Jutin and Niva

Xanadu Weyr - Hot Springs
The warmth that flows from this cavern is almost overwhelming for some, the steam rising from the shimmering pools as thick as the morning fog that rolls in off the ocean. Numerous pools are scattered here and there with ribboned walls that are natural in their construction. The water has a somewhat green cast to it, but it is merely a reflection from the etherial light which is the glow down here that was so noticeable from the Lower Cavern Tunnel. People can often be found down here washing themselves or just relaxing.
Situated along the walls are various racks covered in fresh towels ready for those who step out of the warm waters. A set of shelves have been installed towards the back wall, allowing people a place to put their belongings while they rest in the pools, and despite the white color that these have been painted, they are cast with that eerie green glow. Then, it's obvious. The ceiling of this cavern is covered in the flourescent phosphorous matter that glows are made off. The mossy substance almost glitters and appears quite lovely.

Niva is submerged in the water to her nose, her bathing suit visible through the water and the steam as she leans back against one wall, her eyes closed and her hair piled up ontop of her head. For once the Healer doesn't seem in any real hurry to be anywhere, or get back to work.

Jutin walks into the caverns with a towel about his waist. Putting it and some fresh clothes on one of the nearby benchs, Jutin is left with a short pair of shorts on that seem to be good for batheing in. Smileing as he looks about maybe to talk with someone while hes cleaning the days grime off of his body…or more so, the soot off his nose.

Niva opens her eyes at the sound of movement, lifting her chin to gaze around through the steamy room, taking a long moment to spot Jutin, blinking a few times before a sucessful identification. "Hello there…" Seems she's in a better mood then normal, as well.

Putting one hand on the side of the pool, Jutin smiles and says "Mind if I join you? Been a long day, and my nose is getting blacker then the corners of my room." Though where Warlin and Amarak could be at a time like this, who knows…seems Jutin might have come for reasons other then just cleaning up and relaxing.

Niva shrugs slightly, lifting a hand out of the water to wave quickly. "Go right ahead. Plenty of space." Especially since the others who frequent the hot springs have either finished their baths or have not yet wandered down. A hand brushes a few strands of hair out of her face, damp pieces sticking to the top of her head. "And just why is your nose getting blacker and blacker?"

Giving the standard reply for an apprentice smithy, Jutin shrugs and says "You know the soot that comes out of the forges, and I was put on double duty recently to help make up for the time I've been spending with Amarak." Steping into the pool one foot slowly to get used to the water, Jutin then puts the second foot in and starts to crouch down.

Niva nods slowly, shaking her head slightly, although she's careful not to dislodge the pile of hair from ontop of her head. That could be very bad. And result in a lot of really wet hair. Sinking down another inch in the water, she blows a few bubbles before lifting her chin out to talk once more. "I suppose that's only fair, afterall."

Useing one hand to brace himself as he sits down in the water, Jutin smiles and says "While fair, its hard on my face…not to mention my skin…earlier yesterday, accidently grabbed a piece of metal I thought was still cool, but apparently had already been through the forge…if I hadn't been wearing my gloves…I think my hands would be a little more injured then just getting minor heat burns."

Niva eyes him with wide eyes, sighing softly as she shakes her head. "There is ointment in the infirmary that will help with the damage from the heat." Pause. "What did you put on them? You know, you're really lucky that you had your gloves on, otherwise you might have been in my infirmary afterall." Which wouldn't have been good for him, depending on her mood.

Giving a mental eep just as he remembers who hes talking to, and quickly puts up his left hand and says "Look, its not bad at all, no scars or anything. Just was a bit…tender…for a few minutes…" Jutin gives a smile though to show that he can take such small injuries with ease…or so he tries to show. "Anyways, It wasn't as bad as the one apprentice sent to deliver some sterile needles and blades to the infirmary…was nasty from what I hear."

Niva arches an eyebrow as she shifts away from the wall to peer at the hand, sighing softly as she shakes her head, resuming her place, hair still out of the water. "Still, you should have gotten some ointment. Would help it help much faster." And then she makes a face and nods slowly. "I've seen worse, but it was rather nasty. I feel sorry for the poor kid, actually."

Jutin grimaces a bit, but keeps on a smile as he says "Really? Oh well…my hands heal quickly…and it wasn't really all that painful, couldn't afford *MORE* time off from my duties…want to get these double shifts over as quickly as possible." Taking a cloth, Jutin wets it and washes his face, making it go from burnt toast black, to a more manageable light tan.

Niva shakes her head with a roll of her eyes. "You're own fault, you know, when they're all sore and tender and stuff." Which isn't good, in her head. Resting her head on the edge as he washes his face, she closes her eyes for a long moment. "You really get dirty from the forges… But I don't think I ever see you clean." Therefore this is a weird occurance for the poor Healer.

