Random Log: Shellie's Flight

Xanadu Weyr - Beach

The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.

The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.


T'maz enters following his brown. They head to the water, T'maz swinging a scrub brush nonchalantly at his side. Splish splash time for Dementh of course.

T'maz bathes his dragon. Dementh is acting quite like a giant smiling tiger, revelling in the water, with an occasional croon, rumble and playful splash at his rider."Dementh, you know better than to splash me, You're not a hatchling any more…Stop i" Sploosh. Dementh dunked T'maz yet again.

Kersenth is here, watching his rider as Y'sar paces back and forth across the sand. The Eastern Wingleader looks deep in thought, chanking a handful of pebbles against each other as he moves. He'll drop one and bend to scoop it up before continuing on. Occasionally he looks towards the ocean, before he's back to the rocks in his hand.

Its early afternoon, and it seems that L'ton has just escaped from yet another tedious meeting at Xanadu - at least he now gets to enjoy the company of one of his best friends in said meetings. Regardless of this, he's found the time to change out of heavy leathers, for he's wearing light weight clothes as he meanders down the beach, perhaps hoping to catch yet another look at a certain someone - Dhonzayth following along with the same technical sniffing for the green he's been enjoying cuddles with as of late.

Shellie lays in a shaded spot near the edge of the beach, reading. More accurately, she's trying to, but instead she's doing more fidgiting than anything else. Nearby, Rieselth is submerged part way in the waves her hide glowing almost as bright a green as the surrounding jungles. She's agitated at the moment, and occasionally ducks her head into the waves, before coming up, eyes whirling red.

Y'sar is doing his own fidgeting, increasinly getting irritated as he stalks about, before he finally yells with a frustrated, "Euuahhh!" and flings the small stones into the sea. Not at all close to Rieselth, thankfully. The man turns and stalks stiff-legged to his lifemate. Kersenth drops his muzzle to give his rider a sympathetic sniff, but his gaze never leaves the swimming gold. The brown rolls his shoulders and digs his talons into the sands. "Now?" Y'sar says, exasperation in his voice, "but we need to go back. I need to take down those stupid stones I put up. It's just not going to work." Kersenth rumbles, insisting on whatever it is that he wants. Briefly Y'sar fights with his dragon before giving in with a sigh, and pulling his straps off. Kersenth shakes out his wings and lumbers to the water, softly rumbling to Rieselth, asking permission to join her in the waves.

T'maz finishes washing some part of Dementh, when the brown notices the agitated Rieselth. He butts his rider and tells him of the green making waves. T'maz nods and scans the beach, and up near the shaded parts looking for Rieselth's rider."Don't see Shellie… Bet she's alright though." He says to the dragon who is now heading toward the green. He himself leaves the water behind, thinking Shellie's close if Rieselth's where she is.

Es'nak doesn't have much of a reason for coming to Xanadu aside from getting to know who's at the Weyr and meet all the important people. It won't do to not know who the WL or WW is! He and Aevisaanth pop out of *Between* with a roar, and the bronze alights down, warbling a surprised greeting at Kersenth. Are you /always/ going to be where he's going?

It is one of Laera's off duty days and where else would she spend it but the beach. She is wearing a lime green bandeau bikini top and a sarong tied off around her waist as she pads barefoot up the beach. Her curly blond hair is held back by a bright blue bandana keeping the unruly locks out of her face. Kereth is of course up in the sky, gliding hither and tither. The dragon most noted for his love of flying over anything else. Occasionally Laera looks up, shading her eyes with a hand to watch her lifemate's aeriel maneuvers with a grin.

Ah-ha! There is is! As Dhonzayth spots the forest green in the blue ocean, his wings spread wide, and the pale Istan is bowing to her with a loud trumpet. Cuddle? But then it becomes obvious the the bronze that his newest friend is anything but settled, and he begins to croon at her, wading partially into the water to try and comfort her, snapping his nose into the water to fling some at the green, as if trying to cool her off, keeping an interested eye on her, ignoring the other males that have taken interest in the one he found first. L'ton seems to know where to look for Shellie, for he's headed towards a sheltered, shaded spot, and there the fidgeting Shellie waits. And so, L'ton is chuckling, shaking his head. "Antsy, lil'one?" He teases her, hands folded infront of him as he watches her, taking the time to get in a good, long look.

