Random Log: S'ya's Flight

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern

It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.

The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

It's early evening in Xanadu and the Tavern is starting to slowly fill up. There are a few with drinks already in hand but surprisingly S'ya isn't one of them. And it's amazing to note that she hasn't had a drop of the stuff, yet she's giving a performance for all to enjoy. The greenrider is wearing her proddy best and currently finishing up a saucy little tune, seated with her legs crossed on a barstool. There's clapping once she finishes and she beams, twirling her necklace playfully. "Thank you, loves. Any request?"

"Ah demand a dance!" L'ton declares loudly as he crosses the threshhold into the Tavern - seemingly not having started drinking yet either. Of course, there is always the possibility that he still has some in his system. Either way, this bronzerider is escorting a pretty bluerider in, and steering her to a seat next to S'ya, while L'ton takes the time to wink at the greenrider. "Evening sweetheart."

K'ael wanders into the Xanadu tavern, with his fellow Istan bronzling D'son. He'd promised to partake in a drink with him, but they weren't technically supposed to be drinking. So the best way to sneak was to find a tavern far far away from the watchful eyes of their own weyr. Of course there were many familiar faces about and he blinks on his way in. "Sheesh, it's a regular party up in here." He of course moves over to give S'ya a hello kiss on the cheek. "Hey there, pretty lady."

Niah allows L'ton to escort her, smiling a bit but looking nervously around at all the people and the music. She stays close to him, sitting down and ordering a some juice. Glancing at all the people she fidgets and then lets her hand slip to her stomach. When her drink arrives she drinks it, and as K'ael enters she shrinks a bit in her chair. "Hello." She manages to the strange greenrider, giving L'ton a little half hearted glare.

Transporting fragile crates from one continent to the other makes a man thirsty. And there was no better place than the Xanadu tavern. Especially since R'aul noticed a certain green shining right outside. He had another delivery? Too bad. "Bravo!" he calls in a loud voice, just missing the last performance as he applauds and bellows and makes his way through with a too-white grin. "My love, how nice it is to see you again." He winks to S'ya and turns to pass a colder look towards the other males. He's been through this performance one too many times already to notice familiar faces. Especially fellow Istans. "A dance? No, I need to hear this dear sing me another song." Yes, him. He squeezes in nearby her, calling for a drink while he was at it as well.

Slinking in along with K'ael and trying /not/ to look like he's up to no good, D'son nods at the older bronze weyrling. "SHells, no kidding, darnit I was looking forward to that beer," he mutters darkly under his breath as they head towards the bar. The younger weyrling's brows hike upwards as K'ael greets the greenrider there so familiarly and he clears his throat. "Uhhh - Ista's duties, ma'am," comes the polite greeting from him as he tries to find a spot to lean against the bar casually, and not look like he's as young as he really is.

S'ya gives a bubbly nod to L'ton before turning her attention to Niah. The unfamiliar rider is eyed curiously before she moves to take a seat on her lap delicately, making sure not to put too much weight on the girl. "And who is this, Tonny?" She says in a near purr, stroking back the girls hair. "What is your name, love?" But her attention is stolen away by K'ael's greeting, and then R'aul, so many so little time! "Dancing? Yes, that might do!" And she moves from rider to rider, trailing a finger lightly over their faces and swaggering a bit until she comes to the unfamiliar form of D'son. "Do not be shy, love. Care to dance?" And she moves to grab his hand, hoping to wrap it around her waist and steal him for the deed.

"Dun ya two think that yer gonna get any alcohol, not here." L'ton quickly pipes up, turning what he hopes is an intimidating look on K'ael and D'son. "Ah dun care what ya do somewhere else, but as long as Ah'm here, Ah ain't putting my head on the chopping block fer ya two sneaks. Dun think Ah dunno what yer trying to prove." For the brief time that S'ya is on Niah's lap, L'ton grins. "What is this, two of my favorite ladies, wrapped up in one package? Awesome." And then he's grinning. "Niah, S'ya, S'ya Niah." Of course, the introduction is hardly needed, for then S'ya's meandering down the line, and he's planting a kiss as she passes him by, moving to take her seat as she focuses in on the young D'son.

