Random Log: Post Clutching Beach Party

Xanadu Weyr - Beach

The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

One of the large fire pits has been erected on the beach, mimicking those that are now occupying the clearing, and its around this that a large animal has been spitted and is currently roasting, pulled by a pair of canines who are seemingly well behaved. Various boxes of ice are set around the beach with large glass jars of chilled juices, while flat breads and sliced vegetables are spread on makeshift tables. The beach is lit with various torches, and as dusk is falling, people are starting to mingle.

Keziah is over near the ice. It's nice and cool and sometimes she snags a broken bit of one. She's too hot to eat at the moment, though everything does smell good. She's people watching at the moment. The heck with mingling, this is more fun.

Erdric makes his way slowly to the beach, hanging a bit back from the throng of people making their way from the clearing. He appears somewhat lost in thought and just barely manages to avoid running into one of the guests who had stopped in front of him to talk to another guest. He finally makes it down to the beach proper but still stays a bit back from the majority of the crowd.

Neferennu has taken longer than some of the others to wander towards the Beach. During the entire laying she watched from the back of the observation area, but then spent some more time looking from the front after everyone left. Now her hair is let down, with the exception of the hair around the side of the face is pulled up and held in place with a clip. Slowly she steps out onto the sands of the beach, stopping only for a moment to take a deep breath of the meat cooking on the spit. "Ah, wonderful. I love the smell of cooking meat." Now into the fray to mingle with the rest of the weyr, a wine glass mysteriously appearing in her hands as she tries to make her way to the riders of the two golds.

R'miel makes his way over to the beach after dropping off all the paperwork necessary after the clutching. At least he was saving the poor weyrleader some work. He's clapping and cheering, in an unusally good mood over a clutching that he really had nothing to do with. He makes his way straight to the food, to help himself to a mounding plate. Then he slides through the crowd greeting the familiar faces, before standing around to stuff his face.

Mellonath and Ethne finally make their way down to the beach, the honey-hued gold is looking to be a bit brighter than normal for certain. Ethne is already starting in the direction of the drinks. It's going to be a long party and she is not wanting to deal with being proddy either.

Ysa heads down to the beach slowly, much later than most of the others that were heading out from the galleries. She hung around with her lifemate for awhile, making sure she was back to her good mood even if she was warily watching Kilaeuth. Just in case. The goldrider wasn't as happy as her weyrmate, that's certain by her worried frown, but she heads towards the socializing bronzer. She gives him a peck on the cheek as she sidles up, though her face isn't too happy. "What were ya thinking, antagonizing the dragons? Kilaeuth could've taken a good bite out of ya."

R'miel grins as his weyrmate heads over to him. He returns the kiss on the cheek. "Hey there, love. Ella did great. It's gonna be a good one. Mel seems excited, too." Then he pouts at her. "Ella looked upset, I wanted to show her my support. Anyways, she could have, but didn't." He offers the plate of food to her, full of meat bits and rolls. Plenty enough for the both of them.

Keziah wrinkles her nose a bit as thigns get mroe crowded as things are want to do on occasions like this. A glance at the food and then she just saunters over to the flat bread and veggies and scoops on onto the other and then just wanders out towards the water in an aimless fashion. Really not noticing at first something bobbing in the water, but sort of angling towards it.

Poor Niva. Far slower than everyone else, and even then its rather awkward. But, nevertheless she finally appears on the beach, the sand sliding out from beneath her crutches with each step, and she's left to try and balance herself rather, watching the various people mingling, before passing by the spit, stopping to check on the progress of that as well, blinking at a middle-aged man who is wandering through the crowd with egg-shaped pots, stopping her and there, talking to people.

Neferennu continues moving through the crowd to find Ysa and Niva to say some nice things about the eggs, but then something else happens instead. "Can I help you?" This is asked of a man with a fur covered thing in his hands. "Oh yes, here. Just keep it, don't want it." The bundle is pushed into her arms, which now she tries to balance along with her wine glass. "Hey wait!" The man has since disappeared into the crowd. "Oh shells, what the heck is this?" With no free hands, she can't find out so tries to find a seat on the edge of the crowd but near the turning spits. "Good day Weyrwoman." A nod to Niva as Rennu plops down in the sand and very carefully settles the bundle next to her find a firelizard egg. "Um…" The guy is no where to be seen from her range.

"Good evening.." Niva replies rather pleasantly, even as her gaze is lingering on the odd man weaving through the crowd, depositing his gifts in the hands of various party goers - thank goodness her hands are full with the crutches! Then her attention drifts back to Neferennu, and she tilts her head. "Well, I guess its a good thing we have a whole beast, if those are floating around." Shaking her head, she's taking a few steps to flop down awkwardly on an old log around the bonfire, stretching her leg out infront of her. They can come to her, if they want her.

A small group of musicians has pulled out whatever came to hand - not trained harpers perhaps, but certainly competent enough, and there are a few gitars and other stringed instruments, as well as some pipes and a drum, and they begin to absently play with each other, tuning their instruments and warming up with idle tunes and scales.

