Weyrling Lesson: Manned Flight

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Beach

With a gentler slope to the water from the main beach and the way it is cut in like a cove, this is the most sheltered spot for bathing. The sand is the same white hue, there are just as many — or perhaps more — scattered shells. From here, one has a beautiful view across the lake, a scene more often tranquil than not.

Myra had finished quite quickly, turns of practice aided by Ailath's small size - even for a green. She'd been watching, silently, as Zevida tackled Avaeth's, and she grins at the call, wading out to carefully check the straps over. "A good guide is if you can slip two fingers underneath, like so," she demonstrates, nodding with satisfaction, "That's about the right level, not too tight, not too loose…" She tugs at a buckle here, tests the tightness there, and finally nods. "Alright, excellent! Mount up!" Avaeth and Zevida are in the water — because Myra has instructed the weyrlings to get out there, easier to reach to get the straps on and mount up this first time. She herself is checking the straps of the weyrlings, nodding here, hmming there, correcting things that need it. She finally wades back to shore, and climbs up to Ailath's neck. "Wait for my signal before taking off!" she orders, and waits for the weyrlings to be ready.

Zevida watches the examination of the straps, nodding her head slowly. Once Myra gives the okay, she gives a quiet second examination before climbing upwards with some unease, settling between the neckridges. She buckles herself in, then shifting to pat Avaeth in silence. The conversation between the two is obvious with Zevida's growing grin and Aveath's excited shifting.

Sophyrinth and S'ya are wading in the water, the green pair glancing about at Myra as she inspects straps. Sticking her two fingers underneath the strap she smiles up at her lifemate, the petite green watching curiously. "Should be find." She says, wiggling her fingers before removing them from the straps. Once the straps are taken care of she takes to resting her weight over one of the greens forearms, watching Zevida as she gets ready to go up.

Myra climbs aboard Ailath's dry neck, though she herself is quite the opposite now. "Alright, weyrlings, we're not going to fly far, just a little ways out, then turn around, and come back! Land in the water, and dismount from there! You'll get to practice a little more each day, like with unmanned flight!" sje calls, really quite good at making her voice carry when it needs to. "Everyone, mount up!" she calls, waiting several moments, then giving the second order, "And, /up/!" she gives Ailath the signal to rise, and the pair head up to the sky.

Away from Sophyrinth, Zevida smiles at Avaeth, gently patting the gold before double checking her straps and her buckles then settling herself in comfortably. At Myra's command, the gold is ready and she springs into the air easily letting out an excited buggle. She's flying with her Zevida. All is right.

S'ya is in the middle of doing a final look over everything when Myra gives the call. "Hold on a mo-!" But Sophyrinth is't found of waiting, and she leaps up into the air, cutting off her riders in mid word. S'ya seems ready to scold the green but the rush of the air on her face and the feeling of being up in the air with her love pushes back all the negative feelings she had been experiencing seconds before. Instead she just lets out a yell, the green complimenting her with a shriek-like trumpet as they make after Myra and Ailath.

Away from Sophyrinth, Ailath doesn't fly far, a couple of dragonlengths out to sea, a turn, and back again to hover a little distance above the weyrlings. There's something about her clipped wing strokes that indicates she's being closely controlled by Myra, the woman keeping her on a tight rein, so to speak. "Don't overdo it, keep them under control! If you or they push too hard, too soon, they'll do themselves an injury!" Myra warns. It's a genuine concern. "An injury will set your training back weeks, possibly more!"

Away from Sophyrinth, Avaeth follows Ailath easily, though, starting to form on her own path a slight glide away from the leader before swerving back into place and gliding towards the other direction. Zevida frowns, murmuring. "Avaeth.. Listen…" Then, the gold stops her antics without visible complaint.