Niah is caught off guard completely when the strange greenrider sits on her lap. She squeaks slightly saying, "L'ton.. please.." While S'ya is in her lap she says, "Please, I.. just." Going mute and hands shaking slightly as he hair is stroke she pulls her head away and looks absolutely petrified. Once she is off Niah takes a deep breath, with the intorduction she nods and scoots away eyes all big and hands still shaking.

K'ael grins to L'ton. "Yessir weyrsecond. Whatever you say." He watches S'ya whisk her way towards D'son with a chuckle. As soon as L'ton attention is turned elsewhere, he'd ordering a shot of something and downing it really quick. He wasn't going to be able to enjoy it, but that wasn't going to stop him from partaking. He gives Niah a wink. "Hey there, Niah. I see Ton brought you all the way out here, hm?"

D'son ducks his head at L'ton's sharp look and reproof. "Yessir," he mumbles in answer to the elder bronzerider and hunches his shoulders forward more. Until S'ya's grabbing at his hand and he stares at her open-mothed. "Wha— huh?" He's so stunned that he lets her take his hand and guide it wherever, stumbling over his own two feet. "Um. Uh. Yes ma'am," he squeaks out and shoots K'ael a 'save me', look.

R'aul's eyes trail over the weyrlings, arching his brows curiously at the sneaks. He clucks his tongue once, but leaves the Weyrsecond to say all he wants, though he was hoping they'd take their fun elsewhere. More chances for him, afterall. He whistles towards S'ya and Niah. "I don't blame you, love, to ignore me for one such as her. Niah, did I hear?" He winks to her, flipping blond hair away from his face afterward. "Don't be scared, dear. If you need a more stable guardian, I'll be here for you afterwards." Unless he was with the greenie, since his eyes follow S'ya's every movement. "S'ya, my dear," he actually whines when she goes for the young bronzer instead. He holds his arms open, inviting her to switch partners.

"I do not share, Tonny, not tonight." S'ya announces finally, tilting her head back in order to smirk at the bronzer. In a moment, however, she's snapping it back up to eye D'son with a pout. "Well do not waste my time, love. And do not call me ma'am. I am /far/ too young and beautiful for that." She's taking the lead it seems and in no time she twirls the weyrling playfully, releasing him without warning and sending him towards K'ael. "Come now, you all /bore/ me. I want something fun and new!" And in a flash she's on the bar counter, bending over and blowing R'aul a kiss. "You are not forgotten, R'aul! Come up here and dance with me!"

L'ton grabs at the back of K'ael's collar, pulling him over for good measure, and putting a friendly, yet controlling arm over the younger bronzerider's shoulder. "Ya dun think Ah'm a fool, do Ah? Just cause yer screwing 'round with Lisle, dun think Ah dunno that either, dun mean that Ah'm gonna let ya get away with it." And so he's keeping K'ael infront of him as he looks over a shoulder. "Ah'll have one ta. On his tab, though, since Ah expect he'll have one soon enough." K'ael is the receipiant of a patronizing pat on the arm as his own shot is down, and he's left to stare at S'ya for another moment, before shaking his head and moving to pull Niah back to his side, to wrap his other arm around her. One should never neglect what they have for what they may want. "Ya'll not talk ta the lady like that, R'aul. It just ain't nice ta treat a pregnant woman like that." As S'ya calls back at him, he arches an eyebrow with a grin. "Does that mean ya will the rest of the time?" So, perhaps he deserves to be hit for that but.

Dhonzayth> Sophyrinth is /slowly/ moving through the clearing, the dragon taking great care to flex all of her muscles so that the glow of her hide can be admired properly. Yes, she is amazing, she is perfection, is is /glowing/. The tiny dragon mimics her rider, letting her tail slip over the hides of the males gathered around, teasing them as she just continues to move down the line.