Once Ethne has her drink secured in her hand she walks over to politely greet the other two goldriders with as best of a smile as she can as she looks back towards Mellonath with a sigh. "Nothing like trying to make sure she can produce another clutch… wonder if it'll happen when she rises next. You both had such healthy and big clutches."

Ysa picks at the plate of food even before he really offered it to her. Though she only swipes a roll at first. "Yah, I noticed. 'm a bit worried about Kilaueth being there with her, though Niva said it was fine." She attempts to smile and nod over at the Weyrwoman when she gets closer. "And ya helped a bit, though I was worried you'd get something important bitten off." Neferennu gets a wave and a more relaxed grin, until she sees what the man had left in her care and her nose wrinkles up in disgust. "Shells. Ya might as well drop it someone and let it hatch wild," she calls over to the teen. Ethne gets a polite nod now. "I bet she'll have some eggs soon 'nough as well. Just blame it all on Dhonzayth, he catches 'nough that /something/ had to go wrong someday."

Keziah as folded bread and veggies is in mouth and she wonders upon the floating object. She blinks, folded bread drops away and then she ends up dropping it. And the piece in her mouth drops away as what was thought to be driftwood is a basket, complete with baby in. She yells out as she rushes out towards it. Of course her yelling wakes the baby that had been sleeping and it starts screaming as well. What a racket.

R'miel spots the weyrwoman hobbling over. Poor Niva was about to get poorer. He makes sure Ysa's go his plate and starts pulling her over to get something to drink. "Let's get the other weyrwomen something to drink, too. Especially Niva, since her leg and all." He's pouring glasses of punch for the ladies around the log, and then motioning Ysa that way. Glass for Ethne, Niva, even Neferennu since she was wandering over there. And of course something for himself and his Ysa. "I'm sure Dhon was just shooting blanks that day from all the catching he does. Even Arinith's last clutch only had four." He says to the other junior.

Neferennu lets out a snort and happens to look up right as Ysa waves, so she waves back happily. A few people at the dinner the other week when she danced on the tables in her underwear seem to be watching her too. To this she rolls her eyes since she has had to reject loverboys for days after that. "Yes, well…my green is enough to handle. I guess I'll take of it though until I can find someone else to take it. Congrats on the large clutch, to both of you." A nod to Niva and Ysa in turn. The wine is sipped at before she heaves herself off the sand and idly brushes sticking sand off her butt. "So, would anyone else like some food while I am gone to the food table?" A look from Niva, to Ysa, Ethne, and anyone else in the vicinity.

Ethne sighs as she knows Mellonath's past history of fertility and while it was good for a while, it dropped over the past clutches. "Yeah just hoping that is the case. She keeps saying she won't let that bronze near her again." She smirks. "Just like her to feel that way, she's so motherly if she can't clutch and all, it's disappointing to her."

Niva shakes her head hurriedly at Neferennu's offer even as the drink is taken from R'miel. "I'm okay.." But she's rather oblivious to those immediately around her and their conversations, her gaze instead on Keziah and the screaming that seems to be coming from that general direction. "What the.." And Niva is left to stare, before absently shooing people in that direction. "Someone go see what it is…" At least you can legitimately give orders when half crippled, right?

Erdric decides to venture into the crowd to give his congratulations to the two werywomen, but before he gets close a man stops him and hands him something wrapped up in fur? Before he has a chance to ask the man what it was and why he gave it to him he has slipped back into the crowd and disappeared amongst the guests. Erdric gives up trying to look for him and decides to go find the weywomen, maybe one of them knows what this is.

Ysa had a good hold of R'miel's plate, though she stares at all the drinks he was pouring. "What are we, waiters?" she grumbles to him a moment before turning back to the crowd. She picks idly at the food after nearly scarfing down the roll. "Thanks," she says at Neferennu. "I just feel bad for the weyrlingmasters if those dragons are anything like Ella's last clutch." Her green eyes shift uneasily towards her weyrmate before they glance down to the punch. "That's got alcohol in it, right?" Because she was reluctant to drink anything but. She eyes after Keziah and the basket, but doesn't make a move. Not unless her weyrmate does, as she sticks by his side while looking off curiously. She shakes her head in answer to Neferennu's question before smirking half-distracted at the older junior's comment. "Good idea."

Keziah can't just leave the baby bobbing there in the water, even if the little thing is not wet from lake water. She picks the baby up, carefully. I mean she's really only had experiance with kids of the four legged, hoofed kind. Course, though the little things not wet from water, it is wet.. and smelly. Holding it out at arms length doesn't help quiet the child and so she holds it closer as it starts to hiccup. She looks around frantically. Surely it just ended up in the water as an accident? Someone wouldn't put in there on purpose… right?

