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Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. Glittering minerals cast a quiet dazzling light across the cavern when the light hits them just right. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns, and obviously very well made and rich in history and hue. In the corners of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Tiana says "I love tea as much as our Weyrwoman does, I just don't care for klah at all."

Bryndarelle turns to Tiana smiling. "Really you make teas?" She takes a careful sip after blowing on the tea a minute. "This is quite good. You are very talented." She takes another carful sip, before speaking to the WeyrWoman again. "I fear I can't be considered much more than I just. Just an orphan, just a seamstress, there's not much to me I fear." She sighs softly failing to disguise it as blowing on the tea. "I fear I'm a klah drinker in the morning, but tea better the rest of the day."

Tiana says "Seamstress is a good talent to have, too. I am all thumbs with a needle."

Niva isn't necessarily watching where she's going, instead half turned around to talk to, or more accurately at, T'eo as she does so. "You'll have to get used to these trips. I mean, it took me a while to get used to having to actually go out and do things, but really, after you've had a long day of paperwork, you'll welcome the break." And the Xanadu rider continues walking half-backwards, though her chattering is paused momentarily, most likely as she expects some sort of response from the poor one she's oh-so-kindly hauling around.

Tiana says "Seamstresses create things of great beauty, like the gather gowm that hangs in my closet that I am itching to have a chance to wear."

Elara frowns slightly as she sits down in a chair, adjusting her skirts as she looks at Bryndarelle. She nods in agreement with Tiana, "A very good talent. I'm a terrible seamstress." She smiles, "I'm glad you like the tea, I'm afraid Tiana and I are a bit…obsessed with the drink." She giggles and then looks over as the riders enter. She rises to her feet, "Hello! Fort's duties to Xanadu and her queens."

Tiana waves, smiling slightly, Brawny warbling a bit as he is upset from his perch at the sudden motion.

T'eo saunters on after Niva, his amber eyes flicking over the vaguely familiar caverns of Fort. He starts to open his mouth to give some sort of formiable response but as the Fort Weyrwoman stands he graciously nods his head in salute.

Bryndarelle ducks her head and blushes. "I don't think I'm really that good, but it does seem to be my only talent." She blows on the tea again, her hands wrapped firmly around the mug soaking up the warmth. She spies the riders entering, and dips her head in an overly polite bow, careful not to spill the hot liquid. "Hello." She says shyly.

Tiana says "Oh, Elara, I also have another new brew, this one is a blueberry oolong. I tried it this morning."

Niva attention is actually pulled away from her semi-lecture of T'eo, his lack of answer luckily covered up by Elara's greeting, as she inclines her own head. "And Xanadu's duties and greetings to Fort and her queens." A glance at the caverns, and she wrinkles up her nose a bit. "I hope we're not interrupting, I was hoping to introduce Weyrleader T'eo to what he'll be dealing with on a daily basis." Nothing important. And her head is inclined idly to Bryndarelle as well, gaze shifting then again between T'eo and Elara.

Tiana brings out a fair sized bag of the tea, it is probably just around a pound and a half of the mix

S'vitaur walks into the living caverns carrying a stack of books, scrolls, papers and other assorted supplies. A friendly, "Hello," goes to Elara and Tiana, a respectful nod goes to each of the others present as he moves to a serving table for a mug of juice and plate of assorted finger foods.

Elara tilts her head thoughtfully at Tiana, "Blueberry, hmm? I'll have to try it." She smiles warmly at Bryndarelle, seeing something quite familiar in the seamstress from Fort Hold. She turns her gaze back to Niva after smiling at T'eo, "Oh?" she asks Niva curiously, "And what will he be dealing with? Snow? Fog? Freezing rain?" She giggles. Got to love Fort's weather. She offers a happy wave to S'vitaur, using her whole arm to do so before she curtsies to the Xanadu Bronzerider. "Congratulations on your position, T'eo."

Tiana also bobs her head to the two new riders, blushing a bit, her youthful enthusiasm sometimes causes her to forget her manners.

Tiana says "Hello, S'vitaur, how fair you this evening?"

Brawny croons from her shoulder to all the newcomers, then chirps quietly, his lids beginning to droop now as his first meal took it's effect, making him sleepy

T'eo inclines his head again, shifting a bit uneasily at all the people. "Many thanks, Weyrwoman." He smile a little at the idea of the weather. Definately not his preference. "Indeed I haven't seen snow for a while now." He smiles to each of the others in turn, being polite, but feeling rather on the spot.

