Random Log: Weyrling Between Lesson

Weyrling Grounds

Cradled in a cup shapped bite out of the mountain, this wide, grassy flat has become home for Xanadu's weyrling dragons. It's set surprisingly high above the level of the beach, visible from the eastern side of the grounds where a long path snakes its way down the hill to the sand dunes below. All other sides to the grounds are bordered by the hard granite cliffs, two entrances clearly visible. One is merely human sized and leads deep into the mountain, to the Caverns. The other is broad and high, the entrance to the Weyrling Barracks.

Kilaueth backwings carefully, a bronze in her wake, the pair settling to the ground before their rider's debark, bronze Fantomuth's O'era managing the descent much more quickly, Niva taking more time as the visibly pregnant Weyrwoman finally manages to get down without too many issues. Glancing about the grounds, Niva starts to head towards the barracks, O'era following along behind her.

Outside the barracks Sukith is standing still as Asiree finishes tightening riding straps around his body. «Are you quite done yet?» The blue queries of his rider, «We'll be late again» he says and moves forward to give his rider a nudge that is both a push to get her moving and an affectionate nuzzle. "We won't be late, you worry too much. 'Sides, we've practiced enough that I ought to be…" she breaks off as the blue rumbles a greeting to the gold. "Hello, weyrwoman," Ree calls out as the goldrider approaches the barracks.

Niva pauses, watching the pair carefully for a long moment, a bit of a smile pulling at her lips before she inclines her head in return. "G'day Weyrling Asiree, Sukith." And she nods over her shoulder to the bronzerider who has also paused. "This is O'era, he's to help teach you betweening, as I'm rather indisposed." Kilaueth snorts her own response to the blue, before settling down more sedately.

Sukith hardly appears to be put-out by the gold's greeting, but seems rather more interested in the bronze that will be accompanying the two between. Sukith shifts a bit from side to side and Ree smiles, "Ohhhh, so we get to go Between today… y'hear that Sukith?" Of course, how could anyone miss hearing about that.

Fantomuth shifts, turning a large eye to regard the weyrling blue, the bronze shifting and offering his own assessing rumble before a long look from O'era and he subsides. Essentially ignoring the carrying-ons behind her, Niva nods her head rather slowly. "Though, this is going to be a serious lesson, and you'll need to pay particularly close attention. Its not child's-play anymore."

Sukith is always serious. Child's-play is Ree's specialty. Or something like that. Ree nods to the weyrwoman, still smiling though as she reaches over to place a hand on Sukith's hide, even as the blue continues to shift around as he awaits instructions.

The downsurge of midnight blue wings brings Kieranth to the Weyrling grounds, his facets whirling a blueish-yellow. The flying creaure comes to a graceful stop before slithering up to the area. M'iri, perched on the straps on Kieranth's back, dismounts with a little less grace, thuding her feet to the ground with a wince. "Heh. Still gotta work on that.." She mumbles with a blush before walking towards Niva and Asiree. Kieranth rumbles pleadingly. "Yes, yes, Kieranth; We will be back with Shakkanth soon enough - but we need to attend lessons too!" The Weyrling admonishes before turning towards the group with a sigh. "Sorry I'm late.."

Niva arches an eyebrow at Kieranth and M'iri's arrival, folding her arms awkwardly in front of her as she pauses, waiting for them to settle down. "You might want to make sure it doesn't happen again. And be grateful that S'ver isn't the one here." If that was the case, she'd pity the pair. "As I was saying, Betweening is a very very dangerous thing. Without proper visualization before each jump, you could be lost between, or between into something that is already occupying that space, such as a mountain. We're going to start with simple jumps, with your dragons taking visualization straight from Kilaueth and Fantomuth, and work from there. It is /crucial/ that you don't jump without visualizing where you will end up."

Asiree is still smiling as she listens to the instructions, just as Sukith is still slightly jittering around next to her. However, despite the signs of enthuasism, both are looking at the weyrwoman, which is a sign that the pair are paying attention to what is being said, even if they may not look 'serious'. "Where will we be going? Just around Xanadu?" Or perhaps they might get the chance to go explore.