Neferennu chuckles. "I can only imagine Ysa as I was still at Landing when those hatched probably." Then her head turns as the yells from Keziah and the screaming of a baby get her attention. She didn't even hear Niva's command before she moving through the crowd and headed towards Keziah. "Is that a baby?" She calls over the screaming and slows down to a walk once a few steps from Keziah. "What is a baby doing in the lake?" The smell is what she notices first and wrinkles her nose, then gives a snort to try to get it out of her nose. No luck. "Oh man, that is almost as bad as my youngest brother when he was born! Definately need a diaper change." Yet she has no diapers, and she has careless left her egg with the unwrapped fur and her wine glass in the sand beside the log Niva is sitting on. No one is going to steal them right?

R'miel blinks a bit at all the commotion, then turns to his weyrmate distractedly. "Yeah, it's got booze." Then Niva is ordering someone to go check out the situation, so R'miel steps up to the plate. He hands Niva his drink, then heads out to where she is. "Faranth! It's a kid?" The bronzer blinks at Keziah and the baby, then takes off his jacket to remove his shirt. Then the jakcet gets pulled back on. "Here, let's wrap him… her? Up in this!" The bronzer is already reaching out for the baby, about to relieve Keziah from the crying little one.

Niva isn't going to take the egg, no worries there. But the beverage? Quite possibly. Particularly as she can be sure that its not laced with fellis, and she'll be able to enjoy it without any after effects. But then, it appears that R'miel is forking his drink over instead, and she's sipping at hers. Though, she almost spits it out as the word that its a baby begins filtering back through the crowd, and she's leaning this way and that trying to see. "A baby?!"

On his way towards Niva, Erdric is distracted by the commotion near the waters edge and the crying. The he overhears R'miel say something about a kid and notices Keziah holding a baby? Others are maing there way over there now so he decides to take the opportunity to go up to Niva. "Congratulations on a successful clutching." He isn't sure what the proper protocol is, this was, after all, his first. He notices then, oon the ground beside her an egg sitting next to the same type of fur he is holding. He looks at Niva, "Some man give you one too?" He shows her the package he is carrying.

Ysa takes the drink up immediately when it's clear that it's booze of some sort. She's already half way through it when her weyrmate decides to move to help Keziah. "Probably some driftwood," she says at first. Though the girls by the shore quickly correct her, and she's left with her jaw dropping. "A /kid/?" Her eyes drop suspiciously instead, looking around up and down to see if there was anyone that might have left the kid. The exclamations, though, make her toss back the rest of her drink. She shifts on her feet, stepping forward, back again, and finally drops next to the Weyrwoman. "Someone's got to be responsible for tossing a brat into the water," she says in a tight voice, lips firmly pressed together. There was plenty of help with the kid that she didn't need to wander down.

Keziah glances over at Neferennu and then at R'miel and then she nods at the bronzer. "Diaper. We need a diaper." A glance at Rennu even as she wrinkles her nose a bit "Or is that what the shirts going to be good for? I've never done a diaper." she murmurs as she reluctantly inspite of herself holds out the baby to Ram. The baby, hiccups again and then goes all big-eyed as she, as removal of diaper will show, looks up at Ram.

Ethne watches the others head off to deal with the baby while she continues to drink. She walks over and sits down on the sand quietly. It won't take much for Ethne to get drunk, she rarely drinks.

Neferennu looks over to R'miel as he steps up and takes off his shirt. "I have, though reluctantly. My foster mother made sure I could just in case I was stuck by myself someday she said." She hadn't found it necessary then, but now is a little different. "I can go get the fur the egg is wrapped in for a diaper for the night. If he, she, it gets hungry we'll need something for that too." Rennu steps towards Ram as he takes the baby and looks over the face. "Can't tell how old…" This is more for herself than for Ram or Kez.

R'miel wraps the baby up in his shirt. Why leave a sprat in the water? You could just take it down to be fostered, after all. His nose wrinkles a bit at the smell, though. "Oh yes we do need a diaper. Um. We /could/, but I'd rather wrap him up in the shirt and get him a proper diaper." He blinks at Keziah. "Er. I don't have a diaper on me. Oh, whoops. Her. It's a girl!" Then he turns towards the crown. "Hey Ys, it's a girl! Can you run and get a diaper, love? And see if we have any formula?" Then he blinks at Neferennu. "Nah, our weyr isn't that far and we have plenty of diapers. We can take her down to the nannies. That'll be the best place for her." Oh little baby girl, don't look at him like that. "Aw. Isn't she cute."

"Shards. If its not the herds or the kitchen, its a baby." At least a baby is a happy event right? "How old do you think she is, Weyrsecond?" She asks before she's being spoken to by Erdric and she nods at the boy, recognizing him from earlier, though she's not yelling. "That's not mine. 5 is enough, I promise you." She chuckles lightly, before waving a hand at him. "Run and fetch a Healer and a nanny, would you boy? They can look her over, after they clean her up."

Erdric stands there for a moment looking a but dumbstruck at the Weyrwoman. He looks down at the egg on the sand then at his bundle then it registers what the Weyrwoman had said and he seems to snap out of it. "Oh yes, certainly Ma'am, of course." He turns to go quickly, calling out, "We need a healer!" and the boy is off to the races towards the path and up to the clearing, all the while calling for a healer.