Bryndarelle sips again from the mug in her hands, mmming softly at the taste. She turns to Tiana and speaks softly as the Werywomen greet each other. "You need any sewing or embroidery done? I'd love to trade you something for some of this tea. It's excellent. I' shall have to try more of your blends sometime." She nods back at S'vitaur, realizing she can't be fully attentive to all the dragonriders present. She swallows as she realizes who T'eo and Niva must be and keep studiously silent awed to be in the presence of not just riders but Weyrleaders.

Niva laughs softly. "Certainly not to the extent you do here, as I can vouch for, but enough." What, once in a blue moon? A gaze follows after S'vitaur, watching him for a moment before her attention goes back to Elara and Bryndarelle, before waving a hand impatiently at T'eo. "Just sit down already, silly. Nobody bites." At least not that she's run into so far. Niva certainly doesn't wait any longer, crossing towards where the others are already settled, tilting her head to one side. "Mind if we join you? T'will only be for a bit.."

Tiana says "just need to have my leathers repaired, but no need to worry. .I do not charge for the tea, I blend this stuff to make others happy and because I enjoy it as well. *smiles as she watches Bryndarelle's expression at the riders. "I want so badly to be paired with a dragon. was why I left Igenn weyr. Dad wanted to marry me off to minor holder, He didn't want weyr life for me, even though he's a rider himself.""

S'vitaur stacks his plate of numerous snacks onto his books and takes the mug in his other hand then takes a few large steps across the floor to reach the table before anything has a change to topple. "I've had less complicated days, Tiana. But all things considered, I am well. How are you?" He sits once he manages to get all his things onto the table top. A smile to everyone at the table and those joining the table as well, and he begins to sort through his things.

Elara grins at T'eo, "Fell free to take some back to you if you wish. Oh, and please tell Raenth and Kilaueth that they are welcome to hunt if they are hungry." She turns to Bryndarelle, "You do commissions? I must speak with you later, then…" She shakes her head at Niva, "I don't mind at all, please make yourselves comfortable. May I get you anything? Anyone?" she extends the invitation to the entire table.

Tiana says "not bad, I impressed Brawny here, He is as sweet as they come."

T'eo informs Raenth, but the dragon's reply was hardly one to be expected and T'eo trying to contain a snort of laughter. "I'm fine, thank you." He manages to Elara and takes a seat beside Niva, still a little stiff, though Raenth's cause of amusement seems to make him a bit more relaxed.

[DTU/Project] Kilaueth and Raenth sense that Wiyaneth's mind is a soft and warm spring breeze, despite the chill of the air which swirls around Fort, « Welcome, » she says richly.

Bryndarelle She smiles encouragingly at T'eo realizing that he's nearly as unused to this company as she herself is. looks sceptically at Tiana. "Are you certain? This is very good. I don't doubt you could get a good price. I know I'd give you one." She then sits quietly, sipping her tea occasionally and blowing on it when she's not sipping. She listens to the conversation and looks over the group. "Yes, I do in the evenings." She breaks her silence to acknowledge Elara.

Niva could certainly be more graceful as she settles herself in an empty chair, lacking the stiffness of T'eo, though luckily she manages to end up in the chair, and not on the floor. That would be bad. A dismissive shake of her head and a smile to Elara, she grins. "I'm good. Though, if I took some snow back, I'm sure Vivi would be absolutely entranced by it until it melted." Children. Slouching some, a hand rests idly on the table top, attention hanging on Tiana for a long moment before she peers at Bryndarelle, eyebrow raised. "Did you say embroidery?" Poor girl, now she's got Niva's attention.

[DTU/Project] Wiyaneth and Raenth sense that Kilaueth's mind is hardly soft, rather it is a deep, harsh eruption held back carefully, ripples of orange extending reactively. « Greetings. »

Tiana says "not at all. *she peers over at Niva, her face breaking into a smile.,"

S'vitaur smiles at Tiana's little brown firelizard as he continues to sort through his pile of belongings. "Aaaw, he looks like a sweet little fellow. Where did you happen on him?" Most of his things get placed on a chair at his side, plate of snacks and mug of juice getting his attention for the moment as he listens in to get wind of the topic of conversation.