M'iri grins at her Weyrwoman before finding herself next to Asiree in "class" position, Kieranth following behind with a croon and a slither. "Your right, I'm glad its you, then, Weyrwoman." She grins lightly, "I have seen S'ver's bite before." ANd a wince follows through. SHe sits then and nods her head to everything that Niva says, cocking a brow skyward for a moment at the description of ending up in mountains. M'iri turns her eyes slightly as she watches Ree with the gitters, grinning once again at her fellow. "When will we learn major points in pern to memorize?" Is finally asked by the strawberry blonde.

Niva flicks her fingers. "Today we'll just be doing a few jumps, to avoid putting too much drain on either you or your lifemates. They will all be simply around Xanadu, and we will focus on proper visualization techniques. Once you are cleared, you will be able to continue practicing with proper supervision, working your way to longer jumps, assuming you are always with at least one other person. You will then be able to between with more experienced riders, learning their visualization points. It is easier to see a place with your own eye then to work off of a picture or a description. Safer, too." And she glances back and forth between the two as O'era turns to head back to the waiting Fantomuth. "Do either of you have any other questions?"

Asiree has a question, yep, but it's not the intelligent sort of question. It's one of those annoying questions, along the lines of 'can we go now?' that Ree's conscience, and Sukith, are telling her not to ask. So the weyrling shakes her head and leans a bit more against her jittery blue, which seems to calm him so that at least his weight isn't being shifted around and he actually appears to be stationary.

"Well, it makes sense that by taking visualization off a picture - it would be wrong because the scenery will change.." M'iri mumbles off before scratching the back of her head and looking up again, towards the bronzerider this time before shaking her head. "I can't think of any questions.." The Weyrling says before Kieranth is up off his haunches, tail swinging to 'n fro in a bit of excitement.

Niva nods then as she glances between the two for a long moment, squeezing her eyes shut before looking at them once more. /Hopefully/ this will go as well as the others have. Opening her eyes back up, she regards them. "Then, you will both mount up, and upon O'era's signal rise to an appropriate altitude (OOC: High Sky), and once there, each of your dragons will take the visualization directly from Kilaueth and Fantomuth. They will then pass that image onto you, which you will keep firmly in your mind the entire time, as practice. O'era and Fantomuth will between with you, on his signal, while Kilaueth and I will remain there." Glancing carefully between the two. "You will simply be betweening back to the same area, though in a slightly different location and orientation. I will have Kilaueth pass along further directions, assuming you both succeed." And she glances between the two before heading back to her lifemate. "Mount up, weyrlings."

Away from Kilaueth, Asiree grins broadly and gives the blue a hefty pat, although he hardly needs a cue. He leans forward a bit and Ree scrambles up to take her seat. She fastens herself in and beams as Sukith straightens himself and prepares for take-off at the signal. Don't worry, things will go wonderfully disastrously this time. Really.

Away from Kilaueth, M'iri winces lightly again as Niva brings up the fact that not all dragonets return from this practice. She walks over to Kieranth then and with a tug of a strap, as she always does before attempting to mount, climbs up Kie's profered foreleg and sits snug between neckridges. Kieranth give a pleasing rumble and both partners look to the bronze and rider for the signal.

Away from Kilaueth, Kilaueth shifts to make Niva's mounting that much easier, the goldrider settling between the ridges before giving a signal to O'era who, double checking his own straps upon Fantomuth, raises his arm, counting to three before dropping it, the bronze taking that signal to spread his wings and push off, working upwards with Kilaueth a short distance behind.

High Sky(#1616RJLae)
It is easy to see why the settlers of Xanadu chose this exact spot to live out their lives. Here high above the Weyr one gets a good perspective on the landscape that drew the eye of that rider long ago that sought out the home for a new Weyr. Mountains loom protectively above this pristine little valley, while an energetic river races headlong down the northern side, in a hurry to reach the lake that rests peacefully to the east. Grove after grove of trees dot the land, creating endless shade for the human or dragon.
As well-placed as the natural aspects of the Weyr are, the founders worked hard to keep with the uncontrived rhythms of the valley while destroying as little of it as possible. All of Xanadu opens up below you, welcoming the odd visitor into its friendly arms, or calling a cheerful 'Welcome Home' to the rider and dragon after a visit away.

