C'ian is Kidnapped

Main Camp
The open expanse of a field surrounded by heavy foliage provides a perfect spot for a main camp. Around the perimeter a small fence has been errected, with guards stationed every twenty-five meters or so. Along the entrance path are several stretching racks for any hides the hunters wish to preserve and tents are situated across the field as well, some occupied, some not.
Walking further towards the center, one can notice the enormous pit at the center of the camp, a large fire blazing at all hours of the day. There are people cooking meals for the day or simply a few who wish to play near the fire. All around are tables for eating and working, with benches for sitting. A small mechanism seems to be pumping in fresh water from a nearby stream.

C'ian comes back, carrying a rather large feline. A bow and a quiver of arrows are strapped to his back. Grinning he looks at everyone in the camp. "I almost got him. Or he almost got me, I should say." He holds up the very dead cat. "But I got him good."

Niva is settled down outside a tent, her first aid pack opened infront of her as she checks various items to see if she needs any supplies. A container of numbweed sits infront of her as well, the lid off and strangely missing. As C'ian appears, she glances over at him with an arched eyebrow. "What do you /mean/ he almost got you?"

Kysli actually is seating near Niva and seems to have been helping out or something along those lines. She does have a rolled up bandage in her hand. So the two may be getting along? C'ian can only hope. "Casp…" is somewhat groaned as she shakes her head.

C'ian chuckles as he hands the corpse to one of the other hunters, making his way to them. "Well, he almost got my arm, but I was too fast for him."

Niva glances over at Kysli, sighing as she rolls up another bandage to tuck it away carefully. "When you say you were to fast for him, does that mean you got away completely? Or only sort of?" Because there's a difference, even if Casp still has his arm.

C'ian grins and rolls up his sleves, revieling no new scratches, cuts or wounds. "See? Completely away. He could never touch me. No one could." He sits next to them, grinning. "My arrows were too fast."

Kysli offers the bandage over to Niva for her to put away, she has no clue how the other wants things organized. Shaking her head the rider rolls her eyes. "One of these days…" She lets that trail off and can't help but smile up at the weyrleader.

Niva takes the other bandage as well, putting it away as well, rolling up the kit and looping the strap around to keep it shut. Glancing now and then in C'ian's direction as she does so, she sighs again. "You seem awfully full of yourself, you know, with all this hunting business." Going out alone, and everything.

C'ian grins. "Well, this is one of the few things that I'm extreamly good at." He beams sitting there next to them. "I bet you two didn't know that? When I was younger, I had to hunt everything myself. This is second nature to me."

Kysli scoots over a little so that she's closer to the other rider, and leans to rest her head on his shoulder. She can't be mad at him for long can she, he's lucky as if she was actually mad in the first place and he /wasn't/ Casp… then well… that could be bad. "Take someone with you next time?" Yes, she can't help but ask that.

Niva shakes her head at C'ian, resting her hand behind her and reclining back slightly to eye him. "But were you hunting felines? I doubt it…" A face, and she shakes her head. A look to Kys and she rolls her eyes before nodding. "Please… I have no desire to put you back together again when your arrows aren't quick enough." New knot, more to deal with.

C'ian hrmps at both of them. "You just don't understand that nothing's going to happen to me out there." Then he sees the glares that got him and he swallows. "Alright alright. I'll take someone with me next time if I can."

Kysli tilts her head up so she is looking at C'ian's face. "If you can???" Yes, three question marks are needed to convey that inquiry. Nope, doesn't seem quite happy with his reassurance, it obviously isn't quite enough.

Niva rolls her eyes once more and shakes her head. "Why in Faranth's name wouldn't you be able to?" So perhaps she's had a bit of a stressful day, and that is contributing to her foul mood. A shake of her head and she sighs loudly. "I don't even know why I bother…"

C'ian coughs and stands. "Well, I'll take someone with me then." He gets a rather devious look on his face. "But not before I go and finish my hunt!" With that, he grabs his bow and quiver and jumps down a few levels and makes his way towards the forest.

Niva's jaw simply drops and she glances at Kysli, in the direction C'ian ran, and then back at Kysli. "Did he just do what I think he did?" A long pause and she gets to her feet, cupping her hands around her mouth. "C'ian! I would not want to be you when you get back. You, you! Argh…" And she trails off with a shake of her head, nudging her first aid pack hard with her toe.

