, and realizes that the goldrider there with Ram /isn't/ Ysa. "Hey there, honey." He offers, trying to look like this really was where he meant to be.

Zevida glances at R'miel again, flushing a darker shade ad turning her head away, ot even acknowleding his presence, even as he leaves. Avaeth simply huffs at the bronze and his crooning, turning to greet the new rider with a peer. Zevida does turn her head, flushing a dark shade, muttering a soft greeting but, she does not go higher than that.

R'miel blinks a bit as L'ton comes strolling in. Ram's just come back from the beach, he's dry, but in his swim trunks and a t-shirt. Still the glasses though. "Tonny? What are you doing here?" This bronzer is just as confused when he makes a comment about letting Ysa do what she wants. Finally it occurs to him what L'ton thought was happening. "Oh! Heh, this isn't our weyr, this is Zevida's here. Ella is still on the sands, remember? No, this lovely gold is Avaeth." He opens the bottle of firewater and waves it under Zevi's nose. "You should take a few swigs of this. It'll help you relax, love." Arinith gives a bit of a warble to the familiar bronze.

"Ya ain't suppose ta call her love, what'll Ysa think, stuck on the sands like that?" It seems that while the Istan might have heard the other bronzerider's words, he's not going to make any active sign of having done such. "Ah, however, have ta agree that Avaeth is a lovely gold," Dhonzayth offers a croon in agreement, while L'ton's eyes drift from Ram back to Zevida. "And that her rider is quite lovely ta." While, perhaps he should be excusing himself, L'ton does nothing of the sort, instead crossing the room to bow to Zevida with a crooked grin. "Mah dear, Ah'm L'ton. Ah didn't mean ta interrupt like that, but Ah can't be letting R'miel have all the pretty girls ta himself now. He's always hiding 'em." The flask that Ram has is eyed carefully, shaking his head a bit.

Zevida peers at R'miel, shaking her head slowly before glancing at L'ton curiously. Her lips press firmly together before she speaks softly. "Why are you all here?" Avaeth snorts softly, slowly moving to curl protectively around Zevida and watching the visitors, mostly peering at L'ton. "I assure you, there are no pretty girls hidden here.." A careful look from both gold and rider.

R'miel grins. "Ysa isn't here. How's she gonna find out. Besides, shouldn't you be off entertaining M'iken?" He gives Tonny a friendly nudge with his elbow and grins a bit. "Mm. Avaeth has grown into quite a gorgeous specimen. And Zevi's always been a pretty girl. I'm her favorite bronzer, ask her." He grins a bit. It's not the flask today, it's the whole bottle. Plenty for everyone. Straight from Ysa's collection! But when Zevi refuses, he pours a bit into the two glasses he's brought anyways, handing one to Ton. "Apparently Arin wanted to visit."

"Ram, ya really /are/ always hiding the good ones. She thinks she ain't pretty, and that makes her all the prettier!" L'ton turns to tell Ram, shaking his head and reaching for the offered glass. "Thanks." He offers, lifting it up in a silent toast before looking back to Zevida. "Ya know, ya gotta find a new favorite bronzerider, if'n he's it now. Ah'm always up fer that job." A wink from the Istan, and then he's giving Ram a look of, 'You don't say anything, I won't.' "Ah came looking fer Ram, but Ah think Ah found 2 things that are much better."

Zevida simply looks between the two, turning redder. She twitches, shaking her head at them. "Don't talk about me…" She murmurs, Avaeth letting out a soft hiss of agreement and shifting to peer closer at the riders in an attempt to scare them off. "He's not my favorite." Another soft murmur and she fidgets with her hands, chewing on her bottom lip.

R'miel laughs. "She needs to be made prettier?" Zevi of course was right up Ram's ally. He likes that dark skin. Plus Zevida has that fiesty attitude. Yep, that wasn't a turn off, even though she probably wished it was. He nods to L'ton and lifts his glass as well, before taking a sip. He just grins at L'ton. Flights were always confidential. He turns back to Zevida, but her gold is getting in the way right now. He pouts anways. "Bah…" Arinith meanwhile croons lowly to the golden queen.

L'ton takes a few steps back as Avaeth softly hisses, the Istan tilting his head to peer at the gold. "Avaeth, Ah just wanna admire yer rider, just like Ram here. Ah'd admire ya ta, but Ah ain't sure how much ya'd like that, even if yer gorgeous ta. Look at that pretty hide, Ah dun think Ah've ever see anything as pretty." As he tries to compliment the gold, he just shakes his head at Ram with a grin. "Sweetheart, are ya feeling okay, hm? Can Ah get ya anything, so ya dun gotta sit there and fidget by yerself?"

