Niva and Reuli

Xanadu Weyr - Craft Complex

The large area has been separated into a variety of smaller sitting areas, couches and chairs organized into rings and squares, tables set where they can be used easily. A few desks for studying are pushed against one wall, while another has a variety of doors spaced along side it, opening into private quarters for the ranking crafters posted at the weyr. A set of double doors opens to the general apprentice dorms, and a long hallway stretches outwards, providing access to the various workshops.

Morning with her students was chaos and after she spoke with Aoriya and ate breakfast she went in to give them both stern looks before throwing them out of the workroom. She called in two journeyman to begin the look over the photos and notes that were taken at the scene of the explosion. The afternoon has come and the two misbehavin' students come back with a full meal for Reuli. She speaks to them cooly before they leave as a master comes by to gather those apprentices for class. She is left sitting on a bench with a clipboard of papers on her lap while one hand holds a tall glass of juice. The food is on the table a few feet from her and a laptop is resting next to her left thigh on the bench. There isn't many moving about in the afternoon as many have gone to the living caverns for food. The door to the tech workroom is currently closed but information on her laptop is still coming in with occassional beats from it to notify her.

Niva barely hesitates as she crosses the threshold of the Crafter's Complex, a serious of large drawings rolled up in tubes under her arm, talking over her shoulder to someone else who seems to end the conversation and head off in some other direction. Pausing just within, she allows her eyes to adjust to the change in lighting, before heading towards where Reuli sits with her notes and laptop. "Journeywoman, if you have a moment? I don't wish to pull you away from anything crucial." And, while her words seem calm, the look on her face shows a sense of greater urgency and impatience.

Reuli looks up as she shakes her head but her eyes focus in on Niva at the last minute. "Oh, yes I do have a moment. The other journeyman have relieved me of the charred generator. I'm here looking over paperwork and monitoring their finds." hearing the laptop beat. "They started three hours ago and have not stopped. Two more will be here to relieve them in four hours. I'm trying to formulate possible theories right now." She stares at the Weyrwoman, standing up, "How can I help you Weyrwoman Niva?" She gestures with a hand to the table taking two steps to it. "Did you have something to show me?" Her brows furrow with concern.

"Charred generator?" Niva looks rather concerned, looking at all the notes. "We lost a generator?" Poor woman, think there's more going on around here that's she's been missing, she takes a deep breath and points at the tubes under her arm. "I've been in meetings all morning with the Lord Holders, and they're demanding that we do something to help them on the ground, since we're obviously failing to protect them from above." A very angry look crosses the Weyrwoman's face as she drops the drawings on the table, before shaking her head. "I thought you and your craftmembers would be the most able to help."

Reuli shakes her head, "No, Fort Weyr did. It exploded and a full investigation is going on since we do not see how a generator that was working fine for sometime suddenly exploded. The Tech Hall is working on replicating the incident so the generator is here for now as we gather data and they can simulate it. I've been leading the technology investigation." She furrows her brows together, "What are they wanting us to do?" as she stares at the drawings on the table. "I'm not sure what is happening on Xanadu grounds of late. I got pulled off of the Greenhouse project in Igen to handle the Fort Weyr generator. However, if you tell me what you'd like me to achieve I have several students and a few journeyman who could accomplish this task. I'll be part of this as well since I'm waiting for the Fort Weyr investigation to further on."

A relieved look passes over Niva's face, as she nods her head thoughtfully. "Bad news for Fort, certainly, but I'm glad it wasn't us." They've had enough problems with bad generators as it is. The first drawing is unrolled and the corners are held down with objects at hand, showing a layout of the area around Black Rock Hold - fields and forests marked out in various colors, as well as blue shapes representing the sprawling cotholds of the area. "Any help will be more than useful. The Holders insist on a solution /now/." Pointing out the cotholds on the drawing, she taps a finger. "Renegades are sneaking into the outlying cotholds and stealing, and… other things. We can't spot them at night, or through the trees by day. Guards are well enough during the day, but even at night they have trouble seeing. Some sort of… audible alarm system would greatly help."

