Random Log: Touching the Eggs

Candidate Barracks

Through the turns of candidacy the walls of the barracks has been used as a canvas; now they depict the emotions of those that dwelled here. Though they are gone now, the memories of their time in this room, the waiting, wondering, and bonding, has been painted in squares, and by now much of the walls has been covered. Some squares are quite aged, and parts have faded to unrecognizable blurs, while some stand fresh as if painted yesterday.
The rest of the room is plain, with rows of cots lining the walls, and presses for personals placed at each end. Large windows take up the bulk of the southern wall, and the door leading out into the hall is to the east.

Niva pauses for a moment at the entrance to the candidate's barracks, glancing around the room as she does so, gaze lingering on each of the occupants for a moment moment before she speaks up. "Elia says that Branwynth is calm enough after feeding to allow you all on the Sands to touch the eggs. If you're enjoying free time, I'd ask that you line up, so that it can be taken advantage of.." Heck, it's even worth abandoning chores as long as they don't get caught explicitly doing so.

Merola stits on the edge of her cot, tugging at the edges of her swim wear. Jaamor watches him from his own cot accross the way, trying valiantly not to burst out laughing. "Would you stop it!?" Mer growls, Miala hissing towards the male in an echo of her human. She opens her mouth to add something to Jaamor's smirk when the WeyrWoman enters. Merola jumps to her feet and offers a low curtsey. Her face lights up at the announcement. "Much better than a swin!" She announces, grabbing her dress and pulling it over the shirt and shorts. Jaamor calls his bronze from his shoulder to his arm before he gets him settled down while he's gone. "Can't watch, Amigo." He whispers, offering a salute as he turns quickly towards Niva.

Aryann had been on her knees next to her cot, fishing through whatever it was -under- her cot so the first idea that Niva is there comes when Ary hears her speak. "Eeck!" comes the muffled noise as she tries to sit up and bumps herself on the edge of the cot in the process. She blinks at Niva with wide blue eyes for a long moment as the words sink in. "I've free time." comes the words as she scrambles untidily to her feet and scrubs at the dust on her arms before meekly joining the line up of Candidates - carefully avoiding one somewhat whiffy Ratezin who is also in the line.

Niva inclines her head slightly to Merola and Jaamor as they stand and gather, before wincing visibly as Aryann hits her head. "Are you alright? If you're dizzy, it might be best to wait a spell before going out there.." And the Healerish-Weyrwoman watches Aryann for another moment before waving a hand a bit. "We'll go out on the Sands… Remember to bow to the clutch parents, and to move slowly, remain quiet, and be gentle." No breaking open eggs early.

Aryann pats the back of her head gently and responds rather wryly. "No, I'm not dizzy. It was just ouchie for a moment or two." Even if it were otherwise, she'd not admit it.

Jaamor grins and looks towards Merola. "You think that one Egg will be free?" He whispers. "The one with the flying Runner?" The girl grins and shrugs in return. "We'll see which ones Branwynth is protective of today." Niva is given a small nod. "I remember the rules, Ma'am." She assure her.

Niva watches Aryann for another moment before just grinning slightly and shaking her head. "If everyone's set, then, out to the Sands with you. Remember, when we say its time to go, its time to go.." And she waves her hand at them as she heads towards the Sands.


Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

Aryann tags in with the oddly mixed bunch which Candidates nearly always are and bows politely to Branwynth and her mate. The group splits up, two boys converging on the Ancient Guardian Egg which Aryann initially approaches. It's not one to dispute, however, so she moves on to the Weights in Balance egg and cautiously brushes her fingertips over the hardening shell.

Merola slips onto the Sands, the green who had been following behind her (Miala) pops *between* to land upon the ledges above in order to watch. The moment both her feet are upon the Sands, she gives a deep curtsey to Branwynth and Zoith, along with their Riders (if they're upon the Sands) before she moves towards the Infinite Proliferation Egg and placing one hand to either hand with great care. Jaamor gives a low bow to the ClutchParents, his face a mask, void of emotions as he makes his way towards the Ancient Guardian Egg, brushing his fingers along the shell but leaving the monent he catches sight of the two other candidates who are headed for it. Instead he places a gentle palm upon the Four Hooved Hunter Egg.

« In Merola's Mind, Cyclic Crashes of Creation are silent only for a moment before bright pinks and purples join the sudden din, nearly instantaneous flashes of each interspersed with nothingness, the distance between each flash ever decreasing as the noise level arches ever upwards, hiding all other activity of the egg's mind. »

« In Aryann's Mind, Soft Swirls of Sensibility gently twist, soft blues and greens inhabiting the mind as it remains quiet. Not silent by any means, as a low rumble permeates the mind of the egg, the presence inside curious, indeed, though not forcibly intruding nor unexplainably shy. »

Merola steps back with a start, but she's had enough experience with Touchings to not break contant, instead she narrows her eyes and sets her mind to filtering out the noise. "You can't just be a bunch of noise."

