Confusing Kysli

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant colour and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colours of undyed wool.
Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs and southwest is a wide tunnel, carefully roped off to avoid accidents.

Niva is certainly starting to show, though her movement is not, at least yet, severely hindered, which is apparent as she moves at an easy pace into the caverns from the direction of the offices, a dirt smudge on her face, and a few dirty rags in her hand. The rags are deposited on the closest table before she heads over to the serving table to get a glass of juice.

Oh yeah… preggy Niva, and at this point it's apparent so Kysli can't keep forgetting and all. Yep. The wingleader actually happens to be sitting near the serving table and spots a Niva as she heads in that direction. "Hey…"

Niva pauses for a moment at the greeting, turning her head, even managing a bit of a smile to the brownrider before getting her juice, grabbing a cookie with the cleaner of her hands before moving to slowly sit down at the table with Kys, smiling a bit broader before she takes a bite of the cookie. "Hey.."

Kysli is lacking the everpresent hidework today for some reason or another, maybe she actually had a break in it? "How're you doing?" is asked rather quietly, as was the initial greeting as well. Just a soft tone and all.

Or perhaps Kysli learned to take advantage of the wonderful thing that is delegating work. But, Niva would assume there's simply a break. Slouching and shifting in the chair for a moment to get comfortable, she takes a sip of her juice, glancing over at Kysli with a bit of a shrug. "Not too terribly. What about you, my dear wingleader?" Either pregnancy has really mellowed her or she's in a particularly good mood that can't be broken no matter who her company is.

Well, they /have/ been getting along rather well recently, remember? And Kysli has been making the best of that as well, much better than the alternative, no? "Good enough." Yay for wonderful conversation.

True enough, true enough. And she smiles, taking another bite of her cookie, followed by a drink of juice before the glass is set on the table and she glances over at Kysli, arching an eyebrow. "Taking a break from work? Looking forward to the graduation of the weyrlings?" She's not immune to hearing rumors, afterall.

Rumors that don't exactly mean anything to Kysli yet, she hasn't heard them afterall. "Finished with the current hidework, and there's been a slight lull in the incoming load." Slight shrug of her shoulders. Niva probably hopes the rumors are true right? No more wondering if she still likes Casp and all. "Some new wingriders would be nice admittedly."

Niva would have assumed Kysli would have figured something out from behavior, but alas. And, what Niva wants is anyone's guess at this point. "No one in particular that you're looking forward to seeing graduated?" And she tries to hide a grin as she watches the other rider.

Kysli is oblivious, yep. And the possible hint of a grin on the other's face isn't really noticed. Pondering a moment she shakes her head a little bit. "Not really." Someone should beat her over the head… okay, maybe she /does/ know T'bear seems to like her but um… maybe she's being oblivious on purpose?

But, T'bear would be the perfect substitute for Casp. A nice bronzer, with a pretty dragon. One that's /got/ to have a better attitude then Alhenaeth. Not, o'course, that there's anything wrong with Alhenaeth's personality, but still. Niva chuckles softly, finishing off the cookie before responding. "Was just wondering, from what I've heard, they seem to be getting along rather well. Although, some would rather get along with other people."

Erm… substitute isn't a good way of thinking about it, at all. No substituting of people, if Kysli thought of it that way you'd have to feel sorry for T'bear. And yes, the dragon has a wonderful attitude, sweet guy, but more importantly /T'bear/ is a sweet guy as well you see. She'll stay oblivious th ough thanks. And quiet, maybe pondering things.

Niva watches the brownrider for a long moment. So, perhaps substitute wasn't quite the right word. Shifting again in her chair and absently smoothing out her shirt before glancing back over at Kysli. Staying quiet for a moment longer, she finally pipes up. "So, had you been in Casp and Jezz's office at all, lately?"

Kysli tilts her head looking up at the other curiously. "No… why?" Nope, hasn't gotten around to talking to Casp about possibly stepping down either, especially not with her and Niva's plot thing… when /is/ that happening?

Now, that is certainly a good question. One would assume in the very near future. After all, they don't have that much time left. Niva shakes her head slightly with a wrinkle of her nose. "It seemed like they had never cleaned it. There was grime over everything, and dust on all the old records." O'course, with Jezz always wrapped up in her dragon healing or diplomatic duties, why is it any surprise?

