Random Log: Weyrling Lesson: Imaging

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Barracks

A long and roughly oblong cavern, about a third of the space is open, used for classes or chores as required. The rest of the space is filled with couches of varying sizes, all with plenty of space between them. Some couches are obviously intended for the very young weyrlings while the largest ones at the back are for the older weyrlings.

Myra enters the barracks with the usual clipboard, peering over it intently, then smiling. Without a word, she strides the length of the barracks, to several cabinets at the far end. She begins taking out poles of varying width, length, and colour. "Hm, that should do." she notes, when she has four, hefting them under one arm and walking back to the grounds. A few moments later she returns, sans poles, and calls out, "Laera, Kereth, to the grounds."

At this later hour Laera has already gotten out of the 'weyrling uniform' and into the more casual clothes she seems to prefer. Today it is a long flowy skirt and a wrap around top that just gives a hint of a midriff. She is sitting on her cot reading over another dragonhealer text as Kereth half dozes with his head on the end of her cot. At the call of the Weyrlingmaster she looks up with a slight jump and places a bookmark into the book before carefully closing it. "Ma'am?" She asks curiously as she slips her feet into sandles upon rising and quickly heads out to the grounds.

Myra simply smiles, and shakes her head. "You'll see." is all she'll say on that, eyeing Laera's attire, then shrugging. So, it's not something that requires the uniform then? Interesting. Kereth's half-sleepy state is also noted, with a slight nod. What does she have planned? There's a pause, and then she turns back and heads back to the cabinet, waving Laera through to the grounds.

Kereth rises from his couch and is only a few steps behind his chosen, though he does look curiously over the the weyrlingmaster as he passes. They have been an interesting training. Laera seemingly casual, yet dedicated, despite her lack of respect for dress codes. Hunting proved to be a bit of a trial and he was well behind J'rezi's bronze in that score, having to be convinced to hunt and not just let his chosen provide. Despite that stumbling block, his solo flight was actually quite remarkable and he took to the sky like a natural. Finally the pair are waiting outside and looking curiously around the ground.

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Grounds
Cradled in a cup shaped bite out of the mountain, this wide, grassy flat has become home for Xanadu's weyrling dragons. It's set surprisingly high above the level of the beach, visible from the eastern side of the grounds where a long path snakes its way down the hill to the sand dunes below. All other sides to the grounds are bordered by the hard granite cliffs, two entrances clearly visible. One is merely human sized and leads deep into the mountain, to the Caverns. The other is broad and high, the entrance to the Weyrling Barracks.

The center of the grounds are deserted, with poles set up in the shape of a square - one pole at each corner. On emerging from the barracks, Myra heads straight for the center of this square, some sort of cloth in her hands. She turns to Laera and Kereth, sizing up the pair briefly, before waving them over to the center of the square, stepping back slightly as she does so. "This is an excercise to work on imaging, a skill that is essential for between. If you can't send a clear picture of where you want to go… you may not get there at all." Dramatic much? In fact, Myra does seem a little more tense than usual, but that's more to do with Ailath than anything else. She holds up the cloth. "This is a blindfold. I want you to look at each of the poles in turn, and then I will blindfold you. You must direct Kereth to walk to one of the poles."

Laera walks out to the designated area and at the description of the lesson ahead of her. The bright light in her eyes fades a little, she has lived in a weyr long enough to know the risks of a bad between. She nos quietly to the woman before looking up at Kereth, "We are gonna play a game Kereth ok there, just like what Myra says. I give ya a picture and you got to find the picture?" Kereth looks around the square for a moment before bobbing his head to his chosen and then to the WLM. Laera pats Kereth's neck before turning to face each pole, taking in the colour, the shade, the area around it. Like her mother used to describe betweening. Know everything around it as well as IT.

Myra watches patiently as Laera looks to each in turn, smiling a little. It's perhaps a little prejudiced, and not always accurate, but Myra does tend to prefer teaching weyrbred weyrlings, they're more likely to have at least /some/ idea of what's going on. "Take your time." she says, with a quirk of her lips. She has to say that. "When you're ready, I'll blindfold you, and then it's all up to you." she adds, glancing from Laera to Kereth, and back again.

