Random Log: The Hunting Trip Begins

Main Camp(#451RAJ)
The open expanse of a field surrounded by heavy foliage provides a perfect spot for a main camp. Around the perimeter a small fence has been errected, with guards stationed every twenty-five meters or so. Along the entrance path are several stretching racks for any hides the hunters wish to preserve and tents are situated across the field as well, some occupied, some not.
Walking further towards the center, one can notice the enormous pit at the center of the camp, a large fire blazing at all hours of the day. There are people cooking meals for the day or simply a few who wish to play near the fire. All around are tables for eating and working, with benches for sitting. A small mechanism seems to be pumping in fresh water from a nearby stream.

Kirilla laughs jovially - mood switch, again. "I have made good. And you, a senior weyrwoman. That was a memorable candidacy, besides the hatching, of course."

C'ian meanders down from where Alhenaeth has position himself, carrying only a cloak and a smile, with a Niva at his arm. Looking at Rayne he grins. "Do you need a lot of supplies?"

Yasa nods, and pics up her tent along with something else, and hauls it to a spot in the camp. Jesath settles down in the field with the other dragons, watching the humans.

C'ian chuckles to himself. "And you expect me to commute back and forth?" He stares a little, listening to something Alhenaeth tells him and, turning to his life mate he nods and waves his bronzer off, returning to Zaislinth.

Kirilla raises a brow at C'ian and Niva but doesn't comment. Offhand, she comments, "You remember Evy, as well? She made Headwoman, as well. I haven't spoken with Tia for several months, though. You were present at her 'talks' during the candidacy, weren't you?" Rilla grins, nostalgic.

Niva stays near to C'ian the whole time, glancing over at Kirilla with a quick look before glancing back and forth, simply listening to the various comments flying back and forth, tilting her head as she picks up various pieces of the conversation.

Yasa sees Jolie and her young queen arrive, and she waves toward her, raising an eyebrow at all that the weyrling brought. She then looks to Rayne, and nods. "Yeah, this spots great." She replies, and sets the stuff down she was carrying and unrolled it to start assembling it.

Rayne pauses to scratch the back of her head, looking at Kirilla. "Wow. I really should keep up with people more. I seem to remember rum and sweetbread with Tiaunn… err.. Tia. How I miss that girl." Ah, the memories. Should be a fun time. Rayne follows Yasa's wave to notice Jolie and can't stop herself from laughing. Walking over, she takes a few things from the top of Jolie's pile. "Oh dear, Jolie, let me help you." The amusement is clear in the weyrwoman's green eyes. "What all did you bring?"

Jolie is following someone, surely she is toward a good spot to camp. Or maybe she just got tired of carrying everything because soon enough, she's let everything drop to the ground in front of her. One toe kinda feels at the ground in front of her. Not too soggy. "Hmmm. Oh. Just stuff. For the camping. So it'd be a bit like home. Except for the bed." She looks just a tiny bit defensive. "You know. A tent. And some stuff to put in it."

C'ian grins and pokes Niva. "Not too quiet now." He looks over to Kirilla and walks down to meet with her. "How are things so far, for our side, Kirilla? Sorry I was a little late. It's hard to deal with Alhenaeth sometimes, even for me."

Niva rolls her eyes at C'ian, sidling away from the poke with a defensive stare before shaking her head. "I just got off my shift. I can be quiet if I want." Crossing her arms infront of her, she continues to peer about, stifling a small giggling at Jolie and her belongings. "It's camping… Its not suppose to be like home."

Kirilla snorts at C'ian. "I've heard some things about your bronze from Pheri lately - getting a bit full of himself, is he? All that clutch-daddying…" the latter is said under the breath, but her expression is saccharine. "We're doing well, though, Weyrleader. A large bunch of area hunters set up camp not long ago - they look just a bit suspicious."

C'ian waves a hand. "I really don't have too much control over Alhenaeth. You'll have to excuse him," he chuckles nervously. "Just hope you realize that the thoughts and feelings of Alhenaeth don't reflect my own." He looks at her, thinking a moment. "Suspicious you say? Suspicious how?"

Rayne smiles at the young woman. "Well, if you don't feel like setting up your own tent, I apparently have more than enough room in mine. And I think most of this stuff will fit in there." She eyes the pile suspiciously, waiting for a kitchen sink to roll out. Rayne's ears pick up the bit about local hunters and files it away for later use. Could be of use to her and Western. A sly smile spreads across her face. Glancing at Kirilla, she winks. "Tell your green not to let a silly bronze bother her at all. We all know brown and blue make the best males." Ilveraeth swings her head around to look at her 'mate, but makes no comment at all. She's smart enough not to. Meanwhile, Rayne calls over Monk and another Westerner to help with Yasa's tent.