Away from Kilaueth, Kilaueth hovers once she's circled to a particular altitude, Niva leaning slightly against her straps to check on the locations of the others as Fantomuth and O'era lazily circle nearby. The gold rumbles and keeps her own watch on the weyrlings, as well.

Away from Kilaueth, Sukith catches up to Fantomut, circling behind the bronze as he and his rider receive the image from the bronze. Ree's brow is furrowed, an outward manifestation of her concentration, that may perhaps be just a bit overdone. The blue lazily spirals upwards a bit as he waits for a signal or instruction from the bronze, or the gold, or well, whoever seems to know what is going on.

Away from Kilaueth, The downstroke of nimble wings brings the tiny midnight blue near the large bronze and golden Kilaueth, his pinions stretched outwards to catch the slightest breeze. M'iri leans down into her straps before lifting a turning towards Niva. «My masta would like to know what is next.» The blue's rider gives Kieranth and slap on the ridge before being forced to shove her hair out of her face, waiting for a signal, and waiting for an image - before she is given such and nods to O'era.

Away from Kilaueth, Kilaueth rumbles as she continues hovering, turning herself to better watch the pair of young blues as the bronze continues to circle. « You are to take the image from both Fantomuth and me, and pass it to your rider. Then, pass the images back to me, so I can make sure you won't end up alone, for good. » And she snorts this time, shunting the image along to the weyrlings, O'era bringing Fantomuth into a simple hover.

Away from Kilaueth, Sukith takes that image from Kilaueth, relays it to his rider, and then repeats this with the same image coming from Fantomuth. Double reinforcement can't hurt, eh? Ree nods and visualizes the scene sent to her by the pair of dragons via Sukith, then sends the image back to Sukith, who relays it back. Luckily this is no huge mental effort for Sukith, who can thus concentrate on flying.

Away from Kilaueth, Kieranth does a duplicate of Sukith's proceedure, M'iri nodding lightly as she envisions the destination in her mind. The down beats of Kieranth signal him eager once again as he passes mental info along, whirling yellow eyes turning to Sukith, before back to Kilaueth and Fantomuth. «Ready.» And the pinions a stretched once again against a brisk breeze that pulls through, the midnight blue crooning under the brilliance of air.

Away from Kilaueth, Kilaueth carefully shunts the images to Niva, before she nods and the gold then passing the okay along to Fantomuth. The bronze shifts, O'era's hand lifted up as the dragon passes along the count. « On three, he says. One, two, three. » And on the third note, O'era's hand drops and the bronze pair blinks out.

Away from Kilaueth, Sukith readies himself, swinging around to fall in behind the bronze and observe him from the rear. Ree readjusts herself in her riding straps, imagines the destination, and as the signal is passed the pair follows the bronze and his rider Between.

Away from Kilaueth, Sukith suddenly disappears -=* BETWEEN *=-

Away from Kilaueth, Kieranth wriggles in the sky slightly like a tunnelsnake emerging from it's hole, watching and waiting at O'era makes the count down and arches his wings with a flamboyiant triumph before following the directions in his master's mind.

Away from Kilaueth, Sukith suddenly reappears from -=* BETWEEN *=-

Away from Kilaueth, Kieranth downstrokes twighlight blue wings once before jumping into the darkened bliss of -=* BETWEEN *=-.

Away from Kilaueth, Kieranth upstrokes twighlight blue wings, coming from the darkening bliss of -=* BETWEEN *=-.

Niva unconsciously holds her breath until the trio all reemerge, Kilaueth turning to move towards their exit point as Fantomuth rumbles in delight. « You did well. » A pause and the bronze and his rider shift to peer at the weyrlings, before they receive a similar glance from the gold pair. « My rider wants to know if you are both alright. » And its more of a statement then a question from the gold as she rumbles quietly.

