Random Log: Ysa and Ram Celebrate

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern

It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.

The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

R'miel has been at the tavern a while when Ysa comes in. There's a bunch of people around, helping him celebrate his newest promotion. There's a ton of empty shot glasses on the table in front of him and a half full pitcher with cups of beer everywhere. The bronzer is the center of attention, being quite drunk clearly. He can barely sit up in his chair, and keeps slumping over from one side to the other. "Then when I woke up she turned to me and was like 'You're not Keith!'." There's laughter, most of it from R'miel, followed by him picking up a mug and starting to drink more. Followed by a belch, which earns him a round of applause.

Ysa had a lot of work to catch up on. But that's what happens when you skip, right? Every time she tried to slip out, the Weyrleader would ask for something else, or someone suddenly needed her signiture, or there was a problem with the shipments and orders and lost files and… "Not /now/!" she snaps at someone that came up to her right as she entered through the door, glaring at the short man. He looked amiable, probably going to offer up a drink to the junior, but he backed down quickly. Running a hand through her hair, she sighs, relaxes her shoulders, and moves over to her weyrmate's table, only for her to stare in surprise. "You're drunk already, love?" she says, with just a hint of disappointment that he didn't wait on her. She stands behind an empty chair, placing her hands on the back of it.

R'miel turns to Ysa and squints his eyes at her. He's so drunk he's letting those glasses droop off his face a bit, so she can clearly see his eyes. It's like he can't recognize her, or his brain is just so drowned in booze that it takes it a while to register. Finally he realizes who she is and he grins stupidly and pulls her straight into his lap. "It's Ysa! Hi love! We're celebrating my new promotion. More shots!" He grabs her a mug and fills it with beer, practically shoving it into her face. "You're so cute. Are you hungry! We need meatrolls! I'm a little drunk yeah I had some shot and beer."

Ysa stares at him with wide eyes when he doesn't appear to recognize her. "Yes, 'course it's /Ysa/," she says with a roll of her eyes. She does manage a squeak of surprise, looking around the room at the others. She gives the familiar, yet still unfamiliar faces a polite nod before her gaze sweeps over the mess of shots already empty. "I can tell. Quite the celebration that I missed out on!" She sticks her lower lip out in a pout, even as she grabs at the mug. She takes a sip, smirks a bit at the lack of her favorite order here, and then just bobs her head. "Yes, yes. Having a good time then? Couldn't ya have at least waiting a bit longer?" She couldn't stop herself from saying it, but takes a long swig of her mug anyways, trying to look comfortable on her weyrmate's lap.

R'miel squeezes Ysa as a few more shots are handed to them. "Missed out on! It's just getting started! They all… they all made me come right away. And then drinked me. Er. I drank and they made me drank. Drink. They made me get drunk. I wanted to wait so we could toast together since you're my weyrmate and I love you soooo much!" He picks up a shot glass and gives it to her other hand, then picks up one for himself. Then he lifts it up. "To jobs! And money and stuff." He peers around and then at Ysa. "And beer." That's apparently the end of his speech as he downs his shot.

"Not if I want to drag ya home, and that… might not be easy," Ysa takes another long gulp, only to have a shot glass thrust at her now, and she has to hold both of them in her hands awkwardly, hoping that R'miel has a good hold on her. "Drink. Drank. Ya boys… Ya got him out of his mind! He'll be passed out 'fore I can do anything 'bout it." She mock glares to the men around them before lifting the shot glass while setting the beer down on the table. "I love ya too, Ram," she says without concern about those around her, though her voice does drop in volume. "My weyrmate, /Weyrsecond/," she says with a large grin before tossing back her shot as well and laughing.

R'miel looks around after his shot. Well, his eyes more sort of roll around. People are still pushing alcohol his way. Clearly they all want to see him pass out. "You just.. haven't had enough… um… enough… um… broooze! No, booze! Hah! Did you hear what I said the frist time? I said brooze. That's funny. You should gimme a kiss. After you take another shot! Another shot! Another shot!" He grins at her. "Look at how cute you are." He shuts his eyes and lays his head against her. Ooh, she better shake him or he's going to pass out.

