Aryann is Searched


A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant colour and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colours of undyed wool.
Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs and southwest is a wide tunnel, carefully roped off to avoid accidents.

Aryann is seated in the section of the cavern most often frequented by the crafters, an older woman beside her as they both study a book that has (if someone looks over their shoulder to see) sketches of clothing in it.

Kysli is sitting happily in her chair, yup, hers. Crosslegged too, with her boots sitting neatly next to the padded armchair. A laptop is in her lap and she's currently staring at it.

Asiree meanders into the caverns, pausing upon entering to survey the room's occupants. A Kysli… and some other people looking at a book. A Kysli. Heh. Ree heads over towards Kysli then, sneaking up behind the brownrider, "Hello!"

Niva enters the caverns, this time without the monster child that apparently means death for Asiree, pausing momentarily to glance around the room, gaze settling momentarily on a each person there before with a shake of her head to Asiree, she moves to get herself a mug of klah.

A bout of whispering if heard from the weaver apprentice and her companion and after a minute, Aryann sits back. "That's it then. I'll have all the fabrics out for you to choose from tomorrow when you come for the measurement." Smiles wreath her expression as the older woman, a visiting trader, stands and agrees to the commission before leaving the cavern with a respectful nod to the Weyrwoman as she passes.

Kysli startles, oh yeah. Most definitly. Luckily not enough to cause the laptop to fall out of her lap. "Hey… you know… I'd complain but I do that sort of thing to T'eo all that time." Smirk.

Maybe if Kysli carted around Niva's kid all the time, then she'd have some Ree repellent? Ahem. Ree beams at Kysli, fluttering her 'lashes in a ridiculous attempt at looking coy. "How've you been?" Whether or not she's welcome, Ree pulls up a chair next to the brownrider.

Niva nods her head in return to the departing trader before crossing the room, making a semi-wide circle around the pair of wingleaders to settle down in a large chair, watching them for a moment before her attention goes to Aryann. "Business brisk, then?"

Aryann closes her workbook and was making a note on a scrap of paper when she hears Niva's question - she glances up with a touch of surprise. "It's not excessively busy." is admitted. "But not too bad." She looks in the direction of the departing customer then and smiles again. "Even with paying part to the craft and to Xanadu, I'm doing well for an apprentice."

Kysli blinks a few times at Asiree and then just smirks a bit. "I've been good, though T'bear has been a bit busy… or is it me being busy." Ponder, shrug. "Also got this thing here."

If Kysli and T'bear are together, Asiree sure isn't picking up on that vibe. Asiree peers at the laptop, "Oooh, nice! Let me know if it doesn't work or if you have problems, I'll fix it for you." Because uh, Ree knows lots about them, right.

Niva gets distracted by the blue rider for a moment before shaking her head again, rolling her eyes as she goes back to Aryann. "Tis always nice to have the extra marks, certainly." A sip of her klah is taken, and the mug is set on the tabletop next to her, "What did she," And her head is tossed idly in the direction that the trader headed in, "decide on?"

"A dress. One of my better ideas." Aryann isn't giving further details. "It's for her brother's wedding so she was willing to spend a bit more." Her attention is also distracted by the wingleaders and she frowns slightly as she looks in their direction, apparently puzzling something out since a moment later, the frown vanishes.

Kysli grins at Asiree and nods. "Yeah.. by the way, have you met Messev yet?" Her candidate, just like Asiree was, and T'eo for that matter. A few buttons are hit and the laptop is closed, she's done for now.

Asiree attemps to slyly sneak a hand onto Kysli's thigh as she nods to the brownrider. "Oh yes, I met him a while ago, nice boy from the Techcraft."

Niva ahs softly, nodding her head with a smile. "Makes sense.." The wingleaders are ignored for a while as the talk shifts to one of the candidates, though an eyebrow is arched at Asiree's move. "Kysli? Is that making work any easier?" The laptop, that is.. Not Asiree's possible positioning of her hand.

Aryann mms, finally finishing her notes and sliding the piece of paper into the sketchbook. A ribbon is then neatly tied round the entire book, a long ago habit of caution exerting itself before Aryann gets up and wanders over towards the buffet. On the way, she catches a glimpse of Asiree's efforts and a touch of amusement crosses her expression.

Kysli leans over to set the laptop on a table and then settles back into her chair. Leg is moved, but was it on purpose or not.. hrm.

Asiree is just plain shameless, really. For a moment Ree doesn't respond as Kysli moves her leg away, which of course /must/ be an accident and not on purpose. Of course. The bluerider's eyes unfocus a bit, and then she gets up, smiling and winking at Kysli before she heads over to Aryann and Niva. Niva is given a wink as well, and a sly smile (eh??) before she sits down and looks over at Aryann, smiling coyly at her.

Kysli looks rather relieved as Asiree leaves, but luckily there was no issue with anything. Oh yeah, she's supposed to have responded to Niva. "Yeah, it helps alot, or it seems to… will when I know how to use it better."