Ysa needed to get herself another drink. She had finished her first and was back to the punch for more, sipping at the second just a bit slower. "What do ya mean by 'it's a girl'?" she shouts back to her weyrmate, suspicious immediately by his tone and then his requests. "We're not keeping it." Just in case he was thinking about it, before she looks for the nearest rider she can demand a quick trip up and down from her weyr. It isn't long before she's off to the short trip up to their weyr, gone only moments before she's back with just one diaper (

Ysa needed to get herself another drink. She had finished her first and was back to the punch for more, sipping at the second just a bit slower. "What do ya mean by 'it's a girl'?" she shouts back to her weyrmate, suspicious immediately by his tone and then his requests. "We're not keeping it." Just in case he was thinking about it, before she looks for the nearest rider she can demand a quick trip up and down from her weyr. It isn't long before she's off to the short trip up to their weyr, gone only moments before she's back with just one diaper (as if she would waste anymore) and that is all. She trudges back towards her weyrmate, keeping some distance as she shoves the article at him. "Here. Nannies can deal with it if it's hungry, but we don't even know if it is." She wrinkles her nose down to the baby, making sure to step back.

By chance there happened to be a healer tending an elderly man with a cane in the clearing when Erdric runs up. "A healer? What for?" Yet the older man himself doesn't wait for a response and starts moving towards the beach at a comfortable pace, he can't move much faster. "Who needs a healer?

By chance there happened to be a healer tending an elderly man with a cane in the clearing when Erdric runs up. "A healer? What for?" Yet the older man himself doesn't wait for a response and starts moving towards the beach at a comfortable pace, he can't move much faster. "Who needs a healer?" He calls out over the crowd as he reaches the edge of the crowd and waits, hands on his hips.

Keziah frowns a little "The nannies?" she then nods a little "I suppose that would be for the best. The poor dear, abandoned once and then abandoned again?" she shakes her head a little "She's so cute though." she murmurs as she watches the little girl who's starting to gurgle. She looks up "Over here sir." She calls out to the healer.

Neferennu steps back as Ysa comes back with a diaper and just decides to watch the proceedings. You think she is going to change that diaper? Um, not just no, but no sharding way! "Um, I think I'll just be back with my wine…" She mutters and tries to slip away without being noticed. "Kids being left in the water, kitchens blowing up, herdbeast wandering all over…what a weyr this is…"

The healer hears a voice from near the water and slowly makes his way through a thin portion of the crowd towards the small group. "Ok, someone try to swim drunk? A child trying to prove he could swim farther than everyone else?" He's near the water, he expects something is wrong out there and so isn't even looking at R'miel, but over the water.

There are always dangers at a Weyr. It just so happens that Xanadu's have all been lumped together in sort order. Or, perhaps it so happens that the other Weyrs just decide not to publicize such frightening events. Either way, Niva is left to watch the proceedings with the child. As the healer appears, Niva's left to get to her feet, carefully folding the fur over Neferennu's egg and tucking it into a safer spot. And then she's slipping away to try and talk to the Healers in the infirmary itself, as much as one can sneak away with crutches.

R'miel grins at Ysa. "Nothing.. just that it was a girl. For you to tell Niva. Aw… we can't? But, but… Lookit her… She neeeeds us." He takes the diaper from her and moves the baby off to wash her bottom in the water. After drying her bum off a bit with his hanky, he puts the diaper on, then wraps her up in his shirt. He hugs the baby close for a minute, patting her back. The bronzer looks at the healer, then turns to Niva. "Can't be older than… six months maybe. What do you think, Ys?" Then finally after a pout he hands the baby over to the healer man. "Er, here. Worried she may have caught a cold."

Ysa had no eyes for the baby at all. It was her weyrmate that was soft for the weyrbrats. "She needs the Healer and a proper nanny, is what she needs. And she needs whoever left her out in the water to be strung up and whipped." She glares off in the distance a moment before nodding towards the arriving Healer. "I think if ya want her, ya can see her in the caverns. 'Least it'll save me the trouble of giving you a baby right away." The last was muttered lowly, though probably still audible to her weyrmate as she steps back and crosses her arms. She smirks again, though, when he hands her over. "I do hope she gets proper care, of course. After such a rough start, and all." She steps away, leaving those to care for the baby as she heads back to her seat and her drinks, waving towards Niva as she heads off. "See ya on the sands later, Weyrwoman," she calls after her.

Erdric returns behind the healer looking quite smug. He did good this time, no accident, no one hurt (yet). He heads for the water but not near to the other gathered with the baby. He just isn't in the mood tonight for all the people, yet he doesn't exactly want to be alone either, so instead he walks over to the waters edge a little ways down from the group around the baby.