Ysa sets the glass down, the beer down, and starts shoving the drinks to her side of the table instead, making sure to bat the bronzer's hand away if he tries to reach it. She's already taken a second shot, probably because she feels she had to catch up. She chuckles and then shakes her head. "/Ya/ had enough brooze if I do say so myself. Don't ya agree?" Still no one was stopping the bronzer, so she turns to him and laughs, shaking her head. "If I drink all this fast, I'll be gone 'fore ya even pass out on me." She runs a hand through his hair and gives him a quick 'hello' peck, then slaps his cheek a bit. "You're not done yet, Ram! Ya gotta walk home. Belly! Water!" Oh, the tavern's bartender was really going to hate her someday and poison her drink, by the look of his glare.

R'miel had already probably shelled out all his marks for the week for this little get together. Or he will be once the tab is counted up. He jerks up as she slaps him. "Oooh! I didn't have that much." Of course, he hasn't really drank heavily in a while, so yes, he has. "I don't like water. Where are the meat rolls…" At least he's too out of it to be actively drinking. "Let's sing a song! What's a song we know, Ysa?" He's become enamored with Ysa's breasts suddenly, staring at them and ignoring everyone and everything else. His head moves closer… then further… then closer. "Yeah I did that." Who the heck is he talking to? Probably Arinith.

Ysa has started up a chant of "Water! Water!" At least, until a pitcher has come, which didn't really take that long. She beams at the young man that brought it, winks, and then fills up a mug that was mostly empty of beer before handing it to her weyrmate. "Didn't have that much? Then here ya go, love, here's more to drink." She was used to this game. Mostly because it was used on her a lot. She clinks a little shot glass against it and tosses it back herself, as if hoping to get him to drink. Or at least get drunk herself. "Hmm… I don't know if I know any songs that ya know. Any in mind?" It's about then that she notices him staring at her breasts, and she glances down at them herself with furrowed brows. Did he… just talk to them? Or his lifemate?

R'miel actually has no idea he's been staring at them. He's been so focused on a conversation with Arin. When he's handed a mug and told to drink he does so. Especially because Ysa is the one telling him. When he's emptied his mug he snuggles himself against Ysa's chest. He's trying to be affectionate, but it just comes off as perverted. "Um… what about that one… That one about the girl who breaks up with the guy who is cheatin' on her? That one." He moves his finger around like he's trying to sort through some imaginary files.

Ysa beams at her weyrmate when he actually drinks the water, and she's happy to refill it for him. With water in hand, and three shots in her now, she stares down at the sudden bronzer making nice with the girls. "Love, I don't think 'm drunk 'nough yet." And the snickers actually make her nervously chuckle as well. "And neither is everyone else. Ya can play later." Well, he was allowed to be perverted with her, right? She /was/ his weyrmate. She pushes his shoulder back and gives him a kiss on his cheek now before pulling back to stare at him in surprise. "Why /that/ one?" she asks with a raised brow, shoving the water into his hands.

"Hm?" He looks at her with a cute innocent look. Which is easy for him to do since he doesn't know what she's talking about. It takes him a bit, then he laughs. "What! You gotta be drunk for that? No… No… Not for me. But I'll wait til later. Yep. Sorry, boys!" He does tickle a bit at Ysa's rib though. Still playful, even while drunk. "I like the part where she breaks all his stuff with the club thing." He grins up at her, his eyes half-closed. "Or I can sing the bronzer song for you!" He holds up his mug and then takes a long drink.

Ysa stares down at him for a long moment. "Well, yes, in front of the boys, generally…" She gives the men around them a grin and then knocks back another drink, hoping to start feeling the effects as much as R'miel is soon enough. She wiggles a bit at his tickling, gulping down a burning drink before batting away at his fingers. "Ya like hearing 'bout a brokenhearted gal tearing apart stuff out of revenge?" she asks him with raised brows. "Though I do like that part, too." She smirks as she watches him drink. "Go on, love, sing for me. Ya know I can't sing well in a crowd." She grins apologetically towards the others before picking up her half-empty beer mug.

