Maureen is Tapped

Xanadu Weyr - Main Clearing
A grand clearing has found itself situated as the main gathering location for the weyr before you. With a light peppering of grass, the blades sprouting up here and there, the floor of the Main Clearing is primarily packed soil, hardened over turns and turns of heavy bodies coming to a landing. Tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places, with upturned pistles to wave to whoever may be looking, and as the day goes on, one may notice how as the sun moves across the horizon, and the shadow from the cliff wall follows, a wave of bloom manifests itself, beginning and ending from one side to the other. It is not uncommon to stride through the clearing and see a dragon or two lounging about lazilly in the sun, listening with mild interest to the various conversations that waft about on the temperate winds.
Something new in the clearing — beside the path to the glade a long pole has been thrust into the ground, strips of blue, orange, and white cloth tied to the top and fluttering in the breeze.
This is the main greeting area of Xanadu Weyr, and therefor it is no surprise to often see the headwoman or steward bustling about, clearing away toys and sweeping away dust and debris and whatever else they may deem necessary to make the Weyr presentable. From the Main Clearing, which you now stand in, many exits sprout off. A fairly significant staircase leads you into what is now called the Living Cavern, while just off of that is a grand arch, constructed of polished marble. The keystone of this archway is set with a violet caduceus thus signifying that this is the entrance to the infirmary. A path to the beach, easilly distinguished leads from the southern area of the clearing, and towards the east come the mingled sounds of laughter and barnyard animals. The laughter however must be coming from the Tavern just aft of the stairs.

Darianya slides down Biancath's shoulder and smiles to Maureen and Kristiana, "Good morning. Maureen, I need to see you in the Weyrleaders office, please." Her face is carefully blank.

Maureen glances up at Biancath's arrival from her fiddling about with Tigreth's riding straps, a hasty salute going to Darianya. "What?" Her expression draws a blank. "It wasn't me! I swear that it wasn't me. I didn't do anything. Ask anyone."

Darianya returns the salute, and gestures towards the stairs leading into the Weyr proper. "If you'll come with me?" She turns smartly and climbs the stairs herself.

Tigreth> Kristiana peers up from her spot, painting a scene of the weyr, and smiles, then frowns a bit as Dari leaves with Maureen, and shrugs, going back to the painting, though she nods to Biancath, showing the dragon the painting. "What do you think, Biancath? Anything like it?"

Tigreth> Biancath croons contentedly, apparently nothing is wrong enough to bother her.


Xanadu Weyr - Weyrleaders' Office
Two large desks sit facing eachother, each against an opposite wall. One of the desks is piled high with hides and plates and dishes of all sorts, which of course also have half eaten meatrolls and bubbly pies upon them. Dead glows and empty inkpots are scattered over the desk and suggest that this is the desk of a hard and dedicated worker… and then you have the other desk. The other one is clean, and the onyx surface gleams from being freshly wiped down. A small painting rests in a frame upon its surface and each of the writing utensils are placed neatly to the side. That is clearly the desk of a woman…
But who's who? And which desk belongs to which leader? That is left to speculation. Infront of each of the desks are two chairs, not unlike those in the Wing Lounge, being made of wood and stuffed with wool, covered with burgundy hide. A grand rug has been woven in the crest of Xanadu Weyr and it currently is centered in the middle of the office floor.

Darianya walks over to the weyrwoman's desk and sits down in the chair. She folds her hands on the desk in front of her and looks at Maureen. "So, Weyrling. You've no doubt noticed that some others in your class have received knots and wing assignments. I'm wondering, though, if you've learned enough here to counter your previous association with the renegades." This is said as a statement, but the slight lift in her tone indicates it's also a question.

"/What/?" exclaims Maureen, clearly taken off guard to judge from how the color instantly flees from her face and how her hands make a desperate clasp for one another. "What are you talking about?"

Darianya waves a dismissive hand, "Oh come, come, Weyrling. Didn't you think we knew about that? But Tigreth chose you, and we don't argue with dragon choice. But, I'm concerned about it, nonetheless."

For once, Maureen meets someone's gaze when caught in a trap. "But you argue with lifestyle. I see - /perfectly/." Could there be a hint of acidness in her voice? "What is this whole experience supposed to have done to me? Made me 'see the light'? If that's what you want, Weyrwoman, I'm afraid that I'm going to be a weyrling for the rest of my life."

Darianya chuckles softly, "Oh, no. I don't expect you to have seen the light, as you so acidly put it. What I'm wanting to find out, is are you going to be taking that Xanadu dragon of yours and going to assist the renegades while you think we aren't looking? These are things I must take into account, you know."

Maureen snorts, an expression of disdain fixing itself to her face. "As if there's any opportunity to do /that/. And before this line of inquiry goes any further, I don't even know where my gang is. Between the watchriders and wingriding, I doubt that I'll have any opportunity to escape this prison," she remarks bitterly.

Darianya raises her eyebrows, "So. This is how you treat a Weyrwoman who makes necessary inquiries? I've accused you of nothing, Weyrling, please recall that?"

Maureen shrugs. "This is how I treat someone who's implying that I have no sense of loyalty to either my lifemate or to my gang. /That/ I find slightly offensive, Weyrwoman. Please excuse the way that I was brought up."

One corner of Dari's mouth twitches upward as she tries to supress a smile, "So, you're telling me you do have a sense of loyalty to your lifemate, that's good. What about to the Weyr?"

"What about to the Weyr?" replies Maureen darkly. "It's my… Home. I hate it, but it's the only place I have, isn't it?" At this, her own mouth quirks up into a wry, humorless smile. "It's the only place for Tigreth. That's as far as loyalty goes."

Darianya unclasps her hands to reach into a drawer while awaiting the answer and pulls something out. It's difficult to tell what it is as her hand stays pretty much out of view. "Let me see if I understand you correctly. You feel that this is your home, and like most people, there are things you like, or perhaps even love about it, and things you hate about it? Is that what you meant?"

Maureen nods after a moment's hesitation. "To sum it up into a nutshell, Weyrwoman. I don't exactly have a choice in the matter, do I? It's Xanadu. It's not a camp, but it's home."

Darianya smiles wryly, "I daresay there's more privacy, and certainly more freedom of movement, in being a dragonrider, too, wouldn't you say? Even if there are duties attached."

Maureen shakes her head. "Not at all," she replies, tweaking a lock of hair. "There's… Too many people. Watching. Always watching." She clears her throat. "Then again, that's coming from someone who's still stuck in the weyrling barracks."

Darianya laughs, but it's a laugh of understanding. "Well, that may all change once you get a weyr, my dear." She finally pulls her hand in sight and in it is a rider's shoulder knot and a badge. She places these on the far end of the desk from her, right in front of you. "You have strength of character, and loyalty, and the will to stand up for your values, even when faced with grave doubts. Admirable qualities, Rider Maureen."

Maureen stares at the knot as if it were some kind of miraclous foreign object. "That sounds like a bunch of wherry wash designed to say that you don't want to give it to me, but you're going to do so anyway," she states bluntly, one hand snaking out to grab it before it can be taken back. "But thank you, Weyrwoman."

Darianya laughs brightly, her eyes dancing, "Oh, no! I meant every single word of it. I think you'll be a fine addition to the wing."

Maureen chuckles at that herself. "A fine addition? You make it sound like a new pitcher of klah or something." Fumbling fingers manage to pin it onto her jacket. "So that's it?"

Darianya laughs again, "No, actually it's not. I'm waiting for the sign from my assistant that you're weyr is ready. Why don't you have some of that klah you mentioned?" She grins unrepentantly and points to the pitcher and mug set in the corner.

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