The healer's eyes turn downward toward the shore where a baby is having her butt cleaned. "A baby?" His voice is incredulous but he takes the baby anyways when she is handed to him and wrapped back up. "A cold eh? You mean this isn't your baby? You don't know how old she is?" A scathing look is given to Ram, Ysa, and Kez. "Hrmph. I'd say about three months on her size and weight, but our midwife would know. I'll check her health in the infirmary." He still isn't believing this, but at least the eyes return to their softness when looking at the girl's face. "You are cute, you know that?" Have you ever heard a man trying to talk sweet and high pitched when it wasn't in his voice? Not good at it. At least he is gone back towards the infirmary within minutes.

Keziah doesn't even notice Niva go, but then her eyes are on the baby. She looks over at Ysa and nods "YOu think there is anyone to find out who abandoned her?" she asks quietly. A look at the healer and she shakes her head "She was floating in that there on the lake sir. Someone put her in and got rid of her?" She frowns "Why would someone do that?"

Neferennu has quietly returned to her seat, her wine glass back in hand which she drinks down in one gulp. Now is the time to get drunk if there ever was a good time. Egg is found, patting softly, and she just smiles at the rest of the crowd. It is only after a couple minutes that Niva is noticed to have disappeared and Rennu lets out a long sigh. "Ah well, at least I hope I gave her congrats on the clutch… Now where's that wine?" Off to the punch bowl she goes.

R'miel pouts at Ysa. "I don't really want to take her home. But you can't look at that face and not feel bad for it. She's so cute and helpless… And now she's off to get the car she needs." He grins to everyone around. "Well, the baby is in good hands. Drinks for everyone, come on! This is a celebration! A double clutch here at Xanadu. Lots of new dragons and new riders soon!" And seeing as the weyrwoman has stolen off with his drink… he's off to grab himself another drink too. He also grabs another for his weyrmate, heading over to sit down next to her.

Erdric watches from the waters edge the group nearby as the healer takes the baby up to the infirmary. He smiles off after the baby, rather melancholy. As the group starts to break up and head for drinks, the boy slips off his sandles, and sits down at the edge of the water, his feet just inches in the water. He turns to glance towards where the others were standing then looks back out over water.

Ysa shrugs her shoulders helplessly at Keziah. "Someone's bound to feel guilty about that awful deed. And there's no doubt I'll be keeping my ears open." She glances in the direction that the Healer was going as she slowly heads back herself to the food and fun. "No idea why they would. Sharding stupid and heartless, if ya ask me." She glares a moment and trudges back. Her weymate joining her gets a shake of her head. "She'll get better care, anyways, with them. I can feel bad, but that doesn't mean I'll be opening up my arms for her." She takes the drink with a more grateful grin now, relaxing into the seat. "Play something good," she calls out to the Harpers, raising her glass to get their attention. "And then Neferennu here can dance for us 'gain."

Keziah watches everyone trudge off, glances towards the direction the healer has gone and then looks back over the water and then at the basket. Nothing really in there, no note or trinket. She shakes her head and starts heading back down the beach, not even noticing she's heading towards Erdric.

R'miel nods in affirmation to Ysa. "Yeah, I'm sure with a story like hers someone will scoop her up right away." He would, if his weyrmate would let him. He wraps an arm around Ysa and pull her over close. There's a big grin for her, and the bronzer bounces his bare pecks for her. They're not very big, though that just makes it funnier. Then he swigs his drink. "How many is that for you? Do I need to catch up? There won't be any dancing for us though. Remember what happened last time? Though I guess there's no tables here."

Neferennu has managed to go through two glasses of the spiked punch and despite trying not to get drunk, she has. For now though, it is not really that noticable as she is just sitting swaying to the music on the log Niva left. Charte, the young green firelizard though, has picked up something is wrong and has flown in chittering away while flying in circles overhead. "Hey, do something upbeat!" Rennu yells to the musicians. "This is a celebration!" They just got done with an upbeat song too. Heh.

"Right," Ysa replies to her weyrmate about the little girl. She puts that off of her mind, tilting her to regard the bronzer and then noticing his bouncing pecks. She can't resist the grin, though she pokes him in his side. "Is that a challenge? Maybe I'm behind /ya/." She ducks under his arm, tosses back the rest of the glass as if it were a shot, and goes towards Neferennu. "No dancing at a party? That's ridiculous, Ram," she tells him as she grins to the young teen, winking at her. "Exactly! I think we need some dancing, whether there are or aren't any tables." But it's towards the harpers that she was moving to at the end. "I think I have an upbeat song, just need a fiddle to mess 'round with." She waves a hand at one of the violin players.

Keziah watches as the people all go to dancing. She listens as the muscians pivk up the beat and then all of a sudden takes off running across the beach back towards the Weyr and the infirmary. Nope, she's not gonna let that little one go. Not if she has anything to say about it.