Shellie seems to be concentrating as hard as she possibly can on her reading, and doesn't really notice the other riders congreating in the area, nor the antics of Rieselth. As for the green, she looks around, her eyes whirling a deep red, almost like glowing eyes in the socket of a skull. As one of the male dragons, a brown she doesn't recognize, approaches, she snarls, almost like a large canine, trying to warn him off, or perhaps warn Shellie of them.

Kersenth warbles happily at Aevisaanth. They're here waiting for a dolphincrafter to show up, but the man's late. Again. Y'sar kicks out at the cliff in frustration and then hops around, one hand holding the injured toe. Kersenth bows his head down in deference to the green. He settles down instead in the sand, scraping his talons in the sand. He draws a circle with one talon, before adding a stick to the image, creating something reminiscent of a lollypop. Then he wuffs his hot breath across the sand, sending the grains tumbling.

L'ton is, indeed, the type to pout when he's ignored. And so, that is exactly what L'ton does, just like a 5 turn old, when Shellie seems to be caught up in ignoring everyone, for then he's kneeling next to her, reaching a hand out to shake her shoulder gently. "What, ya dun like meh anymore?" He teases her with what is possibly an unseen wink, balanced on the balls of his feet as he remains crouched. A hand absently drops to the ground to steady himself, as he offers the greenrider a wide smile. As the green snarls at the poor, unsuspecting brown, and Dhonzayth is left to jump in surprise, like a piece of popping corn hitting hot oil. And then he's bowing, once more like a man to the lady he's escorting for the evening, and then he's watching her like a hawk.

T'maz notices where a rider he doesn't recognize seems to be talking to someone, and heads in his direction. His brush sends a blue trundlebug scurrying off in one direction, and a clear grouping scattering in another, only to bump into a red one holding some sort of court on a branch.

Aevisaanth rumbles angrily at Dhonzayth. Back off, bub. The small bronze moves closer, and Es'nak shakes his head. "What did that cliff ever do to you?" he asks his wingleader in amusement, taking note of the kicking.

Unfortunately Laera is looking up at the sky…and still walking at the same time which of course causes her to nearly trip over the kneeling L'ton. Instead of tripping over she flails her arms gracefully while trying to stumble out of the way. You know that dance. The dance of the cat owner trying not to trip over the cat weaving at their feet. "Oh…sorry about that…" The congregation of dragons does cause Kereth to lower his own flying for an inspection.

T'maz steps up rather quickly, seeing the other woman nearly falling and reaches out a hand to steady the shorter woman."You alright?" He drops his brush on the way to finding the green rider, like someone had lost a mark and was in search of the coin.

Y'sar scowls at Es'nak, "I still can't make that shafting doorway stand up properly." Referring to the doorway of stones that the brownrider has been trying to build on Eastern's beach for several sevendays now. "I've tried everything, and no Minecrafters are daft enough to accept my invitation to come build something so 'silly'." He grits his teeth and motions to the sea, "And that Dolphincrafter hasn't shown up twice, now. I really want us to work closer with the Dolphincraft, and he said he'd be here." More glower and stamping about.

Sarisia arrives on the beach with her lifemate, the brown backwinging nicely onto the sands with a trumpet. Yup, he looked good doing that. Sari smirks before dropping down, smacking Tiqueth on the haunches before taking off her jacket. The dragon's good mood only lasts so long however and in no time he's whining, eyes whirling in agitation now that the fun of flying is over. "I ain't gonna be that long, jus' calm down and let me get this over with." Sari says with a roll of her eyes. Tiqueth snorts before looking for something to entertain himself with and it's not long before he notices the knot of dragons around the glowing green. He heads Rieselth's way, swaggering his rear as he does.

If Es'nak didn't know better, he'd say that it's Y'sar that's proddy, not Shellie. Or maybe that's just how Y'sar is normally. "I….see." the bronzerider replies. "Have you talked to a different dolphincrafter?"