Elara smiles at Bryndarelle and nods, "Delightful." Her eyes unfocus and she shakes her head, "Please excuse me, there's a matter I need to take care of. Please make yourselves at home." She smiles and bustles out.

[DTU/Project] Wiyaneth and Kilaueth sense that Raenth's thoughts steep in like swirls of vibrant tea, energetic, but chilled by frost. « Many greetings, milady. »

Tiana says "he's going to be a bruiser when he's grown, look at the size of his chest and how thick his neck is."

Brawny Lifts his head as if to show off his thick neck and barrel chest to prove her point.

Bryndarelle blushes at all the attention she's getting simply for knowing which end of a needle hurts. "Yes, I sew and embroider. I'm a Seamstress down at Fort Hold. Did you have something you needed done?" She smiles even more shyly, if that's possible, and slips one hand into her skirt pocket pulling out a hankerchief and placing it on the table for all to see. The hankerchief is white with a red flower border embroidered on it. Firelizards of all colors can be made out flying above the flowers. The embroidery on this hankerchief is very fine and the work of a true talent.

T'eo watches the Weyrwoman go, then his eyes flick about to the rest remaining in the caverns. He looks at Niva a moment. "Raenth's rather edgy. And somehow I doubt it's the cold. Though apparently he can't feel his toes."

Tiana and her firelizard get a chuckle from S'vitaur "Yes Tiana, he is quite the…" But T'eo's words get his attention, "Can't feel his toes? … I could fetch you a dragonhealer if you'd like." S'vitaur does seem a little alarmed by this.

Niva starts to get to her feet, inclining her head to Elara as the other weyrwoman leaves before settling back down, leaning closer to the table to look at the handkerchief. Murmuring something undecipherable under her breath, she starts to say something, before pausing to arch an eyebrow at T'eo. "Kila's not complaining… You'd think he'd be used to the cold, with the ocean and all." A bit of a sigh and she wrinkles up her nose. "But, we can move, if he's going to complain." Her attention however, goes back to Bryndarelle as she gets to her feet. "But, I still have Vivi's new dressy clothes in my bags.. If you would be willing to do simple embroidery on it, I'd be more then happy to compensate you well for it." Spoiled child.

Tiana says "It's beautiful!"*then turns, nodding to T'eo, quirking a brow as if trying to read into the comment about it not being the temperature."

T'eo snickers a little as Raenth comments rather pointedly about frostbite not being an evident problem in water, that it's barnacles at bug him most and that he'd fine with not feeling his toes so long as he can't feel them hurt, "Oh, he's not complaining to much about the cold. Not for him at least."

Bryndarelle smiles happily. "I'd be happy to, Weyrwoman. Any particular design or colors you want?" She looks at T'eo oddly. "I didn't think cold bothered dragons? Between being cold and all." Her brow furrowed slightly. "I hope he's okay."

Bryndarelle smiles happily. "I'd be happy to, Weyrwoman. Any particular design or colors you want?" She looks at T'eo oddly. "I didn't think cold bothered dragons? Between being cold and all." Her brow furrowed slightly. "I hope he's okay." She set her mug down adn stood with them in order to follow and collect the items to be embroidered.

Niva laughs softly at Bryndarelle's seeming concern, shaking her head. "Don't worry about Raenth.. Its nothing major." And she waves a hand at T'eo. "We'll get him back to his ocean and barnacles shortly, either way though." Motioning for the others to proceed her, she ponders some. "Well, something simple, the outfit is pale yellow, so whatever you think fits. She's under 2 turns, yet, so nothing too extreme."

Tiana chuckles lightly at the relayed message from T'eo, then nods a thank you to Niva as she falls in with the others.

T'eo gives a bright grin. Yeah, that's Raenth for you. He looks a bit curiously at Niva. Not wanting to be left alone in a place he's only been once, he stands and strides after.

Kilaueth> Raenth strides up beside Kilaueth. He didn't go the wrongs way, no… he intended to do that. Erhem.

Is S'vitaur yes confused? Yes. But thankfully no dragonhealer is required. Elara gets a wave just before she ducks out into the bowl then Niva and T'eo are eyed for a moment. Time to busy himself with a book. Yep. A book is taken form the chair next to him and he flips it open to a marked page. The nutty folk from the southern continent and their dragons with numb toes will just be ignored for now.