Kysli jumps to her feet as the other begins leaving. "Casp!" is called after him in a rather aggravated tone. Oh the weyrleader is going to get it once they get they're hands on him.

C'ian stops his running and turns to them, grinning. "I'll be back when I get the big one!" He blows them a kiss and darts off.


Kysli stiffens at the cry and despite having just sat down again finally after pacing for some reason or another, jumps back to her feet. "CASP!"

Though having been sitting away in a nearby tent, sharpening blades and arrow points with his whetstone, Jutin emerges with his hands over both ears, glancing about before saying out loud "What was THAT?!?…"

Alhenaeth arrives from the skies overhead.

Alhenaeth rumbles deeply.

Niva isn't far behind her in jumping up and starting in the direction that C'ian disappeared, having essentially given up and gone back to whatever she was doing, taking time to locate the missing lid to the numbweed. Glancing back and forth, she forces herself to take a deep breath, trying to calm herself as she grabs her first aid supplies, mutters as she heads back towards the forest. "I told him…." At the bronze's arrival, the Healer looks quite surprised and bites her lip. "What /did/ he do…"

Kysli starts running, though Bergerath rumbles to her. "Kidnapped?" is actually still a question really and she sounds rather distressed.

Looking up at both Kysil and Niva, Jutin takes his hands away from his ears as he looks oddly at the pair before shaking his head…"What?" is the confused teens reply. Though he drops the blade from his right hand that he'd been working on…letting it fall and hit the ground, blade first.

Niva doesn't have the advantage Kys has. If it can indeed be called an advantage. Stopping in her tracks she turns around to stare at Kysli with wide eyes. "Kidnapped?" A quick look at the bronze, and then back at the brownrider. "By who? Who'd want to kidnap him?" Even if the answer is probably rather obvious. She squeezes her eyes shut for a long moment before glancing at Jutin as the blade falls. "Careful… I don't need to patch you up, too, in the midst of everything."

Bergerath launches himself into the air and flies in the direction that the weyrleader head headed off in. Kysli turns around and glances at Niva with a somewhat… or more than somewhat scared expression. "I'm going to go search, Bergerath will be in the skies. I'll be ok."

Staring a bit at Niva, Jutin pauses as he looks down at his feet, where the blade narrowly missed him, bending down, he quickly snatches it up and resheathes it. Taking a few more steps before able to walk 'steady' again Jutin says "Who was kidnapped? How can I help?"

Niva turns to glare at Kysli with a look of pure disgust. "You think you'll be alright out there by yourself? They'll just kidnap you, too. And then, Faranth help us all. All we need is two kidnapped riders." A deep sigh and then she glances over at Jutin as he offers to help, then back and the brownrider. "We'll all go together. He has weapons.." Of some sort, atleast. "And if he's hurt, I'll bring the first aid supplies." Amazing how she just decides things, isn't it?

Kysli grimaces, "Bergerath is searching as well, we'll stay together just we have different sight advantages this way." She doesn't /want/ to wait…

Hearing about having weapons, Jutin stiffens for a few seconds before nodding politely, not saying a word but merely following those in command, Jutin jogs to keep up with Niva, flanking her to her left and a few feet back. "What exactly are we looking for?"

Niva arches an eyebrow at Jutin for a moment before shaking her head and glancing in the direction of the forest. "Well… Bergerath might see something from above. So we need to look down." Pause. "For a group of people, or signs that there was a fight. Blood, etcetra. Or.. just a mess." Or a C'ian. Which would be best case scenario.

Kysli is antsy… doesn't want to stay and suddenly her eyes widden and she runs full speed at a little different direction though only a bit off her previous path.

Keeping pace as best he can, the young apprentice seems not to be able to keep pace with Kysil, panting only after a few seconds of all out. Jutan pulls out a water bottle and drinks it while slowing to a jog, keeping his eyes on Kysil.

Jolie just looks startled, moving closer to Sevaruth for comfort and watching the others then, as decisions are made. She doesn't say anything at all, silent as she watches.

As one steps away from the clearings of the fields, a complete transformation seems to take place. The trees and other foliage are thick here, and sunlight finds few places to filter in. Various sounds can be heard, both avian and otherwise, announcing the life that calls this area home. A stream winds its way through the trees, it's path seeming rather haphazard. Through the leaves that carpet the forest floor, mounds of moss and other grasses peak through along with small flowers of many colors. When the wind picks up, the rustling of the trees is quiet and the winds carry the sweetness of nature.