Rieselth is growing more anxious, more nervous as she's surrounded by the gaggle of male dragons. Suddenly, she darts her head under the water, coming back up with a large fish, which she immediately, and quickly bloods, then, tossing it aside, she snarls again, and moves away, up the beach. Shellie, finally, notices L'ton, then T'maz, then everyone else, and scowls, standing up. "Just leave me alone…"

T'maz shakes his head, and then points at Rieselth."If we don't leave you alone, you'll go mad. She's proddy, and one of our dragons can help her with that." Dementh's skin shines rather brightly in the sun as well, and his tail is held out behind him like a sword in the water as he sneaks up behind the glowing green."Anyway we're all here to help you." Knight in shining armor hmm?

Kersenth watches the green blood a fish and he swishes his tail slowly, like a hound about to leap into the hunt. He ate yesterday, and he was never good at fishing, so he decides not to try to catch one now. He just watches Rieselth, his eyes lavender with his sudden rise in lust. Impatient, he pushes himself to all fours, wings mantled and he waits.

Aevisaanth croons towards the green, shooting disdainful looks at the other dragons. He can handle a green, although a very lovely and svelte and adorable and etc one. Oh yes, he's ready for it, that's a fact.

Laera finally gets her balance again and starts to move past the group before she notices the green, the males, the blooding…and she grins. She looks up to her lifemate, eyes unfocusing as it seems he has finally noticed as well and he barrels down to the water making a low sweep before his talons reach into the water and grab a fish. He lowers his maw down to his talons to munch down the fish in two bites before making another sweep over the water.

L'ton shoots a hand out immediately to steady the bluerider, arm held out like a conviniently placed railing, not that that he doesn't like women falling over him, but there is a time and a place for everything right? Then, much like the cat that was just tripped over, L'ton is straightening up, stretching, and then stepping backwards from the scowling Shellie, like she had just thrown a handful of daggers in his face. "What the shards is wrong with ya, hm?" He questions with a hurt look upon his face, turning to sulk slightly, though his gaze finds Laera as he does. And then, for a brief moment he's like a kid in a candy store. Dhonzayth dodges the flying, blooded fish much like a batter dodging a wild pitch, flailing his wings wide like two ship sails as he meanders after the green, never letting her leave his sight, or his almost immediate vicinity, ignoring the other males, even the disrespectful Aevisaanth, as if they are mere shadows darkening the footsteps of Rieselth.

Tiqueth is captivated by Rieselth's blooding, the brown coming up close to watch her work through the fish. His eyes whirl quickly, observing her intently and snapping at any male that dares come to close to him or the green. A low hiss is issued as he hunkers down, hoping to keep the prime seating all to himself. He doesn't care about getting messy it seems, it's a badge for him, let there be evidence that he was indeed witness to her savage beauty. Sari smacks her head as she heads off towards the riders, watching Tiqueth curiously before turning her full attention to Shellie. She chooses to grunt a greeting to the rest, sparing no time in taking out a flask and drinking heavily from it. Her eyes dart from rider to rider, sizing them up it seems, before smirking to Shellie. "Ya heard her, get. She ain't want ta be crowded by ya."

Rieselth is definitely not willing to put up with all these obnoxious males. Pigs, all of them. She stalks up the beach for a moment, eyes bright red, burning intensely, then bugles loud, the challenge evident. She rears up, drumming her tail on the sand, then with a flap of her wings, she's off and flying, moving high into the sky above the ocean, bugling another challenge, as though daring them to catch her, to do their worst. Spunky little dragon, after all. A lot of attitude for her size.

Something dark rises from the water now, Dementh in all his striped wet glory. Water drips off him like a wealth of coins that shatter back into the ocean's mysterious depths. He rumbles a sound like thunder, warning the other males off…A cloud shrouds him as he hits a thermal and then he breaks from the mistiness.« Never Never say no to me…»

Kersenth springs aloft after the green, a rising tide of heat and fire tumbling skyward like a sudden volcanic eruption. On the hunt, his eyes lift flecks of red from Rieselth's anger and passion, taking them on himself as his mighty wings whip the sky into meek submission, the air groaning under the weight of so many wings. Unfamiliar air currents aren't messed with - he does not try to find thermals, or coast. He uses his large size and muscle to barrel through any obstacle - a wild hound on the loose, hunting for his mate.