Leara takes a deep breath as she gets her images and turns to the Weyrlingmaster, "Let's do it." She says with a bit of a grin on her lips, a bit excited now despite herself. These lessons mean once step closer to becoming a 'rider'. Kereth looks curiously around the square at the different coloured poles, eyes whirling with interest.

Myra grins, and steps forward, wrapping the blindfold around Laera's eyes, then stepping back, right outside the square, to watch. "Remember, you can only image the pole, no peeking, no directions, no hints. You wouldn't get those when betweening, after all!" she points out, shuddering very briefly at the thought. It's never pleasant to lose riders between, weyrlings or otherwise.

Laera stands up straight once the blindfold is tied on, there is a look of concentration on her face. She mouths blue as she faces Myra, before her face settles in concentration trying to just form the image of the blue pole. Kereth's eyes whirl for a moment before he looks around the square and heads to the blue pole warbling his 'success' at the test. Laera just wrinkles her nose, "I think I word imaged it.." She says with a sigh, "This is harder than I thought."

Myra just shakes her head, not that Laera can see it. "Try again. This is why we're doing it this way, it's definitely safer than the alternative. It just takes practice." she notes, glancing over to Kereth and the blue pole. "Call him back to you, then try another pole." she says, calmly. No-one really 'gets' it on the first try, after all.

Kereth lowers his head a bit as he realizes the lesson was not as successful as first thought. Laera waves over to him without moving or looking his way. She knows where her lifemate is. Laera nods to Myra slightly. "Pictures only no words." She murmurs and mouths Red to Myra with her back to her lifemate. There is a look of concetration on her fine features. First the pole, then slowly adding in the detail around the pole. Kereth looks from Laera to the red pole, then the orange pole. There is a moment of indecision before he looks back to the red pole again and trots over to it, giving a curious warble.

Myra claps, just a little. "Well done. Would you like to try that a few more times, or shall we just move on?" she asks, because this is hardly a lesson to be rushed. This lesson works well as a one-on-one lesson because each weyrling needs to work in their own time, to be confident in their ability. A confident rider tends to send a firmer image than one who is always second-guessing themselves.

Laera smiles at the success , "Well done Kereth." She calls out in the direction of her blue, a bit more relaxed herself at that positive result. "There was some confusion before I added the detail around the colour…suppose that is like going to a hold that looks like another, but the surrounds are different?" She asks of the WLM before she shakes her head ,"Once more?" She asks before she motions Kereth back. She gets the look of concentration as she mouths green. Again there is a moment of indecision between the blue and the green before he suddenly ambles to the green one.

Myra hmms, and tilts her head at Kereth, then moves back towards the center of the square. "He's doing well, you both are. You are, of course, encouraged to try this yourselves, to practice. The poles are in the cabinet in the barracks, and there are more there as well, different colours and sizes." Because multiple weyrlings may be needing them at once. "If you're ready to move on?" she suggests, now walking towards one of the poles. "You may lift the blindfold now." she adds, waiting to see if Laera is ready or not.

Laera nods as she reaches behind her and unties the blindfold and folds it in her hands as she looks up at the Weyrlingmaster. "Of course Ma'am." She says as she casual as she often seems with the lessons, there is no doubt this one will be much practiced. "What's next?" She asks seriously as Kereth moves next to her. There is an intent look in both there gazes.

Myra is now standing at the blue pole, and she glances to the one opposite it, picking the blue pole up. "It's not strictly related to imaging, exactly, but it is a good exercise. First, would you take that pole, and move it further away?" she suggests, as she does the same with the blue pole. Once the blue pole is in place, quite a bit further from the 'square' now, she heads back to Laera's end. "This one doesn't strictly need the poles, and can be done anywhere really, but they're handy. You'll need to be blindfolded again, and Kereth will remain at this pole, directing you to walk to the other pole. This is much like the previous exercise, but different. You will be using his eyes, rather than an image." It's a bit odd, but you never know when you might need it?