S'ya listens intently, nodding her head every so often. When the word 'injury' is mentioned her hazel eyes snap down to her lifemates wedged head. "Did you hear that? So no crazy stuff, alright?" The green grumbles, obviously annoyed by her riders strictness. Sensing this reluctance to accept the rules S'ya smacks the green on the her hide, frowning. "I mean it, So!" Sophyrinth just huffs again before following the older greens path but near the end she deviates, adding a quick barrel roll before coming back to where the others are. "SO!" S'ya yells as soon as she's upright, still confused by what just happened. The green just croons, a dragon like smirk on her face.

Away from Sophyrinth, Ailath's neck> Myra is just giving the standard warnings really, though she nods in satisfaction at Zevida's reaction, and Avaeth's reaction to that. "Well …" she breaks off, and frowns in S'ya's direction. "I think it's time to land now!" she calls - really, she was planning just a quick flight, anyway. "To the water!" she reminds the weyrlings, as Ailath starts to veer off towards the sand. Myra is muttering to herself. This isn't likely to be good… Oddly, the words that can be overheard seem to be more about the past, and Ailath.

Away from Sophyrinth, Avaeth gives a snort in Sophyrinth's direction, turning to angle herself to face the green full on before heading down towards another part of the water. She lands in the deeper spot, allowing for a splash where she lands before wading towards the shore.

S'ya just nods her head, saving the frowning and annoyance at her lifemate till after they've landed safely. Sophyrinth seems to take the hint and lands without any more more added twirls or funny business. But the green can't seem to help herself when she's nearly done, landing rather hard in the water, completely going under. "Sophyrinth!" S'ya sputters as she reemerges, soaking wet. The green trumpets happily, smacking the water with her waves lightly. "What am I going to do with you, love?" She asks, wringing her hair out as they head to the beach and their instructors.

Away from Sophyrinth, Ailath's neck> Myra calls out to the weyrlings in the water to dismount, expression stern. Sophyrinth's landing doesn't exactly help matters. "Dismount, and take the straps off, then come ashore!" she calls, sliding off of Ailath's neck with the ease provided by much practice, then setting to unbuckling and removing straps herself. That's all she says, though her expression is less than thrilled.

Zevida slowly unbuckles herself, patting Avaeth lovingly. "See.. Just fine. We'll fly more later." She murmurs, slowly sliding from her lifemate and into the water. Once down, she unstraps Avaeth's straps, lifting them over her shoulder as she moves out of the water. Avaeth follows close behind, rumbling with her enjoyment. Zevida glances at Myra, tilting her head. "Are we allowed to go, ma'am?"
Zevida unbuckles herself from the riding straps.

Sophyrinth doesn't seem any worse for wear, actually looking rather pleased with herself as S'ya takes off her straps. The pair head to the beach after Zevida and hers, S'ya not looking too happy. With every step she takes her boots make an awful sloshing sound and a frown is sent towards the green before she settles into waiting for their dismissal.

Myra nods to Zevida, telling her and S'ya both, "You should practice this, especially mounting/dismounting. By the time you learn to between you'll be expected to mount from the ground." she points out. It's just simpler to do it this way, for the first time. No point making it harder than it needs to be. There's still time to work on the rest. As for S'ya, Myra frowns. "I'll clear you both for further flight practice, but I'll have Ailath keep an eye out. Any more funny stuff, and you'll be /grounded/." As in, not allowed to fly, not as in sent to one's room… "I know it can be hard, Ailath was a pain to keep within the bounds of the rules, but, you /need/ to. It's all fun and games, until someone gets hurt. Or worse." she warns, shuddering herself at the final word. Something not even she wants to consider. She follows this up with a curt, "Dimissed!"

S'ya nods at Myra, her hazel eyes moving over to Sophyrinth, the green seeming ready to throw one of her hissy fits. "Yes ma'am." She says to Myra when they're dismissed, turning around immediately to her lifemate and frowning. "No, Sophyrinth, we are going back to the barracks!" She scolds, starting to march towards their destination. The green starts her high pitched trumpet but is cut off by S'ya, the girl glaring at her dragon. "/Now/, Sophyrinth." Yup, S'ya gets serious when it comes to her lifemate's well being. The green grudgingly follows, only emitting an annoyed grumble as she stalks off after her. Someone needs their juice box.

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