R'miel chuckles at Ysa. "Heck yeah it's a challenge. I bet I could out drink you any day." He follows suit in downing the rest of his glass. He coughs a bit, almost choking. But he's good! He's good! He gets up for more punch. "Yeah, more upbeat. More music! Let's dance!" His weyrmate is all distracted trying to get a fiddle, so R'miel grabs Neferennu's hand. "Woo!" Poor Neferennu. Ram has two left feet, especially when he's been drinking. And he's really pounding back the punch. He drags her out to a clear spot to dance.

Neferennu winks back at Ysa and downs the half glassful of punch she has before setting it down and getting up from the log. Heck, if Ysa's going to play something to dance to, she'll dance. Though she's too drunk to realize she's tripped over her skirt she was wearing and it is now four paces behind her on the ground. Look at her pretty pink underwear! Then R'miel has her hand and she laughs as she is dragged out to a clear spot for a dance, though she is half stumbling through the paces. Especially since she doesn't know which way to go with Ram leading with two left feet.

R'miel blinks as Rennu loses her skirt. He laughs a bit and tosses his jacket over with it. He's already shirtless, so now he was half-naked, too. He can't dance too well though, mostly he watchs her dance, maybe swaying a bit and spinning her. He pouts when the song ends though. Too quick! But at least the harpers were still going, so he was able to keep 'dancing'. "Wait, I'm supposed to be drinking!" Then he grabs Rennu's wrist and pulls her over to the drink tables, giggling. "Sorry. I don't want to lose!" He picks up a new drink.

Neferennu laughs and shakes her head. "No…" Hiccup. "No problem at all. I'll take another." Which means she'll soon be asleep if she has any more but what the heck. So she half stumbles and is half dragged towards the drink table. "Oh…meat!" A diversion to the food table to look over the newly roasted meats and she stumbles, falling into the table and covering her arms and face in herdbeast fat. "Ugh…this is so going to mess up my hair!" She's caring about hair when she's running her fatty hands through it? Not only that, but she has grabbed a piece of meat and stuffed it in her mouth before catching up with Ram at the drink table. Don't mind the grease Ram, it's good for the skin, really… Will someone please tell her she dreamed the entire drunkness in the morning?

Ysa's found some tall older gentleman, a sailor that had docked just that morning. And the victim was pulled out to dance with her, even though he looked completely confused at the goldrider's insistence. But dance he did, and it made Ysa happy since the Harpers kept with the tune she was playing earlier. She twirls gracefully, even tipsy, and swings back into the man's arms before catching her weyrmate at the corner of her eyes going for the drinks. "Come on, Serinio!" She grabs the sailor by the hand, who was beaming and pointing her out to some of his mates before following. "You're not going to win that easily, Ram. I've built up a bit of a tolerance since the last time!" She takes a new glass, but is distracted from drinking it when Rennu comes over. "Oh Faranth, ya got the meat all over ya. That's going to stink up fast if ya don't wash off some." She doesn't hesitate any longer, gulping down half her drink as her competitive gaze snaps towards the bronzer.

R'miel chuckles at Rennu. "Oh? Alright. This is a party after all!" When she mentions meat R'miel looks down at himself. Nope, not his meat, thankfully. His pants were still on. But he blinks a bit as she moves away from him. He instinctively follows, her, bumping into another party goer, and getting drink spilled all down his front. There's no place for it to go except down onto his pants of course, soaking in. Then he's covering in meat from Rennu. Now he's sticky /and/ greasy. "Oh geez. I gotta wash off. This won't do at all." He drinks down his punch, then drops his pants. Well, he means to just drop his pants. But he's already so gone he doesn't even notice /everything's/ fallen. He takes off towards the water, that milky white butt reflecting the fire's nice glow.

"Yeah well, I'll wash it off in a bit." Rennu responds to Ysa before taking some more punch and then is surprised as R'miel walks away. She had graciously looked away when his pants came off, but now she looks in his direction. "What the..?" Blink blink. "Shards, that's a ghost!" This is yelled at the top of her lungs and as she points to Ram's white butt she thinks is a ghost, her punch goes flying from her glass and soaking anyone nearby. "Ghost! Ghost!" Her mind is so far gone that she is running around in circles. This of course gets passed on as agitation to her green who only gets worse. She divebombs R'miel with her mouth open, determined to stop the agitation from Rennu. At least she doesn't have much teeth right now being so small.

"What a waste of a drink," Ysa mumbles when someone spills all over it all over R'miel. "Drinking, swimming, ya gotta—" she doesn't follow that train of thought when R'miel drops it all instead, and she throws her head back to laugh at her bare bottom weyrmate. "I think ya forgot your shorts, Ram! If he wanted 'em," she adds more to those around her as she toes his remaining clothes. Her companion, the sailor, wolf-whistles in R'miel's direction. This only causes Ysa to laugh more. It's barely settling to snickers when Rennu's screaming startles her. "Shells, gal! That's my weyrmate you're talking 'bout!" She pouts a bit, staring after the hysterical teen. Out of the corner of her eye, she notices something going after the bronzer, and she drops her glass on the table to rush to his rescue. "Careful, Ram!" She didn't want the nasty critter biting off something important.