At the direction, Laera moves over to the indicated pole and does as directing, pulling it out with a tug and setting it in the ground further away. Despite her girly attire, there is no hesitation in the actions, looking actually more comfortable in it then the sturdy pants and shirt she wears when doing proper excercises. "Kereth you go over there to Myra and just like she says, like when we fly together.." She calls out casually as she slips the blindfold over her face once more with confidence and waits for the WLM to call to begin. Kereth moves over to stand beside the WLM, his whirling gaze on his chosen.

Myra tilts her head at Kereth, then calls to Laera, "And, go. It may be a little disorienting at first, especially as you'll be watching yourself move, but just take it at a slow pace to begin with." she instructs, really more like guidelines than rules. Myra is a whole-hearted supporter of letting each weyrling pair go at their own speed, within reason. Anyone moving too quickly does tend to get told to throttle it back a little, because that's just dangerous.

Well Laera has never been caught flying Kereth but some may have noticed, walking the fields below Kereth as he practices flying eyes unfocused as she carefully walks the path. Flying with her lifemate in a more 'spiritual' sense. So this excercise seems to come even easier to the pair to the one before. Mind stuff for this pair never had a problem, except at how easily they get caught up in each other. Constantly losing herself to Kereth's mind when she should be focusing on lessons for example. Its the more independent things like Hunting that caused a major problem. Laera nods to the WLM before she takes her first step and with a slow, yet methodical gate she makes her way to her lifemate, reaching out to him when she reaches to him.

Myra grins as she watches Laera, glancing every now and then to Kereth. "Ah, this is another one you could practice, as well." she notes, with a cetain twinkle in her eyes. She doesn't think that'll be a problem, no. Every pair have their strengths, and their weaknesses. "It's a little different, I'll grant you, but sometimes it can be useful to see what your dragon sees, for example, when they're outside and you're in, or in extreme weather conditions." she nods, and makes a couple of marks on the ol' clipboard, with satisfaction.

Laera removes her blindfold and looks just a little sheepish as she looks over to Myra, "Yes Ma'am, we will practice every chance we get." Cough. Well she has not broken rules per se, just stretched them a weee little bit. "Yeah Ma said she generally relies on the images of her flitters and Liraeth when flying storm rescue, they seem to pick up things better." She says in affirmation of the words. Yes handy having a mom in S&R."

Myra nods, scanning the skies automatically, but there's no storm there. "Ah, excellent. I'm sure you've got a lot to work on already, and Kereth isn't even fully grown, yet! Before long, manned flight, mating flight, between… Where does the time go?" she muses, looking upwards again. After a moment she shakes her head, and waves her hand at the poles, "You don't need to use these poles, either. Go about the Weyr, image all sorts of things. A tree, a wall, a person, perhaps?" she encourages, because, obviously, imaging Weyrs and Holds isn't as simple as imaging plain poles.

Laera leans forward and passes folded blindsfold to Myra with a nod. "I can't wait for manned flight so I can ride Kereth properly…It is taking almost more restraint then I can muster to not just fly him now. He looks so strong and I ain't that big…but I know its more than that." She sighs softly and pats Kereth's neck effectionally. The blue warbles in response and lowers his head to his chosen. Yes besotted, that is probably the best term. Mating flight lecture? That will probably come none too soon. She has the makings of a looker, and everyday has her filling out just a bit more, losing her adolescent awkwardness and getting more grace. She will break hearts if she hasn't already, yet she does not seem to encourage any suitors, no matter how brazen or friendly she is.

Myra chuckles, and gives Kereth a look over. "I'd say he's already got a couple of meters on Ailath, but that doesn't mean he's as ready for flight. He's still growing, it's a crucial time for muscle development right now. Push him too hard, and he might do himself an injury. If you're lucky, it'll only set you back a few weeks." She warns, very seriously. She'll be lenient more often than not, but never when it puts people or dragons at risk. Probably not the best tactic, because if people feel they can get the better of her on one thing, they may try other things.