« In Merola's Mind, Cyclic Crashes of Creation certainly produce a lot of noise, even if that's not the entirety of the entity, as the flashes are pink to purple almost immediately, with no hesitation between them. The tendrils of thought begin hurriedly to stretch outwards at the peak of the noise, ready to probe relentlessly for whatever its searching for. »

Aryann hmms softly to herself and steps a little closer, choosing to lay both hands flat against the rich blue colour she sees as dominant.

An unsteady smile slips accross Merola's face as she closes her eyes firmly. "All right." She whisper softly. "Go ahead." It would seem whatever she's seen is giving her a headache.

« In Aryann's Mind, Soft Swirls of Sensibility advance more steadily at the increase of contact, hues of blue and green deepening, an occasional swirl of yellow visible in the mind, before tendrils gentle reach out, curiously, a momentary image of coin changing hands over a bovine, before the blues and greens are prominent once more. »

« In Merola's Mind, Cyclic Crashes of Creation aren't the sort to wait for permission, instead maintaining the noise and flashiness, images of children flashed occasionally over the vibrant backdrops, though each quickly fades into oblivion. »

Merola frowns slightly, her eyes tighning closed for a moment before she relaxes. "Oh! That's my cousins, and my older brother." She waits for an image of a young girl, barely a Turn old. "And that's my baby sister!" Jaamor looks up from his own Egg with a grin as he hears Merola's semi-whispered comments, then he leaves the Hunter Egg, letting his hand slip along the shell until contact is broken. Slow steady strides take his to the Strong Young Warrior Egg. He nods his head as the mask falls back into place and contact is made once more.

« In Merola's Mind, Cyclic Crashes of Creation continue the din at an almost unbearable level, the images of children replaced by families moving into new holds, hatchings, images most likely gleaned from the other candidates that it has visited with, to whatever extent. The tendrils continue to push, searching for more images to add to the repository. »

Aryann smiles, her expression relaxed. "I think I like you." is murmured at the Weights in Balance Egg. "Definitely friendly." That said, she politely steps back to let others have their turn. Restless, she wanders among the other eggs with her expression pensive - she touches several as she passes but lingers by none.

Merola closes her eyes and concentrates on the moment she impressed each of her greens. The Hatching at Western where she also Stood. When young Dolphin she nursed to heal there. Then she steps back from the shell. "I hope that helped, but I don't think my head can take much of you." She teases with a small laugh.

Rhesoe has been rather spending alot of time at 'Guardian of the Golden Apples Egg', which appears to be his favourite…However, in the realms of fair play, he stands up to let somebody else touch the egg, and sighs, heading over to Weights in Balance egg with a sort of hmmm sound. "I don't recall that I've touched you," he says softly, and does so.

« In Rhesoe's Mind, Soft Swirls of Sensibility peacefully meander, blues and greens intertwining, an occasional wisp of yellow accompanying the ever present, background murmur that seems to occupy the egg's mind, tendrils reaching politely towards the new contact, curious. »

Rhesoe smiles softly at the mindtouch, and settles his bum down onto the sand. "My names Rhesoe. Who are you?" he asks. Okay, so he won't get a name, but it IS a sensible question.

« In Rhesoe's Mind, Soft Swirls of Sensibility continue to extend curiously, flashing images of trades, trials, and punishment gleaned from other candidates' minds given in response to the question, blue and green deepening in richness as it does so, murmuring hum continuing. »

Merola wonders over to Jaamor and runs a finger over the Warrior Egg as she reaches it. When he looks looks up she nods her head towards the Winged Runner Egg with a grin. Maybe today they can get a touch. Offering a grin Jaamor gives the Egg the barest tap in farewell before he follows.

Rhesoe hmms, and nods at his egg. "It sounds like you've put up with alot of people's complains and questions. Take a break," he says softly, and just sits quietly, gently rubbing the egg with his open palm.

« In Rhesoe's Mind, Soft Swirls of Sensibility fail to quit the search, instead prodding a bit more forcibly, more and more streaks of yellow coloring the mind as the level of noise increases a step, the same images as before flashed more urgently. »

Merola reaches the Winged Egg at the same time as Jaamor and graciously motions him to take the first try. Her gaze sweeps the Sands, watching the others who made the Touching.

Rhesoe ohs a little, and hmmms. "Are you trying to give me your name?" he asks softly, rubbing his head. "You seem like a Sensible little one. Maybe one day we'll talk in person, one to one, about all that stuff…" he pats the side of the egg, pursing his lips.