Niva watches Aryann's actions; after all, its not nice to stare, and if she was watching Ree, should probably would be. Eying the book for a moment as Aryann gets up, she shakes her head and glances back at Asiree, eyes widening as the bluerider moves closer. Kysli's words provide a welcome distraction as she idly shifts away from where Ree is sitting. Scary creature, that. "Makes things easier, then? It might be something to consider." Perhaps she's just not willing to try something new.

Aryann chooses a couple of pieces of redfruit and returns to her seat while she nibbles on one. Asiree's move is noted with a bit more amusement: Aryann gives the bluerider wingleader an arch look. "Asiree, is it not?" she asks, just to confirm what her memory tells her.

Asiree looks mildly taken aback when the girl says her name, and then she nods and smiles. "Asiree it is, and who might you be?" Scary creature? Ree? How /dare/ Niva insinuate such things when her own child is far more scary and carries GERMS around with her?

Kysli just.. looks amused and gives Niva a nod. "Yeah, it makes things easier." Oh dear, she'll just lean back and look content. Scary creature is leaving her alone now.

As if Asiree doesn't carry germs with her? Vivi's at least innocent. Niva continues to stay in the chair, shifted away from Asiree, watching the apprentice and the bluerider cautiously, a nod of acknowledgement going to Kysli, biting her lip some to avoid laughing.

Aryann only smiles, with the little dimple of hers appearing for a moment. "Aryann. Weaver apprentice - I've been her a little while now, long enough to have most of the riders' pointed out." And what anyone said when they pointed Asiree out, Ary does not mention.

But Asiree doesn't carry /toddler/ germs with her!! And hey, where else does Niva, or well anyone else in the caverns at the moment, get amusement from if it weren't for Ree? "Well met, Aryann. And how are you liking Xanadu? And would you mind stepping outside briefly with me?" Whoa, someone's moving fast…

Jaw drops and she just stares at Asiree. "Now, you know most Apprentices can't have relationships, Ree.. Is it right of you to go dragging her off like that? I mean, you just met." And Niva looks like she's going to get up to stop her, though she hesitates for a moment, looking at Kysli for the brownrider's reaction.

Aryann's smile widens a tad and she responds mildly "Xanadu is a lovely place. Colder than I expected sometimes but very pretty." She finishes her bite of redfruit and answers the rest. "Ah, I don't think I will go outside with you, Wingleader. I'm having too much fun teasing the men." Niva is given a faintly startled look and then Ary shrugs.

Kysli is covering her mouth and has an amused expression, oh yes, most definitly. But also sympathetic, poor Aryann.

Asiree turns to blink at Niva, looking thoroughly startled. Whoa there. "But Sukith wants to meet her. I promise I'll behave. I won't even kiss her." Ree, still startled, turns back to Aryann, "Won't you come meet Sukith? He'd like to see you." And we /know/ Sukith won't let Ree get into any sort of trouble.

Niva settles back down as Aryann turns down Asiree, relaxing some as she gives a relieved look in Kysli's direction. Yet, as Asiree continues to push the subject, she rolls her eyes some. Stubbornness.

Aryann's attention is arrested again and she frowns. "Your dragon?" Tempting - it's clearly tempting. "There'd be no point in kissing me. I wouldn't kiss you back." She considers, nibbling away at the last bit of redfruit. "He's a blue, is he not? Is he a nice color?" Something else has occurred to her - she definitely looks distracted.

Actually, it's called shamelessness. At least in Asiree's case. And the other riders should be assured that this is not Ree's latest method of dragging off bed-fellows. Ree beams, instead of smiling seductively, and nods, "He's a grey-blue, but he's beautiful, and he's wonderful, and nice." And he keeps Ree out of trouble, or attempts to. "His name's Sukith… will you come outside and meet him?"

Aryann considers. "Would you mind if I used him as a model for a pattern on some fabric?" she asks although she is already standing up, sketchbook gathered up just to be sure. "I haven't met any blues yet who would suit you see."

Niva laughs softly at Aryann, shaking her head. At least the weaver has a good response? Gaze lingers on Asiree, weyrwoman opening her mouth to say something before just sighing and shaking her head. Obviously not worth it.

Kysli just, sits there, shaking her head and seeming amused. Definitly

Asiree gets up and beams. She's managed to cajole someone into coming with her. Woohoo. And she'll show them (Niva and Kysli) that she doesn't just seduce random apprentices. Hah! "Well, if you decide that you like his color, perhaps? Why don't you come meet him first?" And Ree is heading towards the door, hopefully with an Aryann in tow.

Aryann is in tow and not protesting a bit.

Niva is settled down in a chair, a mug of klah upon the table within easy reach, attention drifting after Asiree and Aryann as the pair heads out, shaking her head slightly as she glances at Kysli. "I don't think that girl is nearly afraid enough.."

Kysli la ughs, she really can't help it. "Yeah… I agree, totally." There's a little headshake and she smirks, again. "I could pick you up a laptop from Landing next time I'm there if you'd like."

Kirilla wanders into the caverns as Aryann and Asiree leave, whistling on her way to the food tables.