Reuli unh-huhs a few times as she reviews the drawing being shown and listening to the Weyrwoman, "I can suggest a solution. Or in this case several solutions. For one we can setup sensors around the cotholds and cameras as well. I will have to find out if we have goggles that can detect thermal heat. I would have to speak speak to the plastic and glass craft about this. But sensors that can direct the cameras to movement may be the best thing until I can find someone who can make me a prototype night-seeing goggles. The sensors will be trigged by anything though, so there will be a need to have others monitor what is being sensed." She is all technology talk right now.

Niva tries her best to understand everything that is said by the Techcrafter, and while some of it goes straight over her head, she nods at the parts she gets. "You seem to have some good ideas. I was ready to string cords with bells around the doors, to alert them all, if I had to. Anything to get them to stop plaguing me with senseless requests." Nose is wrinkled up, and she points at some of the cotholds further out. "Could anyone monitor them?"

Reuli smiles softly at the Weyrwoman, "I am often good with ideas for new technology. I'm new with engineering them. But I knew three who can almost read my mind when I make a suggested new technology. Pharansy is who I'll call. She has some spunk but she talks very rapidly so it will mean I'll need to contact her older brother to translate." She points to the weyr, "I would suggested no one but the trained people to monitor to this that way they can call the guards to investigate the right areas. Their will be a central computer to handle the information being sent in. Several monitors should be used for those trained eyes to assure the guards there is an intruder. Having a wild herdbeast set them off will be common."

Niva nods slightly, settling down on the edge of the table, and folding her arms in front of her as she stares down at the map infront of her. "Is this something that can be expanded, given time and materials? I'm certain Lord Rubicon will be storming into my office the moment he hears that Black Rock got some sort of protection that he doesn't have."

Reuli looks at Niva now, "If night goggles can be made you will have a way to protect the holds and cotholds even if the sensors do fail. Guards will be able to see at night however, this technology cannot fall into renegade hands at all. That will be your primary responsibility. We can place special alarms at the further cotholds and holds, something that can signal us in the dark. I did meet an apprentice smith today that spoke of flares." A thought comes to mind, "We can even go so far to work with them on a special non-toxic chemical that can be transferred to someone who may steal or sabotage certain things and a light that can detect the person who may have this chemical on them. It won't be noticable by the normal eye but the light will reveal to us the person."

"Flares could be used to alert our riders, even at night." Niva seems to ponder this solution over, and nodding hurriedly. "I have a variety of drawings of the lands around Black Rock Hold, I expect we could meet with some of their representatives, to figure out the most important and vulnerable locations." And she's already murmuring softly to herself, considering all sorts of options, before she looks back up at Reuli. "Could you and the others create a plan within the sevenday? Not necessarily the product of course, just how we can proceed? The resources of the Weyr are at your disposal."

Reuli bobs her head slowly, "Yes we can. I will call Pharansy today to make the arrangements for her to come here. I will have my students gather the data needed for this plan. They will write an inventory and blue prints for you within that time. There will be a full manual on what is needed to be done to protect the cotholds and holds. I'm glad though that you are only needing me for this. The Fort Weyr generator is such a mystery to have more than one of those on my hands will surely do more than worry me."

Niva nods, and points at the drawings on the table. "I'll leave those with you, if you'd like? I should compose summaries for those interested." And Niva stands up, offering her hand to the techcrafter, a smile actually crossing her face for the first time in the course of the discussion. "Thank you again for all your help. I look forward to seeing your report."

Reuli shakes Niva's hand, "Thank you for trusting me with this project. I aim not not fail you." bowing her head more formally after releasing the Weyrwoman's hand. "I hope your day will go better now?" She slowly rolls up the drawings, "If you have anymore problems like this, please don't hesitate to find me." smiling.

"No, Journeywoman, thank you for your assistance. You have, indeed, significantly brightened the rest of my day. And, if any issues arise, please don't hesitate to let me know what I can do." A final glance at the papers, and a nod to the Techie, and she's head back out the way she came, visibly less impatient.

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