R'miel blinks when he hears someone shouting about a ghost. He's bending over to splash water onto himself. He clearly thinks he's still got shorts on, since he's only in the water up to his knees. The bronzer can't hear his weyrmate's calling to him over Rennu's shouting. Then, suddenly her green takes a bit out of that white bottom. R'miel shrieks like a little girl and goes tearing off back into the crowd, squealing and holding his bottom. "OWWW! SOMETHING BIT ME! FARANTH! FARANTH!" He bumps into tons of people, clearly set on making mass hysteria.

Neferennu is still running around in circles when R'miel happens to knock her over as well. The hit on the head, even in the soft sand, brings herself back to her senses. Though she is still drunk. "Charte!" The firelizard is still chasing after R'miel's butt, that is until Rennu grabs the tail. "Go…home!" Luckily the 'lizard obeys and blinks between back to other parts of the weyr. "R'm…R'miel…I'm so…so sorry." Now she is greasy and covered in sand, but this isn't noticed just yet. Right now she is trying to get Ram to stop knocking over other people without getting up herself. Maybe if she reaches out an arm and grabs his leg…

Ysa is there to rescue him! /Rescue/ him! "Shardin lizard! Get 'way from him!" She screams. She even pulls off her blouse to swing around, hoping to catch the green firelizard or beat it away. Except her weyrmate was running around just like the other girl, and she couldn't get fast enough. "If I catch that thing it'll be roasted and fed to the dogs!" she shouts over to Neferennu, realizing that the green flit was hers. Dropping her shirt, the goldrider runs full speed and moves in to intersect the bronzerider, hoping to tackle him to the ground. How this was suppose to help him, who knows. But at least she's trying to stop him. Just like Neferennu was…

R'miel only freaks out more when he realizes the firelizard is still chasing him. "FARANTH, FARANTH! GET IT AWAY FROM ME! IT'S OUT FOR BLOOD!" He misses his weyrmate undressing as well. Everyone's takin off their clothes! Then suddenly everyone was sabotaging him. Ram goes down, whether it was Rennu or Ysa's doing is hard to tell. Either way, the bronzer goes does face first into the sand with an 'oof'. He grunts a bit. "Ow.. I think I'm bleeding…" He wasn't of course. But he was under his weyrmate right now.

Neferennu lets out a long sigh as R'miel goes down and manages to at least sit up. "She's gone. I sent her away." This is said very quietly and her eyes only look at the sand right in front of her. "I..I don't know what got in to her. What happened? Last I remember I was dancing with you R'miel." Yes, she's serious, she has no recollection of what happened. Now whether she'll remember anything of this in the morning, unknown.

Tackling a big man wasn't a smart idea. Ysa might have some bruises in the morning. Of course, a lot of it was softened by the girl that grabbed his leg, making her only really topple on top of him. She sits up on him after catching her breath, shaking her hair out of her face and looking around for the firelizard, just it case it reappeared. "I told ya. Those things are just evil, plain and simple." She scowls towards the skies then down to Neferennu. At her question though, her face relaxes. "Last that happened? Don' know what /that/ was 'bout, but someone spilled a drink on Ram." Then all hell broke lose. She looks over her weyrmate's front, running a hand over his head. "'nything broken, love? Where ya bleeding? Flip over so I can check your butt."

R'miel sits up once Ysa's up off him. He hugs her close for a moment. "Ah… I'm… I'm good. I might be a little bruised, but I'm good. Oh, it was a lizard. Just got spooked, is all." He smiles to Rennu, clearly the fall didn't sober him up as much as it had her. Soon he's pulling her over for a hug, too. Yep, he's still nude, but at least Ysa was covering up his jangly bits. He grins at the two girls, all dopey like. "Hi girls. I think my butt is fine. It barely hurts anymore. I need another drink, I think I dropped mine someplace…" He looks around on the ground like he was going to find it there.

Neferennu allows to be pulled into a hug, and doesn't immediately return it. "Still, she's my responsibility and I don't know why she was here in the first place.." Then she just shrugs. "I..am probably going to need one too." With this she carefully gets up and then notices she's covered in sand and grease. "Ugh, I better get this off first. Excuse me…" She gives a stumbling bow to the two and walks off towards the lake, a trail of clothes behind her. By the time she gets to the water, she is naked as well. Luckily she doesn't fall asleep in water and is soon clean enough to walk out and her underwear is gathered up, and put back on. The shirt is left off, but the brasiere goes back on at least. Despite this, she probably gave everyone a good show coming out of the water. "Ok, now I'm hungry…"

Ysa returns the hug, even if she was still concern with finding some sort of open wound on the bronzer. Her eyes trailed up and down his body until she was completely satisfied. "Yah, just a lizard. Those things can carry diseases and all, too." Her shirt was dropped somewhere, probably already kicked up in a mess by those residents still finishing up the meal and socializing, especially now that there weren't anymore running maniacs. She didn't mind being half naked at all, though. "I think ya left your shorts back there," she tells Ram, getting off of him completely now and smirking down at him. She was just a bit tipsy, holding his hands out to help him. "And we still have a bet 'bout drinks. Not sure what number we're on, but we can start over." She turns her head to where he had left his pile of clothes, grinning over to Neferennu. "Feeling better?"