Bryndarelle nods slowly, memorizing, as she heads out the door. "Does she like flowers? Dragons? Firelizards? Trundlebugs? Is she scared of anything that I might embroider? I'd hate to do that to her."

Niva follows along, shaking her head. "All things considered, she's rather brave. Flowers and trundlebugs might be cute, if you could work them in together.." And she shrugs idly, wrinkling up her nose. "Not you too, Ki, its not that cold. Shush.." A roll of her eyes and she heads towards the bowl.

T'eo snickers at Niva. "See what I mean?" He follows the pair out as Raenth comments on how his toes are turning purple and Kila looks like she's covered in a slight layer of algae. "Oh stop it or she'll eat you."

Bryndarelle looks around the weyr bowl as she steps out. She's never been here before, but her attention is mainly drawn to the massive Gold and Bronze dragons. She gasps softly. "That's a lot of toe to get cold." Then she shakes her head slightly bringing her focus back to the present. She bows slightly towards the dragons. "Greetings." Then she turns to Niva. "Flowers and trundlebugs it is then. I assure you it'll be darling. I've got an idea already."

Memminith stirs from a sound sleep, several eyelids blinking open just long enough to take in the newcomers. A rumble of welcome is given to the visiting Eastern dragons, their riders and Bryndarelle before he drops back to his repose.

Kilaueth shifts as her rider reappears, the gold rumbling, slightly annoyed as a large eye is turned to watch the emerging trio. The rumble quiets as Niva again shushes her, moving to get something out of the packs attached to the gold's straps. As she rummages, she glances idly over at Bryndarelle. "Just let me know how many marks." Pause. "Oh, and just ignore her rumbling, she won't hurt you." The gold's attention drifts away from her rider's activities to rumble idly at Memminith, before an eye regards the seamstress idly. Huh.. a person.

Raenth puffs out a steamy breath. No doubt he's been doing this for hours to entertain himself. But this paticular breath goes to the girl who follows his buddy and Kila's buddy out. Puff, snuffle, snuffle, puff. "Raenth, give her room to breathe. You're gonna blind her with all that mist and steam." Raenth looks at T'eo and indigantly puffs a long stream of it at him before returning to snuffle the girl.

Bryndarelle nods to Niva. "Once I'm done we'll haggle out a fair price. For a two year old's clothing in the de-" SHe jumps slightly as the large gold begins to rumble. "design I've got in mind probably around two, depending on the outfit in question." In spite of the Weyrwoman's reassurance she eyes the gleaming dragon warily. She laughs as the Bronze begins to blow on her. "Ohhh. That's nice and warm. I don't mind at all. I'll enjoy it as long as it suits him."

Niva rummages another moment, pulling out a pale yellow, simple-styled dress with a large collar. "Just something on the collar, perhaps, and that's probably enough." The clothing is offered to the other with a nod, though Kilaueth gets a rather ineffectual smack as the gold turns her oversized head over the pair. "Kila, you're in the way.." Somehow..

T'eo looks at his Best Buddy then back at the girl and puffs some more, seemingly enjoying himself. Puff puff puff snuffle puff snuffly-puff puff puff snuffly puff-d-puff-d-puff— "Raenth!" Hm? He warbles like a flit at T'eo. T'eo arcs a brow and looks at Niva as if not exactly certain how to react to the bronze's comment.

Bryndarelle starts to reach of the dress and pulls her hand back sharply as the gold head imposes itself in the conversation. "This is just for play then? Not for gathers or such?" Luxuriates slightly in the warmth of Raenth's breath, starting slightly at the sound. She tries to keep an eye on both dragons at once, but the gold is closer and earns slightly more attention.

Kilaueth actually moves, though whether its at the verbal reprimand or at an unheard reinforcement is anyone's guess. The gold however, rumbles in response to T'eo's warble, and the Niva just peers at T'eo accusingly. "What in Faranth's name did he say?" Because you know, T'eo's responsible for making sure Raenth doesn't say stupid things. And then her attention goes back to Bryndarelle, shaking her head. "Its for whenever she has to be presentable.. gathers, hatchings, whatever. But, she is little, so extreme embroidery is hardly justified."

T'eo clears his throat as Raenth looks at T'eo expectantly. "He, erm, wants her to be a candidate for the clutch." Raenth rumbles genially and looks at Niva, then back to the seamstress and whuffles at her.

