Frustrations of Weyrlinghood

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Field
Surrounded by no fence other than a ring of trees, this gigantic field is the home to the teachings and schoolings of the weyrling staff of Xanadu Weyr. Flat, without hills or bumps or any type of geographical flaw that could be a potential hazard for growing dragonets learning the basics for which their body was constructed, the field is lightly peppered with the soft blades of fescue that grows naturally about Xanadu Weyr. Tiny pink and purple flowers sprout forth from the trunks of the trees that act as the boundries of this Training Meadow, and the general atmosphere is one of education and the destruction of ignorance.
Various paths shoot off of this main training field, but the two primary paths that lead off, while ending in darkness cast by the trees or yet another wall of trees as the path turns, are those which lead to the Weyrling Glade and the Western Clearing. A grand arch of stone leads into the cliff face, which appears to belong to the Weyrling Barracks, as is the only room that would ever lead off the weyrling training field.

Lecil nods to the entering weyrlings, "Ah, good day." she says to the salutes.

Qyh walks in, tense and very unrelaxed. Her expression has a touch of panic it had when she Impressed back in it again. "Good day." she answers Lecil automatically as she moves to lean against one of the trees. Significantly, Frydath is still in the barracks.

J'ran smiles. "Good day," he says genially, glancing curiously at Qyh, then over at Maxanth. The blue snorts and lumbers into the barracks.

Frydath> Maxanth lumbers over to his couch and heaves himself onto it, settling into place, and begins watching Frydath curiously.

Lecil raises an eyebrow from where she stands at Qyh's behavior. She looks about to ask what the matter is, but she shrugs as if she'll find out eventually. "Aye, it is a good day." the rider says, unusually cheerful. "How's everything?"

J'ran shrugs. "I was just speaking with the Headwoman about getting some better-fitting clothes," he says. Indeed, his garmets show signs of being a tad too small.

Frydath> Frydath is beside her couch, scrubbing the edge of her paws against the rushes. She doesn't seem highly purturbed but she does seem restless.

Lecil snickers at J'ran as she says, "Perhaps you should make your own. That's the best thing to do." Then again, weyrlings don't have much time. She shrugs, "And Maxanth? I take it he's well." She looks over at the gold weyrling, "And Frydath is well too?"

Qyh closes her eyes for a moemnt and than opens them to answer. "The day is fine. Frydath is fine." she says mildly. Too mildly. But then, she's still assimilating what Frydath was trying to din into her brain.

Lecil grins at A'xim brightly, looking concerned at Qyh. "Um, hello A'xim." She glances at the other weyrling questioningly. What's up with her?

[DTU/Project] Maxanth projects to Frydath . o O ( Are you bored, Frydath? )

[DTU/Project] Maxanth senses that Frydath sends a gentle wave of silvery warmth back. ( I do not understand humans. ) she says firmly. ( I do not understand them at all! )

[DTU/Project] Frydath senses that Maxanth responds with a swirl of silver amusement. ( I do not think we are supposed to understand them )

Qyh mutters something and pushes herself away from the tree, pacing crossly. "She thinks I need someone to feel about the way some of the -couples- in the barracks feel about each other. She doesn't understand what that means, she just thinks I need it. As if I need anyone else tormenting my life when she does it so thoroughly!" Yes, it's a minor rant. And not just about this, but this is the issue of the moment.

Lecil looks confused suddenly, her attention focused on Qyh carefully. "Couples? In the barracks?" Uh oh, now you got her started. "Who said this, what couples?"

A'xim raises an eyebrow as well.

J'ran snorts. "Unbelievable," he says dryly. "Sometimes I think that these overgrown tunnel snakes have nothing better to do than to try and push people together," he mutters.

Lecil sighs. muttering something under her breath. More talking to the weyrlings about couples? She shakes her head slowly, looking to A'xim with concern on her face, "Now what are we going to do?"

Qyh sighs, rubbing her forehead. "Oh, some of the weyrlings had relationships before and while they don't do anything now, they don't stop loveing each other and haveing sweet thoughts about one another. Why I can't imagine: I scarcely have time to draw breath, much less think about men." She glances at J'ran breifly, "You'd think they would have other things to do."

J'ran rolls his eyes. "I know. Anything else at all would be nice at times," he says wryly.

A'xim snorts. "Who are you talking about?"

Lecil sighs gently, her eyes unfocusing slightly as she converses with Okorienth. "I'll have Oko talk to some of the weyrlings." She looks at Qyh, "I would like to know who those people are however."

J'ran blinks. "You're not planning on talking to people about what they feel, are you?" he asks incredulously.

Lecil sighs, look at J'ran and shaking her head. "Part of being a weyrling is distancing themselves from that. If other dragons and weyrlings can see these feelings, they aren't doing a good job." she murmurs.