Aevisaanth is one of the first in the air, taking advantage of the fact that he's small for a bronze, and thus more maneuverable than, say….that giant behemoth Dhonzayth. He bugles a clarion at Rieselth, declaring his intent to win! You won't find a better bronze than him, no ma'am! You just don't know it yet!

Laera grins down at L'ton, "So do you always meet riders this way, laying in wait to trip them up?" She asks teasingly and she digs her toes in the sands to kick just a little sand his way before her attention goes to Shellie, "A fishy flight, your girl always rise from the ocean?" She asks before looking over her shoulder at her lifemate. Kereth has dipped yet again and has grabbed another fish. Again he does not bother blooding it, just snapping it up into his maw. He looks to be enjoying this game before he he notices the green taking off. «Wait for me…I can catch you a fish too!» He declares as he strokes against the air to join the chase.

To Dhonzayth, the challenging bugle is like adding fuel to the fire for the pale Istan is already caught up by the green. Dhon, a pig? Hardly! He is a gentleman, and as a gentleman he doesn't even snap at those that dare invade his airspace. But, soon enough he's off, water flung downwards like a sudden cloudburst, and with each large wingstroke he's attempting to catch the green. A simple croon, something akin to 'remember me, my dear?' escapes him, but them he's storing his energy for what is sure to be a fast paced flight. L'ton swivles as he's shoo'd, a guilty look on his face, much like a little kid would offer with his hand caught in the cookie jar before dinner. But then, he's recognizing Sari, and patting Laera's shoulder with a grin and a wink, "But of course..", and moving to snatch the Iernite's flask from her, taking a long swig before giving it back with a wink. "Hey there sweets."

As soon as Rieselth starts banging her tail into the sand, Tiqueth is grumbling his response to her challenge. He's eyeing her warily, making sure to take in every detail before springing up after her. She's already left evidence of her state and he's on the case now, whizzing through the sky with great ease as he follows her before the case gets cold. Who is this broad anyways? Where'd she come from, but most importantly, why was she so eager to flee from the scene? Back on the beach Sari finds herself flaskless and a snarl escapes as she retrieves it. "Get yer own, bronzer." She mutters darkly before chugging the rest with great expertise. She finally plops down on the ground, her lifemates emotions mingling with her own as the chase begins.

Rieselth almost smirks, believe it or not, her eyes now whirling green, but not that of her hide. Rather it's the color of old dollar bills, or would be, if they had dollar bills on Pern. She bugles once again, and, finding a convient thermal, gains height, moving almost vertically for a moment, glancing back at the persuing males.

Dementh's hide goes red with the sunlight hitting it, and a bit of a gleam really hits his canine teeth as he opens his mouth to roar his challenge to the others to stay back. Wings outstretched at their fullest, he slips past a blue that entered the crowd of fliers chasing Rieselth. A bit of water left from his rise from the ocean still crowns him, almost ducally, as he swishes by yet another dragon in the Flight.

Kersenth pounds his wings through the air to rise after the elusive green, stalking her out like the valuable prize that she is. He will capture her, claim her. He'll come up with all sorts of clever plans to thwart her defenses. Take out the surveillance, the guards, and win.

Money, huh? Well Aevisaanth wouldn't mind looking a bit more into those eyes, whether he sees anything worthwhile or not. C'mon, baby, come to me! He sideslips in order to get a better view and path, darting forward like the quicksilver streaks that swirl on his hide.

Kereth seems rather casual about engaging in the flight, making low sweeps under the crowd of males chasing after the green though with each pass he gains a little more height, and a little more…slowly getting ahead of a male or two as he sweeps across one thermal then to another. Dancing the winds.

"Hey now! Yer suppose ta share with yer second favorite bronzer, or did ya happen ta forget that?" L'ton snipes at Sarisia as she snaps at him, making a face. But then all she's getting to see is his back, for he's like a lover thwarted, and his gaze is back to the darling of the hour - Shellie. Like rider like dragon, for Dhonzayth's attention is only on the fleeing green. Envy, jealous, and desire spur him onwards, and he's sliding into a thermal, letting the rising heat propel him upwards like a trained hunting bird, spiraling amongst the currents, taking advantage of the brief rest for his wings. And then, just as suddenly as the thermal was there, it has ended and Dhonzayth is like a fish out of water, faltering for a moment before regaining the easy pace of his wingbeats, body rising and falling like a buoy on the waves as he continues his pursuit.