Zevida gives the two a helpless look, slowly shifting to hide behind Avaeth and away from the two men. Avaeth huffs, settling herself to hide Zevi still while watching the two carefully. A peer at L'ton and she huffs at him again. Not leaving behind Avaeth, Zevida murmurs. "I'm fine… You're all flustering." Is mumbled, and she seems to hide even more, possibly attempting to go /under/ her lifemate.

R'miel frowns a bit at Zevi as she tries to hide. "We're not going to bite, Zevi. You look really uncomfortable though. But you're not going to be able to hide under there forever. You should tell us how you're feeling, we've delt with a lot of proddy riders. Plus if you relax, it'll help Avaeth, and then she'll be able to get it over with quicker." He sighs a bit and looks up at Arin, who in turn warbles to the gold.

"Honey, Ah think yer the one flustering. Yer all flushed, and ya look all scared. Ah mean, Ah dunno about Ram here, but Ah dun bite, Ah promise. Ah just like ta admire pretty ladies, and their pretty lifemates." L'ton rambles a bit, shifting around, trying to get a look at the youngest of the Xanadu goldriders. Dhonzayth then takes it upon himself to join in with Arinith's crooning, trying to lure the gold away from her rider. Come get some real cuddling? As R'miel tries to reassure Zevida, L'ton quickly nods his head, joining in with the chorus. "Just talk ta us honey."

Zevida lets out a soft sigh, Avaeth peeking downwards before scooting her from her hiding spot. But, she keeps close still, not allowing Zevida to hide again. Zevida simply goes red turning away from the two. "I don't know how… I am feeling… Just…" Trailing off, she mumbles the rest, keeping her head away from the two. Slowly, she shifts in an attempt to hide again. Avaeth looks at the two bronzes with little interest in cuddling, instead, staying close to Zevida.

Arinith continues to croon soothingly at Avaeth. He's known her since just a hatchling, and is hoping that at least offers the gold a tiny bit of comfort in what is likely a very confusing time for her. He tries to reassure her that his bronzer wasn't going to let anything happen to her rider. "Come on Zevi, come back and sit down. We won't poke at you or talk about you anymore."

L'ton glances sidelong at Ram, before taking a few steps, trying to catch Zevida's arm in what he hopes would be a comforting action, if of course the hovering gold allows for it. "Ya dunno how ta what lil'bit? Stay with her? Ya just gotta let her know that yer the boss, and ya just can't get scared. It really ain't as bad as they all tell ya, when yous a weyrling." The redness of the young woman's face is no deterrent for this Istan. Dhonzayth seems to settle for the lack of gold company, though he settles down to offer an occasional croon.

Avaeth slightly shifts, attempting to shield Zevida but she doesn't. Allowing L'ton to catch Zevida's arm, at least until Zevida becomes frightened. The woman only attempts to bat at the man touching her, closing her eyes tightly. She doesn't say anything, only batting more as she slightly steps away. "Don't know what I'm feeling…" She murmurs. "What to do.."

R'miel watches L'ton reach over for Zevida. At least he doesn't get eaten by her gold in the process. Arinith shuffles towards Aveath a bit, in head hunkering down and looking up at her. He warbles a bit to her as if to ask her if she was feeling alright as well. "Just relax Zevi. You want something to drink? I can get some klah from my weyr…" He shrugs a bit helplessly to L'ton.

L'ton gently tries to draw Zevida away from Avaeth's side and slightly more into the open, before letting go of her arm, to try and push the glass given to him earlier by Ram into the girl's hand, if it won't just be flung back all over him. "Honey, it happens. Ya just gotta go with it, ya'll know what ta do when it happens. Ah mean, it'll be real weird, but." Tilting his head, he looks to Ram for support. "We just wanna help ya, we just need ta know what's on yer mind." Dhonzayth is happy to let Arinith do the shuffling for now, though he's creeping a bit in the smaller bronze's shadow, nevertheless.

Avaeth peers at Arinith, huffing softly and shifting away as he shuffles closer. She's leaving Zevida to be moved away by L'ton, and, the woman seems quite flustered again. "I.. Don't need anything to drink.." The glass is batted at as he attempts to get it into her hands. "Nothing is on my mind. Nothing… Avaeth's.. All weird…" She murmurs, attempting to put distance between herself and L'ton. "It's all weird in my head, too…"

R'miel nods a bit. "Flights are going to happen. I know it feels weird Zevi, you don't feel like yourself and you're not in control. I know that's why you don't dirnk, but all you can do during these periods of intensity is just relax and let things wash over you, just go with it." He stretches a bit. "Or, you can try to coax Avaeth to take interest in the bronzes. Try to encourage her to go out and blood, so she can get up into the air. Then you'll have your mind back and everything will be back to normal."