Niva takes a sip of klah, resting the mug on her knee idly as she arches an eyebrow at Kys. "Perhaps? I mean.. It would take some getting used to, certainly." Attention drifts to the whistling Kirilla, and a bit of a smile crosses her mouth. A 'brat is stopped on his way through the caverns, the weyrwoman whispering to him for a moment before he runs off towards the offices.

Kirilla picks up a small plate and piles on a few finger foods, then, after picking up a glass of juice with her other hand, moves toward the tables - and inparticular Niva and Kysli once she notices the two riders. "Lo, girls."

Asiree takes a few steps into the clearing, and already there's a blue dragon in front of her, nuzzling her chest and crooning softly. "Aryann?" she says, looking behind her for the apprentice, "This is Sukith. Sukith, Aryann." The blue dragon regards the apprentice with gently whirling eyes and sniffs at the girl.

Aryann tags along after Asiree and regards Sukith with pleasure. "Ah. He's lovely, Asiree. And yes, I want to use him as a model. He's not a sky blue or a sapphire blue or something equally ordinary."

Sukith regards Aryann right back, sniffing some more at the girl and then crooning softly to her, eyes whirling with excitement. Asiree beams proudly. "He says he'd be honored to be a model, and would be doubly honored if you'd be a candidate. See, he thinks you'd make a good one."

"A what?" Aryann uhs, her mind still entangled in plans for whatever weaverish thing she's wants a model for. It takes another minute or so for it to make sense. "What? Like Messev and that other girl? Me?"

Sukith continues to look excited, but in a happy way. Asiree nods, "Yep, so… what do you say? Yay or nay?"

"He'll model for me?" Aryann isn't thinking about Candidacy. She's thinking about her craft. "If it'll keep him happy, then yes." While she replies, she has been moving a bit, watching the blue with a distracted intensity.

Niva waves a hand at the greenrider, motioning for her to join them, leaning back in her chair with an occasional glance over her shoulder in the direction the weyrbrat disappeared. "How're you doing? Wing work going well?"

Kysli picks up her laptop again, opening it and starting back on work. Whee.

Kirilla sets down her plate and lowers into a seat. After a sip of juice, she shrugs. "It's wing work. Nothing exciting happening on Pern right now."

A younger blue rider passes through the clearing on his way to the caverns, though his way is impeded by Asiree, the elder bluerider telling him what happened before suddenly excusing herself and running off, something said about wing problems. Sukith snorts at Aryann, a large eye watching her intently, as the younger rider stutters, some. "If you, uh, accept, then you can move your belongings into the candidate cavern?"

Aryann blinks at the second bluerider. "I… oh… Umm… I suppose so." She stands there for a minute, apparently trying to make sense of it. "I had better do that then. You stay there, Sukith, I'll be back!" With which, she obediently heads in the correct direction, her expression one of mingled thought and bemusement.

Niva taps her fingers idly against the outside of her mug, glancing momentarily at the working Kysli before her attention goes back to Kirilla. "Do you prefer this to the weyrling wing, or?" And the weyrbrat returns, crossing to stand next to Niva, hands behind his back.

Kirilla glances at Kysli for a moment as she eats one of the finger foods, then shrugs at Niva. "Weyrlings were more exciting, really. Some of them were quite stupid and obstinate, but they kept you on your toes. Even Pheri's bored."

Niva hms softly and nods, motioning at the weyrbrat for a moment, "In that case, would you be interested in a co-Weyrlingmastership with S'ver? Kilaueth and Ysmalath are both due to go up soon, and with Branwynth on the sands.. The pair of you would probably be better then just assistants.." And a knot is taken from the boy, and held out towards Kirilla. "If you're interested.."

Kirilla stares blankly at the knot for a few moments, pondering, then nods. "That would be nice. I

Kirilla stares blankly at the knot for a few moments, pondering, then nods. "That would be nice. I'm definitely interested." And the proffered knot is taken.

Niva leans back in her chair then, with a bit of a smile. "I'm sure if the two of you talk you can arrange something, though whether its you handling those from Branwynth's clutch, and he those from the others, its completely up to the two of you. With the experience you both have, I hope it will turn out well."

Kirilla returns the smile and sets down the knot so she can continue eating. "I'm sure we'll work it out. It'll depend on how many eggs the others lay, probably. How many did Branwynth lay? Thirteen? Fourteen?"

Niva wrinkles up her nose for a bit at the question, hesitating a moment before, "Fourteen. Unless Kila's lying to me." So she did double check her facts. Well then.

Kirilla nods, her own eyes unfocusing as Pheriannath informs her of the same thing. "Well, we'll see how many the others lay, then. Fourteen or so is a good number."

Niva nods, with a grin. "We'll certainly hope that others are as productive." Even if living quarters might be a bit cramped if they are."

Kirilla ehs. "Only after they graduate. Remember, back in Thread days, we used to have clutches of thirty or more - even more than that with multiple clutches."

Niva hms and nods. "That's true, but there were also a long more deaths. We've not nearly as much to worry about." Except the inevitable old age, really.

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