J'ran looks perplexed. "You mean we're suppose to suppress our emotions, and that's supposed to be good for our dragons?"

A'xim nods. "Yes, that is correct Weryling."

Qyh half frowns. "People can't help being in love. They're not disturbing their dragons - if they were, Frydath would have said so. I think." she half shrugs. "Who was it… I can't recall off hand. It came up when Frydath wanted to move them around and they wanted to stay where they were."

Lecil looks stern, hands on hips as she watches the weyrling. "No, but your concern should be your dragons now. Feelings like that can wait." she says, looking at both weyrlings. "It's hard, but it's best for your dragons. Emotions they don't understand will only upset them."

J'ran looks like he's starting to get upset. "How on Pern is it supposed to be good for our dragons if we suppress what we feel? I've never noticed Max not understanding that I love him, or that I like J'vry, or that I have fun with Hotaru. How is that wrong?"

Frydath> Maxanth shifts uncomfortably on his couch, his eyes starting to whirl faster, shifting slightly towards an amber tone.

Frydath> Okorienth rumbles as well, looking around the barracks as he shifts back and forth. ( Please calm down, Maxanth )

Frydath> Maxanth turns his attention to Okorienth, second-lidding his eyes and gradually calming down again.

Qyh mutters softly. "Frydath is my concern. I don't have time for anything or anyone else." Or energy or patience. "She just seems to think I need a human love because she isn't human and the other humans seems to like haveing human loves." Pause. "If that didn't make sense, blame Frydath."

J'ran unfocuses for a moment, then noticably reins himself in.

Frydath> Frydath continues buffing her paws and talons against the rushes, still restless. For a moment, picking up Maxanth's mood, her eyes show a flash of amber. But then it is gone almost as soon as it arrived.

Frydath> Okorienth settles down slowly, shaking his great head from side to side. ( It's alright, little ones. )

J'ran sighs. "Yes," he says, in a much more controlled manner, "I can understand not subjecting our lifemates to anger, or frustration, or passion. But caring? Affection?" He shakes his head. "I don't understand how that can be bad for Max. How can suppressing a healthy emotion do anything but confuse him?"

Frydath> Leoth opens an eye and croons.(What?)

Frydath> C'vex sits up from leaning against Caith and both dragon and rider turn eyes towards Maxanth curiously. Caith shrugs it off, he's to sleepy to both and so he lays his head back down. Cy on the other hand opens both eyes curiously. He nudges Caith asking the dragon, "Whats wrong?" Caith barely opens his second lids and closes them again, Obviously the bronze doesn't care.

Frydath> C'vex peers over to Caith, "Since Caith isn't upset, then I guess whatever it is, it's fine." He leans back against the bronze and picks up a discarded book and starts to scrible in the margins. Aphrodite unravels herself from Caith neck and flies down to Cy's shoulder and rubs her wedge shaped head against his neck. "Hello beauty."

Frydath> Leoth closes his eyes and dozes again.

Qyh doesn't stop pacing. Frydath is more stable emotionally than Qyh - and since Qyh spends a lot of time in the midst of mental tug-of-wars, one more makes little difference. "Frydath is more disturbed when they don't care. Caring makes them happy - they don't understand what it's about but they do understand it's careing and makes their lifemates happy." She considers. "Even human kids can understand that much."

Frydath> Okorienth rumbles gently and walks over to C'vex, nuzzling the bronzerider gently as the blue lays down nearby. Scritches, please?

Frydath> C'vex smirks. "Okay you two I get the point." He places the book down next to him and then a hand is raised and he scritches Aphrodites head. Then he uses both hands to scritch Oko's eye ridges. "Hey there big guy, Why they agitated?" Noting Maxanth and Frydath.

Lecil sighs, looking with concern about the area. "Maybe so, but if you look from our points, we worry about the ones who may get too loving." She smiles at J'ran gently. "We don't want you deviod of affection, but you have to be careful." She grins at the blue rider. "Alright?"

Frydath> Okorienth rumbles, curling up next to C'vex's couch with almost a purr. He lifts his head to regard the weyrling. ( They are upset, ) he says, speaking only to C'vex, ( about relationships. Lecil is confused, she doesn't know what to do. )

J'ran looks a trifle warily at Lecil. "I don't think that anything productive is going to come out of talking to us about not getting too loving," he says. "We already know that getting passionate is a bad idea, and none of us are planning on doing that, as far as I know." A faint flush has risen to his cheeks with this subject. "But honestly, if you tell us we're not allowed to feel…affection for someone else, there's going to be resentment, and THAT will be bad for our lifemates." He's managed to keep his tone level throught all this, and hopefully his emotions as well.

Lecil frowns, "No, I'm not saying you can't feel anything for anyone. You have to try and control it is all. There is plently of time for falling in love later in life." She sighs gently, looking as though she weary of this.