Niah is watching the action very quietly, almost somewhat numb to all that is going on. As she gets pulled to L'tons side she moves to lay her head on him. At S'yas remark about not sharing she frowns sighing. With all the men talking to her she says, "No, no L'ton will get me home." Waving to K'ael but she's shaking anyways and says. to L'ton. "You will get me home, right?" Looking over R'aul and then back to D'son and K'ael. All very confused and nervous. At the wink she just sort of wilts, this was not in the plans.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth also has to take note that aside from glowing, Sophyrinth is quite… intriguing. And so, as the purple-tinged green continues her slow procession, Dhonzayth ducks his head to nudge at her slender tail as it slips over his side, extending his serpentine neck to puff gently in her direction, careful to not mar the perfection of her hide with his breath. Much like his own rider, the pale bronze is content to watch for now, faceted gem eyes drinking in each and every minscule movement made by the Xanadu green who he has come to know and adore.

R'aul laughs at the bronzers. "Let the man have his drink. I think the moment requires it, actually." He's tossing back his own shot after that, only to hold up a hand towards the oldest of the bronzers. "I meant no disrespect, Weyrsecond. Congrats, my dear," he says with another charming grin, but his look was just a bit too tight as he stares at L'ton. "Of course, a pregnant woman needs a bit of stability to help her through these tough times. We all know your Dhonzayth will probably not allow that. No harm will come to you, my dear, if I can help it." Woops! He's being called. He moves away from that pair before he gets in further trouble, scrambling up to the bar instead. "Of course, love! I don't need to be told twice!"

K'ael oofs as D'son is tossed towards him. He pats the other bronzling on the shoulder a bit. He's about to say something as L'ton grabs the back of his collar. "Nrk!" He just grins at L'ton. "What's me tapping the weyrwoman have to do with me having a drink?" He just shrugs a bit at the drink. He was using borrowed marks anyways. Then he grins to Niah. "Don't worry. I'll make sure you make it home, Niah." But right now he's a bit distracted, sliding over to the bar to look up at S'ya. "Careful, love."

Dhonzayth> Inimeth is peaceably curled up in the clearing looking up at the sky, eyes blue-green and curious. Until Sophyrinth slinks by and the touch of her tail pulls his gaze down to rest on her. Well /hello there/. The shade of his eyes shifts slightly, green giving way to the first hint of pale lavender and he tracks her glow across the clearing, polished bronze wings rustling a little as they lift and re-settle and the young dragon seems to hold his breath as she moves so.

"H-have to," D'son stammers out. "Weyrling rules," he says stoically as he gets spun about and then whirls dizzily towards K'ael. Never mind that they were looking to break Weyrling rules for a drink a few minutes ago. "Sorry, man," he mutters to K'ael and stares at S'ya with a round-eyed look of abject terror as he slouches back over towards K'ael and L'ton. "Um. D'you think we ought to get out of here?" he murmurs urgently to his clutchmate.

Dhonzayth> Erisith is all about being subtle in his attraction. But he's also a stubborn dragon, and flight after flight he's learned he has to try to crowd the little green if he wanted to get her attention. The faint touch of her tail, however, makes the blue jerk back in surprise, but he leans forward again to croon pitifully at her. Ah yes, lovely… this blue dragon wasn't going to be distracted from her anytime soon. He keeps low to the ground, tail twitching in anticipation as he shifts his feet silently after her, a slow nervous shuffle dance as he starts to get into the familiar movements of a flight.

Dhonzayth> Celiketh watches Sophyrinth cautiously crooning lightly to her and standing very still as she runs her tail over him. His attention is split though, eyes whirling a fast blue and red as he seems to pick up his riders distress. He shifts back and forth, conflicted over where his attention should be. Crouching down in anticipation he watches the pretty green, a warble of appreciation sent.

Dhonzayth> Azaeth shows off his own musculature. And the big bronze certainly has a lot of it to show off. As So slinks past him, he winds his tail with hers for just a split second. The bronze follows her with his eyes, stretching his wings out a bit. He shows his appreciation for her beauty with a very low rumble. The bronze starts pacing back and forth, tapping his claws distractedly on the ground beneathe him.