Yasa giggles, and shakes her head at Jolie, before she starts to set her tent up. Jesath warbles at the weyrwomans words.

Kirilla notices Rayne's sly look and raises her brow before nodding. "Oh, she's not letting him bother her - he's letting her bother him. Won't agree that she's rightful wingleader, you know - he was her second, not the other way around." Rilla snickers idly, then leans in to speak to C'ian privately, "Someone mentioned to me one looked like one of the renegades that was incarcerated at Eastern not long ago, and escaped."

Jolie frowns at her pile and then shrugs. "Well. I did bring a tent along. I figured, everyone would have separate places to stay. If they wanted?" She arranges her things a bit, before her head turns back to watch some of the others in the clearing. "And I'll never learn if I don't try, right. So I'm going to try to put up a tent." Even as she frowns at it, poking it with a finger or two. "Who'll let me watch them, so I know how to do this?"

Niva shakes her head slightly at Jolie, and wanders back over in the direction of Kirilla and C'ian, pausing far enough away to not intrude on their conversation. A long pause during which she taps her fingers against her arm, and then she sighs. "C'ian? Did you bring the stuff, or no?" Perhaps she didn't really want to be here, but got the short straw of the Healers and had to. Who knows, but it certainly doesn't seem to be her idea of fun.

Rayne smiles at Jolie and nods. "Fair enough. I admire your spirit." Yay! Points with the weyrwoman. "Just watch us with Yasa's tent." She rolls up her sleeves again and gets Seth to toss her a hammer for the pegs. "It's not really that difficult. The trick is securing the ropes well enough that the tent doesn't collapse in the middle of the night." She goes over to help Yasa unroll and assemble her tent. "Here, come watch me."

Jolie nods her head, wandering back in Rayne's direction and leaving her items for the moment to see how a tent's put up. "So, it's rather difficult then, or no? Or you just have to know how to do it?"

Yasa smiles at Rayne and Jolie, and stretches out the ropes that'll hold the tend down as well, before she goes about getting the tent up. "Sleeping under the stars is fun."

Rayne agrees with Yasa. "I love camping and such. Ilveraeth and I have spent many nights out on the coves of the isle, just sleeping on the beach and catching out dinner." She moves to help Yasa out as much as possible, keeping the ropes taunt as needed. "I wonder what K'rin has the rest of the weyrlings doing. I had an awful time convincing her to fly them down here."

C'ian grins at Niva. "Have you ever met Rayne before, Niva?" Remembers and winces some. "No, I didn't bring any of the supplies with me. I don't really ever use supplies and.." he ducks his head, "I guess I forgot that you and Kysli might would like them."

Yasa shrugs to Rayne as she works on the tent. "I'm sure she has them gathering firewood or something." She says.

Niva starts to complain about his lack of thought? Lack of insight? Whatever you want to call it. "You didn't bring anything with you? At all?" And with a soft sigh, she shakes her head, before glancing over at the goldrider and shaking her head again. "Nu-uh… I don't think I have, in any case."

C'ian takes Niva's arma nd quickly walks over to Rayne. "Well, then I should introduce you two!" Anything to change the subject, right? He grins over at Rayne. "Rayne, I'd like to introduce you to an Apprentice Healer at our Weyr, Niva. Niva, this is the Weyrwoman of Western Weyr, Rayne."

Niva manages to stop her complaining as she's dragged in Rayne's direction, eyes widening for a moment before offering a hand to Rayne and glancing over her shoulder with a face at C'ian. "Well met, Rayne, ma'am…" She knows some manners, at least.

C'ian just grins at Niva and starts to try and walk away. He doesn't want to even try and talk to Niva about his mistake. Sneak away. Sneak awany. Sneak away. Right into Kysli! Rubbing his head he smiles at her. "Heya Ky…"

Kysli stops in her tracks, mainly to avoid actually running into the weyrleader fully. Tilting her head with a smile she gives a quiet "Hey". Distracted though a little she glances around the camp a little, curious.

Niva wasn't really paying attention to C'ian disappearing at first, then as he stops she whirls around, attention leaving Western's Weyrwoman as she follows after him. "Kysli! He didn't bring a tent or anything!" He's suppose to be the responsible one, right? She's just here because she has to be.