« In Rhesoe's Mind, Soft Swirls of Sensibility sense of urgency starts to evaporate, each image hesitating and remaining in focus for a moment longer then before, blues and greens fading back out to their original hue, tendrils starting to withdraw. »

Merola waits patienly for her turn, her eyes drifting towards the ClutchParents for a moment before Jaamor steps back. His unreadable expression is given a long look by the girl before she takes a step towards the Egg and makes contact.

Rhesoe smiles quietly at the egg he's touching, then stands up, and stands back, to let another candidate have the chance. Zuzaw!

Merola shakes her head slightly and steps back from the Egg upon the moment of connection. She shakes her head slightly and grin. "Perhaps not today." She offers before her eye catch sight of Rhesoe. With a small wave to Jaamor, who introduces himself to Guardian of the Golden Apples Egg, Merola soon finds herself near enough to touch the Weights in Balance Egg. Contact is make gently with her right hand pusing out ahead of her.

Rhesoe straightens his shoulders a abit, and smiles. "All right then," he moves about the eggs, and once again touches Infinite Proliferation Egg. "Hello there."

« In Merola's Mind, Soft Swirls of Sensibility hum a low, murmuring constant while cool blues and greens, colors muted, intermingle with each other, neither concealing nor revealing, merely present, a simple constant. »

Merola smiles softly at the contact with the one within the Balance Egg. "Much better." She murmurs softly to herself.

« In Rhesoe's Mind, Cyclic Crashes of Creation erupt almost immediately, flashes of fuchsia, pink, and purple interspersed with nothingness, each colorful crash bringing with it incredible levels of noise, the volume of the din ever increasing. »

« In Merola's Mind, Soft Swirls of Sensibility flash an image of coins trading hands for a bovine over the blues and greens, the colors increasing minutely in intensity, an occasional streak of yellow appearing as the tendrils politely extend to explore. »

Merola nods her head slightly. "I know trading." She replies with a small smile. "I had three eggs from Mia's first clutch—" The girl makes a point to ignore the green's firm protests that she ever had anything to do with a flight, not to mention males or _eggs_ and continues. "I traded one for my Riding Jacket, the second for a halter for a Runner I planed to buy and I took in a group of Runners for the last."

Rhesoe squeaks suddenly, then laughs. "Ohoho! You've been waiting for company haven't you?" he says, amusedly, and sits. "Never fear, I am here…" he chuckles, gentling his hands across the eggs shell.

« In Rhesoe's Mind, Cyclic Crashes of Creation increase the frequency of the flashing hues, the spaces of nothingness decreasing before vanishing entirely, images of various children stolen from the minds of unsuspecting candidates imposed over the random hues, as tendrils quickly extend without invitation or hesitation, more images to capture. »

« In Merola's Mind, Soft Swirls of Sensibility impose a trio of eggs over various items, the blues and greens dissolving in yellow for a moment before the first image is replaced by what could be a trio of harpers interrogating a renegade, the details on each person blurry and unsure as the blues and greens reappear. »

Merola smiles. "You could be a Harper yourself if I didn't know you were a Dragon." She smiles. "Cool headed, well learned and very artistic."

« In Merola's Mind, Soft Swirls of Sensibility are thieves of their own right, patiently learning from those who visit what it can to ponder over. The image of the bovine and coins appears once more, as blue and green merge and separate, the low hum always present. »

Merola tilts her head slightly to one side as she narrows her eyes in thought and nips her lower lip. "That humming… It's almost like when you'll Hatch." She closses her eyes completely and brings up the sound she heard before and during countless Hatchings she has witnessed in her short lifetime.

« In Merola's Mind, Soft Swirls of Sensibility hesitate at the sound, tendrils freezing, beginning to retreat, blues and greens fading hurriedly as they do so. The humming drops in volume, the murmur becoming more echoy, fainter, distancing itself cautiously as the images vanish. »

Merola frowns and shakes her head slightly. "Odd." She mutters before she steps back from the Egg and looks about for Jaamor. Oddly the young man does not seem to be around the Sands and she looks around for Niva, moving slowly over to her and keeping her voice low. "Are people leaving?"

Rhesoe smiles a bit, and presently tells the egg all about his day, all the mischief and whatnot he gotten into, and about his collection of objects under the bed. "I really don't know who they all belong to, but I hope I can get them all to their homes safely," yes, cause he worries about stuff like that.

A rumble from Branwynth, and Elia and Niva stop their talking, the pair of goldriders looking at each other before moving to motion the candidates back towards the barracks. "That's enough for today, all.. Back the barracks.. make sure to bow on your way out.."

Merola takes the call to get off the Sands as her answer and moves towards the exit. At the edge of the Sands she turns and offers a low curtsey to the ClutchParents before she steps through the exit and out of view.

Rhesoe gets up and away from the eggs rather procrastinating gait, and bows to the Clutch Parents before heading back towards the barracks. Fwee!

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