L'ton manages to pull the glass away from Zevida's batting hands before its flung everywhere, and he simply downs it, to prevent any future accidents before they can even be thought of. "What type of all weird, though? Ah mean, of course she's gonna seem a bit different, if'n she's proddy." L'ton seems a bit baffled by the young woman's behavior, and even as she's stepping away from him, he's taking half steps towards her, allowing her to slowly increase the distance. "Ya just gotta stay confident, cause she's gonna need ya, ta." As Avaeth shifts away from Arinith, Dhonzayth offers an encouraging croon, trying to get her to come to them, instead.

Zevida shakes her head, moving away again. "I don't.. I don't like it." She murmurs, shaking her head. "Ava doesn't like them like that.." Her nose wrinkles and she shakes her head once more, closing her eyes. "Anxious.. Anxious." And, she peers at L'ton as he attempts to move closer, her lips pressing into a thin line. Avaeth hisses again at the two bronzes, backing away as well.

R'miel nods to Zevida. "I know you don't like it Zevi. But it's part of a dragonrider's life." He sighs a bit. "Anyways, if Avaeth isn't ready to go up, then us being here is just going to stress you out." Ram take the bottle and the glass L'ton was drinking from and turns towards the exit. "Come on, Arin." He stay sternly. The bronze seems to whimper a bit, but eventually turns to follow his rider. The gold didn't seem to be taking an interest and his mind was being molested by a much friendlier gold sitting alone on the sands.

"Ah'm sorry, lil'bit. But it ain't just gonna go way. Yar both gonna have ta let it happen. Ah mean, Dhonzayth and Arinith are good bronzes, ta, if'n ya can get her ta not hiss at 'em, they'd make sure nothing happened ta her." L'ton rambles a bit, stopping in his tracks as she peers at him, murmuring the word anxious. "Ah.. Ah guess she would be, depending how close she is. And, ya've every right ta be anxious, since ya dunno what's about ta happen." But then Ram is turning to leave, and L'ton looks rather helplessly at him, rather unwilling to leave the anxious girl alone, it seems.

Zevida stares at Ram as he starts to leave, turning her head away and slowly slipping towards a chair. She doesn't look towards the two, simply staring off in the other direction and continuing to fidget uneasily. Avaeth turns, ignoring the two bronzes and moving past them easily. "Ava…?" Zevi murmurs softly, turning her head to watch the gold leave. "Ava..?" Slowly, Zevi is rising, but not following after the gold.

Dhonzayth turns as the gold passes him by, watching her with interest, before he's following along after her without any hesitation. After all, how could he resist /that/? L'ton glances briefly over his shoulder at the disappearing dragons before back at the now once again standing Zevida, and he shakes his head a bit. "Ah guess she was anxious for a good reason." He murmurs to himself, before moving to offer Zev a hand. "Ya.. Ya should probably sit."

Arinith is about to leave, when the gold moves past him. Ram is out of luck, it would seem, and almost trampled as the dragons make their way out. Arinith gives an excited trumpet, following the gold closely. Ram just gives a sigh and moves over to Zevi, patting her shoulder gently. "Sorry, dear. This might be a bumpy ride." He unscrews the bottle again and pours himself a hefty glass.

Zevida stares quietly at the ground, shifting her gaze towards the two riders slowly. A frown, and she lets out a soft sigh. Her gaze moves to L'ton's hand and slowly, she turns back towards the chair, sitting quietly down. Her head turns towards where Avaeth went.

L'ton follows Ram's example as the other bronzerider returns, moving to gently pat the goldrider's other shoulder and actually give her a slightly sympathetic look. "Ah'm sorry, lil'bit.." He mutters, shaking his head as he positions himself slightly to one side of the chair Zevida occupies, folding his arms over his chest, and bracing himself, actually wrinkling up his nose as the dragons blood in the feeding grounds, and he begins to be drawn in to the emotional mess that has consumed the younger rider.

Dhonzayth> Avaeth is up in the air, all pretty like. Bloody and glowing, taking off into the air rapidly. Going higher with each beat of her wings, not likely to stop, either. Focusing only on her height, she goes up more. Leaving the bronzes in her dust.