R'miel looks up at her, then pulls her in for a rather romantic kiss. Or it would be, if Ram wasn't drunk and they weren't in the middle of a bar. "I just like to hear your sweet voice." He grins to her, then stands up, holding onto her then putting her into his chair. He climbs up onto the table next to them, their table was too full with glasses. "Okay, listen up boys. I know I'm probably the only bronzer here and that my lady is a goldrider but this still goes out to her." He points to Ysa. "That's her." Then he starts to sing. "Well yo ho yo ho a bronzer's life for me!"

Ysa is wide-eyed in surprise at the kiss, even if it was a sloppy drunk one. She laughs as she pulls back, though, wiping at her mouth and grinning towards the jeering whistles and other catcalls. Right, the tavern. She remembers this now. "I doubt that these gentlemen would, though," she says, eyeing the surrounding folk. She doesn't stay in the chair for long, though, standing up, only to find herself a bit unbalanced after the three drinks. Which just means there's another one needed. She motions for more beer, satisfies her thirst, and then turns towards R'miel with a silly grin. "Thanks, love!" she calls back to him, raising her drink. "Just don't break your neck on me, now, up there!" She chuckles at his song, swaying a bit even though it didn't match.

R'miel is clearly the entertainer, especially while drunk. He claps and stomps his foot to get everyone going while he sings. "We like to fly and we like to chase. Drink up you riders yo ho! We love the girls and we love the race! Drink up you riders yo ho! Yo ho yo ho a bronzer's life for me." He reaches out to get Ysa up onto the table with him. "We're the biggest male dragons we race for the prize. Drink up you riders yo ho! But we all know what girls say: what matters is size! Drink up you riders yo ho! We're scoundrels and womanizers we're cocky and bold! Drink up you riders yo ho! Sure we like greens, but what we live for is gold! Drink up you riders yo ho! Yo ho yo ho a bronzer's life for me!" He dances around with Ysa on the table, if she's come up.

Ysa has got a beer, so there'll be no clapping. But she definitely stomping along with him and laughing with the others. She was starting to feel those three quick shots, especially since she hadn't had dinner yet. Troubles at work? What troubles… Well, not quite that drunk, since she's got to reach other for another shot eventually. "He better not mean any of those words," she comments loudly to someone nearby that was singing along to the familiar phrases and waving his drink about. His whole body looked like he was going to fall over, but thankfully R'miel pulls her up instead. She tosses the shot, drops the glass, which she'll pay Beldar for later, and starts singing "Drink up you riders yo ho!" each time with a swing of her mug. She doesn't dance much, just sort of stands there grinning toothly, quite a change from the mood she walked in with.

R'miel of course doesn't mean the words. Well, not many of them, at least. But everyone knew bronzers were cocky about their big… dragons. Right. When Ysa gets up he grabs hold of her waist and pulls her too him, then gets her into a rather awkward sway that doesn't match his tempo at all. He cheers when she tosses the glass. That song ended he starts up a new one. "Welllll, got a dragon of a tale to tell ya, lads. A dragon of a tale or two. 'Bout the lumberin' wher and the girls I've loved, on days out there with Rukbat above. A dragon of a tale and it's all true I swear by my tattoo!" Ram taps his scar since he lacks a tattoo.

Ysa would probably defend R'miel's big… dragon. Because it'd be wrong of her if she didn't. She sways along with him, after giving him a kiss on his cheek. She brings the mug up to her face to drink several times, while things start getting just a tad bit hazy. "More?" she asks her weyrmate in surprise, but cheers nonetheless. She beams at his singing and then stands up on her toes and gives his scarred cheek a kiss before turning back to the crowd. She allows the bronzer do the entertaining tonight. Afterall, she was just getting drunk herself. "Now if only I had my fiddle to join ya, love," she muses with a giggle, stepping back for him to have the spotlight himself. "More! More!" Drinks? Music? Who knows. But she's getting a refill from a young waiter, the same one as before, that gets a wink as she leans down for her mug to be filled.