Kysli can't help but smile a little bit and shake her head. "So I take it you just took care of that problem?" From the looks of it she did… the wingleader stiffles a yawn though and just waits for a response quietly now.

Niva ducks her head some. "Well, just the thought of sitting there amongst all that dust.." And she wrinkles up her nose, shaking her head. "Not sure how C'ian does it, or how Jezz did it. Really not appealing." Fingers tap idly on the table as she does so. "So, at least part of it.."

Kysli gives a nod, she's not the cleanest person herself but she does do things about dust and all that, otherwise it's impossible to get things done, sneezing your head off and all. "Anything else new with you?" And isn't it Niva's duty to spring the suprise on Casp?

It is, indeed, her job to spring it on Casp. Just give her.. one night's chance to do it and she will. Niva's certainly as eager to do it as Kys probably is to get rid of the plotting. "Not too much, ready to be done with this.." And she good-naturedly waggles a finger in the brownrider's direction. "Make sure if you've ever any urge to have children, that the other half will dote on you constantly. Its not worth it, otherwise." A wink and she reaches again for her juice.

Kysli smirks slightly at that one and shakes her head. "I don't think I'm planning on having that happen anytime soon." Yay for birth control which /she/ actually takes on a regular basis. Ahem… tsk :P

Niva was, uh, absorbed in other things? Like… training the weyrlings. Yes, that's it! Training weyrlings. And, she meant to take it, really. After all, its not as if they need more Casp spawn.. or any Niva spawn. But its too late for that now, really. "Well, sometimes things happen that you're, uh, not entirely planning on." And she winks before shaking her head, sipping at her juice and having it set back on the table.

Kysli smiles slightly and nods. "Yes, I'm aware of that." And she /does/ have a male dragon and all, but still, she's quite careful for that very reason. She'd like to know who the father is if she has kids you see.

Niva waves her hand idly in the air then, as she grins. "You would know that, now, wouldn't you?" And she taps her fingers on the table some more. "I will certainly keep hoping that you don't have a surprise as well, then, Kysli." But, there's only so many possibilities, even if one becomes pregnant. Right?

Kysli grins a bit and shrugs. Now what would have been interesting is if she had a suprise when still with Casp. Snerk, but that didn't happen luckily. Or unluckily.. hrm… hee. Now what to talk about? The woman just leans back in her chair slightly, at a lose.

It certainly would have been interesting. Especially with C'ian's little accident and all. Which, thankfully at least in Niva's mind, have been wondrously absent, along with their mother. That's one wingleader Niva'd rather not deal with. Fingers continue to tap on the table top before she glances over at the other rider curiously. "Have you ever wanted children?" Don't mind her, she's just tired. Or, something.

Kysli ponders that one for a bit. "For the longest time no… as I had to take care of all my little siblings… but later I started to enjoy being around them again. I think I'd like one… sometime, maybe." It all depends you see. She won't just have one with a random flight-win or anything.

Niva arches an eyebrow at the preceding explanation, listening quietly before slowly nodding her head at the final answer. "I understand.." Certainly not something to just rush into. Or, at least not purposefully rush into.

Even if Niva didn't purposefully get pregnant, sh e also didn't rush into it at all really, at least she has a steady (very) relationship and all. Hrm… now what? Kysli just um, continues to let Niva instigate conversation.

Niva remains quiet after her last comment for a long while, not breaking the silence that Kysli continues, shifting around in her chair, stretching out her back slightly as she does so. And the silence continues. Lost her nerve, perhaps?

Nerve for what? Who knows, Kysli doesn't, that's for sure and looks rather sleepy at that but content, which is a good thing. So silence continues? Kys doesn't really seem to mind at all. Talk to J'ey, you'll see that silence doesn't tend to bother her at all

Nerve for asking random questions? Or perhaps she's not sure how many questions she can ask without being just downright scary. Niva glance down at her lap and then back over at Kysli curiously. "Are you sure you're not looking forward to a particular someone to graduate?"

Kysli blinks, looking up at Niva with a rather confused expression on her face. "No.. why?" Head cants again and she seems to ponder this. You know, even if she does have hopes with T'bear… they aren't far enough along in a relationship for it to matter if he's a weyrling at all.