S'ya grins widely to L'ton, giving him a wink for an answer. "Depends who it is and what I get out of it." She says before starting to dance herself. She throws her hands up in the air and shimmies in place before twirling a bit. "That is more like it!" She says before grabbing R'aul's arms and placing them over her, dancing a bit with him before growing tired. With K'ael warning her to take care she jumps down without a word, no one is being left out tonight. "Come and get me, boys!" She says before grabbing his hand and pulling him, shooing the others away. "We need /space/, loves! Everyone will get a turn," She pauses, turning back to her captured weyrling with a smoldering look, her voice dropping considerably as she gives him a quick peck on the lip before moving to sway him a bit, setting off into a quick paced dance. "Some more than others perhaps."

"Ah'll wait my turn, thanks." L'ton smirks to S'ya, continuing to lean on the bar, eye flicking to R'aul and daring him to say something else. Niah's coddled protectively, the Ista tightening his arm around her shoulders and dropping a kiss to the top of her head. "Just try and relax sweets. It'll be okay." Even as he's comforting the bluerider, he's watching the green, looking a bit envious. Yet, despite the look, he's still lingering with Niah - he'll wait - clearly waiting means good things.

Niah accepts the comforting and says to L'ton, "He isn't chasing.. I'm not going to let him." It's a little whisper and then she falls silent. With L'ton watching the greenrider she says, "I want to go home, I can't let him." CLosing her eyes she grits her teeth, clamping down on her lower lip and looking in deep concentration. Gripping the table, then she smiles and relaxes a bit standing and leaving the group.

K'ael blinks as S'ya jumps down, taking care that she makes it safely to the ground. Next thing he knows he's being pulled along to a free section of the tavern. He follows along without any effort on S'ya's part, his eyes following her movements the whole time. Once they stop he blinks more but leans into the kiss. And when they start to sway his hands go to her hips as he attempts to keep up with her dancing. "Heh. Well, there can only be one winner, afterall."

"Anything for you, my dear!" R'aul says happily. He doesn't waste any time in moving in close to the greenrider, hands on her hips as he dances with her, a big silly grin on his face. When she moves his arms, they go willingly, but he tightens his grip as she grows bored. Noo. "Aw, my love," he whines again, pout turning into a glare as K'ael takes his place. But it quickly passes as he decides to just dance, slowing down to a sway as his eyes rake towards the crowd below and eventually strays back to the proddy greenrider.

D'son takes refuge by the bar and digs in his pocket for change, flipping a coin onto it. "Um. Juice please," he tells the barkeep, shooting L'ton a swift look. Then he's leaning both elbows onto the bar and trying to pretend like he's sinking into the ground though his eyes cross suddenly. "Inimeth?" he murmurs under his breath and then his eyes grow wide as the poor kid finally catches on. "Oh no .. no no …" he starts shaking his head.

Dhonzayth> Sophyrinth warbles playfully to the males, enticing them to keep their eyes on her. She's being just as generous as her rider, her whirling lavender eyes moving over her beast around her. Without warning she settles onto her haunches and leaps into the air for a brief moment, gaining some altitude before landing gracefully again and ruffling her wings and warbling a laugh. She's enjoying the power she holds over them it seems and just wanted to see them flinch. But in the blink of an eye she's moving again and this time she really is launching herself into the air. She trumpets towards the males she leaves behind, inviting them to join her in the air.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth can't do anything but watch Sophyrinth, every muscle tensed, each inch of his being caught up, the bronze practically inebriated merely by the glowing green's presence. As she settles on her haunches and suddenly launches upwards, Dhonzayth follows almost immediately, large wings taking the first all important downstroke, shooting him away from the trees. Unfortunately for him, it's a false start, and the green is suddenly on the ground, leaving him aloft and alone. Trumpting, he's banking into a wide circle, just in time to spot her truly bursting forth into the air, and with another, much more cheerful trumpet, he's back in the game, following after her without hesitation, trying to get close. Oh, for just a touch of that green hide - for a chance to pluck the passion flower from the air. And so, with that chance lingering in his thoughts, Dhonzayth slips into a thermal to aid in his eager pursuit.