R'miel pats Neferennu comfortingly. "Lizards are always troublesome. Don't worry about it. My butt is fine." He watches her leave and come back. Even drunk it was hard to break him of his male habits. "Oh! My shorts!" He sounds excited, getting up with Ysa's help. He bends over to show off his butt. "See, no blood!" Then his attention is back to his shorts and he goes scrambling over to pick them up. And put his jacket on. His pants… weren't needed really. He grins at Rennu and waves her over. He didn't want her feeling bad, or anything like that. More drinks! He shoves more punch towards the two ladies. "Alright ladies. Back on track now. Back to the celebrating.

Neferennu smiles and nods to Ysa, then laughs at R'miel showing off his butt before sorta getting dressed again. "Ah, more drinks, thank you." Charte isn't talked about any more, though her cheeks are a deep red from liquor, embarassement, or both. "For healthy clutches!" A toast obviously, and the drink handed her is drunk down. "That tastes better without the sand in my mouth." Giggle. Then stumbling off towards the food table. Somehow she manages to get a plate of food and plot down next to the two of them with the bread, cheese, and meat.

"That's pretty much /all/ lizards are known for." Grumble, grumble. Ysa elbows R'miel sharply when he was watching the teen, and when he bends over she makes sure to pinch his bum. The goldrider makes her way first to the table, glancing when her weyrmate gets covered up before take her drink. "'Course, to healthy clutches," Ysa repeats after Rennu, grinning again once she remembered what they were celebrating about. "I think I lost my dance partner, too," she comments, looking for the sailor. Well off with someone else, most likely. She takes large gulps, gasping a bit at the drink, before staring at the younger woman's plate of food. "Didn't realize just how hungry I was…" she trails off as she turns to stick her lower lip out at her weyrmate. After all, she only picked at his plate some.

R'miel has a cute butt! Sort of. Maybe if it wasn't that pastey white color. The bronzer grunts when Ysa elbows him, then squeaks at the pinch. He raises his glass when Rennu makes a toast. "To healthy little ones!" Yep. See what he did there? He chuckles a bit at her. "And drinks without sand." He smiles at Ysa. "I'll dance with you, love." Then he makes eye contact with her and that pouty-face she's put on. "Er… I'll go fix us something, dear." He hands her his drink and heads off to fix her a plate. Probably a ploy to get ahead, but Ram remains blissfully unaware.

Neferennu grins like a feline who caught the tunnelsnake and stuffs her mouth with cheese and meat. "'so goo'. 'ish we 'ot thi' all time…" Swallow and another drink of the punch. "I need to drink more, build up some resistance…" Then more meat and cheese is nibbled on a little bit slower. Her eyes follow R'miel as he heads to the food table, and then Ysa as she gets his drink. "Want some?" A motion to the plate in front of her, or could be a way for Ysa to drink R'miel's drink while he's gone.

Ysa didn't notice the bronzer's tweaking of the toast, as she was concentrating on her drink already. But she perks up immediately when he offers to dance. Food. Dance. Food… "We'll dance off all the food we eat. Get us a quick bite!" She grins after him. Her? Cheating? Most likely. She was already chugging down one drink after the other, coughing up a mess as she leaves the two glasses aside, fills a new one, and waits for the food. Her green eyes look down on the offered plate, and she bobs her head as she plucks a bit of cheese. Not much. "Thanks. If ya want, I can drag ya out more often ta the tavern ta teach ya how ta build your tolerance. 'm stuck here for awhile now that trips to the pub are a necessity."

R'miel chuckles a bit at Rennu. But the food was good, afterall, so the bronzer has no problem doing what he's told. He comes back with a nice full plate of meats and breads and pastries. He thankfully misses most of the conversation about Ysa being at the tavern all the time. That would probably be a fight between the two drunken weyrmates. He blinks at Rennu, as if he didn't recognize her. Then he grins. "I've been sooooo rude. I'm R'miel. Arinith's rider. Uh…" There was more to this introduction. What was it. "Ysa's weyrmate. Oh! And weyrtwo. Second. Or something. Whatever." Great intro, Ram. At least he got his name right? He holds his hand out to Rennu, but he's wobbling back and forth.

Neferennu holds out her hand to take his, and it takes a bit of manuvering, but she manages to grab it. "No problem." Girly giggle. "Nerennu, uh…Neferennu but I got by Rennu usually. Training dragonhealer." She's not too good with her words either right now. A nod to Ysa and then suddenly a yawn. "You know, I think I'll take you up on that later. Right now I'm hungry." A few more bites of meat and then she passes out right on the sands. Hopefully someone will put her back in her cot by morning and not take advantage. A couple moments later, she is starting to snore.

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