Niva looks back at Kysli, a somewhat confused expression starting to appear on her own face, probably for no reason. "Just curious. You really deserve someone sweet, Kysli-dear." And she ducks her head slightly. "And if you've found one, you might as well go for it." Well, after they are legal. And, with S'ver, anything matters if he's still a weyrling. Really.

Kysli is very slow with relationships, it doesn't matter at all really, doubt there'd be any first kiss anytime soon for example. Holding hands could be stretching it you see. Especially with how shy T'bear is as well, see after what happened with Casp she's a little /overly/ cautious and well, scared. So :P All Niva's fault she hasn't fallen madly in love with anyone else yet. Cough. Ahem. Though that doesn't work as well… without Niva she wouldn't have had to in the first place.. err… not that Kysli is having those thoughts run through her head luckily. Things would get bad if she did. There is just a slight shrug though in response to the question. Heh.

Niva would have to be slightly scared and worried if Kysli was having those thoughts, instead of being able to, at least for the present, sit at a table with the brownrider without too much resentment or worry. Niva would, if she felt it would help, probably offer to arrange something to get things moving, even though that might be rather disastrous. Although, there's always the party after graduation with plenty of wine to loosen people up. "I hope you didn't take that the wrong way.."

Kysli shakes her head with a little smile. "No… it's fine." Shrug, doesn't really bother her right? Right. And yes, Niva helping would be /very/ disasterous… don't even attempt it :P

Niva really truly does have her own things to worry about at the moment, so in that regard Kysli's going to get off rather easily. "Just making sure.." Now would not be a good time to mess up the peace she has with Kysli. Really not a good time.

Kysli smiles and well, looks amused for some reason or another. And who knows if it would ruin peace between them or anything but it'd probably ruin any change T'bear has with Kysli you see. :P

But, it could possibly be so cute, and help them both come out of their shell and admit their feelings without an issue. Really, it could! Maybe? Possibly? Probably not? Ah well. Niva arches an eyebrow as she grins back at Kys, tilting her head to one side as she does so. "Hm?"

Kysli is confused again! And it's rather obvious how she looks at Niva as well. "What?" What was that 'hm?' for? Huh? Aww…

Kysli waits for an explination or something, head canted to the other side this time around. Niva can't get away with a halfhearted excuse for one either you see.

Niva blinks at Kysli, shaking her head slightly. "Was wondering what you thought was funny?" And she blinks again, starring back at Kys absently. "You looked like something was funny, tis all.."

Kysli blinks right back, maybe they can have a competition or something. Shaking her head she shrugs. "Oh…" And simply continues to sound and look confused. Their nice conversation too a downturn didn't it… it's dying

A competition for who is more confused? Sounds like fun. Niva tilts her head, eyebrow crunching up over her nose as she does so. "Then, nothing was funny, or?" And she shakes her head slightly, reaching for her juice glass which she finishes off, tapping the empty container with her fingertips as she places it back on the table.

Kysli ponders that and shakes her head. "Not that I can recall." Yeah, maybe it was just a brief amusement that she didn't entirely notice or pay attention to. I was thinking competition for blinking, but that alternative works quite well too.

Niva ahs slightly as she nods her head before leaning back in her chair, shaking her head with a slight laugh and a roll of her eyes. "Aren't we a pair.." Well, in general, blinking comes with confusion, so they really go hand in hand, do they not?

Kysli smirks somewhat at that one and can't help but grin. "Yeah…" They agree on something yet again, scary world isn't it. She'll not think of other thoughts that could come from that comment.

Well, imagine the fuss that could erupt from that, if it had been overheard by a gossip-hungry person. After all, everything else could be just a cover. And, who needs to be able to talk, if there's something else. Right? Right?! *cough* Niva grins back, shaking her head. "Though, I'm sure it could be worse.." The level of confusion, that is.

Kysli just shakes her head, oi… this is bad. Now, talking is overrated they should just sneak off to a closet or Kys's weyr or something, right? Right. Ahem. Aanyhow. "Knowing me? Yes."

Niva would, personally, be of the opinion that a closet is better. Less climbing up and down of dragon backs, then. Anyway.. "Knowing you, hm?" And the weyrwoman grins, before shaking her head with a shrug. "I.. dunno. Don't ask." It was a random comment which seemed appropriate at the moment. And.. not much longer then that.