S'ya dances with K'ael for a bit before moving on to the now lonely L'ton. "I have not forgotten you." She says before grabbing his hand and using it to twirl herself. "I know a place where we can dance the whole night away!" She says happily, bursting into giggles as she moves onto an empty table, posing a bit with a hand on her hip and the other behind her head. "Come on, loves, have at me! The day is not getting any younger!" She's lost in her dragons thoughts now, the excitement of the flight taking a hold of her as she jumps down yet again and moves from rider to rider, never lingering too long.

Dhonzayth> Erisith rumbles lowly back towards the green, keeping his voice quiet for now. Whether to save it for later or save his stregnth for the flight, who knows. But his wings, a dark mass that spreads out dramaically in the wind, billow and flap almost before he pushes off with one strong leap the minute Sophyrinth leaves the ground… the first time. Spars barely touch the ground as he flaps strongly, and his musical voice calls out in surprise when he looks to find her back on the ground instead. He continues, already gathering momentum, though he looks back a few times to catch her real take-off. Flaring out, he manages to swing around and his thin body makes a sharp turn when she passes to come up behind her, crooning out to make sure she knows he was there.

Dhonzayth> Inimeth has been following the path of Sophyrinth's tail rather than much of the rest of her, fascinated by the way it dances along the others, skims through the air or along the ground. And then she's gathering, seemingly for that leap and his eyes trace along the rest of her, shade deepening to full on violet. His youth is made evident in the lack of control he has over his sending as it slips out, green tendrils sliding towards the glowing green, scented with the heady musk of lavender oil. « How lovely you are … » is what he breathes out and then she's rising into the sky, just like that and without giving it a second thought, or paying his desperate rider any heed, the young bronze spreads bright wings wide and leaps into the air after the fleet, violet-speckled green.

Dhonzayth> Azaeth stops his pacing intinctively as soon as the green hunkers down. As she launches herself skywards, his iron clad sails open themselves up. He watches her glowing green hide in earnest, as his own set of powerful muscles tense. Finally, his wings fold in slightly as his massive bulk is launched into the air, his large wings creating a billow of displaced wind as they continue his ascent. Don't let that pretty purpley flower get too far away from you! The bronze is hardly considerate as he gains altitude however, he's too big to be avoiding the other dragons and too engrossed in So's behind to pay them much attention. One blue in particular gets a bit of a bump as the gap between himself and the green starts to close.

Dhonzayth> Sophyrinth is flying freely, twirling happily as she reaches the clouds. She pauses for a fraction of a second, looking back to the pack of bronzes and the lonely blue that pursue her. Nope, they're not good enough, she's still dancing solo! And what's a dance without a bit of drama. She's free falling, her wings tucked in tightly to her frail body as she plummets back to the ground she just left. Nope, she's not going back down, not yet at least. She pulls out of her gut wrenching nose dive with all her strength, slightly dizzy from the rapid change in elevation. She shakes it off finally and continues her flight, but this time at a much slower pace and with very few acrobatics.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth has relied upon the warm air of a Xanadu thermal to push him up and up, to burst through the clouds with Sophyrinth, soaring high over the Sea of Azov, the stone pillars that point upwards here and there mere specks beneath them. And yet, the green continues to push them all in their audition, testing their moves, putting through their paces, and attempting to see who, if any of them is truly worthy to dance beside her. Trumpeting as the green suddenly plummets groundwards, the pale Istan's wings fold and he's dropping after her at what is a more controlled fall, spreading his wings out to soar after her, letting his momentum carrying him until he's once more almost at Sophyrinth's tail, continuing to stretch and yearn for her.