R'miel slips the young waiter a nice tip for keeping the booze coming to his girl while she keeps him company. His hands wander a bit too south, and everyone cheers as he gives her butt a friendly pinch. But the singing continues. "There was little Jinnie, met her down in Xanadu. And she would kiss me, anytime I asked her to. But then one evening the flame of love was through!" He grins a bit. "Blow me down and pick me up! She swapped me for a blue." There's a bout of laugher as he goes back into the chorus. Nope, still not done yet! He gives Ysa a wink.

That waiter must be one happy young man. He would be getting marks later from Ysa as well, thankful for his friendliness and the prompt refills. Not that she noticed that R'miel was giving him anything, as she was either focused on his face or her mug. But then there's something pinching her, and she snaps back up and turns to give R'miel a playful slap on the arm, though the movement makes her teeter a bit on the balls of her feet for balance. She's one to join the laughter of the group as she listens. And gets drunk.

R'miel chuckles at Ysa's smack, but it doesn't do anything to deter him from keeping his arms wrapped around her while he sings. "There was mighty Tessie, met her inside Ista Hold. When we kissed, I often thought I would explode." He points to his pants during this time, for added laughter. "Then she gave me the scare of my young life. Blow me down and pick me up! She was the holder's wife." Then it's back to the chorus one last time, and Ram grabs his girl and dips her down for a smooch, but he loses his balance…

Ysa glances down to his pants when he points them out. And now it's her turn to stare, as the alcohol has completely fizzed out her train of thought. She just blinks a few times, and then looks up when there was more laughter after he finished that new verse. Or perhaps because they caught her staring. She takes another gulp, and then joins him in the chorus, swinging her mug up and around happily. When he pulls her in the next time, she squeals in laughter and purses her lips out for a big smooch, only to find that the world didn't quite tip— "Ram!"

It's too late for yelling. When Ysa yells they're already on their way down. They seem to fall in slow motion. Ram at least tries to get underneathe his weyrmate to protect her from the floor, not that landing on him is really too much better. Fun over! Ram hits is head hard on the floor and is knocked for a loop. He's not knocked out completely though, instead his head sort of just rolls off to one side and he groans loudly. "Arghghgh…"

Just how can Ram get under her in such a short time? The most he can do is twist them a bit, but that doesn't really help much. The bronzer's falling weight pulls her down and her leg catches the end of the heavy wooden table, banging hard into it with a sick thud, making her cry out. But while the bronzer gets the floor, she smacks into a chair, obviously further damaging the already sore leg before finally toppling heavily onto her weyrmate. Which probably didn't help his head at all. Of course, the other patrons stare on in shock, just a bit drunk. Thank Faranth for alcohol that it doesn't make Ysa hurt right away, though she cries out again as another dull pain hits her when she sits up abruptly, looking down on the bronzer. "Ram! R'miel, ya 'kay? Ram, answer me!"

"Ooof!" Is all he manages when Ysa lands on top of him. "Nrggh…" He holds his head and sits up. "Head hurts…" At least he wasn't knocked out. He manages to shake it out a bit, though he'll have a lump soon, that was for sure! He blearily looks around, then to his weyrmate. "Errr… Ysa.. Are you alright? Faranth I fell with you? Are you okay? Oh geez, you're hurt!" At least the fall has sobered him up pretty quickly. Not he's fretting, as he likes to do.

Ysa reaches a hand up to his head, as if hoping to exam it herself, though she miscalculates her aim and just sort of drops her hand on his face instead, running her fingers carefully up to his temple. "Ya might have a concussion. We gotta get ya to a Healer. We gotta…" She shakes her head at him slowly. "Jus' bruises…. Maybe a nasty one… I feel… well, my leg hurts so it's— AAAAHH!" She couldn't decide where to start, but when she went to stretch out her leg, she cried out instead, eyes closing quickly to push back the involuntary tears that started, grabbing onto her thigh tightly as if to stop the pain. Well, maybe not /that/ drunk, yet.