R'miel just sighs a bit and focuses on his alcohol for now. He gives Zevi a sympathetic look as well, but his was a bit harder to make out. Goldfights were always more stressful, since they were always more tense and emotional. And a maiden goldflight? Well, Ram can't say he's honestly ever been at one. But at least he knows Zevi a little bit, and even if she doesn't like him, she knows him as well.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth was quick to take off after Avaeth, the pale bronze dragon rushing in a flurry of wings after the firey gold, each wing beat taking him further from the carnage that is now the feeding grounds, quickly finding a thermal to help push him skywards. Spiraling within the warm summer air that rises from the Xanadian lands, he's gaining altitude with less effort than it would be otherwise. As one thermal ends, he's quick to slide into the next, letting it left him upwards, trying to close the distance with the gold. Must close the distance!

Dhonzayth> Arinith is more excited than ever to be taking to the skies after a pretty golden girl. Which means he's also blooded more than ever, and left way too many animals dead and now has a bugling stomach full of dragonfuel. Without a myriad of other dragons about Arinith was free to do a swooping swirling motion as he makes his ascent, finally catching a thermal which works in his favor. He gets a push upward and beats his wings as hard as he can. She was moving fast!

Dhonzayth> Avaeth continues her upward flying, finally, once high enough, she loops into a lazy curve. Spending her time doing loops and twists, ignoring the bronzes chasing after her.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth is unwilling to succumb to the lazy flight patterns of the fiery gold, for all that she's mimicking the sun upon its daily journey across the sky - both continue on their way with little regard for anything around them. Dhonzayth continues to climb while Avaeth performs her acrobatics, eventually leveling out above her, banking left and right in an attempt to maintain his, at least to his way of thinking, superior position above her.

Dhonzayth> Arinith doesn't seem quite as content with the height as Avaeth is. He gives the air a few more flaps until he's hovering slighting above where the gold is. This was his 'sweet spot', and my how sweet it is today. The light reflects gently off the firey colored hide and Arinith finds himself suddenly crooning in response to the beauty moving below him. He dances a bit in the sky with her, sweeping this way and that, then doing a slight loop when she does hers. His slender form snakes through the air after hers, being at least a bit mindful to not be knocked from the air by larger Dhonzayth.

Dhonzayth> Avaeth continues her loops, swerving here and there, right and left. Suddenly distracted by Arinith's moves, snorting softly as she mimics, attempting ease at his moves but faltering slightly. A sway in her smooth flying and she veers off to regain control.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth continues to bank left and right, not taking the time or the energy to fall into each of the loops, even as the smaller Arinith does. As the fiery gold mimics, Dhonzayth quickly changes his course, trying to catch back up with her as she veers. Each wingstroke causes the pale Istan to bob, up and down, as he continues to chase this smaller Rukbat across the sky, even as she sways in her carefully plotted course. The sun must remain aloft, it must! And Dhonzayth's flight draws him a bit closer in her moment of weakness, as he continues to strive for the opportunity to wallow in her glory.

Dhonzayth> Arinith luckily can afford the energy to loop around. His smaller frame makes him slightly more agile than the average bronze. He seems amused when Avaeth joins in his looping. She was young after all. Arinith nearly jumps the gun when she falters a bit, but luckily hasn't gone quite into strike mode yet. He has moved a bit closer to her, though, which only makes her glowing all the more tantalizing to him. So close!

Dhonzayth> Avaeth seems to flail, slightly, veering off again. She attempts to go upwards, away from the captors. Away from them, far far. But, alas, she veers off again. Uneasy, quickened in her haste. Open for assault as her main focus is to flee, and, attempt to keep straight, somewhat.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth banks again, to follow this new route that Avaeth has set forth, hoping to close the distance. As she attempts to rise, he gains altitude, unwilling to relinquish his position, even as he banks once more. With the random patterns of the fiery flight, there's no chance of daring, darting moves by this bronze. As she uneasily attempts to flee, putting on a surprising burst of speed, Dhonzayth offers a trumpet, before folding his wings slightly and angling himself at her, dropping towards her quickly, talons outstretched to snag her, and wings poised to steady her flight and return the fiery body to its correct orientation amongst the heavens.

Dhonzayth> Arinith seems almost sad to see the flames of the gold go out. As she falters, he slowly begins folding his wings back so as to not lose track of her. As she veers a second time he realizes that there was no time to waste. His wings fold almost all the way back, and he shoots off towards the gold like an arrow making it way towards its victim. His claws extend towards the gold's lovely hide, and he croons lowly in hopes that he's the one to snag the prize.

Dhonzayth> Avaeth almost seems to shriek as she's captured, her flight ending so abruptly. Caught from the sky, and encompassed by… Arinath snags her wings. Not one to go down without a bit of a fight, she attempts to bite and claw the bronze, not willing to go submissively.

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