Qyh chuckles softly, her expression now rather sardonic. "I have no intention of falling in love. I just have to deal with having a very persistent lifemate harass me about it until she forgets and finds something else to badger me about."

J'ran shakes his head. "It's hard," he says with resignation. "Trying to keep what I feel from spilling over and affecting Max. I try, but…"

J'ran smiles wanly at Qyh. "I have to agree with you, though," he adds. "Who has time to look for romance at the moment?"

Frydath> C'vex arches up his brows a little confused. "So is Lecil upset?" He sighs and gives Oko a long deep scritch right in the spot where Lecil showed him on Caith that she said the blue enjoyed. "Think I should go out there?" He asks the dragon with a semi-concerned look upon his face.

Frydath> Okorienth croons gently, turning his huge eyes to the weyrling. ( She's calming. Things are understood now she says. ) He sighs, tucking his wings to his body with a gentle rustle. ( You give good scratches. )

Frydath> Maxanth abruptly slithers off his couch and lumbers over to C'vex as well, thrusting his head at the Weyrling's hand.

Lecil sighs gently, looking from weyrling to weyrling. "Are we understood then?" Lord, the look on her face says she hopes so.

J'ran hesitates, then nods.

Frydath> C'vex chuckles at Okorienth's comment. "Caith doesn't seem to like them." Emerald eyes spot the smaller blue coming closer and he moves one hand to his head and he gives the blue a nice long scritch in the same spot that he gave Okorienth.

Frydath> Maxanth croons softly.

"Understood." Qyh answers dryly before abruptly venting some of her frustration by hitting the nearest tree trunk. "Ouch." is muttered afterwards as she shakes her hand. "Oh shush Frydath. I'm not hurt." Still, the otherwise pointless gesture does improve her temper a little.

Frydath> Frydath abruptly tenses, her eyes touched with orange. Then it fades and she broadcasts plaintively, ( I will -never- understand humans! )

Frydath> Okorienth snorts, butting closer to the weyrling. ( I like them. You know just the right spots. How do you do that? ) The blue looks at Maxanth, well, he guesses he can share, but then looks back at C'vex. ( How can Caith not like these? )

J'ran takes an abortive step forward, but is obviously too late to stop the older woman. "Qyh!" he says reprovingly. "If you have to hit something, at least hit something that won't hurt your hand. Like me," he says, grinning.

Frydath> Maxanth doesn't understand Caith, either.

Frydath> C'vex smiles at the results and uses his other hand to scritch Maxanth's chin. A smile sent towards Frydath, "I stopped trying to understand them Years ago Frydath." An emerald wink sent to the gold and he adds to Okorienth. "Lecil showed me how to scritch, but well as for Caith he's just an undecided dragon. He'll find himself oneday." His second hand removed from Maxanth's chin and he gives Oko a loving scritch. "I hope."

Lecil sighs, looking completely exhasted after that talk. "Well, if there are no more discussions, I'm going to tend to my blue." She nods to both weyrlings with a tired smile, "Hopefully, your lifemates are alright after that. Okorienth says they began to worry."

Frydath> Maxanth's eyes snap open, and he croons at C'vex. ( You stopped! )

Qyh pivots to look at J'ran with a expression that is half amused and half skeptical. "You really don't want me to hit you, J'ran." she returns with immaculate politeness. "I tend to hit rather hard. The tree, at least, doesn't suffer." But she is grinning by the end of it and shakeing her maltreated hand. "Ah, I've had worse thumps. It'll be fine."

Frydath> Okorienth almost purrs to C'vex as he gets another scritch, eyes closing slowly. The blue notes his lifemate's entering and he snakes his tail over to grab her when she gets close. ( My shoulder itches. ) he complains. Lecil laughs and starts on the blue with a cheerful smile, though she looks worn out, "Hello C'vex."

Frydath> C'vex meeps and returns the hand back under Maxanth's chin. "I'm sorry." He smiles at the blue and continues to scritch him. "Where is J'ran? Maybe Lecil can teach him how to scritch." A glance sent towards Lecil. "Assistant Weyrlingmaster Lecil." As he speaks a subtle smirk overcomes his lips.

J'ran laughs. "I have seven siblings, more than half of which are older than I am. You don't think I'm used to being pounded on?" he asks wryly. "Besides, better for one lowly blue to accept a bruise than have our gold suffer damaged knuckles," he says, bowing floridly.

Frydath> Maxanth rumbles softly, his eyes sinking closed again. ( My J'ran is outside ) he says. ( Playing with Frydath's Qyh )

Qyh snickers softly. "Well, I have siblings too." she points out lightly. "And you're not lowly. Shards, anyone who made your offer can't be lowly - they've too much courage!" She's teasing.