Away from Kilaueth, Sukith and Asiree emerge from Between. The blue glides onwards, winging sharply to the right, however, to circle a safe distance above the bronze. Shock eventually wears off and Ree gives out a loud whoop, "Sukith! We did it!" They emerged from Between. Yup, they survived their first Between, unlike those unlucky weyrlings that the weyrlingmaster and his associates are always referring to, those nameless unlucky few that probably don't really exist and were simply invented for shock value to make weyrlings pay attention.

Away from Kilaueth, Whirling yellow facets turn towards Kieranth's rider before the midnight blue turns back to the gold. «My master says she is cold.» And a grin appears over M'iri's face, before patting the dragon again. «She was scared.» The blue huffs in disagreement to the fact that /his/ master was afraid, but right after coming from between, one could've seen the shock in M'iri's eyes. The Weyrling can be seen giving a sigh and patting the blue again, which causes Kieranth to croon. «Enjoy it, Sukith?»

Niva watches the pairs for another long moment before Kilaueth circles again, more directions passed along from her rider to the weyrlings. « Mine says that this time, you will take the cue from your rider. However, you must again show us the visualization so we can make sure its okay. You will return to where we were, that angle. Make sure you will arrive in clear air. Visualize, and pass them to me and Fantomuth, please. » And the gold continues to circle lazily, the rider on her back watching all the while.

Away from Kilaueth, Sukith circles around. «I did enjoy it, Kieranth, did you as well?» Sukith returns to his blue brother. «Understood» is broadcast to the bronze and the gold. As Sukith circles, Asiree remembers the location and angle they were at prior to their jump, then visualizes that strongly and relays it on to Sukith, who does his part in this exercise to pass it along to both Kilaueth and Fantomuth.

Away from Kilaueth, Kieranth circles around a bit, as if the cold of between numbed his body before shifting and stopping in place in the air again, watching Kilaueth's lazy rotation around them. M'iri then concentratates upon the place she must between to, and in sending it to Kieranth, the midnight blue sends it to the gold 'n bronze dragons circling close by. The midnight blue turns to the lighter blue, then. «I did enjoy it.» Before the dragon turns to get a signal to between from the other before doings so.

Away from Kilaueth, Kilaueth again shunts the image to her own rider, as Fantomuth does to O'era, before satisfied, the bronzerider again raises his hand. « After you emerge, circle and head back to the barracks. On the count of three. One, two, three. » Again the rider's arm drops and the pair disappears between.

Away from Kilaueth, Kieranth downstrokes twighlight blue wings once before jumping into the darkened bliss of -=* BETWEEN *=-.

Away from Kilaueth, Kieranth upstrokes twighlight blue wings, coming from the darkening bliss of -=* BETWEEN *=-.

Away from Kilaueth, Sukith suddenly disappears -=* BETWEEN *=-

Away from Kilaueth, Sukith suddenly reappears from -=* BETWEEN *=-
Away from Kilaueth, Sukith's neck> Asiree had been holding that visualization, even after it was relayed to the pair of elder dragons circling nearby, and at the signal she takes a deep breath, exhales, then gives Sukith a signal of her own and the pair blink into Between, only to reemerge at the chosen destination. The blue glides a moment, then begins to circle downwards towards the weyrling grounds and barracks.

Away from Kilaueth, Kieranth gives a huff, as if blowing cold air from his nostrils, as well as that of disgust, before circling downward slowly to the weyrling barracks. «To Shakkanth, now?» The blue states openly, turning his triangular head towards M'iri as the yglide down from their spot that they betweened from. «My masta says thankyou for the lesson, W'woman.» The blue sends, before continuing their slow decent.

Away from Kilaueth, Kilaueth snorts at the pair before beginning her own descent. « She says you are to continue practicing, with short jumps, working your way up. Always with another, and always be careful. You are never perfect enough to not visualize. » And she rumbles a dismissal to the pair, as Fantomuth and O'era disappear in another direction entirely, done with their indentured servitude, at least for the time being.

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