"I… I think I'm fine. It hurts a bit but I don't feel sleepy at all." Then he blinks and cries out when she does. "Oh Faranth! You've hurt your leg bad! H-healer, yes!" He gets up suddenly, nearly bumping his head on the table next to them. He throws out some marks to pay for everything then bends over towards his weyrmate. He looks like he might start crying himself at any moment. "Oh geez oh geez. Hold onto me Ys. Try to keep your leg straight, I'll hold it as we go. Someone get her top!" He instructs a bunch of guys to lift her gingerly off the floor. Thankfully the healers wasn't too far.

Ysa looks a bit relieved that he was at least talking to her, and coherant, and… Shells, that hurt! She doubles her front half over in pain as she tries to stop herself from crying out again by clenching her teeth, but there's a whimper instead. Her leg is pointing at a slightly different angle, and she had yet to even try to move her toes. Screw the toes, her hands were trying to amputate the whole thing off by the way she was gripping her thigh. "I don'… jus' need a drink," she gasps out. "Probably a bad bruise. Faranth, ya idiot!" she snaps, when someone goes for her arms and her top, her green eyes flashing up to the people that went to carry her. "Haven't ya ever heard of gentle?" Of course, it was all the pain from her leg, and a few bruises forming on her arms.

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary
The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

R'miel moves into the infirmary along with the gaggle of men he's recruited to help carry Ysa. The first thing they do is transfer her to a stretcher though. Which means they're going to be separated, which sends the bronzer, yes, into a panic. Unfortunately someone mentions that he too is hurt, having whacked his head, and so he's escorted off by the staff to another room. "Ysa! Shards, let me go you! I'm the wingsecond!" Clearly this means nothing. "Ysa! Ysaaa!" Pathetic, now the bronzer is sobbing because they're separated. He'll be back though as soon as he's left alone.

Ysa was shouting, hissing in pain, and crying involuntarily the entire way, even if the men were being as gentle as possible. If she had use of her arms, she'd been smacking someone, and of course blaming them for making her leg feel worse. "It's fine! It's— Ow! Shells!" She glares at the Healers, unfamiliar like the last time she was rushed into the infirmary, even if she came in every so often for advice on child caring and her contraceptives. "Get that shardin' excuse for a drunk weyrmate in here!" she calls to them with a sniff. "He's got a bump," she adds in a meeker tone and a whine, getting her pants removed and having a sheet spread, they're bustling around her leg, but thankfully someone is nice enough to give her very mild dose of fellis. At least to shut her up from the pain, because she can't help crying out everytime someone jabs at it.

R'miel eventually breaks free of his bonds and goes tearing through the infirmary. He's shirtless and has a wrap around his head, so he looks pretty crazy, like a horrible Rambo or something. He goes looking through all the rooms, finally coming into Ysa's. He bursts through, and before anyone can stop him he's at her side, taking her hand and holding it. "Ysa! Ysa!" He's sobbing again, and then turning to the healers. "What's wrong with her? Can she walk? Can she fly? What's happening!?" He leans over to press his face against Ysa's. "Oh Ys, I'm so sorry…"

Ysa recoils back at first when she sees a crazy bronzer running into her room through her wet eyes. She was still drunk herself, and the fellis was working by then, making her weary and bleary-eyed. "R'miel?" she calls back, blinking away tears as she reaches for his hand. It was the perfect opportunity for the Healers to snap her leg straight, making her cry out again even through the pain killer. Which just means it would have been worse. She glares back towards them, and then grabs her weyrmate's hand tighter and pulls it to her chest when they move towards him. "Don't ya dare even try it," she growls at them. "He stays. Get to work." She rolls her head back towards R'miel with a pained sniffle. "My leg's broken," she says in a soft voice, shaking her head a bit.