Laera nods seriously, "Why I link with him when he flies, so I can feel for any aches and stuff. I call him down the moment I feel any twitch. He just seems to be a natural at it though, even Ma reckons Liraeth wasn't flying this good at this age." Yes she is a little proud of her Kereth, especially after the embaressment of the hunt…something he still shows some reticense with though he manages in the end. "I wouldn't do him no harm." «She wouldn't hurt me!» Is said at near the same time by chosen and lifemate.

Myra blinks a little at the last bit, and shakes her head, "I wasn't implying that you would, it's just one of those things that I have to say. Some people can tend to be … impatient. Some dragons even moreso." And she winces a little, probably her own memory at that. "I must admit, I always felt that I was holding Ailath back, but she was so competitive, so eager to be 'free'… I did, because her safety was more important, but it wasn't easy. If the weyrlingmasters hadn't been there, I'm not sure… well… it's why /I'm/ here." she finishes, with a shrug.

Laera immediately places a calming hand on Kereth's neck. One would not call him easy to anger, but when it comes to Laera he gets mighty defensive. Hopefully the incident with Kieranth didn't get back to the WLM! Woe betide a dragon who gets between him and his chosen. Laera nods to the woman, "Doncha worry about it Boss, it is easy for us to grow impatient, reckon many a weyrling would be a stone sculpture if it weren't for Weyrlingmasters holding weyrlings back." She says rather bluntly. Yes she knows the risks.

Myra nods slowly, and begins gathering the poles to take back inside, starting with the one she's standing by. "Well, true. Not everyone listens, though." and she sighs, and shakes her head, moving to the next pole. "It's become sort of habit to repeat the same warnings over and over. Some people have odd ideas about impression, it /doesn't/ make you qualified to be a full fledged rider, you still have to /learn/ that." Okay, she's exaggerating quite a bit there, but still. "We need more level-headed weyrlings, more level-headed candidates. Some people have odd views on things." she shrugs, and makes her way to the third pole. "That doesn't mean they can't learn, of course. No weyrling is a lost cause. None." she states firmly, as she picks the third pole up.

As Myra starts to retreiving the poles Laera walks along beside her, offering to carry the poles before her. She gives a shrug, "S'pose living with an S&R mom has kept me cautious as far as dragons are concerned miss." She gives a shrug, now if she will show the same caution with the lads. Always saying stuff to shock people, but that has been a little bit less of late, more often having her nose in a Dragonhealer text or another, yet she still hasn't formally approached them yet. She jogs out to the far pole for the last excercise before coming back. She laughs at the last, "I suppose there is hope for even us?"

Myra looks a little awkward at the last, shaking her head slowly, "I, uh, hey, no." she stammers, then takes a moment to recover, "You're great, easiest weyrlings I've ever had the pleasure of teaching." She states, glancing back to the barracks idly. She nods that-a-way, and begins to cart the three poles back, they're not really heavy, just unwieldy. Though she does give Laera a grateful smile when she goes and gets the fourth. "Don't mess it up, okay?" she warns, but with a smile. Smaller classes can be quite nice, indeed. The older ones must be close to graduating by now, if they haven't already, though this lull can't last forever. There's eggs on the sands, and another egg-heavy gold at the dragonhealer's annex, though what will hatch from that - if anything - Myra has no clue.

Well the group ahead should be around 14 months, so close to graduating? Laera smiles at the compliment as she follows the WLM into the barraks to put up the poles, "Thankee.." She says with a grin and a twinkle in her eyes. Oh dear. "I will try not too…" She says though a bit more soberly, "Done for the night?" She asks before she ducks back to her cot to resume her earlier activity of book reading.

Myra nods, as she puts the poles away. "Done for the night." she affirms, as she checks over her clipboard, then nods to Laera on her way out. "Keep up the good work." and she nods to the book as well, before slipping out, smiling to herself. She doesn't notice the twinkle in Laera's eyes, which is perhaps a bit selective, as she does seem to have a bit much on her plate right now.

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