Tiqueth isn't one to get left behind, not when there's a damsel to interrogate. The brown pushes forward, breaking the strong wind with his head, eyes always on the prize. Yup, doll face Rieselth, that's his goal. When the bugle is issued by the green he knows he's on the right track, even if a big dragon butt his hiding her from view at the moment. Seems every guy in the Weyr was trying to take up this beat, but he knew better, he was a savvy brown after all. Back on the ground Sari is too focused on the flight to care about L'ton's words, her hands gripping the sands tightly, even if they do slip out from the cracks of her fingers easily. Her icy eyes focus on Shellie, taking in the woman's form greedily from her spot. She's intrigued, just as her dragon is up the skies. They must unravel the mystery of the green pair that has them so enraptured.

Rieselth almost turns on her wing as Demonth comes close. No, there are laws to be obeyed here. Indeed, she pulls her wings come in, and she dives for the surface of the water, pulling up at the last second, dodging. Her eyes are now burning yellow, determination etched on her face. However, she can't help taunting the males as she heads back in towards the shore, and she roars once more. Almost as though she's winking, one eye goes second lidded for a fraction of a moment. Then she starts to climb once more.

As Dementh chases Rieselth, the sun and clouds hide his colors in his hide, and for a brief moment, perhaps one sees greyed skin and hide… Dementh will have to eat after this… He's going to anyways. He howls in frustration when another dragon gets in front of him, then rumbles in satisfaction when he gets past the dragon.

Kersenth remains in the air, too wise to fall for those dive and climb tricks the greens like to use. No, he'll stay up here, safe in his watchtower vantage point. He lifts his head and roars his challenge to the other males, and his invitation to Rieselth. He sets a course that will hopefully bring him closer to her when she rises to his height. His body slides through the air, sinew and bone coming together to form a bundle of energy and passion. He may not have the speed of the other males, but he's got the stamina, and in a mating flight, it's stamina you want, right? Wink wink.

Aevisaanth likes altitude, so he had already been high up and stayed there when the green dove and now she's ascending again. Right where he wants her! Not yet, not yet. Yellow eyes, huh? Shining golden in the sun? He likes 'em fierce!

Kereth continues to just 'drift' back and forth, conserving his energy as he rises from one thermal to the next before he notices the green diving back toward the shore and he swings around to catch up to her, flapping his wings against the air finally to make up some speed.

Laws indeed. Green meant go.. Does yellow then mean caution? It seems, however, the Dhonzayth is going to run the yellow, for at no point does his speed slow, he merely alters his trajectory as the green dives towards the water, unwilling to attempt a move of such finesse. He is an SUV, not a sports car, thank you very much. But then, its time to race the light, race the green, and race the others in the lead pack, and he's roaring once more in response to her. Each wingstroke that takes him closer to shore also takes him further from the ground, slowly rising like a blimp, though with a certain amount of actual maenueverability. A sudden dodge and he's avoiding what could have been a race-ending collision, and then its back to the chase for the finish line - Er, for Rieselth.

No laws to be obeyed? Tiqueth seems to think otherwise. The brown dives down after the glowing green but doesn't attempt her daredevil antics of pulling out of the nose dive so roughly. He's smoother than that… mostly because he didn't go nearly as far down as she did, but that's besides the point. The climb back up does cause him to strain, his chest heaving with the exertion of it all as he tries to close the gap between himself and Rieselth. It's always the pretty ones that think they can get away with it. And for now it's ringing true.

Rieselth is getting tired, and getting angry, her mood becoming black. As one brown comes close, she snaps at him, temper growing, a loud hiss coming from her throat. Her eyes are glowing even brighter now, her hide becoming dull as she starts to tire. But, even if you think she's done, there's life in her. She's still going, even when you'd think she'd be giving up.

Dementh stretches out, long and sleek, one thing on his mind as he chases the green much like a cat with a mouse.

Rieselth is getting tired, and getting angry, her mood becoming black. As one brown comes close, she snaps at him, temper growing, a loud hiss coming from her throat. Her eyes are glowing even brighter now, her hide becoming dull as she starts to tire. But, even if you think she's done, there's life in her. She's still going, even when you'd think she'd be giving up. (repose)

Kersenth angles towards the tiring green, rumbling a passionate yet gentle suggestion for her to come and fly with him. His strong winds can weather any storm, any difficulty, and carry her until she needs to let go and be free again.