Bryndarelle nods, looking warily at the Queen, as she holds out her hand for the dress. "The pattern I had in mind would be cute around the hem too. It'd look like the poor trundlebugs were marching in circles?" She asks, inquiring if the addition would be okay. She glances at the two dragons again. "Is the cold bothering them this much?" She asks politely before blinking in surprise as T'eo statement registers. "What?!?" She shakes her head shocked at the idea. "I - I couldn't."

Niva hands the dress over, nodding her head with a grin at the suggested design change. "That's fine.." And she pauses mid-breathe to peer at T'eo. "He wants to take her away from my commission?" And her eyes narrow at the bronze, and then at her own lifemate as the gold snorts in agreement, ducking her muzzle towards the humans. Hazel gaze going to Bryn, and she shakes her head. "You don't have to, if you don't want to. But, at least you know, now, that you could." No doubt T'eo's never going to be forgiven for this, if Niva doesn't get the commission finished.

T'eo shifts uneasily. "Well, it's not like she can't bring things with her?" T'eo offers. Raenth seems oblivious to this being a problem and the girl's protests. He croons and snuffles her some more. She liked the snuffling right? Puff snuffle puffidy snuff de puff.

Bryndarelle continues shaking her head. "But no dragon would want ME?" She looks around at the dragons and riders. "I can sew as easily at a weyr as a hold, but…" Finally she pins T'eo with her gaze. "You mean /I/ could be a dragonrider?" SHe shakes her head again. "I couldn't even impress a firelizard."

Niva makes a face, and Kilaueth's snort echoes her rider's reaction. "They're petty creatures anyway… And, Raenth's not a liar." Niv makes a face at T'eo as the bronzerider actually says something sensible. "If you're hesitant about your belongings, its easy enough to gather them. And, yes, you would have that opportunity, to try."

T'eo shifts uneasily under her gaze. "Well, according to Raenth, yes, you could be. Assuming you would like to." Raenth nudges her and looks at T'eo. "And Raenth would like you to know that flits are dumb little creatures and their opinion doesn't matter." Two little voices chirrup from Raenth's back in protest. Raenth turns and croons at them then returns his attentions to Bryndarelle.

Bryndarelle starts to cry. "I'd love to try. I've dreamed of being a dragonrider since I was a kid, but gave it up since I didn't think there was any chance. I-" She frowns as she tries to find the words to finish the sentence. "I'm not important enough." She finishes weakly. "But if it's not too much trouble to get my things and let Audran know, I'd love to come."

Niva gives a quick glance over at T'eo as the girl starts to cry, taking a small step back. It was his dragon, this is now his problem. Nodding quickly, she wrinkles up her nose. "Tisn't trouble at all.. Certainly less then explaining to them why you aren't coming with." And she waves a hand in T'eo's direction. "I'll put the dress back, and we can get you back to the Weyr and settled, and then we can have someone take you home, where did you say it was? If its Audran its Fort Hold, no?" And she pauses for a moment before continuing. "And you can get your stuff and let everyone know.."

Bryndarelle nods weakly. She swallows and blinks several times as she wipes her eyes with one hand. "I'm sorry. It's just such a shock. It's really quite silly of me to cry. I just never thought-" She shakes her head yet again as words fail her. "And yes it's Fort Hold. They'll need to know why I stop coming to work." She nods firmly, but with a slightly dazed expression. The descision is made, but She's still in shock.

T'eo shifts uneasily. Crying. Please don't cry. Raenth croons at the girl. No crying now, you could scare the T'eo and then where would Raenth be? He noses her a little, they would taker her, right T'eo-b'deo? "Er… Okay, we can take you." he glances at Niva, uncertain.

Niva nods slightly to the girl with a bit of a smile. "I understand, don't worry." And then she waves a hand at T'eo. "How about you go with T'eo and Raenth there, and we'll head back. Then, yeah, we'll get your stuff once you've had a bit of time to adjust and settle in." And she turns, Kilaueth shifting rather impatiently, the goldrider readying herself to mount up.

Bryndarelle finishes drying the last of the tears and nods. "Sounds good." She glances up at the large dragon. "How DO you get up though?"

T'eo smirks a little. "He'll help you." He looks over at Raenth who hunkers down for his rider and passenger. "I'll hop up first then just climb on up his leg and I'll help you on."

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