C'ian ducks his head at Niva's yelling and sighs, face palming. Now he'll get it from both ends. "That wasn't exactly my fault…"

Kysli bites her lip in attempts to /not/ start laughing, but her eyes dance with amusement. As they are staying for awhile in this place she's wearing that hat she's had for how many turns… longer than she's known the weyrleader even. Tucking some hair behind her ear she shakes her head. "Well, it's good that I brought one, right?"

Niva wasn't really yelling. If she was really yelling, he'd know. She was just… loudly explaining. She gives a playful nudge at C'ian before looking at Kysli surprised with wide eyes. "See… at least she's responsible…" Not like Niva brought one either, but its not her job to, right?

Kysli watches as Casp goes off for some reason or another and shakes her head, actually offering the other woman a small smile.

Niva turns to peer after C'ian with a soft sigh and a shake of her head before looking back at Kysli. "You said you brought a tent?" A pause. "Do you want to find somewhere dry to set it up, while there're still good spots?" And she manages a small smile in return.

Kysli nods her head slightly, "I dropped it off near a good seeming spot… but we can take a look around." This will be an interesting trip, that's for sure. She doesn't really have interest in hunting but wants to be here for obvious reasons.

Interesting doesn't even /begin/ to describe what this trip will probably end up being. Niva nods slowly and waves a hand for the other to lead the way to the spot picked out already. If its a good spot, no need to switch, right? "I'm glad you're thinking.." She's just there in a Healer compacity. Really.

Kysli yet again nods and turns back the way she came, not taking her normal fast stride. Instead a more lesiurely walk as someone else is with her. Even if the two aren't all that close, or more like… well whatever it is they aren't always on comfortable terms.

Which would also be understandable, considering the circumstances. Following along after Kysli, she hangs back a short stride, watching her feet as she walks along quietly, before glancing over at Kysli. Niva opens her mouth to say something before shutting it once more and shaking her head.

Kysli glances back just in time to catch the possible starting of saying something and kind of shrugs. Stopping near a pile of supplies as well as what would be a tent in a canvas sack. "This ok with you?"

Niva blushes slightly as she's caught before glancing over at the supplies. Gaze sweeps over the area and she nods hurriedly with a smile. "Fine with me. Certainly don't see any problem with it." And C'ian has no say in the matter, really. So if the two agree, that's good, right?"

Kysli tilts her head, curious about the blush as well but she doesn't ask anything. "Would be nice if he stuck around to help…" Her grin has a bit of a smirk in it, she's teasing the weyrleader who isn't there to defend himself.

Niva grins and glances about. "You know he'd say he had something else or other to do. Or that he doesn't need a tent, so he doesn't see why he should help." A wink and she moves over to nudge experimentally at the tent bag.

Kysli laughs quietly and shakes her head, "Though sleeping under the stars would be nice…" she trails off, "Of course a tent is good in case it starts raining"

Niva shrugs slightly. "I'd rather have something beneath me then something over me, but a tent atleast for cover is never a bad thing." Glancing about her, she makes a face. "Heard there are locale hunters camped nearby, too, with their tents."

Kysli nods, "There are bedrolls too so something to sleep on isn't a worry." Hopefully Casp remembered to bring one of those at least. There is probably an extra somewhere, Kysli was kind of making a run of supplies as well as joining the group as well.

Niva gives Kysli another grateful look with a slow nod and a bit bigger grin. "You certainly were thinking.." Well, with Casp, you never really know, do you? Moving to take the tent out of the bag, she pauses, glancing about her for a moment before giving it another tug.

Kysli shrugs, "I was sent with a bunch of supplies" She smiles lightly, "So… I knew what was needed and can use some of those things as well if neccisary." Yes the weyr was compensating for those who would forget things, always happens.

Yasa finishes setting up her tent near where Rayne set hers up, before she looks to the others, waving toward them. "You guys need any help setting up yours?" She asks.

Kysli glances up at the other voice and offers the person a smile, even if it is a little shy. Hey, she doesn't know the person so that is normal. "Sure… that'd be great"

Yasa nods and moves over. "I'm Yasa, rider of blue Jesath from Western by the way." She introduces herself, and gflances over to said blue who seems to be snoozing.

Kysli follows the other rider's gaze and can't help but smile. "Kysli, rider of brown Bergerath from Xanadu." Said dragon is… elsewhere at the moment.

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