Random Log: Weyrling Lesson: Mating Flights

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Barracks

A long and roughly oblong cavern, about a third of the space is open, used for classes or chores as required. The rest of the space is filled with couches of varying sizes, all with plenty of space between them. Some couches are obviously intended for the very young weyrlings while the largest ones at the back are for the older weyrlings.

Myra enters the barracks with that trusty clipboard in her hand, and a grimace on her face. "Ailath, why? Of any dragon, why Mayikooth?" she's muttering under her breath, as she frowns at today's lesson plan. Oh dear, someone got up on the wrong side of the bed today. Though that flight was a few days ago now, at the least.

Laera is laying on her stomach on her cot reading through her dragonhealer text. She FINALLY asked K'vin about it and has added those lessons to her weyrling lessons in the last month. Kereth is curled up on his cot seemingly asleep. At the voice of Myra, Laera looks up curiously to the woman and smiles, "Good afternoon Ma'am…" She calls out before looking back to her book.

Myra makes her way over to Laera at the greeting, seating herself on the edge of an empty couch close by. "Ah, afternoon." she responds, with a touch of forced cheer. It's time to put on her work face, and leave all those niggling little personal problems at the door… Easier said than done. "Busy?" she asks, with an eyebrow raised at the text.

Laera rolls up into a sitting position and places the placemark in her book, "The words are starting to blur a bit.." She says as she tucks the book under her bed, "So what's up?" She asks she settles upright again. Kereth raises his head slowly and gives a warble of greeting the weyrlingmaster. He has improved in quite a few areas since camp, getting better at hunting, a bit more indepedent of Laera instead of puppydogging after her all the time.

Myra tilts her head at Kereth, perhaps sizing him up. "Ah, it's time for another lesson, I'd say." she notes, in a casual tone. "Yes, I think so." she nods, leaning forwards a little. She does raise a hand briefly then, adding, "But, don't get up, it's not that sort of lesson. This one's more of a lecture." Oh, lecture, groan. "Mating flights." she notes, with a hint of a grimace. She's normally fine with flights, really, it's just… well, it was R'in, her competition, even if she won't admit it.

"Oh ok…" Laera responds and just brings her feet back up on the bed, crossing them indian style. Her glance goes to Kereth's as Myra's does and she smiles, "He is looking good, eh? I think he has filled out a bit more with the flying." He is pretty much full grown, bigger then even many of the older blues in the weyr. At the mention of which lecture it is Laera just grins, a glint lighting up her green eyes. "Yeah we were wondering when this was gonna come…heard of greens rising at a turn…I know we just have boys but…yeah."

Myra chuckles, and taps at the clipboard, "Well, the lecture schedule is mapped out assuming at least one green in the class, but it's a useful lesson for all. For one, it lets people know that they'll be learning to go between before long - don't forget to practice your imaging - and graduate not long after." she shakes her head, then looks to Laera, "I must point out, Kereth likely won't win his first chase, though there's always a chance. It's a hard thing to practice for, as the dragon hormones tend to take over, making rational thought… difficult, at best." she begins.

"I suppose the greens and golds have it lucky then, eh? They always know they will win." Laera comments with amusement in her voice as she looks across to the woman. Kereth looks between the women curiously before just dropping his head back to the ground. "Yeah we been practicing every chance we get, been flying out to the local holds and Dolphincraft as well to get images." She informs the woman, "Liraeth has been flying with us on the longer trips." She smiles over to the woman, "So you fly recently?"

Myra nods slowly, "Er, lucky is one way to put it. I can only imagine what it must be like to lose a flight, though from what I hear, it's not the most desired outcome." She nods at the mention of practice, of imaging and of flying, apparently not having much to say about that either way. She seems about to launch into the next part of the lecture when Laera's question takes her by surprise. "Well, er, recently… Can't say much for Ailath's taste in males, myself…" She's a fine one to talk, she's been seen about with that Trian again lately… Though, he's a candidate, so there's nothing going on there, at the moment.

"Liraeth has lost his fair share and Ma would come home and just jump mommytwo, half the time she wouldn't even check if me and Risa were around." Laera replies quite vividly with a bright look in her eyes at the memories. So her parents were open about their relationship with their daughters. "That be told, even if Liraeth won Ma would still come home to jump Mommytwo after she finished jumping whoever got caught." She says after a moment's thought, "So didn't like the rider? Bad in the sack?"