Morpheus squawks loudly at the others.

Niva scurries in after Kysli and Jutin, her first aid kit hitting against her leg with each step, gaze going this way and that as she works to notice any sign of what could have happened to C'ian.

Kysli is running straight for… a body? Doesn't have the right build or clothes to be their Weyrleader happily. But instead of going to the person she drops onto the ground near something on the ground, picking it up almost gingerly.

Panting, Jutan skids on his heels as he almost goes past the body, but he doesn't seem to notice whatever Kysil finds, but instead crouchs down by the body, trying to get a glimpse of who it is, and if he knows him, though a blank expression seems to rule Jutins face this day.

Niva passes by Kysli, going to straight to the body as well, eyeing the arrow in the chest cautiously before she bends down to hover over it, two fingers searching for a pulse in the neck while she watches the chest for signs of breath, listening carefully. Counting under her breath as she goes, she shakes her head and stands up. "He's dead." Not that you'd expect anything else with an arrow like that. And rocking back on her heels, she glances over at Kysli. "What did you find?"

Kysli holds up what is obviously, well to those who know C'ian, the weyrleader's flute. He doesn't part from that normally or easily. The brownrider just sits back on her heels and stays silent.

"No luck then? At least this body isn't the weyrleaders…" Jutin says a bit saddly, though not for the fact that C'ian may still be alive, but for the fact whoever this was is dead…"So what to do now? Any clues on where he is?"

Niva bites her lip as she recognizes the flute, glancing over her shoulder, deeper into the forest. "Perhaps they'll keep him alive? I don't see what value he'd be if they didn't…" She doesn't want to think about the other possibilities, though. A slow shake of her head to Jutin and she makes a face. "There's nothing that could have been done from the start." A pause and she slowly gets to her feet. "I'm sure the entire Weyr knows by now.."

Kysli nods, her face creased with worry and she holds the flute close to herself. She isn't going to cry… "Bergerath is still looking, doing sweeps." She offers quietly and doesn't seem to really be aware of Jutin's presence.

Searching through the body for clues…a note, a ransom, anything of use, Jutan quickly checks through every pocket and pulls stuff out as soon as his hands touch them…he says "Why kidnap him and keep him alive unless they wanted something?"

Niva has stepped back from the body, letting Jutin search the pockets for clues if he so desires. She'd rather not deal with the dead body. She'll stick to living ones. Glancing over at Kys, she nods slowly. "Don't worry, Kys. I'm sure.. I'm sure he's fine. We'd know, otherwise." In a very horrible manner, too.

Kysli nods to Niva and seems to listen to something, tilting her head to one side. "He's awake… he's ok I think…" She isn't getting too much through the dragons though and sighs.

Throwing things left and right from the pockets, Jutin pulls out a scrap of paper from the inside pocket on the body, he unrolls it and quickly starts trying to read it before throwing it again, "Ick…". Before long, all the pockets have been emptied, and not a single thing closer to knowing where the weyrleader is.

Niva glances over at the debris removed from the dead body's pockets before her gaze drifts to Kysli and she hms softly. "He's awake, you say?" A pause. "Does he have any idea where he is? What's around him?" Kys has the advantage of Berg, unlike the other two.

Kysli dazes out again for a moment then shakes her head. "Alheanth hasn't said… but it doesn't sound like it…." Wait…. she grimaces and sighs. "He's out again."

Sighing a bit, Jutin looks about and sits down, and leans back…"What to do now Wingleader?" Though Jutin dosn't know the name, he knows the knots. "It seems as if the trail is cold?"

Niva looks hopeful as Kysli starts before sighing softly and shaking her head. "I… I think I'm going to go back to the Weyr. Try and calm down my apprentices and get supplies I need together for when they find him." This Healer's ready to assume the worst. And a bob of her head to the other two, she gathers up her first aid kit, headed back to the main camp to hitch a ride. Glancing back over her shoulder, she pauses. "And I'll send someone to dispose of the body." Not something anyone should want sitting there. With that, she's disappearing down the path the way they came.

Kysli nods as the healer begins leaving, but then turns her head. "Niva?" Hopefully she'll catch the other's attention. "I'll see you back at home?" It's almost hopeful believe it or not.

Niva pauses just before she's out of range, turning and nodding her head, lifting her voice through the trees. "I'll be there." Not like she has anywhere else to be. "Just be careful, Kys.." She doesn't need to lose 2 people in a single day.

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