"A rare treat indeed for most who know me…but 'tis the life of an apprentice! I'm happy in that I can custom make any tools I want for myself, adding special designs…also one day, hope to run an independant forge, so I can make some marks." Jutin says as he finishes ringing out the cloth, but as his right hand shows, theres a white line running down the inside of the palm, which Jutin dosn't let touch anything.

Niva opened her eyes to peer at him, a grin appearing on her face. "Perhaps I should take special note of it, then? Since its so rare?" And she shakes her head slightly. "You know, you'd have to be more careful able not getting injuried, then, because it would mean more to you." This healer never stops preaching, it seems. And she leans a bit closer at the white line, blinking. "What did you do there, Jutin?"

Reflexing his hand back under water to keep it from being seen closely, Jutin shakes his head, "Oh nothing much…just some dye got onto my hands while working…need to clean it off…And hopefully you'll see me like this again soonish, would hate to keep the impression of having a dark skin color…" Indeed, as the soot comes off, Jutins skin color turns to be quite pale, not what would normally be thought of for his 'normal' looks.

Niva scrunches her forehead together, watching the water where the hand disappeared beneath the surface. "I know dyes, Jutin. And that wasn't any dye. What /did/ you do?" She's not old enough to be easily fooled by childish excuses. She shakes her head slightly, refusing to give into the change of subject. "Perhaps I will…."

Holding up his right hand again, Jutin pulls it back out, but with the back of his hand facing Niva, "See? The dye is all gone, and my hands are clean…just like my skin. And I heard all the rumors of C'ian comeing back, are they true?" If nothing else, Jutin can try to change subjects like no tommarow.

Niva shakes her head, finger making a circle. "That's not the same side… turn it around." He may be persistant in changing the subject, but she's persistant in Healerish type matters. A pause and she nods slowly. "I've been told he's been rescued, and will return once he's strong enough to *Between*." No need to gossip anymore then necessary.

Jutin turns the hand around to show it more clearly. "Okay, so its the burn scar, and its not finished healing yet…but it dosn't HURT…so no worries, eh? Also, how soon for C'ian? I want to have something ready by then for him." Jutin smiles as he says it, showing nothing but happiness.

Niva sighs softly, waggling that finger at him. "When you get out of here, I want you in the infirmary to get some of that ointment. Healer's orders. Got it?" And she watches him, waiting for an answer. "Within the sevenday, ideally, is what I've been told." Perhaps that's why she's relaxing now.

Giving a sigh, Jutin says "I think theres a reason I don't come in here all that often…and its not because I don't WANT to be clean…its that sooo many people in here to run into…And thats good, I'll ave enough time then."

Niva shakes her head slightly at Jutin. "I'm sorry… But I simply can't leave you like that with that scar, and nothing to help it heal." She's a Healer, its her automatic response to such things. Arching an eyebrow, she starts to question once more what he's planning, before giving up. Not like she'll get a different answer this time anyway.

"Yes you can…its relallly easy, just close your eyes, and forget about my hands…" Jutin sighs a bit more and reaches over for a clean cloth and wraps it tightly around his hand, "I'll get something for it soon then…you got my promise…well…anything else thats needed?" Jutin askes, but isn't sure he wants an awnser.

Niva shakes her head quickly. "Just get the ointment.. And whoever's on duty can give you clean cloth bandages to wrap over it that aren't nearly as bulky as one might assume. They just keep the ointment off everything else." Which is an added bonus, really, no matter what you're doing. A deep sigh and she squeezes her eyes shut, shaking her head after a moment. "I can't…" Therefore, she failed miserably in her attempt to forget about it.

Its easy to forget! Like when we apprentices 'forgot' where some of the tools were, and found them the next day…after the great forge rebellion." Jutin smiles about that little bit of fun he had…fun for him and the apprentices…though the masters were going crazy! "But…I guess so, Maybe I'll ask to get some delivery chores..much easier to deal with with bandages on the hands."

"But, you see, my mind is no longer that of a forgetful apprentice. I need to remember everything my apprentices claim to forget." Forget the Masters, /she'd/ go insane if that happened to her. A slow nod of her head and Niva brushes a strand of hair off of her nose. "Those would be better, most likely, atleast for the first day or two, until you get used to the bandages."

"Your loss I guess…reason I'm still an apprentice and you're not I'd assume…but then again, there are sooo many things out there worth going after…and being an apprentice, noones really looking for you…except when you've got duties, but those can be doubled to give a day off." Jutin smiles then thinks for a few more moments, "Wonder if I could convince Yorlin that I could double up my duties an extra day an have the day after the weekend off…maybe go into the forest and just be with my firelizards."

Niva nods slightly with a grin. "That could be it, you know. Although noone's really looking out for myself anymore, either." Except, of course, her own sense of responsibility. When its present. A shake of her head and she stands up, climbing slowly out of the pool to grab a towel and wrap it around herself, after toweling off slightly. "G'luck in that, Jutin. I should get dressed and such before my next shift… And I expect to see you in there to get the ointment." And with that, she waggles her fingers at the Smith and heads towards the Residence Halls and her groundside room.

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