Dhonzayth> Giddy likely with the newness of this whole experience, Inimeth throws himself into the flight wholeheartedly. Dancing in the air? Oh how fun is that!? Very. And it might be a good thing he raced so much with some of his clutchsibs because that's really all he's got going for him in terms of knowing what to do. That and instinct. He can't even remotely match Sophyrinth's moves, not the way she goes from high to low so fast, certainly, but he has a certain youthful elegance of his own to offer as he does a slow spiral in the air, then drops in a slower dive after her, bounces back up as she changes direction again and trades off rapid beating of wings, with long, sudden surging fast-glides that push him forward through the air. And still his thoughts wind outward towards her, whispering sweetly of summer sun and blooms in a meadow and the promise of warm air and companionship.

Dhonzayth> Erisith wasn't going to allow Sophyrinth to take a wingbeat without him following her lead, making sure to take two for her one. His dark shadowy form cannot hide under the clouds, rising swiftly to explode after the green with a loud warble. No way he was going to lose sight. Azaeth's bump throws him off a moment, and he lashes out fiercely with sharp claws and a gutteral voice— but just distracted for a moment! Whether they connect or not, he didn't care, as he loses sight of Sophyrinth. His wings fold back gracefully, and he falls down afterall, not allowing her to move alone. The stage, this time, he shares, unwilling to fall back as just a shadow in the audience. He catches the wind before she does, looming above her now and laying in wait from up above, though his flapping has now become more frenzied and his energy weakening.

Dhonzayth> Azaeth has finally gotten himself up to where he feels is a good position with respect to Sophyrinth's glowing green hide… and then she takes a nose dive. At first he gives a rather loud trumpet in alarm. He wonders if maybe she's passed out from overexertion, and he's dropping in a similar fashion to try to catch her, though his wings are spread enough to keep him from dropping to the ground like a stone. When she finally catches herself he simply changes the tilt of his wings, zipping forward before pushing back upwards for her. The lack of acrobatics are more Azaeth's style, he's much too large to be doing many flips or twists in the air. He simply keeps up with her, moving so he's slightly above her so he can watch her musculature as she flies.

Dhonzayth> Sophyrinth flies on, the little green wagging her glowing butt for all to see before dropping a bit and climbing back up again. It can't last long, however, and the strain of it all is starting to show. She's starting to fly on her reserve energy and with that strength she darts forward, turning on a dime in order to see what she's up again. Who's turned up to watch her dance through the sky? With an ear splitting trumpet she flies towards the pack, aiming for the youngest dragons, wanting to give them a fright it seems. Before she's within reach however she twists upwards, but finally she's out of strength. She stops in midair, her graceful form arrow straight and pointed towards the higher sky above, but suddenly she starts to sink back down, dropping like a rock onto the group of her potential dance partners. Only time will tell who's lucky enough to snag this dancing queen before she crashes into the ground.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth has learned that even the most talented and graceful of dancers requires a bit of rest now and then - and with a stage the size of the sky, it was only a matter of time before Sophyrinth's stunning solo performance must change to a duet. As the green suddenly performs a sudden, and unexpected pirouette, Dhonzayth's wings are snapped wide and he's hurriedly backwinging to get out of the way of the green, and any of the young dancers who may have been scared right out of their routine. As she spirals upwards, as if launching herself into a fantastic leap, Dhonzayth is there with her, rhythm of his wings regained, moving to lift her higher, attempting to twine necks and support her wings with his own, to take them both to a higher height and to awe the audience into silence.

Dhonzayth> Inimeth continues along in this merry dance, making an awkward move here and there, almost like his rider tripping over his feet not long ago down below. He's also not really saved up any energy for the long haul, but he's young and the flight is short, so he's not exactly hurting as he does an exuberant zig-zag, almost tango-like, across the sky as she flips around and comes towards them. Rather than startling, he seems to take the maneuver as a bit of fun, and speeds up, trying to streamline his long body to arrow towards her, spiral up around her in a twirl, mindless of the others in the air around him. And his mind is still reaching as surely as his body. Her last tactic, that lift upward, sees him turning to climb too, shining wings grasping at air to loft him up to meet her and become her partner. It's entirely possible he could wind up tangling with one of the other males instead, bumped out of the way, so focused is he on climbing now to be there to cushion her fall. Again the warmth of the sun bleeds out in his thoughts, a murmured promise of reassurance and safety to be found within the embrace of his youthful limbs. A space in which to dance and dance /together/ rather than each alone.