Frydath> Lecil snorts at C'vex, dismissing him with a wave of her hand. "Oh, now I get my title, eh?" she teases as he scratches Okorienth, who rumbles to C'vex, ( What about me? You can scratch my chin! ). Lecil chuckles, thumping Okorienth, "Hey now, he doesn't have to serve you you big lump! Sorry C'vex, and thanks for tending to him." she says, smiling softly for the bronzer.

J'ran sighs, tragically. "Nay, this poor wretch is naught but a Thread in the shadow of thy Golden brilliance. Eagerly wouldst I suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune e're thee shalt suffer the slightest wound, m'lady…" He bows again, even more elaborately this time.

Frydath> C'vex arches a dark blond brow at Maxanth's wording and gives Lecil a 'do I even want to know' look. Nevertheless he continues his scritching of the young blue dragon. "Yes I felt a title was deserving at that current moment of time." He smirks and adds. "Nah I am just glad someone appreciates my scritching. Although I wish I had four arms now." His emerald eyes take in Lecil's form and he sighs and turns attention to the two blues.

Frydath> Maxanth perks up. ( Then I could have two ) he points out happily.

Frydath> Lecil chuckles and takes a seat on Caith's couch. She doesn't need to ask, right? "I see how it works then. I yell at you and now I've got my title, 'eh?" She laughs, patting Okorienth as she smiles at C'vex, her jade eyes dancing with laughter. "And what of my favorite bronze?"

Qyh splutters for a moment and finally just laughs. "J'ran, you missed your calling. You really should have taken up the Harpercraft." she returns teasingly. "And if you ever call me m'lady again, I shall smack you." She rubs her hand, inspects the slowly appearing bruise and winces. "I think, however, that this deserves a little numbweed." is muttered, mostly to herself.

J'ran grins. "I've been told that," he says. His lips quirk. "M'lady. I shall fetch numbweed!" he cries, and zips into the barracks ahead of any reprisal.

Weyrling Barracks
From the east to the west an isle of wide proportions runs the length of the barracks, seeking an exit at each end. Impressions of all sizes line either side of the isle, marking the individual couches. At the head of each stands a press, flat at the top to work as a makeshift table when needed. Various personal items scatter about the area, while beside each of the doors sits a pair of tables in which human and hatchling food can be found.
Tubs of oil stand waiting to be used, and beside each is a bucket and shovel for cleaning up the little presents the helpless dragonets leave behind to be cleaned. The barracks carries off a strange mixture of extreme order and discord all at once, and it is here that time has touched with the gentle stroke of history; each gouge, scrape, oil stain, and speck of dust holds a story, and all one needs to do is to listen closely to hear the tale of ages long past. Dragon-sized arched doors lead out to the Weyrling Training Field.

J'ran enters the barracks, detouring over to caress Maxanth's neck before heading over to the first aid supplies. Locating a small jar of numbweed salve, he tosses a wave at his blue. "Back in a sec, Maxie. You just enjoy yourself," he says wryly. He walks over to meet Qyh and hands her the jar.

Maxanth croons softly and appears not at all upset over his being 'abandoned'. ( A little to the right please, C'vex )

C'vex smirks, "your favorite bronze is sleeping like a stone weyr. As I should be doing too. I think I am going to run to the living caverns and pick myself up some warm milk." He stands up and appologizes to both blues. "Sorry guys, I will be available for scratches later." A glance sent towards Lecil and he sort of departs quickly and abruptly for some odd reason.

Qyh follows J'ran, taking the numbweed with a murmured thank you. Casually, she perches on a stool and dabs a little on her bruised hand, glanceing now and then to Frydath who has climbed back into her couch and dozed off. "Puts it all into perspective - she just goes to sleep." she says wryly. "How's Maxanth, J'ran?"

Maxanth croons with disapointment, his head following C'vex's hand until it's out of reach. Looking about, he locates J'ran and galumphs over to his lifemate, sliding to halt in front of him. ( Scritches? )

J'ran fends off his affectionate dragon, laughing. "It seems he's just fine," he says, reaching out to shake the big head gently before beginning to scratch the often-itchy eye ridges. Maxanth lets out a relieved sigh.

Okorienth rumbles his dissapointment as he moves over to his own lifemate. ( He gave good scritches. )

Lecil hugs the big muzzle apologeticly with a soft, "Sorry love." She settles back to watch the two weyrlings for a moment before standing and motioning to Okorienth to come with her.

Qyh nods. "Thats good." she notes, finishing with the numbweed and deftly putting the lid back with one hand. "You were a bit worked up out there before." She slides off the stool and pads over to return the numbweed.

J'ran sighs. "Yeah," he admits. "I guess I sorta proved their point, that we need to have better control over what we subject our poor babies to," he says, scratching the underside of Maxanth's chin. The blue's eyes are almost closed entirely now, and he looks very relaxed.

Qyh nods. "Although, in my case, it's what she subjects me to." is noted before she heads out. "I'll see you later." is her soft goodbye.

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