Aevisaanth has been patient. He's been working hard at being invisible. Or at least, unnoticeable. But now he sees his chance, and he moves in as close as he can manage. Almost time, almost time… Hey baby. Has he got a deal for you….

Now, now, there is no need to get angry! Dhonzayth croons loudly at the green as she hisses, though he does take advantage of the now gun-shy brown - once bitten, twice shy? - as he fades back, the Istan scooting closer, drawn on by the brightening of her faceted eyes. Stretching, he's set himself up right where he wants to be. And so, he's drafting off the already tiring green, letting the leader break the airflow, and letting the slow pace of his wings conserve energy for when he may possibly need it. Like a camel - humps full for a journey across the dessert - Dhonzayth takes advantage of whatever tidbits he can to stay in front. It is not yet time to break - like a well-practiced athelete he'll sit and wait for that opportunte moment.

Tiqueth doesn't seem to mind the snapping green, a chortle of sorts issued from his deep chest. He's not deterred, after all he's put up with worse. He seems to get a second wind now that Rieselth's glow if fading, taking it as a sign that her capture is near. Yes, the mighty always fall, and he's always there when they do. With a strong stroke of his wings he propels himself forward, looping around a few of his opponents, his claws flexing in anticipation. He warbles to her, seeming to ask why. Why not just come clean, accept your fate and stop running? The mystery can drag on for only so long before someone figures it out, and you bet Tiqueth's the one to do it.

Rieselth is tired, hrt reserves of energy are almost depleted. Not even able to keep her temper up at this point, she starts to dive again, leaving herself open, exhausted. However, she doesn't give up her efforts, still dragging along. No matter how hard you try, she's not going to give up. She tries to redouble her efforts, tries once more to gain altitude.

Dementh hisses, muscles bunching as his wings and self stretch out again in exertion of the flight, reaching for the green. His latest hiss would cause ears to bleed if it were heard up close. He too tires but he's not going to give up either.

Kersenth drops below the tiring green and rises up, trying to figure the angle and the distance so that he can twine with her from below, his strong, sturdy wings supporting her as she tires, and keeping them safely aloft until the beautiful dance is done.

Aevisaanth is not tired! Absolutely not. He's got staying power up the wazoo. He darts forward, trying to bull through the crowd of males around the green like a bowling ball through pins. Here he comes, are you ready for him?! He snarls at a few males he passes close to, then ignores them in favor of the fierce green. He stretches himself towards her with every particle of his being!

Its all about timing when one is chasing down an elusive green. As it becomes apparently that the green as practically depeleted her reserves, it is the time to strike. And strike Dhonzayth does. Redoubling his speed, he drops down after her, staying close, dropping down above her, with talons outstretched. And then, as she attempts to rise again, that's when the bronze breaks, his size allowing for a hidden reserve, and he's attempting to snatch her from the sky with talons, to twine necks with her, and then to lend her his strength as they soar like a kite above the beach and waters of Xanadu. If only he has timed it right - could he become the lucky winner?

Tiqueth watches as Rieselth starts her sad spiral downwards, the strain of the flight finally catching up to her. He knew she could only fight for so long before the weight of it all brought her down, and he's ready for her. He propels himself forward, thrashing his tail behind him viciously in order to keep the others at bay. Nothing to see here folks, he seems to roar as he closes in on his target. She's had her fun and lead him on for long enough, now it's time to come quietly. As he nears the mysterious damsel he extends his claws, ready to shut this case for good and find out who this green really is.

Rieselth manages to slowly climb back to altitude, but not fast enough. Before she knows it, Tiqueth manages to edge out both Dhonzyath and Demonth, his talons catching her. She roars weakly, protesting impotently, as she's drawn into the grasp of the brown, and instinctively twines her neck with his…

Dhonzayth missing, hissing at the familiar brown as he spirals back downwards. L'ton looks from Shellie, to Sari, to Shellie, to Sari, before staring at them with a face. However, the only logical decision to make is to go after Laera, tugging the bluerider off. Perhaps.

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