Dhonzayth> Erisith's voice calls to Sophyrinth when she turns— music to her dance, hoping to drive her his way where he hovers just above the pack. He swings wide when she dives at the younglings, hoping to find an opening to dive. Yet as she pulls back up, he startles into a high trumpet and puts every ounce of strength he has into climbing after her. While acrobatics were out of the questing, his wings still beat heavily and open to their full extent. Every bit of air helps urging him upwards. He aims straight for the green, hoping to smooth out the end of her climactic performance— no, her introduction. His wings beating, neck stretching, and talons extended were only the offering to pull her into the start of the rest of the show. (OOC Stupid semi-colons.)

Dhonzayth> Azaeth is keeping up with So as best as he can manage. Her turn catches him by surprise though, and he backwings a bit. It's not so much that he's scared, as it is he doesn't want to go plowing into the green with all his weight. But she's already moving away from them before he has a chance to try and correct his actions. At least the group seems to have all halted like the dance troupe they were, and he doesn't go backing into anyone. But there goes So! Twisting up and up like a vine with a flower at the tip, Azaeth is forced to fight his way to the top. He pushes upwards with a fantasic croon, only rising above the dancing queen slightly so he can swoop in from above. All he can hope for is to become her partner in the last act of her wild but captivating performance. There's a low rumble as Azaeth slides in close to her, trying to scoop her up in his claws.

Dhonzayth> Sophyrinth is helpless, all her strength gone as she plummets towards the ground. She gives a pitiful warble as she falls past the grasping claws of the eager males. One by one they miss their mark, not able to pluck her up in time and end the waltz properly. That is, until she crashes into her partner. A startled cry is uttered as she falls into the awaiting claws of Inimeth but it doesn't last long. She found her partner at long last and now it's time to go out in style.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth appears to be partnerless - unfortunate that. But, there are other greens to dance with, and so he's spiraling downwards.

Dhonzayth> Azaeth is partnerless as well. He slowly drifts down to the ground to meet up with his rider and head home.

Dhonzayth> Inimeth winds up and up and then around and around, yearning turning to startled happiness as the young bronze twines with Sophyrinth and those broad wings do the work of keeping them dancing on and on.

L'ton got a dance, but then was left to stare at the greenrider on the table. But then, it seems that he's long since learned that there's no need to resort to alcohol, and so he's off in the direction that Niah fled not that long ago. At least he's doesn't care if the weyrlings drink anymore - there are other thinks to worry about!

Dhonzayth> Erisith zooms past the couple, nearly tangling himself in with another instead. With a defeated cry he drops back to the ground, spiraling for the meadow where he'll look for something sharp to cut— er, R'aul. R'aul and home.

K'ael will be taking his drink to go. He doesn't want to be around here anymore with all the horny mens. He gives a pat to D'son's shoulder, then after another shot or two, he's off.

S'ya finds herself coupled with D'son, her hazel eyes glistening with mischief as she pulls the weyrling out of the bar. "Come now, love, we have to finish the dance!" She says with a giggle, moving off with great speed back to her weyr.

R'aul lets out one last pitiful whine towards the greenie as she moves off to partner with that clumsy dancer instead of him. Shoulders bowed he shuffles out of the tavern to meet his lifemate. "Back home, bud," he says with a sigh in defeat. Total Fail for the… forth time?

Long since flight-lost, D'son's barely registering his surroundings, leaning heavily against the bar. As Inimeth captures Sophyrinth above, he just about falls down where he's standing, but K'ael's clap on the shoulder brings an iota of sense back into his brain. "Huh? Wha— Oh!" Expressive as always, he lets S'ya drag him off wherever the heck she wants. Deal with the consequences uh … later.

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