Kysli blinks a few times now at what Niva says… confusion. Don't ask? Wha'? "I'm always confused, it's nothing new… that's all." That's what she meant by 'knowing her' and how it could be worse. Yeah.

Niva tends to uh, say things without thinking. Like, things that she thinks sound witty or amusing but are really just stupid. "Not always.. You seem to know what's going on when it matters.." Which all that's really necessary, right?

Kysli grins at that. "I don't always, but shh, it's a secret." Yeah, someone is in a wierd mood… yeesh. Scary even. finally she just shakes her head and smiles again. Oi.

Niva chuckles slightly, nodding her head, as she waves her hand absently. "I suppose I'll keep your secret, then.. Dunno why I wouldn't." Though, Niva's not quite in a normal mood herself, it seems. Which makes it twice as scary.

Both of them in abnormal moods? Maybe now /would/ be a good time for them to explore this 'interesting pair' and all, right? Hee. "If you didn't keep it a secret then you'd have to find another wingleader, all the more reason to stay quiet about it right?" What happened to her possibly stepping down?

Niva shakes her head, waggling a finger at Kysli hurriedly. "I'll certainly keep it quiet, then. I already have one sub-par wingleader, I don't want to end up with another in an attempt to replace you." And, considering her general opinion of that so-called sub-par wingleader, its no surprise she's been assigned that label as well. Now would, probably, be the best time to explore the interesting pair thing. If that was the purpose. Which its not, right?

Right.. it's not… really…. Yup. Kys just shakes her head at the mention of a sub-par wingleader. Maybe she even looks somewhat relieved? Niva's comment could be seen as saying that she /doesn't/ think Kys is a bad wingleader at all.

Or, is it, and Niva just missed something. Okay, lots of somethings. Arching an eyebrow at the wingleader, she actually stops the idle giggling enough to shake her head again. "Lahela's competent. You're competent. The rest, C'ian can deal with." Isn't she just the most caring weyrmate?

Kysli smirks slightly at that… "Isn't Casp a wingleader as well?" Yes, please let the player's mind be thinking straight. And also, yes, she still uses Casp instead of C'ian. But that's acceptable right? They're still friends.

Niva seems to interchange C'ian and Casp based on the situation in which she's referring to him. Not that she ever knew him when he was Casp, but nevertheless. "He is.. And, I suppose he can go on that competent list." A wink and she giggles softly. "Otherwise, it probably wouldn't do any good to leave the others to him to deal with."

Kysli smirks and smiles with a nod. "I'd hope he'd be on the first list, not the second… that'd be bad, as the weyrleader and all." And sheesh, Niva is senior weyrwoman, scary. Which list does /she/ go on?

Niva continues to giggle slightly, a grin on her face. "Well, if he hadn't, it was just luck? But, I'd like to think both him and Alhenaeth are competent enough to stay Weyrleaders.." Otherwise she might be slightly erked at Kila's choice. What list does Niva go on? She doesn't really fit on either, she should be on one all by herself: Completely clueless.

Good list, though I'm not sure she'd be on that one by herself. In fact… Casp could probably go on that one as well, probably Kysli at that, especially when it comes to their earliest conversation about weyrlings and all. Ahem. "Yes, definitly competent enough" Also in other ways obviously, Niva's preggy. *coughs*

Ah, but completely clueless in what she's suppose to be doing? Admittedly, people are completely clueless at at least one or two points in life, but, with regard to all of one's job duties? That's got to be an oddity. Niva arches an eyebrow at Kysli's comment, biting her lip to hide a snicker as a bit of red touches her lips. "You agree, then?" Pregnancy's not, necessarily, a true sign of competence.

Well, it's a sign of competence in one way, getting them preggy in the first place means you're competent in the fertility field. "Ye…" Waaait a moment, something else occurs to her, another way of taking that and she blushes.

Niva completely dissolves into laughter, then, as the other rider's own face turns red as her own just did. "I'll hope that someone else is competent, too, then." A wink and she carefully gets up, gathering her juice glass up before heading to the serving table to refill it. Pausing to grab her cleaning rags, she grins. "I should get back to work, t'was nice talking to you. I'll let you know how soon it'll be." And she bobs her head before heading back towards the offices.

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