Myra coughs, and shakes her head, "Ah, not exactly… Honestly, at the time, I didn't mind in the least who I was with. I never do, not when Ailath flies. Usually it's fine, we're together for the flight, then we just go our separate ways. Sometimes… Well, it can be awkward, if, for instance, you have to /work/ with the rider. Closely." she shakes her head. Well, that really depends on the riders involved, actually. "But, generally, people don't think /that/ far ahead when there's a flight…" she frowns a little, not quite sure how best to put it into words. "Imagine the hunger you felt when you first impressed, before you learned to keep your own feelings and Kereth's feelings seperate. Right. Now imagine you're feeling a very strong lust… Because /Kereth/ is." There's a pause, for that to sink in, before she notes, "Some riders relish flights, as there's a closeness there, dragon and rider as one, that is far stronger than the norm."

Laera listens to the woman as she explains things, things she has only witnessed from the outside having lived at a weyr and being a daughter of a rider. "Well it shouldn't be surely, its just sex and well its not like you two got drunk and fell into each other's arms.." She gives a shrug. Yes she is perhaps far to sexually relaxed even if there has been little indication she as attempted it despite her casual flirting. She tilts her head slightly and nods slowly at the words, "I imagine it would get rid of a lot of inhibitions, just let go and be the dragon.." She smiles at this idea for sure.

Myra chuckles, and nods. "Ah, well, true. Though, inhibitions can still affect the outcomes of flights… I, well, I'd never held to the silly notion of /waiting/, like my holder parents… I found my guy, and, well, we had a short, passionate, relationship. The sex was great. Then I was searched, impressed, and he ran off… But that's a whole other story. Flights scared me from a loss of control viewpoint, at first… Flight sex does tend to be rough, too, but…" she shrugs. That part was less scary, apparently. Beneath that mild holdbred exterior, Myra's anything but. "You won't notice or care at the time, but you'll be sore afterwards. It's an experience though, that's for sure. I can't imagine /not/ being a greenrider." she notes, with a small smile. Despite the occasional 'bad' flight. That's more to do with who she wakes up next to than the actual flight, though.

Laera just gives a shrug, "I ain't found someone I want to dally with yet, diddled a bit here and there. Ya know the feely touchy stuff..I just turned fourteen when I impressed so…and well about the only male I have had any regular close contact with is Jezzie and well…he is younger then me and our dragons…well…it would probably be weird for both of us right now." She says quite casually, "I asked a friend if we could shag, but he wanted me to make sure it was alright first." She says as she looks over to Kereth then back to Myra, "Maybe one day he will fly yours, eh?" She says with a wink.

Myra nods slowly, glancing to the blue. "Well, true. Fourteen is a bit early, perhaps." she notes, glancing to the blue idly. "Ah, heh, maybe one day he will!" she agrees, though it's a bit of an awkward agreement. The age gap is still too high for Myra's comfort when one is in her twenties and one only in her teens. "But, ah, you've had this lecture because your dragon is old enough to chase now, he's ready for that sort of … emotion." Well, he's old enough to be, though whether he actually is would depend more on the dragon himself. "So, I suppose it'd be okay…" There's that permission. "/Might/ want to graduate first." After all, that won't be long now.

"I know I should, but …well I want to be in control…I want to remember my first time and while he ain't likely to catch before I graduate…He could.." She offers as her explanation, "Not sexxing it up with every rider I meet or anything, just …well know what its like before I have it forced on me." She does not seem overly stressed at the notion. She cants her head toward the sleeping dragon, "He ain't shown any inclination yet, but he ain't really been around female dragons his own age…just the few in the older class and your green.."

Myra nods slowly, glancing out to the grounds, which is no doubt where Ailath is. "Well, once you graduate, you'll have more time to get out and about, meet plenty of greens." she notes with a smile, standing from that other couch finally. "There'll also no doubt be a few greens in the clutch on the sands," she adds, though of course they'll be quite a bit younger than Kereth. She does look to the sleeping blue then, thoughtfully. "Speaking of getting out and about…" she hints at another lesson, though it really all depends on how alert Kereth can be.

There really seemed to little response from the blue during this lecture, but at the mention of getting out…which means flying, his eyes open and he looks between the pair. Flying has always been something he has enjoyed since the first lesson. Laera just grins as her dragon is suddenly 'awake'. "I swear he would sleep in the air if he could."

Myra coughs suddenly and tilts her head at something only she can hear. Finally, she sighs. "Um, just keep practicing manned flight and imaging, you'll need them soon!" she promises, or is that more of a tease? And then she's gone, running off to tend to Ailath.

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