R'miel also screams when they straighten out her leg. He glares ate everyone in the room. "What in the shards are you doing to her!?" Thankfully Ysa can stare off the staff. He decides not to tell her about one of the healers he punched on his way over. It was a gut-punch. He'll be fine. R'miel just wraps his arms around Ysa, holding her tightly. "Oh Faranth! Ys! I did this to you… How could this happen!?" He presses his face more against hers, nuzzling her and sobbing. "What are we gonna do?"

If the Healers thought they could work without problems, having two riders scream at them was definitely not encouraging… Of course, Ysa does glare at anyone that looks like they were about to escort her weyrmate out. There's a deep whimper again when R'miel's arm shifts her, but she uses him to keep her eyes from staring at the Healers wrapping her leg up in a cast. "Ya didn't do anything," she mumbles. "S'was a tavern day… stupid things happen." At least they didn't end up sleeping with other people? Though Ysa might have taken that over damaging her own body. "'m gonna have a bloody cast, is what. Not sure what ya can do," she snaps, then winces, and finally leans into him.

R'miel sits there with her as the healers do their work. He strokes her hair and tries to be comforting, though his efforts are mostly wasted. "I'm sorry Ysa… I'm so sorry. I'll carry you wherever you need to go." Which is just ridiculous of course, but there it is. He'd rather be crying over his own injuries than Ysa's, but there was nothing he could do about things now. He'll watch them put the cast on, feeling horrible. Even if Ysa said it wasn't his fault, he knew it was.
You are carrying:

Ysa snorts at his comment, though her eyelids were feeling very heavy by that point. "I don' need to be carried, Ram. I've gotten used to crutches, if ya don't remember." Of course, that was nearly two turns ago. She raises a heavy arm to his face as well, rubbing off the tears, while the other still clutches defensively his other hand. Healers were still hovering around, in case they made more of a fuss. Or started screaming at them again. Though most were focused on patching up the goldrider's leg. "Gotta remember that dancing on the tables aren't such a good idea 'nymore. 'Specially not after so many drinks."

R'miel nods to her, sniffling. "Oh… right…" He'd been responsible for that, too. He wipes at her tears with his free hand, but doesn't move away from her. He doesn't want to get too far from her, like something else bad might happen to her if he removed himself. He just sits there, holding her protectively and sniffling. "It'll be hard for you to get Lyr and carry him around. No more dancing on the tables. Or drinking for a while. I… Ugh…" He holds his head suddenly. "It'll be okay. Cast for a few weeks… it'll be fine."

Ysa closes her eyes for a moment, or possible a moment too long, but her forehead wrinkles and she finally opens them again. "I can do it. No problem. 'm not going to be crippled or anything." Only for a little while, of course. She tries to sit up once the Healers have finally started to dissapate, only to wince at the pain. Whatever they gave her, it was so mild considering all the alcohol she had already had. "Ram? What's wrong?" she asks, worried by his sudden head pain, and she reaches out with a frown. "Do ya need something? Water? I… I don' wantcha to go to sleep." She makes a grab for one of his hands, turning to look out towards the exit, where most likely two dragons are hovering protectively. Not that they could do much, they had to leave it to the humans.

Arinith's sad crooning could be heard throughout the infirmary. Ram wasn't even that hurt, but he was just so upset that Arin was feeling all his emotional pain. "I know you won't be… I just… don't want you to be in pain." He sighs a bit. "Head hurts… it's okay though. I won't go to sleep." He squeezes her hand a bit and kisses her cheek. "Maybe I can find you some more fellis… I bet it's really painful…" He strokes her cheek a bit with the backs of his fingers. "They're going to make you stay here, aren't they? Make us stay here."

Ysa doesn't look too concerned about herself for once, as she checks him over and his head bandage. She does look down when the Healers finally announce that they were through, her leg tightly bounded and white in a cast. They probably had more in mind within the following day, seeing how messed up she was anyways. "Can't have more fellis," she complains loudly. "Too much to drink." She sniffs again and turns her face to regard him, and she tugs on his shirt with her fingers to bring him forward, leaning in carefully for a proper gentle kiss. "I'd make ya stay if they didn't, anyways," she says softly, looking up to the Healers to confirm it, though.

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